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File 136700130711.jpg - (198.77KB , 1024x1024 , RWALy3s.jpg )
82416 No. 82416
So KyoAni is indeed doing FREE!

FREE! PVyoutube thumb

And people are LOSING THEIR SHIT.
Personally I dont give a damn
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>> No. 82417
I liked Kokoro Connect and Nichijou. But I'm not even nearly as obsessed with Kyoani as some people on /a/ are.
>> No. 82418
What's the big deal about this show? Wasn't it basically some health commercial which the fujoshi lost their shit over because it had good looking boys in it?
>> No. 82420
Basically, just looks like some artificial hype. Not like viral marketing, just... people getting hyped up because they like doing so.
>> No. 82421
>> No. 82422
I have no idea what this is. Is this some gay show or something?
>> No. 82423
Pretty much. It's K-On for girls (and guys who like dudes).
>> No. 82424
>It's K-On for girls

but... Kon was already for girls. wtf Japan.
>> No. 82426
>but... Kon was already for girls
It has an incredibly large otaku fanbase.
>> No. 82427
Where did blue-haired dude come from? He wasn't in the initial PV.

If Kyoani keeps up their usual quality, this may be the best animated fujoshi-aimed project yet.
>> No. 82428

You know how people were worried that MLP is just gonna become a show that panders explicitly to bronies?

Yea. That's kinda what K-on is.
>> No. 82429
im all on board for this show yo. shameless fanservice for girls fuck yeah
>> No. 82433
Meh, would be more interested in this if the character design were better and not just Kuroko no Basuke tier.
>> No. 82434
And so Kyoani took a bold step sideways. Gone were the days of mindlessly pandering to otaku for easy money, and now began the new days of mindlessly pandering to fujoshi for easy money!
>> No. 82436
And then, tumblr went out of the charts with this revelation.
>> No. 82438
Doen't mean it's not for girls to begin with.
>> No. 82440
It's just K-on with short hair. They are gonna subscribe to a club, drink tea, and play board games while having a sleep over.
>> No. 82443
Wasn't the original manga full of pantyshots and guy-oriented fanservice like that?
Anyway once you strip away the fanservice and homolust this show is probably going to be just as boring as shit as all of KyoAni's other shows. Hopefully something will prove me wrong, but that's not likely.
>> No. 82446
The swimming club presumably enters competitions, so that might be something.
>> No. 82449
That's what I meant, since a HUGE chunk of tumblr is composed by fangirls and fanboys as well, who where like crazy when they saw that first trailer.
>> No. 82454
Fanboys? Almost all of the actual homosexual guys I know, even those who like twinks, hate this kind of stuff, unless you're referring to that group of Tumblr "transmen" who for all purposes acts like straight ciswomen but under a different label.
>> No. 82455
I've seen some guys at tumblr, but not sure if they are the same people you're referencing.
>> No. 82457
File 136709983384.jpg - (60.60KB , 592x346 , i can already tell.jpg )
>KyoAni fujoshi pandering

I already know who my favorite is.
>> No. 82475
And now from an interview with the director:

" I oversaw production and storyboarding of episode 7 of Hyouka.

I was able to show the guys in a fresh light, with ever cool Hotaro getting a bit tipsy after his long bath, plenty of cute steamy stuff and those red faces – really just down to the hot water or something else!? Really cute, I think.

Of course, what I really took care over was the changing scene.

When they are changing and raise their arms, I took care over their ribs and the shape of their arms crossing (etc).

I actually tried getting the character designer to demonstrate just how sexy a guy stripping can be, but he declined.


Also I must confess – Satoshi’s pantsu are pink because of my preference."

So you're in good hands ladies
>> No. 82490
Who is the character designer anyway? Reminds me of Un-go.
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