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File 13921474941.jpg - (33.34KB , 640x480 , Auburn 6.jpg )
389446 No. 389446
Have you ever been in a fistfight before?
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>> No. 389448
>> No. 389449
>> No. 389450
Who hasn't?
>> No. 389459
I haven't. I've always negotiated my way out of confrontation.
>> No. 389460
No, in part people tend to steer clear because I'm big, but also I'm afraid of what I'll do. Because part of me really wants a good brawl.
>> No. 389461
Whenever me and my friends got bored we used to beat the shit out of each other until someone was bleeding or crying, then call it a day.
It was pretty fun. I miss it sometimes.
>> No. 389462
Yeah. Only a couple times where one of us had the intent to kill, though.
>> No. 389464
depends on your definition.
mostly this.
>> No. 389465
even when you were like 5?

have you never met an irrational person?
>> No. 389466
Not since I hit a growth spurt and got tall.
>> No. 389467
In 7th grade I watched the school's "resident nerd" take on three guys and come out on top with ease. It was awesome.

The middle school was brand new and was essentially the place where students all the surrounding elementary schools were dumped after 6th grade. The result was a ton of retards that vanished after a year or two because reasons. One of those retards kept giving the "Nerd" shit all through gym class just because his bulging cranium and cokebottle glasses practically screamed "NEEERRRD!".

The gym teachers disappeared into the locker rooms, and that was when Nerd decided enough was enough and stamped over to the retard. The retard wasn't expecting Nerd to start swinging like Dempsey on a rampage and more or less cowered as fist after fist slammed into the sides of his head. One other retard tried rushing in from the side, but Nerd threw a lazy backfist and the second retard just backed off and began screaming threats. The third retard grabbed onto Nerd's ankles and began screaming for help, so Nerd kicked backward and slammed him in the face a few times. After that the retards scattered.

The ankle-grabber was still in 7th while the rest of us graduated high school. Never saw the other two after 7th grade.
>> No. 389475
Nope. Closest I ever got was in 5th grade when I spent a recess teasing bullies and then running to be near the teacher; they eventually cornered me out of sight and one gave me a moderate gut punch. Fell to the ground laughing super hard and they just walked away.

I had another kid challenge me to a fight after school when I was in 6th grade, but I just walked away while he yelled my name and called me chicken. I often regret not throwing down then. I think I would have turned out better if I'd been in at least one fight.

I'm reminded overhearing some of my Drill Sergeants talking in basic; one of them said that according to a recent poll, the majority of males in Basic Training had never been in a fist fight. They agreed it was a bad thing; I'm still not sure if they were right or wrong.
>> No. 389477
Every single time I've ever been in my hometown.
>> No. 389483
Not even once. Kids never got that violent in elementary school. Naturally the level of violence became more intense in middle school but I wasn't involved. In high school I was a legitimately creepy loner who some people thought might be mentally disturbed, so that's probably why no one bothered me there. And due to either low neighborhood crime rates or sheer coincidence I haven't had trouble elsewhere, either. Not even while waiting for the bus or something.
>> No. 389498
Everyday I want to fistfight the internet.
>> No. 389516
Actually no. Most of the fights I'm been in have involved more grappling than punching and they all ended in stalemates.
>> No. 389517
No. The few times where I would have been justified to fight, someone bigger than me did the fighting for me. I didn't ask for it, I was just the little guy girls liked so the jocks wanted to make them happy and protected me. Then I grew older and became the class clown and honed my tongue. Haven't had a real confrontation since. I admit when I make mistakes and I seem to have knack for diffusing explosive situations.
>> No. 389520
I used to get in fights all the goddamn time until I hit puberty. Lord knows how many pairs of glasses I broke that way when I was a kid.
>> No. 389523
>I was just the little guy girls liked so the jocks wanted to make them happy and protected me.

Fucking shit, what kind of bizarro world did you go to school in?! That's not how things are supposed to go in reality.

In reality, the jocks are supposed to bully the shit out of the cute little guy that the girls like, all day every day, because A)Jocks bully everyone, B)They hate that the girls don't like THEM and so attack the person they do like, C)Real men can stand up for themselves, D)They probably think little guy is gay, or at least a "massive faggot", because he's an unmanly size, and the reason the girls like him must be because he hangs out with them after school painting their nails and gossiping.

To suggest they do otherwise is to suggest that teenage jocks are actually capable of adult rationality instead of blind machismo, which is laughably ridiculous.

