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224354 No. 224354
Old Thread: >>223495

Thread Recap
>Lots of complaining about trivial things
>Speculation as to which AoStH characters will return
>Tekno art

Interesting news

Upcoming Comics
>Sonic the Hedgehog #258 - The Chase Part 1
>Afterlife with archie #5
>Megaman #35
>Sonic universe #62
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>> No. 224355
>Lots of complaining about trivial things
You should have said "minor things" or "nonessential" things.
And we didn't just get Tekno, we also got Shortfuse.
>> No. 224360
Cheating us out of our money is not trivial
>> No. 224363
>Speculation as to which AoStH characters will return

None of them? Has someone suggested that's happening?
>> No. 224365
Flynn did
>> No. 224373
I think they meant things like "SHOULD THERE BE TONS OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS YES/NO" and the really weird argument about TV characters.
>> No. 224375
Remember, just because Ian might have plans for some aosth characters, doesn't guarantee they'll ever get used. Still gotta get past SEGA.
>> No. 224378
Man I really wish nobody had opened their big fat mouth to Iizuka about Archie.
>> No. 224379
Hard to keep Archie a secret outside of marketing when there's a lawsuit over the game that drew upon Archie shit.
>> No. 224380
Sega's been taking a harder look at Archie since 2006. The entire modern run has had their strong influence.
>> No. 224387
I feel like I might of missed something with all the previews and variant covers, but was it confirmed that Sonic will be fighting a bunch of sharks as the villains for the ocean arc? Because I was kind of hoping for a shark good guy instead of the typical.... snakes already have it bad enough in this comic.
>> No. 224391
We dont know and covers and solicits are always intentionally misleading. There's actually a good chance there's no "bad guy" here, but instead another Cats/Wolves situation.
>> No. 224394
Here's a question

How does Eggman view characters other than his arch-nemesis Sonic?

Does he really care about them? Is he making evil plots on the side to take out Amy Rose? Does he have a spare Tails voodoo doll? Does he even know Antoine's name? What's number 2 on his shit list if he ever killed Sonic?
>> No. 224396
In order:
1. We don't know/depends on the writer.
2. See above.
3. See above.
4. Tails Doll.
5. Unless they decide to make a running gag out of it, probably. He's the only major character they could do that with anyway.
6. The answer depends on who you ask.
>> No. 224398
>Archie's putting out an all-in-one Worlds Collide GN this year.
>It's $50.
...Why? It's cheaper to just buy the three paperba-
>$80 Limited Edition version.
>Lower page count.
Why would you even do that?
>> No. 224399
I would guess Tails, since he's the only one that rivals his genius.
>> No. 224402
Ian would argue that Sally's a bigger threat.
>> No. 224410
In the comic, she is. Tails would be the second in Sega, of course, but they're not a military force with a clear head of command in that situation. I think the question "who would Eggman obsess over after Sonic" is probably a trick question though, as he wouldn't really obsess over anybody the way he did the blue hedgehog. Sally and Tails and Knuckles might be recurring pains in the neck, but as far as nemeses go it's pretty much 1. Sonic 2. Everybody Else.
>> No. 224413
The complete trade is more expensive because it's hardcover.

Maybe the page count on one of them is wrong. Otherwise that's just idiotic.
>> No. 224418
Wonder how they'll deal with this digitally.
They've never really had truly 'limited edition" trades before, or a collectionof three GNs at once. It'd suck if these versions stayed phys-only.
>> No. 224429
Pssht, no. Sally is an excellent leader, and she'd probably be able to wrangle a function resistance out of the last six mobians alive if she had to, but she's not Sonic.

Sonic can turn the tide of entire battles on his own. Even without the tactical mind, he's got enough raw power to blitz his way to either a victory or at least ruin Eggman's day.

Sally and the F.F. make Sonic stronger, but he could survive without them.
>> No. 224431
...I was saying that you'd probably argue Sally would be Eggman's second stop after Sonic rather than Tails, Ian. Not that she's better.
>> No. 224432
In the old continuity? Sure.

In the new? Ehh... I'm not so sure. Things aren't quite as personal between them this time around. There's still bad blood (see Sonic Comic Origins) but it isn't quite the same.

Honestly, I'm not sure there would be anybody for him after Sonic. Any contender would be "not-Sonic."
>> No. 224433
I am perfectly fine with this change.
The only acceptable answer would have been another hedgehog, anyway. He hates them so.
>> No. 224437
does France exist in this new universe? i know some real world loactions exist, like Christmas Island
>> No. 224448
You're kidding right?
>> No. 224481
Obviously he wants to know if his waifu Lightning is here
>> No. 224515

But from France.

Lightning is now French.
>> No. 224517

Was there ever a character like Lightning in the comic, actually? Julie-Su, maybe?
>> No. 224519
File 139409968234.jpg - (403.22KB , 600x3204 , shadow boom.jpg )
Hey, Hey, It's Yanimae!
>> No. 224522

