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File 137727088350.gif - (302.24KB , 693x1812 , Bufksdlwef30dsleFGdsv913[1].gif )
215224 No. 215224
Just caught up on Order of the Stick after letting it pile up for awhile. Tarquin continues to be the greatest.
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>> No. 215397
File 137754758558.gif - (147.79KB , 699x937 , qosdfogpaero04dfgpwe914.gif )
Well. Hell now hath the fury of a woman scorned.
>> No. 215398
Wow. That's it then. Sabine is officially the only member of the Linear Guild left.
>> No. 215399
huh, I didn't even realize that.
Althogh, Nales soul would be in hell, right? So sabine can still meet him. I wonder if we'll se som crackpot plan to bring him back as a demon.
>> No. 215400
D&D afterlife cosmology's a little weird. I think that there are multiple hells he can go to, and that whether he's chaotic evil, neutral evil, or lawful evil have an effect on that. But that's also world specific, so it's possible all souls go to the astral plane after death in the OotS-verse.
>> No. 215401
I think Roy went to the specifically "lawfull good" heaven, so it's probably the same for hell(s). I think both Nale and Sabine are chaotic though.
>> No. 215403
Thog may or may not be alive still, but whether or not he could be directed toward any meaningful participation in events without Nale's influence is another matter
>> No. 215409
Damn I haven't read this in years... did they transition to 4th edition or something?

Souls go through the Astral to the Outer Planes (Heavens, Hells, whatever).
>> No. 215413
No, but I think the author basically said "I'll make whatever jokes I feel like making, but officially it's going to stay 3.5" fairly early after 4 came out.
>> No. 215415
> I think both Nale and Sabine are chaotic though.

Sabine is chaotic evil (because she's a demon, not a devil), but Nale is Lawful Evil (the same as his father and the opposite of his Chaotic Good brother).
>> No. 215417
The girls on Bad Machinery fucked up time somehow.
>> No. 215419
And I bet she's not going to be getting to Tarquin. Least I hope not, he's kind of the raddest man on the continent.

More recently I've been pretty floored by the surprisingly humanizing Belkar moments, like "hurting people's all I'm good for" or what his personal version of paradise actually is.
>> No. 215423
Yes that was the original joke, their parents broke up over irreconcilable differences in alignment. Which in retrospect is kind of weird because Tarquin doesn't seem like the type for clean breaks but hey, early strip humor.
>> No. 215425
Maybe as a young man he was too fond of her simple goodnatureness to have her suffer an 'accident'.
Plus she's the mother of his children, you don't hear about Nale and Elan having half brothers or sisters.
>> No. 215428
So, Ava's Demon is gonna be on a 4 month hiatus due the making of the book.
Welp, time to wait.

Time travel shenanigans, anything will be fucked up sooner or later.
Even in an involuntary way.
>> No. 215508
Oh no... Oh no no no no no no not Mr. and Mrs. Beckwith. Not them. Please time travel shenanigans, take anyone but them.
>> No. 215533
File 137773618946.png - (311.58KB , 440x651 , Lucy.png )
I fixed it.
>> No. 215559
Not a bad recommendation list (most of them seem to be good), but I question about some of their "categories".

Well, at least Willis will never care about your edit.
Can't say the same about tumblr though.
>> No. 215584
>No Rice Boy
>No Sin Titulo
>No The Gun Show
>No Unsounded
>No Paranatural
>No Whomp!

What is this garbage
>> No. 215586
I liked Toonfire too but I'm not going to act like an entitled shit about how the comic version is. I wonder if kids would look at those Animal Man shorts then tty to check out his series.