I conclude that you're either lying, or you went to school on Krypton. Fess up!
>> No. 389526
Not that person, but I went to a high school in a small town (a little over 9000 people). The school had about 500 people between grades 10-12, and this was after surrounding towns had to shut down their schools due to lack of students and funding and send them to mine.
The people I used to hang out with were what most would consider the loners/losers, but none of us ever had any problems with the jocks. Mostly they were just the friendly redneck type.
Where you grow up has a lot to do with how shitty the people are going to be.
Also, never been in a fistfight.
>> No. 389531
Jocks are just sports-nerds tbh
So the stereotypes have always been kinda funny to me
But I guess they're probably true somewhere
>> No. 389547
The main difference between sport-nerds and other types of nerds is that the sport-nerds are far more likely to be in good physical shape, especially those fitting the "jock" stereotype. And they probably have more testosterone, too, so between the muscles and the aggression they are far more likely to be the bully than not.
>> No. 389548
Yeah I get that strong = potentially harmful, but every jock i've encountered has literally been just a sports nerd. they're like Bones when he talks about Pokemon, but about routines and All-Star Celebrity Ball People.

The bullies I've seen usually don't coincide with the jocks at all.
>> No. 389551
That's the weirdest life story ever.

Man is your day gonna be ruined first time you run across some roidrage asshole on your own. Like.. permanently ruined.
>> No. 389554
I don't recall it personally, but apparently, when I was just got into elementary school, 3 kids cornered me in a classroom, intent on fighting. When the teachers found us, they were all crying on the floor, and I was standing over them, wielding a chair.

Been in a proper fistfight? Never. More likely to break your hand hitting someone in the jaw. I was in a few scraps when I was younger, but that kinda dies off when you get older. Fighting becomes even less acceptable and, after you get blamed for winning a few times, both you and your sparing partner kind of end up telling the principal, "we don't know who started it". It's a very early, practical lesson in The Prisoner's Dilemma; you both get in trouble, but less trouble than if you rat out your opponent, and furthermore, less chance the kid wants to get revenge the next time you're back on the playground.

Fistfights are dumb and dangerous, generally speaking. For a brief period of time, everyone involved is trying to do everything possible to win, and win fast. You don't want the other guy dead, but you don't want him to get back up. People talk about what you should and shouldn't do in a fistfight, how you should handle it, what goes too far, but the thing is, in the heat of the moment, unless you have training or you're just a kid and it ain't really shit (there is still the possibility of injury and even death), it's really difficult to define that line.

But that shit was pretty rare by high school. I never really had "jock" problems. One of the highschools I went to was the most drugged-out school in the district, so nobody gave a fuck about sports-related posturing, and the other one didn't have a sports team.
>> No. 389560
>Where you grow up has a lot to do with how shitty the people are going to be.

This person gets it.
>> No. 389563
>More likely to break your hand hitting someone in the jaw.
bullshit myth
>> No. 389614
Fucking maybe dude. It's not exactly like I have an extensive history testing it. Heavy impact to the head is still a sketchy thing, because even if you don't wreck their hand, you run the risk of wrecking their head. That's kinda the point I'm trying to get across; violence does not go 100% the same way every time, and every scuff is a new chance for a world of hurt. Maybe you don't break your hand, maybe they haul you off for manslaughter. When you're kids, you're weaker, you're fighting on a playground, teacher hauls you off before either of you really get vicious, doesn't mean it doesn't go belly up from time to time. That's why it's dumb and dangerous.
>> No. 389619
The best example of what you're talking about is Boxing or most competitive fighting, the lives of fighters are not long ones, filled with TBI, reduced cognitive functions, increased chances of dementia, etc.
>> No. 389620
Rocky series touches on those effects quite a lot as it progresses.
>> No. 389623
A person needs above average punching power to break their bones on another persons bones.
Cheek bone and brow ridge might break an unprotected hand though, but no one hits there on purpose because neither of those things can really be damaged by a punch. When you throw a punch you're generally going for the jaw, the nose, the throat, ribs and kidneys. Jaws are especially flexible and won't break your hand, in fact the jawbone is more likely to break.
Also you seem to think that fights are fought to the death or something, most fights are over after a few pushes, punches or crappy shin kicks. The entire point of it is to prove to the other guy that youwon't back down without costing him something he doesn't want to pay (time/pain etc), once that's done the fight is over.
The only reason you don't stop fighting is if the other guy is on drugs/crazy, at which point a broken hand or killing the other guy is the least of your worries.

