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File 13837464583.jpg - (201.53KB , 800x671 , 1383744419231[1].jpg )
218548 No. 218548
Can we have a thread about this, +/co/?

Vanilla /co/ has already begun a civil war over it, as per usual with new cartoons. Personally I like it, the color tones are very relaxing, but I think it needs a few more episodes to really shine.
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>> No. 218556
It looks cool so far. Let's see how this plays out.
>> No. 218557
I was literally crying over episode 2, Steven's Dad and Mom is such a cute story.
>> No. 218559
Agreed; that was surprisingly sweet.
>> No. 218560
Okay I was a little curious about this seeing as I was not a big fan of the redesigns of the gems but surprisingly enough I really liked the pilot.

It wasn't perfect and at times it did seem kinda rushed but I like it. And I like Steven because he actually talks and behaves like a little kid! Finally someone in the animation world got it right, I can't tell you how sick I was of the generic "2 kool for skool" rebel boy that I see so much in kid's cartoons. It's nice to see a kid character who is just that a kid.

Also I love the characterization of the gems Pearl is the loving mother, Garnet is the cool aunt and Amethyst is the sister.

Know I'm gonna get some flack for this but this show reminded me a lot of Miyazaki's movies. The style, the character designs, the writing and the overall structure of the story is really well done not to mention the animation was beautiful I mean wow just wow......

I like this show a lot and I will be watching to see where they go from here.
>> No. 218561
I can see next episode diving more into whatever force made things like the eye that seemed to have hunted down the rest of the gems.
>> No. 218564
File 138376572714.jpg - (120.15KB , 500x500 , Gemtlemen_.jpg )
I really hope they get better in ratings, perhaps another time slot.
>> No. 218571
You know, I can kind of see it.

The art change from the pilot was a little jarring at first, but I really like what I've seen so far, and am looking forward to watching where this goes.
>> No. 218577
File 13837720164.png - (555.04KB , 868x1228 , amethyst_coloured_by_acerbic450-d66l5a0.png )
It just needs to build up steam. I don't think the show will have any trouble tapping into the same crowd that watches Adventure Time, and that's a lot of eyeballs aimed at the television.
>> No. 218580

welp that silences that.
>> No. 218597
Not really, no. CN--and every TV network, for that matter--always does the PR spin. How SU performs in the next few weeks, will determine the series' success.
>> No. 218611
true, usually the half and half episodes take a punch since the preview first part has been out for a while now.
>> No. 218639


music people are making for this is crazy good.
>> No. 218642
File 138385708588.png - (412.50KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mvuzq1YYtc1rp30v8o1_500.png )
>> No. 218653
File 138387758741.png - (552.78KB , 1050x1400 , tumblr_mvuzq1YYtc1rp30v8o1_1280.png )
don't be posting thumbnails
>> No. 218661
I love this show with my whole being. Just a great feel, beautifully animated and designed, obviously great music show for kids. Like >>218560 said, Steven is a kid and I hope the waters never get muddied like Adventure Time did.

Being in Japan means I can't watch this show legally, even on CN.com or youtube, but if you have any kind of access, please support this show in whatever way you can.
>> No. 218667
whatever comes out on bandcamp I'm buying that is for sure. Also a Wayforward game eventually.
>> No. 218752
File 138407337541.jpg - (38.42KB , 478x262 , default.jpg )
I prefer the old art style to be honest, but I love this show.

Interesting take I read:
>> No. 218769
>Finally someone in the animation world got it right, I can't tell you how sick I was of the generic "2 kool for skool" rebel boy that I see so much in kid's cartoons. It's nice to see a kid character who is just that a kid.

I was afraid from the posters and promo material that Steven was going to be a lot older - like a Jonah Hill-type loser manchild. It was nice that they made him an actual child to match his immaturity and naivety.
>> No. 218778
I'm just glad Danny DeVito is getting more work.
>> No. 218802
File 138413595439.jpg - (548.53KB , 850x929 , tumblr_mvnz5jFcLR1qhjcclo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 218803
File 138413603635.jpg - (505.39KB , 500x718 , 1383965518242.jpg )
>> No. 218804
File 138413618076.png - (1.92MB , 1156x1920 , gr.png )
>> No. 218829
File 138416283761.jpg - (102.61KB , 562x640 , CC closeup pile.jpg )

Ditto. I liked the style in the pilot better, but the show is still fantastic, and still nice to look at.
>> No. 218830
ohh dem backgrounds. Super excited for another double dose tomorrow. Ratings should be better since people wont' switch and forget since they already seen half the new episode.
>> No. 218837
Wait, is this one of the shows where the pilot is a different thing from the first episode?
>> No. 218840
That is actually the case for a lot of shows.
>> No. 218841
I know that, which is why I said "one of".
>> No. 218844
Nah, the pilot's very much the same premise as the show itself. Only major difference is in the art.