Tommy Turtle.
>> No. 224525
File 139411008670.png - (346.79KB , 432x743 , muh waifu.png )
You callin muh waifu french?
You talkin shit bout muh waifu?
>> No. 224526
are his buttocks as flat as lightning's
>> No. 224527
File 139412268422.jpg - (20.93KB , 161x177 , dat but tho.jpg )
>Talking shit bout muh waifus but
aw hell naw
>> No. 224537
I am in love with this.
>> No. 224538
I'm really confused. Are you forgetting that HIS name is Lightning?
>> No. 224540
I think the joke flew over your head, through space and tine, all the way to France.
>> No. 224542
Any of you guys know how to contact CHRIS SENN?
If yes, tell Ian or send Senn Ian's way.
>> No. 224543
Any of you guys know how to contact CHRIS SENN?
If yes, tell Ian or send Senn Ian's way.
>> No. 224549
...why? His mail is on his webpage and I've PM'd it to Ian already months ago when he asked for it on a podcast.
>> No. 224550
Sorry if I sound grumpy btw, just legitimately curious as to why all of a sudden this is brought up. Anything happen while I was playing Pokémon?
>> No. 224551
Check the forums, dweebus.
Ian said email and/or forums are TOO SLOW.
>> No. 224554
Wow, you are taking this way too fucking seriously.
>> No. 224555
Discharges of electricity are French? But Ben Franklin only visited France, he's %100 American. Like %30 of that is colonial, but still.
>> No. 224561
>You're taking this too seriously

I'm starting to worry that we're entering an age of the internet where anything without an admission of friendly jeering signed in triplicate will be seen as serious business and part of the cyberbully syndicate's reign of terror on the unsuspecting masses.

TL;DR: Calm down, partner. I called him a dweeb and put TOO SLOW in caps in a thread mostly about Sanic.
>> No. 224563
File 139420683169.jpg - (14.64KB , 480x360 , 1393662081408.jpg )
I'm posting stuff now.
>> No. 224564
File 139420697045.png - (237.74KB , 882x827 , 1394003917820.png )
>> No. 224565
File 139420721097.jpg - (17.43KB , 480x360 , 1393726305538.jpg )
>> No. 224567
File 139420876481.jpg - (131.25KB , 370x505 , 120854.jpg )
Do you think Big, Cream and Cheese are permanent parts of the Freedom Fighters now?

How do you feel about that?
>> No. 224569
Worse things have happened at sea.
>> No. 224575
I'd rather Team Rose just spit off from the Freedom Fighters and did their own thing like the Chaotix.
>> No. 224576
They work better than I thought they would. Cream as a non-violent assistant and Big as just a guy who pals around and helps out gives the team a bit of unexpected variety. Their limitations actually make the team a bit more interesting.
>> No. 224577

I'm not hating on them, Ian's used them well, but having game characters comprise 5/10 of the core cast means there's a lot of core cast members whose growth and potential for character arcs are more limited. It'll probably work out, I guess.
>> No. 224578
I feel the exact opposite.
Two characters who would barely get used otherwise are now part of the main cast and work as excellent tools for other characters to bounce off of. You're never going to get more out of Big because his character is self-evident, but you can definitely get more out of other characters by having them interact with Big. Cream is never really going to change, but having a character like her around can lead to stronger dynamics.

If you'll excuse the completely unnecessary reference to a Japanese product in a thread full of discussion of Japanese video game adaptations (the horror), it's kind of like One Piece. Luffy, Zoro, Chopper, and Brook will never change. Never. They're insanely marketable and the best you'll get is a /slight/ shift out of character. They aren't very deep. At the same time, they play an essential role in providing a far larger range of character dynamics for the characters who DO shift and sway over time and develop. I see the Sega characters in the core group as the same kind of thing. Sonic/Luffy isn't ever going to stray far from the standard because he's the star and the big marketing face, but he can certainly interact in ways that let the audience better understand Antoine/Usopp.
>> No. 224580
I don't really see how you could expect to get more out a character interacting with Big than if they interacted with any other smo.
>> No. 224581
Let me rephrase that for you.
>I don't really see how you could expect to get more out a character interacting with Sonic/Tails/Sally/Rotor/Antoine/Knuckles than if they interacted with any other smo.
Character interaction and relationships aren't just math problems. You can't just take "Well I need this kind of character here" and say the results are the same. That's shoddy writing. Characters like Big add completely different personality types to the basic pool of characters, allowing for interactions to play out differently. The only other character I can think of who really acts anything like Big in the comics now is...maybe Bark? But even he fills a very different kind of role and sets a different tone. Bark's a quiet straight-man character, Big's a space case. When we talk about things like giving a stronger insight to characters it has to be understood that this isn't a black-and-white "Big gives Bunnie a motivational speech" or something like that. It can be something as simple as Bunnie being the most patient member of the team when dealing with him. While pivotal, plot changing moments probably won't come from interactions with Big very often, he still can still add more variety to a scene. It's all about context.

Of course, we can argue that we could have just added a new, original character to fill Big's role and it would /kinda/ be the same.
And yeah, we could.
But then the question runs deeper and we have to ask /why are we even reading a Sonic comic/.

Now, of course
>> No. 224583
Of course?...
>> No. 224585
But, ideally, every character has their own unique personality anyway, so interactions are going to play out differently regardless.

Or, what is it about Big's personality that you think makes it better for engineering interaction than other personality types?
>> No. 224586

A horse is a horse
>> No. 224587
Every character has personality, but you have to admit that Big and Cream stick out a bit more than the others. All the Freedom Fighters have quirks, but at their core they're cabable intelligent good hearted brave heroes. Big's a simple minded casual juggernaut, and Cream's a little innocent civilian. They're more different from the Freedom Fighters than say, Sonic or Bunnie are different from each other. Their inclusion can lead to more versatile situations and character interactions, which (especially since the Freedom Fighters probably won't be having any huge revelations or shifts for a while after all that's happened to them) is way more important than simply having a cast that can be messed with as extensively as possible.
>> No. 224588
Of course! (I forgot to delete it)

I never said it did.
It said that adding two characters who would usually just linger on the side as members of a group is beneficial to the group as a whole. The original argument was that having half the group composed of Sega characters would mean that the group would somehow be less able to expand upon itself and develop, but I'm arguing the opposite: Characters who can and will develop have more ready opportunities to play off of other characters and develop, and these two characters most likely benefit as well by being explored further despite being static.

