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File 130667726975.jpg - (97.21KB , 730x1057 , 43180_953114.jpg )
62210 No. 62210
Guess what's getting an anime!
Guess who's going to do it!
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>> No. 62211
Wow! That looks utterly terrible!
>> No. 62213
It's Medaka's Box, the manga that was really promising for about 20 chapters and then went to such shit that even WSJ readers despise it and let it sit at the bottom of the popularity polls for nearly its entire run.
>> No. 62214
/a/ is already having a shitfit over it.
Nothing new here.
>> No. 62226
>Weekly Shounen Jump
>Wall Street Journal
>> No. 62234
I noticed that like a year ago.
>> No. 62239

So what's so terrible about it? Did it just devolve into endless plots that went nowhere or fanservice or what?
>> No. 62245
It went from fairly generic gag manga to even more generic fighting manga but with one of the greatest villains ever concieved. However, /a/'s main grieve with it is words, words, words, words words.
>> No. 62261
>to even more generic fighting manga

With Shonen Jump, that's inevitable. See: Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Hitman Reborn,...
>> No. 62330
Is that the one with the chick who had a knife permanently stuck in her head or something?
>> No. 62331
>> No. 65694
No that's just a mask she wears.
>> No. 65695
I remember this thing.

This thing was terrible. Not even that cool screw guy could salvage it.
>> No. 65696
>Not even that cool screw guy could salvage it.

I sort of agree, anytime he's not there is awful, anytime he is HOWEVER, it is THE BEST.
>> No. 65908
I'm actually pretty happy about this! The nice thing about animated adaptions is sometimes they just take all the stuff that's good, dump the rest, and go their own way. Here's to hoping that's the route Gainax takes.
>> No. 65923
>Bragging about the worthiness of the "elite".

It's like they turned Atlas Shrugged into a manga.
>> No. 65937
>> No. 66319
File 131649273598.jpg - (480.45KB , 1456x1109 , pcxc_scans_medaka_box_c113_medakabox_ch113_02-03.jpg )
>First place

>> No. 66320
Jesus he won by a LANDSLIDE.
>> No. 66321
It helps when by most manga standards you are an INCREDIBLE fucking character, coupled with the fact he's in a TERRIBLE fucking manga with TERRIBLE fucking characters.
>> No. 66322
File 131649384580.jpg - (142.38KB , 728x1064 , Kumasword.jpg )
>Naked aprons


Oh Kumagawa I fucking love you.
>> No. 66329
far too many people are reading this crap
>> No. 66331
>Far too many people are reading this crap for reasons that aren't Kumagawa.

>> No. 66333
He... actually won something...
>> No. 66364
God this is bad. Is there a specific chapter I can turn to where it instantly becomes good?
>> No. 66366
>> No. 66368
Yup you got it.

Beat me to it.
>> No. 66384
The dialog in this series is awkward as fuck, even for manga. It's hard to tell what they're even talking about half the time.
>> No. 66441
File 131664400123.jpg - (125.32KB , 728x1080 , ocxc_scans_medaka_box_c110_medaka-110-10.jpg )
>She won't be back for thirty minutes

This girl really is a magical girl, isn't she?

Everyone is right, though, this manga is fucking terrible. But Kumagawa is amazing. I skim through half the scenes that he isn't in.
>> No. 66444
That's another reason Kumagawa is great, you always know when he's talking.
>> No. 66445
File 13166444526.jpg - (501.92KB , 1456x1107 , this fucking guy.jpg )
This fucking guy!
>> No. 66448
>> No. 66460
Wow, he screwed them all!

>> No. 66461
My favorite part is how they weren't even mad, just impressed.
>> No. 66463
File 131666384627.jpg - (128.48KB , 728x1094 , tcxc_medakabox_ch88_medakabox-ch088-08.jpg )
I really like this fucking guy
>> No. 66468
>> No. 66471
File 131668331015.gif - (129.44KB , 364x702 , kumagawa.gif )
>> No. 66474
File 13166990147.gif - (283.44KB , 277x197 , noddingoffp1.gif )
>> No. 66998
File 13178709868.jpg - (565.54KB , 829x2400 , sj-told.jpg )

It only went down for the Flask Arc. Ever since it's been doing okay. Not great, but okay.

