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File 13462324356.jpg - (66.72KB , 600x242 , c7b.jpg )
77646 No. 77646
why do I love this meme so much?
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>> No. 77661
Because being sayaka is suffering
>> No. 77680
>browsing pixiv
>notice they have an option to search by most popular
>but only for paying users

Haha, what?
>> No. 77685
Well this was a pretty neat surprise.
>> No. 77687
File 134629497667.jpg - (480.88KB , 1000x634 , 24663409.jpg )
But Sayaka, you already are a cute girl!

Sadly accurate. :c

>> No. 77690
How odd, I was reading a new Kenshin series for awhile there, but then suddenly it turned into Busou Renkin with the unmistakable appearance of Papillion.

No but really aside of Kanryu's weird uh... episode, this was awesome. I'm a bit confused by that last bit though. Sano I get, but why are Saito and Gin there? And I don't remember the dude with dreads at all. Jin-E's a little weird too but somewhat more sensible.
>> No. 77693
New, hypercompressed series to go with the movie. Personally, I dig it. "you are standing in a pool of blood" has potential to be a neat catchphrase for letting the bad guy know it's serious business time.
>> No. 77706
(PIKO) [ピコ] Invisible (イ…youtube thumb

Dang the tracks on the Binbougami-ga albums are good.
>> No. 77710
>fake Battousai is the spitting image of Sabretooth
That's the Watsuki we know and love. XD

"Your footsteps are stained in blood" meant something like "You've got your hands soaked in blood" though, no? Either way, I like yours, lol.

And yeah, the gun trader seems to be in the movie as well as Jin-E, judging by the trailer. Shame that apparently they're skipping Aoshi and the Oniwabanshuu... or maybe they're being saved to show up in another way later?

Dreads dude is from the last saga of the manga, he's a master of unarmed combat if I recall.
>> No. 77732
File 134637791824.jpg - (165.56KB , 800x1190 , cradle-of-monsters-3555015.jpg )
Goddamn it Cradle of Monsters, stop being fucking awesome at characters, it hurts too much if they die.
>> No. 77745
File 134644234465.png - (30.43KB , 412x228 , varying degrees of WOAH.png )
Oh hey Vinland Saga 85 what's
I-I thought it was already going down-
>> No. 77747
Yeah, Watsuki loves his western comic characters.
>> No. 77759
File 134647181946.png - (492.68KB , 640x960 , IMG_1512.png )
Toriyama romance.
>> No. 77760
Dinosaur schoolgirl manga


soooo thats a thing now.
>> No. 77761

>> No. 77764
Haha nice!
>> No. 77767
Dr Slump, but I don't know specifically what chapter.
>> No. 77773
File 134654974586.jpg - (349.45KB , 923x675 , Just Married.jpg )
Yeah, they aren't numbered so I don't know either.
Volume 9.
>> No. 77774
File 134655306140.png - (173.33KB , 304x465 , tumblr_lyc40wxnMo1qhqrpt[1].png )

>Well, first off, we've got this guy, known by Sunsengnim/Teacher, on the right. He was a very successful manga author, right up until the day he became completely blind. His real name is mostly hidden. On the left is his wife, Sori. She's a hard-working, energetic, and playful woman who also happens to be deaf. The manga explores the difficulties they have in getting through their daily life, complete with a host of other characters with all their own problems.
>> No. 77814
>> No. 77816
Once I got used to differentiating the dinos that was actually pretty cute.
>> No. 77862
This hurts me in the feelings.
>> No. 77876
File 134698391773.jpg - (253.44KB , 472x1183 , eva-spoilers.jpg )
>> No. 77880
Can anyone recommend me a new manga to read?

Things I've liked in the past and recently read:

- BECK (my favourite)
- Eyeshield 21
- Bakuman (up to the point I just got bored)
- Slam Dunk (got really bored when I realized it's like Eyeshield, only without the good characterization or the quickness of play)

So basically I like "progress" mangas, where the protagonist starts with nothing and slowly grows and comes of age. I'm not a big fan of "supernatural" powers, and I think that's why I liked BECK so much; the band made progress, but because of WORK. Also, strong characterization really helped me enjoy it.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 77890
File 134709716311.png - (410.91KB , 1125x1600 , At_Chirei_024.png )
God I love this guys style
>> No. 77891
Hmm. Off the top of my mind, Uchuu Kyoudai might be up your alley, though it's not so much coming-of-age as it is dodging-of-very-early-midlife-crisis. Also, I just started reading Again!! by Kubo Mitsurou, which, while having a little bit of fantastical time-travel shenanigans, looks to be shaping up in to a good coming-of-age story.

And if you don't feel like your manhood is threatened by reading girl comics, there's Ashita no Ousama.
>> No. 77893
>> No. 77897
There's no god damned way that's going to fly. Not with so much room for slander lawsuits and so many trademark issues.
>> No. 77898
If I'm reading this article right, they made two of these games already.
>> No. 77904

Not an anime series based off it.
>> No. 77905
It would've never been greenlit in the first place if they didn't think they were fairly safe from a legal perspective. While it's super obvious what they're doing, they aren't actually using the character designs or names of anything that belongs to anyone else--it's all Thinly Veiled Allegory. And the story itself doesn't belong to anyone, either--it's history.
>> No. 77910
Ladybug PVyoutube thumb
>> No. 77911
what's with all the /co/ comments, did they come up with the idea?
regardless it looks pretty cool from the PV
>> No. 77912
I think the cartoon is originally French (a la Wakfu).
>> No. 77913
>> No. 77914
Between this and Code Lyoko, I kind of feel like France has a thing for cat-boys.
>> No. 77915
File 134717840075.gif - (0.96MB , 500x280 , tumblr_m9zyiusSW91qf56h7o1_500.gif )
>Hells Angels
Well that was awesome for the first half anyway. Not really sure what the fuck happened to make the second though.
>> No. 77925
File 13472181416.png - (199.08KB , 670x671 , vPvgp.png )
>> No. 77930
File 134722642287.jpg - (123.65KB , 600x600 , 1228334933100.jpg )
>> No. 77933
I hope Food Network dubs it.
>> No. 77935
File 134723442649.png - (455.97KB , 640x960 , IMG_1524.png )
Akira Toriyama invented Fruits Basket.
>> No. 77989
Yeah his is sort of "the simpsons" of mangakas.

