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File 138949821414.jpg - (44.20KB , 300x300 , 1349067346130.jpg )
388333 No. 388333
>Are you going to stand there, fiddling with your phone or sit down and socialize with us? What do you have at home that’s so important?

Lemme ask you. Do you honestly think I want to be here until past midnight, listening to you get drunk and loud?

>We are here because your sister is leaving tomorrow and we are saying goodbye.

I was told we were eating over. I have told you this repeatedly. I expect to go there, eat, and then leave. I didn’t want to eat and listen to you laugh and talk for four hours while I sit here like a jackass.

>What are you so antsy for that you just need to leave?

I'm going to hang out with friends from the internet and watch funny videos.

>Oh, so strangers then?
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>> No. 388335
>validating statement as to make OP feel confident.
>> No. 388338
This is why I don't go home. I love my family, but being with them bring me no pleasure. So when I go home I just sit around doing half the normal things I do and sometimes do activities with them like a board game or see a movie, as well as meals. But overall I'm bored as fuck and I get depressed because I can't do everything I usually do and I feel that I'm letting them down.
>> No. 388339
I've been posting for like, 5 years now. I just took a name cause Raptor told me to.
Sooth that hateboner mang.
>> No. 388340
Yo tooth,
you and justabebopbaby.tumblr.com should totes hook up.
>> No. 388341
>I'm going to hang out with friends from the internet and watch funny videos.
>Oh, so strangers then?

Oh good lord, I know that feel. As if we still live in the early 00's where even showing a picture of yourself online was considered dangerous.
>> No. 388342
Anon who first told you to shut up here, that's not me. Just sayin.
>> No. 388343
>showing a picture of yourself online was considered dangerous

It still kinda is, for most women & girls.
>> No. 388344
>where even showing a picture of yourself online was considered dangerous
I don't like doing that, but because I always feel weird looking at myself. Like, I know exactly how chubby I am and my various defects, but it's still discoserting when I look in the mirror. Like I have some sort of far-more-suave mental image of myself and when I see a photo or a mirror it just wrecks that ideal.
>> No. 388345
Didn't assume it was, it's just plain silly to reminisce for days when I wasn't here, even when I almost always was.
>> No. 388346
File 138951337157.jpg - (29.45KB , 512x384 , 1239562062233.jpg )
Sure is fun waking up from heartburn so painful it brings you to tears.

>Sister comes home for Christmas and my birthday.
>Ask her if she wants to watch a movie before she goes back to Quebec.
>Yeah, sure.
>Almost never home.
>Last day, I flat-out ask her if she doesn't want to watch a movie.
>Jamie, I ran out of time, calm down. We'll watch a movie when I come home again.
>Word for word what she said to me last time before she left.
>In August.
>She won't be home until July.
>> No. 388347

So you're picturing yourself as you'd ideally appear in the Matrix?

All kidding aside, I think most people do that. For example, my self-image is of a me with, among other things, flawless skin (instead of covered in body hair, acne scars, and stretch marks that randomly appeared one year despite me not gaining any weight), perfect teeth (instead of crooked and one chipped), and a smooth face befitting James Bond (kinda forced to grow facial hair to make myself appear as a legitimate adult, and I HATE IT), and of course tanned and trim. My reaction when I look in the mirror is basically, "Who is this ugly old fucker, and why am I in his body instead of my own?!" I'm sure that it's not at all healthy to do this, but it's hardly as bad as it could be. God help me if I somehow manage to get old enough to start getting legitimate wrinkles.

Come to think of it, my ass is rather flat, y'know — for a gay guy. Maybe I should get butt-implants. Might distract from the rest. A bigger dick could help, too. Mine's literally below-average; should I be more bothered by that?
>> No. 388352
I love hanging out with my family. I consider them my friends too, even if they get up my ass sometimes. It's pretty great, we make sure to all meet up at least once a week.

She's hot but she's not single and also 9242772384 miles away.
>> No. 388355
File 13895519097.jpg - (45.61KB , 500x500 , tumblr_msrmz5P5U61qfszjpo1_500.jpg )
here's a picture of a guy i know holding hands with an inflatable killer whale. do something with it.
>> No. 388358
>As if we still live in the early 00's where even showing a picture of yourself online was considered dangerous.
If you had any idea how easy sexual predators (and even common thieves) have it nowadays because of sites like facebook, you might not say that.
>> No. 388363
It's not that I don't get along with my family, it's that everything I do is kind of above their heads and I have trouble explaining it to them, and they don't want to particularly listen to me since part of it is hyperbole they don't agree with. I face the same kind of challenges with other people but the problem is that talking with other people can produce real changes in my life, whereas talking with my family doesn't.
>> No. 388366
Just applied for an awesome job using my new surname, didn't notice my CV's file name is still my old one. Fug.
>> No. 388368
which one of those are they more likely to look at anyway? Since I'm still in a long slog trying to get work and just wondering what the hell I'm possibly fucking up. One of the main reasons I too back to being a writer, though I've mean to do that for a long time.
>> No. 388371
first they let the homos marry and now look whats happening
>> No. 388372
least its mammal, kinda
>> No. 388374
yahoo question of the day
>are gay people mammals?
>> No. 388375
Finally getting the courage up to write something other than self-aggrandizing bullshit. :D
>> No. 388376
Do a lot of squats to make your ass and thighs look better. Weighted preferably, but bodyweight squats will still work.
>> No. 388378
indeed, don't know how my series about a schoolgirl detective coming to terms with her sexuality along with tackling mysteries at her new school will play to a larger audience, but something makes me feel writing this is important. oh and would anyone be interested in giving it a look as I go, I've got a problem catching errors as I write.
>> No. 388379

Well don't leave me hanging. Are they!?

Also, I spent like 3 hours looking for BDSM stuff in my state yesterday. It's either really hard to find or people are just quiet about their fetishes. It should not be this difficult to find someone who wants to tie me up. I know this is sexual, but it makes me wonder what other kind of hobbies people are hiding from the world. It's a good subject for a writing project. I think I'll get right on that.
>> No. 388380
I've come to think its something personal and therefore something private. This coming from the fella that been looking at restraint items on Amzaon for the last two days because they came up when searching for a leather satchel and actually pondering purchase to see what it feels like. Also always up to support American made stuff.
>> No. 388381
File 138959433839.jpg - (13.86KB , 225x259 , g.jpg )
>> No. 388382
sometimes i just read the stuff posted here and i want to smoke a cigarette and shoot myself in the face.
but then you come along and all i do is smoke the cigarette.
thank you.
>> No. 388383
if you smoke u go to jail
>> No. 388384

pablo, on a scale of nope to whoa, exactly how high are you?
>> No. 388385
not hight enough
>> No. 388386
File 138960880340.png - (406.85KB , 800x451 , Oldsnake_salute.png )
>> No. 388387
File 138960886643.jpg - (5.67KB , 259x194 , thesecheese.jpg )
forgot my pic
>> No. 388388
File 138960902487.jpg - (29.26KB , 434x284 , g.jpg )
>> No. 388390
I don't know and do't care about the context of this post, but I want to thank you for making me laugh like there was no tomorrow.
>> No. 388393
So I have a loft bed, which is nice for my small room. I don't use the guard rails because I'm a very stiff sleeper; I rarely move from the position I fall asleep in.

So this morning my alarm goes off and I move to swing myself over onto the ladder. I guess I was still half asleep, and instead swung myself over the side of the bed. The five foot fall was far less painful than I thought it would be, though my mobile file box suffered some damage.

I also managed to kick my monitor and half the stuff off my desk under the bed.

So that's one way to start a week.
>> No. 388394
long as you can walk away from it.
>> No. 388396
I missed an appointment with my therapist, because I lost track of time. I feel awful.
>> No. 388397
I missed my scheduled bus ride, because I lost track of time. Every day is suffering.
>> No. 388404
http://bunkerunderground.tumblr.com/ welp here I go onto path of being a writer, getting myself out in the open and whatnot. Guess I'll post some of my short subject stuff here. Still can't get the damned thing to work with my tablet.
>> No. 388407
Well, Girl B hasn't gotten back to me yet as to when she wants to get a drink. I texted her my full name so she could add me on fb (she admitted she doesn't use it much, which is understandable) and I'm flat broke right now (until Tuesday after next, at least) so I don't mind waiting a while.

Still, I don't want to let her think I've forgotten about her - I haven't called her since last Monday, should I ring her again to get a definite date?

As for Girl A... I haven't spoken to her much on fb. I'll try and get in touch either tomorrow of Wednesday.
>> No. 388409
>getting nearsighted
Well. Shit.
>> No. 388412
>just getting not just about always had

lucky you had yours longer than I did
>> No. 388413
I suppose it could be worse, yeah.

Besides, I look good in glasses, from what I'm seeing of the pair. Probably better when I'm done losing all this weight.
>> No. 388414
same here, slimming down abit after cutting the cola out still a big fella but that's genetic, I just look better overall less bulging and I feel better,least I will after getting over the last of this cold . And once I grow the facial back in, I'll look damn decent.
>> No. 388417
doesn't sound like a bad plan if B isn't into you then say it was just nice having a drink with an old coworker.
>> No. 388418
>tfw text is unreadable more than a foot away without glasses on, everything is a blurry mess beyond
>only 23, but lenses are thicker than grandma's
>still getting worse
The first day I got glasses was pretty amazing, though. I could actually distinguish individual leaves on trees on the ride back home.
>> No. 388419
I think I figured out this throat thing: Acid Reflux Disease.

I've dealt with Acid Reflux many, many times in my life, but it's always been lower in the esophogus, like I was having mild heartburn. This is higher up, in the collar bone region, and it never occurred to me that this could be the cause. Since I still have a supply of generic prilosec, I'll take that (about two weeks worth) and that should be that. It was a regular thing during college when my diet was horrible, but after I got out it greatly improved (mainly dropping soda) and I dealt with only when I had a binge period (normally from travel) or bad stress.

However, I had neither around the time this started, so I'm not sure of the trigger. I am positive that this is what I'm dealing with now, though.
>> No. 388420
Same. I was surprised just how bad it was and how great the difference.

However, I have this weird thing now where I feel "taller" when I'm not wearing my glasses. Not that I feel shorter when I do wear them, but when I'm not it's like I'm 6" taller. It's a nice feeling, even though my eyesight gets kinda shitty.
>> No. 388422
Last first day of undergrad today.

I can't wait to be done.
>> No. 388430

My nearsightedness is so bad that, without my contacts in, I cannot read standard text without getting so damn close to it (we're talking less than four inches) that it starts to blur because my eyes cannot focus on anything that close.

Which is crap because it makes me feel like I'm getting old. When I was a little kid I could touch my nose to paper and be able to study the grain. Now I can't discern fine details if I get closer to something than three inches or so. Well, I can still see well enough to realize that the individual pixels on my LCD screen are actually composed of nine sub-pixels.