I'm fine with Homestruck on there but dear god Shortpacked and XKCD over Gun Show? Fuck that with a rake.
>> No. 215587
Go make your own list of your favorite webcomcs so other people can complain about how wrong you are in liking what you like.
>> No. 215588
Tempting, but not entirely relevant to the complaint. Short-packed and Homestuck aside, XKCD does not need the exposure, and that means that there is one less space for one that does.
Of course, XKCD is also an "objectively" terrible comic, but we'll not concern ourselves with the details.
>> No. 215589
I always though XKCD had a kind of "overblown" hate; almost like Homestuck, where there's something that people don't just dislike but really gets under their skin.(Maybe it's the fanbase for both?)
>> No. 215590
Adding to that: Or maybe it's for the same reason Dresden Codak kinda rubs me the wrong way. Least I Could Do is the only webcomic I can say to HATE hate. That and maybe one of those Objectivist furry strips but I feel embarrassed even bringing those up.

I have to admit, "sitcomics" is a great one.
>> No. 215591
I meant that the recommendation for Homestuck was bad in the way that >>215586 said XKCD was a bad recommendation, in that neither need any real exposure. Homestuck is VERY popular. It's spot would be better suited for less popular but still amazing comics.

Comics like Gun Show.
>> No. 215592
Not to get too judgmental of them, but this IS the Mary Sue. They may have had gender politics as a major selection criteria, so if you aren't highly preachy about how video games are equivalent to rape or how referring to a genderqueer person by the wrong pronoun is a hate crime, you aren't as good a webcomic.
>> No. 215593
Or it's just not as relevant to the website's expected readership. Not everything has to be a goddamned conspiracy to redefine "good" according to political axes, people.
>> No. 215596
File 137784438757.gif - (272.67KB , 690x1390 , xPa943sdfkweEWoefow915[3].gif )
Why is everything Tarquin says so fantastic?
>> No. 215597
any list that lists questionable content as a "must read" is a bad list
>> No. 215598
here are some "not as well known (debatable) webcomics i like and you should read"
>> No. 215609
File 137787820460.jpg - (253.43KB , 600x900 , ch08_01[1].jpg )
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiit's baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Hopefully the suffering levels won't top last chapter.
>Cope: "In which everyone is a goddamn liar"
Or maybe they'll be higher than ever!
>> No. 215619
File 137788736576.jpg - (64.64KB , 650x678 , 1365189728363.jpg )
I just think it comes off as a bit smug. Otherwise I couldn't care.

I'm horrified that there is apparently more than one Objectivist furry comic.

Ah sorry.

Some webcomics just seem to reduce themselves to ham fisted soap boxing. Don't know why that is. Christ Shortpacked is totally different from when I first saw it. The main character coming out as gay was done in the most retarded way.

Is the Punchline is Machismo comic welcome here? Because I love that one.
>> No. 215620
File 137788804680.png - (608.54KB , 550x1531 , 1377821970-2013-08-30-ourheroesarenotalwaysright.png )
Oh, wow.
>> No. 215621
That he could so miss the point that he would got so far as making a comic is pretty impressive.
>> No. 215622
See I was just talking about ham fisted soap boxing and here we have a good example. I just can't help but hear this in some whiny sarcastic voice.

I'm actually disgusted to see Gutters trades at my local comic shop. At least they sit they just sit there and gather dust. Same place carries American Elf too which is just nasty.
>> No. 215624
I feel like that "world's greatest monster" panel is taken from a Calvin and Hobbes comic. The one where he's playing with the Tinkertoys, I think?
>> No. 215625
Yeah, it's definitely supposed to invoke that.
>> No. 215626
Yeah, it's definitely supposed to invoke that. The whole thing is a send-up of a comic that's been making the rounds recently that used a quote from Watterson and mimicked Watterson's style that a lot of people found sweet and on-point, but that a fairly large or at least noisy group of people has been using to justify their belief that being a starving artist is more noble than being an artist who makes a living.
>> No. 215627

I think you need to find a new local comic book shop.

Maybe go next town over if necessary.
>> No. 215628
I can't hold wanting to work support someone but this reminds me of that smug LeBron James commercial.
>> No. 215632
That aside I the shop is fantastic. Massive selection of everything and they keep it well stocked. The place is huge. Its bigger than my house actually. Plus one of the owners created the comic Man Gull (the story of a bird so murderous he ripped the arms off a man so he could wear them over his feet and murder more efficiently). Nice fellows.

