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File 135354950345.jpg - (94.85KB , 854x480 , 1240455125268.jpg )
79738 No. 79738
Continued from: >>77646

I'll be honest here, I have nothing interesting to say.
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>> No. 79739
File 135354983051.jpg - (207.15KB , 1027x801 , 1353502292216.jpg )
Onepunch-man is good
>> No. 79740
File 135355637326.jpg - (1.14MB , 1300x2600 , 1260185-KTCAVCA.jpg )
Winter is coming, I guess.
And I'm surprised there is no mention nor more released news about doki doki precure.
>> No. 79748
Who's the girl to his right?
>> No. 79749
Man why do all these great anime release all these Drama CDs that have ALL THIS INFORMATION.

Makes me wanna learn Japanese just for them.

That and all the games that we dont get.
>> No. 79750
File 13535800562.gif - (584.13KB , 360x360 , 1353546232381.gif )
We uguu now
>> No. 79751
File 135359227635.jpg - (245.23KB , 728x1116 , uopm_008_021.jpg )
I have no idea.

But yeah Onepunch-Man's the greatest.
>> No. 79759

If she's from Onepunch-Man, then I guess a character that hasn't been introduced yet.
>> No. 79761
File 135361468692.jpg - (163.82KB , 516x729 , news_large_dangantenshi.jpg )
Shes the main character of a one-shot Murata also did with One. Unfortunately, full scans of it don't seem to exist.
>> No. 79766
File 135362477599.jpg - (142.81KB , 610x781 , 1353503118851.jpg )
>> No. 79769
So I read all of the Birdy the Mighty Manga to its most recent update and decided to watch the anime.

The anime fucking sucks and the animation is mostly average. I wouldn't mind the average animation quality if they didn't keep trying to pass it off as good. Its what happens when you try to make something look good but it turns out you only have half the budget you need so its only half there. For example there was a scene where Birdy jumped from a ground area to a second story while twirling around and it looked like 5 frames of animation were stretched to cover for 3 seconds of screen time. It was just jerky and came off as unconvincing.

Why does this always happen with anime adaptations? Can anyone recommend me an anime adaptation that isn't garbage when compared to the source material? The only one I can think of is Full Metal Alchemist.
>> No. 79772
File 135364803730.gif - (475.53KB , 500x333 , 1340947947601.gif )
>Sword Art Online
>this is kinda dumb that would never work how does that even whoa whoa WHOA WHOA WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA
>> No. 79774
Watched a bunch of Eureka Seven today. Still love that show.
>Eureka x Renton
>Charles and Ray Beam
>The Vodarak (sp?)
>The children
I nominate this show as "Feels: The Anime".
>> No. 79775
>Description completely not the first thing I thought of
>> No. 79780
>chuuni ep 8

DEAR GOD THIS IS TOO MUCH, I CANT HANDLE THIS... THIS... cute blossoming romance
>> No. 79784
Okay I'm looking at it now and what I'm seeing is that its dot hack. But dot hack where people never seem to realize that Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games ARE ALWAYS A FUCKING BAD IDEA.

MC gets trapped in Sword Art Online, he beats it and escapes, his online and now real life girlfriend gets trapped in a game called Alfheim Online and the hero goes in and gets her out of it, he investigates Gun Gale Online because its involved in fucking murder and somehow laws don't ban VRMMOs at that point and now he's trapped in another goddamn game and has to escape it.

There's a point where you go past cyberpunk and submerge yourself into a world too stupid to live. Sword Art Online is one of those stories.
>> No. 79793


the feels
>> No. 79795
WHAT FEELS? SAO is a piece of complete garbage (also Kirito's coat is dumb looking).
>> No. 79799
File 135371992445.jpg - (713.66KB , 1120x834 , guns.jpg )
They had a guy with the power to turn animals into guns and they still got cancelled.
Oh well, something new will be starting next week.
>> No. 79801

I think about MMORPG communities a lot, but I've never actually been part of one for more than like 20 minutes because, straight up, there are no meaningful consequences to anything.

The bonds formed don't mean anything, the actions don't correspond to any permanent gains or losses, etc.

It's a show full of optimism and how people are at their best when the situation they find themselves in is the worst.

Nitpicky inconsistencies aside, I love this show (so far).
>> No. 79803
File 135374220925.png - (0.96MB , 800x622 , nisekoi-cover.png )
Oh man, just finished my Nisekoi Volume Two translation. Just the omake content and editing/sprucing up to do now. It took me all term to do, but now that I'm done, I feel totally fucking jazzed about this.
>> No. 79817
Oh hey look what updated
>> No. 79818
File 13538776514.png - (93.60KB , 285x259 , osmengie.png )
Decided to support Small Business Saturday, and managed to locate an omnibus of Junji Ito manga (the Tomie story) and some jellybeans for myself while doing some holiday shopping. Nevertheless, I am happy.
>> No. 79831

I don't know why she keeps saying "death," but I like it.
>> No. 79834
File 135395482938.jpg - (753.61KB , 1120x834 , jumpa.jpg )
Heeeey, the new series is already in the middle.
>> No. 79858
She's not saying "death," she's saying "death," which just happens to sound remarkably close to "death."
It's a pun.
>> No. 79859
I see.
>> No. 79860
I don't under... what?
>> No. 79862
He probably just bungled it up. She says "desu".
>> No. 79863
File 135406599814.jpg - (501.09KB , 1152x839 , tsun.jpg )
See, in the Japanese version, Toriyama writes the dialog in the Tsun family entirely in kanji to make them seem more Chinese.
So he uses the kanji for "Death" in place of desu, because the English translation of that sounds like desu.
There's not really anything like that you can do in English.
>> No. 79886
File 135412892914.jpg - (82.97KB , 893x502 , 1354088758736[1].jpg )
>> No. 79893
File 135414940129.jpg - (87.92KB , 718x694 , google_does_well.jpg )
>> No. 79900

so check out the next KyoAni show
>> No. 79912
Kinda looks like cute girls doing cute things. Huh. Never thought KyoAni of all studios would do something like that.
>> No. 79920
File 135426317210.gif - (5.24MB , 640x360 , 18.gif )
>> No. 79922
File 13542724623.jpg - (15.16KB , 1000x560 , 1.jpg )
>Sword Art Online episodes 1-10
>> No. 79923

So I had the whole Nice combo set up but I guess I already did that for another thing but the idea is still the same.