Also, I like that Steven's song from the pilot became the show's theme. That was a nice touch.
>> No. 218886
>Wait, is this one of the shows where the pilot is a different thing from the first episode?

Hey, if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs.
>> No. 218888
File 138422669667.png - (347.44KB , 831x474 , hfjef.png )
This show is just too cute for words.
>> No. 218891
What the hell is "The Bits"? Is it an American thing? Are you putting something strange and unnatural in a frier? Because that's Scotland's schtick, and you won't be able to outdo them at it. They Will Bury You.
>> No. 218894
Brits all it "the scraps" Probably a regional US thing like the Utz chips.
>> No. 218896
The bits are just little leftover pieces of fries that slip into the deep frier.

Also Ian Jones brought so much flavor to the new episodes.
>> No. 218900
File 138425351090.png - (836.36KB , 1280x720 , mmh.png )
We need a Steven blog with eps downloads an stuff.
>> No. 218910

This sucker needs a album on Bandcamp.
>> No. 218923
File 138429684820.png - (200.47KB , 370x348 , Kazooie yells at banjo.png )
I think this image does a pretty good job at summing up the show.
>> No. 218930
File 138430190828.png - (72.01KB , 640x343 , steven-universe-drops.png )
>> No. 218934
>Glance in other/co/
>"I like how Garnet has a black accent"
>Slowly back away from other/co/
>> No. 218936
Fighting against Wrestling numbers is always a problem.
>> No. 219024
File 138439116610.png - (837.76KB , 1280x720 , sad.png )
Still no Itunes rip?
>> No. 219077
>The kid-targeted net has picked up 13 additional episodes each of its new animated series. That brings the orders for Cartoon Network‘s Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe, which were greenlighted in September 2012, to 26 episodes.

>> No. 219081
that's good do they have another show so they could make it a solid hour block since I guess this one will be made of Steven Uncle Grandpa and Adventure Time along with another at some point.
>> No. 219084
There's that.
>> No. 219091
I can't believe they let him have the fridge. I hope he gave them at least a bit of cash.
>> No. 219103
Stores throw out things all the time, even displays that are designed to hold a specific product. Heck, some places even throw out perfectly fine TVs because they simply don't need them anymore.
>> No. 219110
yea that's how some people get the promotional containers for limited edition drinks and stuff. Company doesn't want them back and so they just give it away.
>> No. 219152
File 138459709696.png - (137.89KB , 500x316 , when you get to amethysts___.png )
GARNET - Estelle - American Boy [Feat. …youtube thumb
PEARL - Deedee Magno Hall: I Would Be So Pleasedyoutube thumb
AMETHYST - Barney: I Hear Music Everywhereyoutube thumb
>> No. 219165
Holy fuck Estelle voices Garnet? that's incredible! I've always liked her music
>> No. 219171
since the gems can actually sing, I'm guessing somewhere down the road they'll be doing their own Character Songs.
>> No. 219172
yea that has been their plan.
>> No. 219174
File 138465535279.jpg - (6.96KB , 207x244 , FUUUUUCK.jpg )
>> No. 219287
File 138480676468.jpg - (261.46KB , 549x641 , tumblr_mwh38okPr01s4fgi4o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 219301
File 138481412883.jpg - (116.81KB , 914x1150 , tumblr_mwhbh1x7561rt0viio1_1280.jpg )
another promo card
>> No. 219305
File 138481844346.jpg?nsfw - (80.24KB , 1024x663 , 1384817865447.jpg?nsfw )
cripes censored in Russia most likely.
>> No. 219307
What? I don't get it?
>> No. 219311
Russia has had a bit about animated adolescents lately and censoring of stuff.
>> No. 219313
Yeah okay but censor what?
>> No. 219315
Just joking and a bit surprised that Steven wasn't drawn flat.
>> No. 219319