It's actually one of the reasons I'm hesitant about getting laser eye surgery, besides the cost and that I'm paranoid they'll fuck up and ruin my life. I don't want to lose my ability to see things so closely. The logic tells me that I can always get a magnifying glass, but if my contacts fall out I literally become legally blind; that I need to see far off things clearly all throughout the day, but see things super-close-up only a few times per week at the most. But still! I don't want to suddenly be unable to paint with eighth-millimeter precision; I don't want to suddenly be unable to tell the difference between a flea and a tick by studying the anatomy; I don't want to suddenly be unable to discern the flatness of the tip of a needle. I know none of these are particularly useful, but it's a matter of pride to have microscopic vision.
>> No. 388431
I've been visually impaired since birth and ineligible for eye surgery. I'm not looking forward to going blind but I think I just kind of roll with it now.
>> No. 388435
eh they'll have augments soon enough. One dude is attempting to develop echolocation since he's got monocular degeneration. Something to do with feedback and magnetic fields, and he made an app for it.
>> No. 388442
Do you have super hearing as a compensation?
>> No. 388443
How come none of you fuckers told me Tallahassee Turns Ten existed?
>> No. 388444
Better than average, I think, but not exactly extraordinary.
>> No. 388448
I'm actually okay but I'm really stressed out and I just wish I had friends to hang out with aaaaaaaaa

or internet
i know i bring this up alot but i'm really fucking desperate aaaaaaaaaaaaa
>> No. 388449
fearing that I won't be able to be friends with my current only friends after the breakup, which iis kind of dumb because they haven't given any indication of that? but still.

Met some potential roomies tonight, we're very close to getting this house, there is a great bar close to it, so it's time be excited and positive and tell yourself that life changes and that's all right, also maybe I'll finally learn how to be properly social and make friends.
>> No. 388455
well as long as your ear doesn't get stuffed up and/or start having a case of tinnitus (the ringing never ends yea!!!)
>> No. 388458
Is there any way to do an RSS feed for tumblrs? Or do I have to sign up for their site and track them that way?
>> No. 388459
4x uncle. 2 nieces and 2 nephews.
>> No. 388460
okay this is very important and i need your help: i have a fancy dress party in march (theme: fictional characters) and i don't have the slightest clue who to attend as. please toss some suggestions out?
>> No. 388461
u guyz need 2 get laid

haha nerdz
>> No. 388462
we're gonna need some tips and tricks
and i'm not talking about cosmo tips

give us some of your sweet moves, pavel
>> No. 388463
those are some pretty funky moves pablo

show me how you do it
>> No. 388465
we could be nerdz 2gether4ever
would solve the laid problem
>> No. 388466
Formal so something in a dress or are you thinking costume.
>> No. 388467
Fancy dress as in a costumes of a character, not actual fancy dresses. Fancy dresses are my forte and I would be chill with that. It will be a flat party with the chance of going to a club or something maybe, so nothing too elaborate.
>> No. 388468
Pretty much any Disney princess is in, though you'd have to do the hair to make any kind of distinction.

Is what Jessica Rabbit wore considered fancy dress attire?

You could also take any notable character outfit and copypasta onto a dress. BtAS Harley Quinn comes to mind as a distinctive pattern that would lend itself to a dress.
>> No. 388469
it's a costume party. that's what fancy dress means in britain, like a hallowe'en party or something.
>> No. 388470
Yea that is what I was thinking the ones that didn't have to much poof to get in others way at a party. Which would include princesses like Zelda and Hilda from that series and Mario's Rosalina who I guess could be considered to wear a gown.
>> No. 388471
>> No. 388472
Oh. You redcoats and your weird terms.
>> No. 388473
Apparently some Ozzies use it too.
>> No. 388474
y u be hatin on making our tips kiss
its gonna be so romantic~
>> No. 388475
>> No. 388476
these are not the tips i asked for, but i should be grateful for the tips i got.

>> No. 388477
File 138984588712.jpg - (379.57KB , 1000x327 , eepadc2013_16.jpg )

what a great new stupid expensive hobby for me
>> No. 388478
Didn't you have a Power Rangers SPD badge/patch or jacket at one point? If you've still got it, it's pretty obvious what you have to do.
>> No. 388479
go Akibaranger style and just put a piece of notebook paper on the back with the initials, and a white scarf.
>> No. 388486
Oh that badge is long gone. Or in my room somewhere. Same thing, really.
>> No. 388495
Maybe found a summer internship, in Florida. Crux of its going to be talking some old professors I've not seen in a couple years for recommendations. All ready for them to decline since I've not seen them a long time but I'll remain hopeful.
>> No. 388498
crossing too many streams again.

running out of places to post about romantic interests.

going on a sort of date on sunday with someone i've been crushing on since three months ago.

flirting getting heavy with a mutual follower i know through mutual friends over tumblr. it's getting past jokes straight to other things...

still trying to figure out where i stand with another something-more-than-friend who i've been close to for years now.

and all the while i'm freaking out about grad school.

>> No. 388502
is it me, ferrous

is it me
>> No. 388504
i just...

oh god i just want all the beautiful people

mostly women

are you mostly women?
>> No. 388505
nigga I'm already a lesbian
>> No. 388506
File 138998470498.jpg - (155.16KB , 600x900 , img_1162[1].jpg )
Bow ties.

>> No. 388507
Only if you're a jolly grandpa or a kids TV presenter.
>> No. 388508
long as yoi think its cool
>> No. 388509
Can I be a jolly TV kids presenter?

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'm probably going to bite and get a few outfits for bow ties when I get the money.
>> No. 388510
That outfit is nice from the waist up, tragic from the waist down.
>> No. 388511
your opinion and pablo's has done wonders for my style by getting me to think about what you said... and realizing that it doesn't change that what i'm wearing looks good to me and to the people i'm trying to impress.

i think that look is more than allowed and communicates quite a bit.
>> No. 388513
whatever makes you happy or something
>> No. 388514
Something in my gut makes me want to assault everyone who ever cared about fashion. Probably with a trebuchet. I don't know why.
>> No. 388515
I feel the same way about people who wear blue jeans.
>> No. 388516
I care about fashion as in looking good. Fashion the industry? Fucking horseshit
>> No. 388517
Man, how did wallet chains make a comeback? Did they never actually fade away?
>> No. 388518
The production side of any industry is bound to be fucked up, considering it's about making money in competition. The artistic expression side is only fucked up because it's about ideals in shape and color, and a lot of people have gotten very far in it with some weird-ass ideals, but there is some revolt against that. I hope it sticks.

Blue jeans are so comfortable though. They don't tear when I move the wrong way and they keep me warm.
>> No. 388520
there was a reason the blue jean was king of the western wear, because they last a damn long time. I've got some six year pairs just starting to wear out that need to be replaced in about a year.

As for fashion design its totally cracked with their designs looking good on only some strange model person and not actual people with actual parts and shapes.
>> No. 388521
Rang B a few hours ago - we managed to agree on Wednesday (she wanted to try this weekend, but I'm poor as fuck until Tuesday) where Ill met her after she's done with college.

As for A... it's not like I don't want to keep in touch with her, but it seems like she's never on facebook at the same time as me (a situation made even more irritating when facebook says she's available to chat, and then it says she's been away for about 6 minutes). I'd send her a text, but I have £1 worth of credit left on my phone and she tends to send long texts (I'd feel like sending short texts in response would give even impression than current silence).

I just don't want to fuck things up.
>> No. 388522
what makes blue jeans such a sin in your mind?

that was one of those things you critiqued me on but in the same day i had three people saying they wanted to remove those jeans from me for the opposite reason
>> No. 388523
>giving a shit about fashion
>not just buying all your clothes from Goodwill so you have more money for vidya
top lel
>> No. 388524
>wearing clothes outside of social situations that legally require them
i'm pretty sure i've used all of my smug-looking Slowpoke pictures but pretend I used one here
>> No. 388525
fashion is popular art
style is expression
there's overlap
people not understanding the difference isn't that big a deal to me, but shitting on both because "you don't see the point" seems dismissive to me... i mean it's up to you how you want to present yourself, but calling other people dumb for choosing it as their medium of expression is... well... kinda small, you know?

money being an issue, i can understand. i usually just shop at thrift stores or out of season to get what i want. really helps when all i need are pants to replace my pants and shoes to replace my shoes. good quality stuff can last a while. no need to go broke on clothes if you can help it... hopefully.

sage because talking about clothing this long bores me and i want to move on.
>> No. 388526
plus4chan has the worst userbase on the planet
>> No. 388527
hugs and kisses to you too.
>> No. 388528
go hug a forest of dicks
next time we meet we go to a lesbian bar looking our best lipstick lesbian. bring your femme game. slam. jam. etc.
>> No. 388530
Finally, I've achieved something.
>> No. 388531
We've literally always known that.
>> No. 388532
>> No. 388533
>Get wrist brace from my doctor for my carpal tunnel
>Actually feels like the brace is just making things worse
>> No. 388537
Because 90% of the time they look so cheap and shitty and ill fitting and people keep wearing them with black shirts or dress shoes and blazers (for that step-dad going through a mid-life crisis swag) or those ugly ass brown utility hiking trainer-shoe things that white boys love so much which just looks awful. Burn all prefaded stone washed bootcut Walmartesque blue jeans.
>> No. 388539
File 139005447562.png - (18.29KB , 251x233 , ohgee.png )
My Tumblr feed is becoming /r9k/4girls. Too many legbeards and bitter teenagers. Not enough funny.
>> No. 388540
this is the first time i've ever heard legbeard and i'm dying
seriously though some of the best cosplayers i've been following stopped posting cosplay stuff and just started posting about their horribly awkward social interactions and revenge fantasies
>> No. 388541
File 139005611625.jpg - (266.51KB , 968x1455 , justin_timberlake_black_blazer.jpg )
no idea what you're talking about.

also, as someone who wasn't allowed to wear jeans for 17 years of his life due to uniforms and dress codes, jeans have been a relief for me. my only gripe is that designer jeans are expensive but FALL THE FUCK APART because they're not designed to be worn like proper jeans, so getting the cheap(ish) durable ones from companies like Levi's is the only recourse.

i'm with you on the fake fades, stone washed, pre-torn, business. anything that makes it look like you and your clothes had an interesting life but didn't looks desperate, like lying on a social network profile.
>> No. 388542
Well yea that goes without saying and all that '90s-'00s worn garbage
>> No. 388543
Time to do your civic duty and unvirgin them all Moe.
>> No. 388550

Why even give a fuck about wether tooth thinks blue jeans are fashionable or not? In America people wear blue jeans all the time. Different locations have different fashions.
>> No. 388551
They still look like shit in America.
>> No. 388554
>Seriously judging what people find fashionable in their own country
>> No. 388555
File 139009497849.jpg - (77.15KB , 1600x1600 , latex-gloves.jpg )
Anyone who considers jeans to be "fashion" is a retard, it's a functional piece of clothing, like latex gloves or something. Of course some asshole walking down the streets in a pair of latex gloves would look ridiculous.

Maybe because of being exposed to it by my dad and brothers, but jeans for me will always be working mens pants. Meant to protect legs during manual labor that normal pants just can't handle.

If you have the leg muscles to actually fill out a pair of jeans and the common sense not to mix them with dress shoes, jeans can be attractive... even downright sexy. IDK if you've ever seen Mike Holmes wearing a pair, but he does fill them out rather nicely.
>> No. 388556
File 13900950084.jpg - (148.23KB , 1304x979 , hardhat.jpg )
"Fashion" originally picked up jeans because they became a symbol of somebody who works with their body. Later ripped and faded jeans became introduced to give them the illusion of being used.
This is the ultimate in retarded behavior, imagine someone seriously wearing a hardhat in public and trying to look tough. Imagine them mixing it with a full dress suit. Then adding scratches to it to make it look more used.

