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File 138723439328.jpg - (110.34KB , 600x633 , 1376754094196.jpg )
387339 No. 387339
Back in my day people used to fight over who would make the next SYM thread before it stopped bumping.
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>> No. 387341
File 138723554585.jpg - (120.70KB , 600x633 , didsomeonesayweeaboo.jpg )
I think I'm safe.

I have SOME anime music tracks, but I don't think they're opening/closing themes.

And I know the Japanese phrases from fighting games.

Most anime is kinda dumb & unwatchable
>> No. 387343
File 138723735389.png - (311.76KB , 606x633 , Untitled.png )
Dangerously close. Does 4chan count as an anime forum still?
>> No. 387345
I thought the same, but considering how diverse the board choices are on 4chan (these day), you could very well go to them and end up not discussing anime at all.
>> No. 387348
File 138724262823.jpg - (165.84KB , 600x633 , maybe a weeabit.jpg )
Then again, I just use /op/ for a quick link to the weekly.
>> No. 387350
File 13872480032.jpg - (29.65KB , 600x633 , 138723439328.jpg )

If we're going to use a word as a derogatory term, lets have it mean something that actually should be frowned upon.
>> No. 387351
File 138725021059.png - (293.90KB , 600x633 , are you a weeaboo.png )
that's because sneaky tiki didn't steal this one like the dirty canadian that he is this time around. i was patient and decided it best to watch someone come up with something better than i could in a rush to get the OP position.

I am so glad I did wait. <3 Anon.

as for the image in question... I WAS DANGEROUSLY CHEESY UP IN THIS BITCH. HOLY SHIT.

I apparently vacillate between different kinds of almost weeaboo depending on the time of year, but even looking back every six months, I have a HIGH number of these but never quite enough to complete my bingo carudo.

also i stopped visiting /a/ around the time i moved into /co/. /a/a hasn't been that good since around the time bleach started to get popular. not bleach's fault. just... too many summer 4chans occurred. you know the drill.
>> No. 387352
How fucking old is this thing that it considers pocky in any way special? You can find that shit at Walmart.
>> No. 387354
File 138725234130.jpg - (102.29KB , 600x633 , Weeaboo Test.jpg )
1. If we're using "hentai" as a catchall term for any sort of anime-style pornography, yes.
2. Akira, so yes.
5. I read Naruto (glutton for punishment) and HunterxHunter when it bothers actually showing up. If I ever catch up with JJBA, add that.
6. There was no "anime club" per se in high school, but I hung out with a bunch of guys who were into anime. Effectively, it's the same.
11. Who doesn't watch a piece of media in it's original language when given the choice?
12. ...perverted anime dreams... -_-
13. This site's equivalent, /jam.
15. I know more Japanese than I think, courtesy of all the subs I watch.
16. Couple figurines, yes.
18. Isn't this functionally the same as the "fapping to hentai" one?
20. I think I willingly watch only two things that aren't anime and aren't the news: Big Bang Theory and NCIS.
21. I put yes for this one because, if I HAD that kind of space, I totally would. As of right now, I only have two.
22. Replace girlfriend with boyfriend, and F**K YEAH!!
23. Err, let's see. -chan, -kun, -san, -sama, -chama, -dono, -sensei... that's enough.
24. Yes, but I only I keep them for nostalgia from when I downloaded them in the pre-youtube days.

15 out of 25. I'm in second place!
>> No. 387355
File 138725353173.jpg - (158.58KB , 600x633 , deleteme.jpg )
So close
>> No. 387356
File 138725871315.jpg - (98.03KB , 600x633 , 138723439328.jpg )
>no you go to /d/ option
>> No. 387357
in which i didn't even notice i got BINGO in the top row.
I was wondering how i could score so many and not be a japanophile.
>> No. 387358
i got 4 i used to read one piece but i don't think i ever got caught up to the point it was at when i was reading it,

I tried to make a new SYM three times but, for some reason, images dont post 4 me
>> No. 387359

im sure she finds this all very fulfilling on a spiritual level
>> No. 387364
>> No. 387365
>> No. 387366
>> No. 387367
File 138726345964.jpg - (1.48MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )

>> No. 387368
>> No. 387369
No soda for about two weeks and I'm dropping weight pretty fast. Hope its not somethinng I should be worried about.
>> No. 387370
Probably not unless it keeps up for a long time. The amount of sugar you get in a day from soda is surprising, and the difference it makes in your weight is significant. You should level out fairly soon though--if you're anything like me, you'll still be overweight afterward, but it'll be a respectable level of overweight, like the kind that you might actually be able to do something about with exercise and a slightly healthier diet.
>> No. 387372
I'm starting to notice all the misogynistic music in music now and it's really bugging me.
>> No. 387373
Misogynistic LYRICS in music now*
>> No. 387374
hence why I stick to Metal. That and not watching sitcoms that seem to promote more stereotypes now then they used to few years back. Cripes its like they pulled this crap straight out of the '90s.
>> No. 387376
>> No. 387377

You can add homophobia to that list. That also sticks out like a sore thumb to me.
>> No. 387379
File 138730288771.jpg - (54.19KB , 600x403 , chr33423.jpg )
>Woman Shops For 5 Hours Straight, Tired Boyfriend is Fed Up and Jumps to His Death
Ah, it's truly Christmastime.
>> No. 387380
Did you guys just discover rap or something?
>> No. 387381
I've been listening to rap since I was a kid.

The issue here is that I didn't know what homophobia and misogyny were then and also had no sort of background of sexuality/gender issues. Add on top of that some of the time I didn't even know what some of the songs were actually about.
>> No. 387384
File 138730774468.jpg - (17.95KB , 620x465 , p3mileyEPA.jpg )
Maybe you should stop listening to rap then. Picrelate, the music of feminism is pop.

>> No. 387385
>Maybe you should stop listening to rap then.

Why? It comes in a million flavors.
>> No. 387386
I like Florida Pirate flavor.
>> No. 387388
i am sick again
i am very angry
about being sick
stuffing myself with tea and fruit juice
all the fluids, all the vitamins
gonna be well by friday so i can enjoy my weekend
(i may be slightly delirious from fever)
>> No. 387389
I've got a maggot problem in my room and I have no idea where they're coming from. Maybe something died behind one of my closets or something. I don't smell anything. Then again, you quickly get used to any smell you're continuously subjected to.
>> No. 387390
Yo, are you finding them everywhere? cuz Maggots usually get laid in clutches in rancid materials and can't get that far, so if you triangulate where you find them you should be able to hone in, also if you think you are used to the smell, head out for a day so you can come back fresh to find it.
>> No. 387392
jesus fucking CHRIST my boyfriend is trying super, super hard after I told him how our relationship pisses me off

It's getting fucking ridiculous at this point because I get home from work and I don't know what to expect.
>> No. 387393
It's not just rap. I'm seeing it in country and classic rock as well.
>> No. 387394
>first calculate the sum and proportions for all values
>then calculate the ln value
>add both variables together
>add those sums together
>then multiply by -1
>now do that 20 more times
>and do THAT five more times
>CONGRATULATIONS! You have a dependent variable!
>now just slap together an independent variable, figure out from scratch how to get a GINI coefficient index from that, and then write another five pages explaining what the hell it all means!
>you have seven hours
>> No. 387395
Ah the music of the tolerant southern states. Use your common sense.

Genres like rap, country, metal or rock, genres that actual racists/mysoginists listen to will have more racist/mysoginist artists. Genres like pop, R&B, techno, most ska, folk or classical/blues will not.
Don't expect to find bastions of tolerance in third world genres either, some latin american music would probably give you goosebumps of hate if you understood spanish.

You have to understand only a small portion (30-40%) of specifically western society (est 500 million people) actually has time to consistently care and think about both sexual and racial equality.
Don't expect high philosophy in music of the remaining 6.9 billion humans who couldn't give a damn because they're too busy competing to survive, too busy grabbing any opportunity to put their competitors down, especially when these advantages can help them label huge groups of people as enemies.

lol warned you about the puppy
>> No. 387396
get some friends involved if you can, sounds like he might be bordering on unhinged.
>> No. 387397
haha it's nothing dangerous

for example, today he came home with a HUGE fucking box of national geographics. a mountainous stack he got free on craigslist for my christmas present?? except most were from nineties to present, which is when they get thinner with more ads and shorter and less personable articles and I don't even really collect those anymore I have so many

or he's doing some crazy cooking project that he gets halfway through and fails and the kitchen is a disaster 'look, i got grassfed beef and it's paleo' good job, good job

oh hi i got this thing for you, oh do you want to go to a happy hour somewhere no no i'll pay for everything put your money away girl and let's pray you don't have to help me out with rent on the first
>> No. 387399
>if i can't fix the thing, I'LL DO ALL THE OTHER THINGS I CAN THING
ya that sounds about right. please enjoy your manic with your depressive during this fight or flight period. and good luck.
>> No. 387401
Ahahahaha, I warned you about the puppies bro (sis?)! I warned you about them.

You need to drop it like it's hot.

I'm serious. Like it's hot.

If you drop it like it's lukewarm that shit will explode all over your house, and then suddenly Napoleon is singing k-pop in your bathtub and you can't find your slippers.

Get out before it's too late!
>> No. 387403
true sounds like he'd do some super stupid like propse if put to the wall (had a relative deal with one of those). Make it quick and surgical.
>> No. 387404
100% believe this guy will propose in front of as many friends and family as possible.

Sounds like he's at the stage where he wishes he had a uterus so he could fake a pregnancy scare.
>> No. 387405

If he pulls that he must be crushed utterly and again relative I know, lets just say it was a bad road for a long while. Crush 'em.

