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File 139180505125.jpg - (128.20KB , 964x650 , olympic opening.jpg )
389248 No. 389248
Opening was fucking badassss!
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>> No. 389249
File 139180509413.jpg - (81.07KB , 964x569 , olympic opening2.jpg )
>> No. 389250
File 139180512920.jpg - (131.27KB , 964x528 , olympic opening3.jpg )
>> No. 389251
File 139180519732.jpg - (75.21KB , 964x513 , olympic opening4.jpg )
>> No. 389253
File 139180604674.jpg - (125.93KB , 991x648 , 1391802906002.jpg )
>> No. 389254
File 139180616134.jpg - (24.01KB , 400x271 , Continents.jpg )
I heard the red ring (representing America) didn't open as some kind of insult.

Also did anyone noticed the new power structure alliance between Japan and Russia? Japanese TV don't cover the Sochi shitty hotel room, Japan was placed right behind Russia in opening Ceremony, Japanese team holding Russians flags, Japanese team singing Katusha in romanized moe form.
Japan is Япония in Russian. Я is the last letter of Russian alphabet. All teams came out in alpabetical order EXCEPT JAPAN.
Also the leaders of China (who also showed Russian flag) and Japan were next to Putin during the entire thing.

What is this? Axis of evil?

nice dancer cameltoe too
>> No. 389255
File 139180625639.jpg - (215.22KB , 991x660 , 1391802906001.jpg )
>> No. 389256
File 139180640498.jpg - (66.40KB , 720x576 , vlc-record-2014-02-07-23h49m43s-Потоковая.jpg )
one ring malfunctioned but was restored, plz no politics in olympics thread
>> No. 389257
File 139180658886.jpg - (2.38MB , 2500x1379 , ss-140207-sochi-opening-ceremony-1126.jpg )
>> No. 389259
File 13918068387.jpg - (524.05KB , 2500x1667 , 140207-fisht-1145_94847c055e29972d118b92dddd1ff49e.jpg )
>> No. 389265
So what is the event schedule?
>> No. 389271
10:20 Canada wins gold
11:00 Canada wins gold
11:20 Canada wins gold
12:00 Canada wins gold
12:20 Canada wins gold
>> No. 389280
That was the best winter opening in ages.
Hell, I'd say it topped the London summer opening.

Then again, I'm a sucker for that gorgeous Russian music.
>> No. 389283
I couldn't care less about the politics, the opening was amazing. The showcase of technology and engineering was stunning, the athleticism and precision of the performers was spectacular, and the music was gorgeous. As always for an Opening Ceremony, I spent much of those several hours with my jaw dropped and my tear ducts loose, which is pretty impressive for a miserly jerk like me.

Apparently, the malfunctioning ring was edited out for Russian audiences, spliced in with footage from a rehearsal. I could comment on how this seems like something North Korea would do, but all I can think of is:

Putin: There are five rings. How many rings do you see?

>> No. 389293
>> No. 389294
File 139187975169.jpg - (15.05KB , 640x480 , What2.jpg )
>mfw Police Choir sings Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"
>> No. 389295
File 139188036460.jpg - (78.21KB , 600x1066 , tmp_1391879926504-1847269301.jpg )
>> No. 389296
A door made out of plywood covered cardboard.
>> No. 389297
I don't think that's even plywood I think its an entire door of cardboard.

Sweet Home Alabama
Leningrad Cowboys Red Army C…youtube thumb

Older but better sound version of the Daft Punk cover.
Russian police — Get lucky c…youtube thumb
>> No. 389303
File 139189203587.jpg - (36.32KB , 528x297 , superman-world-of-cardboard_528x297.jpg )
Now all the Olympic Athlete can really feel like Superman!
>> No. 389312
How is that the important part? The news of that is a guy who manages to lock himself in a room then breaks through a door with his head. What kind of neanderthal is this?
>> No. 389332
Because it shows the amount of care that went into making these accommodations.
A strong person breaking through a cardboard door...truthfully, that's not really the most interesting thing to happen.
>> No. 389340
File 139192120844.jpg - (36.12KB , 635x423 , olympics5n-4-web.jpg )
It's not a Marriott or a Hilton bro, these are one and two star hotels with cheap bulk prices with nine beds per room for whole teams of journalists or sportsmen. The only difference between these places and a motel with a styrofoam door is that they offer a pool, nearby restaurant and (shitty) room service. Complaining about the structure of a bathroom door is retarded.