frybo was an okay episode.
>> No. 219342
Well animated and surprisingly heavy in the middle. My favorite episode so far.
>> No. 219376
File 138489674965.gif - (1.93MB , 506x293 , 1384838148525.gif )
This show is certainly going places.
>> No. 219388
File 138491074442.png - (320.93KB , 450x825 , onedayshesgonnasnap.png )
source: http://niiikooooo.tumblr.com/post/67456202707
>> No. 219414
File 13849748811.jpg - (617.28KB , 1341x2006 , crystal gems.jpg )
>> No. 219554
File 138525303657.jpg - (220.75KB , 922x552 , 1385249622072.jpg )
>> No. 219569
Uh... Steven's gem aligns to the Manipura chakra point. It speaks very much to his character.
>> No. 219570
Crazy how deep some shows can go when you look.
>> No. 219636
File 138535290892.jpg - (96.70KB , 500x647 , tumblr_mwsw95pKUk1qhbhnno1_r1_500.jpg )
>> No. 219637
>sweet a new episode
>wait, why does this flyer look so famili-
>middle school flashes before eyes

oh SHIT son, we morphin'
>> No. 219639
Oh I hope its Steven doing something that causes everyone to be cats. I wanna see Pearl kitty.
>> No. 219651
File 138538595530.jpg - (198.92KB , 900x793 , tumblr_mwt81h1kYY1sa6lkco2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 219652
File 138538602652.jpg - (116.00KB , 840x900 , tumblr_mwtbtaS2aG1qa0bhmo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 219656
Someone went to a GameStop for their copy of 3D World didn't they?
>> No. 219669
File 138542676486.jpg - (183.20KB , 750x534 , tumblr_mwuf20ZsfS1qzrn98o1_1280.jpg )
Jesus christ, I think everyone made a promo card.
>> No. 219670
That was horrifying.
>> No. 219671
File 138542879393.jpg - (1.77MB , 1280x1656 , tumblr_mwu3pvNz3U1qgz34fo1_1280.jpg )
One more
>> No. 219673
In a good way or?
>> No. 219675
File 138543128769.png - (308.97KB , 735x509 , auntie freeze.png )
As in a fucking scary way.
>> No. 219678
In an Akira way.
>> No. 219679
File 138544187381.jpg - (811.17KB , 720x960 , 1385441719203.jpg )
what an episode
>> No. 219681
jesus christ what. Guess I'm gonna have to check that out
>> No. 219682
Testuo came immediately to my mind, as well. That fucking rolling near the end.
>> No. 219684
File 138547582135.gif - (1.65MB , 330x391 , 1385450830702.gif )
>> No. 219691
File 138550786839.gif - (2.01MB , 350x237 , 1385507629803.gif )
>> No. 219704
CN put up a preview for the next episode.
>> No. 219705
Cyriak would be proud.
Welcome to Kitty Cityyoutube thumb
>> No. 219706
So the girl from the intro is a character and that's radical.

Steven universe "Bubble buddie…youtube thumb
>> No. 219713
File 138552502054.gif - (726.50KB , 1920x1080 , 1385524179710.gif )
>> No. 219714
File 138552510638.png - (45.06KB , 1920x1080 , 1385524266874.png )
>> No. 219769
File 138561143148.jpg - (340.51KB , 600x738 , tumblr_mwy4yfWHLU1qcczs1o1_1280.jpg )
Pretty appropriate.
>> No. 219770
File 138561381645.gif - (46.53KB , 500x420 , tumblr_inline_mwxvfhKRaS1spdt6s.gif )
>> No. 220000
File 138594573974.png - (427.38KB , 1280x594 , tumblr_mx3r9tvwCt1r5acz6o1_1280.png )
I wonder what the show would be like with a little role reversal.
>> No. 220001
three little waifs showing up to Steven's door and some note pinned to one of them asking to take care or some such.
>> No. 220019
File 138599281030.png - (312.30KB , 744x678 , tumblr_mx69un7tgD1qgha7po1_1280.png )
>> No. 220066
File 138602322892.jpg - (115.18KB , 500x705 , 1386022906122.jpg )
>> No. 220071
That is the only time I've seen a childhood crush portrayed well in a cartoon.
>> No. 220077
Show seems to have a way with the feels. Waiting for Steven to see the gems get personal with someone.
>> No. 220078
File 13860405867.jpg - (193.76KB , 678x700 , Out of context this is a little bizzare.jpg )
Emotions are Rebeca's specialty.
>> No. 220079
File 138604211583.png - (229.41KB , 678x700 , tumblr_mvtnlxPPLV1r6eyeao1_1280.png )
It's a good thing that I don't automatically hate Connie.
>> No. 220084
File 138604583587.jpg - (116.05KB , 719x857 , tumblr_mx7rozunS31smn4pqo1_1280.jpg )
The crew sure is some weird peoples.
>> No. 220085
I'm getting tired of Steven and the dumb situation comedy thing going on while the Gems are out having cool adventures.
>> No. 220091
This show will probably not be for you then.
>> No. 220095
File 138605341020.png - (28.58KB , 779x403 , assmuffin.png )
Hold up though. It says here that you're an "assmuffin".
I'm afraid I must ask you to leave.
>> No. 220113
In response to all of the requests for more episodes centering on the other Crystal Gems: while I don't think that Steven is fit to be a lead character (he's adorkable as a little brother type, but I don't think he's strong or dynamic enough a character to carry a series on his own; it's like what MLP would be like if Spike were the star), I don't think shifting the focus on the other 3 gems would be that much of an improvement. Given that they seem to be planet-saving on a nearly 24/7 basis with little to no down time (I'm basing this on how they're usually away or on some kind of mission in nearly every scene of every episode so far), stories focusing on them would be little more than a rehash of The Powerpuff Girls, only with magical adults.
>> No. 220115
File 138609084190.gif - (1.79MB , 900x520 , 1386044361537.gif )
>I don't think that Steven is fit to be a lead character

