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File 131933456813.jpg - (78.28KB , 641x868 , hokuto_kenshiro01.jpg )
67628 No. 67628
In which discussion is made of men, bikers, giant horses, and the state in which one is already dead.
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>> No. 67629
File 131933836724.jpg - (36.01KB , 640x430 , DSC_0012.jpg )
In the apocalyptic future, the used sports equipment industry is the only market still thriving.
>> No. 67636
Sports equipment isn't even very good at protecting you from sports. I don't know why everyone picks it out as their post-apocalypse gear.
>> No. 67640
Its the best they go. /handwave
>> No. 67661
From the biker gangs in Japan to the Legion, nothing says post apocalyptic protection like re-purposed sports equipment.
>> No. 67746
Man I would pay money to see a crossover featuring Kenshiro fighting the legion.
>> No. 67764
The entire Praetorian guard vs Ken
>> No. 67822
File 131973403436.png - (136.35KB , 400x229 , Screenshot17.png )
Jagi is who I default to when I think of scheme villains.
>> No. 67823
Shonen manga was better when it was ripping off HnK than when it is ripping off Dragon Ball
>> No. 67842
Da, we got Berserk and Jojo out of that deal. What do the DBZ ripoffs have?
>> No. 67845
File 131975352662.jpg - (236.01KB , 400x523 , tumblr_ldh5rnNXSJ1qa0tr9o1_400.jpg )
One Piece and...umm, One Piece.
>> No. 67846
Does the Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer count? Because I liked that, too.
>> No. 67852
We also got Saint Seiya, Bastard!! and to some extent Dragon Ball itself (pretty sure Kenshiro did a kamehameha before Goku, and especially the whole ki aura thing)

Dragon Ball has One Piece, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Bleach, Toriko and a billion others.

Of course everyone's opinion is different but what I really should have been getting at is that at least when they were inspired by HnK it was mostly about tone, violence and emotions. Apart from that they were vastly different in story, art, characters, etc.

With Dragon Ball they copy tons of concepts and details, and it's even pervaded to the point where the generic shonen artstyle is a shitty twist to Toriyama's. On that front especially I feel like these mangaka learned to draw through Dragon Ball and not through real life. It's a fine place to start, hell I started drawing loads when I was reading it too, but if it's going to be your chosen career you need to branch out. I swear, everytime I see blocky, spikey hair I just lose interest.

Take training arcs, in Dragon Ball, they were funny and adventurous. Everywhere else they are boring.

I dunno, I just feel that most tend to copy Toriyama's shortcomings and not enough of his strengths.
>> No. 67853
>Everywhere else they are boring.
Sir, I subscribe to you as many doses of Beelzebub as you need to get rid of those goggles.
>> No. 67855
Also I'm thinking about actually picking this thing up rather than simply absorbing it from the surrounding internet as I've done in the past, but it seems there's a lot of different OVAs and such. Normally I'd just read the manga but DAT SOUNDTRACK is too tempting.
>> No. 67856

Did he? The only long range blast he ever did was the Ten ha Kassatsu against Souther, and that was more a beam of light carrying seven ki strikes, if it was ever a beam at all. The manga never had the same colors and effects the anime did and the more recent Raoh Gaiden that featured the Souther fight left it out, too.

Gotta say, that OVA had the shittiest "ATATATA!" in Hokuto no Ken history.
>> No. 67858
>Did he? The only long range blast he ever did was the Ten ha Kassatsu against Souther, and that was more a beam of light carrying seven ki strikes, if it was ever a beam at all.

When he fought Han.

Fist of the North Star: Greateā€¦youtube thumb

2:10, it's called Heaven's Command Charge.

The manga gets you the whole story, the movie has the highest animation quality (barring the OVAS, but no one cares about those.) and the anime is fun.

The jumble some stuff around to make each version fun to watch for fans, but the gist is the same.

Knowing you, you'd probably like the manga the best with the movies sound track.
>> No. 67861
Hokuto no Ken 2 - Ken hates shellfishyoutube thumb

There was also the time he fought the Shura, 4:30.

Actually in HnK 2 he did it a lot.
>> No. 67862
I just really like Road of Lords and Tough Boy, they're really good songs.

I've also never actually been completely in love with Ai wo Torimodose. It's not bad, it's just not amazing. I'm sorry everyone.
>> No. 67864
>I've also never actually been completely in love with Ai wo Torimodose. It's not bad, it's just not amazing. I'm sorry everyone.

As long as yer sorry.