Of course it looks retarded when presented that way.
>> No. 388557
File 139009503815.jpg - (156.79KB , 600x915 , exciting-man-street-fashion-style-with-blue-jeans-.jpg )
In reality like 99% of jeans are worn by out of shape people and pathetic hipsters with chicken legs who want to look "tough" so.... tooth and goblin may have the right of it, generally speaking.
>> No. 388558
Here, they're casualwear. Jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes. They aren't fashionable, but you can wear them out most places.
>> No. 388559
>Meant to protect legs during manual labor that normal pants just can't handle.
What the hell are "normal pants"
in the US and afaik, Canada, jeans are normal pants. they're what you throw on when you go outside if you aren't dressing up.
>> No. 388560
File 139009759386.jpg - (175.45KB , 460x460 , britney-cringe.jpg )
i should have known better
>> No. 388561
How dare you start a discussion on the internet, with your refined European tastes.
>> No. 388562
Anyone who even cares about fashion is a person I automatically don't care about.
>> No. 388564
You can pull of jeans casually if they actually fit well. Finding Jeans that fit well is harder than Askal's dick in a dogpound, though.
>> No. 388565
Everyday trousers (pants) have have pleats, cuffs, creases and other things that simply don't exist on jeans, such as the fact that they aren't supposed to be form fitting in any way. Pants are designed more to look good than to survive hard work.
Jeans take a completely different direction, they're a special type of work pants made of denim and usually have reinforced stitching or even rivets, and aren't designed for appearances.

If jeans are so common where you live as to have replaced all other kinds of trousers, your place of residence probably suffers from >>388557
>> No. 388566
>where you live
>your place of residence
a majority of a continent
we ain't talkin my podunk-ass town son, I've been all over the US, and unless people are specifically trying to look nice, the pants they're wearing are jeans
>> No. 388569
where the hell does corduroy fall in this system of excessive compartmentalization
>> No. 388570
I just took tooth's comment as a flippant remark. You people are a little too in love with your Levi's.

This post was brought to you by someone who exclusively wears jeans.
>> No. 388571
how come any time someone disagrees with something, people assume it's because they took it personally?
see a shitload of that on tumblr too, with people asking if they hurt someone's fee-fees if they get disagreed with.
it's weird.
>> No. 388572
>> No. 388573
It's not that it was a disagreement, rather you all took it as a serious comment that required a serious response.

I read that post, rolled my eyes, and kept scrolling. The most thought I gave that post was "lol you crazy" and just forgot about it.
>> No. 388574
this is not my first time getting feedback from tooth about jeans and i was inquiring based on past experience with it. basically she disliked an outfit in one of my selfies and practically described it to a tee in that follow up post.

why anyone else would take it personally is bizarre.
>> No. 388575
It's just that this board is full of people who overthink things. I think we're all musing aloud. Which is the thread topic, so go us?
>> No. 388576
I didn't know you two had history with jeans before I read her comment.

But the rest of you, yeah. Even if she was being serious, I'm not sure why you would take it seriously. Especially considering jeans are worn all over the world and most people you'll run into probably think they look nice (provided they actually fit, aren't dirty, etc)
>> No. 388577
>someone makes a post
>people reply
>someone gets ruffled over people responding
I'm still not followin m8
were we all supposed to go "trololol!" and nothing else? were we supposed to ignore tooth completely? she stated an opinion and got replies, which started a discussion. this is how conversation works, to my knowledge.
>> No. 388578
Why are you trying to make this about countries bro?

Exactly. Jeans are the exact minimum of human decency. They're not grey sweatpants and a wife beater, they're just over the line.

If you don't care about fashion, YOU are a person you don't care about.

Agreed. We're talking about the off the shelf kind.
>> No. 388579
.... what else is there these days aside from jeans?

as a girl you get the options of skirts and leggings but guys don't have much of an alternative (aside from slacks, which are too formal for everyday casual wear)? everyone i know wears jeans and not much else, unless they're disgusting sweatpants-wearers? i'm legitimately confused. i have never been exposed to a world in which jeans were not an integral part of a person's wardrobe. it's actually mindblowing
>> No. 388580
>(aside from slacks, which are too formal for everyday casual wear)?
How are we defining everyday casual wear? Like hanging around the house, maybe taking care of a few errands casual? Because yeah, I'll agree with that.

But are we talking going out with friends, going to a bar, taking a college class, that sort of casual every day thing? Nah, Slacks are not too formal.
>> No. 388581
>If you don't care about fashion, YOU are a person you don't care about.
That's such bullshit.
>> No. 388582
>taking a college class

That's jeans and a hoodie territory, bro.

>If you don't care about fashion, YOU are a person you don't care about.

Rarity pls you are the worst pone
>> No. 388583
File 139011660858.jpg - (9.16KB , 260x345 , tailored-slim-fit-flannel-pant-grey-heather.jpg )
are we talking about the same kind of pants? i mean these kind. here you would absolutely not wear these to a bar because they look too professional/businessy, you would be very out of place, looking like you just came from work and did not stop by your house to change into more suitable clothes. you could wear them to college... if you worked there. it's not really a social faux pas to wear them in casual situations but you might give off an uptight/serious aura which is not what you want in a bar setting or when you're just hanging out with friends. i've always found it funny that they were called slacks because they give off the exact opposite image of being a slacker. if you want to look nice for a date though yes please wear slacks and not jeans.

is there any other alternative?
>> No. 388584
cargo pants all day erry day master race
>> No. 388585
>get a crush on someone for the first time in like almost two years
>they're really far away and you're not even close enough to really be called a friend yet and they're interested in someone else anyway
i feel like i'm fuckin 13 again with this shy blushy crap
just throw me in the trash
>> No. 388586
just come sit in the corner with the rest of us silly folk.
>> No. 388589
File 139014195695.png - (226.89KB , 793x736 , 1377372133061.png )
>cargo pants
Same here. Those animes were right. Virgins are the fucking best, holy shit.
>> No. 388590
Why would anyone dress up for a college class? Your peers aren't even paying attention to you unless it's a lab or debate forum or something else requiring lots of face-to-face communication. If it's before 10am they may not be paying any attention at all.
>> No. 388592
File 139017584788.png - (255.24KB , 474x519 , 1309576900178.png )
As I approach day three of my cellphone having been melted and ruined by some jackass dumping a liquid air freshener on it, I wish I could go back to the days when I laughed at people who were so attached to their smartphones and told myself I'd never want or need one. I HAD THIS THING LESS THAN A MONTH DAMN YOU.
>> No. 388594
In a strange turn of events, I have received some kind of promotion I wouldn't normally be able to get.
Am grateful. Also, more exhausted than I've ever been in my life.
In addition, I'm kind of in a position in which I can facilitate the firing of one of my former coworkers. I'm not entirely sure how to go about this, as it is my first position with these kinds of responsibilities.
Also, though I always go out of my way to be extra nice and courteous to everyone whether I'm working or not, and most of it is genuine, I don't feel too guilty. She may be the worst employee I have encountered in my entire life, she is long overdue, and my superiors--as well as her coworkers--agree with me.
I'm currently planning out how to address the issue with her. Is there anything I should keep in mind when firing or disciplining a worker?
>> No. 388595
wow i signed a lease today! everything is finalized. c'est la vie

this is the ad my roommate put up since I'm moving out and we find it hilarious but good. i really don't want to fuck them over.
>> No. 388598
Why the fuck would they do that?
>> No. 388599
expect to be shat on regardless of what goes down. Just remember its a job and you do what needs to be done for the job.
>> No. 388600
Not intentionally. They unplugged it and left it on the shelf where my phone was charging and it fell over and spilled everywhere.
>> No. 388601
I think my New Years Resolution will be to change my alignment from Lawful Neutral to Chaotic Good.
>> No. 388602
ah ha ha one of the girls that i'm quite fond of is a bit of a hobbyist with internet searching people

i wonder if she'll run across plus4chan because of such things.

oh. no.

please to be disappearing from internet and deleting all posts forever because i use the same names for everything
>> No. 388603
>please to be disappearing from internet and deleting all posts forever because i use the same names for everything
been there, done that
>> No. 388604
Ya'll better not let Cyke see yah bad-mouthing jeans.
>> No. 388605
Anyone notice the Girl Scout cookies taste a little different this year?
Like they're...fluffier or something.
>> No. 388607
They finally invented an artificial Girl Scout to use in the recipe. Saves them money, too.
>> No. 388609
The Internet Gods have smiled upon me, and granted me a most sacred and important task:

I am getting to subtitle the internet release of FoodFight!
>> No. 388610
Different bakery I bet, locally its not the Little Brownie Bakery, even though its just north of here.
>> No. 388611

This house wouldn't look half bad if all that junk was tossed out. I'm just sayin.
>> No. 388615
File 139024609795.gif - (0.96MB , 500x364 , 1380309143584.gif )
The people complaining about those "list of fashion things guys hate" articles are providing me with the perfect list of people to ignore and unfollow.

Thanks, shallow insecurity.
>> No. 388617
well ninja i think cargo pants are junk so there

but in all honesty pants in general are for tools just wear skirts and sarongs and tights and legging every day and if u think they can't be rugged or worn outdoors or while working or on a hike i invite you to watch the documentary of my life
>> No. 388618
if u a man u can wear skirts too don't be an insecucre chump

they add 5 inches to your dick and get all the bitches

>> No. 388619
I found a fainting couch that I really like.
It's on sale for $400 though. It was $900.
>> No. 388620
can confirm, this is a true science fact
>> No. 388627
I prefer to have pockets and my legs covered.
>> No. 388632
File 139029259050.gif - (0.98MB , 240x182 , FUCK NAH I'M DONE I'M SO FUCKING DONE.gif )
>First day of work with no phone
>Suddenly realize I suck ass at keeping track of the time without a little glowing constant reminder in my pocket
>Constantly screaming internally at having to actually talk to people
>> No. 388635
This is why I still wear a watch. I feel naked without it, so it's a lot harder to forget than the phone that I never use.
>> No. 388644
NetcraftENT confirms it, I have acid reflux. I wish I would have realized this much sooner; I respond really well to Prilosec (at least, according to the ENT I saw today, as he said that showing relief after a week is pretty fast) so I would have dealt with it for two weeks instead of two months. He gave me a strong prescription to beat it down faster and hopefully keep it there, and in the meantime I've put carbs back in my diet regularly (the lack of which I attribute to this really odd flare up.)

So now I can get back to just dealing with obesity, mild insomnia, and chronic depression. ~yay~
>> No. 388645
my dog goes into surgery tomorrow and i feel sick with fear
>> No. 388646
What's it for, had them go for everything under the sun at one time or another. Had one pass a couple years back due to complications of cancer and mercer, very nasty and very sad. Heck I'll worry with you about the chances of mercer, that shit is bad news and can be dormant for years and you won't know it. Here is to them making it through clean.
>> No. 388651
File 139036356144.jpg - (853.12KB , 2560x1920 , Clerical_clothing.jpg )
>how come any time someone disagrees with something, people assume it's because they took it personally?
Because you went postal at tooth over a simple comment. Because you attack random people who imply jeans aren't the standard mode of outer legwear in the world (brotip: they aren't). Be relax.