>violence does not go 100% the same way every time
What in life does? Think of it as advanced arguing, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

I seriously can't comprehend how you've never run across someone who wouldn't back down to your words, it just makes me think you're the one that usually does the backing down all of the time. That's a shitty way to live man, you're going to get hurt in your life regardless it might as well be while defending something you believe in.
>> No. 389626
If you have to resort to fists, it's no longer about winning the argument, or even about not backing down, it's about you running out of options and not actually having any good points to make aside from trying to prove that might makes right. That doesn't actually convince the person you're fighting of anything, just that you're an asshole.

I'm a big guy. I could win quite a few debates just with a fist, if that was all it really took. And I have encountered a few guys who simply wouldn't back down from a fight in my adult life, but to a one they have been drunk, belligerent assholes trying to start shit over essentially nothing. Just yelling and trying to get someone to take up the bait. None of the problems I have in my adult life can actually be solved by throwing a punch, otherwise I would be punching left and right. But that isn't how the world works, man, and if that's the only way you know how to stand up for something, you're just going to spend your whole life trying to prove pointless shit that nobody else really cares about.

The point is that if you mean to fight, and you mean to fight and win, especially in a fistfight, you cheat. You trip them, you grab a weapon, you break their arm, you stab them; unless you can throw the kind of punch that might break your hand, just about every other method is going to be innately superior to just trying to beat somebody down. And in that moment, the possibility of grievous bodily harm exists, up to the point of death. Which hasn't been worth anyone who's tried to fist fight me as an adult. Hell, most of the time they can't even throw the first punch, they're trying to egg you into engaging so that they're justified in the no-hold-barred brawl that follows. I've been hurt more deeply by personal relationships than I've ever been hurt by a fist, and after a while the fist just isn't worth anything, except to people who have never moved beyond it.
>> No. 389628
You're implying that most people respond to well reasoned arguments, which is so wrong it's actually a bit funny.
>> No. 389629
And you're implying that they respond better to getting punched in the face. Which is so wrong it's hysterical. Maybe talking doesn't get everything done but it works a hell of a lot better than slugging anyone who disagrees with you. If you think all the people who are not fighting you one-on-one are weak, then what you're not getting is that they pity you. Fists don't prove anything, they aren't real power. Talking may not always get you anywhere, but in making some points, it's not actually necessary that I decisively "win" the debate, physically or not. There are realities in this world that will steam-roll you better than any thug with a gym membership and a swollen thyroid. Anyone really worried about throwing down as they get older is either a Boxer or they're never really going to go anywhere. Power isn't winning an argument with your fists, it's having Flying Robots that can missile someone before they ever hear them coming. It's being able to sic an entire police force on someone because of an unpaid parking ticket. It's about being able to throw you in a deep dark hole god-knows-where for the rest of your natural existence.

I'm exaggerating for effect but do you get the difference? Fighting for what you believe in is all well and good, but there is so damned little that fist fights ever really prove in this day and age. And whether you believe me or not, there are realities you will buffet against if you get into fights as an adult. At best that's both of you walking away with some bruises, cracked ribs and injured egos. At worst, that's you in the back of a police cruiser in handcuffs facing disorderly conduct fines (not fun) or facing a manslaughter charge, or some other form of "your life is now fucked for the immediate future and quite a while beyond it".

There's an anecdote about Martial Arts, about how when you learn it, you train with it for years of your life to just about never use it. Real war is done with pens and papers and ideas and flying killer robots, but those are only after a lot of pen and paper action. Standing up for what you believe in is good, but you won't ever be able to convince anyone that what you say is right if your first action is to attack them.
>> No. 389632
File 139250766733.jpg - (81.38KB , 600x977 , armstrong-poster2.jpg )
I'm going to try wrapping up S rank Revengeance. If one of you hasn't beaten the other in a duel of words, ideals, and nanomachines by the time I get back, I'm going to be disappointed.
>> No. 389633
I wasn't skinny, I was just short but I was always an early pick in PE. Girls just thought I was cute like a little brother.
>> No. 389634
One time I watched two fat girls fight over a fatter girl. When they tried their ground game the school collapsed.
>> No. 389635
That's just the tip.

I have practiced judo and boxing and I can still run and climb well.
>> No. 389670
For outside perspective:
>> No. 389748
The weird thing is I was literally attacked by a cunt that was high as a kite. I went by gas station to pick up a snack after a long flight, literally spent all of my change on a Snickers. She was outside, begging for money to buy something. She was getting upset and screaming at her inability to get change. I figured I could avoid that shit by going out the other exit. I was so wrong and even saw my intentions for what they were. When she came by demanding money, I told her I was broke and she immediately started to cry frantically and flail her twig arms at me.

