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File 138101997911.jpg - (471.09KB , 976x1532 , 1380931212224.jpg )
217284 No. 217284
It's October; so lets get spooky shall we?

What are your favorite horror comics or halloween specials?

Also a treat:
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>> No. 217725
I really love the first Sandman arcs, since those where heavy on horror.
Specially the whole thing with Doc Destiny.
>> No. 217745
File 138208744065.jpg - (142.29KB , 600x918 , baltimore1p3.jpg )
Hmm, depending on my mood, I'd say my favourite horror comics would be either Baltimore (WW1 vet hunts the vampire that killed his family and took his leg), Anya's Ghost (a mystery that works like an aged up version of Coraline) or Victorian Undead (Sherlock Holmes vs. zombies, but a lot better constructed than the premise suggests).
>> No. 217755
File 138210818841.jpg - (318.79KB , 998x1515 , pu_Rawhead_Rex_00fc.jpg )
Well I was planning on a dump of Rawhead Rex anyway this seems a good place to do it if no one minds.
>> No. 217764
Isn't it kind of on the long side?
>> No. 217767
Go ahead, and wold you kindly add a ddl link for later?
>> No. 217787
S'like 64 pages, not bad.

Sure but I used a torrent so you'll have to excuse me a bit while I upload it.
>> No. 217827
File 138227925569.jpg - (9.70KB , 450x299 , LAT_KING121408_49193c.jpg )
You know how Motion Comics have low production values, terrible voice acting, and bad directors?

This one's got none of that.

Stephen King's N. Complete (All 25)youtube thumb
>> No. 218195

Hey this is awesome, I loved that story... 240p? In the year of our lord 2013? Seriously?

Still cool, thanks.
>> No. 218196
File 138309936451.jpg - (37.17KB , 300x461 , ragemoor.jpg )
Ragemoor has to be one of the best horror comics I have read.

It's about an old haunted castle that is really a sentient giant rock monster created by planet Earth as a defense mechanism against space elder gods. It's Lovecraft with the dial up to eleven. The comic starts with the last Earl of Ragemoor inheriting the castle and it's inhuman servants, quickly going insane trying to satisfy the whims and needs of the monster who now owns him body and soul.

If you haven't read Ragemoor. Sit down and meditate where your life went wrong, then read Ragemoor.
>> No. 218315

It was okay, but really felt like a low-rent House on the Borderlands. "Unspeakable horror that I will now describe in great detail" gets old after awhile, too.
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