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File 138778632684.jpg - (313.51KB , 1280x956 , coz.jpg )
387624 No. 387624
why is everyone so mad

let's be comfy comfy feels only.

I'm in a bundle of blankets reading a book and listening to drive. comfy 7/10
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>> No. 387637
File 138781722146.jpg - (29.77KB , 409x409 , Comfort.jpg )
I agree. It's almost Christmas and the snow is thick outside. Let's get comfy.
>> No. 387643
File 138782883926.jpg - (176.48KB , 604x604 , russia carpets.jpg )
You aren't comfy until you have carpets on all the walls.
>> No. 387644
File 138782933031.jpg - (102.63KB , 670x555 , lord of the comfy.jpg )
come at me bro
>> No. 387646
File 138782947576.jpg - (75.73KB , 640x479 , russian rich.jpg )
>carpets made with gold wire
I dare you to top this.
>> No. 387647
File 138783097134.jpg - (307.60KB , 851x1280 , m.jpg )
Look at how sad that guy is though. All that luxe and no comfy.
>> No. 387648
File 138783140095.jpg - (92.15KB , 576x720 , m.jpg )

>in cozy housecoat
>windows open
>cold tile
>hot coffee/w liquor
>playing loud music
>painting for the first time in years

8.4/10 best new comfy
>> No. 387649
File 138783142492.jpg - (46.55KB , 450x331 , bydlo carpets.jpg )
You can't buy comfy ;_;
>> No. 387650
File 138783247472.jpg - (202.87KB , 768x576 , IndianCabin3.jpg )
you can kill it. Really though only if I did it myself to respect the sacrifice they made to give me warmth. Though I really could use some new heavy blankets. And I need to get my Worlds Fair camel pillow stuffed.
>> No. 387652
>Loft bed
>Heat system sucks at gauging when to kick on
>Too hot at night
>Too cold in the morning
>Bed is thick futon mattress
I have no comfy.
>> No. 387655
brb napping in warm blankets next to a small bottle of booze then playing some walking dead.

>> No. 387661
File 138785286419.jpg - (40.06KB , 500x333 , still good.jpg )
This room is the ultimate in comfy for me. I want to live there and cuddle with a book and look at the snow fall all day and never leave
>> No. 387664
> sleeping on nice cool cement with two sheets
> two pillows
> phone plays music
> dark
Best comfy.
>> No. 387665

Could use hot water. Maybe just out from bath. 9/10 comfy
>> No. 387666
I'm getting hot tea instead. Other suggestions noted.
>> No. 387668
i have a sweet little rat cuddling in my furry hood


so comf
>> No. 387671
File 138786660877.jpg - (78.67KB , 728x484 , Arnol.jpg )
I was drinking beers and watching arnold movies in slippers when my Mother questioned my role as THE ALPHA PATRIARCH of the family.

>buzzed, watching arnold kill dudez
>warm slippers
>beat up my mother
>go downstairs and make hot coco to nurse familial wounds and drive their subjugation instinct as I am the true alpha
>watch lesbian feelz movie

9.8/10 cozy, secretly jealous of lesbians forever
>> No. 387672
Welcome to the club, swear there is some past life crap with that kinda feel. Would explain my writings.
>> No. 387690
File 138790390763.jpg - (69.48KB , 500x500 , comf3.jpg )
>laying in bed
>playing Pokemon
>covered in warm, puffy blankets
>look out of window
>soft snow fall
>cat jumps up on bed to cuddle
>hot cocoa
>> No. 387692
Become the Lesbian Pablo. Follow your dreams.
>> No. 387710
If you're trying to say I'm not a lesbian
>> No. 387712
this actually explains a lot
i'm so glad you're 5/5 comfy with who you are you cunnilinglord
>> No. 387784
File 138804173915.jpg - (59.27KB , 658x448 , Untitled.jpg )
>post christmas
>good food
>snuggled in blanket nest
>watching old bbc documentary on the BIGGEST OWL
>> No. 387794
Does anyone else have a color they find really comfy?

Grey is so comfy imo
>> No. 387796
>40+ °c outside
>aircon up to max
>room is freezing
>bundled up and cozy as fuck

why does this feel so much more comfy than doing the same on a cold day
>> No. 387798
I like pale blues and plaids
>> No. 387829
File 138819652446.png - (3.07KB , 300x100 , TEETHANDPEEKING3v2.png )
I'm on a Comfy Quest now.
To only have the most comfy of chairs and couches.
Where every place is a sleeping place. All rooms are comfy rooms.
The rules are 1: No new comfy. Go to used stores only.
2: The items must be comfy. Being able to sleep on said item is a big factor.

Ladies and Gentlemen....I WILL be the comfy-est
>> No. 387841
sounds like a plan. I now know how I'll furnish my next apartment.
>> No. 387843
File 138824978477.gif - (261.97KB , 1217x852 , 1387299943701.gif )
I could post this in the gif thread, but really, this belongs here.
>> No. 387855
File 138828071898.png - (2.66MB , 1730x2137 , 1388269057842.png )

MusucBag is the original sleeping bag with arms and legs. The perfect evolution of the traditional mummy sleeping bag. A MusucBag is designed for maximum comfort, mobility and above all a good night´s sleep.

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