There's too other nice ones near me too. Ones run by an old couple (the woman knows her comics, the man is fantastic with Warhammer). They're on the look out for niche stuff with a ton of weird ass indie stuff from the 80s going back. The other just has the friendliest guy. He recommended me Waid's DD. He will also be honest with you if a title is worth your money. He showed me what they did to Phantom Stranger. He doesn't have the massive or niche selection of the other two but he ships comics to soldiers overseas at a huge cost to him and makes sure the store is kid friendly somewhat so I don't mind shooting him some money.
>> No. 215636
File 137789799725.png - (1.13MB , 1125x1650 , 2013-08-26-page20.png )
Oh, Poppy. :c
>> No. 215637
Squid used to be our best friend. , _,
>> No. 215638
Squid used to be our best friend. , _,
>> No. 215639

Cripes and she's doing her best not to rage. I gotta commend that specially given situation.
>> No. 215640
File 137790236254.jpg - (136.27KB , 650x897 , 2013-08-26.jpg )
>> No. 215641
ooh and DC gets an out to whack the copy sometime down the road.
>> No. 215642

I think I'm missing some context for this one. Which thing is he talking about that he missed the point about? Is it about Watterson talking about why he never let C&H get syndicated or rejected most merchandising?
>> No. 215643
See >>215626
>> No. 215644
File 137791319833.jpg - (961.24KB , 750x6197 , 2013-08-27-watterson_1.jpg )
>> No. 215646
Basically Waterson was saying to follow your hearts desire and not be caught up in the hype of excess. He personally rejected the pressures of his industry and that's fine. He wasn't damning those who seek for more, but encouraging them to focus on what they love about creating in the first place. Make that the priority.

Or at least that's what I got from him.
>> No. 215647
The "some jerk in his thirties" line confuses me; did he not know the source of the quote because iirc Bill Watterson went to live in the woods to paint.
>> No. 215649
I think "some jerk in his thirties" is referring to the cartoonist who made the comic here >>215644 using Watterson's quote.

I may be wrong, I don't know his age, but that makes more sense to me.
>> No. 215653

With context it seems like another point of Willis misses the point-- yet again!

Like what happened with Gerry Conway.

Or Civil War.

Really anything related to comics, it seems.
>> No. 215654
To be fair this comic is fucking awfully misrepresenting the actual quote.

But why the fuck Willis would make a whole comic twisting the words of Bill Watterson, I have no fucking clue.
>> No. 215658
File 137793893875.jpg - (367.32KB , 792x1152 , 2013-08-30-26p41.jpg )
Pouting jetpack president is adorable
>> No. 215659
It's more like he's twisting what the original comic twisted the original words into. Double twisting.
>> No. 215660
i hope zen pencils and willis consume each other in some kind of fucked up ourosboros and leave this wretched planet once and for all
>> No. 215686

Do not read Glam Rock Gorilla it is the literal worst.
>> No. 215687
File 137798428824.png - (460.38KB , 600x917 , intheblack11.png )
haw haw

also i forgot monster garden somehow: http://www.monstersgarden.com/
and you ALL better be reading poppy: poppy-opossum.com
dont read: aghoststorycomic.com
>> No. 215724
>But why the fuck Willis would make a whole comic twisting the words of Bill Watterson, I have no fucking clue.
Why else?
To persist on his personal sense of right.
>> No. 215757
What I got from it is "follow your dreams, don't go into a job that'll only make you miserable". Which is a thing I very strongly believe anyways.
>> No. 215810
File 137810278211.png - (860.87KB , 1125x1650 , 2013-08-30-page21.png )
There was another page last friday.
He's really asking for a punch...

That's Willis in a nutshell.
Reason of why I stopped following any thing he does, it's very VERY rare to find any interesting not-self righteous or "progressive" from him.
>> No. 215811
File 137810301472.png - (967.12KB , 1125x1650 , 2013-08-31-page22.png )
And he shall receive one!

