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File 137907554343.jpg - (168.64KB , 600x911 , exsangtease1.jpg )
216492 No. 216492

A Teaser For Dark Horse's Upco…youtube thumb
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>> No. 216539
>> No. 216567
Great! You, me and Pym.

It's up to us three to fund everything Darkhorse does.
>> No. 216576

T-That's not me Tiki, but I can see your confusion.

I'm pretty down for this too, though.
>> No. 216598
I would fund them a lot more if their digital titles weren't so damned expensive.
>> No. 216630
Sup Pym, I still have that copy of Seattle you sent me a year back. The drawing, too! I cherish both.

And to make this more relevant to the purpose of the thread: I'm so excited for Lake of Fire, Reign of the Black Flame, and all the Abe stuff coming out these days.
>> No. 216635
File 137931259115.jpg - (37.21KB , 600x881 , 24651.jpg )

Cool, glad you got it and enjoyed it!

Also, drawing? I don't remember that.

Also, man, I love the fuck out of Hellboy and BPRD and everything related.

Also, the cover for Abe Sapien #1 for $1 has a cameo appearance by the solid objects from the Magician and The Snake, and I thought that was neat.
>> No. 218063
Goddamn it, people, we are going to talk about Hellboy: The Midnight Circus, and you're all going to like it! Some really important things were revealed, especially concerning a new character that we have kinda known about for years!

We could also talk about Neal Adams's "Blood", appearing in DHP, which is the spiritual successor to Batman Odyssey; in that it is completely batshit insane and nothing the characters say seem to relate to what someone said before.
>> No. 218064
I meant you in addition to him and me.

Sure I'll give it a shot.
>> No. 218067

Midnight Circus is really good, Fegredo does a great job, and I'm certain it's setting up something big for Hellboy in Hell.
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