Megadeth - Crush 'Emyoutube thumb
>> No. 387406
>letting being a male keep you from faking a pregnancy
>> No. 387407
o yeah and immune system game WAY too strong
104 fevers, blech
my pulse was going at like 190 bpm
this happens every time i get sick :(
>> No. 387414
i just emailed two different rooms in houses, now this weekend when he's gone i'll just have to sit down with my roomies and explain

FUCK i don't want to leave my house but I can't exactly expect him to leave, the leaseholder is after all his best friend since fucking high school
>> No. 387415
> the leaseholder is after all his best friend
Have you tried seducing this best friend?
>> No. 387416
everyone has a crush on comrade. i'm pretty sure she won't need to.
>> No. 387417
I get that every time I'm sick, the elevated heart rate. Makes it hard to get the doctor not to think I've got high BP.
>> No. 387418
fuck everyone in the city but him

>> No. 387419
ah yes the "Public Transportation" gambit.
>> No. 387426
it's important to keep in mind that I 1. have never been in a relationship this long and 2. need vacations from other humans, yet I haven't been away from him since we moved in together, June. that night with his bro was the very fucking first. maaaybe I'm just going crazy? maaayyybbbeeeeeeee

like i can 1. just do it now and leave my home and regret the fuck out of it later and end up miserable and die or 2. wait it out until we're completely miserable or 3. wait it out and take a vacay and realize i'm happy w/him after all or 4. fuck his little brother and we'll run away to california

choices choices choices

his girlfriend is my close friend also uh no
>> No. 387427
File 138741326630.jpg - (142.80KB , 500x435 , willow.jpg )
i need to go talk to grandmother willow
>> No. 387428
File 138741372298.jpg - (198.61KB , 1000x600 , deforestation-causes-HI_104236[1].jpg )
>> No. 387430
>other humans
This implies that you're human, we already know you're really a communist robot.
>> No. 387432
if you run away to california it'll be easier for us to hang and we can go on vision quests and hug it out while talking about the nature of the universe and where humanity fits into it all.

or get burgers.
>> No. 387435
>> No. 387443
ya thas wha i'm about bby
>> No. 387445
know of any small museums out that way looking for a learned youthful fella. Things seem pretty dead in my region and I'm thinking about casting my net a bit further.
>> No. 387446
>> No. 387447
wait. which parts you livin' in? california's a big place.
>> No. 387448
nah I'm far away from the area. As said I'm casting a big net since my region (meaning region of the country southeast US (KY)) is dead or too damned seasonally locked to get a steady employ with my BoA (History) while in pursuit of my Masters. That and I'm pretty fed up with the dead end I've hit here so looking to start anew elsewhere. Being a Writer won't pay the bills till I can get things finished and published. Just right now looking for leads that can take me anywhere.

That and I've got too much family in the area that I don't think would be that accepting of what I'm seriously writing sadly. And I really don't need the discouragement.
>> No. 387449
I did...everything I wanted to do today.

I need to do this all the time!
>> No. 387450
I am "recovering weeaboo", where only 8 of the things on that card currently apply to me, & 7 years ago, about 18 of those things would have been checked off. So I'm doing pretty good on that front.

So the initial estimate for getting back into my home post restoration was 2 weeks, give or take a couple days. It has been two weeks, & now I've been told it may be at least 3 weeks more.

On the plus side, the friend I'm residing with by taking up her spare bedroom travels for work all the time, so she doesn't care how long I'm here because she's actually kinda happy to have a live-in house & cat sitter. Also, her cat & my cat are finally starting to get along, so they're keeping each other company when I go to work.
>> No. 387452
File 138743396164.jpg - (223.27KB , 600x633 , Weeaboo-Bingo.jpg )
I *think* I marathonned EVA in one day a decade or so ago, but I can't recall for sure, so I left that one off.
>> No. 387463
>sister buys me a box of 12 krispy kremes the same day my give-away prize of 25+ cookies (and a signed and autographed poster) arrive

this is how i die
>> No. 387465
Beats death by drunk old conga line.
>> No. 387466
Don't even joke about that man, it was genuinely distressing.
>> No. 387467
Better hope FF is into girls without any feet.
>> No. 387468
Crushing on FF is so 2009, get with the times anon.
>> No. 387470
yup. besides. i have a harem of anons on tumblr to manage.
why can't i hold all these females?
>> No. 387471
who says they're all females
>> No. 387472
Hey, you're supposed to me my anon you cuddleslut.
>> No. 387473
jesus tooth i JUST talked about being a slut the other day, this shouldn't be surprising
relax though, feffy's just a fling, you know at the end of the day it'll be you i'm creeping on <3
>> No. 387474
no more cuddle drama for ferrousfellow. flying back to my home planet tomorrow anyway. sniff you jerks later.

>> No. 387475
File 138750851932.gif - (467.81KB , 500x374 , thats his eager face.gif )
>waiting to see them again

How does it feel /baw/?
>> No. 387476
File 138750902575.gif - (0.99MB , 500x240 , tumblr_mwnttjiSbu1sii44zo1_500.gif )
>Listening to Jay Electronica: The Levees broke

>Crazy lady above me who is constantly puking and peeing off the balcony beats on the ceiling screaming "TURN OFF THAT NIGGER WHOMP!!!"

>Literally still on the intro that's a sound clip from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Jay Electronica - The Levees Broke (Katrina)youtube thumb
>> No. 387477
>> No. 387478
that's me, whatcha need
>> No. 387479
Quantum Racism. She hears dark skinned people before they even make a noise.
>> No. 387481
Another day, another throat constricting. It doesn't seem to affect airflow, and only slightly affects swallowing, but it's painful enough to be just above annoying (a 3/10?) The only two things that seem to really work in getting rid of it for a time are ice pack on the throat (which comes with its own problems) and tea (I hate tea.)

Could be allergies, could be the dry weather, could be that my body is just a fucking garbage heap. I should probably see a doctor since this is a recurring thing, but like hell I have the money...
>> No. 387482
how constricted. are you? Meaning is it visible if you look down your own throat with the sides being clearly visible. and closer than usual. To add are there any visible spots or streaks? Trying to narrow it if it is a reaction or an infection.
>> No. 387485
>implying I can look down my own throat
Also gg on somehow posting an empty spoiler?
>> No. 387486
mirror and a good light source (bathroom mirror and a flashlight or just a good angle on the vanity light) Also fold your tongue down instead of sticking it out for better visibility . Yep gotta love thumb typing on a tablet.
>> No. 387487
Dear God if we could only harness such an ability for something besides racism.
>> No. 387495
Something has occurred to make me contemplative. My roommates loaded up a bicycle carry-cart with various goods, clothing, canned food, and other stuff, and I have no problem with that. My problem is that they just left the whole package sitting in the middle of a local park that sees a fair amount of homeless traffic in our city.

It bugs me because while they obviously want to do a good thing, there's a question in my mind of why they didn't contribute straight to a shelter, y'know? It's like, both of them work in various degrees within that world, and yet neither of them trust the system they operate in enough to hand the goods straight to a place where they know it will be distributed.

It's made me contemplative though as my own privilege is fairly substantial, and my roommate made comments that all of us are far too privileged. Which, sitting here in my filth and all my bad habits, I'm hard pressed to not agree with. But by the same token, I pay into the system because the system has supported me, and because what it has granted me allows me to operate more on my own recognizance rather than on the overt kindness of others. I'm not impartial to plight of people having more troubles in the world than me, but I'd want to see the systems in general improved to assist people. There's part of my mind that says that a single gift like that is not as simple a thing as my roommates want to believe, and that handing it over to e real place of aid would've been much better. But I find myself without a very good moral leg to stand on or a concrete reason to give my roommate, who is a little annoyed at my thoughts on the thing.

Nobody told me being an adult would bring real moral conundrums.
>> No. 387497
So, those "maggots" were apparently carpet beetles. And those are supposedly impossible to get rid off. They'll keep coming back forever. You'll have them for the rest of your life unless your willing to part with all of your textiles. Well, fuck my life. And fuck you Australia for exporting those shits to the rest of the world.
>> No. 387498
I know. Death by Krispy Kreme sounds significantly less distressing.
>> No. 387515
File 138759297975.jpg - (27.14KB , 640x432 , you are already dead.jpg )
>tfw a legitimite medical doctor tells you it's time to look into Alternative medicine
>> No. 387516
welp that sounds distressing.
>> No. 387517
job's been kinda slowgoing but really fun so far!

... I should open a bank account!
>> No. 387518
uh, have you gotten a second opinion
>> No. 387519
I should get a debit card.
Should I get a debit card?

Can I buy things on payments with a debit card?
I'd get me a 3ds to replace my poor ol' ds lite.
I wonder where it is now.
>> No. 387521
>>a second opinion

Fucking this. Hell, even a third or forth opinion is worth looking into.
No disrespect to Alternative medicine but, a doctor who doesn't go any farther to help you isn't worth going to any more.

As long as you remember that it's not a credit card.
The payment thing depends on the store I think.
>> No. 387530
File 138761142166.jpg - (3.28KB , 175x132 , snapshot20120813054458.jpg )
>Almost 2014
>Not having a debit card
>Not having a bank/credit union account that gives you a debit card
>> No. 387531
No, you can't use a debit card like a credit card. Debit cards can sometimes be used as credit cards, but that only means A) you don't put in your PIN and B) a slight delay in the money being removed from your account. But it doesn't allow you to pay in installments like a credit card can.

Get an actual credit card; it really doesn't matter the limit or APR, so long as you pay it off monthly or, for more expensive purchases like the 3DS, very quickly. It will also help you build a credit profile, which can be used to make it easier to get loans and better credit cards in the future.
>> No. 387534
>eve of 2013
>not having an advantage card
>> No. 387542
i'm a problem
>> No. 387544
This guy is, by my count the 9th opinion I've gotten.
>> No. 387546
>No disrespect to Alternative medicine but, a doctor who doesn't go any farther to help you isn't worth going to any more
Well, he's not worth going to any more anyway, because he has no idea what my problem is or how to help me. I am a puzzle for science I guess.

A debit card can't be used for stuff like that, but it is a very useful thing to have.
>> No. 387548
File 138764896871.jpg - (135.47KB , 616x535 , happy family.jpg )
>come home for first time since Grandma died in October

>now dad's in a 72-hour hold and everyone is mad at everyone

And mom wonders why I stayed with the fiancee for Thanksgiving!


Gods, Goblin, I'm sorry. That's not pleasant.
>> No. 387553
>> No. 387554
I'd imagine she either needs brushed or is totally math.
>> No. 387559
Hey Goblin, at the risk of sounding rude due to my stupidly, what was your medical problem again? Is it cancer? I know you've said so before but I have a tiny monster brain.