I'm curious, how terrible you say Zen pencil is?
>> No. 215813

zen pencils makes the kind of comics that are saccharine in their message and visually supported by (typically) non sequitur comics that give terrible or stupid advice.
the source material (the quotes) are solid, the images range from "yep that a literal interpretation of the quote" to "jesus what the fuck". remember that comic that said to leave your wife and steady job so you can become ned stark. or the one that said beat the shit out of the people bullying you with a hammer. or when zen pencils dude drew a comic of something a black teacher said and drew a white dude saying the quote.
zen pencil is the kind of thing thats visual cream-of-wheat. its bland and flavorless. its not the worst ever but its just tips the scale from being "easily-ignorable mediocrity" to "this is stupid and insincere"
>> No. 215814
File 137810889194.gif - (12.73KB , 574x281 , jerkcity5341.gif )
why care about other comics when jerkcity exists
>> No. 215820
Because I don't think its that funny.
>> No. 215821
>First panel
Jojo reference?
>> No. 215834
File 137814522938.png - (7.36KB , 236x242 , nevermind.png )
>> No. 215842
File 137815104034.png - (384.06KB , 700x961 , Mario.png )

For every Bill Watterson interpretation that makes me rethink my job situation there are a dozen Don Quixote glorifications.
>> No. 215844
Obviously because I need webcomics that aren't a reminder of how no one uses such a perfect chat program with me.
>> No. 215847
Well, I guess she still remember us... Right?

There was a second part when that guy got arrested for killing a turtle, right?
>> No. 215862
File 137817936955.jpg - (318.90KB , 600x900 , ch08_02[1].jpg )
I wonder if this is going to be a thing where the only family that actually cares about Sette is Anadyne (her dad clearly doesn't).
>> No. 215873
File 137818832161.png - (170.80KB , 880x1245 , 20130903.png )
Okay wow this thing with Amy and Ryan is actually really breaking my heart because their relationship is one of the cutest things in this entire comic.
>> No. 215875
What's more: There's an implication that even if they never got together, they were still at some point in this reality friends and clearly had a nasty falling out.
>> No. 215877
I dunno, I don't remember Amy's hair ever being THAT wild, or her tattoos being that extensive. Something has been put awry in this timeline. Maybe Ryan didn't listen to her advice, maybe something happened to Shelley, maybe anything, really. I mean, what did Charlotte and Mildred actually change, if anything?

John, if you rob Ames and Ryan of their happy ending I will be very cross.
>> No. 215884
I'm sure he won't. This is just an excuse to have that "SGR Pseudo-Reunion" he was wanting to do.
>> No. 215887
>Anyone caring about Sette

Hahaha! Oh ha ha ha! Ho ho! Ha! What sort of comic do you think this is? Obviously she's just going to see Sette as means to an end, and eventually do something awful to her! The only one who cares is the Zombie that loses his mind at night!
>> No. 215932
File 137825914137.gif - (245.30KB , 691x1389 , aAasdfsef0ghpsdp93dsf916[1].gif )
>> No. 215959
I hope I know where this is going.
(Guts vs 100 soldiers) Hundred…youtube thumb
>> No. 215961
File 137827915336.jpg - (178.79KB , 500x750 , and now we feast.jpg )
I... I identify with this comic a little too much possibly. Living semi-illegally off the charity of friends who possibly hate you now, eating ramen and whatever you got from the food bank.

Well, not anymore, but this hits dangerously close to home.

so uh how is everyone else liking Lucky Penny?
>> No. 215967
I get the feeling Tarquin doesn't really care if they don't manage to kill Roy, he just wants to give Elan more reason to personally hate him.
>> No. 216009
No, Tarquin is quite simply self-obsessed, he thinks everything revolves around himself, that HE is the greatest villain in the narrative of the comic not the Lich he knows vaguely of, the obsession he has with Elan filling the role of the hero is just an extension of that.
>> No. 216010
I'm just hoping the the final boss isn't Xykon. Of the major villains remaining, it can only really be Xykon, the IFCC, or Redcloak unless you count the Snarl, which frankly I'm starting to doubt the continued existence of, and both Redcloak and the fiends are far more interesting than Xykon.
>> No. 216014
File 137841369960.gif - (337.09KB , 711x1819 , hugaefsdepoew30sdfo3e917.gif )
Okay, if they were going to try and take refuge in the portal, they're gonna have to fight their way to it at this point.