I had about a foot of height on top of her. The poor guy working the convenient store no doubt had been hassled by her already and reacted almost like this was a regular occurrence for him, as if she were the local wildlife. I saw him dialing on the phone and shaking his head as I was holding onto this crazy bitch's emaciated twig arms while also having to give her a few knees to the gut to keep her at bey since the nutcase was trying to bite me. He comes out and tells me cops are coming. After a few hard shoves, I end up spending the next ten minutes sitting on her, eating a Snickers, and waiting for the cops to arrive.

North Dakota is fucking weird.
>> No. 389859
Guy in my class practiced muay thai. His little sister posed as him online and pissed off a football player in our school. Football player wrecked Mr. muay thai within a matter of seconds, just hooks, haymakers, and knees galore.
>> No. 389862
I saw a football player taken out in one hit by a chair. Clearly Chair-Fu is the greatest fighting style.
>> No. 389863
Hence it coming to Skullgirls
>> No. 389865
Fighting is 50% surprise and terrain, 40% muscle mass, 9% desire to win, and 1% martial arts training.
>> No. 389868
You forgot "batshit-ness," which may fit into "desire to win," but if that's the case it should be a good bit higher in percentage.
Who's crazier almost always decides the fight if it's an actual brawl and not some sort of competition.
>> No. 389869
I applaud you holding back and choice of place to sit while eating.
I frown on your choice of candy bar though.
>> No. 389872
>Fighting is ... 40% muscle mass

You do realize that a 100-pound weakling is just as effective at kicking someone in the balls, punching them in the throat, gouging their eyes with their thumbs, biting everything in sight like a rabid ferret, and/or grabbing the nearest blunt object and whaling away, as is a body builder in peak physical form. This is why self-defense classes focus on attacking the weak parts of the human body.

The muay thai example is a terrible one, A) Because it said the guy merely practiced it, not whether he was any good, B) It's a combat SPORT, and C) It's a combat sport that has a heavy focus on grappling.

If the guy had been adept at something a bit more defensive, say judo, it likely would have gone the other way.

Also, what Slowpoke said is correct. If person 1 decides to pick a fight with person 2, intending to "win", and person 2 intends to totally incapacitate or possibly kill person 1, they'll probably come out on top.
>> No. 389878
>kicking someone in the balls
That only works if you have surprise

>grabbing the nearest blunt object and whaling away
That only works if you have terrain (ie a place with objects)

>punching them in the throat
>gouging their eyes with their thumbs
>biting everything in sight like a rabid ferret
lol try doing that to a much stronger guy who's ready for it
>> No. 389884
File 139318390994.jpg - (34.69KB , 640x480 , Auburn 10.jpg )
Has anyone here witnessed a catfight? Just curious.
>> No. 389885

I'm not going to argue with you anymore. You've already decided that what you know is the absolute truth, and you're just going to twist whatever anyone else says into conforming with that.

You think the biggest guy will always win the fight and martial arts plays no part in it? I have just three words for you: Bruce Fucking Lee. That is all.

(And for Christ's sake, learn to use punctuation. You type like a six-year-old.)
>> No. 389887
Yeah all 3 of those issues you pointed out are why surprise and terrain are like 50% of the battle. It's like was said earlier: fists are kind of useless in a fist fight if you really mean to win. If your opponent would win in a straight up fair fight, why would you ever fight fair?
>> No. 389891
I've seen six in my life, they are not sexual fantasies, they are some of the goriest fights I've ever seen in my life.
>> No. 389894
You're responding to the guy who said that.


Women are fucking scary, they go full lizard brain like 1 second into the fight.
>> No. 389895
Only during high school. Outside of one incident, I don't think any girls were ever sent directly to a hospital afterward, but they were still surprisingly violent. I don't remember any guy fights resulting in as much blood flying around.
>> No. 389896
Seen two. They grabbed each other's hair and started with uppercuts. It lasted for a minute before started crying.
>> No. 389897
File 139321586146.jpg - (348.37KB , 700x500 , 1336265323131.jpg )
A few, the most recent two happening during Summer 2013. Both were full-on dust-ups transpiring across several city blocks, with a crowd surrounding the fighters & encouraging them on.

Not exaggerating.
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