If sarongs are a skirt then pic related is a dress, I'm wearing a kilt bish!
>> No. 388652
File 139036362417.jpg - (23.59KB , 223x329 , Utilkilt_beige.jpg )
>> No. 388653
what happened?
dude utilikilts are fug and neither skirts nor sarongs, hsh
>> No. 388655
Pretty much the same reason why I still wear a watch. Plus, it allows me to do some stop-watch timing on whatever every so often.
>> No. 388656
>Because you went postal at tooth over a simple comment. Because you attack random people who imply jeans aren't the standard mode of outer legwear in the world (brotip: they aren't).
no i didn't and no i don't but hey man, i understand, reading can be hard sometimes
you rock that kilt
>> No. 388660
File 139037909743.jpg - (119.03KB , 550x682 , obama_victory_pie.jpg )
Found this link that has the 4chan /j/ board and other mod and janitor stuff

>> No. 388663
I have officially developed the worst insomnia. I have lost the inability to sleep and its destroying every aspect of my life. Please kill me.
>> No. 388675
Patriarchy pikes declare dominance.
12/18/13: Video from 12/16/13…youtube thumb
>> No. 388676
I can't even tell when people are trying to be serious about things like this anymore.
>> No. 388677
"They pay people, they PAY people to put these up here. Just the symbols of... of the destruction, of women's rights, the DESTRUCTION, of children's rights, they're everywhere! Everywhere, around the entire place, just look at this. Look at this, who ordered this? WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN!?!? ...n'there's a Chili's."
>> No. 388678
Oh it's serious, she's just mentally ill and not taking medication. Watch some of her other vids.
>> No. 388681
I wanted to poke that shitstorm for giggles but that woman does seem to be legitimately mentally troubled.
>> No. 388684
I fail to see the correlation between parking lot planning pikes and...whatever the hell she seems to think it is.

Does she actually know what those are?
>> No. 388685
i just put down 2000+ calories in 20 minutes and i'm still hungry. i think my body is trying to convert itself entirely into fast food and the frozen section of trader joe's
>> No. 388690
Working on setting up a Tumblr for writing



Beginning of the prologue for my book series.
>> No. 388691
You make an intriguing point, Rog.youtube thumb

i've been laughing for eight years.
>> No. 388693
I've watched this about 20 times in three days.
>> No. 388695
I think she views them as a phallic object, like that thing in front of the white house. It's kind of retarded.
>> No. 388696
File 139052508145.jpg - (48.69KB , 684x720 , wendys its people.jpg )
Can barely understand it, what language is that!?
>> No. 388697
Black guy is some sort of African. (Ghanian? Kenyan?)
White guy is Ausfag.
>> No. 388699
File 139052983179.png - (14.19KB , 497x501 , beautiful.png )
>> No. 388700
i hope i get to say "stop right here you loli loving autist and bow to your senpai" at least once before i die.
>> No. 388701
I just watched this shit like 6 times in a row. I can't stop laughing. That "bow to your senpai" part gets me every time.
>> No. 388705
god my god
>> No. 388707
this is my favorite video i've ever seen on youtube
>> No. 388709
>invented moe in 1976
holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
>> No. 388710
File 139055273068.jpg - (145.67KB , 611x700 , 1390096943232.jpg )
>4 organ deliveries in one night
I feel like Frankenstein of the 21st century.
>> No. 388711
File 139057455777.jpg - (26.84KB , 640x600 , 1373640138107.jpg )
You should see how many times I've delivered my organ to your mum in a single night.
>> No. 388713
File 139057879441.png - (157.98KB , 589x628 , 1390378511333.png )
>Me right now
>> No. 388714
this is it. this video.
>> No. 388715
File 139058256222.gif - (499.25KB , 408x230 , tumblr_lm8z8tt2qh1qzyufx.gif )
>day off from work due to ice on roads
>go see Frozen instead
>> No. 388717
Drinks with Girl B have been commuted to cocktails with Girl B and some other ex-colleagues - somebody has a Groupon, apparently.

It's not ideal as far as I'm concerned (I'd already had plans for Friday), but it's what she wants, mainly because she's poor as fuck and so am I

Still haven't spoken to Girl A. I'll send her a text this weekend.
>> No. 388727
Senor is in New York now, so we should do a NYC meet-up like soon before he freezes to death.
>> No. 388729
Ok I have a beep boop how do you human question.

How do you keep from being constantly terrified that everyone around you talks shit about you behind your back. Like, I make friends. I hang out with colleagues. Then, they start bad mouthing people I've seen them get along with. So how do you know they don't hate/pity/can't stand you, too?
>> No. 388730
Lately I've gotten around this situation by not giving a shit what other people think, cause I think I'm pretty great.
But also, trust your friends.
>> No. 388731
Whoops. Forgot you can't express feelings or talk about your mental problems because it makes other people feel shitty.
>> No. 388732

Be alone. It's awesome. Vodka and microwave pizza will always love you.
>> No. 388733
I never thought about that, but the way I deal with it is the same way I deal with people making fun or talking down to me to my face: I make sure that I hate myself more than anyone else reasonably could, that I find all my weakness and worst aspects and remind myself daily how much I suck.

That way, no one can tower over me because no one can hope to climb my tower. And then, at the top, I do >>388732.

You're assuming friends. This is a hazardous assumption.

Talk about them here, because we all already feel shitty.
>> No. 388734
The anon mentioned friends specifically tho.
If they're not friends or people you need to impress for whatever reason(higher-ups at work, people you admire, crushes, whatever) then I have no idea why you'd care what they thought of you.
>> No. 388735
Ninja, I think you're forgetting those special days.
Those days when you drink cheap champagne instead of vodka.
>> No. 388736
Champagne is terrible.
>> No. 388737

Do you have something against being fancy, Tooth?
Not disagreeing with you since most fancy things taste bad anyway.
>> No. 388738
So, I'm an atheist. My sister, who I adore, and who is far more intelligent than I will ever be, is a Christian.

I do not have a problem with this.

She's just a very atypical Christian, which I find confusing. There are just so many aspects of the faith that she herself outright rejects, I don't really understand why she doesn't reject the faith in its entirety. She just clings to certain aspects of the faith that she doesn't find too offensive.

For me personally, it was drilled into me that the faith was completely perfect with no room for error. Therefore, once I started to find holes, the whole thing kind of fell apart for me.

Again, I have no problem with the religious. I just find myself very curious about how my sister handles her belief. I guess she's just more open and forgiving than I am.
>> No. 388739
We're talking texts that are thousands of years old, translated through several different languages, and existed in periods where rulers, religious or otherwise, could easily add or remove segments without the general population being any the wiser, not to mention that no one can even agree on how much is literal, how much is parable, how much is obsolete now, how much changed when Christ walked, etc.
There is a shitload of wiggle-room to pretty much ignore what's contradictory or doesn't suit your own personal beliefs without the entire structure collapsing.
>> No. 388740
To each their own I always say, I'm a skeptic in the mind that there are things beyond our perception that we may take as religious and give reverence to. Course maybe I'm just not as shaken by things since it was handled more as philosophy than actual faith by those I had interactions with in the formative.
>> No. 388742
>> No. 388743
You are drinking it wrong, its supposed to be partaken out of a woman's high heel.
>> No. 388744
Many people either need to have a purpose or end game in their life, or have something to answer the questions that science and humanity can't yet. Religion does both (though continually less on the latter) and also provides a very stable presents with a large community that essentially becomes a Life Support Group. When religion is the goal to fill those holes, it's easy to pick and choose which parts you want to follow or ignore (like Leviticus, which has one or two lines about homosexuality being a bad thing that many Americans cling to, but then they go and ignore the rest of it with things like sending women off when they're on their period, how to properly obtain slaves, and stoning adulterers.)

I have a very intelligent Computer Science professor I've kept in light touch with after graduating, who I admire and respect greatly, that is also very religious. He's not outspoken on it, but he doesn't shy away from the topic, either. At the least, he doesn't thump his Bible, and he never brought it up in class. I never asked him why, but since he doesn't try to control anyone with it that doesn't matter.

>For me personally, it was drilled into me that the faith was completely perfect with no room for error. Therefore, once I started to find holes, the whole thing kind of fell apart for me.
Same. My father is a conservative Lutheran pastor to boot, so I had that shit drilled into me hardcore. If he had been a liberal Lutheran pastor, I might still be religious to some extent; but with so many contradictions and things just not sitting well with me (if you accept the Garden of Eden as is, then you tacitly accept that God set humanity up to fail) that I dropped the whole thing.

Which is nice, because now I get my Sundays. I do miss hymns, though; they were the only part of church I enjoyed, and they're as close as I'll get to spontaneous musical numbers in real life. I tried going to a Mormon service once with a friend who was converting to it, and they sung so quietly. I don't even understand why you'd sing then.

(Yes, there's a such thing as liberal (ELCA) vs conservative (LCMS) Lutheran.)
>> No. 388745
Sounds like your sister is what's known as a "liberal" Christian - nothing to do with politics, she just takes a liberal view of the Bible i.e. she doesn't believe in the entire Bible, just the bits she likes.

There's nothing inherently wrong with that - "Do unto others", "Let he who is without sin", etc., sounds pretty good to me, and why shouldn't she avoid some of the other crap about stoning gays and not eating shrimp?
>> No. 388747
Overdue for some reform methinks
>> No. 388748
> why shouldn't she avoid some of the other crap about stoning gays and not eating shrimp?
Because Leviticus was written for the thriving survival of traveling Levites in a hostile region where disease could spread very easily.
>> No. 388749
I love being fancy, but I hate dry wine and champagne tastes like fizzy sour perfume.

>drinking anything incorrectly
>> No. 388750
File 139067891534.jpg - (64.52KB , 750x376 , 1389983855858.jpg )
basically this.

As an Atheist who does have a problem with Religion (which boils down to stifling understanding of the nuts and bolts technologies around us), I meet a lot of people who are good religious people who almost never adhere to the full scripture of their text. Which is a good thing, but it does beg the question of why one would rep the Faith when the text cannot be interpreted wholly. I think it comes down to 2 real main factors:

1) Atheism is terrifying. The idea that there is no Grand Narrative, that we are essentially at the behest of an unthinking mechanical Universe, and that the cause of almost everything that happens on this planet is ultimately Human, is incredibly scary. The idea that things like Karma are really just our brains drawing structure around essentially unstructured events is in no way comforting. Given that contemplation of such notions only grants usefulness in a dizzyingly abstract way, often it is simpler to just believe, however piecemeal that may be to the strict dogma.

2) At least in America, Church is the great social meeting ground. It attracts tons of people, you don't have to imbibe any drugs, and you don't have to meet hyper-complex social obligations or understand truly difficult ideas to be accepted. The social group granted by attending Church is arguably greater than any other social group in America, and while lots of people seem like they have it together socially, ultimately everyone is still in search of friends, and those gatherings represent some of the greatest pools of people.

Needling people on these points is ultimately fruitless, however. People believe what they need to believe in order to preserve their own sanity, and thus survive. Reasoned arguments against Religion don't work because it is trying to breach the core of what a person considers to be their "self", and that identity is ultimately tied to their moral compass, and how they perceive themselves as ultimately being good people. The problem is that just thinking you're a "good person" does not capture all the realities of what it means to truly do good in this world, y'know? Or at least, that's my issue with it. But most "Bad" Christians seem to get this on some level, even if they still believe.
>> No. 388752
There are different types. A lot of people really love one type of wine but hate all others.

Also wines (including champagne) are supposed to be taken with food. Depending on the food, the wine can nullify a bad aftertaste, counteract fatty stuff and oil, or make meat taste better.

Blanc de noirs for example goes well with seafood or mushrooms. It's possible someone served you incorrectly, forgot food altogether, or gave you cheap sweet champagne out of a box.
>> No. 388754
You can't get champagne in a box.
>> No. 388755
I agree completely that there's nothing wrong with it, and I'm glad that she's able to look at religion the way that she does. I certainly do think that there are some good life lessons that one can take away from the faith. I'm happy that this is something that she's able to find rewarding.

My confusion just kinda stemmed from the fact that, again,
>it was drilled into us that the faith was completely perfect with no room for error. Therefore, once I started to find holes, the whole thing kind of fell apart for me.
And considering just how knowledgeable she is about our particular church's past and just how much she flat out disagrees with, I'm perplexed by how devout she remains.
Again, I find nothing wrong with this if it's what she wants. I'm glad she's able to take the positive and leave the negative. I just have some difficulty understanding how one is still able to embrace the faith with the knowledge she has.