Tarquin continues to be far too medium-aware, and progressively more crazy-go-nuts. I did like the crack about finding new teammates though.
>> No. 216027
I stand corrected, I've just come to expect anything Tarquin does that might be bad to not be what he actually did. Same reason I can't tell if this is actually gearing up to his end or not.
>> No. 216032
The problem I have is stuff like overlooking Sabine or putting the PCs in a situation where they're CERTAIN TO FAIL both seem like bizarre oversights for the character we've been presented, so I'm sticking with the idea that he's got some other plan.
>> No. 216035
He may be so meta-aware in regards to classic Villain Teams that it doesn't occur to him that Sabine and Nale were genuinely in love and that he wasn't just a pawn to her

I mean, bad guys with loved ones? pffh
>> No. 216042
He thinks he can kill off Roy because Roy is an Obi-Wan, and that by killing him it will force Elan to take his 'rightful place' as the leading hero

As for the rest they are just collateral damage, easily replaced at the next tavern and simply another reason for the heroic son to hate his tyrannical father and fuel his desire to bring him down.
>> No. 216049
Team Tarquin itself pretty clearly has quite a lot of genuine trust and affection amongst its members.
>> No. 216052
>He thinks he can kill off Roy because Roy is an Obi-Wan

I wonder how he'd react to finding out Elan's actual mentor is continents away and avoiding Elan for entirely that reason.
>> No. 216053
File 137849231737.png - (733.99KB , 778x1166 , 2013-09-06-chapter-4-page-35.png )

>> No. 216054
I would've referenced Spirit Gun instead
>> No. 216057
We Yusuke Urameshi now.
>> No. 216148
File 137861072043.png - (2.24MB , 2250x3300 , 1378597053457.png )
someone just story timed the thing on /co/ and it grabbed some attention.
>> No. 216266
I love this. Tarquin is so convinced that he's the main villain and Elan is the main hero, it's going to be the thing that gets him defeated. It would be such a great twist if Roy was the one to finish him off.
>> No. 216269
File 137877238776.jpg - (161.51KB , 792x1152 , 1378744102-under%20review%202[1].jpg )
Maybe it's just the uncommon character position, but I think he's changed his art style again.
>> No. 216272
File 13787817434.png - (2.94MB , 2700x1500 , 1378713547198.png )
Just make the entire comic this VanHeist. I don't know which is worse at the blue balls, this of Menage a 3 or whatever its called. At least this way it'd kick ass
>> No. 216343
File 137891383671.jpg - (304.79KB , 600x900 , ch08_06.jpg )
HA HA, Lieutenant is promiscuous and hilarious.
>> No. 216383
File 137895114082.gif - (152.86KB , 708x937 , Yysefpor4ropf0efjsth918[1].gif )
>Nale's cameo
>> No. 216390
Looks like he's well on his way.

Hmm... where? Lee is the lawful evil one, so Nale would be in his pile, but I don't see him.
>> No. 216395
Look at what Sabine is doing.
>> No. 216410
So what, if you are dusted in life you end up as dust in the afterlife?
>> No. 216444
File 137901704718.gif - (92.42KB , 1000x337 , 1378984481585.gif )
That's the worse thing he can think of. Also looking through this and Gutters kind of hurts. So happy he didn't get to write Deadpool. I knew a guy who tried to tell me to read LFG. Nope.

>> No. 216446
Here I was, happy to have the memory of that shitty comic purged from my mind. And then you go and post that.

Why does Ryan Sohmer still exist?
>> No. 216447
Well it wasn't fun for me either. I think everyone can agree Sohmer is a horrible person and his comics aren't good. I'm a bit jealous he has a comic book store. I'd never want to go in though. I wonder if he attracts female customers?