Bigger story is the damage this dude did to the room and to the reputation of the team. Honestly I'd be surprised if they didn't lose a few sponsors over this.
>> No. 389341
File 139192131062.jpg - (43.36KB , 610x423 , Moscow-Marriott-Hotel-Deluxe-Room.jpg )
Compare that pic with a 4 star.

You get what you pay for....
>> No. 389359
Well according to another tweet by a teammate, dude was bathing and had no clothes.
>> No. 389377
>> No. 389451
File 139214855296.jpg - (195.12KB , 1366x768 , 1392135107003.jpg )
ok this olympics is like some kind of softcore porn show, i keep popping uncomfortable boners
>> No. 389453
File 139214873451.jpg - (228.62KB , 1366x768 , 1392135107002.jpg )
>> No. 389486
File 139221385236.jpg - (153.52KB , 1400x980 , 700_hq.jpg )
>> No. 389502
File 139225114323.jpg - (285.48KB , 940x627 , Sochi AMERICAAA.jpg )
If you don't watch Olympics you are unamerican.
>> No. 389533
File 139233213320.png - (412.76KB , 569x364 , sochi ABC news.png )
Thanks, ABC news.
>> No. 389535
one american dumfat stuck ih his bathroom at first, then he stuck at the lift and now he has fallen from aerial lift ass well
>> No. 389549
Holy shit I love these god damn winter sports.
>> No. 389555
Maybe. Just maybe. It might be the horrible horrible job Russia does on building regulations?
>> No. 389562
maybe, just maybe, that one guy is a retard
>> No. 389576
File 139240794611.jpg - (31.25KB , 479x715 , 1392404785001.jpg )
japan im not even gay butt wowww
>> No. 389577
File 139240798940.jpg - (30.46KB , 437x568 , 1392404785002.jpg )
i want to lick his calves
>> No. 389578
File 139240826010.gif - (1.60MB , 400x273 , so sexy.gif )
>> No. 389581
Yeah no joke, he's fucking gorgeous, 10/10 would have tender loving relations with in a heartbeat
>> No. 389602
File 139243530367.jpg - (44.06KB , 500x375 , 1341979889253.jpg )
>> No. 389606
Sochi organizers already ran out of the 100,000 free condoms stocked up for the athletes. That's 30-50 condoms for every male athlete.

Tinder is fucking burning over there.
>> No. 389607
I once read an article that talked about how Olympic athletes, for the most part, when they aren't competing, are fucking each other like rabbits. Just like mass orgies or some shit, since this is possibly the first time in their life that they have extensive unsupervised free time around other people, and also all the competition and athleticism has hormones raging.
It was a pretty cool read.
>> No. 389617
Indeed, would cuddle with.
>> No. 389622
File 139248016255.jpg - (51.32KB , 649x431 , sochi.jpg )
Well... there are maybe 35000 incredibly hot, athletic people grouped together in a place with NOTHING to do, high from adrenaline of competition, having to watch each other in skintight suits. Sure there are clubs at Sochi, but all the hottest people are in athletes housing anyway. It's really not hard to imagine what happens, even without really cool apps like tinder.

There's apparently somewhere a vid on the net of some communal shower room in Sochi with people making out, I'm trying real hard to find it.
>> No. 389636
>> No. 389858
File 139310394261.png - (377.06KB , 668x453 , canada strong.png )
Fucking embarrassing...
>> No. 389860
No. Canada's been awesome all month long.

Mexico? We had ONE competitor. From Austria. The guy was born while his parents were on holiday.
He was in fucking Giant Slalom and took forever to make it halfway. And not only that, the guy fell and didn't even finish.
THAT'S dissappointing.
>> No. 389881
File 139317545086.jpg - (161.86KB , 944x529 , haha.jpg )
Oh Russia...
>> No. 389889
File 139320192424.gif - (4.56MB , 640x360 , ku-xlarge.gif )
>choreographing jokes aimed at self
Only in Russia.
>> No. 389898
the mascots were a bit scary
>> No. 389899
Even so, it was very elegant for something like that and technically impressive with all those animatronics.
>> No. 389909
yea the size impressed me with how they worked.
>> No. 389911
File 139325327633.gif - (5.79MB , 549x300 , moving floor.gif )
Was slightly buzzed when watching that and the moving floor blew my mind.
>> No. 389921
That fuggin' ceremony was gorgeously done.
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