You people are uncreative as fuck.
>> No. 220127
>little more than powerpuff girls with magical adults

not seeing the problem here

rehashed ppg: adult edition >>>>>> rehashed chowder: even less likeable edition
>> No. 220132
File 138611484967.png - (837.39KB , 892x515 , dfzsv.png )
>less likable than chowder.

Changing my last statement, you people are retarded as fuck.
>> No. 220135
why don't you guys understand that it's a kids' show meant for kids

the main character should be someone the target audience can relate to, i.e. also a kid. if you think "this show isn't made with me in mind, but it would be better if it was, because i like it when stuff panders to me" then you should just stop fucking watching it. it's not for you, and your criticism is irrelevant.
>> No. 220139
File 138611824887.png - (256.12KB , 312x566 , polestanza.png )
Not to mention that Steven is supposed to develop as the show progresses.

Retards selling Steven and show short.
>> No. 220141
File 13861191547.jpg - (114.79KB , 500x687 , 1385956345811.jpg )
It's especially funny when Steven usually thinks his way out of problems, in ways really genuine to a child.
>> No. 220150
Oh this show would be insane if we got actual age progression. Steven getting a few seasons in and and after some crazy battle Garnet just looks at him and says "he's ready"
Pearl looks on with tears in her eyes and Amethyst giddy with pride.
>> No. 220151
File 13861318388.jpg - (55.82KB , 452x610 , scrappy.jpg )
When I was a kid most all of the shows I liked best starred older teens or adults. the token kid characters shoehorned in for us to "relate" to were almost invariably annoying pieces of shit everybody hated
>> No. 220152
Steven is far from being that, but you're right. What the character is is far less important than who they are to an audience.
>> No. 220153
Though that is an interesting thought. Trend seemed to start in the '90s of having actual Kid characters be the leads in kids shows instead of just some sidekick and then it went mid-late '90s into '00s expanding into the medium a bit with shows that went more into the life of older kids and their actual emotions. Shame Animation has had a setback in the last few years and we've only got a deluge of Live Action Sitcom and Junk. But Steven Universe and even Adventure Time seem to be bringing some of those issues back even if its not as direct as it was a few years back they still bring that connection and can have an positive impact on development.
>> No. 220164
That's not a good example, since Scrappy Doo was very popular at the time, and his popular hatred is a modern thing (well not modern anymore, but only started well after his cartoon career ended)
>> No. 220182
So much this. Shows used to be about grown up superheroes and stuff, then at one point they all started having "relatable" kids, then eentually they were all focused on high schoolers. I was glad to see some more recent stuff running from that formula again.

Wait, really? I know I hated the little bastard, and his dubbing didn't help. You sure they asked the kids when checking his popularity?
>> No. 220184
File 138617372641.jpg - (87.85KB , 1000x806 , 1385944711192.jpg )

Jesus, lemme just watch my magical little boy series.
>> No. 220187
Are you ever not upset? People are allowed to critique and discuss this show. The "WELL WHY DON'T YOU MAKE SOMETHING BETTER" argument is lazy at best and irrelevant at worst.