Also I'm thing to story time a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles manga bast on the OVA's. You know the ones.
So should I do this here on /jam/ or go back to the TMNT (V4) thread?
>> No. 78001
I hope somebody subs it.
>> No. 78002
Two unrelated questions:

1. People sometimes bring up the possibility of Dragon Quest and DBZ being the same universe, citing that certain characters look alike. What do you think? I figure Toriyama just likes certain haircuts and fingerless gloves and goggles and stuff, there's no connection.

2. What do you think of Western comics-styled anime fanart?
>> No. 78003
File 134740093782.gif - (47.07KB , 249x256 , tobal1box.gif )
I guess Blue Dragon must be in the same universe as well then? And Tobal 1 + 2?

Thats stupid, its just Toriyama's art style has alot of sameface.
>> No. 78004
And Chrono Trigger, for that matter.
>> No. 78005
File 134740645982.png - (429.30KB , 640x960 , IMG_1525.png )
Or Dr. Slump
>> No. 78007
File 134740707699.png - (1.32MB , 1311x1660 , 12928059512.png )
Well Dr Slump actually does crossover with Dragonball
>> No. 78017
Someone recommended I read Shitsurakuen.

Wasnt jazzed about it after the first chapter, but it's only 22 chapters and JUUUST got me enough to go "Okay I guess I'll see where this goes..."


Stupid is where it goes

I mean that was just terrible in so many ways.
And it was SO clearly canceled and was rushed AS FUCK at the end.
>> No. 78021
Wait, so is it in French or Japanese?

Either way it looks good.
>> No. 78048
File 134750049666.jpg - (311.31KB , 1713x1270 , nTlC2.jpg )
I don't care how unlikely it is to happen, I want to watch this crossover.
>> No. 78050
File 134750383167.jpg - (590.84KB , 916x1250 , Suu_(Clover)_full_813405.jpg )
Just marathoned Clover.

So...how about those intended last 2 volumes?
>> No. 78052
Anime? Is it good?

I still haven't (completely) given up on seeing the end of X published. :(
>> No. 78072
File 134752400977.png - (973.10KB , 1280x720 , Mawaru Penguindrum 16v2.png )
>> No. 78074
Yeah, I know, it's like the director of Utena decided to make a weird paranormal sitcom/mystery type show full of sexual imagery and brainfucks and people who are crazy by which I do not mean "Gina, you so crazy!" I mean "Gina, you have bipolar disorder and I'm afaraid you might stab me."

And by "like that," I mean "that's what happened."
>> No. 78075
File 134753210523.gif?spoiler - (486.65KB , 500x272 , Godfuckingdammit.gif?spoiler )

>My filename

And that's all I have to say about that.
>> No. 78093

So, this is happening.
>> No. 78094
File 134760119843.jpg - (149.15KB , 1024x768 , 24a16103f190ddd86bc42500d34b5b92.jpg )
I know what my GF and I are seeing for our first date.
>> No. 78124
Manga. And yeah, it's pretty interesting. Unfortunately it was left with a lot of ends still open.
>> No. 78150
>start reading this because hey why not
>live on even if its hard
>little baby bitch tear rolls down my face
>> No. 78152
File 134774411732.jpg - (115.27KB , 900x710 , 1283989185044.jpg )
>then the gangster son
>then the puppy
I can't hold all these feels
>> No. 78155
ANd thanks to the wonders of Netflix, I'm watching Baccano on the English dub, and it's magnificent. all DAT 20's and 30's SLANG
In your fucking face FUNimation!
>> No. 78157
And thanks to the wonders of Netflix, I'm watching Baccano on the English dub, and it's magnificent. all DAT 20's and 30's SLANG
In your fucking face FUNimation!
>> No. 78172
File 134788561286.jpg - (164.01KB , 1007x539 , ohwhat2.jpg )
So this is happening.
>> No. 78173
Wait but FUNI did Baccano's dub, how is that in their face?
>> No. 78174
All of FUNi's stuff is blocked outside most of latinamerica, Costa Rica included, due that whole jazz of copyright.
The fact that I can FINALLY watch anything from them on Netflix and still have blocked all their stuff on their main page and youtube, makes me think of "where is your copyright bullshit god now FUNi"?
>> No. 78176
Keep in mind that region blocking with streaming video is not something companies do because they want to block most of the world (more views is more views, after all, and they always want more subscribers). When they negotiated for the licensing rights to Baccano (and other shows), they were only negotiating for the rights to sell and show the program in a very small region, and the owners of the program, or the people who the owners of the program licensed it to, could sue them if they tried to sell outside that region. Even with non-import titles, showing outside of the regions a company specializes in can hurt the chances of selling to an international licensor.
>> No. 78177
>Mario and Luigi as evil dictators
>a Tetris mercenary who is pretty much guaranteed to switch sides
>anything having to do with Samus
>> No. 78199
Mario and Luigi look awesome.
>All those flames behind Mario
>> No. 78203
I will never get tired of this series. Eureka is one of my very few flat-chested waifus.
>> No. 78204
Yeah, those are the only two Toriyama things that really share a universe. Penguin Village showed up in Dragon Ball for a few chapters and about 5 minutes of one of the movies, and Goku appeared in at least one episode of one of the later Dr. Slump animes.
>> No. 78205

So, am I supposed to be able to recognize who these characters are parodies of? Because I didn't recognize any of them until other people pointed them out.
>> No. 78215
>Koi wa Misoji wo Sugite kara
This was easily the most kawaii smut I ever read.
>> No. 78217

If you play a lot of nintendo and old sega games you would probably recognize quite a few of them. If you don't then you won't. A few details like Greege's Boo make it even more obvious. I could have sworn there were posts here about people arguing who is who but I guess not?
>> No. 78220
It was in /cog/.

>> No. 78233
File 134812045457.jpg - (362.83KB , 800x547 , Nisekoi - 02 - 01.jpg )
So I'm translating volume two of Nisekoi for an independent study project in my Japanese class. Three pages a day should get it done with eight days to spare on the deadline.
>> No. 78246
The fun part about the Dr Slump crossover is that you don't know what's going on until halfway through as it otherwise presents itself as a chapter of Dr Slump
Reading it in weekly Jump it would be all You expected Dragon Ball? Too bad, Dr Slump.
>> No. 78248
I'm not deriding your efforts or anything, but the series itself sounds very generic...?
>> No. 78250
File 134817670156.jpg - (186.27KB , 800x1157 , nisekoi-2784553.jpg )

YOU'RE very generic :I

But no seriously, while there's no way to describe it that doesn't make it come off as a mishmash of overdone romantic tropes, it's quite a fun little series, which tweaks the nose of those same tropes fairly regularly. And is an absolute goldmine for reactionfaces. Also, these Yakuza are fucking hilarious.