Again, she is more intelligent and insightful than I am, so I'm probably missing something, but the way I kind of view my current relationship with the faith is comparable to how I no longer believe in Santa Claus. I see the purpose of his existence, and I suppose that it's good that some kids are given further incentive to be well-behaved, but with the knowledge I have now I can't go back to believing in him even if I really wanted to.

I know where you're coming from, and truth be told, I also have tons of problems with religion myself
I actually have considered these factors, but they don't seem to apply to her. I briefly considered that she may view religion as some kind of novelty to have fun with, but I doubt that's the case either.

Anyway, it's not important. Just something about her that kinda piqued my curiosity.
>> No. 388756
White wine = fish

Red wine = meat

I think thats the rule.
>> No. 388757
File 13906825234.jpg - (51.61KB , 600x437 , Cezar_6_Pack_1_Can.jpg )
nah, just in cans.

anyone want to ponder the questions of afterlife and religion/religious history Mysterious Universe is a decent podcast for it. Their Christmas special this past year is a good one talking about what the Holiday is made up from all the Germanic and Roman type festivals that were absorbed into what is now considered Christmas and they've had a few shows talking about the afterlife and what exists beyond this world. Also one from a couple weeks back talks of the origins on the story of Moses and who it was based upon.
>> No. 388758
Day 9 of consecutive insomnia, day three of no sleep at all in 24+ hours. Last night of 4+ Hours of sleep was last...Wednesday?

Actually feeling ok. Maybe this is just the painful emergence of my super powers?


You are drinking bad champagne. Or just don't like fizzy booze.
>> No. 388759
> almost everything that happens on this planet is ultimately Human
I don't think that's quite it; if it was just about humans, they would blame humans. It's about a drive to give a why to everything. Hurricane Katrina, brain parasites, famine, drought, and other things where if humans have any involvement, it's tangential and hard to pin down at best. But a lot of people just can't accept that Shit Happens, so they use God and tell themselves that it's all part of His great plan and that He cares for them all even though they've already had two miscarriages and just had another, or say it's part of his "wrath" and blame someone else (rarely, themself) for invoking it

>At least in America, Church is the great social meeting ground.
Aye. If I was normal I might consider finding the most liberal church I could and going to it just for the social interaction. But the chances of finding someone into anime and video games, even in the most liberal of churches with a younger age group, are so remote that it's not worth sitting through the service for.
>> No. 388760
False on both counts, as I said I just don't like champagne/dry wines in general (and yeah, I know not all champers is dry but the vast majority of what you get today is brut and I've never had the chance to try anything sweeter than a sec).
>> No. 388761
File 13906922521.png - (89.00KB , 250x309 , tumblr_m9w0f28ia51qbd2euo1_250.png )
If I ever felt like doing body modification I think I'd get two nose piercings that imitate a Rhino's horn custom made just cuz I haven't seen it done and I think it'd be neat.
>> No. 388765
File 139070164977.jpg?spoiler - (2.52MB , 3008x2000 , DSC_0057.jpg?spoiler )
>You can't get champagne in a box.
Oh? Pic related, how I get it.
>> No. 388766

Hey, after they're done finishing that US-Mexico bullet train, anyone wanna hop on and hang out sometime?
>> No. 388767
File 139070310984.jpg - (82.22KB , 379x600 , Religious Thread.jpg )
>I think it comes down to 2 real main factors:
Oh for fucks sake can you please be more patronizing with your bullshit.

>how they perceive themselves as ultimately being good people
They are being good people, better than you. Nobody woke up chipper at five in the morning to pray to nothing, made breakfast for a large family he made with the help of his faith in nothing, then dressed for no reason and went to a nowhere building to donated money to the charity of no one to save people half a world away because they also don't believe in anything. While you sit on your ass complaining about religion, thousands of missionaries and religious charities provide medicine, food and shelter for millions of people in the developing world. Because faith in the Lord is a motivating factor, while atheism is a demotivating factor. I have more respect for a terrorist that explodes a suicide belt in a crowded market than I do for an atheist, because at least the terrorist had courage of conviction.

99.99999% of humanity believes in god, you have to be an arrogant cunt to say billions of people are inferior to you because they have faith in something other than what they can measure. To say that billions of people richer, smarter and downright kinder than you are inferior because they have faith. Because atheism is the most poisonous pride possible, while faith in the Lord makes humble men. That and motivation are the reason why religion works, why religion has held humanity for thousands of years, why the written word and all our civilization rose up around religion as atheism is left in the dust and relegated to mildly insane people rich enough to have the time to question what everyone else sees as plain truth: if yggdrasil doesn't hold up the world, what stops it from falling into the ginnungagap?

inb4 hurr i once soup kitchen, did you check out who funded it?
>> No. 388768
>> No. 388769
You laid it on a little heavy with the "I have more respect..." thing but yeah, I'll give it a solid 6/10. It would get replies.
>> No. 388770
the belief of an afterlife is a lot scarier than the belief that there isn't one
>> No. 388771

> if yggdrasil doesn't hold up the world, what stops it from falling into the ginnungagap?

You made me chuckle with that, but the rest isn't too great. You need to apply yourself. See me after class.


Me neither. For me, dry wines = in between bites palate cleanser on steak nights.

Demi-sec/Doux are the sweetest champagnes, based on a few minutes of googling. Or else just go with non-dry bubbly wines. A bubbly, sweet rosé is always a good go-to for some recreational intoxication.
>> No. 388773
It's at least 8/10, heretics.
>> No. 388776
>College forces everyone to set up an online payment account
>Okay, that's fine it's not a big deal I'm used to it.
>Set up a payment plan
>Get it all at once
I really can't afford this right now and I tried talking to someone who had no clue. So Now I have to talk to them tomorrow but holyshit am I mad. What part of Payment plan does this site not get.
>> No. 388777
What's your first memory, /baw/?
I don't remember anything before I was four, and even at that time I didn't know of anything before that. I was as perfectly functional as a child should have been at that age, but it was like that was the moment I became self-aware. The memory itself is boring, just riding in a car past a tire shop and convenience store on one of the main streets in my hometown.
My mother looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned it a few years ago.
>> No. 388778
My first memory is my parents selling an armchair to a weird fat lady. That was apparently when I was two. Shortly before they built and moved to their own house.
>> No. 388779
File 139074047364.jpg - (56.50KB , 640x480 , woolly caterpillar.jpg )
Sitting in a playground, playing with a fuzzy caterpillar.
Had a good time. Would do again.
>> No. 388780
Hard to tell, I can remember more if I concentrate though I begin to get a headache. I'd say off the top it would be either the first Halloween I went out, bucket full of snow and I lost a mitten. Had oatmeal afterwards IIRC that was before my first sister was born. so around two.
>> No. 388782
My whole life I was under the impression babies were SUPER FRAGILE and now that I'm working with them I'm find out they're actually rad tuff and get made lame later due to coddling them. Also incredible swimmers much to my surprise.

The power of a premature baby …youtube thumb
>> No. 388783
It was night time and I was in a crib at the end of my parent's bed. I was very hot and uncomfortable so I pulled myself up using the bars and started crying/shouting (I couldn't talk) to get their attention but they ignored me/didn't wake up. There was a window to the left of the crib with no curtains and the streetlight just outside was very bright and very orange which upset me more. It's quite a distressing memory.
>> No. 388784
One is sitting in a swing on a front porch with my sister. Also, teaching myself to read and numbers by watching my parents play cards. Lots of reading memories. I guess I started with an alphabet chart when I was 2 and started spending hours every day with a book and my alphabet chart. When I was three I started bringing the dictionary in it. It's all kind of a fuzz, I think I even remember setting up snakelines of cards in the carpet all over the house all night long, but apparently that was before 2 so how could I? Three is when you're supposed to make actual memories but I don't think that's always true, and your memory is kind of redonk anyways.
>> No. 388785
Many women choose to have births in warm tubs because the baby is used to an aquatic environment and as long as the cord is attached it will be just fine underwater.

Baby's bones grow a lot so they can heal quickly from things that would cause fractures in adults; their skulls are soft when born, which is a reason to be so careful with them because even with the other resilience if they fall on their head before the skull hardens it can cause severe brain damage. When I was born, the doc yanked too hard on me and broke my collar bone. Then he just handed me to my mom and said to take it easy with me for a few days (as if a new mother wouldn't.)
>> No. 388786
I remember the first time I used the bathroom by myself, I remember practicing writing letters before I could read(I taught myself to read when I was ~3), and I remember some of my earliest Christmases, including the one when I was 2, I think. I don't know which of these came first.
>> No. 388787
My first memory was the funeral for my cousin's grandmother. I was less than a year old and couldn't walk yet (so I must have been seven months or less?), so my mom was holding me while talking to someone. I wore a white lacy dress and tiny white and pink shoes, my cousin was wearing whatever passed for a suit when it was on a four year old, and my dad wore the same grey blazer he wears to every formal gathering. There was a white cake, and the walls of the church basement (or meeting area?) were white too. I thought this memory was of a wedding for the longest time, but my parents told me recently that it definitely wasn't.
>> No. 388788
Maybe women should just birth babies into another womans vagina, and swap it back and forth because the baby is used to the environment of the womb.
>> No. 388789
I remember waking up and worrying over muffins? My youngest sister wasn't there so it must have been when I was around 3 or so.
>> No. 388790

My memories don't come with metadata that tells me the time they were created, so I cannot possibly know which is the "first" or "oldest". I can never know when they took place within a margin of error of a few years unless I can associate them with something that I know had a definite date. Also, they start to get very corrupted due to copying/accessing errors and partial loss of data due to the age and not being well taken care of. Biological memory is a crapshoot.

Before about age 5 or so, I remember very little. A few quick flashes of images, like being in a crib, playing with toys, being at a relative's house, nightmares I had, or other such things. For the most part, the things I remember before age 10 or so are very vague, and a lot of times have become false memories. I remember doing something, and the basic "description" of what happened is still there (as a writer, I tend to remember things in descriptions rather than images) and I use that "description" to compose an image based on newer memories such as when I looked at pictures and when I encountered the same location. They're more "memories of a reconstructed image of an older memory", now.

It's like this: Suppose there was a holocaust survivor, and she is in her late 90's — doesn't remember what happened very well anymore. She is approached by a film director who wants to make a movie based on what happened to her. To help her remember, he provides her with pictures of the other people that were there, maps of the concentration camp, letters that she wrote to her family, historical facts, etc.. The film that is later produced is only in part the actual events as she remembers them; a great deal of it is the story she and the director reconstructed, as well as some creative leaps that director had to take to fill in the holes.

So my older memories are reconstructed a bit like that, except all taking place inside my mind. Based on what I know about the human brain/mind/memory, everyone (at least those who don't have eidetic memory) does the same, except they aren't consciously aware of the process and mistakenly believe all their memories to be pure and perfect. The degree, of course, varies between individuals. Personally, I tend to forget nearly everything that I don't consider important, which is nearly everything.
>> No. 388791
Wow! You like writing.
>> No. 388792
that is my fetish
>> No. 388793
i had something nice to say and then i read the post about birthing back and forth forever and now i have to go now thanks bye
>> No. 388794
File 139077398756.jpg - (69.86KB , 670x501 , happiness expl.jpg )
I finally got courage to ask girl out, and she said that she'll check her schedule and get back to me in a few weeks.