You're not going to get more out of any two characters interacting than you would with any other two characters interacting on the most basic level. It's all about context. There is no "less" or "more" here aside from the fact that the core group is bigger and the group's personality is more fluid by adding characters that are so different from the main cast in the first place.
>> No. 224589
When was the last time Big and Cream were even in a game? I'd say the in the same boat as other forgotten SEGA characters like Fang and Mighty.
>> No. 224591
Generations or Olympics, depending on how you define "appearing".
>> No. 224594
I know Cream had a small cameo in both. But was big anything more than a Mii outfit in the Olympics?
>> No. 224599
A rose is a rose, a tose is a tose, a mose is a mose?
>> No. 224602
If a human male joined the Royal Acorn Army, would they have to wear the uniform like everybody else?
>> No. 224610
I don't think pants are unheard of in the Royal Army. Certainly Kintobor had to wear them, though as Warlord he may have been able to choose his own attire.

>Big's a simple minded casual juggernaut
Who, apparently, can only perform a Spin attack on accident. (This is my current favorite thing about the new canon.)
>> No. 224611
Man, I really just want to meet all the Egg Bosses already.
The wait is killing me, especially since it might be a few years before we see them all.
>> No. 224622
>Implying Robotnik was ever named Kintobor in this universe
>implying he even got to be a warlord
>> No. 224633
Then why did Sonic remember it?
>> No. 224634
Oh yeah, he did remember that. He might have been Eggman all the time in this new universe, but at some point King Acorn did enter into an agreement with him. Whether it was the same kind, or if we'll ever hear about it, is another question.
>> No. 224657
They're different, but similar events. In the old continuity, Julian Kintobor defected from the Overland and was appointed to the position of warlord by King Maximillian Acorn.

In the new continuity, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik entered into an agreement with King Acorn. The details of which are yet to be revealed.
>> No. 224659
So Ivo Robotnik is still his full name? Neat.

But we'll probably not see it used in the comic, huh? Right now I'd expect a shoutout with it printed on some fake degree or a namplate in the background at most.
>> No. 224666
There is like a 110% chance we're going to see him talk to King Acorn as Dr. Robotnik in one of the Sonic Origins strips.

How long until you decide on/print his new first name?
You don't have to keep him first-nameless forever...right?
>> No. 224669
>"King Acorn"? You can't have a monarch with just one name!

Queen Elizabeth disagrees. As do Emperor Akihito, King Philippe, King Harald, King Abdullah, Queen Margrethe, and, apparently, King Tupou.

Ordinals are nice though. Is he King Acorn I or King Acorn VIII?
>> No. 224670

His first name is King.
>> No. 224671
Maybe his name isn't even Acorn. Maybe the royal lineage is like the Pope and they choose their own name, and he was just boring and went with the kingdom's name.

Maybe a past King was named King Leothal. Maybe a past king was named King Radical.
>> No. 224684
I'm okay with this.
If they never address it this is what I'm assuming.
>> No. 224705
What's strange is "King Acorn" of the "Kingdom of Acorn".

Think about it. Was there a King Britain? A King Spain?

Did King Henry I rule the Kingdom of Henry?
>> No. 224709
>Philippines. King Philip II
>China. Emperor Chin
>Saudi Arabia. Muhammad ibn Saud
>> No. 224710
How about all the places named AFTER their founders?
Why wouldn't a family called Acorn name their kingdom after themselves?
>> No. 224722
The Philippines are named after King Phillip of Spain. Not quite comparable to the Acorn situation, that's a small country being named after the ruler of its kingdom that conquered it, but the kingdom that conquered it was Spain ruled by King Philip, not The Philip Kingdom ruled by King Philip.

I'll give you the non-European ones though, but since we're dealing with a vaguely European setting, "King Acorn of the Acorn Kingdom" is a bit of an oddity.

A colony named the Acornia Islands would be in keeping with tradition.

And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with King Acorn and the Acorn Kingdom, or Eggman and the Eggman Empire for that matter. Anon acted like it was strange for a monarch to have only one name. No, that's actually the norm. What's odd is that it's the same name as his Kingdom, but whatevs.
>> No. 224729
>Evan commentates over second/first-not-pilot SatAM episode.
>Says she didn't look up refs and "ruined Nicole forever".

If she's talking about the handheld...the new version looks way less shitty. I don't know why she'd apologize for streamlining a gaudy mess.
>> No. 224775
Wait, is that why new Nicole doesn't have hair plugs? Aww
>> No. 224777
How's your reading comprehension?
>> No. 224840
File 139461511785.jpg - (407.39KB , 1280x1048 , sonic boom designs.jpg )
We going full-on Rajet and Klanc nao.

>> No. 224846
R&C Emerl looks cool.
>> No. 224847
It's funny how after Archie Sonic used these types of characters designs for YEARS before it was decided everything should be SegaSonic style, yet now we have this.
>> No. 224848
File 139463222147.jpg - (1.70MB , 2000x1260 , Sonic 3.jpg )
Perhaps they were just always waiting for the exact moment when all the people who objected to the fact that America drew Sonic slightly different from Japan to go away.
>> No. 224849
Sonic Boom is trying to differentiate itself after all, but I'm not sure those designs are abhorrently lazy enough to be called Archie-style.
>> No. 224850
Jesus dude, that's harsh.
I know Thrash and Khan aren't exactly going to win awards, but damn.
>> No. 224851
It's not that harsh, it's not a big secret that the majority of the old Archie designs were really lazy and boring stock designs of animals. For every Conquering Storm, there was a dozen Wombat Stus.
>> No. 224853
Yeah, but Conquering Storm is from the same people who gave us, like, Constant Vigil, Beuregard, Matilda, Alan Quail and shark/shrimp Mobians. I don't think it's fair to group them with the people who came up with Hamlin Pig, Valdez the Chameleon, the FFFF and all the clone family members.
>> No. 224854
I actually intentionally pointed out Thrash and Khan since they're from entirely different eras of the comic.

