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File 136404982535.jpg - (258.53KB , 1200x863 , 1337519942270[1].jpg )
81656 No. 81656
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>> No. 81657

We are not doing this.

Take your martian negros and return to /a/.
>> No. 81663
oh boy here we go.jpg
>> No. 81664
is this gantz
i stopped following gantz
is this some gantz

if so i shouldn't be surprised

whole manga is a metaphor for gaijin xenophobia and murder fantasies
>> No. 81665
File 136406586219.jpg - (214.45KB , 800x1147 , terra-formars-3455467[1].jpg )
No, it's Kamen Rider Johj.

Its.... ?better? than Gantz.
>> No. 81666
So we should stay away from this one too huh.
>> No. 81667
Well the first thing I should say is that some of you might be thinking "maybe it's not what it looks like." To which I must inform you that NO IT'S PRETTY MUCH EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Cockroaches+RAHAB (don't ask)+500 years on mars= black people. We are going whole hog racism here, without one drop of irony.

Having said that: if you can choke down that level of bullshit then there's some enjoyment to be had here. The humans all use crazy surgery that fuses them with insect species to fight, and the art is pretty unimpeachable aside from the obvious, which results in some cool fights.

Aside of the racism, there are actual technical issues with it though, mostly that it uses evolution in a way roughly equivalent to a Chick Tract to the point of fucking ridiculousness, and that it tends reuse the "introduce character, hype up power, then have cockroach martian immediately murder them" pattern ad nauseum.

It's certainly not worth MONEY, but it's not sold internationally anyway (if it comes to the States I will eat my shorts). I consider the fights and the comedy gold /a/ threads worth the quick reading time (scans come strictly in tanks).
>> No. 81673
No, its as terrible as Gantz. The only reason to read it is if you find it terrible enough to be amusing.
>> No. 81677
Is this really a Kamen Rider thing?
Aside the giant grasshoppers, this doesn't even looks remotely familiar to any Rider. At all.
>> No. 81678
File 136410875575.jpg - (671.18KB , 1826x1300 , You stepped into the wrong neighbourhood muthafuck.jpg )
No, it has nothing to do with Kamen Rider at all, its a badly written story where genetically-modified with insect genes astronauts fighting roachmen that pull bullshit EVOLUTION-ha><><or out their asses whenever the feel like it to kill the humans by the truck load.
>> No. 81681
nope its Terra Formars
>> No. 81682
File 136411315431.gif - (210.21KB , 400x323 , 1363885896762.gif )
>> No. 81697
File 136426666487.jpg - (26.73KB , 245x300 , 1364248842453[1].jpg )
Why are they so strong on a planet with much lower gravity?
>> No. 81711
Damn you! Damn you for posting this here, and damn me for being morbidly curious enough to look it up!

This manga is fucking terrible but I can't stop reading it!
>> No. 81714
This manga must be written by the biggest bug nerd on the planet. Its filled with flawed logic and stupid unexplained plot but I can't wait for the next update.

Guilty pleasure number 1 right now
>> No. 81730
File 136449635248.png - (333.52KB , 1075x1600 , Water fucking Strider.png )
Bigger then the dudes behind Arachnid?
>> No. 81737
Oh thank goodness.
I couldn't imagine Toei allowing such thing based on one of their main franchises.
>> No. 81738
Yeah that was just a joke, sorry Mesias.


Man, as bad as Terra Formars is, it's still way better than Arachnid. What an impossibly boring manga.

...Although funnily enough, both feature Kamen Rider.
>> No. 81739
Not that surprising really. An astonishing amount of manga features at least a nod to Kamen Rider. Hell, even one chapter of Yotsuba had one.
>> No. 81988
So I just caught up reading all the issues because I will admit that this manga is compelling. Unfortunately it's for all the wrong reasons. I don't really need to go into detail as others have already brought up all points I would make, but fuck me, I have seriously never read anything like this in that I hated myself every time I clicked for the next page but I could not fucking stop.

I would liken it to a train wreck, but it's more like a train wreck that somehow keeps evolving and becoming more of a wreck as you watch it. Oh, and the train wreck is racist.

Speaking of evolving... I've noticed that more manga/anime I read/watch that use evolution as a plot device, the more I realize that while most Mangaka seem to accept the idea of evolution, they also seem to have a an even worse understanding than most creationists of what evolution is and how it actually works.

If I didn't know any better, this could almost be mistaken as an extra long Japanese Jack Chic tract. Like the Neanderoaches show up and I expect a little asterisk to pop up next to a JOHJ leading to the bottom of the page explaining, "this is what evolutionists actually believe. Give yourself to Jesus to be saved from their lies!"
>> No. 82045
Stop trying so hard. Terraformars is fucking awesome.

>B-but I can't get attached to the characters because they die too fast.
>Black people have curly hair therefore this is racist!
>Evolution doesn't even work this way oh my god I can't stand it where is my autism medication.

The only legitimately fucked up parts were "Africa is just one place" and "gee Mexico/Thailand sure is a shithole".
>> No. 82046
Moe defends it, I guess thats the final proof of it being shit.
>> No. 82049
File 136567383349.jpg - (19.10KB , 378x257 , 318138_10150291612654949_379517949_n.jpg )
>> No. 82084
Hey you guys. I read this in a waiting room in Japan, and I'm just stopping by to say that I got a good laugh out of it's moonspeak craziness, a bigger laugh when I saw it hear, and the biggest laugh when >>82045 > implying gee Mexico/Thailand sure is a shithole
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