Not to us you aren't.
>> No. 387563
really fucking hate writing these 'please let me be your roommate' emails, i don't know how to sell myself. hey i have lots of books you can read and a really really sweet diamond coated cooking pan you can use, i'm really cool and I compost let's live together and don't worry if some days you just hear music coming from my room and I'm keeping the door closed no I won't answer if you knock until I burst out with a smile on my face and say I'm going for a walk, don't worry about anything I might be doing please look I have a job I'm cool
>> No. 387564
Assemble it like a Resume?
>> No. 387565
Talk about how you clean up after yourself and will definitely do your fair share of the work.
If I were reading "roommate applications" and they didn't say they were tidy, I'd assume they weren't, and be uninterested.
>> No. 387566
I don't know, I'd be kind of weirded out if someone replied to my own roomie ad like that. References are good, but should be provided upon request. I'm applying only to people who I think I'd be a good fit with, people who are open and friendly and communicative in their ads so I assume they're looking for the same. I can't stand the ones that say only the technicalities and nothing about who lives there and how they live.

also should I leave this video open for my ex/??/boyfriend to see when he gets home from work this is a real important question
ABBA - Knowing Me Knowing You (Filmed 1978)youtube thumb
>> No. 387567
Could that and cover letter with all the bases about personality and stuff covered.
>> No. 387570
Severe inexplicable exhaustion, and sensitivity to an astounding number of foods.

I'd emphasize three things in these:

1) That you are a functioning adult with like a job or something.

2) Why you want this apartment in particular. Even if you're a people person like you sound to be, you want to emphasize that you actually want this apartment, and you won't be looking to leave as soon as a better one opens up, even if it's "I need access to train x and bus y because reason z"

3) Emphasize what attracted you to their advertisement in particular. You seem to know that, so let them know that.

As for the ABBA, I wouldn't, because ABBA is fucking awesome, so he might take away the wrong message (that ABBA is fucking awesome).
>> No. 387572
That's really fuckin sucky, man.
I hope you do find a solution, even if it's not a carefully measured scientific one.
>> No. 387573
Look, I'd recommend seeing a nutritional therapist sometime? My roommate is currently getting certified and she knows a shit ton about food. Your body runs on what you put in it, and it's astounding how many problems and issues that start with how you're processing your food. If what you've just mentioned is all that's happening and you've only been seeing doctors I really recommend it.
>> No. 387575
Hi I'm not dead.
>> No. 387576
File 138770907117.jpg - (132.89KB , 467x533 , spooky.jpg )
Don't fucking lie, everyone knows you're skeletons.
>> No. 387579
true, doctors usally go for "is there a pill I can give." or "is there something I can cut out "
>> No. 387580
i met ferrous we touched weens true story
>> No. 387590
>> No. 387594
how do you find the venn diagram of three seperate and opposing spheres of thought and logic and feeling and personality? by dumbing them all down under drunk me.

logical/less emotional. sweet/emotional. reckless/impulsive. any one of these can be happy or depressed, any one can be right or wrong. none of them can ever fucking agree with each other except for rare, rare moments of clarity and i'm not getting any of that since all three of them propose radically different solutions. i can't think any of this out because oh hell, i think too much, why do i think so fucking much????
>> No. 387595
shut up
>> No. 387597
no u
>> No. 387598
Apply to the dual nature of these things the principle of the yin and yang that must always be understood as a whole, not as individual virtues.

To find happiness, a dynamic and responsive balance must be struck where one relinquishes shaping the universe to expectation but adapts expectation and acceptance to meet the universe.

In other words, if you feel stuck, fuck it and find something that isn't stuck okay?
>> No. 387599
WOOPS forgot my hat.
>> No. 387600
fuk u nerd
>> No. 387602
i thought this was the fetish thread for a while and was incredibly fascinated to see what that could POSSIBLY be replying to

kind of disappointed that i was wrong
>> No. 387607
File 138776384079.jpg - (59.55KB , 800x476 , typical valentines day on the internet.jpg )
Finally told him I love him.

He told me he's known but he still isn't exactly sure how he feels which is why he hasn't said anything.

It's dangerous thinking, but I think he loves me too but is afraid to say it. The way he acts...

At least I'll never regret not saying it.
>> No. 387608
ilu 2 bby
>> No. 387609
Aight thanks.
>> No. 387611
maybe you move will give him the boost to reciprocate. If indeed he feels similar.
>> No. 387612
I'm going to look into whether my Health Insurance plan covers those.

Have more ABBA
Abba - The Winner Takes It Allyoutube thumb
>> No. 387615
>date sweetheart guy
>tries to spoil me, share a lot of things in common but still have enough differences to make things interesting, nicely attractive overall with well-endowed penis
>apologizes over every little thing
>is totally unconfident about himself and is deathly afraid of screwing up
>hates himself

At first I thought this was cute and charming but now it's annoying and the most unattractive thing ever. I've tried everything to help him but nothing's worked.
>> No. 387616
this is why it's so bloody hard to find the right person. sometimes it's the right person... just not yet. not ready. not tested enough.

maybe he'll come around. it's up to him, and he absolutely cannot be relying on you as an emotional crutch. not sure he is. sounds like the lack of confidence is regardless of what you do.

i wish you the best.
>> No. 387618
Ooh, been there, done that. I was the unconfident guy though, not the other person.
I got dumped, which kinda fucked me up for a while, but also kind of forced me to care about myself since the person who I was so dependent on for care wasn't there anymore.
Hope it doesn't go that way for you two, cause we're on pretty bad terms now!

Here's a thing I wrote after the fact, it...might help with perspective/understanding. Maybe not, don't feel obligated. http://oldtimeydildomachine.tumblr.com/post/66750495597/

Also, seconding Ferrous.
>> No. 387619
So would it be a better path to building as a friend first? Or would such a think build too much confusion with intentions? My track record as it stands is miserable.
>> No. 387620
i play every friendship/relationship by ear since every relationship is different. you're one set of ingredients. the other person is another set. A+B makes... well... you only find out after you try it.

if you go in expecting things to be romantic whether or not you're attracted to a person, you're saying what you think the relationship should be instead of finding out what works/what it can be.

if you want to make a romantic advance... don't try to sneak-in by "being a friend" first. it makes the "friend zone" a self-fulfilling prophecy since you're going in with other intentions. that's just misleading and manipulative. be a friend because you want to get to know someone and because it's something you might just want to be anyway. if something else comes out of it, that's completely incidental.

if you want to get into dating without going the "friend route", try looking into places/sites/other things where people who are mostly interested in dating will go. there's an understanding already: we're here to find romantic interests. if things don't pan out there, either, it's the same rule: A+B-> ? You can't know for sure until you try.

Basically... just meet people and don't put pressure on them to be anything for you but be willing to explore what you could want, and don't feel obligated to fulfill anything you don't want to... even if that means pretending to be friendly just to not be rude. you're under no obligation to keep people in your life you don't want to. not unless you're a bad parent, anyway. hah.
>> No. 387621
Right okay, I seem to have a difficulty in being a personality of contrasts. I'm not unbalanced or anything and tend to get too personal too quick when at first I appear to be real quiet. But what happens to me is just stuff and I feel no attachment to things that happen to me, they aren't guarded secrets just things that have no really personal feelings connected to them. That and my personality and volume increase and I've spooked a few quiet ones away with that change. Guess I gotta fine the right amount of open or something and maybe understand what is acceptable a bit better. Anyone got a guideline to that bit?
>> No. 387622
i'm SURE we have people who can. i'm not the one you'll be talking to for this one.
>> No. 387623
File 138778490083.png - (56.57KB , 600x434 , 1387779138549.png )
>not using him for sex until he psychically revolts you
>> No. 387625
How long have you known this girl you wish to ask out?
>> No. 387626

right now I've got zero prospects on my radar in part because I'm
currently without employment where my mojo seems to be strongest when I'm working. now just trying to get an idea so I can stop being my own worst enemy in building relationship _situations.
>> No. 387627
I actually haven't used him for sex yet. I've just seen his dick. I'm not even sure how good he is in bed.
>> No. 387628
can i join in with crying about my lovelife too
>> No. 387629
no one is getting laid: the thread: the life: the reality
>> No. 387632
lol losers
>> No. 387634
the struggle is real, the thirst is true
>> No. 387635
File 138780738652.png - (196.57KB , 411x560 , p-Thirst_First-3-560.png )
>> No. 387636
has he ever... used his disco stick?
>> No. 387639
>I'm not unbalanced or anything and tend to get too personal too quick when at first I appear to be real quiet.

I think that's probably the big thing right there. You need to balance that initial quiet with being at least a little vocal. People need to kind of know you first and be a little aware of that switch. I can get a kind of 'volume switch' for effect or emphasis when I'm normally very quiet in both tone and words, but people need to get a sense of who you are fairly quickly before they start thinking "friend" or even "lover" over "acquaintance". And while shaking up the status quo is always fun, people like to have a fast sense of who you are as a person, even if the side you're showing them is only like one face of a diamond.

Also, if you're really romantically interested, I was taught to go for phone numbers, although that isn't the only way it can work out. IDK, it seems that becoming friends even if there's a possibility of romantic interlude is not a bad thing, but you have to realize that if you become friends with someone you can't be pressuring them for sex or trying to push them into a relationship or anything. This is where signals get problematic and mixed up and weird, and everyone starts consulting love columnists. It's not that you can't be lovers within a friend group, but understand that that means changing the dynamic of that group. This is why it's better to go for telephone numbers and stay on the outside until you're invited in with romantic relationships vs. friendships.
>> No. 387642
>> No. 387645
How does one adjust for things like that. I mean promote a more open personality and things. Guess I should start carrying the burner I've just ever used for past jobs and emergencies.
>> No. 387659
merry shitscram
>> No. 387660
By being really uncomfortable for awhile until it becomes normal. Force yourself.
>> No. 387663
Gearing up to it, now just gotta find a highly sociable setting to stick myself into.
>> No. 387667
>parents are not well off financially
>mom owes a tidy sum to IRS in backtaxes for not being able to afford paying self-employment income tax
>dad is a pastor, and not one of those giant, 10,000 person congregation ones
>they'll have to move next year due to my dad having horrific allergies to the area, likely out of state
>won't go home this year; no one can afford it, and being with family makes me depressed
>get a Christmas card from parents in the mail
>there's a check
Well, even though I specifically said nothing from no one (since I can't offer anything), that's to be exp-
>for $500
No. Fucking no. I neither deserve this nor can they afford it. Now I have to figure out the best way to ask them to take it back. FUCK
>> No. 387670
It's a check. Burn it and yell at them over the phone over it.
>> No. 387675
Just don't cash it and they might eventually forget about it. That's what I do for holiday+birthday checks from my grandparents.
>> No. 387676
Just talk a little more, honestly. Be a little more a part of the conversation. Introduce yourself if there's new people. Throw in SFW humor if you've got a bit.

