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File 132746996639.png - (81.21KB , 226x212 , rf Ivy yep.png )
158600 No. 158600
What téh fück?! It FINALLY updated, and the old thread it dead??

Oh well, I made a new one. Go and read the new pages NOW:

She promised to post 3 more on Friday.
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>> No. 158605
File 132747455978.png - (6.25KB , 200x200 , grammar nazi.png )
Well shit, I made a grammar mistake!
>> No. 158612
File 13274775741.jpg - (42.62KB , 364x437 , animu.jpg )
Rocky has been laying in that field for like, five months, that shit is probably infected as hell by now D:

But seriously though, hopefully the psychotic preacher and the coroner can sew his head back together. I would be so sad if Rocky died.
>> No. 158616
fuck, I need to keep up with these...
>> No. 158633
So every time you guys post the art, I fall in love with this strip even though I've never read it, so I've been thinking of picking it up. Anyone care to give me a primer on what I'd be getting myself into if I did? I'm not even sure what genre it is, except that there seems to be a 1920's fashion sense.
>> No. 158638
american prohibition era... with cats.
(aka, circa 1930's.)
>> No. 158644

Dying gang based out of speakeasy with only desperados and the insane left in it scrabble around a city in prohibition America trying to revive their glory days (or at least not live such a shitty life).

Except they're cats.
>> No. 159087
Maybe she's waiting for Caturday.
>> No. 159098
File 132772644056.gif - (461.04KB , 200x154 , crying.gif )
We can only hope that she'll update within the month
I love you. I love your characters. I love your story, your writing, your- I love you.
But you need to update more often.
>> No. 159108
I'm Lackin' mah Daisies here.
>> No. 159118
You know what legitimately upsets me? How much ancillary material Butler puts out. I mean I can't complain too much since something is definitely better than nothing. But if you're going to work on the comic, WORK ON THE COMIC. The release schedule is glacial enough. I don't really care what Rocky's favorite kind of sandwich is.
>> No. 159127

She owes us nothing and you fuckwits better not make yet another artist associate their comic with needy unpleasantness.




>> No. 159134
To be fair, each page of Lackadaisy is worth about 10 updates of any other webcomic. We get two or three at a time, so if we go with the common three-a-week schedule, that averages out to about 2 and a half months of updates, which is about right. Double that if you want to put quality into consideration. I've yet to see another webcomic with such quality.

She could probably do a once-weekly update, but we'd get strips instead of pages, and a lot of what's good about this comic comes from doing unorthodox boxing, which you couldn't do with a strip. So I'm okay with this.

Though I wouldn't mind just a quick update now and then to know she hasn't dropped the project. Maybe sketches or something.
>> No. 159165
>She owes us nothing

Wrong. I bought volume one. I give her website hits. I am a consumer.

She DOES owe me and I can bitch all I want, so you can fucking deal with it.
>> No. 159169
>Wrong. I bought volume one.

You got a product for that money, not a slave the couple dollars which is all she likely sees for each hardcopy sold

>I give her website hits. I am a consumer.

She has no ads on the site, and you don't "give hits" unless you're actively promoting her. Someone linked to her site and you went, that's who "gave her the hits" not you. All you do is cost bandwidth.

>She DOES owe me and I can bitch all I want, so you can fucking deal with it.

If you thundering faggots drive yet another webcomic into long term hiatus I will laugh and laugh at your cuntish self defeating idiocy.
>> No. 159173
Webcomic artists don't "owe" anybody anything since they take time out of their day to give us something to love (unless they're paid to), but it isn't wrong to hope for something resembling a consistant schedule either. Chill the fuck out.
>> No. 159177
>All you do is cost bandwidth.
Yeah, a lot of people don't realize that, unless there's some sort of merchandising empire connected to it a la Homestuck and Penny Arcade, an author isn't getting anything for their work.
>> No. 159187
File 132777908474.jpg - (22.47KB , 363x340 , 1324256013111.jpg )
>> No. 159191
>I bought volume one.
Which entitles you to own volume one. Which you do. Her obligation to you ends there.
>> No. 159259
Who is this comic for exactly? Is it for her own amusement or is it for the fans?