Holy shit, I don't know what is going on but please let it stay at least as good as the first half.
>> No. 79926
What's this from?
>> No. 79927
File 135429524543.png - (371.43KB , 913x1300 , b8544ee4d1d138fb7dda6f8e8f38a5a9.png )
I love that he remembered what seemed like such a throwaway joke at the time.
>> No. 79929
>> No. 79941

Alright, I've been trying to do this for like a half hour now.

How do I do this without hurting the shit out of my neck and still looking notstupid?
>> No. 79944
Neck? Did you pay attention to her ARMS?!
>> No. 79945
Theres a reason he screams twice in that clip.
>> No. 79946

Holy revelations batman!
>> No. 79947
File 135443373081.gif - (2.46MB , 640x360 , 20.gif )
Also she is just more acrobatic than you
>> No. 79950
Practice your pilates

>> No. 79956
File 135452558610.jpg - (88.63KB , 1280x720 , Joshiraku.jpg )

>> No. 79960
Goku VS Superman - Next on DEATH BATTLE!youtube thumb
I have the impression this is going to be either decent or very stupid.
>> No. 79962
File 135456689233.jpg - (165.61KB , 800x1186 , assassination-classroom-3440665.jpg )
/toy/ showed me this manga and I really like it so far. It's fun.
>> No. 79965
>> No. 79966
File 135457786080.jpg - (114.34KB , 700x525 , 112.jpg )
No, please. Boner, no. We both don't really want this. Please. No.
>> No. 79968
Oh well would you look at that
>> No. 79969
>No Tojo
How completely and utterly shocking!
>> No. 79972
>> No. 79975
>Adolf Hitler is a hyperlink

Why the fuck does anime news network have a page about the life of Adolf Hitler?

>Hitler's favorite sport was American Football
>> No. 79976
The first couple volumes of SAO were clearly garbage. The writer got way better as he went on and it's obvious in episodes 3-10 or so that he knew what he was doing by then (those episodes come from later volumes) but he was still hobbled by a cliche trainwreck of a main character. Between that and all the stuff they cut, the writing quality of this whole season is very uneven, with an obvious drop after the last big time skip.

However... The mere fact that he took the completely retarded "TRAPPED IN AN MMO" premise and did something slightly believable with it nudges it back up to "mediocre" territory. And on top of that, between Yuki Kajiura's glorious music and the sheer fun of seeing evil dudes get romped by Kirito in unusually well choreographed fight scenes... I'm gonna have to admit, it's very watchable.

So, even though I hate it, I kinda like it. *shrug*
>> No. 79977
You can't call killer MMOs believable when SAO has MULTIPLE killer MMOs, as if Umbrella's chief investor also has a WoW addiction.
>> No. 79978
Is it better or worse than .hack//SIGN?
>> No. 79979
Significantly worse. Sign, for all its flaws, at least had some atmosphere and a few non-standard characters. SAO is a bunch of dumb game stuff mixed with the cast of every trashy LN ever.
>> No. 79980
File 135462167496.jpg - (67.78KB , 505x243 , WSJA_simulrot_505x243_OP.jpg )
Also, alpha announced the date for Japan sync.
>> No. 79981
No, Tojo's in it actually.
>> No. 80049
I disagree that SIGN had characters. There was potential, but they wasted all of it.
>> No. 80060
File 135484828869.jpg - (212.21KB , 869x1246 , nisekoi019.jpg )
>> No. 80066
Started watching A Certain Scientific Railgun. Someone said it was Yuri: The Show instead of Loli: The Show, but so far it's just Not-Quite-Loli: "Schoolgirl Lesbian" Romp.

And why are they trying so hard to pretend we don't know who Toma is? Yeah, he's not a central character here, but they've done "teases" as those it's going to be some humongous reveal.
>> No. 80069
File 135487883532.png - (237.30KB , 840x1200 , Chapter25_Railgun05_0654e1de4726e9a2.png )
Stop watching the terrible, terrible anime and start reading the manga. Manga Misaka is fucking badass and there's next to no time devoted to cute girls being cute, like in the terrible, terrible anime. They also changed some of the characters drastically and awfully, so they would fit better in their anime moe stereotype mold.
>> No. 80070
>> No. 80094
>> No. 80111

I don't read manga. I don't read much, anymore. Oh well.
>> No. 80124
Ok, so Sword Art Online.

What the fuck happened? How do you have such a good first half of a show then just completely drop everything that made it interesting for incest~ and fairies~
>> No. 80125
File 135501305424.gif - (297.09KB , 400x225 , melody rythm what.gif )
Now this is some crazy shit!

Wait what
>> No. 80126
Maybe you should rewatch the first half of the show?
I'd do it for you, but since I dropped it at episode eight, I'd need to finish it first.
>> No. 80127

They went from the moral behavior of people in online communities having real, direct effects on their offline bodies to incest and fairies, I am not fucking joking.
>> No. 80128
That's a lateral move in the stupidity department.
>> No. 80129
Its possible to find alot of both incest AND fairies online,

Heck you can even get Incestuous Fairies if you know the right sites.
>> No. 80131

But I don't [i]want[/] incest and fairies. I mean, I think I might be seeing where they're going with this, but it's too dense. It's happening way too late in the story.

So there's some shit about MC being adopted and not told until he was like 10. It made him feel weird and like an outsider in his own family, so he turned to vidya.

There's room to turn this shit around with the flying motif and identity crisis theme going on, but why so late? Why this instead of all the questions about SA:O that need to be answered first? There are so many other things going on. Why this?
>> No. 80134
They're based on visual novels that were written out of order. Most of the first half (all those mini-arcs and side stories) was written after this part. The guy was a new writer and it shows.

They could have adapted everything in the same order he wrote it, but then they'd have a much weaker first season.
>> No. 80137
File 135504215413.jpg - (167.79KB , 1280x720 , giga-dual-wield-breaker.jpg )
I don't care how good the novels are. This was horseshit.
>> No. 80139

This started playing in my head the second that happened.

Huey Lewis - The Power Of Loveyoutube thumb
>> No. 80153
...That is my fetish. I just couldn't word it until now.
>> No. 80154
Acchi Kocchi - Ep. 1 - Here ⇔ Thereyoutube thumb

goddamnit this shit is adorable.

Why was I not made aware of this?
>> No. 80161
File 135515679785.png - (737.54KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-12-07-20h56m38s81.png )
Just watched all of season 1 of Deadman Wonderland and both seasons of The Book of Bantorra.

Deadman Wonderland consistently seems like it falls short of "real horrorshow". All of its' stories could be really terrible, tragic tales with a few darker twists, but it never quite gets there. Which is odd, because on the surface, there's an almost comical amount of blood and death. I'm not saying it necessarily needs darker and edgier but for all the overt violence its' character driven stories seem a little tame.