At least /co/ doesn't care about CAD and that weird teddy bear motherfucker Dobson is spammed with Carnival pictures. There's no escape from the Sohmer.
>> No. 216448
Speaking of Dobson, why did he turn into a care bear?
>> No. 216450
I believe that was his reaction to being told he can't draw
>> No. 216472

Almost. It was in response to complaints that his author avatar didn't look like him (thin, full head of hair, etc.)
>> No. 216474

Looks like she is just cleaning up the shards of the television she broke in an earlier strip.
>> No. 216478
He always keeps pushing himself to do better.
>> No. 216499
File 137909296531.jpg - (261.00KB , 600x900 , ch08_07.jpg )
Fuck, that hurt.
>> No. 216500
I guess he can't bear to stand what he looks like.
>> No. 216544
File 137912622672.jpg - (204.85KB , 792x1152 , 1379091278-under%20review%203[1].jpg )

>Dang don't these crazy kids look absolutely shiny? Been working on my artwork, and I'm hoping you can a) tell that I have been working on my artwork and b) think it's just the bees knees. I mean, unless you hate bees in which case I hope you relate my artwork with the knees of whatever preference of creature you may like. I hope you like it is what I am saying.

And I do like this better, a lot better; not that I've ever hated his artwork, but his recent "improvement" led to a lot of disjointedness or something that I didn't care for in relation to his art prior to that.

It looks like he's still "Reaction Face Fodder: The Comic" (which I love), but everything seems much... smoother, I guess?
>> No. 216643
File 137934659629.png - (29.12KB , 317x344 , juicer.png )
I don't get this xkcd

someone explain
>> No. 216645
They got that juice in the bottle by throwing the Gushers in the juicer.
>> No. 216646
oh, we don't have those here. Thx.
>> No. 216649
Juicers or Gushers?
>> No. 216655
I love Gushers (to the point that I dare not buy any, because I will go through an entire box in a single day), but I wonder how that would taste? I imagine it's a syrup-like texture, perhaps a tad chunky depending on how well it was pulverized. I doubt I'll have to wait long, I'm sure someone on the internet will now try this and post a Youtube video of the results.

Also a single glass gives you diabeetus.
>> No. 216696

Gushers, I own a juicer.
>> No. 216718

Let me see if I got this straight. You have a juicer, but no gushers to juice in your juicer, or rather, to gush your gushers, you have the juicer, but you've never heard of gushers, but you at least have your juicer if you want to make juice?
>> No. 216742
File 137959489841.jpg - (284.94KB , 600x900 , ch08_09.jpg )
>> No. 216793
File 137970696098.png - (458.90KB , 600x916 , intheblack14.png )
my comic updated and now plot events are unraveling http://www.aghoststorycomic.com/
>> No. 216814
Not a fan of panel 6.
Otherwise, great job so far.
>> No. 216840
>Paranatural started in 2011
It feels like a new thing...have the years gone by that quickly or did it get suddenly popular at some point?
>> No. 216846
2011 isn't that long ago.
>> No. 216851

It was updated REALLY irregularly until fairly recently.
>> No. 216894
File 137995022528.jpg - (734.31KB , 1044x1570 , 7-11.jpg )
Flying carpet air corps.
>> No. 216898
File 137996176889.png - (1.11MB , 1125x1650 , 2013-09-23-cover2.png )
The second Poppy story starts today and I've done a bit of work tuning up the art.
>> No. 216989
Looks good.
Good on ya, dude.
>> No. 217010
File 138017011513.png - (322.70KB , 768x576 , rf Molly thumbs up.png )
What can I say, but post pic related?
>> No. 217033
File 138028462733.png - (347.48KB , 550x818 , shortpacked_1380277064950.png )
Oh boy...
>> No. 217035
File 138028988030.gif - (137.80KB , 709x937 , fgdryio67ytjyujhjuo0785i921[1].gif )
>> No. 217053
File 138049047981.jpg - (140.32KB , 650x1011 , 403.jpg )
What a cutie.
>> No. 217060
Nicely done.
>> No. 217063
File 138051442579.gif - (2.51MB , 300x167 , 128987330239.gif )
>> No. 217066
Not even going to start.
>> No. 217067
Same here.