As far as "making people like you": it's impossible to make everyone like you. We judge as soon as we see the "cover" of people, that is how they look to the outside world. Some people will dislike you at first sight. Most people won't really care one way or the other, so long as you fit some basic grooming standards (showering regularly, brushing your teeth, keeping your hair cut or styled, avoiding excessive B.O.). Some people will dislike you if you fit those grooming standards (though I generally wouldn't mess with those people for a variety of reasons).

As far as anything you can say, I would say this: every attempt to manipulate someone into liking you has the risk that they will end up hating you. For the most part, you want to appeal to people with genuine bits of your personality. Ultimately in life, you are trying to cultivate connections with people who both know and accept you, but also challenge you to rise to a higher standard. This is somewhat true in romance as well. Lies are difficult to make up, hard to maintain, and the people who fall for them aren't really interested in you. They're interested in what you're presenting.

I know lots of guys would prefer to be super-casanova, but really, you should treat anyone you're trying to pursue romantically as a person. You're looking for someone to understand you, and they're looking for someone to understand them. This means give and take, back and forth, and actually listening and replying with semi-thought-out answers. Getting along is actually really helpful, contrary to what most romantic comedies and other forms of media advocate. That requires understanding on both sides.
>> No. 387677
Part of it all is I really want to be me but I'm having a pickle of a time puzzling that bit out specially if someone wants to interject pesky labels into the picture. Heck right now I'm just angling for a companion with deeper water depending if their personality works with mine. I will not fake anything since that is the path to ruin and end in pain for both parties. Now to find a place likely to cater to a like minded person.
>> No. 387678
File 138787593764.jpg - (114.23KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mhm1z71OZX1rd2dslo1_500.jpg )
You know, I had a flashback the other day to a thing that happened a couple years ago. Not sure if it's a good story or not. Most likely not.
>> No. 387682
It can't be worse than the rest of the thread.
>> No. 387683
question, does coffee ever taste like anything other than burnt water¿
>> No. 387686
File 138789962285.jpg - (52.70KB , 502x407 , Warcraft-General-Stop-fucking-responding-to-tripfa.jpg )
I think I'm going to pass on it, since it involves a fourteen-year old and all that.

In other news.

I'm going to stab myself.
>> No. 387687
And that is one of the reasons I'm off my game unless on the job.I'm utterly terrified that I'll accidentally end up hitting on borderline bait because I'm complete shit at gauging ages.
>> No. 387688
File 138790065529.jpg - (7.14KB , 251x189 , Winnie the Pooh is Disappointed.jpg )
>Around this time two or three years ago.
>Friend picks me up from work, after midnight.
>I'm disgusting, covered in grime and filth, pissed and exhausted all to Hell
>Make a stop at someone's house.
>Tells me to come in.
>Forced to watch a shitty, shitty, shitty movie with him and some girls.
>Acually consider walking two and a half hours home in minus forty five degree weather in only a soaked uniform
>It was not a good time for me.
>As I contemplate this near-assured death, one girl slides up besides me, starts flirting pretty hard.
>In no fucking mood and sperging all to Hell, but return the flirts. Guest in her house, you know?
>Room is dark, grabs my hand and makes me cop a feel while friend quietly fucks the other girl.
>Three thirty in the Goddamn morning, I get in my house and go to bed.
>Don't see her until a few weeks into the new year, random walk-in at theatre
>very casually mentions she's fourteen.
>I groped a fourteen-year old.
>For five fucking months, I've never been so freaked out and paranoid about getting arrested in my life.
>> No. 387689
i remember when i was an evening with chris hansen waiting to happen. those were the days.
>> No. 387691
And now the NSA knows about it, too.
>> No. 387707
The alcohol has been purchased.

Let the holidays begin.

>> No. 387711
I find it's good for dipping vanilla wafers in, and isn't too bad in ice cream. As a beverage, I'd stick with cocoa, tea, or for the holidays, hot apple cider and tea brewed with spices and orange slices. Don't have caffeine in the morning that often anyway, though.
>> No. 387717
Welp trip out to the store and starting to change how I approach the experience, all couples and families so nobody to chat up, baby steps. Also keeping in mind what some relatives went through so as not to put too much into connections right off the start. One had to call it off in the final stretch since apparently they were genetically incomparable (chance of deformity was crazy high) But he found another and they had a healthy girl a little while back.
>> No. 387719
Starting to think that this throat problem is due to mold in our office. I live in Boulder, CO, and we had that horrific rainfall in September. This office is a bit old as it is, and our roof flooded because the drains clogged and caused a lot of leaks, so it wouldn't surprise me at all.

I think I'll come into work on Thursday with a dust mask.
>> No. 387720
that sounds like a safe bet. Mold tends to just explode when it gets wet and spores can go everywhere in a ventilation system.
>> No. 387746
File 138794704370.jpg - (91.08KB , 640x640 , 1525167_717995011552745_71121191_n.jpg )
help my baby rat is the sweetest little piece of christmas plum pudding ever, i liove her so much she's making a nest in my hair and nuzzling my ears as i write this and


my baby girl <3
>> No. 387749
does she need more nesting material?
>> No. 387754
Rats are the best pets. Mad Jelly.
>> No. 387758
Alright! Everyone get up and open presents now!
>> No. 387760
No one else wants to...
>> No. 387762
I got too early and its what I've been using more than the PC. Also new comforter but it ended up on back order.
>> No. 387771
Watching home movies of family get-togethers from almost 23 years ago is depressing in a way I'm not I understand well enough to expand upon. Wistful nostalgia this sure as fuck is not.
>> No. 387772
what a pathetic fucking christmas, i could have done something but i just did not
>> No. 387773
What were you thinking of doing.
>> No. 387774
You could have danced naked on an altar in front of thousands of children.

Germany Baring breasts inside…youtube thumb
>> No. 387778
in a Santa hat while doing the Snoopy dance.
>> No. 387779
A transformers backpack and a gift card for EBGames.
>> No. 387783
>tfw you find out that your pornstar waifu is an escort
oh man i've never even considered escort services (aside from all those times I think about being an escort) but that puts butterflies in my tummy
what a bad idea
but how fucking great it would be
>> No. 387785
Who is it?
>> No. 387797
Just about every porn star escorts.
>> No. 387799
Venus Lux. She's so pretty and she's apparently a dom on her own time and she's one of the stars who seems like she genuinely enjoys what she's doing and wow she's just so incredibly attractive on a lot of levels fans self
>> No. 387800
How do you think people become porn stars? Hired out of college?

It's usually escorts who do a bit of filming or pictures now and then to make ends meet.
>> No. 387801
Pornstars come from all walks of life and levels of education. A number of the females I like have been through college and just decided they wanted to do porn instead. IIRC, Mika Tan has a degree in microbiology and Amber Rayne studied theater. Some people just like sex and seek it as work.

Porn is one of those weird career choices in which you can't really guess how they got there. Prostitutes, former models, college grads, bored women in their 40s...they're all here.
>> No. 387802
>cute waifu-tier pornstar in music video

Childish Gambino - 3005 (Lyric Video)youtube thumb
>> No. 387806
Infamously, there's that one Porn Star who's an active member of MENSA. I forget her name, though.
>> No. 387807
Asia Carrera, most likely. However, she's been in for years, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's been another since then. She's a Quake fan too, IIRC.

Don't ask me why I know this off the top of my head.
>> No. 387808

I just looked it up and I goofed. Not Quake, but UNREAL TOURNAMENT. Whoops.
>> No. 387810

might make for a interesting project to review. Brilliant and enjoys themselves in their chosen trade. Always a sap for the multifaceted.
Gives me an idea to include in a writing project.
>> No. 387821
Hey guys, how do I get a burning box off the stove and out of the house without burning myself, and then get the deadly deadly smoke out of the house? This is kinda important right now.
>> No. 387822
smother it with baking soda then open windows once you've evacuated the box in question from the home.
>> No. 387828
Thirteen is dead now, but for everyone who will want to know in the future:
1) If it's safe to do so, turn off the stove
2) Use fire extinguisher. If you don't have a fire extinguisher in or near your kitchen, you are living very, very wrong.

If you don't have a fire extinguisher or the one you have is bork, try these:
3) take a pot far larger than the box and put it over the box
4) If no pot of suitable size, find a thick towel/blanket or thick tupperware and use those to completely cover it (thin towels/tupperware will just be burned through before the fire will use up the now-limited oxygen

Water should be used as a last resort, and not at all if there is oil nearby or the box contains something oily. (The water will just make the fire worse, in that case.) If there's oil nearby, call the fire department, take your computer outside, and hold it tightly while you weep and wait for the firemen to show up.

Once the fire is out, open all windows, place fans in windows so they blow out, and leave the place for a bit. If you have a vent above the stove or in nearby bathrooms, turn those on as well. If the smoke is super thick, put a towel around your face and only open windows at the edge of the smoke, opening further-in windows as the smoke clears.
>> No. 387830
You know that moment where you have to take a shit, and the first time you sit down, you don't have to strain or push or anything, the turd just works with you and plops right out, and it didn't even leave much to wipe off?

Isn't that the fucking best?
>> No. 387831
that's called "having a sufficient fiber intake"
they make gummies, man
eat them, 3 a day
>> No. 387834

Squat on the toilet (if you don't have the coordination or weigh too much to do so on the seat, buy/construct a frame that goes around the seat) and it will come out effortlessly and completely every single time.