The Books of Bantorra were surprisingly solid. Not the most stellar or original story, but the fights were very well animated. It actually does kind of achieve a point about knowledge of the past and books, but the ending lost sight of that for the ensemble "whoop the big bad" scene. I think Baccano! handled the ensemble cast a little better though.
>> No. 80162
File 135516024542.jpg - (4.61MB , 1920x6437 , ibfb4amzrNugez.jpg )
Updated winter list!
>> No. 80163
That seems all kinds of underwhelming. Good thing we have Battle Tendency starting up now.
>> No. 80166
File 135516411644.jpg - (127.97KB , 460x613 , project_versus_j.jpg )
I hope it's as cool as Jump Ultimate Stars.
>> No. 80169
>Train Hero
>> No. 80171
>Cuticle Detective
Someone raided the bottom of the engrish barrel!
>> No. 80172
Would you participate in a /jam/ reading group for animu newcomers with occasional academic articles y/n
>> No. 80175
>> No. 80176
>> No. 80179
>> No. 80180
>> No. 80181
>> No. 80183
A want now?
Also I found this: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Centaur-no-Nayami/Vol-001-Ch-000-Read-Online?id=142293
Ever wanna hear a Centur girl talking about Sex-ed with her fable friends?
You can now!
>> No. 80187

Kawaii Jesus and Buddha: The Anime is out, and it's pretty funny.
>> No. 80189
The kids in there are too damn cute. My heart can't take it.
>> No. 80209
Yeah that part(s) was great.
It has great world building too.
>> No. 80213
flawless execution of the buddha face.
>> No. 80217
File 135535705720.jpg - (92.00KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Chuunibyou_Demo_Koi_ga_Shitai!_-_11_[7F7B8D55.jpg )
Wow, Yuuta. You are a FUCKING ASSHOLE.
>> No. 80233

See, I didn't feel so bad because I find Sanae annoying.

I want to see how KyoAni wraps this up. By the end of the first LN Yuuta and Rikka kiss. Don't fuck this up, KyoAni.
>> No. 80234

See, I didn't feel so bad because I find Sanae annoying.

I want to see how KyoAni wraps this up. By the end of the first LN Yuuta and Rikka kiss. Don't fuck this up, KyoAni.
>> No. 80238
Yuuta didn't mean to be so cruel, but she really needed to hear what he had to say and acknowledge it.

We know why Rikka was so emotionally invested in the Unseen Horizon... makes me wonder why Sanae was so invested in it. Just because her best friend was?
>> No. 80240
>> No. 80286
File 135546827689.jpg - (151.64KB , 800x1162 , KingOfWolves.jpg )
Okay, take a look at those art and writing credits and tell me that isn't awesome...

It ended up kinda not being awesome...seriously Genghis Khan was secretly Japanese the whole time, and was the legendary Samurai Yoshitsune? I can't decide whether or not that's more racist than stupid. I kinda forgot that for all that I really like about Fist of the North Star that Ken's actually kinda flat as a character. Now I'm wondering if that isn't something Buronson just kinda has problems with. Plus, the ending was really quick and boring, and Miura's art is much closer to the beginning of Berserk than the raw holy-shit level of polish it's at now.
>> No. 80288
Needless YAMATO DAMASHII! in series really does turn me off.

Its not like other kinds of nationalism are exempt, but I don't come across other sorts personally since I read manga not... Tom Clancy novels?
>> No. 80303
Yeah, I read it in high school and just shrugged it off as crap.
>> No. 80304
Medaka Box is truly, truly, so bad its good.
>> No. 80306
File 13555895803.gif - (378.50KB , 200x200 , no no no.gif )
Genghis Khan was secretly Japanese

no no no no no
>> No. 80307

Except for Kumagawa. Kumagawa is so good that he's incredible, and looks even better because he's surrounded by the utter shitshow that is Medaka Box.
>> No. 80315

I think Sanae really just respected Rikka and thus went along with her.

And seeing her friend be depressed... even when it's a real and justifiable depression that'll help her get over her dad's death? Hurt her.
>> No. 80317
What is this Khan bullshit!
Fuck that, more monster girls!
Remmeber that Living with monster girls oneshot.
Well someone turned that into a harem series.
And yes I did already post the Fakku version in the hentai thread before.
But this one has more chapters.
The lastest being part two of enter the slimegirl~
But Centure Worries is still better do to Shojo > Harem
>> No. 80318
>Kirito is visited by the ghost of Heathcliff as he is dying
>admin powers

Wow, fuck this show. This is worse deus ex machina than any given Harry Potter movie.
>> No. 80321
Are you sure
Are you really really sure
Because the scene where Dumbledore's ghost appears in Harry's brain while he's "dead" is exactly what it reminded me of
>> No. 80322

Harry Potter's explanations are all either "love" or "magic."

SAO's asspulls have at least a molecular amount of setup. I can make several speculative explanations of what happened in this story. I shouldn't have to, but they're there. Theoretically.
>> No. 80324
The existence of programs that are essentially "ghosts" of dead players would have been a really interesting theme to set up early on and carry through with this reveal. There's a shitload of material earlier in the series they could have modified slightly towards that end, particularly Yui's own existence. Considering the rewrites they had to do anyway to make the adaptation work, they basically just missed their only opportunity to clean up the story.

It was always going to be a tough job. They got fucked eleven different ways trying to juggle fight scenes, continuity, fanservice, faithfulness to the source material, and serious time constraints. They dropped some of the balls. It's just a shame.
>> No. 80328
Good news, everyone.

>> No. 80329
Good news, everyone.

>> No. 80330
File 135577930630.gif - (0.99MB , 245x250 , tumblr_m899wsT88W1qfy2kdo1_250.gif )
>> No. 80331
File 13557818879.jpg - (40.62KB , 600x360 , massive promotions.jpg )
>> No. 80371
File 135592715077.jpg - (162.46KB , 458x393 , 1355918223623.jpg )
If any of you read and enjoyed Onani Master Kurosawa, one of the guy's earlier works is now being translated. Molester Man. You should check it out.
>> No. 80377
This guy seems to have his priorities straight.
>> No. 80379
>Chuuni finale

Felt a tad rushed, and needs more of an epilogue.
Good comedy, surprisingly good drama.
All in all, twas a pretty good series.
>> No. 80380

Agreed. No single character was really developed and none of the story arcs ever actually opened up beyond a reveal, but it still managed to make its points.
>> No. 80382
Yeah okay, I'm calling you on this. What, pray tell, kind of "points" does Chuu2 supposedly have?
>> No. 80383
I've read the first 5 chapters. So far, it's the most enjoyable thing I've read in a long time.
>> No. 80385
File 135603294741.jpg - (209.46KB , 600x450 , 1356015747288.jpg )
Yes, this is really happening.
>> No. 80386
I don't think it would be possible for me to watch that. The second-hand embarrassment would overwhelm.
>> No. 80387
Dude stay the fuck away from chuunibyou, that would kill you in the first five minutes.
>> No. 80389
Watamote is way worse than anything Chuu2 has. It's closer to the Welcome to the NHK end of the spectrum.
>> No. 80391
File 135604734848.jpg - (545.26KB , 870x1236 , 008.jpg )
It also hits way closer to home for a lot of us lonely and awkward neckbeards. Some painful memories resurface when reading that shit.
>> No. 80392
Chuunibyou hits me way harder than it does.