See, that's kinda the thing. You're saying that Archie designs are generally lazy...but unless you're talking about shit like, yeah, Wombat Stu, or maybe Sir Kicksalot...most of them really aren't.

I mean, let's throw out stuff like the echidnas for a second. That's kind of an outright known problem. In the early days artists like Dave Manak and Art Mawhinney's art styles kind of congealed the, honestly divergent, SatAM character designs into the same basic style as Sonic and the other Sega designs. Throwing out instances of the art just being so bad that everything looks off, how many honest-to-goodness lazy character designs do we have out there?

Even going before Ian, we have characters like Mina, Khan, Nate, the various aliens, Arachnis, Kodos, etc. The problem wasn't as much that the designs were lazy as they were that the individual artists may have been trying too hard to make their characters "work" in the period they were presented in. In the issues they're introduced in, all of those characters basically fit, but then when other artists came in the actual character designs weren't adapted or otherwise overhauled to gel with the rest of the cast. There wasn't really a guideline to work with aside from whoever managed to do them first.

It's not really a problem of the characters being lazily designed as much as it's a problem with the comic itself being lazily managed and poorly structured. Notice how all those lazy designs magically started actually fitting and making sense once the editor and artists changed? Drago, in and of himself, isn't a lazy design. It's the fact that he continued looking like a member of the SatAM Wolf Pack for YEARS after the show was cancelled (yeah he kinda went against the grain again when Butler drew him, but I'm talking in general). Monkey Khan as he was drawn by Strom doesn't work in a Post-Adventure world, but he was designed very competently in his original stories. He worked there.

The inherent problem with this comparison is that we're laying a blanket term for a comic that has existed for over 20 years with a multitude of writers and artists over several dozens of issues as the franchise transformed around them to a single show and its video game tie-in where people are working together to make a set of designs exclusive to one universe in one instance.

You can't expect Manak to reach forward in time to Bates and have the two work together. You can expect people working on Boom to communicate their ideas and keep designs tonally consistent at least within the show or the game itself.

TL;DR: It's kinda harsh to call the Archie characters "lazily designed" when most of them have pretty solid character designs. It's more of an issue of some artists being better at keeping things consistent than others and the evolution of the franchise over time. It's a lot harder to hold the comic creators responsible when they only work on their single iteration for that month than it is to hold the guys who are designing Sega-Looking-Raccoon and completely-different-style-snake-in-a-robo-suit to appear in the same batch of episodes.
>> No. 224856
I shouldn't have used Conquering Storm as an example, as that does make it look like I think only new designs were capable of being remotely interesting. There were gems in the old days, and Khan was one of them.

But characters like Drago were totally lazy designs. Yardley made them workable, but they were at best functional. Larry Lynx, Fiona, Rob o' the Hood, even the characters I've enjoyed often had very lazy designs. Stock eagles, stock cats, stock dogs, stock dragons, stock recolors of Sega or DiC characters (Knuckles had the most but he was far from the only one.) Characters like Khan, Arachnis and Mina were very very few and far between, as the majority of the artists at the time just did not remotely give a shit about making designs.

Also the only remotely interesting Archie-original alien designs were the Xorda the rest were generic as all hell (or in the case of Axer's pirates appeared for about a page's worth of content.)
>> No. 224865
>old Tommy Turtle in Sonic Boom
>> No. 224869
What are the odds this show will even make it to a second season?
>> No. 224871
I was about to say "of course it will, it's fucking Sonic" but even AoStH and SatAM, with their purely American style settings and coming out at the height of Sonic's popularity, didn't last very long.
>> No. 224872
Then again, TV was a whole different animal back then.
>> No. 224879
Well Snyder is gone, so maybe the shady deal of taking good shows and putting them on death row at an abysmal timeslot will end.
>> No. 224886
Indeed. They have a lot more ways of getting Sonic Boom to intended audiences now, so they don't have to bet all their chips on being part of Saturday morning cartoons. I wouldn't be surprised if it was offered as a download option in most gaming stores (Steam, PSN, etc.)
>> No. 224889
They lasted a long time. They just weren't in production. AOSTH was aired until 2001 or so. SATAM might have had a similar shelf life with two dozen or so more episodes but was still aired for years.

CN will treat it like a lot of its third party shows (The Garfield Show, the Lego cartoons, Johnny Test, Pokemon). A lousy timeslot and huge gaps between seasons but they'll keep renewing it if it performs well.
>> No. 224890
Does Life With Archie have a weird publication schedule or what?
I'm constantly wondering if my subscription has lapsed and then one will randomly show up.
Nice to see Betty finally getting her comeuppance.
>> No. 224892

And what esteemed company that is! But you have a point. Depends on how cheap the show is to produce.
>> No. 224895
Pokemon is just a tie-in, Nintendo doesn't give two fucks about it. Sega though is pushing this HARD as the new version of Sonic. I highly doubt they're going to let it happen that way.
>> No. 224897
Nintendo obviously gives some fuck about Pokemon or they wouldn't be making it. And Sega has no control on how CN schedules a show.
>> No. 224902
Maybe, but I'm pretty confident this will have a much larger audience than Pokemon's anime does, at least in the west. So putting it at a lousy timeslot would be foolish.
>> No. 224903
Which one of the problems. CN has been doing some dumbass and jerkass discussions for a few years now.
Even with the current president (a man that openly dislikes action shows and pushes for cheaper productions) leaving soon; it's no guarantee CN will be a safe place for Sonic Boom.
>> No. 224907

They certainly want us to think they're pushing hard. But they've tried to rebrand before, numerous times. They've never been a company to double down if things start looking negative.