What is it with humans and finding ways to overcomplicate simple things, like defecating? All for the glory of "going" like you're some kind of king on your porcelain throne. You can keep the throne, and your hemorrhoids and colon cancer and appendicitis and IBS, too. I'll be over here shitting like a caveman and being healthier for it.
>> No. 387837
I've got a book of patents and you should see some of the toilets in that. Maybe Japan got it right with some being little more than a step up from a hole in the ground.
>> No. 387845
File 138825494456.png - (265.25KB , 502x297 , ser spaghetti.png )
no-one takes me seriously when i hit on them
>> No. 387846
gotta change your approach from the sound of things.
>> No. 387848
File 138826335697.gif - (496.89KB , 200x200 , what is going on.gif )
i don't think i really have an approach. i see someone i like, i flirt with them.
>> No. 387849
File 138826698838.png - (118.06KB , 344x495 , Grace Jones Advice.png )

Tooth, this is the only advice you need.
>> No. 387850
>i see something i like
>i take it
No, wait, this is a guide for criminals.
>> No. 387851
then you've gotta either be more direct or need better material or you are hitting on people as dense as me.
>> No. 387853
Heya guys.
I'm starting to think this 'no internet' thing might go on a while.
>> No. 387854
yesterday was pretty cool
went out to eat at a gr8 local burger restaurant, the waitress was super qt and flirty, and i saw a ufo
oh and i bought a snickers
best candy bar
>> No. 387860
called to inqure about job at local library they called me back and scheduled an interview within half hour after I called. Hoping that is a good sign.
>> No. 387861
Hateful people really wear me down. The bad vibes rub off on me and just put me in a generally foul mood all day.
But I've gotta expose myself to them.
Shit sucks.
>> No. 387862
File 138830622730.png - (2.51KB , 347x46 , popular on youtube one two three.png )
>> No. 387863

>> No. 387864
File 138830935739.jpg - (321.68KB , 821x762 , kairisk_slowtales.jpg )
Well you're doing a lot better than I am. Any time I'm around excessively negative people I wanna punch some positivity into them.
>> No. 387865
If its one overly down on themselves I have to restrain the urge to give massive hugs.
>> No. 387866
I'm the same way when I'm around the Sadsies, I'm talking about the Angries, the ones who stay pissed off and are real jerks to other people.
>> No. 387868
>Go to meetup event
>meet cute girl there
>get on well with her, message her on facebook
>after two months, finally work up courage to ask her for coffee
>goes well, but owing to irl stuff like her studying for her Master's degree and me attending my friend's funeral we don't see much of each other after that
>in fact, the only time I get to see her face-to-face is early December, where she mentions how she's okay to moving to another city for her career, and how she'll be going back home for Christmas and New Year's

In between all this:
>start job
>Get along fine with most of my colleagues...
>... including a lady about my own age
>nothing happens, aside from some vaguely flirtatious banter from both of us mostly me, of course
>it's seasonal work, so neither of us are kept on
>we swap phone numbers

Aaaaand that's you guys brought up to speed. I've sent both of them a text wishing them a Merry Christmas, but I haven't been in contact with either of them since last Saturday.

I sort of want to get to know my former colleague a little better, or at least keep in touch, but I'm worried that it won't be fair to the other girl. Little help?
Hope it goes okay!
>> No. 387869
Hobbits are perpetual friend zone.
>> No. 387870
Thanks, its also downtown so I can walk to the coffee shops in the area that have replaced the bars, maybe actually get a connection going outside of work for once.
>> No. 387884
I am choosing to interpret barely being able to stay up or sleep five hours straight as my body demanding more breakfasts and not this cold kicking my ass.

Neither relationship is serious yet. Give it three dates and then decide.
>> No. 387907
interview went okay I think, they'll let me know in a couple of weeks when they make the next schedule. Here's hoping.
>> No. 387919
Yet another person quit at work. Our retention here is horrible, likely for a few different reasons. In an office where we're trying to staff a dozen or so people, we've had about that many quit over the past year; only six people have stayed on past then, excluding our boss/owner. (I hit two years myself today.)

It makes me worried for the company; on the outside things seem okay, but internally it causes a lot of stress because people will take so much time training new people about stuff and then the people quit and the process has to start over again. It's accounting-type stuff, so incredibly detail-oriented, and I think part of the issue is that the training system... well, doesn't exist. We've had new people trained by someone who has been here for less than two months. Perhaps if they tried to train someone to just do one or two jobs that take a long time and are necessary instead of trying to make everyone a jack-of-all-trades, people would last longer; from my far-removed vantage point, it seems that they heap far too much onto new people and drive them away, including two former military folk. (The person who has been here the longest works from home and comes off as very condescending over e-mail, not that she has diplomacy to begin with.)

The pay isn't that great, either, but I think everyone here sticks around because the office is extremely laid back. In my job as the sole programmer, where my tasks aren't nearly as time-sensitive, I can wake up one morning, say to myself "I just don't want to work today", send an e-mail saying I won't be, and no one gives a shit. I either make up the time or just take vacation hours. That's why I haven't tried to find a better-paying job yet, because with my depression this works really well. The others can come and go with a lot of flexibility, though I don't think they can take a day off for the hell of it like I can because their jobs are more time-sensitive (payroll, taxes, etc.)

We've gotten some flakes, of course, but I think the owner only advertises on Craigslist so that's not too surprising, either.
>> No. 387921
File 138845910633.png - (181.22KB , 1000x682 , slowpokeandbirthdays.png )
happy birthday to me!!
>> No. 387922
happy birthday, slowpoke
>> No. 387926
Happy birthday, Slowpoke!

I'd do some joke where I don't say it until two weeks from now, but I'm liable to forget by then, so here you go.
>> No. 387928
Happy Birthday 'poke
>> No. 387929
have a happy
>> No. 387930
Happy Birthday bestpoke.
>> No. 387931
>> No. 387933
File 13884698507.jpg - (135.30KB , 550x550 , sal mon poke.jpg )
hpy bdy u poke
>> No. 387934
... aishiteru
>> No. 387935
Hope it's a good one Slowpoke.
>> No. 387940
Belated birthday wishes! Hope you had fun!
>> No. 387943
>aunt died of cancer last october
>went to bury her last month
>now her husband just died of prostate cancer that went septic
>which he didn't find out about because insurance was dicking him around for a checkup until a week ago
Fuck, man.
>> No. 387945
File 138851712131.jpg - (16.96KB , 258x280 , image.jpg )

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one!
>> No. 387948
File 138852608797.jpg - (231.67KB , 1616x1200 , 1386066442170.jpg )
>receive a 5th call about how much it'd cost to charter a flight to Colorado
What in the fuc-
>check the news on a hunch
...Ooooooooooooh. That explains a lot.
>> No. 387949
>> No. 387951
>> No. 387952
File 138853052066.png - (76.98KB , 237x219 , 1385964245559.png )
I wonder how long Colorado can keep it up before D.C. starts bitching? And how is this different from what California tried to do?
>> No. 387953

Who knows? They can't arrest everyone in Colorado and Washington, and even if they tried it'd take putting every DEA/FBI/ATF agent in those two states. As of now, Obama's said the Feds won't go after users, and the DoJ has issued a memo to prosecutors saying its "not a priority" to go after users or sellers in states where it's legal. Make of that what you will.


My utmost sympathies, Spreeses. It's never pleasant to lose anyone, but its especially unhappy at this time of year. Your family has my sympathy, and prayers.
>> No. 387954
If I could give hugs through net I would. HUGS!

Till people not government start making bank on pot sales. Have They already started talk of massive taxation? I'm still looking to get some of the Israeli stuff they are working with all the medical benefit with none of the high.
>> No. 387955
Good fucking riddance, 2013
>> No. 387956
Ah. I forgot that started tomorrow. I'm still considering buying some to see if it helps with my depression at all.

Having voted to legalize pot here in CO, I read a bit up on the taxing, and I think the taxes on sales of recreational pot is something like 35%. It's far higher than your standard sales tax, but that was part of the lure of legalizing it.

I wouldn't say that, because I expect 2014 to be just as shit as 2013, if not shittier.
>> No. 387957
>I wouldn't say that, because I expect 2014 to be just as shit as 2013, if not shittier.
Shit naw, this next year's gonna be way fucking better.
At least now I know how to handle my depression enough not to drive everyone away from me and nearly jump off a building.
>> No. 387959
yep I'm back into writing seriously, got a good job prospect and I'm setting up to try the downtown social scene. Nowhere to go but up. 2014 may get me on an upward swing.
>> No. 387960

Oh hey, I saw you over on the /co/ writethreads. w00t.
>> No. 387961
doing my best to give others the push
>> No. 387962
2013 was a wonderful year, ending kind of shitty but it's all right.
>> No. 387963
Hell yes, brother.
I'm at an animation studio, I've got projects lined up and plenty of time to do them, getting in touch with my friends and stuff.
Dis gon be a good year.
>> No. 387964
Actually got a pitch I'm taking serious that I think could work.
>> No. 387965
2014 - It will be kind of okay if you don't mind fire ants
>> No. 387966
2013 wasn't too bad. Wasn't that great either.

Here's hoping for 2014.
>> No. 387967
File 138856408819.jpg - (124.01KB , 417x569 , A knight A lady and A dragon.jpg )
Is it wrong to miss and want more of chivalric romance?
It spite of its common themes rapidly falling out of modern relevance and appreciation to the point of satire and irony?

I want more genuine romantic legends from modern works. I need heroism protecting the weak. I need the beauty of nature in parallel with the works and strengths of man, where contrast and connections are shown bold and bright. I need peril leading to passion. I need a happy ending with no sign of spite or burlesque intention. I crave it.
>> No. 387968
People hate those ideals now. They want to watch something they can have. It's kind of sad that adults can't enjoy something fantastic, but that's how it is.

I'm 100% with you, though. Maybe you could just read children's tales.
>> No. 387969

take that to the creative writing thread over on 4chan /co/ some are looking to write and what you want might be what they need for a direction.
>> No. 387971
>New Year's Day morning
>turn on the radio for listening during breakfast, as usual
>touching documentary about alcoholism and depression
Sometimes I'm glad several of our radio stations are still state-financed.
>> No. 387972
The local take on this is that before Weed was decriminalized to any degree in Colorado, marijuana users actually composed most of the people in prison in the state. There were actually so many people that they had to set up tents in the exercise yards, for tons of people who were caught with so little weed on them that it was criminally negligible. The initial decriminalization was for like a gram of weed, if I recall, and it's just been scaling upwards since then.