Am finally gonna get girlfriend, suckers!
>> No. 388795
>> No. 388796
tumblr asexuals sure do spend a lot of time writing/drawing/reading/roleplaying sex. Why.
>> No. 388797
File 139077518689.jpg - (33.74KB , 752x701 , 1341980660741.jpg )
>Maybe women should just birth babies into another womans vagina, and swap it back and forth because the baby is used to the environment of the womb.
>> No. 388798
because sexuality is a many splendored thing. straight girls can still draw/talk about/admire cheesecake, for example.
>> No. 388799
Yeah but that's because cheesecake is pretty and cute? idk maybe it's just a personal thing but porn is boring.
>> No. 388800
i'm not really sure why you're holding that up to other people in any way. that's entirely you.
>> No. 388802
File 139077944216.png - (197.78KB , 404x286 , ohshit.png )
>Tomorrow's forecast
>-20 C/-4 F
>20-40 MPH Winds
>> No. 388805
File 139078709042.gif - (2.36MB , 300x212 , inappropriate party hard.gif )
>tfw it's been a really mild winter here so far
>no ice, no snow, no big storms, not even any particularly heavy rain
>it's warm enough that if i put my slippers on i don't need to even use the heating

it's pretty much the only good thing about being on the west coast tbh
>> No. 388807
I think this happened when I was 3-4.

It was a family reunion, I was sitting on the edge of my great aunt's pool and my brother was swimming around. I was playing with a tea set (one of those plastic toy ones) that was floating in the water. I went to grab a cup that was floating away and fell into the pool. Of course I couldn't swim yet but I don't remember being scared, just thinking that the tile pattern that lined the pool looked nice. It was teal and white.

My brother saved me after that but I don't really remember that part.
>> No. 388810
The earliest full memory I have is when I was 7 or 8, I think, so about 20 years ago. It's of my family's dog, which had puppies recently, picking the puppies up and bringing them to a hole she dug in the back yard. I would move the puppies back and she would just keep taking them out until we just closed off the doggy door for a bit.

>tribadism combined with unbirthing
>but with an actual baby and umbilical cord and everything
...I am both aroused and disgusted. Someone tell Japan about that first line (don't mention the second.)
>> No. 388814
Good luck.
>> No. 388815
It's like pooping back and forth taken to a whole nother level.
>> No. 388816
So you want women to become Seahorses?
>> No. 388817
Riding my Grandfather's Dog Skipper over the field, he was basically a mini-horse.
>> No. 388818
File 139084076412.jpg - (47.15KB , 502x643 , relationships1.jpg )
Thanks man!
>> No. 388823
Gail Simone had a big tweet fest about relationships, few nerd comic girls responding about their problems finding dudes that shared their interest. Thinking of maybe checking out the new comic shop, who knows.
>> No. 388824
I actually often don't have that good a grasp of how long ago my memories are from. I do remember being very young and asking about other, half-remembered places that I had been conflating with each other, like a mall that had a sunroof and some aquarium or zoo we went to that had a room with a glass roof. Not how much of it is an actual memory, but I have recollections of seeing on television how most people learned to walk, and deciding to deliberately do it differently just to prove to myself that I could. I waited until a room was cleared to have the carpets cleaned, carefully stood up, measured by sense of balance, carefully sat down and then stood back up when I got a bit shaky, and then when I felt ready I walked across the middle of the room without falling over on my first try, showing once and for all that careful preparation can in fact obviate the need for falling over and hurting yourself.
>> No. 388825
i don't think it's so much that there are no dudes at all, it's that a lot of them are appalling in some respect. it's so much easier to find a good guy with mild or no interest in comics than a just-okay guy who is way into them.
>> No. 388826
Just hoping that something else can result having a connection instead of work since that particular road isn't looking so good right now. Hence me throwing myself into writing since all the "position filled" stuff started to really get to me few months back. Be nice to have someone to talk to tis all.Just writing a book and not having anyone to really talk about it with, gets to me sometimes.
>> No. 388828
>Gail Simone
Man, I remember when she was good. Tumblr ruined her. I don't normally say this but it really did.
>> No. 388832
>Tumblr ruined her.


No it didn't.
>> No. 388833
File 139087772065.jpg - (1.53MB , 3976x3066 , nu52.jpg )
Went though old Facebook posts.

I like the person I've become.
>> No. 388834
I miss giant, store-bought valentine's day cards.

I also miss those fucking heart candies. Real talk, I always thought those things were delicious. I'd probably get sick of them if I ate an entire bag or something, but I can take them in small doses. Kinda like candy corn.
>> No. 388836
File 139087965579.jpg - (63.80KB , 720x540 , CHALKY AND UNPLEASANT.jpg )
>I always thought those things were delicious
>> No. 388837
3 years and two months old. Seeing my baby brother for the first time. It's a disconnected stream of mostly static images at this point instead of a unified film. Peering out of the car window. Middling around while my father spoke to a desk worker in the hospital lobby. Blinding beams of sunlight exploding through the opened blinds in my mother's room. His tiny, still pruney face. My twin and I receiving little plastic helicopters, presumably so we wouldn't be bored while our parents had to do baby stuff.

I can also recall getting across the living room in one of those bouncer chairs, which would obviously be older than the hospital memory. But it's hard to know how much of that is constructed and thus false. Maybe I just watched an old home video at some point and my mind fabricated the first person view.
>> No. 388838
3 years old. These real estate agents came to our house since we were moving into my dad's house. I saw them and got kinda scared, and ran and hid myself in the closet.
>> No. 388846
Love Hearts in Britain are actually pretty nice, apparently.
>> No. 388847
they're pretty great. they're fizzy.
>> No. 388854
I'm American. If I like ours, I might like yours as well.
>> No. 388861
I think you hit the wrong thread, but
no one is as set in their ways as a hateful person who feels that their beliefs justify their bigotry and hate. Plenty of people try to correct "those" feminists, or "those" Christians, or whatever, but if you've ever tried yourself, you see that it's more or less like talking to--and occasionally running facefirst into--a brick wall.
Short of assassinating them I'm not sure how you expect people to "clean house," you can't force people into changing their views.
>> No. 388864
i'm beginning to think that every site i'm on will eventually become a dating site for me.
i'm on the computer too much. once i'm done at work... i'm going outside, goddammit.
>> No. 388866
File 139096964299.jpg - (216.61KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
>want +4 to be more active as a whole
>dont want it to get filled with douchebags (don't be modest, most of you are bro-tier)
>/pco/ is the most active board and has way more jerks than others from what I've seen
>what do I want?
>> No. 388869
Remember that you can update us as a whole later, you don't need to liveblog outside.
I want those mushrooms.
>> No. 388871
Was using the bathroom at the grocery store when outside I heard a guy and a gal having some sort of fight. The gal was cursing up a storm and kept demanding some $200 and was being a rabid bitch. The guy just kept saying "I don't have it and you don't need it". I finished my business, went out past them, and I didn't get too far before I heard her spit on him, I think slap him, and go "FUCKING FAG" before leaving.

This is true gender equality: Where everyone is equally entitled to be a horrible asshole.

Guy had like two feet on her and was way chill through the whole thing, I was impressed.
>> No. 388872
My brother got thrown in jail and had domestic abuse go on his record when he grabbed his wife's wrists to stop her punching and clawing at his face. He was the one who called the cops.
Truly equality reigns.
>> No. 388873
File 139097775030.jpg - (150.31KB , 800x533 , eyeroll.jpg )
>> No. 388876
What do you think would've happened if the guy had done anything at all? I don't mean hitting her; just stoping her from hitting him or yelling at her might've been enough.
>> No. 388877
Something akin to >>388872. Or at least the cops called on him by an uninvolved bystander.
>> No. 388882
I have some kind of fear or aversion to hearing my alarm clock go off. Every time I set it, I wake up hours earlier than the time I set it to and am incapable of getting back to sleep because I have some kind of need to beat it to the punch.
I wish I didn't find the experience of my clock waking me up so unpleasant that I need to cut my sleep short in order to prevent it. I need to set it though, if I am to get up on time.
>> No. 388884
I... uh... Sean Connery. Open handed slap.
Sean Connery discusses women slappingyoutube thumb

Multiple hilarious experiments have been done on this.
Reaction To Women Abusing Men In Publicyoutube thumb
>> No. 388888
>This is true gender equality: Where everyone is equally entitled to be a horrible asshole.

So, why was this part of your post necessary?

I'm not seeing anything about this story that makes it gendered. Just a woman being an asshole.
>> No. 388889
Because such outbursts tend to have the roles reversed.

Note that I wasn't trying to say that equality is bad, nor the situation good, but that "equality" means equal to the greatest extent possible: while it means more women in the boardroom and at the programmer's desk, it also means more women in the mines and on the factory floor. And, they should have just as much opportunity to speak their mind and give opinions as men, and that inevitably includes being assholes.

(Or did you mean I should have called her a bitch?)
>> No. 388890
>Because such outbursts tend to have the roles reversed.

I see. I misunderstood and thought you were making a flippant remark about gender equality. Sorry.
>> No. 388892
wait. aside from the making out part, i'm kinda doing that.

i've got a girl in LA who wants to make with the smoochies but why so far
>> No. 388893
GAWD I don't wanna DO THINGS
>> No. 388895
I have a piano class this semester and it inspired me to try to play my clarinet for the first time in 8 years. Feels like starting from the beginning again
>> No. 388896
such things are, been a few years since I'd written extensively and its a bit difficult getting back into it especially since I'm now treating is as a profession.
>> No. 388897
File 139104200992.jpg - (27.55KB , 195x171 , no.jpg )
>drive to campus for meeting
>oh hey meetings canceled
>drive home
>wasted gas
>> No. 388898
No worries, all forgiven. I can see how one might think that, since the tone of a sentence cannot be transmitted over standard HTTP.
>> No. 388899
So how is eveyone doing in this cold weather?
Keeping safe and warm I hope.
>> No. 388900
Finally done with this flu nonsense. My father got it about a week and a half ago, and I managed to pick it up in the couple hours I was visiting him.
The only good thing about it is how fast the bad parts of it went away. About two days of fever and aching and then it was basically just an annoying cold.
Extremely glad it didn't cause me to have pneumonia again. My lungs are bad enough already.
>> No. 388901
Wishing it was spring/summer already. I want to go outside and do something without being buried in snow and losing appendages because of the wind chill
>> No. 388902
Getting rid of the remains of the illness that have been lingering due to cold and now working on getting about into my lifting regimen.
>> No. 388904
I want another three months.
>> No. 388910
Good to hear.

I understand that, but I think being buried in snow a novel idea; only once though.

Lift hard and often friend.

Ah, I see. Venkman = Yeti or magical living snowman.
>> No. 388911
Same. Winter is gr8.
>> No. 388919
Fucking hate winter. I hate cold, I hate snow. I only live in Colorado because my job is here; otherwise I'd look for something down south, probably in Arizona or New Mexico.
>> No. 388920
File 139110262997.gif - (740.18KB , 245x200 , tumblr_inline_mxv5492DmF1s36zi4.gif )

I've got one more year to go on my BED then I've got a job lined up in Formosa and I AM OUTTA HERE!!!!
>> No. 388921
Winter is fucking great. I'm already getting depressed because I know there's another shitty summer coming.
>> No. 388923
>need auto insurance to register vehicle
>need to pay back student loans for degree I didn't get
>DR Period - Money (OFFICIAL VIDEO)youtube thumb

man fuck this adulthood thing
>> No. 388924
File 139110510871.jpg - (18.85KB , 206x310 , baby boomers2.jpg )
>> No. 388925
Hence why I'm back to being a writer
>> No. 388927
I read that sometimes those requirements are just fluff. Apply to the jobs even if you lack the experience.