I personally don't think this is a grand undertaking to change peoples' perception of Sonic. I think they'll cut corners like crazy, air it during school hours, make a quick buck and be done by this time next year.
>> No. 224911
Speaking of pushing hard, anyone else find that mixels crap to be almost offensively lazy and cheap?
>> No. 224912
I think >>224895 meant "no fucks" as in "they put 0 effort into the show, just churn out episodes for easy money"
>> No. 224917
File 139479272828.jpg - (149.00KB , 469x750 , Goddammit Silver.jpg )
A couple years too late, or a couple years just in time?
>> No. 224921
File 139481615822.png - (534.13KB , 482x750 , tumblr_inline_n2esfpXVA11syd5is.png )
Ken Penders took a Holocaust protest poem and made it about furries.

>> No. 224922
You're well over a decade late, buddy.
But yeah, the way he did that was pretty terrible.
>> No. 224923
What a storm in a tea cup. I'm all for hating Pender's but this sticks of the faux moral outrage that happened when someone discovered Pender's refernced JFK.
>> No. 224926
1. That wasn't Penders who made the Eggman JFK joke. That was Bollers.
2. If you're talking about what I think you are, people storytimed the issue and were like "Whoa what the fuck?" because it was a bit too on-the-nose for a kids' book.
3. Good to know that people being offended by things you aren't means it's just "faux moral outrage" meant to stir shit.

There are way more people bringing it up right now than before (probably because most people don't read the comics they complain about, imagine that), but the way it was done was in bad taste and people have been complaining about it (infrequently) since the issue first saw print. It's not hard to see why someone would be more upset about that than the other stupid things he did in the comic.
>> No. 224927
Bollers referenced JFK

why do people not understand there were multipler writers in the comic?
>> No. 224928
File 139483567636.jpg - (904.45KB , 1820x1250 , jfk blown away what else do I have to say.jpg )
Referencing the JFK assassination is a treasured Sonic the Hedgehog tradition, and I will not hear a bad word about it.
>> No. 224929
I love how Penders' favorite is that he knows someone who likes something he's done. It's hilarious.
>> No. 224932

>> No. 224935

Gee had I known that would happen I wouldn't have posted the screen in the /v/ thread yesterday.
>> No. 224937
Ian, I know your policy on not using characters from other series, but just this once I'm begging you. Add an angry unicorn wizard that tells Tails to shoot people.
>> No. 224939

He doesn't seem particularly angry.
>> No. 224945
I don't think he could use Fleetway characters even if he wanted to.
>> No. 224948
I've often wondered about this. Did Fleetway get a fundamentally different contract from the one Archie agreed to, giving them ownership of all the characters created in their book?
>> No. 224949
You know Penders' whole claim that he owns his material because there was no contract which considering Archie's history and a lot of other people saying they had contracts is not very believable?

It actually did happen on StC (at least everyone asked agrees it happened). They had no contracts, they wrote/did the art for the stories and were paid for it. Thus legally it all still belongs to them. Fleetway shouldn't even managed to do all the reprints it did but no-one felt like going over court for "why did you reprint my story about a magical unicorn turning Tails into the JFK killer".
>> No. 224950
I know we've seen Fleetway characters as background cameos before though, and Dr. Finitevus, with all due respect to Dubs, is a straight ripoff of Dr. Zachary.
>> No. 224953
It was my understanding UK copyright law is different, and the creator-owned material was standard practice. So it was less of an oversight and more of the Brits doing things their way. Again - my understanding. I could be wrong.

Insofar as he was a "white, evil echidna." They were visually distinct, and from what I remember, distinctly different characterizations.
>> No. 224954
File 139488985374.jpg - (24.94KB , 290x272 , 119-19.jpg )
Right, Tekno and Shortfuse would be owned by Lew Stringer (who also gave the world... Combat Colin, Brickman, and damn near the only good comics in "Oink!")

He's EXTREMELY contactable, but I'm kinda doubting Archie/SEGA would jump through the hoops needed to make using UK characters kosher if they won't even do it for Stateside characters.

Excuse me, I have to go spend a few minutes using every swearword I know.
>> No. 224956
You can't HONESTLY tell me the rings on his hands, and the gold medal on his chest weren't taken straight from his design.
>> No. 224958
Looking good.
Even better in 2d but aw well.
>> No. 224963
Dr. Z just wore vaguely tribal gold bracelets and an amulet. Finitevus was wearing Sonic-style gold rings, and Dr. Doom-style clasps to hold up his flowing EVIL cape. I can see why people would go "aha!" but it's easy to see how the design elements could come together without there being an homage intended.
>> No. 224974
Gray was a fan of STC though and wasn't shy about showing it. It's not that far of a stretch.
>> No. 224981
We'll never see 'em, but I'm curious what the Moebius versions of Silver and Dulcy would be like...
>> No. 224999

>> No. 225000
That's the best you can hope for with StC characters.
At least someone's drawing them.
>> No. 225028
I know the odds are pretty much zero...

But how cool would it be if Archie went to all the trouble to get the rights to use them, after NOT going to the trouble with Ken because the hoops he's offering just ain't reasonable?
>> No. 225032
If Ian had access to Tekno, and Shortfuse, I'm not sure how he'd fit them in.

Tekno - Good with science and making things. Oh joy, another one.

Shortfuse - A heroic cyborg? Now why does that sound so familiar?