If it's for the fans, then we certainly do get to bitch when we only get nine pages a year. If it's for her, then who gives a fuck what anybody says?
>> No. 159261
Anyone who complains about Butler's schedule as if she owed them something clearly doesn't understand how little free time professional illustrators have for personal projects. Especially personal projects that require huge amounts of research and effort.
This is her hobby, people. Don't ruin it for her.
>> No. 159266
File 132779839527.png - (97.40KB , 224x294 , rf Ivy tell me more.png )

>> No. 159275

The comic is for her own amusement, and for us, that is the subset of readers who aren't self entitled wankers with their heads up their asses.

Maybe you should consider straightening your spine until you hear a loud pop and come join the rest of the non-douche human race
>> No. 159402
File 132787679780.png - (148.50KB , 215x424 , template Ivy with a gun says.png )
Stop NOT discussing this comic RIGHT NOW!
>> No. 159422
Honestly? I felt these last three pages were horribly underwhelming, dialogue-wise.

The story needs more villains. I had so hoped the fat brewer and his evangelist buddy would make great sinister foes. Instead we got Bendis-esque yammering and three pages of "uh, do we fight, maybe we don't fight, nyehhh"
>> No. 159501
>implying everything needs a villain
Fuck off.
>> No. 159514
HA HA HA HA! The hatchet joke brings me back to the good old road kill roaming days.
>> No. 159532
What are you talking about!?
Mordecai and Viktor were both in it, being their usual badass selves, and why do we need more villains when everyone is villains!?
Goddamn I love this comic
>> No. 159535

>Instead we got Bendis-esque yammering and three pages of "uh, do we fight, maybe we don't fight, nyehhh"

ugh god story development is so gay
>> No. 166598
File 133130291161.jpg - (415.70KB , 1000x1607 , 1331294126.jpg )
>> No. 166614
File 133131639291.jpg - (72.68KB , 620x354 , Lackatater.jpg )
Some people were silly enough to ask "why cats?"
>> No. 166617
These potatoes have so much personality.
>> No. 166684
Thank you, kind sire!
>> No. 170131
File 133352727856.png - (164.76KB , 259x342 , Mordecai_Ascend_to_the_highest_point_of_the_buildi.png )
This week, like every other, Mordecai is badass.

Not sure just how fresh this update is, but if I missed it, someone else would surely like the news.
>> No. 170151
The only issue I have with the infrequency of the updates is that I forget the context of the current comic.

I'd be more than okay with only getting one page at a time every two-three weeks instead of two or three every two-three months.
>> No. 170511
I am not happy with the new reveal that Antisocial Personality Disorder can be caused by bullet fragments.
It's my new headcanon that his emotional problems come independent of old injuries, and any correlation comes from unprofessional speculation.
>> No. 172349
File 133495283368.jpg - (403.66KB , 1179x1200 , mordecai faces.jpg )
Speaking of Mordecai, have some art of my favorite psychotic mancat
>> No. 172393
He reminds me of the tax fraud member of the Untouchables.
>> No. 174057
File 133606162467.png - (670.12KB , 581x762 , Lackadaisy Cats with hair.png )
>> No. 174059
She's amazing. She puts so much damn soul and emotion into her characters' faces, it's unreal.
>> No. 174093
The one that looks like a fat Jeffrey Katzenberg?
>> No. 180679
File 133996128084.jpg - (84.20KB , 500x423 , scrunchie_02_sm.jpg )

All together now!
>> No. 187932
File 134522558910.png - (99.32KB , 472x354 , rf Rocky at computer waiting for results.png )
Guess what?