At least that's what I'm going to do. I don't know what to expect, but honestly, the worst they can do to me is say no. Not that this will make the rejection any easier.
>> No. 388936
You're fucking monsters.
>> No. 388943
>cant survive outside of a narrow temperature range
And you're an evolutionary dead end.
>> No. 388944
>>Being snowed in for days is an acceptable caveat to living someplace if people hundreds of miles away can deal with it, stop being such a whiner.
>>I love frostbite and mounds of snow taller than human beings so much I wish it were like this for even more days out of the year!
Fucking monsters.
>> No. 388945
File 139112230078.gif - (2.44MB , 320x147 , 1378536775360.gif )
How the fuck am I 23 years old in a month and I don't even have an associates?

>Not turning on the heat and cuddling up under a blanket with your cutie pie.
>Not turning on the heat and cuddling up under a blanket with your cutie pie because her college is several counties away and you don't have a car and neither of you can afford to buy a train ticket.

>> No. 388946
>How the fuck am I 23 years old in a month and I don't even have an associates?

What's it matter? I didn't get my bachelor's until I was 24. Now while this may not make you feel better, you need to realize that this was late for me because I was already a 5th year senior but I also had to take a year off due to financial problems.

Just get it when you get it. As long as you're working towards it, I don't see the big deal.
>> No. 388947
What if I don't have a qtπ
>> No. 388949
>I didn't get my bachelor's until I was 24.
That's downright normal. People graduate high school at 18-19 years old, take a year off to work, vacation or get your shit together like 90% of people out there, add 8 semesters of university to that which may even be sporadic thanks to coop, and consider most people get their official grades half a year to a year after.

I'd be surprised if someone told me they got a diploma at 21-22.
>> No. 388950
File 139112890161.jpg - (82.50KB , 750x600 , lonelinessdescribed.jpg )
Who cares if you don't have an associates, at least you have associates. Trust me the tradeoff favors you on this.
>> No. 388952
26 here due to things getting stymied as I have said before. That and I ran from my major and ended up with a couple of Minors along with it.
>> No. 388955
Officially I got my BS in early 2008, but I didn't actually finish until mid-2009; I took a long time to finish my thesis (my college requires it for all Bachelors) and then even longer to pay the last of my bills because I didn't/couldn't get a steady job.

Eventually I got a notice that if I didn't pay up soon they would close the account and I would have to go through a lot of shit to make up for it, so I used two checks from two different credit cards to pay off the balance and get it over with.
>> No. 388956
Derp, forgot to add that I was 24 when all was said and done, and I started straight out of high school. Six years to get a 4.5 year degree, managing to graduate right into the start of the recession.
>> No. 388957
remember when we used to have camwhore threads those were the days
>> No. 388959
Feel free to restart the trend.
>> No. 388967
i made an entire tumblr account just because i missed showing off my pretty face to you people

do the thing and get it started.

p4c role call?
>> No. 388968
whats your tumblr, I've got mine further up in the thread
>> No. 388971
Okay, I have to ask because this makes no sense to me.

What the fuck is the point of CP spambots? Are they FBI honeypots or something? If you had a CP site, wouldn't you want to NOT advertise it?
>> No. 388972
File 139119841674.gif - (1.28MB , 250x160 , 1372805259257.gif )
>Beer and cupcakes for breakfast
>filling out job applications naked
>sex friend who has specifically forbade me from becoming romantically involved with her. No Love, No Gifts, Buggery Only, Final Destination

Someday I will pay for my transgressions. Today is not that day
>> No. 388974

these videos are so surreal, i love /sp/


yall knock yourself out now
>> No. 388978
Acid reflux is flaring up hard today. Feeling especially fat (eating a large Taco Bell meal last night does not help.) Someone kidnap me and force me to exercise at gunpoint plz.

A honeypot sounds likely. If not, my best guess is that it's malware; I would be surprised if there was actual CP to be had at the given link. The virus is probably the ransomware variety (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ransomware_%28malware%29). By doing this with CP, that makes it far more likely the idiot that downloads it will pay up because to get help from someone else might mean they have to admit to looking for CP, so they'll pay the $300(0) or whatever to get access to their computer back.
>> No. 388979
Cocktails were cancelled on account of rain (in all fairness, it has been the wettest January in my country for about a century) but me and B will be having drinks this Wednesday, knock on wood.

I texted A today - we had a nice conversation, but we haven't mentioned meeting up again. Probably for the best... I'd feel like a shit if I made plans with both of them on the same week.
No they weren't.
>> No. 388980
your dissent has been noted and is dutifully ignored
>> No. 388981
In fact, here's an example specifically of CP-targeting ransomware: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/07/man-gets-ransomware-porn-pop-up-turns-self-in-on-child-porn-charges/ That incident likely improved the % of people who pay up, because now they know that going to the FBI will get them arrested/fined anyway.

Of course, that guy brought in the infected computer, which had CP on it already, so not the brightest of the bunch.
>> No. 388982
sounds like SOMEONE wasn't cute enough to get mercilessly hit on
>> No. 388984
I was already aware of ransomware, but using it on pedophiles is evil genius-tier thinking.
>> No. 388985
That's Hackers for you
>> No. 388987
>Some forms of ransomware encrypt files on the system's hard drive

That's eeeevil.
>> No. 388989
>Start resurrecting my old Skype mainly for collaboration purposes.

Damn, that was a long time ago. Surprised my accounts are still there actually.
>> No. 388991
File 139125737978.jpg - (14.72KB , 400x300 , spock-22.jpg )
>Having conversation with parents at breakfast table
>my anti-depressants are casually mentioned, for some reason
>mfw my Dad says he wishes I'd stop taking them
Geez, Dad, sorry that me dealing with my clinical depression is making you uncomfortable. Because, y'know, you're so well-versed on mental disorders, being a financial advisor and all.
>> No. 388992
oh man my brother spent a little time as a financial advisor
your dad must be a pretty cool guy
a cool guy
>> No. 388993
People who assume I'm stupid fluster me.

At least give me a chance to prove it before you start treating me like I am.
>> No. 388994
I want tumblr to leave.

When I say 'tumblr', I mean 'social justice warriors'.
>> No. 388995
File 139128703484.jpg - (47.49KB , 523x485 , tumblr3.jpg )
Tumblr 'internet activists' have managed to annoy and outright piss off so many people that every rights movement in America is set back at least 30 years. It's like they don't understand that social change only happens through steady building of goodwill among general populace...

The only area tumblr has successfully contributed in is the rapid delivery of porn.
>> No. 388996
This. You can't even discuss the idea of privilege without it being a foul word these days. There is a serious case to consider that perception of the world around you might be too limited to see broader issues in every angle, and that some people benefit from the past gains of their families over others.

Now it's just become a 'you're white, or a man, or cis, so you automatically have nothing to say and I'm completely right about everything I'm talking about'. That is a dangerous and isolating mindset to get behind, especially when it's applied the way it is.
>> No. 388997
File 13912892991.png - (7.25KB , 493x192 , tumblr3.png )
>> No. 388998
This is not tumblr. Which means that to the rest of us, who don't give a shit about tumblr, you people ARE tumblr. When we're not on Tumblr, you guys are little shits who don't shut up about social justice.

You are the demons, John.
>> No. 388999
>> No. 389000
like most mildly annoying things in this world, i hear ten thousand times more whining and complaining about it than i even see of the actual sjws.
>> No. 389001
You're Scottish. I'm surprised you see much of anything through the beer goggles and fog.
>> No. 389002
File 139129397635.gif - (1.19MB , 240x240 , 1389692998576.gif )
This suggests women are nothing but mentally fragile children, all due to male-on-female rape.
>> No. 389003
I don't have money for drink at the moment. It's really opened my eyes to how awful the world truly is.
>> No. 389004
>Goes to a Liberal Arts college in America.
>Goes to Reddit.
>Goes to Tumblr.

>> No. 389005
Ah yes, le reddit, home of such renown bastions of social justice such as /r/mra and /r/niggers.
>> No. 389006
It's essentially a hivemind of self-victimization. The "aren't we so oppressed" circlejerk extends from heteronormative gender roles to The Big Bang Theory. Also, I count MRAs as social justice warriors.
>> No. 389007
Are you saying the Big Bang Theory being so awful *isn't* a form of oppression against TV viewers?
>> No. 389008
He's usually a pretty chill guy, and I kind of get what he was trying to get across i.e. he wants me to stop needing to have to take pills to be sane, but he's of that generation that really doesn't talk about heavy shit like this so it comes out as utter bullshit. I keep meaning to get him a pamphlet or something about depression, but I can't find one.
>> No. 389010
I feel like I'm catching up.

When did SJWs/anti-SJWs start ruining everything?
>> No. 389011

What exactly do you need? Comprehensive or Simple or kinda in between. I don't have any of my textbooks anymore but I can get hold of informative material.

Something with some generations and mental disorders and their not wanting to deal with it, possibly because they were coming out of the period where you had a mental disorder then you were just lumped under with all the other diagnosis which themselves were woefully stigmatized and mislabeled.
>> No. 389012

I actually think it's largely an aspect of more of the general population getting on the internet. Prior to about 2005, the internet was largely dominated by men, and the echo chamber it created is.... still not really understood, I'd say. I would describe what we're seeing now as a kind of backlash of integration with the rest of society. The "tumblr-sphere" is just as insular and just as self-feeding as the 4chan-sphere. In certain disturbing ways, they actually resemble mirror-universe channers, constantly crying about their own bullshit and hunting people down online and attacking them based on their own sets of nebulous values. There are of course, important topics that should be discussed and should be known, especially as the face of technology changes the face of civilization. But being a rational voice is actually a very subjective thing at the best of times, let alone in the information din of the Internet.

And of course, nobody likes being told their shit stinks, even if it's the God's Honest.
>> No. 389014
what the fuck...
>> No. 389019
Depends. It's been growing from a bunch of stuff.

>MRAs from the early 2000s, essentially guys uncomfortable with gender roles and guys who miss old gender roles.
>deviantART and Livejournal's alt communities getting bigger and bigger.
>Reddit's becoming mainstream and having terrible shit like 2000 upvote racist posts cause a backlash that made the SJW thing huge.
>"nice guys" becoming a known thing, turning "nice guys" with cognitive dissonance into SJWs.

And in all that, you have people learning about how fucked up racism/sexism/etc is in society with a small percentage being more buttmad than concerned.
>> No. 389020
I just want the fat acceptance people to go away. I was obese (nearly 270 lbs) until about a year ago. There's nothing good about it. Back pain, shin pain from walking short distances, sleep apnea if you're huge enough, trouble breathing from normal tasks.
It's just sad to see people encourage self-destructive behavior in others.
Thinspo people are also fucked up. Healthy body weight for everyone, please.
>> No. 389021
>obese (nearly 270 lbs)

>> No. 389022
Fat acceptance is fine in certain contexts. Being fat has its issues and I urge everyone to get to a healthy body weight, but people should feel good in their own skin.

Feeling good about yourself doesn't mean that you have to be perfect and I would rather not give people all sorts of mental issues for what they look like when they can just lose the weight and not take the mental baggage with them. Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like in most cases it's easier to solve being overweight than it is to solve problems with the human mind.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that people should lose the weight but not necessarily feel bad about being fat.
>> No. 389023
In my experience as someone who isn't even close to a professional anything, self-image issues about weight are usually not solved by slimming up a bit.
>> No. 389024
It's not about encouraging people to be obese and not lose weight, it's about people treating you as a human being regardless of how much you weigh. Also, having a supportive community can help people lose weight in a healthy way, and many people do. "Fat acceptance" doesn't mean "stop caring that you're fat" or "being fat is amazing." Honestly if you think it's the second, you've probably just come across some fetishists.