We're low on magicians now though, so Ebony would be a welcome addition.
>> No. 225036
When have we NOT been short on magicians? Archie kinda skimps on the magic side of Sonic.
Also, the "only fully robotic person left" slot JUST had a vacancy, so Shortfuse has a nice little opening there.
>> No. 225069
Naugus, Finitevus, Mogul, Merlin, the four or so other lame ones Ken came up with, Geoffrey if you want to count him, Bride of Endless Reach, Enerjak...?
>> No. 225081
Did you just count a plot device that hasn't been used in well over 70 issues and four characters who only existed for one story each as examples of the comic having good magic rep? Seriously?

Add to that the fact that Enerjak works more like Shadow and Silver than actual "magic", Geoffrey barely uses his magic, and Endless Reach is only clairvoyant...
>> No. 225087
When did I say anything about it being good?
You sure are aggresive over something so trivial.
>> No. 225088
S I guess the solits for June are late too, or they've permanently moved the reveal time back a week
>> No. 225100
File 139522437519.jpg - (82.44KB , 490x753 , this wont end well.jpg )
>> No. 225102
To this day I wonder why the hell that was allowed.
>> No. 225106
Why are you projecting aggressiveness on to me just because I think your examples are bad, anon?

Ken and his buttbuddy say they intended for it to be some kinda future computer.
I don't get it either.
>> No. 225110
Almost every time straight up wizard stuff is used in Sonic it's pretty awkward anyway, really. Naugus is the closest, and even he has more element-themed powers than spells and hexes. Mysticism and destiny are fine and all, but give them too much prominence and the actual cast can look pretty out of place fairly quickly.

The Source of All is the sloppiest worldbuilding ever and I'm glad it's gone, but the fact that it was magic was sort of the least of its problems.
>> No. 225111
Yeah, but magic certainly isn't out of place for Sonic. It's just that the comic was almost entirely slanted towards sci-fi for the majority of its run and the few times magic actually got brought up it was handled poorly.
>> No. 225112
Oh, magic by itself certainly isn't out of place in Sonic's semi-surreal fantastical world. I'm just saying that it's difficult to put in simply because the inclusion of magic usually also carries a lot of story baggage that doesn't fit the story or characters.
>> No. 225113
I don't know, I think voodoo stuff would fit pretty well in a Knuckles story. He does have that thing about ghosts, after all.

That and there's plenty circuses and casinos all over the globe and we've yet to meet a proper stage magician.
>> No. 225119
File 139525358928.jpg - (467.00KB , 780x1181 , ver.jpg )
I want to marry "Archie Marries Veronica" Veronica.

(Granted there's a few obvious things standing in the way of that...)
>> No. 225121
Lois, what are you doing in Archie comics?
>> No. 225122
DC hasn't exactly been making her feel welcome...
>> No. 225126
File 139526720842.jpg?spoiler - (42.84KB , 300x461 , megaman38.jpg?spoiler )
June solicits now available.

Mega Man 38:

The epic Mega Man/Mega Man X crossover event continues in 'Dawn of X,' part 2! We travel one hundred years into Mega Man's future, where an ancient Wily weapon threatens all defenseless humans! It's up to X and Zero to combat the lumbering metal monstrosity! Meanwhile, Emerald Spears terrorist-on-the-run Xander Payne tumbles through time-and sees something that will change him forever! Featuring brand new cover art from Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante and an extra special character-packed variant cover from Ben Bates!
>> No. 225128
File 139526730686.jpg - (55.12KB , 300x461 , megaman38v.jpg )

Mega Man 38 variant cover.
>> No. 225129
File 139526740383.jpg?spoiler - (49.78KB , 300x461 , sonic262.jpg?spoiler )
Sonic the Hedgehog 262

Catch some sun and ride the wave as the aquatic adventure continues in 'Waves of Change,' Part 3! Sonic faces a city invasion by the ominous Dark Gaia Monsters! To make it even worse, the invasion is underwater - and Sonic can't swim! As the struggle turns desperate, will it be Amy's mission to find the key to saving them all, or will Sonic be left to drown? Then, in 'The Light in the Dark,' Part 2, the Freedom Fighters find what they're looking for - but will their own divisions bring them down? Featuring new cover art from Ben Bates and an extra-special 'monster movie' variant from artist T.REX!
>> No. 225130
File 139526751890.jpg?spoiler - (34.88KB , 300x461 , sonic262v.jpg?spoiler )

Sonic 262 variant cover.
>> No. 225131
File 139526767541.jpg?spoiler - (50.68KB , 300x461 , su65.jpg?spoiler )
Sonic Universe 65

Bust out your detective hats and hop on the case in 'The Great Chaos Caper,' Part 3. Knuckles and the Chaotix are in the heart of the Aquatic Mines-where their only two options are to get crushed by a cave-in, or to drown! How on earth (and below earth!) can they make it out alive? And once they do, they've got to chase down the unlikely Chaos Emerald thief before Nack's team of Hooligans beat them to it! Add in ravenous Dark Gaia Monsters, and there may be too much for our heroes to handle! Featuring new cover art from Sonic comic guru Tracy Yardley and an awesome SEGA game art variant starring the Chaotix!

Guess SEGA finally allowed Chip.

Not bothering with the variant since it's just reused game art whoopdy doo.
>> No. 225135
>Then, in 'The Light in the Dark,' Part 2

But... this is the third part of the story?
>> No. 225136
"Aquatic Ruins Zone"
Solicits can be wrong often.
>> No. 225139

Third part of the main story, second part a backup likely.
>> No. 225140
I guess it's wrong or last minute changes.

This would be the fthrid part if nothing has changed, The Light in the Dark has had parts in both previous solits.
>> No. 225156

Did we ever get the solicit for 37?