The author is also the author of Double Arts, if you're familiar with that. I like Double Arts better, but I've read that one into the ground in translation already; it would feel unfair for me to get marks for translating something I've already got practically memorized in English.

(This is the same reason why I'm not doing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, or One Piece, or any of the other manga volumes I own in Japanese)
>> No. 78267
It's REALLY Good.
>> No. 78279
Anyone know a good anime radio cast?
>> No. 78286
File 134838894887.png - (644.78KB , 853x480 , pantsutransformation.png )
>>fan suggests that Panty (from Panty and Stocking) is an attempt to genderbend Duke Nukem

I don't think it was deliberate, but I can totally see the thought process here.
>> No. 78308
>Want to pick a manga back up
>No clue where you left off

This is the worst feel in the world.
>> No. 78309
That's pretty much the only reason why I have a MAL account. It lets me keep track of where I am in an anime series/manga, drop it for a long time because reasons, and then come back knowing where I left off.
>> No. 78361
>"A Book with Yui and Kyouko Kissing and Hugging Only"

and its exactly what it says on the tin.
>> No. 78373
File 134868434377.jpg - (121.54KB , 750x1095 , johnny depp.jpg )

Might be cool.
>> No. 78382
Score one for "series I never thought would be animated."

Don't get me wrong, it's a charming and hilarious series, but religious complaints just gets so knee-jerk I figured it'd cut it off at the pass.
>> No. 78389
New Vinland Saga, now with even more despair!

Also if you're not reading Gunka no Baltzar, you should probably be doing that. It's basically Prussia: The Manga.
>> No. 78395


>> No. 78397
File 134875999518.png - (283.97KB , 914x1300 , SilverSpoon54_15_RHN.png )
Holy shit, this guy. No wonder his kids couldn't get out of the house fast enough.
>> No. 78410
WELP my brains rotted cause I just thought "Oh shit Momiji and Ichiko are totally kismesises!"
>> No. 78429
File 134893269430.jpg - (133.61KB , 1200x858 , nisekoi-3614843.jpg )
>> No. 78450
File 134896263776.jpg - (36.66KB , 480x290 , tumblr_m8krxorUOy1qlaj2k.jpg )
so, uh, talking of which, I haven't heard a PEEP about Eureka Seven AO on this board.

is anybody else here keeping up with it? if not, it's a great time to do so. we've just recently hit a MAJOR PLOT EVENT of some kind (don't check the tag on Tumblr, it's so full of spoilers it's ridiculous), and the series isn't seeing any more episodes until "late autumn".

anyway, if you liked the original Eureka Seven series, this is an excellent successor. the plot threads are FINALLY starting to sort of almost tie together.

suddenly RENTON!??! wowowow hot a what
>> No. 78451
I never followed through with the anime since if I don't get answers I lose interest, Eureka 7 went the way of Witch Hunter Robin for me.

There a run down anywhere?
>> No. 78452
but you pretty much eventually DO get all the answers. in the original series, I mean. it's just it took a freakin' long-ass time to to so.

if you want a plot-so-far rundown on AO, it's kind of hard to do without you knowing the major spoileriffic plot points of the original series.
>> No. 78453

Are you sure that your problem with Witch Hunter Robin wasn't how terminally dull it was because fucking nothing happened after that sort-of cool first episode?

Because that was what killed it for me.
>> No. 78454
But... but stuff happens... in the end of the series.

...Yeah, it's kinda dull and personally I don't like that style of character designs. Looks a bit bland to me. The OST and the scenery are good, though. It has its strong points.
>> No. 78455
What's MAL? I love that idea, though. One of the reasons I kept reading Homestuck is because it had a "save page" option, too.

I really want to read/watch this. A couple of the people I talked to irl about it (who admittedly weren't anime/manga fans) thought it was highest-tier insulting, though. I don't get it. Even though I'm not religious, it seems pretty harmless.
>> No. 78456
SYM is the most harmless thing imaginable. It's not insulting religious people or anything, it's just making weird jokes like Buddha's ears being mistaken for straps by sleepy train riders.
>> No. 78457
MAL is MyAnimeList. It's a social networking site for otaku, but really the social aspect is... well, its a site for anime fans. Lots of mouthbreathers. Don't bother with the forums.

You keep a list of anime/manga you're watching/reading, and it keeps count of which episode/chapter you're on. You have to manually update it, but I think there's third-party software that will automatically update your list whenever you open a video file with the anime name, although I've never used it and have no idea if it actually works.
>> No. 78459

Oreimo is actually pretty good...
>> No. 78465

Found this on the list of blogs that no one reads at the bottom of the page. This guy is Peak Otaku. I'm willing to bet money that there's a body pillow with an anime girl on it sitting somewhere out of frame.
>> No. 78480
File 134915949289.jpg - (383.39KB , 1200x1724 , 006.jpg )

I think shes right...
>> No. 78482
File 134916460883.jpg?nsfw - (15.77KB , 205x245 , no google this is not akarin.jpg?nsfw )
There are a lot of people out there who think much more highly of you if you are in a relationship, or will find you much more interesting if they know you are at least in love with someone. These people love to gossip and never grew out of the highschool mentality. Avoid them at all costs.

Also, what doujin is that image is from? I tried google reverse image searching but instead of Yurus I got pic related.
>> No. 78483

SFW btw
>> No. 78484

Just the way I like Yuru Yuri. Thanks.
>> No. 78496
Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter 超…youtube thumb
>> No. 78503
File 134923687068.jpg - (561.76KB , 940x700 , wsj.jpg )
>Fall behind on my WSJa
>Barrage ended
Aw, seemed cool.
At least I'll get to read it all at some point.
I've got a good period of will need something to pass the time period coming up that these unread wsjas will fill nicely.
>> No. 78506
>behind on my WSJa
The same. Wish there was some way to organize backlogs by series instead of having to read the whole issue at once.

