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File 138580237266.png - (531.14KB , 683x533 , spc.png )
386812 No. 386812

-what are you nerds doing to finish out your year
-blue balls christmas
-new yearz no kissu
-2014 goals general

pic related, I'm spending the rest of my year on ADVENTURE and eating nachums
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>> No. 386813
-no christmas
-no new years

That was easy.
>> No. 386815
I'm getting cute as fuck, eating two Christmas dinners, and looking for a jerb.

>no work
>no friends
>no fun
>one christmas gift
>> No. 386816
Well I'll be writing papers and grading papers until like the 20th at least. Grad school: it's fun!
>> No. 386817
I have until the end of the year to get a job or my dad kicks me out of the house, so I'll be mostly doing that.

Also, last night I was eating candy and I broke off about a third of one of my front teeth. Considering I couldn't get a job BEFORE this, and considering I probably have about a week before the remaining portion gets horribly infected, I'm thinking this job might involve a great deal of thievery. Seeing how I live in the grand ol' USA (and have no dental insurance), it'll probably be like $3000-5000 to get this fixed; ain't nobody got money fo' dat.

So, correction: until the end of the year, I'll be practicing being a cat burglar. If worst comes to worst and I go to jail, THE STATE will fix my teeth! (...this is actually a frighteningly good plan).

Also, seeing how I'm young, reasonably attractive, and gay (and only missing one third of a tooth) I can probably get all the sex I want in prison. I don't WANT that... but just saying.

Fireworks aren't allowed in prison. Pretty sure no kisses, either.

2014? Get out of jail, get an actual job with my now-perfect teeth, and move on with my life, a little more sore in the rear but no worse for wear, hopefully.

So brb, guys; gonna go rob a bank.
>> No. 386818
Let me join you.
>> No. 386819
this is the most solid plan i've ever seen posted on +4.
>> No. 386820
holy shit
>> No. 386833
working my ass off
gettin taco bell with some girl
hopefully some fuggin
tryin' to get a really super duper nice, smart, charming girl more interested in me? i think she likes me. i can't be sure yet because she's so nice and genuine but i can't tell what her interest is.
and then nachos
>> No. 386837
File 138597080570.jpg - (99.99KB , 602x451 , RolandJackson04.jpg )
2014 is the year I need to get my dick sucked more often.

And to get some furniture for my place.
>> No. 386838

I got some yoga videos you can use.
>> No. 386842
Cutting Soda out of my diet. Stuff has just been causing me to feel down and so I'm quitting and switching to iced tea
>> No. 386843
This year I'm in class until right before Christmas so not doing much except classwork and playing vidya

After that hanging out with friends and family. Probably gonna spend New Years with my boyfriend.

2014 goals are to not die, to graduate from college after all my senior stuff, to move somewhere new and to figure out what to do with my life

Also go to a coast. I don't know which but my boyfriend has never seen the ocean and I think he should see it and I really want to road trip
>> No. 386844
Read some, write some. End of the year seems arbitrary, since I'm not a farmer.
>> No. 386845
-Got two weeks of school left, failing one class for sure but I should pass the other three. Other than that, looking for work. I've been looking for jobs since fucking January, still not having one is so fucking depressing god damn.

-Gettin gifts. Still have to do my own shopping. Once you grow up Christmas stops being as fun since it's not really like getting gifts, more like trading them because you end up spending the amount your stuff would cost by getting stuff for other people. It just feels like a huge moneysink for everyone involved.

-If I'm lucky two or three of my friends will hang out with me, but odds are I'll be home alone. Hopefully my parents will go out for New Year's, I'd rather not be stuck with them since they'd try to include me in New Year's stuff and that would make me feel worse than being alone. New yearz no kissu is pretty much a certainty.

-I always hate the idea of having new year's goals because I know I'd fail them anyway. Failure is probably the number one thing associated with new year's resolutions, and having it be a new year's thing instead of just another goal would probably just make me sabotage myself. More than I'd normally sabotage myself I mean.

So, what did you guys think of 2013? Yay? Nay?

For me it was overall a pretty disappointing year.
>> No. 386849
good goal, good luck

The shit of 2013 just made me focus on 2014 as the best year possible.

Being at sea for years has only made me like the shores more. Go see the ocean and you might stay there. Suggest west before east coast, the latter being far more unforgiving.
>> No. 386855
>Once you grow up Christmas stops being as fun since it's not really like getting gifts, more like trading them because you end up spending the amount your stuff would cost by getting stuff for other people.

When I was living with my mother, we had a discussion about Christmas. It basically went like this:

- Since we're adults, we spend, basically, equal amounts of money on each others gifts. Say, $50.
- Therefore, giving each other $50 of gift cards would be the same.
- Therefore, exchanging $50 in cash would be the same.
- Therefore, the net money transfer is zero...
- We both know what kind of stuff we want, so we'd just buy it ourselves.
- So why do Christmas gifts at all?
- Let's not!