Anyways. I'm pretty ambivalent about the show right now, but what's pretty strange is how inconsistent the writing and animation is. One ep it'll be great and the next it'll be almost embarrassingly bad. Hopefully they'll hit their stride soon
>> No. 220190
The animation is perfectly consistent, you're thinking of the story boarding. And going off model in the boarding is encouraged since it gives every boarder their own personal flair.

And the writing feels fine to me, I don't know what you're getting at?
>> No. 220194
This site is a bit of an echo chamber, mostly by design since there are plenty of sites which are basically the exact opposite.

Which is also why it moves so slowly. There's not much conversation to be had with "That episode was cool. Yeah. Yeah."
>> No. 220195
File 138618422918.png - (450.73KB , 900x520 , vlcsnap-2013-12-04-14h06m32s115.png )
Anyone got an idea what book she's reading. The pattern looks familiar.
>> No. 220196
No, the animation is absolutely not consistent. The pilot had incredible animation and the most recent ep was also high up there. That episode with Steven and his cheeseburger backpack (forgot the name, sorry) was just very difficult to watch. Quality had gone way down in both writing and animation style.

Again, not a killing stroke, but hopefully they end up reaching a happy medium between great-but-probably-expensive and awful-but-cheap
>> No. 220197
File 13861852496.jpg - (70.34KB , 223x351 , Rye_catcher.jpg )
Also to answer your question, I'm pretty sure it's Catcher in the Rye
>> No. 220198
File 138618572989.png - (345.06KB , 900x520 , vlcsnap-2013-12-04-14h26m11s197.png )
eh its like adventure time they play it loose with on model stuff as t gives them more leeway for things.
>> No. 220199

Why did you have to find new ways to break my heart all over again?


That's pretty cool.


While I actually like the show, I have to agree with >>220196 here. Like, it was bad enough the Pilot designs were way better, but the animation in the first few shorts was just so below the quality I was expecting, based on the Pilot, that the combination of the two made me want to not bother. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the writing, but until recently (I think maybe Frybo/Catfingers), the animation wasn't up to par.

It was probably the team getting used to the budget and trying to make it work across the episodes.
>> No. 220200
File 138618702121.png - (372.93KB , 900x520 , vlcsnap-2013-12-04-14h53m55s177.png )
Garnet best Mombro. Really need art of a can of Stevens Funky Flo.
>> No. 220202
> That episode with Steven and his cheeseburger backpack (forgot the name, sorry) was just very difficult to watch

That's the boarding, not the animation.
>> No. 220203
Semantics doesn't change the fact that the quality of that episode was very, very low.
>> No. 220205
That's not semantics, it's two entirely different things.
>> No. 220207
Story boarding, animation, who the hell cares. The. Quality. Of. The. Show. Is. Inconsistent.

The pilot was incredible. Since then the show has swung from "was this made by blind children" to "hot dang this is is impressive. Arguing about definitions and ignoring the fact that the overall episode quality differs dramatically won't help anything.
>> No. 220208
File 138619271518.jpg - (220.42KB , 600x800 , lakewood-plaza-turbo-cartoon-network.jpg )
Again, the boarding inconsistencies are intentional. It's give every boarder their own personal flair to an episode. Ian Jones Quartey story boarded Cheeseburger Backpack and his style shows up very strongly during the episode.
Flapjack did it.
Regular show does it.
Adventure time does it and now Steven Universe does it.
And now that we've cleared up the fact that you don't know the difference between the two, how exactly is that animation itself inconsistent?
>> No. 220209
That's not criticizing the show, it's lamenting the fate of animation due to imaginary problems.

Though now the conversation has actually moved towards actual discussion of the show so it's a moot point.
>> No. 220212
"Why don't you make something better" is in response to "Why doesn't this show cater to me specifically? It would be better if it was completely different." Which is an incredibly stupid thing to ask in the first place.

Steven is a pretty believable preteen just starting to grow into his powers. That's what this show is about: his coming-of-age story. He's designed so that the target audience can look at him and see someone they might want as a friend, and/or someone they kinda want to be. Older viewers might see him as a little brother figure. He's somebody to cheer for. If you don't like kids, then whatever, but I don't understand why you're watching a kid's show about kids if you hate them.