Hell, I'd even take some downloads of webrips from the site arranged by series if I could find some. I'm already paying for it, so I'm sure as hell not going to feel bad about it.
>> No. 78512
Is this version of Shonen Jump up to date with it's original japanese counterpart?
>> No. 78513
I think it's 2 weeks behind?
They just started a new series about lacrosse this week, does that sound familiar.
>> No. 78535
File 134932485424.jpg - (272.37KB , 540x844 , A bold sales pitch.jpg )
I think that happens to people who read the paper Jump as well.
I think what they usually do is get the collected volumes.
>> No. 78539
Hmmm which subs to pick?

gg, or a UTW joint

and of course ji-hi died...
>> No. 78540
So I just finished FMA Brotherhood, why do some say it's not as good as the first series?
>> No. 78543
>> No. 78552
For what I've get from some of my friends, is because it has more "feeling" than Brotherhood. I dunno how that works, specially since the first series has some plot holes related to Father and my friends seem to just plain ignore them.
>> No. 78559
File 134938391228.jpg - (191.71KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )
That said, they just made Barrage vol 1 available the same day it came out in Japan. Isn't that exciting?
>> No. 78565

You have friends who equate over the top depression and angst with anxiety. This is common in adolescence.
>> No. 78572
File 134940125448.png?spoiler - (538.83KB , 1011x1450 , the king of pop.png?spoiler )
Well that...sure was a thing. Given Micheal Jackson's gang of roaming child muggers, I'm going to guess that this is the afterlife.
>> No. 78629
File 134965995654.png - (508.93KB , 683x384 , pits of hell.png )
This show is pretty cute.
>> No. 78630
>> No. 78633
What is this?
>> No. 78634
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
The KyoAni show this season.

Chuunibyou; "A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others."

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! new PV!youtube thumb
>> No. 78650
File 134979904551.jpg - (203.09KB , 688x714 , 1349793419266[1].jpg )
Yankee-kun lady's current series, Yamada and the 7 Witches, is terribly lewd.
>> No. 78712
File 134989479544.jpg?spoiler - (283.45KB , 529x834 , This is Barrage by the way.jpg?spoiler )
Huh... that was not the plot twist I was expecting.
>> No. 78715
I would actually buy a Scott McNeil action figure
>> No. 78717
>supernatural hijinx and cute friends smooching, the manga
Thank you so much for introducing me to this.
>> No. 78719
Are her reaction faces still the best?
>> No. 78722
File 134992984541.jpg - (230.48KB , 728x1143 , kyamada-kun_to_007-nin_no_majo_001_004.jpg )
they're pretty solid
>> No. 78725

>> No. 78729
Having read the whole thing I can confirm that it is SUPER ADORABLE on top of being just plan fun, with likable characters and interesting use of the supernatural.
>> No. 78730
WOOP WOOP for 10 hours smooth loopyoutube thumb
>> No. 78742
>chuunibyou ep 2
I'm disturbed how well a ladle works as a fantasy weapon.
>> No. 78761
File 135011252495.png - (677.77KB , 750x1026 , big gay family.png )
>> No. 78787
Magical Suite Prism Nana PVyoutube thumb
This better doesn't end in tears Shaft.

>> No. 78796
File 135026461941.jpg - (160.45KB , 1024x768 , spikewallpaper.jpg )
According to NYCC, Cowboy Bebop is coming out on Blu-Ray in Japan. No word on an American port, but considering it did better here, I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

I still don't own a Blu-Ray player (and the only reason I would is because they're slowly diminishing the amount of extras on DVD, which is balls-- plus, I already own Bebop on DVD), but the amount of swag that will follow is nice. Although I don't know if I'm up to the level yet where I'm willing to pay $40 for a figurine, even a nice HQ one.
>> No. 78800
Personally, I'd much rather replace my entire DVD collection with blurays, if I had the money.

Gimme that delicious high definition yes please.
>> No. 78802
File 135027740643.jpg - (1.13MB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
So it's like a fighting series where everyone has some kind of cool power?
Thats pretty shonen, I can dig it.
>> No. 78804
Why do people always talk about something without dropping the name of the thing they're gushing about?
>> No. 78805
>Aikatsu 01
Well, I guess I just found a new guilty pleasure.
>> No. 78808
I must be stupid or something, because I can never tell between DVD and Blu-Ray, or between record player and MP3.
>> No. 78809
Because I'm lazy.
Takama ga... hara?
Yeah, that's the one.
Actually, besides Cross Manage everything in alpha is all fighty action shonen.
Are there no gag mangas running in Jump?
>> No. 78811
File 135032930094.gif - (1.93MB , 451x254 , y0V7m.gif )
ow my teeth
>> No. 78812
Gag mangas are a lot harder to translate, I'd wager. Especially reference-laden series like Gintama.
I'd kill for Beezlebub to be one of the added series, though. Or some of those oneshots.
>> No. 78813
File 135033107070.png - (374.99KB , 640x960 , IMG_1513.png )
I suppose.
No harm trying though.
>> No. 78821
Also ooh, alpha just announced Japan sync.
This thing is going very well for them, isn't it.
>> No. 78823
>> No. 78826
I am so psyched. Finally I can use SJ Alpha for more than just assuaging my conscience while reading pirated new chapters.
>> No. 78841
Are they lesbians now?
>> No. 78844

>> No. 78845
It was pretty one-sided before.
>> No. 78846
I would say more that Madoka's feelings are unexamined than that it was one-sided. Madoka didn't have as much time to get to know Homura as Homura got to know Madoka. She definitely became attached to her by the end, but Madoka was attached to pretty much everyone. Thus the ending.
>> No. 78848
What a slut.
>> No. 78849
She just gives her trinkets out to any old girl. All the more reason to shun her for Iori instead.

.....okay I may be confusing my canon here.
>> No. 78885
File 135054531931.gif - (2.85MB , 435x245 , ibfuCd5E8LQTa2.gif )
>> No. 78890
What show is it?
>> No. 78893
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Just Chuunibyou (or Chuu2byou) for short
>> No. 78895
I always expected that to happen to Sailor Moon when she transformed.
>> No. 78902
She doesn't have balls on the end of her hair though.
>> No. 78914
File 135069881365.jpg - (206.62KB , 890x1260 , 17.jpg )
Don't make your side characters more interesting than the main.
>> No. 78915
File 135069893920.jpg - (245.88KB , 890x1269 , 18.jpg )
Because that's no kind of way to live.
>> No. 78926
>side characters more interesting than the main
It's worked for every single harem anime ever.

And by "worked" I mean "been utter shit"
>> No. 78928
I remember one of my friends referring to this as "Twilight Syndrome". They said essentially if Edward, Bella, and Jacob never existed in the Twilight series, it focused entirely on the background characters, and there was a different source of conflict, it would have actually been enjoyable.