Ahh, I guess so.
>> No. 80394
"Renton, this is how your dad smells."

While a weird scene, this whole episode of Eureka 7 is babby tear-inducing. It's only made worse because I know what's coming.
>> No. 80396
File 135608971556.jpg - (299.27KB , 1294x931 , img000010.jpg )
With every new chapter of Onepunch Man comes the bitter feeling that it's over too quickly. I love this way too much for my own good.
>> No. 80397
I'm caught up with the translated chapters now and I have to say this series is fucking great.

Anyone know how regularly chapters get translated, and how many chapters there are in total?
>> No. 80399
Dunno how regularly, but there's 21 chapters in total, I think.
>> No. 80422
I want to like D. Gray Man but Yu Kanda is an unbearably terrible character.
>> No. 80424
Finished Eureka 7. Still my favorite anime.

Hulu also has Eureka 7: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers, which I'm watching right now. I was hoping for some followup to bridge between E7 and AO (which I haven't gotten very far into yet), but it seems they just took E7 and transposed a bunch of events and some people to make a different setup that was more or less the same.
>> No. 80425
File 135683856888.gif - (1.49MB , 720x480 , A Merry Homu Christmas.gif )
Happy Holidays /jam/!
>> No. 80427
Okay, finished Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers, and it was just really odd. I suppose it's partly my fault because I went in with the hope that it would give some after-story for the E7 series, but it does nothing close to that. Oh well.
>> No. 80434
File 135688062044.jpg - (368.29KB , 1138x1600 , R_of_BlackLagoon_0011.jpg )
God damn Hiroe Rei, I hate you and I love you for this.
>> No. 80435
>> No. 80436
File 13568811653.jpg - (334.59KB , 1138x1600 , R_of_BlackLagoon_0004.jpg )
It's one of the first scans from C83. I have no idea either, until someone translates.
>> No. 80437
File 135688137264.jpg - (366.28KB , 1138x1600 , R_of_BlackLagoon_0008.jpg )
This is amazing.

What the fuck Hiroe?
>> No. 80441
File 135688817893.png - (305.94KB , 528x847 , threesome.png )
So...is "Tsugumi wants a threesome" what I'm supposed to be getting from this?
>> No. 80442
This is one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen and really illustrates why Black Lagoon is such a "Movie" style manga and anime.
>> No. 80443
File 135688945651.jpg - (464.43KB , 1138x1600 , 1356889562652.jpg )
And as usual, /a/ is pretty quick on the ball.
>> No. 80444
I just made the thread hoping for some funny discussion, but yes this is fantastic.

I was disappointed he didn't do the "Balalaika is the twins' mom" thing again though, because it's adorable.
>> No. 80449
>Decide to watch the DBGT movie on Nicktoons out of curiosity
>Goku Jr disappoints his grandmother Pan into a heart attack
>Goes off to find the dragonballs to save his grandmother
>Gets his stuff taken by an American
>His cowardice kills his fat friend
>Saves a bear
>Only fights when bear's life is at risk
>Only finds one dragonball; can't make wish
>Goku appears and tells Jr he's been watching him, meaning he didn't do shit when Jr and his fat friend's life was in danger
>Turns out Pan and fatty were alive and are in a helicopter for some reason
>Movie ends on Goku's image, like he did anything

I want my hour back.
>> No. 80462
Foodporn? Hmmm...
Where have I seen this... AH! Fakku.
>> No. 80463
And after reading all the chapters that posted on Kiss AND!
Toriko is better.
But I'll take giant monster fighting and cooking over some nice fanservis any day.
Plus if I just want porn I'd read his hentai work.
Now I just need to find it on Fakku.
>> No. 80473
File 135698438177.png - (205.67KB , 894x1300 , 32815_02.png )
This is the greatest page. I'm actually hurting. And I still start to snicker uncontrollably whenever I catch a glimpse of that bottom panel. Oh God, this face. This face...
>> No. 80475
That's some pretty awesome meta right there.
>> No. 80500
File 135715250753.jpg - (362.50KB , 1223x1920 , tumblr_mduhwvx33J1r5g2zmo1_1280.jpg )
I've...reached the current end of translated One Punch Man chapters...

I need...more OPM Chapters... I need to see more of this story!
>> No. 80504
>> No. 80510
File 135716858546.jpg - (271.64KB , 728x1120 , j017.jpg )
Jesus, we've gone full Daikaiju battle in Claymore.

Daikaiju - Attack of the Crab Womenyoutube thumb

>> No. 80512
File 135718954459.jpg - (102.18KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Jormungand - 15 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
Why didn't anyone tell me how goodbad Jormungand is?
>> No. 80513
Also how do I get into manga there's like a lot of it and everything that sounds interesting ends up being bad and/or pornography.
>> No. 80514
If you ever paid attention to anything anyone actually recommends instead of just grabbing onto moecrap and entirely random series, this wouldn't be an issue.