The Scrappy Doo comparison fails for a ton of reasons. One, Scooby Doo is a completely different type of show: the characters are cardboard cutouts each with a set of static personality traits who repeat the same actions every episode and never develop, and that's because the point of the show is the mystery itself, not the people solving it. We aren't really supposed to give a shit about them or their problems (or at least, not until the newest Scooby Doo show anyway). Two, Scrappy was trash because he was a supporting character who contributed nothing whatsoever to the group and picked fights he obviously couldn't win, it had very little to do with his age and everything to do with his obnoxious personality. Scrappy Doo wasn't even added because he was a child character they thought children would relate to, he was added to shake up the formula viewers had gotten fucking bored of, and regardless of whether you personally hated him, Scrappy and the other changes they made to the show during that time saved it from cancellation.

Three, the "trend" of lead characters being roughly the same age as the target audience is hardly a new thing. Are you fucking kidding me. Did you read any books at all as a kid? Virtually all YA novels star preteens or mid-teens. Media for small children stars other small children. Sometimes they are a bit older than the audience so they can look up to them or allow them to fantasize that when they get to be that age they might get a letter from Hogwarts too. And in character-driven stories, they generally want to see the protags to go through the same sort of stuff they're going through (even if it's in a magical setting).
>> No. 220216
The boarding inconsistencies include the speaking animation in the cheeseburger episode not match up with the words? Or how the walking animation looks like they're gliding along the floor? Or strange cuts and still frames that weren't in any other episode?

The point is, some episodes look cheap and shoddy while others don't.
>> No. 220217
(Almost) everyone hated shows where there were cool adults doing cool things and random kids were shoved in for no good reason.

In Transformers the starting point was "robots fighting" and eventually they added the damn kids to the formula. In Scooby Doo the starting point was "gang solving mysteries (with a talking dog)" and eventually they added the damn kid to the formula.

In Steven Universe the entire POINT of the show is "kid inherited kickass powers he can't understand or control, slowly figures them out, and learns about the world his deceased(ish) and seriously cool mom was a part of".
>> No. 220219
I fucking loved how Ian pushed the cartooniness of everyone's expressions in Cheeseburger Backpack.
>> No. 220225
File 138619970742.png - (154.34KB , 1800x1800 , 1384796910980.png )
>> No. 220237
I'm impressed with rate that troll threads on /co/ in up being retooled into actual Steven Generals.
>> No. 220239
That's probably because the complaints hold no real negative value to its fans.

>Steven is young loud and impulsive
>We understand and accept this.
>> No. 220241
This post definitely doesn't make you shine as much as you think, though.
>> No. 220242
I'm not all that concerned with shining to people who know they plainly don't care for the show. I'll just be happy if the fandom doesn't immediately decay into creepy fetish crap like with everything else I dared to enjoy.
>> No. 220243
I want to lick Steven's jelly rolls
>> No. 220244
And now the ever falling decent.
>> No. 220265
I've warmed up to the show but this thread is kind of ridiculously sensitive.
>> No. 220269
all i'm sayin is steven's kind of a chode and even if the show doesn't want to be about superpower girls doing superpower things, it could at least have a less chodelike protag
>> No. 220270
>I'll just be happy if the fandom doesn't immediately decay into creepy fetish crap like with everything else I dared to enjoy.

You should stop interacting too deeply with every fandom of anything, ever. I'm not even being sarcastic or joking.
>> No. 220274
Is casually strolling /co/ really that deep?

I don't know what that means.
>> No. 220277
File 138630666393.jpg - (913.11KB , 1278x1708 , tumblr_mxa6u5H9Xp1s7t8v2o1_1280.jpg )
>Is casually strolling /co/ really that deep?

People can't just like a show, they have to go into all the myriad ways it makes their dick hard.