Cute indeed.
>> No. 217255
File 138093289027.png - (829.37KB , 1000x785 , tumblr_mta7etHpvf1sy0aioo1_1280.png )
Battle Dog is adorbs and you all should read it

>> No. 217262
File 138096102772.jpg - (176.48KB , 792x1152 , 2013-10-04-26p54.jpg )
Oh come the fuck on!
>> No. 217265
>> No. 217289
Man, Old is a total wanker, can he really be claiming to follow King Radical after all thats happened?
>> No. 217291
File 138104315992.jpg - (417.98KB , 792x1152 , derek.jpg )
Yeah, darn that King Radical and his plan to get rid of the worst people on the planet while simultaneously saving the coolest people from a dying world!

...Wait, what? There are people NOT rooting for King Radical? Really? You look at Ron and Derek and think "the world was a better place with Derek"?
>> No. 217292
Or, y'know, we might just be thinking it's not King Radical's place to make that decision.
>> No. 217299
Considering that Old is a clone of the McNinja, he would have to have some really big event in his life to still side with Radical. I could understand his initial alliance, since he didn't have the history with Radical that McNinja did, but at this point I also wonder why.

But I think it's more likely that Old has a reason for not turning off the Zombie Defense System, perhaps in that doing so will make everyone's homes crash to the ground from a quarter mile up.

> get rid of the worst people
But it's not about getting rid of the worst people, it's about getting rid of the most normal people. Herschell wasn't really bad people, but he got replaced by a pterodactyl (despite last-minute efforts to learn to skateboard.)

So while McNinja might not mind the bad guys getting switched with someone from Radical's old world, the process will take a number of ordinary townsfolk, many of whom are his patients, and it will also lower his relative coolness in the world.
>> No. 217306
And all it took was the total destruction of the city of Cumberland! And I'm sure that, after he gets his army of super awesome magical monsters made of robots, he doesn't have any plans that would inconvenience anyone else. What could he possibly do with an unstoppable army and no kingdom to rule?
>> No. 217307
Are you seriously this dense?

King Radical doesn't care about only getting rid of the worst people, he DOESN'T CARE how many 'normals' get killed to summon his Radical people to that dimension.
Did you miss the part where he transformed an entire city into a robot without a care for the inhabitants, or slaughtered divisions of the US army and airforce, all as part of generating 'radical energy'?
>> No. 217308
File 138108846028.jpg - (417.15KB , 792x1152 , 2013-06-04-26p6.jpg )
The Radical people don't seem that cool to start with, Sparklelord might have also been an asshole but it sounds like his anger had some merit, that they are imperialists who invade others and transform them magically to fit their shallow "ideals".
>> No. 217312
File 138108907478.png - (380.26KB , 379x715 , Radical is not a fan of mlp.png )
There's also the fact Sir Sicknasty was openly speciest against horses.

I guess that technically isn't racism, huh Ron?
>> No. 217320

Old also doesn't have the biggest character-defining event in the Doc's life: medical school. Doc's whole thing is that his impulses to heal and kill leave him somewhat conflicted. Old doesn't have that. Old is just a dorky ninja with a PhD in farming.
>> No. 217374
File 13811995462.jpg - (248.04KB , 792x1152 , Jerks.jpg )
>Or, y'know, we might just be thinking it's not King Radical's place to make that decision.

Mondo shrugs to be had here. His world is dying. Everyone in it is dying. They are all going to die. He figured out a way to rescue at least some of them, and the "cost" is... losing the absolute worst people on the planet. Horrible horrible people. People so bad they make a hardened ninja make THIS face. Who is he to make that call? A guy whose world is dying and who saw those criminal records. This is well and firmly in moral grey territory.