I dunno what everyone likes so much about the first bunch of chapters anyway, it's just monster-of-the-week stuff. That's fine for introducing characters, but it would've been boring for the next hundred. And besides, the meta-tastic plot that has arrived is really interesting, or it is to me at least.
>> No. 67267
Damn this shit is meta.

Next they'll be talking about how her level isnt just main character its TITLE character.
>> No. 68251
File 13206175304.jpg - (167.55KB , 786x1200 , YES.jpg )
>> No. 68252
File 132061756874.jpg - (199.64KB , 786x1200 , YESYES.jpg )
>> No. 68806
File 13220718973.png - (112.69KB , 256x187 , 1322071807786.png )
>> No. 68815
File 132208717397.gif - (401.27KB , 300x300 , 1309354216485.gif )
>> No. 68821
>Spinoff of Medaka Box
>I bet is about Kumagawa
>It is about him
So...now his powers will improve? Will become a Plus? Find it in the next issue of Medaka Box!
>> No. 68833

Ah crap.

Giving him his own series means his shtick won't be unique anymore. He'll wear out his welcome.

Somebody should keep the script writer on a tight leash so that it won't be heavy with the wordwordwords.

Also, they should've just done what Sasuke did in Naruto and stole the entire manga from the lead character.

I'd be more supportive of that.
>> No. 68837
Just started reading. It's painful.

When does Kumagawa come in?
>> No. 68840
>> No. 68854
Yeah, Kumagawa is such a good character because he's surrounded by "main characters". Make him a protagonist of his own series and it'll lose something.
>> No. 69300
File 132334216783.jpg - (135.49KB , 800x1160 , 18055813.jpg )
>> No. 69444
Wait what if

What if his spinoff has him as a side character, and a whole new batch of new characters as the mains.

So even in his own spin off he isn't a main character!

But miracles are few and far between
>> No. 69554
File 132392504776.jpg - (171.67KB , 800x1160 , 1323922111214[1].jpg )
That would be nice.
>> No. 69555
This is going to turn into some Grant Morrison's Animal Man shit isn't it?
>> No. 69648
The author has seen us talk shit about his series and he is fucking with us.
>> No. 69777
If it's gonna be like that, it would be nice.
>> No. 70135
File 132539177347.jpg - (181.03KB , 728x1069 , b002.jpg )
Yes we get it you're super meta okay.

Jeeze, dial it back a little.
>> No. 70136
Its less the underdog effect and more the he's the only character that isn't shit tier effect
>> No. 70143
I like how this manga is just so shitty, and then the author pretends it was supposed to be that after awhile.
>> No. 70443
...So it's basically "The Room" in that sense?
>> No. 80663
So, has this comic reached Morrison levels of mindfuckery already?
>> No. 80690
TrixieYes.mp4youtube thumb
>> No. 80691
It tries but fails.
>> No. 81431
『Misogi Kumagawa's Gourmet R…youtube thumb
>> No. 82123
And thats like 3 final arcs Medaka Box has gone through now.
>> No. 82176
So, apparently Medaka Box is gonna end this april 27th.
Need to find a better source on that.
>> No. 82178
Can anyone explain why exactly Medaka Box is so bad beyond wordswordswords? I don't feel like subjecting myself to it personally.
>> No. 82179
It's not bad. It's just horribly mediocre and has dragged on far, far too long. It's just that there were moments of utter brilliance shining through that made it such a disappointment. If you wanna know why people loved it at some point just read from chapter 55 to 92. And please, please stop after that.
>> No. 82187
It also uses metafiction like a sledgehammer in an attempt to be 2deep4u that just gets kinda annoying.
>> No. 82188
Oh and also the main character's conflict is literally that she is just too perfect and everyone is jealous.
No joke.
>> No. 82209

You know when you're watching something and it just won't stop hammering you over the head with LOOK HOW CLEVER I AM and you're just like 'okay yes I get it you are very clever can you actually tell a story now' and it's just like NOPE BUT CHECK OUT THIS CLEVER TRICK and then you take a step back and realize you're watching LOST and it's actually really shitty if you stop caring abot how quote-unquote clever it is?

Medaka Box is that every week.
>> No. 82403


I only just realized Nisio Isin is a palindrome.
>> No. 82413
And how it ended?
It was at least a decent ending?
>> No. 82414
Nope. A ten year timeskip and then it just.. ends.
>> No. 82470

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