Read Vinland Saga, Berserk, Cesare, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, FMA, Yotsuba, Otoyomegatari, Onani Master Kurosawa, Molester Man, One Punch Man, Akumetsu, and Sumire 16-sai, then come back.
>> No. 80515
File 135719119694.png - (328.40KB , 640x448 , lelouch_summons_his_persona.png )

Gonna add that to my "Anime Characters Summon their Personas" collection.
>> No. 80516


Fuuuuuuuuuck I've been looking for the name of this thing since forever
>> No. 80517
Ever tried Cromartie?
>> No. 80518

That was recommended when I mentioned Nichibros. I got a few episodes in, but "the joke is machismo" didn't really keep my interest.
>> No. 80520
>the joke is machismo
No it isn't.
>> No. 80523
is Psycho Pass any good? I can't stand Akira Amano's art style or character designs but I'm willing to look past that if the premise is interesting enough, and I enjoyed both I enjoyed Fate/Zero and Madoka.
>> No. 80525
It's alright. Nothing amazing. But if you enjoyed Madoka a lot, you might want to give it a try, because I also found that to be pretty mediocre and Psycho Pass to be the better of the two shows.
>> No. 80536
File 135727733275.gif - (1.82MB , 200x200 , 1326888256317.gif )

>we hope to to go public with some new 4LS projects
>> No. 80538
File 135728249635.jpg - (26.44KB , 600x750 , 1276315859993.jpg )
>> No. 80555
So I looked up recommendations for shows similar to Joshiraku and the one that came up most frequently was Yuri Yuri

>> No. 80557
Well it's not really that similar to Joshiraku, unless you go by the "ordinary dialouge so the viewer can focus on how cute the girls are" line, but it was my favorite anime this year, so... watch it, I guess?
>> No. 80558
File 135736133558.gif - (922.46KB , 500x281 , dawww.gif )
The only thing I know about Yuru Yuri is that it spawned this gif. And it is quite a good gif.
>> No. 80561
File 135736687071.gif - (649.02KB , 720x405 , 1354559937641.gif )
And this one.
>> No. 80562
Give it a go, its earnestly funny
>> No. 80563
File 135737884895.jpg - (90.70KB , 1280x720 , (Hi10)_Kokoro_Connect_-_04_(720p)_(rori)_mkv_snaps.jpg )
that feel
>> No. 80564
Dereban is the most adorable character in recent memory.
>> No. 80571
File 135740685794.png - (621.05KB , 650x885 , 1357406033935.png )
>> No. 80572
The series has its own thread.
>> No. 80579

Right? I initially avoided this show because the description was pretty whack. It wasn't until a friend told me it's actually genre deconstruction that I gave it a chance.

Best show this year that I've seen which is like best of three one of which is Sword Art Online.
>> No. 80580
I might be missing something here, what genre is it "deconstructing"?
>> No. 80581

High school romance stories with morally flawless main characters.
>> No. 80582
I think you might be reading a bit too much into it....
>> No. 80583

It set up very familiar situations and surprised me nearly every time with some remarkably humanizing twists.

Except the last arc. That one sucked.
>> No. 80586
File 135750375966.png - (834.17KB , 600x657 , tumblr_me0mhcTReN1qfwog5o1_1280.png )

but it IS just so good... someone somewhere must be translating this good thing....
>> No. 80591
Shame about the whole Ichiki thing.
>> No. 80597
File 135752948964.jpg - (62.91KB , 508x595 , rxn (267).jpg )
>Molester Man
>> No. 80602
File 135755106875.png - (40.30KB , 163x169 , tumblr_locr46wEfh1qdc2fy.png )
I referred to a stuffed animal as a "plushie" the other day and my sister flipped out at me and told me to stop using weeaboo terms. I don't think that term has absolutely anything to even do with anime or manga, beyond stuffed dolls of anime characters being called plushies.
>> No. 80607
Plushie is a Japanese term? I didn't know...
>> No. 80626

It isn't, but there is a very vibrant market for anime-based plushies, so that's probably where your sister's confusion came from.
>> No. 80628
Ooh, Weekly Shonen Jump alpha removed expiry dates.
That's neat, I guess.
Only two weeks left until the Japan Sync.
Might be cool.
>> No. 80631
File 135761851894.jpg - (8.86KB , 302x269 , rxn (76).jpg )
>Onani Master Kurosawa

why is this

>> No. 80632

Because although it has a rather crass subject matter, it recognizes its crassness and uses it for an exploration of teenaged sexuality and gender relations

and it's just fucking GOOD
>> No. 80634
I haven't come across a true villain in anime or manga yet and I think that's just awesome. Sometimes it's obviously an afterthought, but these despicable people (more appropriately, people that do despicable things) who are later portrayed as products of circumstances really resonate.
>> No. 80636
Really? You probaby haven't read much manga yet. (Or for the beter, guess you're avoiding hentai lol).

Personally I find it kinda overdone, sometimes too apologetic. Works in small doses I guess.
>> No. 80637
I can't actually think of all that many anime that lacked a villain. Miyazaki movies for the most part, I suppose, but most things don't have that degree of White and Gray Morality that Miyazaki goes for. Even Team Rocket are unquestionably villains, no matter how much we like them and root for them.
>> No. 80638

So far I've only read Frankenfran, one other thing JUNK suggested to me, Molester Man, Onani Master Kurosawa, and like half of Claymore.

Admittedly those are not representative of uh...any genre in particular, but the anime I've seen so far has been mostly excellent in terms of antagonists. It's the poorly-written protagonists who are making me pissy, if anything. Why isn't as much characterization put into the leads?
>> No. 80639
File 135764470828.jpg - (146.84KB , 555x800 , 20axcfd.jpg )
There are villains who are just irredeemably evil, with no rhyme or reason to it. You'll see them eventually. If all you read is 5 manga, you didn't really expect that to be representative, did you?
>> No. 80640

I'm sure they're out there, I just noticed that they seem less common in Japanese narratives than in American ones and I dig it.
>> No. 80641
File 135764534238.png - (246.19KB , 822x1200 , img000015.png )
If you want to have a great protagonist, try Vagabond. It's a downright joy to see Musashi mature over the course of the manga. It helps that the art is incredibly gorgeous, too.
>> No. 80644
Possibly, although I think I knew the term prior to knowing what anime was. "Stuffed animal" is just associated in my head with taxidermy for some reason. My sister is weird when it comes to anime and geeky stuff in general, she does enjoy it, and she begged me to buy her an Alphonse Elric UFO catcher plush and some Doctor Who pins at NYCC, but frowns at me whenever I get exuberant over something geeky, rolls her eyes at cosplay, and tries to discourage me from getting into anything "too geeky". Part of me thinks she's one of those closet self-hating geeks or something.
>> No. 80648
I finished reading Molester Man. Holy shit that was a good story.

>Why isn't as much characterization put into the leads?

A lot of Japanese entertainment is suffering from the same problem that happens everywhere else in the world: writers try too hard to make the main character relatable, so he ends up bland and uninteresting. Other characters get the right mix of 'interesting' and 'relatable' because writers aren't as worried about readers/viewers being able to project onto them. This has been happening in fiction for a while, and isn't likely to stop anytime soon. The best anime/manga have interesting main characters, just like how the best works anywhere in the world have interesting main characters.
>> No. 80649
Even anime aside, it's a rule of fiction that heroes are generally less interesting than villains. Villains act, heroes react.
>> No. 80650
Unless it's a story about a revolt or something (this is why these usually have better protagonists).
>> No. 80651
There are lots of exceptions, really. But in the classic "Hero/Villain" story, most of the plots are going to come down to "Villain has done X! Now the hero must Y to stop him!"