 4 pages worth of update. 
>> No. 187974
File 134525484378.png - (69.43KB , 218x206 , rf Ivy sad.png )
Wow, aren't you interested!
>> No. 187975
I would seriously love to comment on it, but I haven't kept up since about mid last year.
>> No. 187983

I love the comic and I keep up with it whenever I can, but I'm not much of a talkative fellow.
>> No. 187991
It's been so long since the last update I literally forgot everything that they were talking about. I recall something about a car and getting hit with a rake thing when trying to break into a gin storage shed, but that's it.

And, honestly, I no longer have the interest to go back and re-read up the plot. However, I still absolutely love the art, so I'll continue to read new "strips" as posted and completely not care about the plot.
>> No. 187992
But the plot is gweat!
>> No. 188017
File 134529791516.jpg - (407.63KB , 1000x1131 , mordecai feels.jpg )
I'll try to talk to you, Twister!
So, looks like a job got slightly out of hand, which ended up being a good thing, providing the Lackadaisy with lots of free equipment (even if it meant destroying the booze)
Mordecai is now sealed to Atlas' side, Vik continues to protect their territory, albeit outside of St. Louis, and...
...it looks like something was up with him and Elsa? AwwwwNooooo don't do that, her and ChubbyCat were so cute together!

So, any thoughts about Mordecai's strange attachment to Atlas? He seems... loyal to him. How the hell did Atlas inspire loyalty in Mordecai?
>> No. 188066
File 134534076661.jpg - (64.58KB , 246x264 , rf Rocky I've seen some shit.jpg )
>> No. 188110
>How the hell did Atlas inspire loyalty in Mordecai?

Being neat and tidy, with an appreciation of symmetry.
>> No. 188178
File 134541995941.png - (102.05KB , 332x259 , symmemmys.png )
>> No. 189259
File 134619789363.jpg - (319.45KB , 680x680 , Justin Beiber at age 65.jpg )
>> No. 189530
File 134646539317.jpg - (151.92KB , 500x392 , kitten is as big as a horse.jpg )
Please don't hate.
This is just a funny image, so laugh.
>> No. 190302
File 134733006439.jpg - (846.91KB , 900x2499 , duck.jpg )
>> No. 192614
File 134929397886.png - (118.61KB , 375x445 , 4647c696cdc248244aaff21c5879ebdb.png )
Twister why aren't you bumping this thread more.
>> No. 192972
File 134956698486.png - (60.95KB , 200x200 , Zib dunno.png )
>> No. 195555
File 135113786723.jpg - (238.27KB , 410x700 , meetzee.jpg )
Not sure if this counts as new material...
>> No. 196034

Well, I found and liked this webcomic on read-through a few years back, but didn't keep up with it.

>reread it last month
>"Well, at least there'll be a lot of new page-"
>> No. 198487
File 13536306067.jpg - (1.30MB , 1280x1797 , HA HA TIME FOR COSPLAY.jpg )
>> No. 198557
File 135371065255.jpg - (16.71KB , 240x312 , 1332980326819.jpg )
>> No. 198614
File 135378860688.jpg - (743.19KB , 1100x1370 , 1353626504.jpg )
>> No. 198622
Fucking fleshfags gotta muck up every good thing out there with their 'interpritation'.
>> No. 198649
File 135380313164.png - (52.78KB , 206x175 , rf Rocky lurking.png )
>> No. 199371
File 135440784899.jpg - (813.19KB , 1200x1898 , 1354398072[1].jpg )
Those last two panels... my sides...
>> No. 199421
File 135447523412.jpg - (143.91KB , 325x519 , rf Mordecai dangerous to go alone take this.jpg )
>> No. 199951
File 135492481081.png - (327.88KB , 632x770 , success.png )
>> No. 201143
File 13557937301.jpg - (435.03KB , 850x905 , how do cats shower.jpg )
>> No. 201144
File 135579383228.jpg - (428.27KB , 700x1348 , 9000.jpg )
>> No. 204224
File 135986127580.png - (201.02KB , 340x299 , Roark.png )
A reminder that he is the best character.
>> No. 204667
File 136041343090.png - (79.89KB , 196x228 , I found your tire iron.png )
So she is finished with at least two pages (her tumblr), she only needs to color them.