Also, didn't I predict something Xander-related? I forget. I'll just go ahead feeling smug anyway.
>> No. 225165
>the Freedom Fighters find what they're looking for - but will their own divisions bring them down?

I wonder what this means? In-fighting?... I'm apprehensive, themes like that can easily turn bad
>> No. 225166
The only thing I worry about is the waifufags. Anyone who disagrees with Nicole will get their retarded scorn.
>> No. 225167
>Quake Woman was Mabel Pines before her accident
>> No. 225169
>Nicole and Sally on one side, Bunnie and Antoine on the other.
That way nobody wins.
>> No. 225170
It's just as likely that someone will get Badnik'd or there'll be a mistake or accident. It's a bit quick to assume infighting.
>> No. 225172
Everything between Tempo and Blues was made of awesome.
>> No. 225185
File 139536146573.jpg - (56.70KB , 296x450 , scurg returns.jpg )
Well, this is a thing.
Before anyone points out "Pending Licensor Approval", this cover was most likely made AFTER late 2012. They already knew about the rights issue beforehand and it would be absurdly easy to edit Scourge out of this.
>> No. 225186

Archie's still publishing reprints with characters of dubious ownership, they likely worked out a deal.

Don't count your chickens until you see NEW content with Scourge.
>> No. 225187
Hey, I didn't say anything.
I'm just pointing out he's cover-safe while everything else Penders made isn't.
It's probably because Penders can't claim that character design as part of what he owns/co-owns since it was created by someone else.
>> No. 225201
Reprinted material is different.
>> No. 225202
And a new cover isn't reprinted material. It's new material that would be subject to royalties or dispute of ownership.
Which is why a bunch of Penders characters were removed from covers when applicable.
Which is why I said they're probably free to use that design rather than the character itself.
Which is why I said it just means he's cover safe, not safe for proper comics.

You aren't very good at this "reading" business, are you anon?
>> No. 225207
Reprinted material is different. They've been reprinting his work for a while following the settlement, with no sounds made by him. While we know a good amount of information about the settlement, there's a lot we don't know... but it does look like something was worked out regarding the reprints, which may or may not allow Archie to produce new material for covers FOR REPRINTS featuring his characters.
That's the most we can say right now. When we see Scourge in place for a new story, that'll be news.

Although honestly, with no Fiona by his side my interest would be 10% what it used to be. Half the fun was the toxic relationship those two had.

(It seriously can't be that hard to get the rights to old creators shit. Is Mike Gallagher even working these days? And the stuff Bollers is making these days is actually pretty good, but there's no way it's doing well enough that he'd hold out for high numbers if Archie wanted to talk business)
>> No. 225213
So, who's ready for some EDGY and MATURE film, for MATURE people.
>> No. 225215
Me, sounds like good fun.
>> No. 225227
If they get Brad Bird, I'm in.
>> No. 225228
They've been showing the old characters on reprint collection covers for awhile now.
>> No. 225229

I do like how everyone forgets Drago being Sonic Legacy 3's cover.
>> No. 225230
You're really bad at reading, aren't you?
You just said what I said, except you made an even more unlikely prediction. I pointed out that Scourge's design appears to be okay for new covers because his design is different from anything Penders ever created. The character most likely is not.
>> No. 225232
I do like how you forget even that cover was edited and it would be nearly impossible to edit out Drago.

No really, go ahead and try editing Drago out of the cover without it looking like garbage. I'm waiting anon.
>> No. 225233

They had redrawn entire covers before during the Pendering, like the one with Rob.
>> No. 225234
So does anyone else think its pretty ballsy to stick the most hated OC in Archie Mega Man into the Mega Man X crossover?
>> No. 225235

They're really pushing Xander, I'm not surprised in the slightest.
>> No. 225237
Yeah, for upcoming issues whose content changed dramatically. And whose interior artist was also the cover artist. That's just a little different, if you didn't notice.
>> No. 225238
I think it's a bit much to say he's the MOST hated original character. There might be a bit of fanbase split.

But they might be doing something interesting.
Like shoving him in X's future and leaving him there.
>> No. 225243

Now that would be something. He'd be more at home, at least.
>> No. 225244
even if hte fanbase is split on him, he seems to be the least popular.

Harvey fucking Greenleaf has more support than he does
>> No. 225245
Eggman: "How about a magic trick?" *throws a guy into a robotizor* "Ta-da!"

Knuckles: "You either die a hero, or live long enough to be the sidekick."

Tails: "Let me get this straight? You think your client, the fastest thing alive, is the one secretly goes out and breaking armies of killer robots with his bare hands, and your plan is to black-mail this person?"
>> No. 225248
File 139547167180.jpg - (14.97KB , 418x235 , Eggman_04--article_image.jpg )
No one cared who I was till I put on the 'stache.
>> No. 225253
File 139549374880.jpg - (402.39KB , 960x1109 , bates_amyrose.jpg )
Bates turns StC Amy into a policewoman. Feel free to imagine yourselves how Hot Fuzz plays with Amy and Tekno.
>> No. 225254
File 139549414943.jpg - (320.19KB , 866x1129 , bates_grimer.jpg )
And then I was expecting him no "normalize" Grimer a bit, pretend he's human or something, but instead he revels in the odd part of the design! Look at those hands. I love this.
>> No. 225257
He's a little too short, but otherwise incredible.