That's fair. But I'm still surprised how many characters have hair down to their feet and never once trip.
>> No. 78931
I tend to call it "shitty harem lead syndrome".

Or Love Hina disease.
>> No. 78938
Best selling tv anime of the last decade:

01) *78,671 Bakemonogatari
02) *71,057 Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
03) *68,734 Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny
04) *59,887 Nisemonogatari
05) *58,589 Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED
06) *50,551 Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
07) *48,571 Fate/Zero
08) *46,146 Macross Frontier
09) *43,883 K-ON!
10) *42,690 Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
11) *41,037 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
12) *39,385 K-ON!!
13) *39,352 Kidou Senshi Gundam 00
14) *36,511 Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)
15) *34,601 Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 S2
>> No. 78941
Generic slice-of-life, grimdark magical girl tragedy, and fucking Gundam SEED? Really Japan?
>> No. 78942
File 13509086299.png - (250.41KB , 975x1400 , 1350900988862.png )
Oh God, the shitstorm on /a/....
>> No. 78948
What do people see in SEED?
>> No. 78949
What do people see in Twilight?

There's alot of people out there who latch on to stuff that is awful and think it is wonderful.
>> No. 78950
Twilight is pornography for women. What people see in it is "masturbation fodder." I don't know that SEED is especially fap-worthy, as anime goes. Unless you're REALLY into giant robots.
>> No. 78951
File 135094647061.jpg - (41.60KB , 520x472 , Calamitygundam9mn.jpg )
The mobile suits of the Cosmic Era are for the most part clunky messes or flatout rehashes of other universe machines, right down to having the same name as them.

And to be fair the characters (and character design) are worse, especially in Destiny, along with the portrayal of the enemy factions being so chaotic-retarded lol-evil it makes Zeon look like a bastion of moderation and morality.

But for some reason the Japanese eat it up, and love the adventures of Kira 'Jesus' Yamato and The Virgin Lacus.

(As fro literal Seed Gundam fap fodder I believe there are a number of doujins availible)
>> No. 78952
File 135094849247.png - (104.32KB , 480x257 , tumblr_m4zyxsQazY1qdjjgt.png )

>14) *36,511 Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist (2003
>No Brotherhood

>(As fro literal Seed Gundam fap fodder I believe there are a number of doujins availible)

Pretty much the sole redeeming factor.

But that's a discussion for a different thread~.
>> No. 78954
No amount of doujins can redeem the mediocrity that SEED was, and the godawful mistake that SEED Destiny was.
>> No. 78957
SEED, I believe, shares Gundam Wing's yaoi-fangirl-bait power.

That's basically all it has going for it. Even Wing had the sheer hilarity of being an unintentional self-parody full of insane crazy shit.
>> No. 78959
Man I've only watched Fullmetal and Haruhi out of these, and while I can see the hype on these two, I can't imagine how this list happened besides Japan having a huge boner for giant robots. it's not only about being good, there were quite a few anime that got more popular on this side of the world in the last decade.

Hell I'd expect at least the new Eva movies to make it on the list.
>> No. 78961
You should watch Fate Zero because of reasons.

Also Code Geass, for very different reasons.
>> No. 78964

Unlike G Gundam which WAS a crazy self parody.
>> No. 78966
>I can't imagine how this list happened besides Japan having a huge boner for giant robots
Well, remember that Gundam is like their Star Wars. Despite what Otaku will have you believe, most Japanese people don't watch anime as adults, other than fucking huge anime, and the original Gundam is pretty much the defining example (aside from shit like Sazae-san that no one even cares about). So any Gundam series is going to have a bit of a leg up on everything else in the same way that attaching the name "Star Wars" to something is going to get a lot of people interested who usually wouldn't be.
>> No. 78967
I watched a couple episodes of Fate Stay Night some time ago, just didn't get into it. Nothing really caught my attention... 21st century anime character designs, dramatic moments etc.

Code Geass seems to involve mecha, revolve around politics and the main character is manipulative or something? I have the episodes saved, but sounds like stuff I wouldn't really enjoy at all. I think the only appeal to me would be CLAMP character designs and curvy gals.

I am kinda curious about Bakemonogatari, but... dunno, not that many anime in the last few years seemed too interesting for me. It's a shame how stuff like Cromartie and Gintama (watched it recently on a stream) doesn't get the attention it deserves, in my opinion. Also a lack of old school shonen stuff.
>> No. 78968

>Fate Stay Night

Oh lord no.
>> No. 78970
>Fate Stay Night
There are exactly three good anime adaptations of Type Moon works, and those are Fate Zero, Kara no Kyoukai, and Carnival Phantasm (which only sort of counts). Tsukihime also got a FUCKING AWESOME manga adaptation but even that's really just Near Side Routes: Director's Cut.
>> No. 78971
File 135103745836.jpg - (90.37KB , 1280x720 , 1246324988282.jpg )
As for Geass, well... how does "Gay Batman fights the British Empire" sound to you?
>> No. 78972
Gay Batman fights the British Empire with magic powers. There are mecha involved in all of this, but they're not really all that significant, and it's not uncommon to go several episodes without even seeing one. For starters, the main character isn't much of a pilot, and mostly only takes to the battlefield to command his troops.

His unit in Super Robot Wars was actually almost useless for attacking with, but buffed other units. Though his lieutenant's mech was practically a game breaker--and that's in a game that included the Gurren Lagann.
>> No. 78979
Man I still wish they would do an official genderbent Haruhi thing
>> No. 78981
Oh I watched the Tsukihime anime. Either wasn't too memorable for me, or it's because I keep forgetting how most anime end, for some weird reason.

(I ended up rewatchng the end of some series lately, and to my surprise, they were pretty good for me at least. Namely Kanokon and Kamisama Kazoku. I also rewatched the end of Tsukihime, but practically forgot it again.)

Dunno much about Type Moon... I guess they make dating sims? Honestly I'm not all that into these dating sims full of yandere and stuff, I just go after the more light-hearted ecchi harem anime adaptations. Though Shuffle! had its moments.

Reminds me of something I noticed a couple years ago... is it me, or like half the anime nowadays are based on dating sims?

Haha honestly that sounds like a grant morrison storyline. But since it's not actually in the Batman universe, it does sound like it might be fun.

