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File 13386947738.jpg - (1.08MB , 1762x1894 , I can see the jaggies.jpg )
75269 No. 75269
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>> No. 75270
oh god where am i
>> No. 75271
the fuck is this place
>> No. 75272
you're in greener pastures not filled with /a/utism my dear newfag
>> No. 75273
>> No. 75274
is it safe here?
>> No. 75275
what is going on oh god.
>> No. 75276
Hooray, I get to F5 every 5 seconds just to keep up with the thread.
>> No. 75277
it's not like this thread is moving at any speed other than slow as balls.
>> No. 75278
I still think everything is going to happen on /v/, despite /co/ welcoming us. I think too many people want Toonami on /v/ that it's going to happen, regardless.
>> No. 75279
File 133869547039.gif - (42.32KB , 200x204 , 1329184763491.gif )
/a/utism is what makes /a/ such a great civilized utopia, please stop forcing your bornig 'merrycunt shit on our board, we have enough problems as is.
>> No. 75280
File 133869554033.png - (51.09KB , 185x216 , CHl6X.png )
Dammit. Next time, tell us before you bring in your /a/ssociates.
>> No. 75281
there's a perfectly civil (if not slow) thread on /m/ too.
>> No. 75282
File 133869584031.gif - (828.46KB , 200x189 , 1336547356307.gif )
>> No. 75283
File 133869584064.gif - (2.98MB , 300x169 , accel world ina nutshell.gif )

The moment a show turns to shit is the moment shit posting starts until the show is thrown off the boards no matter how many people still like it. Hell don't dare tell me the Accelworld fiasco was anything but civilized, hell we had threads dedicated to the MC being fat.
>> No. 75284
File 133869586556.png - (329.89KB , 364x532 , Untitled.png )
Bizzaro World.

I have stumbled upon it/
>> No. 75285
File 133869642837.png - (207.73KB , 500x505 , tumblr_ltjzt53OEa1qzhjua.png )
I'm scared, is this real?
>> No. 75286
File 133869655849.jpg - (616.09KB , 1660x2400 , 1330391911453.jpg )
>implying he's not a fatass self-insert
stay buttmad
>> No. 75287
I like the theme. Smooooooooooth.
>> No. 75288
File 133869708039.jpg - (8.27KB , 234x215 , an orangekun in its natural habitat.jpg )
>>implying I ever liked the show

My point is, is that people still wanted to discuss the show, and some like me wanted to discuss it because of how bad it was. Hell /a/ discussed to hell and back Code Geass and let me tell you something that show was utter shit since the ending of Season 1, no one denied it either. Same went for school days as well that show was pretty shit but we all watched it because of how shit it was and because of the nice boat. But suddenly /a/ can't even discuss bad anime anymore in the joking and fun loving manner it used to.
>> No. 75289
What the fuck is this place?
Some kind of 4chan afterlife?
>> No. 75290
It's an image board the old /co/ community made where fellow /co/mrades can discuss all sorts of stuff. Don't go to /baw/ it's about as bad as /r9k/.
>> No. 75291
that's not true, you can discuss the show.
If only 90% of your posts are about how fat he is.
Because he IS fat, really fat.
>> No. 75292
Fat jokes get old REALLY, REALLY, quick.
>> No. 75293
Deadman's theme song SUCKS.
>> No. 75294
Cool! Newcomers!
Good to see new faces around.

>about as bad as /r9k/.

Don't mind if I disagree with you.
>> No. 75295
Better than Jormungand's, love that show and KoKo, but sheesh.
>> No. 75296

Deadman's anime sucks in general.

But damned if I'm not gonna keep it on because it's easier than reminding myself to turn on the TV at 1.
>> No. 75297
>> No. 75298
>> No. 75299
I'm liking Deadman Wonderland so far, regardless of it apparently being widely loathed. Shiro makes me smile.
>> No. 75301

Seconding this post. Some parts are entering "so bad it's good" territory, but I do enjoy the overall package.

And this bleeping is fucking hilarious.
>> No. 75302

You're probably not going to like where it's going to go with her.
>> No. 75303
As someone said, Deadamn Wonderland is essentially Japanese Superjail.

I'm not terribly fond of it, but that's entirely my opinion. I fucking hate that goddamn kid's voice actor though. Whiney nasally ass...
>> No. 75304
I don't understand anything of what is going on in Casshern.
>> No. 75305

Except that after a certain point, DMW takes itself incredibly, painfully seriously.
>> No. 75306
File 133870099210.jpg - (28.65KB , 469x517 , IMG.jpg )
Crap. Well then I think I'd like to get this over with...
>Googles it
WELP... I think might get off the ride now.
>> No. 75307
That's because this is a sequel to a series made like... thirty years ago.
>> No. 75308

No, not at all, this has nothing to do with Neo Human Casshern

Time will reveal everything, don't skip a beat or you just won't get it though.
>> No. 75312
Thanks sage.
Really. We totally needed this.
>> No. 75313

... Well then I'm just as lost as everything then.
>> No. 75315
Casshern Sins is one of those slowly paced, plodding anime that goes out of its way to present a confusing backstory, world and characters for the first half of the show. Then they slowly reveal stuff near the end.

I don't think it was a very good choice for a Toonami revival.
>> No. 75316
Its a weird remake.
>> No. 75322
It's a reboot.
>> No. 75338
Honestly, it's an awful choice for a revival of anything.
It's something you put on until you find a large draw show.

Not bad in itself, but just there to eat up time.
>> No. 76935
I think I've seen every episode of Casshern Sins ever. They're all depressing, they all end usually in at least one character dying after which Casshern shows an emotion somewhere around misery, and all the fights just seem pointless. Occasionally something has to say the word Cassherm, The Ruin, Devour, Die or Luna at least once a minute.
>> No. 76937
I don't know. I don't hate Casshern Sins. It can stand to be a bit quicker and less sadder, but I enjoy watching it. Also the op is pretty cool.
>> No. 76938
>Also the op is pretty cool.
It's one of the few anime openings (or really, any openings) in recent memory I can stand to watch every time, the other being Panty & Stocking's. It helps that they're both short.
>> No. 80191

>let me tell you something that show was utter shit since the ending of Season 1, no one denied it either

Not quite. That series combined both good and bad in varying amounts. I realize you certainly have a very selective and self-serving mindset when it comes to Code Geass though.

For instance, you've totally forgotten that the people were -and are- perfectly capable of joking about the shitty parts of a show and yet still want to discuss those that are less shitty or even pretty good. /a/ did that then and it continues to do that now.
>> No. 80197
Did you just revive a five month old thread just to reaffirm the truism that Code Geass was a fabulous trainwreck? Because I thought that was the common consensus. "This show is ridiculous and on every objective level terrible but I....CAN'T....LOOK....AWAY!"
>> No. 80255

See, that's less of a "truism" and more of an incorrect generalization among individuals who prefer to downplay or ignore all other opinions, whether past or present, about the series.

Code Geass only became ridiculously popular because it had an unusual combination of terrible things with other content that was, in fact, actually interesting enough to also be enjoyable. If the show was simply universally terrible on every level, from beginning to end, the results would be completely different from what they were. The formula is more complicated than "lol, everything is terrible" if you really stop to think about the phenomenon.

It's very easy to confirm that there's been far worse shows which, objectively speaking, never reached remotely the same level of popularity or viewership. I think presenting only half of the explanation is very lop-sided and incomplete, not to mention dishonest.
>> No. 81599
Um. How did this thread get all the way up here?

What's going on?
>> No. 81601
Ghost bumping (making a post then deleting), probably.
>> No. 81610
I thought that was called "ninja bumping".
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