And yeah, Tough Boy is my favorite.

Kenshiro Tribute - Tough Boyyoutube thumb
>> No. 67865
HnK2 was a piece of crap the creator was forced into making, it having ki-attacks out the ass was just part of that.
>> No. 67866
It's still very enjoyable from a silly shit stand point.
>> No. 68497
I watched the whole of the first series recently and loved it. Currently making my way through HnK2. I don't think it's as enjoyable but I'm only about 16 episodes in. The first series didn't really get interesting until after Shin. But then again it's a lot shorter too.

I cried when Rei died
>> No. 68508
I only really teared up when Raoh beat Toki
>> No. 76988
File 134319399274.png - (178.62KB , 312x720 , Nv-legion-armor.png )
Yeah just WHERE did this idea get started in the first place?
>> No. 77096
>Dragon Ball has Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Honestly it doesn't feel like, at all. Now Hunter x Hunter, Gon does remind me a good deal of Son Goku. The rest of the main characters... well they're almost straight out of Yuu Yuu Hakusho again, at least in the beginning.

Gotta hand it to Dragon Ball for being it's own thing. The first stage of the manga (not Z) has some action scenes of Goku against the Red Ribbon army which feel like they could bein a John Woo movie.

As for Hokuto no Ken... so far I only watched the live-action movie. Was good, I think.
>> No. 77100
>>The bad one that had Kai blasts was forced out of the creator.

So it's the spiritual predecessor to nearly half of Dragon Ball Z and GT?

I'm kind of amazed post-apocalyptic Japan has so much American football gear to be used as generic armor. You'd think North Star goons would use Kendo, baseball or soccer gear as those would usually be more popular and abundant. It's like Post Nuclear Attack Canada be filled with polo bandits/hooligans instead of Hockey Men.
>> No. 77106
Well where does Fist of the North Star take place geographically? My gutt tells me it isn't Japan, and Ken fights those american-looking commandos who have formed a cult after the apocalypse at one point...then again everyone is using chinese martial arts styles....
>> No. 77109
File 134358601851.jpg - (148.21KB , 800x1176 , fist-of-the-blue-sky-2030045.jpg )
Shit's completely fucked, the world is so bomb blasted none of the continent have their distinct shapes, near as I can figure based on Fist of The Blue Sky it's Europe with most of Asia having moved inland to avoid annihilation causing the martial arts to be essential to survival, America having gained it's massive martial arts populace from the pre-war influx of Asian and South Americans, but this is only a guess.
>> No. 77112
I always understood it as taking place in the ruins of China, with that Island with all the bullshit of Ken's older brother and Raoh's brother being what was left of Japan, but I could be wrong.
>> No. 77402
File 134512695332.jpg - (111.68KB , 600x600 , 1345126702033.jpg )
>> No. 77403
Something there just don't look right.
Maybe it's the back.
>> No. 77406
It is definitely the back.
>> No. 77409
You guys were looking at her back?

I was looking at her tits.... because the scars on them looked rather off that is.
>> No. 77413
Oh, for...
See where the head, right ribcage and where the right shoulder are supposed to be? That's it. Maybe moving the head to the right would fix it, but not sure.
>> No. 81926
File 136524808951.jpg - (67.24KB , 800x451 , Kenshiro_vs__the_Cthulhu_by_KEVFU.jpg )
>> No. 82050
File 136567603761.jpg - (258.48KB , 500x750 , Jagi_Blackest_Night_by_KEVFU.jpg )
>> No. 82106
Looking back on it.... the writing of HnK was pretty spotty....

Not to mention some of the 'morals' it put forth were actually kind of fucked up.

Also it was kind of annoying that anyone on the side of Justice that could fight worth a damn and wasn't Ken was killed off, sometimes in totally bullshit ways.
>> No. 82109
It was in many ways a product of it's time, so you have to peck and paw things like the morals and the treatment of women, most of which can actually be laughed off as pretty funny.

The story is actually at it's barest bones a pretty good one right up to the Shuu conflict which has it's problems but is ultimately pretty satisfying.

I also give the Roah conflict points for Toki (the one time a strong main doesn't feel chumped by dying) and the ultimate conflict having points on how the world should be run in it's post-apocalyptic state, I have no doubt if Roah had won the world would have prospered again for the strong but ultimately would have ended up in the same situation at which point I'm pretty sure no one would survive.

After which it's shaky but loaded with cool stuff.
>> No. 82115
Where does Kenshiro keep finding all these jackets in this post apocalyptic world?
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