So, like... a guy dragging everyone around, another one in the moe role, a girl weirded out by the whole thing, etc? I just can't see a Haruhi guy.
>> No. 78991
>So, like... a guy dragging everyone around, another one in the moe role, a girl weirded out by the whole thing, etc? I just can't see a Haruhi guy.
There's actually a whole fan-made storyline. Kyonko is unacceptably adorable.
>> No. 78993
Also, I believe it was brought about because people pointed out that Haruhi is already gender-flipped from the traditional cast layout in a way. At least as far as Haruhi and Kyon are concerned--Kyon is a tsundere and Haruhi is the powerful but boorish asshole he's got a thing for and who develops into a more likeable character over the course of her character arc. Genderflipping it just makes this more obvious.
>> No. 79013
Part of me feels like when a story (in general) is already intended as a flip of gender roles, and people just genderbend it back, it defeats the purpose.
>> No. 79014
In a way. The more interesting thing is seeing things like girl Itsuki, and how apparently Kyon being a girl causes all other females to become bi-curious.
>> No. 79015
That just sounds like doujin writers being doujin writers.
>> No. 79016
Nah its just that Itsuki is Kyonsexual

and Yuki is the quiet cool guy type
>> No. 79022
File 135120283077.jpg - (1.01MB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )
Ooh, now they've got little links you can click in the table of contents so you can go right to your favourite series.
Nice. I still don't know how I feel about Cross Manage, though.
>> No. 79034
File 135123633942.jpg - (42.94KB , 1600x900 , Yta4z.jpg )
chuunibyou continues to be hilarious, and difficult to watch due to second-hand embarrassment
>> No. 79046
File 135127760879.png - (277.69KB , 844x1200 , img000018.png )
Kids these days...
>> No. 79050
| x | My Megabusters
>> No. 79099
File 135145867779.jpg - (188.72KB , 772x1200 , bio-meat-1749424.jpg )
I love Horror manga.
>> No. 79101
Seriously that was creepy. Looking at the manga's previous arcs you just never got the feeling anything like this was ever going to happen. I mean the most unexpected twist was Kanon being stabbed and that's it. Now its this.
>> No. 79106
I still think that TWGOK should have ended after the 6 goddesses were reunited and Vintage's invasion plan was stopped. Obviously altered a bit from how it was so that there was closure and no loose-ends, but at this point I feel like the story is really starting to drag.

Either that, or it should never have diverted from, or just should have gone back to, being a dating sim parody about Keima making girls fall for him.
>> No. 79107
There's a TWOGK thread to complain about this in.
>> No. 79119
>S.F Debris is review the EVA 1.something movies
>And going in blind
>> No. 79120
File 135154584694.jpg - (318.60KB , 537x834 , whammo.jpg )
Another very shonen thing about Takama-Ga-Hara is that the protagonist's powers are seemingly very straightforward.
>> No. 79121
As much as I hope he does 3.0 when it comes out, I also kinda want to see him go back and look over the whole thing with the appropriate perspective gained. Just to see what he thinks of it from an educated/informed point of view, and maybe what kind of conclusions we can draw about how BATFUCK INSANE Gainax must have been when they said "oh yeah, you can watch this shit blind."
>> No. 79122
File 135155682255.jpg - (478.65KB , 1740x1242 , ftakamagahara_002_023-024.jpg )
>> No. 79138
Honestly I hope he sees it through and then go back to the series.
Also Batfuck insane Gainax? Nice.
>> No. 79139
In case you didn't bother checking out his more recent reviews, he already watched 2.22.

>> No. 79140
This is why I come to jam. I come here to find out about new mangas that nobody else really talks about.

Although to be fair I stopped going to /a/ years ago so maybe they've changed since I last checked
>> No. 79141
They have.

They're much worse now.
>> No. 79147
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

The only thing different is there's no longer ONE SHOW uniting the entire board, and that only happened with Geass anyway.
>> No. 79150
You talk like that's a thing.

/a/ regularly has TEH BIGGEST THING ZOMGEVAR every single fucking week, rides the trend hard and fast until nobody likes it any more, backlashes hilariously against whatever they were championing the very previous day, and then completely forgets in the space of a month.

/a/ is a bunch of college anime club students with ADD.
>> No. 79151
Because it is a thing. Nothing that happened before or since was the board unifying madness that Geass R2 was. /a/ has flavor of the month stuff yes, but it can't compare.
>> No. 79155
Yeah, moot even made a special board-theme for it. The only other time I can remember that happening was for Robot Unicorn Attack.
>> No. 79167
File 135179920863.jpg - (129.94KB , 747x659 , 1351782951408[1].jpg )
>> No. 79168
Wow, is Sword Art Online that popular? I like it and all, but it's not exactly redefining the genre or anything.
>> No. 79178
File 135188771190.jpg - (148.33KB , 1200x881 , nisekoi-3678777.jpg )
Things are HAPPENING
>> No. 79183

Just when I thought we were truly entering an endless recursion of tsun!
>> No. 79185
The only positive things I've seen people say about it are "OMG THIS ELF IS SO MOE"
>> No. 79217
File 135212751316.jpg - (105.42KB , 863x471 , 1352112556477[1].jpg )
In other news, the Maoyuu anime still looks awful.

Pic related, it's Little Sis Maid.
>> No. 79235
File 135217093414.jpg - (311.95KB , 600x400 , Tak-Ending-Splsh.jpg )
Oh, I guess Takamagahara is ending.
That's a shame, it clearly had a large scope in mind.
>> No. 79310
File 135236075488.jpg - (110.78KB , 1280x720 , [Nutbladder]_Hidamari_Sketch_×☆☆☆_-_08_[7E3.jpg )
>> No. 79332
Oh and apparently Reborn is over
>> No. 79342
Are they really though?
>> No. 79395
File 135259464855.png - (458.07KB , 924x1300 , 19d9bf051d0734a604405b6de658ca6f.png )
Really, Mangastream? Really?
>> No. 79407
File 135265451692.jpg - (66.55KB , 554x663 , magnificent.jpg )
>More of Natsu no Zenjitsu has been scanned! And translated!
>And it's still really really good!

Shit was so Josei.
>> No. 79421
File 135268204055.gif - (2.57MB , 525x274 , 1352681998006.gif )
In other news, Chuuni continues to be really, really silly.
>> No. 79427
I forgot all about that series. It's still fairly enjoyable.
>> No. 79431
File 135269545086.gif - (2.31MB , 480x270 , iywjHs0mxHWgA.gif )
>> No. 79433
I don't know.
>> No. 79436
So is this show Nichijou 2.0 or something?
>> No. 79437
No, but its IS KyoAni
>> No. 79444
I didn't mean "is it a second season" of Nichijou, I just meant is it a similar sort of series? That ridiculous GIF certainly felt similar.
>> No. 79445
It's silly, but it isn't as surreal as Nichijou. It's just a funny SoL thing.
>> No. 79449

It's basically about a guy who was an otherkin in middle-school and then meets more otherkin in highschool and has to deal with all these otherkin being otherkin.