/co/ is pretty bad if you want discussion that isn't shipping, waifus or fetishes. It's better to stay away from threads that aren't talkback, imo.
>> No. 220285
It's literally nonsense, a chode is a short, fat penis.
>> No. 220288
File 138634405855.png - (588.28KB , 1280x862 , tumblr_mxbifro3qN1rszotho1_1280.png )
inb4 Pearlbitinglip.jpg

Meh this is adorable. Oh the feels when she has to go with her dad to another beach.
>> No. 220289
File 138634442719.jpg - (373.90KB , 1280x729 , tumblr_mx8uk6kRw11smn4pqo6_1280.jpg )
I think it's funny how much the crew does 'fan art' of their own show.
>> No. 220293
File 138634574278.jpg - (155.55KB , 1225x726 , tumblr_mx8udbA2Vy1smn4pqo5_1280.jpg )
and the details on the boards, yep it is the catcher in the rye.
>> No. 220386
File 138648381032.png - (121.86KB , 500x1365 , 1386479016580.png )
>> No. 220483
File 138673366469.png - (178.86KB , 1000x1400 , 1386655969690.png )
Connie and Steven settle into a routine with her taking traveling up and down the coast, then.
>> No. 220484
jesus christ no
>> No. 220486
Do you have the reveal pic? I didn't save that one.
>> No. 220487
File 138673759421.png - (420.82KB , 1300x1400 , 1386655766523.png )
First comes relief, then sadness.
>> No. 220551
Caught up on the last couple of episodes in a marathon.

Frybo and Catfingers were both some spooky shit, the later being Steven Akiraverse and the former getting real as fuck with Peety.

Thankfully Bubble Buddies brought back all the cutesy feels.
>> No. 220552
You know what was kind of creepy in Bubble Buddies? I think the bubble was gradually getting smaller.
>> No. 220592
Rather impressed how Steven kept his shit together when the bubble burst.
>> No. 220677
File 138699774548.png - (145.01KB , 741x512 , tumblr_mxj2htrMxf1qgha7po1_1280.png )
I thought the same thing until it popped

Steven had to be a boss for his waifu. Whereas I'd probably panic and drown. Believe in Steven, etc.

Also: Most of the show's soundtrack is here https://soundcloud.com/aivisura
>> No. 221185
File 13879118356.png - (544.67KB , 757x942 , tumblr_my2z9iCgVx1smn4pqo1_1280.png )
Steven swag, love the look of that logo. Would so buy red hoodie with star and logo

From their tumbler.

>Here’s an idea of how far in advance we are working on Steven Universe: this is a slightly redacted picture of the story beats we worked out this week for episode 52. Isn’t that crazy? You won’t even get to see episode 8 until January. Meanwhile, episode 26, the last episode of our initial order, is already being worked on at the animation studio overseas.

Believe in Steven.
>> No. 221242
Personally I prefer the old designs better, however the newer designs have a cute charm to them.
>> No. 221244
I was off it a bit but the personalities keep me into it. Pearl is neurotically adorable. Here is hoping they get that episode order upped.
>> No. 221254
Garnets is the only one that bugs me, Pearl however is WAAAAAAAAAAAY better.
>> No. 221722
File 138916567083.jpg - (57.03KB , 600x662 , tumblr_mxxjlqmLO11qhbhnno1_1280.jpg )
Back next Monday
>> No. 221908
File 138962699194.gif - (80.71KB , 860x540 , tumblr_mz7tqjkBcx1rcmzqeo1_1280.gif )
>> No. 221909
Steven attempts to act super cereal and nobody takes him.
>> No. 221938
File 138965600860.jpg - (107.93KB , 586x975 , 1389644407297.jpg )
>> No. 222005

>Pearl getting embarrassed during her exposition
>Her hologram turns into an image of her head popping out of a tea kettle

>The different Gems' reactions to the Tea Cups ride

This episode was just too cute.
>> No. 222092
File 138987788862.png - (570.70KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-01-16-06h50m34s152.png )
oh Pearl, I wanna give hugs so badly.
>> No. 222255
File 139022677812.png - (201.34KB , 500x713 , tumblr_mznwlvJCGl1qcm2uao1_500.png )
>> No. 222267
File 139024608652.jpg - (206.06KB , 700x997 , tumblr_mzprk52ZEK1smn4pqo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 222268
oh this is going to be some classic wrestling cheese.
>> No. 222288
Utterly magnificent.
>> No. 222292
File 139026894639.jpg - (96.99KB , 883x1051 , I love you tiger.jpg )
Here Here!
>> No. 222298
File 139027542376.gif - (158.76KB , 520x799 , tumblr_mzqdog2YN41slmpemo1_1280.gif )
>> No. 222331
>That part where Amethyst pushes Garnet

Best episode of the series so far, goddamn that smackdown boosted Garnet into being my favorite character. Gave some character to Amethyst too and made Lars very likeable.