>Getting a job.

So this family friend tells me that they recently heard the local reptile shop is hiring. I actually have experience handling various reptiles, and have owned a bearded dragon for seven years. Plus, if they have any trouble breeding crickets, I know all the tricks to make 'em multiply by the thousands in mere months. I figure I have a very good chance to get the position if it's entry-level: running the register and cleaning terrariums and whatnot.

So I get on my best-looking clothes, redo my resume, snap some pics of my dragon to show off, head on over doing my damnedest to keep down my anxiety, walk to the register strike up a conversation. It went as follows:

"Hi there. I heard you were hiring?"
*blank look* "...not as of several months ago..."
"Oh. Guess my information was a little out-of-date. Um, while I'm here, I'll get some crickets..."

Is it okay for me to punch that family friend in the face for this?
>> No. 386857
My family do a secret santa among the adults for Christmas. £30 (no more, no less if possible), one gift each, and everyone is happy. It makes the whole process so much cheaper and less stressful, and the gifts themselves are pretty great because whoever is buying it actually has the time and money to put a little thought into it. We also do a Kris Kringle but that's just for fun.

Also no, of course that's not cause to punch your family friend. They either made an honest mistake or they were given false information themselves. Do behave.
>> No. 386859
2014 Goalz:

• Less Internettan — cut down on imageboard use (for real), stop browsing the same ten sites for six hours straight, et cetera
• Writan — at least 500 words a day no matter what; more idea generation (preferably daily); more reading (and I mean actual books instead of just blogs an' shit)
• Exercisan — at least some form of exercise every day
• Reinventan — I've had enough of both "Sage Freehaven" (Internet) and my current self (Outernet); it's time to break myself down to my core and restart my life from absolute zero
• Moneymakan — Finding some form of income, either through my writan, a part-time job, or via other means (legal, of course)
>> No. 386860
>what are you nerds doing to finish out your year
working and spending All The Money
>blue balls christmas
>new yearz no kissu
>2014 goals general
be better

I don't actually have much to say, I don't really care much about years ending or making resolutions. Christmas is cool though, I like gifts. Spending a couple hundred on them this year, it hurts me right in the bank account.
>> No. 386861
got a decent tablet which I'm going to use to write a few things since the PC is more a distraction to that than a help. Sending out my resume and such to the museums nearby in hopes of attaining work their and then spinning it into a Master Degree program.
>> No. 386862
Thanks. Those'll help keep me loose for when I'm moving all this furniture around.
>> No. 386865
well i'm just gonna have a great time all the time
>> No. 386880
File 138611097159.gif - (959.32KB , 245x400 , 1385999747305.gif )
I wanna make money without doing work, get an associates and debate grad school two years down the line, coerce floozies into bobbin' on my nobbin', and reinstall the shah as leader of Iran.
>> No. 386885
this is a wonderful gif and i am grateful
>> No. 386888
That's Moe. He forgot to list be a real girl.
>> No. 386889
That really necessary? Grumble grumble dang Shezow ,Princess Kenny.
>> No. 386902
>> No. 386903
Proper Opossum Alien Alertyoutube thumb
>> No. 386912
File 138614975416.gif - (879.43KB , 245x400 , 1386103938093.gif )
>> No. 386913
>> No. 386926
i've been visiting this site today specifically to cheer myself up with those adorablarg gifs

she's too cute. i feel like JUNK needs to see these.
>> No. 386974
File 138635091078.jpg - (1.55MB , 1480x988 , 4771180455_4b0075a60e_o.jpg )
I wish I could find more vintage-y wrapping paper backgrounds but it's apparently niche to me

Here's the best I've found so far, /baw/. Enjoy.
>> No. 386978
4chan bought me some ebooks for Christmas via their anonymous wishlist thread.

>> No. 386980

For a minute, I was trying to see if there was a 3D image inside that wrapping paper somewhere. I thought I almost saw a snowman, but I probably imagined it.
>> No. 387104
Denis Leary - Merry F**kin' Christmas Songyoutube thumb

Everyone should watch this, at least once a year.
>> No. 387708
>what you expect to get from santa
>what you actually got
>> No. 387709
How can I receive anything from Santa if he doesn't exist?
>> No. 387713
Die Hard - Music Videoyoutube thumb