If you've ever been at a time when you thought you might've actually had superpowers, it'll feel like familiar territory.
>> No. 79450
It's also bad for your heart.
[六花] あぅ あぅ あぅ [音MAD]youtube thumb
>> No. 79453
中二病でも恋がしたい…youtube thumb

Best moe abuse anime of the year
>> No. 79454
This is...pretty fucked up
>> No. 79456
It's... really not. It's the standard Japanese boke/tsukkomi routine. Except this time the boke is a cute little girl. You wouldn't complain if it's Nami hitting Luffy/Usopp.
>> No. 79457
Luffy is made of rubber, plus he's stronger than 100 Nami's.

It might be because it is a bunch of clips, but it just look like a bigger lad slapping around a smaller girl (who's making those pained little noises the japs get off on)

Its creepy.
>> No. 79458
Usopp is not. And they always look like they're in pain when Nami clobbers them. This looks more fucked up than it is in this montage because you can't hear the retarded stuff she does/says beforehand.
>> No. 79459

>who's making those pained little noises the japs get off on

That's... really the only part of your argument where you might have a leg to stand on.

Whacking a girl for being dumb in a comedic fashion isn't a bad thing, as long as it's done in the name of comedy and not because certain people (*gestures to plus4 /co/*) like to see women brutalized.
>> No. 79461
Its not just a slap to the back of the head in most of the clips given to a dope who said something stupid (ie: a 'dope slap') he's slapping away repeatedly on this meek little girl.... hell its a tiresome cliche to start with when you get little women hitting the stupid males who do something stupid but at least those tend to be more over the top and ridiculous because of the reactions and characters involved... might help slightly if it didn't look so mundane a setting?
>> No. 79462
It might help slightly when you're not looking for a reason to be offended.
>> No. 79463
What, you gonna accuse me of being one of those tumblrfags next? Saying it looks pretty bad is a more than fair comment to make.
>> No. 79464
I guess you do sort of sound like one. Nothing in that is really bad, it's just the most minor of slapstick.
>> No. 79468
Well at least I don't have to wonder much about how she got the eyepatch to begin with :P

>Its not just a slap to the back of the head in most of the clips given to a dope who said something stupid (ie: a 'dope slap') he's slapping away repeatedly on this meek little girl....
Maybe she said something really REALLY stupid.
>> No. 79469
She's literally just wearing it to look more mysterious, both her eyes are fully functional.

She also wears heelies.
>> No. 79470
>Maybe she said something really REALLY stupid.

Thats what happening in every scene in which she appears.
>> No. 79471

>given to a dope who said something stupid

Dude. She's a fucking otherkin who thinks she's a super-amazing wizard with dark powers. She acts like an anime character IRL and goes on about how her sister is "a priestess" and how she connects to "dark powers".

If a bitch kept acting like that in front of me I'd bop her on the head to, so I could smack some sense into her.

No I'm not that 'ALL WOMEN MUST BE BRUTALIZED' faggot. I'd respond that way if a man acted like that too
>> No. 79474
i think it's super cute. he's not even hitting her hard, it's just little whaps to the head. its really kawaii
>> No. 79475
I don't mind the gender as much as the... I guess you could say mundanity of it? Like, super-exaggerated punch-to-the-stratosphere dopeslaps are easy to write off because they're so obviously intended to be silly, but when it's realistic it's a lot harder to write off casually slapping your friends. Plus the little 'cutesy' pained noises really don't help its case.

I'd imagine it's a lot more tolerable in the proper context and few and far between, though.
>> No. 79478
File 135288776887.gif - (0.98MB , 500x280 , youngboygettingraped.gif )
Look at this poor young boy getting violated! He even makes a little pained noise upon getting hit! Oh the huge manatee!
>> No. 79479
uh no? thats a loli attacking someone with a gigantic sword, that is silly and implausible which is what people have been pointing out is something of a factor
>> No. 79483
>when it's realistic it's a lot harder to write off casually slapping your friends
Your mileage may vary. Punching people is essentially how I show affection.
>> No. 79484
The videos are still creepy and maybe she wouldn't do such apparently stupid things if this guy wasn't repetitively smacking out what little brain cells she had left.

I don't know what's worse, that you're one of those people that can't stop hitting others or that you directly quoted TvTropes.
>> No. 79485
Hey now, 'your milage may vary' may be troper speak but its also just something that has crept into the imageboard lexicon, no need to make a big deal about it
>> No. 79489

>and maybe she wouldn't do such apparently stupid things if this guy wasn't repetitively smacking out what little brain cells she had left.

Except she was doing those things before he met her?

Like dude, I don't mind you complaining about a show, but you might wanna at least watch it first. And if it's not your thing then, well, ignore it and move along. No point arguing about something you have no investment in.
>> No. 79493
There's more than one person saying it looks weird.
I know because I'm the one who originally said it looked fucked up, I'm getting a little perturbed at how its not dying down
Someone might have started playing both sides of the 'argument' to keep it going?
>> No. 79497
I... seriously don't get it.


Out of everything in that show the only thing that looked like it hurt was the ball hitting her (which wasn't the guy's doing) and maybe the repeated headslaps, but they were done with such frequency/so fast/so casually that they were more hilarious than anything real and serious. Everything else was just noogies/being spun around in a chair and being given bad news.

If that's your definition of "abuse" then you must live a pretty sheltered lifestyle.
>> No. 79510
Pretty certain "your mileage may vary" existed as a phrase before TV Tropes named something after it. I've been using it since before I read it, anyway, might've picked it up from someone who read it there before I did.
And I don't know why you're so caught up on the act of hitting, rather than the severity. I'm not throwing jaw-breaking haymakers, I'm basically firmly tapping someone on the arm with my fist.
Likewise, he may be slapping/chopping her, but it's pretty clear that exactly 0 effort is being put into trying to make it hurt. They're light actions.
You just see a moe moe kyuuun~ waifu being smacked and squeaking, and it triggers the white knight in you. Calm the fuck down little dude, it is gonna be OK. I promise.
>> No. 79514
"Your mileage may vary" is a term from gasoline commercials that has entered the lexicon as an easy cliché to be used when stating that individual experiences with particular stimuli are the result of numerous variables, and it can be depended upon that all people who go through those stimuli will have the same reaction to it. TV Tropes did not invent it, though I suppose they may have popularized it. You may as well get mad at people for quoting TV Tropes when they call someone a Mary Sue.
>> No. 79519
I've heard that phrase used since I was in grade school, it's been around for decades
>> No. 79533
I have never heard this phrase before the advent of TVTropes because I live in You Kay.

