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Are you working on anything at the moment?

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A fapfic set in space about a woman with Kirk Syndrome and a reptilian alien. I've been working on it for months and months, but only because I keep forgetting about it for long stretches of time. I'm only continuing it because there's this one guy (probably reading this) who's been patiently waiting all this time. I'll finish it over winter break, guy! Just don't, you know, expect a masterpiece.

Three pieces of original fiction. One has a man trying to get coffee and, purely out of coincidence, saving the world from alien invasion; another has a guy dealing with Death (Grim reaper, not actual death death) arriving ten minutes too early and dealing with that; and the last has a young guy working for a company run by giant talking lizards and other space creatures.

I've increased my intake of coffee by 100% recently, so maybe one will be finished soon.

Of course, that's not mentioning the hilarious amount of fanfiction I've been attempting to write, but I don't really care for them as much as my own work.

The story of an angry bearded man who runs around punching things. Explosions and excited women are left in his wake.

Right now, finals.

After that, two /coc/ projects, "Fillmore Noir" and "Punch-Out:TAS", with "Fillmore Noir" taking slight precedence.

Also, my own original young adult adventure novel.

Fleshing out two world I'm building and a few finals papers

Re-telling of robin hood in a cyberpunk setting from little Johns point of view with the sheriff being the head of a neo-nationalist party. Set in a parallel reality for convenience more than anything else since the real world is pretty cyberpunk as it is but lacks 'style over substance.'

I've tried at least 3 times to type out a vague description of my story, but each time it came out wrong, or sounding too boring or stereotypical.

I am sad now.

finishing up a glorious and terrible novel about a guy who plays too many video games.

Then I have a few other ideas which I can't really get to work yet.

my fantasy novel that deconstructs the deconstructionists, and posts the post-modernists. i'm not even recapturing or reconstructing fantasy, as much as im creating a fucking monster wrapped in the old cliches of the genre
it will be fun, i promise.

A story about relationships told through the interactions of various people on vacation, employees of a hotel, and locals.

I'm trying to work zombies into it somehow. It feels forced.

I'm ok with it so far.

Two things:
A sexy erotic story about Luke and George Takei
A poem

:X I don't share my poetry often. I'll post the Luke story when it's ready.

Always working on poetry. The going is very slow. It takes weeks to get the ball rolling with a new poem, months to tweak with it, years to debate whether I hate it or not, haha. And they're all so short and silly! And I rarely show them to people, so it's not like it matters.

Aside from that, I've been trying to convince myself to write fanfiction. I've never done it and I don't really have much experience with prose...But it can't be that hard, right? People in fandom seem to be pretty accepting...And it looks fun...I hope I get the balls to go through with it.

Wondering if it's worth it to try and put up my writings in english when my main language is spanish, not for my skills in writing, but because of the area, and that fantasy never sells in spanish.

Just lost all my work, so it's going to take even LONGER now. It'll probably take some cocaine to even get me to rewrite everything again.

Popular SCIENCE! book. Originally planned 200 pages. Now thinking about breaking it down into volumes of 500-1000 pages.

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By the way I have the following question: I'm using tons of images in by book, since I'm too poor to afford copyrights or hire an artist, I've made sure it's in the public domain and have done most of the stuff in photoshoop. That means I traced most of them. Is that acceptable to a publisher or do I have to fear copyright sues? Pic is an example.

Is anyone here any good at writing/editing comic scripts? I've got one going at the moment about a zookeeper and a gorilla teaming up to steal from the rich to give to themselves, but it's kinda flaccid at the moment.


Upon further analysis, this is just Titanic only not good. Added to "why you hate yourself" file.

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