The only proper Christmas song.
>> No. 387714
File 138792587859.jpg - (685.39KB , 1612x1210 , 1387893388832.jpg )
/toy/ can be creative sometimes
>> No. 387718
File 138793097148.jpg - (1.53MB , 887x1834 , Christmas 2013.jpg )
>> No. 387722
This would be awesomer if Wendy was piloting Gundam Burger King.
>> No. 387724
buckling myself down prepping myself for the future I'm working out and getting stuff together as I break habits and seek to establish a new self. No longer hesitant about what I've got to do.
>> No. 387731
well i am drunk and watching johnny mnemonic with my rats, merry christmas to me.
>> No. 387748
File 138794815681.jpg - (215.59KB , 900x591 , nativityscene.jpg )
Merry Christmas and God bless.
>> No. 387757
File 138796647843.jpg - (57.92KB , 400x533 , image.jpg )
Merry Christmas errybody!
>> No. 387761
Merry ChiRoh-Mas
>> No. 387763
So I got:
-100$ in twenties.
-Lots of candy
-A puzzle a day calender
-A couple of random DVD's
-A beautiful blanket knit by my mother.
-Deodorant. Again. I have 15 different deodorants and colognes amassed from Christmases, my own purchases and parents just buying them as groceries when I'm over that still haven't been used up yet. Stop giving me deodorant for Christmas. I shower daily and use it every day. If you think I still stink, it becomes your problem.

Overall not bad.
>> No. 387764
Well Merry Christmas you lovable scamps.
>> No. 387765
Slept through most the openings on the couch since I already got my things early for work stuffs and dealing with a blasted cold. Though everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so that's nice.
>> No. 387767
So my mom apparently got a huge and unexpected bonus at work (like $4000) which is how they can sent me the $500 check.

So luck, much love. ;_;
>> No. 387768
good on ya. Have a happy.
>> No. 387769
One of the gifts was a OneRepublic album. Gave my friend his money back. Shredded the CD. Took the shreddings to the backyard and mixed them with the dogs poop. Then covered them in lighter fluid and set them on fire.

May OneRepublic burn in hell for what they've done.

OneRepublic - Counting Starsyoutube thumb
0:24, 0:32 etc
>> No. 387775
I got plates and cups and I got pots and pans and I got silverware

I am ready to get an apartment now
>> No. 387776
20 nintendollars and Kung Fu Panda 2 for the DS. More than I deserve.

Merry Christmas, Teeth and Yuletide Cheer.
>> No. 387780
Got a bunch of stuff, had a nice time with my family. Merry Christmas, all of you.
>> No. 387782
I didn't get too much stuff and that's okay
big gift card so I can buy books, which is all I wanted really

ate a ton of good food so everyone wins
>> No. 387809
Did everyone have a good 25th of December? Mine was tiring but mostly fun. I haven't been around lately as a gaming site has been sucking away all my free time, but I just wanted to say I love you guys. No, I'm not drunk.

>MFW I own this wrapping paper
>> No. 387812
Got knives, video games, and a totally cool ring with a bear on it.
That hits like every single one of my interests, A+ gifts.

Also ate tons of roast pork and napped a lot.

A good Christmas.
>> No. 387813
Oh yeah and I proceeded to immediately lose a finger to the butterfly knife I got.
Remember to use the safe handle, kids.
>> No. 387825
I got $40, tons of junk food, and shirts I will never wear because my dad refuses to believe that I DON'T LIKE PRINT SHIRTS! Especially plaid. Who the fuck wears plaid?! It's almost as bad as floral/Hawaiian print. Ugh. Well, I also got some other money from miscellaneous sources, mostly what I was already owed for past work.

The sad thing is, if I got this money (~$150 in total) as gift cards, I would be inclined to spend it on stuff. But since it's cash, I'll just stash it away like the paranoid Scrooge that I am and not spend a penny. And I'll keep on grumbling about how I get nothing that I want for Christmas.

Or... or maybe... what if I took that money and bought something I wanted...?? Could I do that? Maybe I could love myself?

Nope! No I can't.
>> No. 387826
You can do it, give yourself some loving, no wait..er.
>> No. 387950
He wasn't kidding about the nachums.
>> No. 387958
told u bout them nancos bro
>> No. 387973
Christmas with family I hadn't seen in years. New year with girlfriend and sex. I have to say that these holidays are good.
>> No. 387978
File 138860456719.jpg - (78.85KB , 550x562 , run-motherfucker-run_o_1435013.jpg )
Playing the MXC drinking game was a bad idea.
>> No. 388015

>> No. 388020
I had to go to my late aunt's funeral. She could not make it to 2014 and passed away 15 days ago.

It was a sad christmas for me and my family and relatives.
>> No. 388038
I'm so sorry to hear that.
>> No. 388081
Christmas was ok, the usual evening family meeting, and while I preferred to have something a bit bigger, I felt fine.

But new year...
New year was great!
I always celebrate the new year with my friends, this year we decided to celebrate it at my place, just like we did a decade ago.
And it was great, and even a friend surprised us with one of those small paper balloons and we tried to made it fly, yet luck laught at us.
But regardless of that it was a great celebration.
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