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File 137175604040.jpg - (551.07KB , 1000x1486 , mitebcool.jpg )
37731 No. 37731
Can we have a thread about this? I think we need to have a thread about this.
I wasnät very hopefull when I first heard of this, but the trailer got me exited. There's a lot of detail in there that just hints that they, well, care:
>CGI, but actually mimics Stop motion
>Morgan Freeman
>Dat 90-something (actually 80, but okaj) spaceman
>Dem light-on-rough-slope light effects
>Laser beams are translucent pole pieces
>The fire from batman's jet plane is actual fire pieces

So I'm going with cautiously optimistic. What do you think, /mtv/?
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>> No. 37734
I've yet to be disappointed by anything lego-related, and I dont' expect this to be the start.
>> No. 37817
There better be a orange transparent chainsaw joke in there.
>> No. 37883
>the crowd throws a shark when the guy asks he wasn't listening
And then I lost my shit, because everything I in Lego always included a shark.
I am skeptically pleased.
>> No. 37884
I don't think LEGO can into memes, but it would be an amazing reference.
>> No. 37887
File 137348910555.png - (552.25KB , 815x356 , everythingislego.png )
I just noticed that the smoke clouds are also made of lego pieces. Holy shit. So far, the only non-lego object Iv'e managed to spot is the Morgan Freeman-wizard's staff.
>> No. 39740
File 139174582166.gif - (2.89MB , 320x180 , 1391737723666[1].gif )
>movie comes out in US tomorrow
>thread is dead, Zed


Re-engaging hype drives
>> No. 39741
I have a ticket for a showing in a bit under an hour.
>> No. 39742
The first 2/3 is very silly, my kind of silly.

The last 1/3 gets very... well, real.

10x2 flat/10.
>> No. 39747
File 139182202358.gif - (370.46KB , 400x290 , tumblr_lr6bddNEmn1qhp9er.gif )
>already plans for a sequel

Oh my god. Is this the Toy Story of this generation?
>> No. 39748

Yea but they ain't getting the same team.

and really though. What MORE could they tell? The Brother's fight with his sister?
>> No. 39749
I'll be seeing it next week.
>> No. 39751
Make it an entirely different plot with a new cast?
>> No. 39752


The problem there is how do you get this perfect storm of relevant plot, character arcs and brand relevant moral, without just telling the exact same plot again? I mean Toy Story tackled at least several implications of how living toys react to the real world.

What more can you do with 'Lego is about creativity and imagination and not callously attempting to 'preserve' your creations like an adult with a stick up his butt'. Unless there's some other part about Lego as a franchise or toy set I'm unaware of.

>> No. 39754
Jesus christ that was fucking awesome.

I went inwith high expectations, and the movie surpassed them. Lasst movie that managed to do that to me was the first Ironman.
>> No. 39760
Yeah. I would love to have a second movie as awesome as this one, but I can't really see it unless they wanted to do something with "we should learn how to use LEGO bricks in combination with other toys!"

But then they can bring in the Power Rangers and GI Joe and Wrestlemania so I'm okay with that.
>> No. 39774
File 139214741123.jpg - (466.88KB , 2592x1936 , pilot man abd QT present The Lego Movie Ticket.jpg )
10/10, would watch again.
>> No. 39775
What he fuck, that ticket looks like cardbord, do Americans have cardboard tickets?
>> No. 39776
>> No. 39777
It's thick paper, like the tags they put on clothes at the store.
>> No. 39778
Dude, in what third world shithole do you live, where they print movie tickets in plain paper?
>> No. 39779
>> No. 39780
The Lego Movie portrayal of Batman is closest any of you will ever get to actually meeting me.
>> No. 39781
so Unikitty's become /co/'s waifu of the month

Probably should've seen it coming
>> No. 39782

i was joking about waif-uing her , she's a cool character, but such blocky thing capt be a waifu.
>> No. 39783
Incidentally, the LEGO movie Batman is my favorite Batman. They just made him a giant asshole; a mostly capable asshole, but still an asshole.

There needs to be a term for "pet level" waifu; like something you'd absolutely adore to have as a companion/familiar/pet, but not that you want to be romantic/intimate with. Something with the friend status of "true bro" but the ownership of "waifu".

Though I'm sure /co/ is using the straight definition of waifu.
>> No. 39786
/co/mrades in the past have obsessed at a crudely drawn fancharacter that was nothing but a walking spoon, so yeah, I don't doubt a cool lego girl could be someone's waifu for real-
>> No. 39787
>> No. 39788
Speaking of which, this is important to link here. Also dark, brooding, and groundbreaking.
The Lego Movie - Batman's Song…youtube thumb
>> No. 39789
File 139249675582.jpg - (1.60MB , 3264x2448 , The-LEGO-Movie-Summer-2014-2[1].jpg )

>hating on the LEGO movie for being predictable when half of its jokes are a send-up of popular cliches

Sometimes I wonder if TGWTG had his sense of humor surgically removed as part of some Ponzi scheme.
>> No. 39790
Probably stems from the school of thought that cliches are bad, even though original stuff is just cliches done in different ways.

Also, it's Lego, I mean, really.
>> No. 39791
Watch this:

In it, he talks about how much he likes the movie and even specifically says that the cliches work towards the film's favor after that ending. Making a joke about how a movie praised for its originality contains a lot of cliches doesn't mean he hates it.
>> No. 39792
File 139256241275.jpg - (199.91KB , 1477x1500 , 70807-metalbeard-2.jpg )
So I watched the movie on Saturday (back to back with The Monuments Men and Robocop), yeah. Definitely as good as people said it is.

Also, Metalbeard is one re-color away from making a really good Ork Warboss.
>> No. 39827
Impossible for dozens of reasons but: A movie that's about having off brand Legos in the Lego world.

Animated Gundam Megablocks please.
>> No. 39834
File 139329154027.jpg - (7.85KB , 400x300 , remover1[1].jpg )
It's possible ("Ultrablocks", generic mech parody series), but the reason it won't happen is that, for a simplistic movie aimed at kids, there are only two endings that I can see:
1) Everyone is different and we can all get along despite these differences
2) Some kid-friendly message that says that some things are just made better and you should just aspire to your full potential, but not their potential

Either of which would outrage a number of groups (though likely not the same ones) for various reasons.

Also, I just realized that the brick remover didn't make any appearances in the movie. The Orange transparent Chainsaw made it in a few scenes, I think, but as a standard prop and not any kind of joke.
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