In the meantime, I posted this.
>> No. 205327
It's a little wierd to see Rocky with such a serious face for so long.
>> No. 205355
Head over the the site and read the seven new pages!
>> No. 205363
File 136121117885.png - (252.44KB , 466x399 , Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12_59_54 PM.png )
I can relate to Rocky 100% here.
>> No. 205369
File 136121534864.png - (249.86KB , 403x372 , dead eyes.png )
>> No. 205395
File 136122428124.png - (298.57KB , 330x550 , you will NEVER be as cute as Ivy.png )
>> No. 205396
I have literally never seen an artist this good.
>> No. 205397
We are not worthy

I know I'm not, and you guys certainly aren't.
>> No. 205405
I am convinced that periodically the artist goes on hiatus to retreat into a coccoon to sleep, upon hatching and emerging they are reborn with new, greater power.
>> No. 205413
Yeah, Lackadaisy is some pretty awesome artwork. Story is pretty decent, but it's so long between updates that I tend to forget what's going on.
>> No. 210429
File 137004357220.png - (107.19KB , 236x380 , Ivy dance.png )
Tracy made 3 more mini comics. CHECK THEM OUT.
>> No. 210717
File 137047735411.png - (454.24KB , 708x432 , Picture 2.png )
Gosh darn it, this thread updates slower than the comic.
>> No. 211565
File 137213547677.jpg - (1.13MB , 800x1936 , this image contains cats.jpg )
You people are slower than slugs.
>> No. 211571
I dunno, you're the one who keeps pushing this thread.

And since this webcomic updates pretty slow, shouldn't be better to post about it on the webcomic general?
>> No. 211601
File 137220181279.png - (306.51KB , 409x377 , deadeyes.png )
That is one hell of a line.
>> No. 213874
File 137523247784.jpg - (517.19KB , 720x837 , wut.jpg )
Some new arght by Tracy.
>> No. 216065
File 137851311250.jpg - (1.44MB , 1250x2259 , Lackadaisy preview.jpg )
A preview of things to come.
>> No. 216276
File 137878610883.jpg - (2.14MB , 1300x4512 , lackadaisy_mishmash_by_tracyjb-d6loctr.jpg )
Even more material.
>> No. 218236
File 138316601146.jpg - (273.84KB , 600x441 , is that a dinosaur with 5 cannons on its back.jpg )
So, apparently, miss Tracy is working on this here game right now.
>> No. 218243
File 13831763634.png - (454.91KB , 854x480 , Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7_22_47 PM.png )
>> No. 219775
File 138562035620.jpg - (282.68KB , 500x608 , FUCKING GATORS MAN.jpg )
Updates are coming, says Tracy.

Crocodiles confirmed.
>> No. 219784
Lackadaisy: now in czech!
>> No. 220998
File 138757326033.jpg - (744.89KB , 1000x1096 , page un.jpg )
One new page.
>> No. 220999
File 138757334915.jpg - (1.11MB , 1000x1523 , page deux.jpg )
Another new page.
>> No. 221070
this woman's art makes me fucking scream it's


I wish I could follow the plot? It would go a long time without updating and I just fucking forgot, and then one of the rare moments I venture off /baw/ and remember it exists.
>> No. 221072
File 138769570291.gif - (499.23KB , 243x339 , cat + laser pen.gif )
So far, the plot is:

"cats trying to get booze and killing each other over it"
>> No. 221073
>this woman's art makes me fucking scream it's

That's...pretty harsh. You honestly hate it?
>> No. 221078

You'll forgive me if I find it kind of difficult that anyone could really dislike her art that much. Even just looking at the sketches and concept art she posts- if you don't like the style, you can't deny that she puts a tremendous amount of effort and detail into what she draws.
>> No. 221084
File 138772586422.jpg - (20.94KB , 191x300 , artoftrolling.jpg )
>> No. 221089
You guys realize he's saying he likes it right
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