If you've been considerably overweight for most of your life you probably got made fun of for it, felt judged a lot (that wasn't just you making stuff up in your head: they really do stare at you as you eat food and think about how you shouldn't be eating because you should be dieting to stop being such a gross lazy asshole) and got preached at by people who seem to believe that you haven't yourself noticed that you're fat and that you should do something about it. This is the sort of thing that causes people to be depressed, which makes them not want to do anything, which makes them gain even more weight. Or they develop eating disorders and nobody--not even some doctors--will believe that they are starving themselves when they are still overweight. If you are alone and NOBODY is telling you that you have intrinsic value as a human being, but EVERYONE is saying that you would have value--or at least that we'd recognise that you did all along--if only you'd drop a bunch of pounds, the chances of you living a full and healthy life and successfully losing weight and keeping it off are very low, which is the reality for many people out there. You need a support system, and the "fat acceptance" community does do this for people who don't have friends and family who will help them out. Congrats if you willed yourself down to a healthy weight with no encouragement whatsoever but that's actually very difficult to do.

Please don't become one of those assholes who are like, "I lost weight so if you can't do it my way, you're a lazy shit who isn't trying hard enough." Seems to me that once you shed a ton of weight you actually don't shed the self-loathing along with it, but now that you're not fat anymore, it's just directed at other people who look like you used to. Have you caught yourself doing that yet? You've probably done it.
>> No. 389025
I have no problem with people being fat and content with their life. I specifically dislike the people who encourage it or brush aside legitimate health concerns that stem from or are exacerbated by being overweight. I also find issue with those who discourage people who are trying to lose weight. The latter is common if the person's friends or family are also overweight.
I lost weight because I knew doing so would help with some of the physical problems I had, not because I disliked myself.
I do understand psychological factors make losing weight hard for some people, and I would never condone being an asshole to someone because of their size.
>> No. 389026
>The latter is common if the person's friends or family are also overweight.

This sounds anecdotal. Is it?
>> No. 389027
That's because you're not a complete idiot unless you have a victim complex. That, and nobody likes being called out on their bullshit - modern society assumes "free speech" is short for "consequence-free speech".
Start with something simple, preferably on the benefits of anti-depressants, then I'll see if I need to switch it up to something more detailed.
>> No. 389029
Most basic one I've been able to find that isn't to clinical or cynical about Anti-Depressants. I'll keep looking for something, more family inclusive possibly.

>> No. 389030
>It's not about encouraging people to be obese and not lose weight
Most of it is exactly this. Hence the problem.
>> No. 389031
Again, SJWs are the ones more concerned with how butthurt they are personally than with being empathetic towards others.
>> No. 389032
I just want people to stop giving a shit about my body.
>> No. 389034
They'll never stop giving a shit, Tooth. Living in a global, connected, modern multiculture means that no matter what you do in your life, people will resent you or condescend to you for it. There is no escaping this. The good thing about the fat acceptance movement is that it's teaching people that in order to better yourself, you need to accept yourself first, at which point you'll either find weight loss easy or just accept the body you have without having it be a mental anchor that keeps you unhappy.

The problems only come about when it's co-opted by insecure people who just want to shout away everything that makes them feel bad about themselves. Skinny people, magazines about skinny people, asking skinny people how they got skinny, articles on the health effects of obesity, people finding skinny people attractive, etc.

It's generally easier to find insecure, bitter people than people who give a shit on the internet.
>> No. 389035
Probably my favorite thing about Moe is that I'd say he's probably in the top 5 most informed, socially-aware people on this site, but chooses to just fuck with people who don't know better a vast majority of the time.
It's pretty fantastic.
>> No. 389036
So you're asking people to look past attractiveness? Good luck with that.
>> No. 389037
File 139136902947.jpg?spoiler - (46.87KB , 612x612 , Vapid douche-nozzle.jpg?spoiler )
somebody doesn't know that the most attractive thing about a person often is their personality. Physical, superficial beauty is overvalued by our society, and no amount of subjective physical attractiveness makes up for being an utter shitlord IRL. Whereas somebody who knows they are worth it, and truly values themselves and others regardless of the prevailing cultural atmosphere, will always be attractive on some level even if physically they do not conform to any kind of standard. (picture only related to the first half)
>> No. 389038
Not necessarily attractiveness, no. I don't particularly care if someone finds me attractive or not and funnily enough, some of the people who have treated me the worst over being fat actually were attracted to me/fat girls in general.

Moe is the only worthwhile person on this site.
>> No. 389039
debbie downer time
the unfortunate truth to that is that you still can't choose your personality. you can only slowly work on it.

you can make huge changes, but you can't just wake up the next day and say that you want to be competent, funny, spontaneous, witty, attentive, etc.

and you'll need practice to get any of those skills if you don't already have them.

>> No. 389040
I don't know what this is...
>> No. 389041
you're fat?
>> No. 389042
File 139137416569.jpg - (500.55KB , 1275x1920 , fb.jpg )
Yes. Not 400lbs-can't-walk-up-the-stairs-without-dying-documentary-fat, but still pretty fat.
>> No. 389043
>somebody doesn't know that the most attractive thing about a person often is their personality.

Someone doesn't know that in the real world, physical attractiveness counts. Nobody is going to have sex with you based on nothing but a personality. It's completely rational, normal, and above all else human to go for a physically attractive girl before a fat one.
>> No. 389046

seen worse, decent large Hellenic proportions.
>> No. 389047
>Nobody is going to have sex with you based on nothing but a personality.

>> No. 389048
I don't know, man. First of all, some men find larger women more attractive than smaller women. But setting that aside for a moment because it doesn't say anything about the idea that physical attractiveness can't ever be trumped by personal attractiveness, I've definitely found myself becoming attracted to women I've only ever talked to over the internet, without ever having seen their pictures.
>> No. 389049
I'm not saying it doesn't trump it. But if even if I'm personally attracted to you, if I'm not physically attracted then we might as well just be good friends, because I won't want to be intimate and lewd with you. Even over the internet, if I'm attracted to a girl without ever having seen her, I at least have an IMAGE of what she looks like, and what she looks like isn't fat.
>> No. 389050
This post is full of projection.

It's not all about you, homie. You seem to be basing all this on how you feel. You're not everyone else.
>> No. 389052
Don't act as though I'm in the minority.
>> No. 389053
File 139138590149.jpg - (113.09KB , 1000x1500 , 737262_10151991500682488_726718092_o.jpg )
Physical appeal is like advertising. It could be the best movie/TV shows in the world, but nobody cares if you've never heard of it (internet people who stay in all day) or if the commercial is shit (unattractive).

I've met a lot of Speed Racer ass girls who didn't command a second glance at when we first met but became irresistible in a few months when I finally got to see the Blu-Ray (get to know them). It's not hard to see why this is unfair though, because if their asses were a bit fatter, or their makeup game was a bit more on point, they'd be considered Avatars and Avengers. Love comes easier to attractive people because people are more willing to actually put in work trying to get to know them.

This love shit isn't all that complicated at all. If you live in a big city, you probably see at least a dozen soul-mate level guys and girls every day. The hard part is actually getting to know them intimately, because most people don't just stick out.
>> No. 389054
Never claimed you were. Never implied you were. It's also irrelevant to the point I was making.
>> No. 389055
you're on a post rampage and all i have is nachos
which is great
>> No. 389057
Okay. How do I ask/beg people for any old computer they'd want to donate... and still retain any sense of dignity?

I'm pretty desperate.
>> No. 389058
That said, does anyone have an old laptop they could possibly donate?
>> No. 389065
File 139139597729.jpg - (199.30KB , 717x1024 , black celt.jpg )
I judge thee decent. At this point it depends more on if you're active or in shape enough to contribute to a sexing experience, instead of just lying there. Also, the shape of your boobs and butt, rather than their volume. Barring that you can locate a black celt because that is definitely "black people hot". Problem solved.

>Nobody is going to have sex with you based on nothing but a personality.
Yeah lold at that, some people can't seem to distinguish between a short term fuck socket and a long term person you could grow to love and respect. Personality is really only a requirement for the second.
>> No. 389069
There was no problem to solve but thanks anyway.
>> No. 389071
>short term fuck socket

Is that really what you think of any girl you try and get with? Really dude, if you are drawing that arbitrary a line between people, even in the long run, all you're going to end up with are "fuck sockets" you don't actually care about, because that's the only kind of girl who will really go for you and who you can really go for. You might be able to stick your dick in someone you don't respect for a single evening but it will be hollow and you'll still be alone the next morning. Physical attractiveness plays a role, yes, but if there isn't any actual connection, she'll discard you as soon as she learns what you are and what you're going for. Or worse, she will not see what you are doing at all and you will be stuck with a girl you can't talk with, can't make sense with, and who you will ultimately probably end up paying child support to. Think about it. If you're just trying to go for these girls for one night of passion, who's to say that they don't field requests from dozens of guys just like you, daily. If you do not mesh, if you do not understand them as a person, it's perfectly reasonable that they will see you as being just as disposable as you see them.
>> No. 389073
That's kind of a cumbersome analogy considering the point being made. Shoulda gone with a cult film whose most talked about features weren't visual.
>> No. 389075
I think all he was trying to say is that there's a difference between hooking up for a one night stand and finding someone who is willing to stick with you. It was just worded awkwardly, I think.
>> No. 389076
dem titties tho

I have nothing worthwhile to add to such a decent discussion
>> No. 389081
You're welcome.

Did you not read the end of that sentence? There's a huge difference between finding someone in a club you can party with for the night, and finding someone at your job/church etc you could have a relationship with. The first is based on physical attractiveness, the second on personality.

> if there isn't any actual connection, she'll discard you
That's kind of the point of one night stands, the weird thing would be if we remember each others name a week from then.

Yeah the tits are pretty fucking noice. Also dem hips. You can't see much in the pic though...
>> No. 389085
>> No. 389090
No one likes fat men for being fat, so no one should like fat women for being fat either. If we can't have this, feminism has failed.

Fat women should be liked for supplemental qualities like fat men are. You know, being good cooks, singing opera, being fetishes for gay men who think they're bears from all the acid they take. In short, fat women should be liked for eating a bunch of ice cream, having a lot of gay friends, smelling like the ocean, and being mad at pornography.

After this I understand the need for the fat-acceptance movement. People don't usually like it when others smell like the ocean, and that's because society's many fishmongers have sold a patriarchal sexist notion that that means decay and death and not unleashed femininity. We must better ourselves.
>> No. 389091
Pretty sure my Acid Reflux is enhanced by, if not caused by, my weight. This is likely the largest I've ever been, though I haven't been on a scale proper in some time.

Gonna see if I can get an exercise bike to stick in my room; then it's just getting the willpower to use it for an hour or two a day...
>> No. 389092
>> No. 389096
This post sounds like one of those generated stories where you plug like two words in and the script does the rest
>> No. 389098
i don't like ice cream, i have failed in my duty as a fat woman and must commit sudoku. just promise me you'll visit my grave every week to whisper dragon age inquisition spoilers at my headstone.
>> No. 389102
Don't kill yourself bby. You have so much to live not so long for.
>> No. 389413
>No one likes fat men for being fat, so no one should like fat women for being fat either. If we can't have this, feminism has failed.

You just gotta hang out on the darker corners of the internet.
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