Too bad you commissioned every single core StC character worth drawing out of Bates already. Porker a shit, Johnny a shit, you need to pay him to draw Plunder, Simpson, and Lord Sidewinder's crew.
>> No. 225259
>implying the following batches won't be Plunder and mates, Zachary before and after cyborg, Ebony and Pyjamas, Metallixes, Metamorphia, Max Gamble

My problem with these commissions to both Bates and Dobbyn (Sally, Nicole and Eta towards two weeks from now) isn't lack of characters, it's lack of emone. Let's remember there's still French Comics, the mangoes, Sonic Underground, whatever. Scratch and Grounder. Get them to draw Tial-Su!
>> No. 225260
Hasn't Bates drawn Finitevus before?
>> No. 225261

... although now I think of it, I don't think so, no.
>> No. 225263
You should ask Dobbyn to draw the weird purple Ken-Echidna once you run out of actually good things to request from him. I want to see what he does with that fucked up design.
>> No. 225264
It's petty, but the only rule I've placed to myself is that nothing Penders gets commissioned to anyone. It's why I had him draw Finitevus but not, for an example, the redesign I did of Julie-Su which I actually did want to have him draw.
>> No. 225266
>> No. 225268
If I rip that off, will you die?
>> No. 225271
File 13955288897.png - (189.68KB , 500x488 , humble.png )
Understandable. He seems to be trying to set the world record for most bridges burnt in the least amount of time.

Any chance at all anyone's going to be able to make the Sheffield Film and Comic Con this summer? Lew Stringer's going to be there doing sketches. It'd be nice to get a UK complement to this and see how he'd redesign Bunnie, Sally, 'Twain, Nicole, Rotor, Dulcy, etc.

For that matter, what the heck (no pun intended) is Roberto Corona doing these days? He seemed to drop off the face of the Earth after Komikwerks all but evaporated. (You can still find his stuff for them at http://web.archive.org/web/20101124092846/http://komikwerks.com/comic_title.php?ti=49&utype=AOL though. Thank goodness for the wayback machine...)
>> No. 225274
You forgot the part where he took full credit for Bunnie and Antoine having a romance and dodged any attempt to get him to list any writers other than himself who "Saved the book".

It's impossible to reason with the guy at this point.
>> No. 225276
Wouldn't call that reasoning with him so much as poking him with a stick.
>> No. 225279
So we've agreed at this point that Ken is mentally ill, right?
>> No. 225282
No kidding.
>> No. 225284
Does it really count as poking the guy when most of the people responding to him are being polite? I mean, it's better to leave the crazy old man alone, but still.
>> No. 225293
I'm not sure I'd classify him as mentally ill, but he's definitely not well. He's told stories of how when he was younger he dreamed of being in comics. His "humans" art was certainly passable on other books, had things gone differently he probably could still be working somewhere. He's really not a very good writer, and The Lost Ones was bloody awful. He spent way too long on Sonic without showing he had any variety (he had no Mega Man, New Crusaders, Young Salem, Sylvanna, etc), and when he left Sonic after spending so much time and energy on it he floundered and couldn't get work on anything else because he had no variety in his portfolio for so long. He's very clearly burned essentially every bridge out there (except his friendship for the genuinely great Elliot S. Maggin, known to youngsters as "Who?"), and he's shown incredibly unprofessional behavior and displayed a lack of respect for fellow creators that's just stunning. He's clinging to the one thing he thinks he's got left, and in his head he's greatly overinflated his role in Sonic and how good it was, because it's all he's got left. He's also showing clear signs of deep depression, and we know he has "supporters" in the form of people that he's hired to do things (lawyers as well the people making props and apps for him). He's engaging in self-destructive behavior and it's being enabled by people who are encouraging him because they can exploit him.

I wish people would just leave him the hell alone, and I dearly hope when his project crashes and burns someone is there for him. Someone that cares, but isn't a sycophant. I'm not happy with the shit he pulled and is still pulling, but this is just sad.
>> No. 225296
[Sally] has cheek fluff in the show. She was created for the show. She is off model without it. And there's no point in having a ball for a head. Her eye spacing makes her look like she has Downe Syndrome and also serves no purpose and makes her off model. The slave outfit argument you make only works now that they changed the whole plan since the lawsuit! And my point was, now that they can't use the OMS backstory, it becomes even more pointless to use that look because everyone guessed the surprise and all it says is that's what is was going to be and pretty much still is.
>> No. 225300
Yes, you do not need to export the particular brand of crazy here, we all know of it, it's old news.
>> No. 225305
It's really sickening to see how people like "Patman" use him. They are full-on yesmen, but they just stop talking whenever they think it could hurt their reputation. The guy's at the point that nothing anyone does or doesn't do has no effect, though. Whether kids point out the problems with his work or not won't do anything except make him a bit more bitter in the short term. The only thing that can either help him get a grip on himself or spiral off the deep end completely is family (or his book utterly failing).

...That, and the more people talk about him the better his project will do. There's no doubt it won't be sustainable as an investment, but the better it does the less ruined his life is.
>> No. 225306
It's not crazy to think she looks better with the fuzz though.
>> No. 225312
It is crazy to think it's that important for a rant though. Like green eyes.
>> No. 225316
Fuck anyone who says Green Eyes wasn't worth discussing.
>> No. 225317
It's especially hypocritical how the same people who scoffed and snarked about people caring about Sonic's eye color are generally the ones crying about Sonic having blue arms or buffles.
>> No. 225328
Considering nobody seems to care enough to ever discuss Knuckles' purple eyes or Tails' blue eyes, yeah, I'd say that's barely worth discussing since it's more of a scapegoat than anything. Feel free to continue being mad.
>> No. 225334
That's because it's like Dante's hair.
it started as a scapegoat, but not by the people who hate change, but by the people who hate dissent.
>> No. 225371
File 139575797637.jpg - (150.42KB , 896x1562 , Antoine.jpg )
>> No. 225485
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