I don't think it's that people hate those ideals, I think it's that by and large chivalrous tales have been the archetype for a lot of modern stories. And the big problem there (aside from chivalry's part in history being very suspect) is that while the chivalrous romance is a very nice story archetype, for a lot of people it's the only romance they ever see. Which is problematic because outside the specific circumstances of those stories, you almost never see anything really like a chivalrous romance. At least, nothing really functional, aside from some of the religious folk. Even the people who actually existed at the time when most of these medieval occurred apparently did not conform to this archetype.
>> No. 387974
I went to pee and forgot. I touched my penis with habanero hands. The pain won't stop. This is excrutiating. I'm close to cutting it off. What a terrible way to start the year.
>> No. 387975
>I'm 100% with you, though. Maybe you could just read children's tales.
That's probably why I enjoy them more overall to be honest.
>> No. 387976
File 138859662930.jpg - (46.01KB , 500x375 , tumblr_inline_my95c8vwFq1qi3yhj.jpg )
I'm twenty-four today.
>> No. 387977
Look at you being young and full of promise. I'll turn 29 this year and still haven't done anything with my life.
>> No. 387979
I've been 24 since march, it's kind of shit.

They say it gets better at 25, will report.
>> No. 387983
You did it! Good job.
>> No. 387992
File 138862755754.jpg - (81.87KB , 600x450 , tumblr_myomq3beaR1qgqv1io3_1280.jpg )
There is a strange beauty to India's being a complete clusterfuck.
>> No. 387993
File 138862894848.jpg - (270.82KB , 1002x1054 , 5k1bTjg.jpg )
I learned so much about myself in the past few days.

Does anyone have any tips for handling anxiety?
>> No. 387994
420 blaze it

In all seriousness, just go relax. Take a bit of time for yourself to do something you enjoy. Get a good night's rest.
>> No. 387995
What game is that from?

tea with sedative properties, masturbation, meditation, mantra chanting, mental control exercises:
1. Focus shifting from whatever causes you anxiety to something else. ie. Embarrassed in a public place, shift your focus to counting your heartbeats.
2. Disassociation is similar to focus shifting, but you're shifting focus from reality itself into a dreamlike state. ie. Embarrassed in a public place, shift your focus to daydreaming about Tahiti. It's also possible to temporally disassociate (go back in time to when you felt safe).
3. Transference is similar to focus shifting, if a person or situation makes you anxious, transfer your attitudes from something comfortable to something uncomfortable. ie. Boss makes you anxious, try picking out qualities that remind you of your mother (or someone you like) so you can transfer your goodwill from one person to another and resolve the anxiety.
4. Situational fragmentation is different from the previous three, you take what causes you anxiety and you overanalyze it until it loses power, same as how a joke stops being funny if you explain it in detail. ie. Embarrassed in a public place, think about why you're embarrassed, who's causing it, what are their intentions, and why.
5. Willpower is a technique that's the hardest to master and takes years of practice, probably not worth attempting for a novice. You essentially force yourself to believe you are not anxious, you grab your entire belief system 1984-style and twist it until there's no anxiety anymore.

>> No. 387997
Civilization V. That's Queen Isabella of Spain.
>> No. 388000
uh... no tips other than taking time to care for yourself, prioritizing what's important to you over what you think you should be doing, and breathing. breathing is good.
>> No. 388001
So. Me and my brother sort of got into a passive fight with our parents.

We where stuck playing a boring card game like we always do with them. Even though any time we want to do something else my mom insists on doing what she wants. And during the 3rd of 5 long rounds we couldn't take the drudgery or the obnoxious 'happy middle class family' behavior that they seem to adopt during family time. We explained the game was boring and tiresome, and we left. Now she's cleaning the dishes loudly and talking to us in short neutral sentences. I feel like shit for making her sad, but I really can't take any more of this "family(mom) time" crap, these passive aggressive tantrums she makes, or the guilt trips.

How the hell does one go about moving out and living on their own with minimal knowledge about common finances?
>> No. 388005
File 138864222667.jpg - (80.69KB , 500x649 , tumblr_my64anuu3Y1qcuqtvo1_500.jpg )
its funny how there's all this fucked up things going on and im sick again, but im still feeling optimistic about my life. like in any other time this shit would send me down the depression waterslide tunnel but haha, it's going to be fine. I am sad as fuck and I kind of regret making out and getting sexual with the younger brother, except not really, because he's fucking hot and likes me and we both are kind of crazy shitheads, I want to regret but to be real I don't regret any of my mistakes and shitty things because I'm fucking moving forward anyways and see, see how optimistic I suddenly am? THINGS I HAVE DONE but I've finally reached the point where I can just look back at all the other fucked up stuff I lived through that was way, way worse than this and I just want to laugh. Really, it's fucking hilarious and I should have seen it coming. I saw it coming. I made my choices anways, it's all good.
>> No. 388006
good on ya and keep pushing on.
>> No. 388007
File 138864279236.jpg - (302.62KB , 999x1332 , speaking of aryan types why ladies cream their pai.jpg )
i have to say, looking for housing is one of the most angering damn things

'we're fun, laidback, nonjudgemental, and easy to live with!' they say, and then they have to add 'absolutely NO smoking, NO drinking, NO drugs legal or otherwise' and I want to message them just to say excuse me? you're renting here too. you don't own this place. you don't get to tell other adults what they can't do in the privacy of their own room especially when it's legal. Then there's the people that seem fantastic and then you meet them in person and it's alarm bells, alarm bells everywhere. I met this guy last night. Fucking creep. Not like he was creeping on me... it was like he'd never worked customer service in his life. He didn't even know how to fake an interest or respect for other people. Then again I never trust those super Aryan types.
>> No. 388008
Gets even worse with city ordinances
>> No. 388013
I'm lazy and in the mood for junk food. McDonald's or frozen pizza?
>> No. 388014
While I can sympathize where you're coming from, as a native to a town which is basically one long extended bar, I can understand people putting up those No drugs, no alcohol rules just to weed out the problem types.
>> No. 388016
This incoming blizzard is going to be a bitch. Fuck. Fuck shit.
>> No. 388018
indeed, and I've still got a cold too.
>> No. 388019
You people are useless. I bought some chicken mcnuggets and threw them on my pizza. It was surprisingly even more vile than it sounds.
>> No. 388021
Fucking shit. So, a month later, my throat is still constricting. The coughing/gagging is worse, now sometimes paired with a small amount of vomiting. I have to get up from my desk every 30 minutes or so to go gag outside. I do it so often that the gagging gives me a headache.

Then last night I decide to use my vaporizer, because I haven't tried it yet and to this point nothing I've tried has done better than momentary relief. Before I went to bed it seemed to be a tad helpful (and since it could be on for hours that's better than anything else so far) but leaving it on overnight caused severe nasal drip and now the back of my mouth is extremely sore from it collecting, as opposed to the constricting that happens far lower in my throat.

Fuck this fat, worthless body. At least I finally set up a doctor's appointment for Tuesday, hopefully he will know what to do.

Did you cook both at the same time? That would be your problem. You want to cook the pizza half-way first, then put thawed nuggets on top if you want to have anything other than utter crap.

I'm not saying it will taste good, just that there are things to consider in these kind of ventures.
>> No. 388022
I slapped the nuggets on it in the last few minutes just to warm them up again. I'm not stupid and eat burnt nuggets. It's just that chicken mcnuggets don't go well with pizza at all.
>> No. 388023
you lost me

I could understand don't smoke in the house or whatever but uh. Wow.
>> No. 388024
File 138868457469.jpg - (200.48KB , 850x796 , hey-girl-u-can-live-with-ryan-gosling-winky-face.jpg )
forgot my pic
>> No. 388028
recovering alcoholic who doesn't want booze in their house?
>> No. 388029
Could be, those coming off their wild period sometimes go tee total in order to assure they can start clean.
>> No. 388030
the problem is that it screams 'overcontrolling people who think they're the fucking landlord' or 'overcontrolling people who are probably subletting without their landlords knowledge and will try to control you with the excuse that they're the only ones on the lease and will kick you out whenever they want to', two shitty things to run into when you're looking for a place to stay. No smoke in the house is fine. Outdoors, you shouldn't say shit. No being drunk all the time is fine, a ban on alcohol is not even if you are a fucking Mormon or recovering alcoholic. That's all you.
>> No. 388033
Smoke sticks to clothes and can cause problems with people who have certain allergies or asthma.
I wouldn't be a dick about some of the other things you say were listed, but after growing up with both my father and brother smoking I would definitely put a no-smoking requirement if I were looking for a housemate.
>> No. 388043
That matters more to people who have smokers in their families, sand have lived with it and really can't stand it/don't partake. Generally, so long as you smoke outside, it doesn't stain the couches and carpets, which don't get washed regularly, and tend to stink more than clothing does.
>> No. 388045
oh, er. my beach has disappeared...??
>> No. 388047
You got so fat, whales started stranding on YOU? Geez...
>> No. 388048
try looking out the window on the other side dear.
>> No. 388050
File 138877816711.jpg - (82.42KB , 682x400 , SNA2129AAA-682_657647a.jpg )
One time a sperm whale washed up here and it was really gross, pic related. Usually it's just sharks and sometimes dolphins and seals (lots of them around here), this was the first whale in a long time iirc.
>> No. 388056
File 138878670964.jpg - (0.96MB , 2592x1944 , CAM00004.jpg )
>> No. 388061
First thing I do when I touch a computer is spend a whole hour downloading random porn into a thumb drive.
>> No. 388062
Is it good porn?
>> No. 388065
It is what it is.
>> No. 388067
Yeah that happens sometimes. Last year we lost like...200, 300 feet of island just washed out to sea one day.
>> No. 388068
File 138880174591.jpg - (61.12KB , 600x400 , west-australia-beach.jpg )
>they call that pile of gravel a beach
>> No. 388070
File 138880489634.jpg - (225.10KB , 1920x1280 , muh beach.jpg )
>You call that patch of dirt and plants next to the water a beach.
>> No. 388071
File 138880547368.jpg - (44.09KB , 550x370 , 74594-004-02A9BBFF.jpg )
Beaches please. Don't pull that weak ass shit.
>> No. 388073
Okay, its generally stuff like
big boob stuff, comics stuff, lotsa drawn stuff from tumblr.
>> No. 388074
White Cliffs of Dover - lyrics…youtube thumb
>> No. 388076
Yes, I can definitely imagine wanting to go surfing there.
>> No. 388082
If I see another goddammed comic sans joke again, I swear I'll punch my monitor so hard, it will just time travel right to it's manufacturing date.
>> No. 388083
If you told jokes for a living, you'd be a comic sans comedy.
>> No. 388092
Man, fuck surfing.
>> No. 388096
File 138886015842.jpg - (457.17KB , 1000x400 , harris.jpg )
We can get that sort of beach without having to risk our lives with sharks, jellyfish, swimming knives, etc.
>> No. 388098
File 138886801579.png - (309.01KB , 416x512 , 1385437341281.png )
>> No. 388099
forgive me father 4 i have sinned

im so sorry
>> No. 388103
Oh man, having a giant bowel movement, no matter how painful, is about the best feeling I can have. All my pain, my lethargy, my depression, inability to focus/concentrate, it all washes away afterward. It seems to have even decreased the severity of the cold I'm fighting. As the next one builds up those will gradually return; but, within that first hour or so after it happens, I can Rank SSS+ anything.