Man, that was good.
>> No. 222350
That was some delicious hokey ring shenanigans
>> No. 222352
File 139037809550.png - (927.94KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-01-22-03h01m15s7.png )
>> No. 222366
>Liking a show with no merchandise

So how about that new ep of Symbionic Titan?
>> No. 222399
Different standards for action and comedy series. Despite a lot of adventure and action elements, Steven Universe seems to be classed as a comedy by the execs, and CN doesn't seem to feel that comedy series need toy lines to be viable. They're happy to make toys if they think it'll turn a profit, but it's only the action series that they don't view as more than glorified toy commercials.
>> No. 222567
File 13908026532.jpg - (201.28KB , 681x1000 , tumblr_mwj9fq1St41rzn06do1_1280.jpg )
You folks ready for the new bubbline?
>> No. 222584
Eh I see a small number trying to start something but in show I just don't see it. I'd see Pearl hooking up with a human easier honesty. Like if Connie had an older independent sibling. Alternatively Peedee's older brother being smitten with her at some point.
>> No. 222586
>new bubebline
Please don't.
>> No. 222632
For a brief moment I thought bubbline was a pairing between Logan and Marci.
>> No. 222639
File 139086886869.png - (232.89KB , 911x668 , tumblr_n02ktrfqLn1qgha7po1_1280.png )
>> No. 222643
File 13908732892.jpg - (52.27KB , 500x375 , 1390872902201.jpg )
So basically this with a Lion mount.
>> No. 222679
I haven't watched the show yet, but am I the only one who gets big Scott Pilgrim vibes from this show? It's probably Steve's outfit and name, plus the fact that the red girl looks kind of like a robotic throwback to retro games.
>> No. 222680
Now I certainly can't speak for the rest of the world, but I say yes. Yes you are the only one. I'm of course not saying you're wrong; you see what you want to see. But I can at least say that I don't see it all.
>> No. 222681
I can kinda see it.
>> No. 223689
File 139269478197.gif - (22.33KB , 500x500 , tumblr_n1673gileR1s70ti1o1_500.gif )
that was certainly something
>> No. 223692
/co/'s waifu level before reveal: Low - moderate

/co/'s waifu levels after reveal: Dangerously high
>> No. 223693
Nah, seems like most are jumping ship from garnet

expect more pearlfaggotry in the future.
>> No. 223697
File 13927011162.png - (148.01KB , 915x706 , tumblr_n16dt9QGou1qdyzvqo1_1280.png )
posted by a boarder, Garnet has purple blood.
>> No. 223718
Honestly I think my main complaint about this show is that there's no coherent storyline and there's a new big-ish reveal each episode. There doesn't feel like there's any tension or "oooh I wonder what x means/is like". Everything's just handed to us so it feels cheap.

also sorry if my grammar is all over the place I'm tired and English isn't my first language
>> No. 223719
I can see that, and understand why that is hard for some to roll with. I catch it as while these gems are still fighting the good fight and all they are also the last of their kind and without an actual leader they don't really work at their peak ability. Slice of Life Super Adventure stuff, yea we only get snippets so far that bad shit went down and the gems were hunted into near extinction but not much more.
>> No. 223720
I'm actually pretty curious about the lion still. It's almost certainly a gem creature, but we didn't see its gem, and with the color of it I expect it had an affinity for Steven already. I expect it either has a similar gem to Steven's, and also on its bellybutton (which I think we haven't seen), or it lacks a gem is a child creature of Steven's gem, kind of like the smaller centipede and starfish monsters are of their parent monsters, that was by Rose some time in the past.
>> No. 223848
File 139291745313.png - (380.37KB , 640x835 , 1392873238711.png )
>> No. 223849
File 139291750629.png - (653.35KB , 900x520 , vlcsnap-2014-02-17-21h10m04s47.png )
>> No. 223976
File 139310097741.jpg - (57.57KB , 345x650 , 1392988269477.jpg )
>> No. 223977
File 139310102434.jpg - (339.06KB , 1280x1217 , tumblr_n1desgCiAy1sa6lkco1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 224041
File 139329336825.gif - (2.24MB , 490x453 , the loop you all wanted.gif )
I wasn't ready for this or Opal's form
>> No. 224043
File 139329645483.gif - (2.04MB , 450x260 , 1393292050654.gif )
>> No. 224044
File 139329801022.jpg - (889.14KB , 2560x1920 , 1393192842772.jpg )
bump limit?
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