In a way, even a revolt is ultimately a reaction, though. The authority figures have finally crossed the line and now the heroes must fight back to reclaim their freedom/dignity/etc. Now if it's less a revolt and more a coup, like the heroes have received some sort of power and now they are going to use it to Take Over, that'd be more of a case of the Hero acting and the Villain reacting....but in most cases, that'd be a case of a villain protagonist anyway. Coups are rarely heroic actions when they're not done in reaction to oppression from the current regime.
>> No. 80652
So I don't know if this has been posted yet, but Inferno Cop is kind of amazing.

It's like if Axe Cop was an adult swim show made by Japan.

Here's the first episode (turn subs on with the closed captioning).

インフェルノコップ「…youtube thumb
>> No. 80653
>In a way, even a revolt is ultimately a reaction, though.

Really, anything a person does can be considered a reaction.
>> No. 80658

>> No. 80689
Are they going to pretend the terrible seasons didn't exist and re-use the material, or just forge on ahead?
I suppose they have enough material for the latter.
>> No. 80703
Btw, whatever happened to Chuunibyou?
>> No. 80705
It ended. Kinda half-assed at that.
>> No. 80708
File 135794276354.jpg - (157.45KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Sasami-san@Ganbaranai_-_01_[257674C1]_mkv_sna.jpg )
>> No. 80711

The ending was nice.

It just kinda... acknowledged that yea these people are somewhat delusional and said "YEA THAT'S LIFE LOL" rather than tackling just being eccentric in your own way.

Or being eccentric without believing in fairies and magic and demons.
>> No. 80714
File 135795693840.jpg - (49.66KB , 1280x720 , (Hi10)_Kotoura-san_-_01_(720p)_(HorribleSubs)_mkv_.jpg )

I'll tell you if you tell me.
>> No. 80715
Starting to watch Tenchi in Tokyo!; I've never been a big fan of harem anime, less so in Tenchi, but an old friend is head-over-heels for them so I thought I'd give it a shot.

"Meh" is the best possible thing I say about it, but I am only one episode in.
>> No. 80717

11 year old Ninja who saw it on Toonami says give it a chance.

Also, invest all your money in zip drives. It's the way of the future!
>> No. 80718
I kind of liked the original Tenchi series. It was short (since it was an OAV) and the world building was interesting. The harem element didn't really do anything for me.

Tenchi Universe was all right, but I probably wouldn't have watched it if Toonami weren't making it take zero effort to do so--basically the same as the OAV, but more decompressed, and it added a sane member to the "harem," which was pretty lacking up until then. There were a couple of good episodes, like the Multiverse episodes including the one where Sasami was a magical girl.

Didn't really give a shit about Tenchi in Tokyo though. It never seemed as interesting as the others, and threw out most of the cool mythology from the OAV and Universe.
>> No. 80723
Yeah, watched all five episodes, don't like anything about it.
>> No. 80724
And now I'm watching the end of Black Lagoon. A much better show, even if you took out the cussing. Remy is the kind of woman I'm interested in--not so much her being a complete bitch, but her utter confidence and fighting ability and independence. I love that. (A nice rack doesn't hurt.)
>> No. 80726

I dug the shit out of Black Lagoon. Roberta's Blood Trail had me wat'ing, though.

Ever check out Jormungand? It's Black Lagoon if the Lagoon Company had a silly albino girl for their leader.
>> No. 80727
I'll have to check that out. I have Roberta's Blood Trail on the queue, but haven't seen it yet.
>> No. 80728

>> No. 80729
Well, that was a sad ending. :(
>> No. 80730
File 135798749453.jpg?nsfw - (275.54KB , 638x857 , janet01h.jpg?nsfw )
Speaking of Black Lagoon, Janet confirmed for waifu-tier. Wonder if Benny got to fully hit that.
>> No. 80731
Thanks, queued.
>> No. 80733
At first I was a bit confused, but I didn't see you only had the anime to go on. Yes, Benny got to hit that. Repeatedly, nay, excessively so. She's insatiable and makes it known to the world at every opportunity in the manga.
>> No. 80737
Yeah you could say that.
>> No. 80738
As for Jormungand, it is a perfect example of "So Bad It's Good." The action sequences display a stunning lack of even basic levels of competence, the music is universally dreadful save for the OP, the animation is often crummy at best, and every character that isn't Koko or Valmet is totally ass.

It's entertaining as fuck, but don't expect anything good from it.
>> No. 80745
File 135801656311.jpg - (150.12KB , 684x1001 , q004.jpg )
Apparently Togashi beat him to the punch by 15 years.
>> No. 80748
Oh man what the fuck
why have I never seen or heard of this

>watched all five episodes
So... I take it you gave up after five episodes. Fair enough.

Oh man, I totally wanted a computer with a drive for zip disks! I heard they could store like, some 100 MB! :O

As for Tenchi in Tokyo... what I remember the most is the episode of the date with Ryoko. ;_;
>> No. 80751
Yeah, I did my usual five episodes, the show didn't interest me in the least, so I stopped watching. That's how I do all new shows.
>> No. 80752
File 135804033080.png - (228.45KB , 804x1300 , [APTA] Magi 14_Magi_014_164e200670f0061.png )
Magi is amazing. But after having caught up to the current chapter I feel kinda empty now. That always happens when binge-reading grand adventure manga like this.
>> No. 80760
File 135809051393.jpg - (224.95KB , 728x1234 , lmagi_008_010.jpg )
Yeah I'm binging right now on, shit is great.

Timber Timbre - We'll Find Outyoutube thumb
>> No. 80764
File 135811534051.png?spoiler - (851.49KB , 1280x1440 , its-just-like-jfk.png?spoiler )

I just started watching the show. Feels mixed, man.
>> No. 80768
>> No. 80770
Aladdin's definitely a dude right? That bandage around his torso ain't setting us up for a reverse trap or nothin'?
>> No. 80773
Sweet choices there Sage.
>> No. 80774
Yeah, male, I recall the explanation of his stature being the naturally weaker bodies of magicians and him being such a strong mage.
>> No. 80775
Just finished the Pumpkin Scissors series. Enjoyable, but I hate it when shows just kind of "end". No closure or wrapping up most threads or anything. More of the same, some sort of dialog, and a "straight into morning"/"keep doing what we're doing" ending.

