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224703 No. 224703
a sfw reptile thread
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>> No. 224704
File 139434377275.jpg - (351.15KB , 800x576 , The_Lovely_Couple_by_KaijuSamurai.jpg )
>> No. 224706
OP, I'm going to have to stop you right there.

On the first four pages we have: This (Lizard) thread, Cat thread (x2), Dog thread (x2), Bunny thread, Bird thread, Mouse thread, and a (ML)Pony thread (x2).

Four of those are on the front page. I think you started a few. If you like animals, please just make an Animal General for the ones that are unlikely to garner a lot of attention. We don't need a thread for every Genus (or even Family.) MLP gets a pass because it's a property. Cats and dogs are pretty popular, both as pets and as characters, so those threads will be used a lot (both have hit autosage at least once.) If something gets popular in an "Animal General" thread it can be spun off into it's own.

Are you just trying to increase the post rate? If so, thank you for your efforts, but when almost half the page one threads concern animals it will likely do more harm than good.

At the very least, start a thread with some sort of inspiration, like a lot of pictures/thoughts about a show that captures that animal well (like Godzilla, for this thread; not just a single image.)
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