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81896 No. 81896
>> No. 81897
So instead of asking why not Africa or any of the European countries, I'm just going to ask what is this jackanory?
>> No. 81900
Between this and Terra Formars I am becoming far versed in bullshit.

Anyway this is Gate - Thus The JSDF Fought There. It's not good, but it's an interesting subject. It started as a serious of webnovels written by an ex-JSDF grunt for his buddies, all of whom shared is right wing lunacy. He then moved to publish them in print form, whereupon editors forced him to extricate a lot of the horseshit, a process that purportedly repeated itself for the manga version (which is mostly advertising for the print novels).

The premise is one I actually really want to see done correctly at some point: a permanent portal opens up between a standard fantasy setting and modern Earth, in this case Ginza shopping district. A fantasy empire's army comes out and after rampaging for a bit gets pushed back by modern weaponry.


Ideally to me, this premise would lead to a political drama with the Earth nations maneuvering carefully, with lots of division of resources and diplomatic tension. GUESS WHAT DOESN'T HAPPEN (hint look at op)

On the other hand there's a major character named Pina Colada, so I can't claim it's without entertainment value.
>> No. 81901
alright, then the only question remaining is which smartass is posting these bizarre racist manga pages.

...would you be able to predict what's next?
>> No. 81903
I can honestly say no.

Actually with regards to Terra Formars, someone pointed out that the roaches actually resemble the first GIS result for Homo Erectus and given the manga's plot that'd actually be a reasonable way to go.

But then you have them holding guns gangsta style and a number of other suspicious frames and oh dear.

As for Gate, I'd actually consider it more readable than Terra Formars despite the even less thinly veiled racism, if only because the premise is actually interesting whereas Terra Formars is just a bunch of dumb fights. Not that it really DELIVERS on said premise but at least you get bandit hordes mowed down by attack choppers while the pilots play Ride of the Valkyries.
>> No. 81904
This is Nippon-wank written by some right-winger.

I didn't know it went as far as ignorant racism but its hardly surprising.

I find stuff like this in anime & manga very tiresome, I mean its not like such nationalist wanking is a Japan-only thing but I read manga not... American special forces novels, so I don't have to come across other sorts as commonly.
>> No. 81908
It was pretty disappointing when Highschool of the Dead turned out to be that way, too. Not that I expected much out of it, but I'd like my zombie schlock at least without some ham-fisted right wing propaganda.
>> No. 82140

Live-translation thread for the new chapter.
>> No. 82152
So we've finally realize that manga is super duper racist, huh?

>holding guns gangsta style
But that's a Chinese thing, Rodie.
>> No. 82153
Moe, don't defend Terra Formars.
>> No. 82155
What's up with the gun on that guy in the foreground?

It looks like it's got an M4 receiver, but its got a folding skeleton stock, which wouldn't work on an AR.
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