I know that this is usually due to the anime getting ahead of the manga (I guess animation houses are able to better stick to a schedule than a manga artist/author?), but it's still annoying. I actually prefer it when the anime deviates and just makes its own ending, like the first FMA series.

Speaking of non-endings, I also finished Panty & Stocking today (being sick gives me a lot of time to catch up on my Hulu queue), and I'm hoping we do indeed get a Season 2. I wouldn't call it a "great" show, but it's something like a "guilty pleasure" or "good, mindless schlock", like going to see a Michael Bay film just because you want to see the explosions, or re-runs of Family Matters at 1 AM especially if they involve Stephan.
>> No. 80780
File 135818453693.jpg - (307.40KB , 860x1236 , img000007.jpg )
That's one hell of a threat.
>> No. 80784
File 135818822362.png - (890.25KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Senran Kagura - 01 [BF222BBC][13-19-22].png )
I can't tell if I actually like Senran Kagura, or Queen's Blade has made literally everything else in the Tits 'n Combat genre look top shelf by comparison.
>> No. 80786
It helps that they somehow managed to get a massive budget for it. The animation quality and voice talent are way better than they have any right to be.
>> No. 80788
>starting next week, Shonen Jump Alpha will include Onepunch Man

>> No. 80789
File 13581959653.jpg - (70.30KB , 406x600 , mutant girls squad.jpg )
Netflix it now, the opening scene alone is worth it.
>> No. 80799
Just curious, did you watch the dub or sub of Panty & Stocking? I ask because P&S is one of those rare shows where I enjoyed the translated dub over the original.
>> No. 80800
Dub. Whenever possible, I watch the dub. I have no problem watching subs, but I don't prefer them; I would rather focus on the action and how words are said, not reading. Even fairly meh dubs are still better than subs to me, because I don't have to be disjointed in reading.

And I agree, PSG has one of the best dubs of any anime.
>> No. 80801
I have now finished watching the entire Yu Yu Hakusho series. It was great...except for the last season. That sucked.

I also felt the dub was better than the original.
>> No. 80805
>It was great...except for the last season.
Really? The end of the tournament had some of my favourite fights. Definitely liked better than the Sensui season.
>> No. 80807
I just thought it was stupid how, instead of a war between the demon factions, which would have been WAY more interesting, we get another tournament after having like 50 episodes dedicated to the last one, only this time it's much shorter (seriously it's like 4 episodes) so a lot of the fights are skimmed over or are short, and everyone is buddy buddy, "I am so proud to fight you, let's get slow motion shots of us smiling while punching each other with triumphant music in the background" with each other.
>> No. 80811
I like to think of it more as an Epilogue than a finale.
>> No. 80813
File 135825227977.gif?spoiler - (1.01MB , 400x266 , reasons.gif?spoiler )
He does anyone know a place I can see the content from the Fullmetal Alchemist art books, particularly the third one?

I need to see this for reasons.
>> No. 80814
I didn't mind the short fights, it was a nice change of pace in my opinion. Really loved Hiei vs Mukuro, Kurama vs Shigure (this one wasn't quite buddy buddy I think) and Yusuke vs Yomi, some of the best animation on the series too. Funny, because most, if not all of this, isn't even shown on the manga.

Also, I found interesting the developing relationship between Hiei and Mukuro.

Ever read the manga? It has some epilogue after the point the show reached, one tweest even changes the whole perspective on the youkai.

They published a sort of encyclopedia in my country, in 3 volumes, dunno if it's what you're after. If I bump into some scans, I'll see if I link them.

I'd still like to know where this is from... some epilogue, encyclopedia or was included on the manga?
>> No. 80816
I liked Hiei giving his girlfriend the immortal, eternally regenerating form of her neutered childhood oppressor.

Such the romantic, that man.
>> No. 80817
It's the gift that keeps giving.
>> No. 80818
It's the gift that keeps giving.
>> No. 80819

Feeling down or upset? Chop him a bit!
>> No. 80820
>> No. 80824
File 135829658614.jpg - (485.85KB , 1456x1104 , l015.jpg )
>> No. 80827
File 135830303772.png - (382.41KB , 795x700 , tumblr_mdrij9W8gj1r8inffo1_1280.png )
Goddamn I love OPM.
>> No. 80828
I can't remember if they cut that in the anime (which is super toned down in parts compared to the manga) but that is definitely a thing in the manga.
>> No. 80830
what is the anime/manga
>> No. 80833
Yu Yu Hakusho
>> No. 80834
The fact there's no new chapters at the moment makes me rage, need my dose.

It was interesting though that when I looked through the series on a different manga site they didn't have the most latest chapters but they DID have a chapter 18.5, it took place while he first had powers but hadn't lost all his hair or wore his costume, pretty cool
>> No. 80835
Fuck, you guys kept raving about this and I thought it was far in but it's only about 20 chapters. All beautiful, but THAT IS NOT NEARLY ENOUGH.
>> No. 80846
File 13583501032.jpg - (1.09MB , 1082x1600 , 1358346845374.jpg )
I have a oneshot you might enjoy


Alot of people were waiting for this I believe
>> No. 80855
File 135835948828.jpg - (154.47KB , 940x630 , 1353171136805.jpg )
>> No. 80859
So I heard a rumor that Takahashi is going to wrap up Ri-ne (which I don't read) soon and bring back Ranma 1/2. Does anyone else know about this?
>> No. 80863

Then she'll bring back Inuyasha.

[spoilers]Turns out the Shikon Jewel hasn't been purified or something and Naraku is still alive[/spoiler]
>> No. 80869
I can't believe I've put off Tokyo Godfathers for this long.
>> No. 80877
It's a fantastic movie.

Almost everything I've seen that was directed by Satoshi Kon was astoundingly good, with the exception of Paprika which was still an alright movie. I still haven't seen Millennium Actress or Perfect Blue, though. I should really get on that.
>> No. 80882

>I still haven't seen Millennium Actress

Fix this immediately.
>> No. 80900
File 135844170236.jpg - (839.56KB , 1824x1308 , img000023.jpg )
Chinese comics. /jam/ or /co/?
>> No. 80902
File 135844680587.jpg - (127.85KB , 861x474 , rp2Aa.jpg )
Mite be cool.