>> No. 388104
Hey now, that's a bit rude.
Also, that's no joke.

There's no need for you to be sorry.
Blame the kids that abuse and spam internet jokes at nauseam. Probably not the best course of action, but what else can we do?
>> No. 388107
make new jokes ad nauseum is the only solution.
>> No. 388108
if i'm sick AGAIN im gonna start beating the shit out of people who don't cover their fucking mouth when they sneeze/cough
instead of blessing them i will BEST them
in combat
whatever im going to bed and hopin im better when i wake up
>> No. 388109
>hold pee in for hours
>finally release
>> No. 388111
Sounds like a plan, still getting over a cold I've had since before X-mas.
>> No. 388117
>if i'm sick AGAIN im gonna start beating the shit out of people who don't cover their fucking mouth when they sneeze/cough
Actually, if you cover your mouth while sneezing, you're spreading way more disease than if you just let rip. Your hands are the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of nasty shit and you spread it to everything you touch.
>> No. 388119
That's why I cough into the crook of my arm, and make sure to clean there when I wash my hands.
>> No. 388134
>down my shirt
I mean, it won't spread much.
>> No. 388135
This. I try to cough/shirt into my shirt when possible. When it's not, I try to do so into the side of my coat if I'm wearing one; otherwise, I do >>388119 and cough into the crook of my arm.
>> No. 388136
>Actually, if you cover your mouth while sneezing, you're spreading way more disease than if you just let rip.
Actually, that's really really bad advice.

If you have a hankie, cough or sneeze into that.
If you don't have a hankie, do it into your sleeve.
Crook of elbow if you don't have a hankie or sleeve.
And finally bare hands if you own nothing and live on the streets of Zimbabwe.

Leaving a sneeze uncovered is the worst possible option.
>> No. 388139
Fever's gone, I feel better, but my nose is still all kinds of stuffed up/runny at the same time. Unless my fever comes back tonight, I think I'll be good to work, which is I guess what matters.
I'm gonna beat you up you dumb cold-spreading shit.
>> No. 388140
Same here, now that I don't sound all clogged in the head I plan on calling and checking on my job, seeing if I'll actually get one.
>> No. 388143
Wind chills are gonna reach -30 degrees F here.

I'm surprisingly excited to see what -30 F feels like. Cold, I'm sure, but this is like a whole new level of cold for me.
>> No. 388148
If its a dry cold it won't feel that bad.
>> No. 388152
I've become an Ordained Minister via online website.

So I've secret married everyone. I won't say to whom because that would ruin the surprise. It was a lovely ceremony and ate all the cake.
So enjoy your new secret married life/s.
>> No. 388156
Are you in Illinois, too?
>> No. 388160
>Parents go on holiday
Great, I can have the place to myself for a few-
>in an area that's had a flood warning
>> No. 388163
So I've been following a "professional cosplayer/model" on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/EveeBeau). She does her own sewing and prop creation (when possible) and does some non-cosplay modeling. Very attractive lady, seems quite nice, and between the cosplay/sewing has a geek side.

She does, of course, post photos of herself in her cosplay or in stages of her cosplay as the costumes progress. Being a rather attractive woman to begin with, the cosplay angle only makes her hotter to many (myself included), and honestly it's starting to make me feel kind of like a creep, for some reason. It doesn't help when I look at comments and see the standard "so hot", "I'll be in my bunk", etc.

I don't know why, though; this is her page that she moderates and she willingly posts all of it herself. Maybe it's the whole thing of her being way out of my league, so I don't deserve to follow her and look at the pictures she puts up or something...
>> No. 388165
Anyone know about vasectomies,planning on having one done this year.
>> No. 388166
I'm just going to say it's moe I'm married to. Save everyone else some trouble.
>> No. 388167
PS they cut the scrotum, snip the vas deferens(the part that sends the sperm out the balls), and tie them closed. This can all be done while awake. My dad passed out during his, but he's kind of a pussy.
>> No. 388169
Thanks, thinking might as well get it done now lest run into problems later I don't plan for.
>> No. 388170
Nope but kinda close, I'm in Ohio.
>> No. 388172
I don't think it's easy to undo, you REALLY sure you don't wanna have kids?

I mean, think of all the money you will spend on them!
>> No. 388173
Yep and there is always adoption, I've spent a near decade attempting to care for my sisters brood (tears me how careless she is), I'm done. I've not one single parental ambition and as stated its near pure hell for me since as much as I'd want to care about family, I just can't. Not for lack of trying, its just a void.
>> No. 388175
File 138904968826.gif - (119.33KB , 150x150 , whinnie-the-pooh-wait.gif )
>boy i used to crush on in school (one of two people i actually stayed in contact with) says i'm "frightening, truly" but "completely excellent"

it's everything i've ever wanted
>> No. 388176
So there's a bunny thread, a cat thread, and a dog thread on /co/. Is there any way we could make a board for weird fetish threads like that because it's pretty clear the people there are all jerking off and it takes up space that could be used for other things.
>> No. 388177
One of the best compliments one can receive, Machiavelli would be proud.
>> No. 388178
Okay, remember >>387868 ?

Well, I decided to give "Girl B" (my now ex-colleague) a ring, just because I hadn't had any contact with her in a fortnight, and I thought it'd be polite, us having exchanged numbers and all... and I asked if she wanted to have a drink sometime. She said she'd get back to me with a day when she's free

I still haven't talked to "Girl A" since Christmas Eve (she seems to be on facebook a lot, but we seem to keep missing each other) and it's not that we're not friendly, but... that seems to be it. Nothing wrong with that, but I guess I had higher expectations. It really doesn't help that I've only seen her for about 4-5 hours over 3 months, whereas Girl B is somebody I've seen almost every day for two months. But that's because of the commitments me and Girl A have made to our lives, and on our last date, she waited a whole hour for me to get there (the trains were fucking appalling) so... yeah.

Am I being a scumbag for asking Girl B for a drink without seeing how things with Girl A pan out, or am I just overthinking things?
>> No. 388179
We've already asked moot for /fet/ like a dozen times. It's not going to happen.

It would be nice if all the porn went to /pco/, but then all the retards and jerks would flood in too.
>> No. 388180
don't think so, you've not made it super serious yet. How far away from you is A?
>> No. 388181
the only things i could wish more from rats is that they lived longer and that they didn't chew up cords so much.

otherwise, they're the highest of tier pets. i've had many a wounded heart over them. very special friends they are.
>> No. 388183

fuck i cant i'll just put off everything till tomorrow, tonight is sad little pussy bitch night (and you're not even getting drunk thats right you god damned alcoholic)

i love my rat
>> No. 388188
and your rat sounds like a very very good rat
>> No. 388190
Right now, A is in Ireland with her folks, but she comes back tomorrow (I think... like I said, it's been a while since we last spoke). Both of them live a stone's throw away from the city centre, which is half an hour's train ride for me.

The main reason I'm freaking out is because my uncle cheated on his wife, and my older brother cancelled his engagement with his girlfriend of 6 years, and is now dating the woman his ex assumed he was cheating on her with
>> No. 388191
B can still be worked as a drink with an old colleague if needed, you are being sociable. Try to get in touch with A and see what she wants to do when she gets back.
>> No. 388195
Heater broke because it's cold. Now my parents are forbiding me from using a space heater even though I have a surge protector because they're worried about the circuit breaker dying. FML why do I even?
>> No. 388196
I feel ya, 5 going on -10 here and all I've got is the comp. Damn window is insulated and closed..I'VE STILL GOT A DRAFT!!! But yea the heater thing, just had three more houses go up in the area yesterday so I do understand the concern, oh and a "Trailer Mansion"
>> No. 388197
And now I've got my father threatening to throw me out of the house. On today of all days.
>> No. 388199
well that's unreasonable
>> No. 388201
was it one of you guys? you know what you did.
>> No. 388202
for once, it wasn't me
we're talking about the creepy anon, right
cause the joke here is that for once i'm not being creepy
so we're clear

>> No. 388203
Is it me? I'm an anon. And I'm real creepy. Like legit creepy. Haven't touched another human being in about 8 years or so. I wouldn't know what I did, though. But then again, I'm creepy.
>> No. 388204
wasn't you, especially if you don't know what you did.
hey, even good people can get creepy sometimes. what made it bad was the sexism and blatant objectification under the premise of it being a joke.

>> No. 388207
You might as well tell us what was done and who did it. It's not like anyone here hates anyone else for any extended period of time. "Drama" here is like 2 days max.

Also I'm just curious because I haven't seen anything around here and maybe it's because I'm dumb or maybe I just don't pay enough attention. IDK
>> No. 388211
nothing outright terrible. just... troubling. i usually get nice or hilarious rude anonymous asks on my tumblr.

one anon posted the following.

If you were a lady I’d want to bang you more than I already do (which is a fair amount, but not too much so that it’s weird or something).

Which... was in fact very weird an somewhat distressing since a) if the person does know me well enough to joke about this, he/she wouldn't need to be on anon, b) if this anon is typing something like this AND knows the extent to which i am upset by non-consensual objectification and sexual entitlement, this anon is barking up the wrong tree and i do not put up with that.

there's a point where joking about sexism and objectification isn't fun or funny. it's no longer self-aware humor, and i'm firmly against it.

however, if this anon and i actually have this good of a rapport, why the fuck you anon, son? and why you fantasizing me as a woman just to get your rocks off? i don't mind the idea of being a woman, but if it's just so it's easier to get off, that's fucked up.

unrelated but i just remembered that pym needs to learn to write better holiday texts. he's really good at unintentionally sounding like a goddamned thoughtless cunt. like... blatantly extra effort to sound like a careless shitstain. why would you do that? self-defeatist stuff isn't worth my time.