I generally seem to get a whole lot of orphaned punchlines and context-free references from US pop culture lately.
>> No. 79539
File 135297971243.jpg - (777.97KB , 1600x1148 , nyv0wo[1].jpg )

Oh boy, a fantastic new gay love story!
>> No. 79540
the art looks pretty nice, but I hope I'm not the only one who thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty ugly and can't understand why he has so many fangirls am I? hell, the guy who played Loki isn't this popular and I think even he's better looking than him
>> No. 79541

No I agree, the Cumberbatch is pretty fug. This is actually part of why I like his Sherlock, he's an ugly, unattractive, personally repellent asshole hopped up on drugs most of the time.

Don't ask me to account for his fangirls, though.
>> No. 79542
File 135298881768.jpg - (261.04KB , 1280x720 , ur a faget rikka.jpg )
>> No. 79543
File 135298881764.jpg - (601.57KB , 2160x1664 , HOW_DO_YOU_SEE_RORSCHACH__by_EnvySkort.jpg )
He'll be pretty when they are through with him
>> No. 79544

I think he has nice eyes, but that's about it. Actually to be honest, I don't really find much about that show to be appealing.
>> No. 79546
You have got to be SHITTING me.
>> No. 79553
If you're an arrogant and intelligent man in fiction, real life girls will always want the d. Look how popular Rodney McKay and House are, despite the middling attractiveness of their actors (though Hugh Laurie has against all odds has somehow become attractive as he ages.)

And yet if you're arrogant and intelligent in real life, no one will ever touch you, unless you're, like, so blindingly hot girls can overlook the rest. Also if you're rich, and then a certain caliber of girl would touch you even if you were ugly and dumb and modest.
>> No. 79555
It's a fairly solid adaption so far, seems to be lifted word for word from the show. The little deduction blips don't transfer well into manga, which is a shame, because they were some of my favorite bits from the show.

Will never understand manga's fascination with taking Benedict Cumberbatch, David Bowie, and other people who are already bishounen and making them even more pretty, though.
>> No. 79557
Had a very interesting conversation with my brother today about why guitars come out of people's heads and how that relates to the alien conspiracy to remove all thought and capture the pirate king.

FLCL is pretty much his favorite anime ever.
>> No. 79563
It's a damn clever show, really. And proof that a kind of stream-of-consciousness narrative can really work.
>> No. 79567
File 135307710715.jpg?nsfw - (90.50KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Psycho-Pass - 06 [73D2A325]_mkv_snapshot_.jpg?nsfw )
Yep, this is written by Urobuchi alright.
>> No. 79570
reminds me of the corpses in Kara no Kyoukai
>> No. 79571
I think I saw this in Eternal Darkness.

I haven't bothered watching Psycho Pass because it got terrible reception when it first started, how is it now?
>> No. 79572
It's meh. If you like watching gory serial killer stuff it's alright, but not really special in any way.
>> No. 79590
File 135315963227.jpg - (292.62KB , 749x1125 , 1353156168903.jpg )
>> No. 79601
There's a Sailor Moon thread on >>74634
>> No. 79612
>I wanted to make a manga where everyone died at the end

She wanted to pull a Tomino in Sailor Moon? Not bad.
>> No. 79620
File 135325831899.png - (95.53KB , 247x231 , have some juusu.png )

I've seen some shit
>> No. 79621

>> No. 79622
File 13532592896.jpg - (6.59KB , 177x170 , 1332279074122.jpg )

It begins anew.
>> No. 79624
What's the big deal with Rozen Maiden?
>> No. 79625
File 135326047879.jpg - (41.41KB , 299x276 , toonaby.jpg )
>> No. 79627
As I recall it's the beast that spawned the DESU meme.
>> No. 79628
File 135326338947.png - (400.26KB , 908x1300 , 59416_NISE51_01.png )
I'm dead. My heart couldn't take it.
>> No. 79629
Just that joke?
Eugh, disappointing!
>> No. 79633

God its been forever

Suigintou is the best character.
>> No. 79637
It's a good series.
>> No. 79643
File 135329866853.png - (737.83KB , 774x705 , IMG_0232.png )

>> No. 79651
So I'm reading Birdy the Mighty and I'm left wondering why the hell didn't I start reading this sooner.

I've always seen gifs of the show but I had no idea what was going on so I never watched it.
>> No. 79655
File 135333439627.jpg - (118.97KB , 728x1106 , phachimitsu_scans_love_allergen_v01_c04_09[1].jpg )
Love Allergen is a hoot.
>> No. 79664
File 13533460744.jpg - (71.73KB , 434x464 , rnise050_012.jpg )

Shuu is the best character.
>> No. 79673
File 135335833554.jpg - (373.32KB , 860x1236 , img000007.jpg )
This might just be the best use of paneling I've ever seen.
>> No. 79674
File 135336134015.gif - (2.47MB , 400x287 , 1353357702389.gif )
>> No. 79675
File 135336144593.gif - (378.78KB , 300x216 , 1353358845747.gif )
>> No. 79676
>> No. 79677
What is this?
>> No. 79680
Holy crap, what is this?
>> No. 79681
It's Onepunch Man.
>> No. 79685
File 135336938115.jpg - (190.05KB , 728x1116 , copm_001_002.jpg )
Thanks this is fucking rad!
>> No. 79689
Yusuke Murata has always been one of the absolute masters of action paneling, imo. He didn't get to flex his skills that much in Eyeshield 21, but there were a few moments that I can remember that just blew my mind.

It's great he's now drawing a series where he can really strut his stuff.
>> No. 79691
Murata is just an amazing artist period, you should see that one spread where he's draws all the Shounen Jump heroes and manages to mimick their original styles almost perfectly
>> No. 79696
File 135339452246.jpg - (300.05KB , 850x598 , Murata.jpg )
Damn. Anyone got a full sized version of this?
>> No. 79725
Thread in autosage?

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