You know, that's a good question.
>> No. 80903
/jam/. While the 'j' is for Japan, 'Manga' is generally a blanket term for artwork originating anywhere in the "east", i.e., Asian countries, to include China.
>> No. 80904
No, Chinese comics are Manhua, and Korean comics are Manwa.
>> No. 80905
Yes, which boils down to semantics. Nothing stopping them from being discussed on this board.
>> No. 80906
The comic/manga thing is no less semantic than the manga/manhua/manwa thing.
>> No. 80912
Well, manhua and manwa belong on /a/ on 4chan proper, (even though most threads like that are saged or ignored,) so I'd go with /jam/ in this case.
>> No. 80915
It was wonderful. Wasn't he also the director of Paranoia Agent as well?
>> No. 80917
Yeah. And Paprika.
>> No. 80918
I loved Paranoia Agent. Really caught me off guard. I never expected Adult Swim to air something like that.
>> No. 80924
File 135850678883.jpg - (330.40KB , 559x834 , Sync is coming.jpg )
Oh boy, I'm getting pretty hype for Japan sync.
They're dropping the alpha off the title when that happens.
I got to admit, when I read the name "Weekly Shonen Jump alpha", I didn't read Alpha as in an Alpha test, but I guess that's what it was.
>> No. 80954
I have fixed it.

Thank you for the recommendation. That was an amazing movie.
>> No. 80956
File 135880460467.jpg - (441.68KB , 1120x834 , One Punch Man.jpg )
Seems legit.
>> No. 80957
By the way this is pretty good, although it satiates none of my need for One Punch Man. Doesn't quite have such novelty to it.
>> No. 80958
File 135880658665.jpg - (211.18KB , 728x1096 , uopm_004_011.jpg )
>> No. 80959
Oh, and I guess they did a little trailer, too.
Shonen Jump OFFICIAL Anthem Video (30sec)youtube thumb
>> No. 80973
File 135894237173.png - (545.08KB , 856x1400 , img000015.png )
So Magi has become /pol/'s official manga, because it's obviously about the Jewish world conspiracy and now it's become impossible to discuss the manga on 4chan unless you like getting flooded by far right tinfoil hat ramblings. Splendid.....
>> No. 80974
The posters of /po/ have certainly been busy in recent history, you'll find them everywhere on 4chan now to some degree.
>> No. 81012
File 135902428415.jpg - (17.26KB , 220x293 , SUCH A GOOD MOVIE.jpg )


>> No. 81014
Too bad the ending is quite lackluster, hollywoodesque one.
>> No. 81015

Read this, thought it was the best martial arts manga I've ever read. Then realized it hasn't updated since July of last year

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck everything
>> No. 81018
File 135904763314.png - (617.64KB , 888x1300 , 1359043007318.png )
That is some god damn devotion to your waifu!
>> No. 81021
And she still would have kept her ranking without it. So much for Y-san.
>> No. 81024
File 135906589773.jpg - (94.13KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Gintama - 259 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_1.jpg )
God DAYUUUM Gintoki!!!
>> No. 81025

This is pretty funny because Marika is the type of character who outwardly appears to be the ~perfect bride~ for the hero...except actually she's totally nuts, her entire persona is a fabrication to win his affections, and she is firmly in 'would not hit' territory for the hero as a result.

Apparently that's close enough for Japanese neckbeards.
>> No. 81026
Crazy obsessive characters attract crazy obsessive fans.
>> No. 81028
File 135908183526.jpg - (82.32KB , 512x783 , fist-of-the-north-star-kens-rage-2-poster.jpg )
Since Ken's Rage 2 is coming out soon and features content from HnK2 it reminds...just what a piece of crap HNK2 was for the most part, filled with so much terrible writing. You can really tell the author wasn't bringing his A game.

Still that doesn't mean the game won't be fun.
Kicking the ass of all the superhuman martial-artists with older Bat and Rin could be amusing.
>> No. 81029
Casual anime fans are not weeaboos.
People who are interested in Japanese TV and culture outside of anime (some of who don't even like anime) are not weeaboos.
People who think ramen and sushi taste good are not weeaboos.

This term is getting overused nowadays.

Sushi is also ideal if you have a sensitive stomach because of the rice.
>> No. 81033
Yeah, it has gotten to the point where people have become downright japanophobic just to score some hipster cred. It's ridiculous.
>> No. 81037
File 135913235573.jpg - (18.72KB , 640x480 , 1358471579846.jpg )
I can't wait for magic kung fu Dolph Lungden.
I always thought it applied to someone who boasted how superior another culture was to their own. Japan isn't perfect but weeaboos paint it as some magical land that'll love them because they read Inuyasha. That being said I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying stuff from other cultures. Just don't be a dick.
>> No. 81038
Yes, that was originally what weeaboo means. But now it has become an overarching term for "anything vaguely Asian/stuff I don't like".
>> No. 81039
Pretty much that happens with a lot of terms, most recently "mary sue" and "hipster".

Indeed, my friend.
>> No. 81050
The only thing that gives me pause about the series is ALL of the superheroes of the Verse seem to completely suck

They all lose handily to absolutely any threat they face during a chapter, obviously OPM is much stronger than any of them but to see so many of them lose so handily makes them lack credibility as a whole

Even Genos is amongst the losers, the only thing he's beaten so far is the cyber gorilla, the mosquito lady was ripping him apart easily after doping up and he was no match at all for the big monster dude obviously
>> No. 81059
File 135926913412.jpg - (85.03KB , 1280x720 , (Hi10)_Hotarubi_no_Mori_e_(BD_720p)_(Commie)_mkv_s.jpg )
I like where this is going...
>> No. 81060
Kotoura-san is definitely the sleeper hit of this season.

The intro on that first episode... Jesus...
>> No. 81062
I put off watching TTGL because that spoiler was spoiled for me before I even knew what it was about.

I'm watching it now and holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
>> No. 81063

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it'll stay that way.
>> No. 81064
You must learn to listen when we tell you things. That spoiler is only episode 7 or something. There are a good 19 episodes after that.
Besides, half the point of the series is establishing that Simon is a bigger badass and a better hero than Kamina ever was.
>> No. 81067

I'm watching the movies first, since that arrangement worked for me with Eva.

Nnnnnnnnooooooooot quite the same so far.
>> No. 81068
Funny thing.
A lot of people keep forgetting about that, and keep worshiping Kamina like a second coming of Christ or something. Including some of my friends. It can get annoying with time.
>> No. 81069
...Which Eva movies did you watch? Rebuild? Because Rebuild is basically a different (albeit, much better) series using the same characters. If you mean Death and Rebirth and End then I have no idea what led you to that (or what you could have gotten out of End).

As for Gurren-hen and Lagann-hen, they are mostly just your standard crummy compilation movies, though Lagann-hen's finale is more enjoyable than the series finale.
>> No. 88598
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