>> No. 388213
So my constricting throat got worse... until Thursday, when I was slammed with a head cold. And then no constriction.

And then my head cold started wearing off yesterday, and now I have a sinus infection. :/ Good thing I saw the doc today, got some antibiotics that should clear everything up. I hope.
>> No. 388216
I want to go to Coloradoland and buy NICE LEGAL THINGS there

I maybe won't ever leave, though
>> No. 388218
tis the season for stacked illness, cold, sinus infection and now a chest thing
>> No. 388224
File 138921342518.jpg - (18.08KB , 228x227 , 1366755492561.jpg )
i start dance lessons tomorrow
>> No. 388228
What kind of dance?
>> No. 388229
I believe it's just called "tribal" dancing. I went once before just to try it, it seems to basically be belly dancing but cooler.
>> No. 388243
Native American Styles of it?
>> No. 388248
Er, no. Mostly Middle Eastern/North African with Spanish and Indian influences.
>> No. 388253
okay, was looking at google and was thinking it might be the new trend for it.
>> No. 388261
Fuck yeah!
>> No. 388280
I'm starting to notice that my everyday problems could easily be avoided if I had a smartphone.
or just a regular fuckin mobile.
>> No. 388282
Ditto, my bullheaded stance on not having one lead to some very problematic issues, hence part of my reinventing of self acquiring one.
>> No. 388283
dont do it man

i definitely have times where they could come in handy, but i also keep a notebook where I can write down things like addresses and directions. I can look everything up online at home on the computer but I refuse to carry one around with me all the time fuck that noise
>> No. 388284
my htc has saved my ass numerous time, but even though i don't use it often at all i can see how someone could get addicted to fiddling with it all the time (like my sister) if they were that sort of person. i think it's important to have even a basic mobile phone though. you don't actual need a smartphone specifically.
>> No. 388285
I got an old iphone from my cousin so I started using that and it's nice to be able to have a GPS, MP3 player and phone all in one. I'm not the world's biggest Apple fan but it's pretty convenient that and the service I got for it is actually cheaper than my last phone plan. I'd recommend a smartphone as long as you don't feel it would be too distracting
>> No. 388286
Oh, good. My body realized that my head cold was gone, so it brought back the constricting throat, just in case I started to feel too good.
>> No. 388287
I went to play D&D and people left so they locked the door so now I can't get back in my house. My cell phone is out of batteries. It's p. cold out.
>> No. 388288
i'm a scientist, not a physician, but this seems like a very believable case of some auto-immunity syndrome. not necessarily life threatening, but under duress, your immune system has to fight off something else.

i don't have any conclusive proof and i'd need a reading on the orchestra of antibodies present before and after the cold left. just a suggestion that this may be worth looking into for that reason.

but... one important note. nocebos. if you believe something enough, your body may experience it, so don't take my word for it. like i said. not an expert. just look into it if you can, yeah?
>> No. 388291
...how are you posting?

Yeah. I saw a doc on Tuesday, but since I was still suffering the head cold the throat thing was gone and I couldn't give him much to go on except trying to explain. He gave me some antibiotics (since I also have a sinus infection, but that wasn't happening before the head cold) and said to call back in two weeks if I'm not better to get a recommendation for an ENT who can look down my throat.

Also, I have pretty bad allergies (still controlled by OTC meds, thankfully) so my body is always fighting something; there's no need to make a new thing to fight.
>> No. 388292
Break a window.
>> No. 388294
Nintendo DS. I just have no way to use it to communicate with anyone who could help.

Meh, it was just the cold for a couple hours.
>> No. 388295
Oh. I wonder if you could use Google Voice through the 3DS...
>> No. 388296
>be virgin
>meet virgin female friend
>not interested sexually but we become pretty close, we're without relationships and haven't had one in forever
>feel like such a good friend with her that I can be lonely with her
>she suddenly gains an LDR boyfriend
>suddenly realize she's suddenly happy and has someone in her life, and I don't
>can't be happy for her
>watch her and her bf with envious hate-filled eyes
>can't stand watching my friends be more accomplished and happy than I am
>do horrible things to embarrass and defraud both of them, betraying my friend's trust
>have no regrets even now
>wonder what the fuck is wrong with me
>> No. 388297
humans/primates in general are innately built with an understanding of fairness. even if it's not just to impose that fairness, when someone else gets something we don't or we see that something isn't distributed equally in some way, we feel that we are betrayed.

it's right sometimes. it's wrong often. you're not broken. you just need to learn what to do with those feelings.

envy is natural but it comes from a place of misunderstanding how things ought to be given. especially things we need.
>> No. 388298
takes a bit to get over such things too.
>> No. 388300
File 138941659572.png - (485.14KB , 640x480 , 1338792866391.png )
>> No. 388301

youre pathetic lol
>> No. 388302
File 138943890879.jpg - (175.05KB , 817x817 , 1374726817432.jpg )
Hahahahaha, but seriously, even though it's pathetic and very shitty, it's human and she still has the means to become a better person with time.

Hey wow I'm actually starting to care about people again wow.
>> No. 388303
Normally i don't agree with bea's flat insults, but this time she's pretty much right on the money. I appreciate ferry-boo's attempts to make sense of it but wow you're one fucked up dude, like in your brain.
>> No. 388305
Meanwhile i'm lying on my bed, naked, right under a ceiling fan set to So-High-It-Might-Tear-The-Ceiling-Down, browsing the few parts of the internet I can actually access on my shiny new Nintendo 3DS™ handheld gaming system. Portable internet is an amazing thing.

Really though, straight sociopathic-ass behavior.
Congrats, moe. Caring is good.
>> No. 388307
Only got 2 hours of sleep.
Dreamed my family was being stalked on vacation by a spirit that constantly breaded us cruel comments, death threats, and all sorts of disturbing situations. It eventually drove my family to a murder suicide while I helplessly watched.

I'm tired but I don't want to go back to sleep.
>> No. 388309

well... that feels a little pandering.

it's patently obvious that what this person is doing is complete and utter garbage, but he already knows that. that's kind of important to how i responded here.

i'm trying to point out something he can work with so that maybe he can understand his situation, stop being so shitty to people he cared about, and maybe act like the human being he already is. most of the time people are shitty not because they're patently evil but because they have shitty conditioning/beliefs or they just don't know what to do with what they're feeling and turn it into something to hurt others.

i try to take the high road to empathize with people because we all do awful shit to each other. holy crap, i'm starting to get all "cast the first stone" on this. of course... i'm not comparing this anons actions to biblical adultery... which... may or may not have even been unethical. i'm saying we're not going to get anywhere if we don't figure out what to do with this where we are now.

the first step, of course, anon, is to stop manipulating and hurting other people because of your personal bad feelings. never take anything out on someone, especially someone you care about, and especially if it's because of something that's your problem. figure this shit out. preferably with a counselor/psychiatrist.

>> No. 388311
Oh shut up Slowpoke, you think anyone questionable that posts here is mentally fucked up and should be killed on site.
>> No. 388314
I wasn't trying to pander, I do appreciate when people look past the initial "oh god what is wrong with you" to try to help or look for reasoning behind the actions(except when everyone was calling that anon who was cheating on his fiance "beautiful," that really rubbed me the wrong way), I'm just not capable or willing to do so in situations like that.
Sorry if I came across as insincere.
That isn't even a little true. The only times I remember even talking about how fucked up something was with more than a passing comment was, again, Cheater-Anon, and that one dude ages ago who was FURIOUSLY defensive about not having any sort of mental disorder despite posting several instances that indicated a fundamental lack of understanding/severe difficulty in everyday social interaction, to the extent that Aspergers seemed like a strong possibility worth checking out.
And I was actually polite and trying to be helpful with that second one until he started to be a huge jerk and drag it up in unrelated threads.
Last I heard he had a hormonal imbalance or something though and was actually taking treatment for it. He apologized for bein a jerk. Pretty OK guy outside of the bursts of frustrated rage.
>> No. 388315

Meh, I'd say more like jealousy driven by loneliness, maybe an inability to perform initially. Emotionally, he had consigned himself to having a friend, but where he was reliant on that emotional bond, she wasn't because his emotional bond did not provide for her the way she wanted to be provided for. There's a variety of reasons that might be, at this point, it just is. The reaction of burning them both is not a positive reaction, even if he did need to move away from them emotionally somehow. But it is not un-understandable, it is not devoid of reason or true motive, and, as Ferro pointed out, the guy understands that his reaction was actually a bad one. This doesn't actually fit the criteria for a true sociopath.
>> No. 388316
i'm glad i'm a normal not terrible person
>> No. 388317
you aren't terrible but i've never considered you normal

or anyone else that posts here, including myself
>> No. 388318
who wants to be normal anyway
>> No. 388320
I'm a real human bean
>> No. 388321
As a terrible person, I would like to thank everyone that ever put up with me. You're all great.
>> No. 388322
On a somber note grandmother passed around noon today. It wasn't unexpected and she'd been in pain ever since the hip replacements, also she was 95. She knew it was coming so she'd had all this planned out about a month ago.

Maybe something to the thought that she'd been talking to my grandfather these past few weeks, he passed away back in 2001.
>> No. 388323
fuk u

That sucks.

>Maybe something to the thought that she'd been talking to my grandfather these past few weeks, he passed away back in 2001.

This is something I've always found simultaneously sad and terrifying.
>> No. 388326
used to but I've become a lot more open about the concept of afterlife in the last few years, I don't think anyone is really correct in what we think it is, just that there is something to it and its more than we can understand on this side.
>> No. 388327
/baw/ fuckin used to be cool
>> No. 388329
no it didn't, we've been shitty losers forever except we're not fun circlejerking buddies any more
>> No. 388331
>we've been shitty losers forever except we grew up and became bitter about life
>> No. 388334
>ever cool

Faster maybe
>> No. 388336
At least slowpoke wasn't around.
>> No. 388337
slowpoke was always around, it just took awhile to start posting

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