>Herschell wasn't really bad people

Oh yes he was. You really wouldn't like him if you knew what he did.

>And all it took was the total destruction of the city of Cumberland!

It's not destroyed, it's transformed. Five'll get you twenty there's a button for transforming it back.

>He might do bad things later with all the people whose lives he's saved

Okay? Or he might not. And even if he does plan on something like that, I wouldn't condemn an entire planet to death based on what their leader might do.

So far there's been no normals "slaughtered". We don't know what the casualties are from the army attack, and they did attack the city first. And I'm not saying Radical's a good person or anything, but he's saving good people from another world by getting rid of people so bad the writer said he's not going to say what their crimes were because this isn't meant to be a depressing comic. That's pretty win-win in my book, even if the guy doing it is extremely cavalier with the lives of others.

>The Radical people don't seem that cool to start with
I figure they deserve a shot.
>> No. 217388
>I wouldn't condemn an entire planet to death based on what their leader might do.
You seem perfectly willing to forgive him for turning an entire town into a robot, waging war against the US army, and sacrificing human beings so he can save his magic robot friends based on what he might do. Oh sorry, were those soldiers in the tanks and airplanes bad people too? Did those citizens whose lives were uprooted to build this robot? Do they have criminal records?
>> No. 217396
Yeah, Cumberland being INSIDE the giant robot is the key point where what Radical's doing is real bad. Way more lives being endangered than his own henchmen. He could easily have staged a super-awesome barbecue outside or something, gotten everyone out of their homes first, you know?
>> No. 217399
Plus, Radical's planning to move a whole world's population over. This isn't going to end with his terrible jerk army. They're just the ones going first because they are the Least Rad.
>> No. 217404
Their last mayor spent their tax money to make an anti-zombie defense system. And it turned out he was right to do so.
Their current mayor is the King of Hobos, and shuts down anything that scares him. For some reason that doesn't include his deputy mayor, a genuine prince of Egypt and mummy complete with curse.
Recently an irish-hispanic luchador doctor summoned Cthullu's little brother to deal with a medical oddity. They periodically get attacked by giant lumberjacks, mutant ninjas, and maybe someone racing around recklessly on a dinosaur. The Hulk sells them groceries. The local hero occasionally forgets he's a hero (and a doctor) and kills security guards just doing their job. The local circus has trained so that clowns carry around elephants and tigers whip ringmasters. A bunch of kids heads exploded at the school recently. they got better. The Wall Street Journal just recently declared them the best city to live in America, "displacing a gaggle of crappier cities that thought they were so great, but they weren't so great".

To the people of Cumberland, the whole city turning into a robot is an inconvenience. Like a blackout, or a St. Patrick's day parade blocking traffic.
>> No. 217411
File 138130522963.png - (671.86KB , 733x547 , well farts.png )
Except people likely died when their houses flipped upside down at random. What do you think happened when the town hospital inverted and flew through the air?

Plus Radical doesn't really give a shit about non-RadicalLand collateral damage, like when all those scientists of his died from his attack?

Why are you trying so desperately to deflect the issue away from King Radical's actions?
>> No. 217416
File 138133713853.gif - (81.57KB , 785x1156 , 2006-05-113p23.gif )
I'm not the one doing that. I'm the one annoyed that the people of Cumberland are out of the blue being treated like they don't have to put up with this shit all the time. They can look at their doctor getting his ninja on fighting raptor-riding Desperadoes and think to themselves "but I've been waiting forever for my appointment! I'm going to give them a piece of my mind! I have Diabeteeeees!"
>> No. 217417
Except that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand, why are you acting like it does?

The point is that King Radical is a fuckhead, and Old needs a good explanation if he is still following him.
>> No. 217419
>Except that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand,
I'm saying the discussion at hand is stupid. Or at least that part of it is. Whatever else can be said about Radical, him turning Cumberland into a giant robot is just one more thing they have to put up with. They put up with this kind of shit all the time. Their reaction to zombies was "When is the mayor going to activate the defenses, so I can go buy some cigarettes?"
>> No. 217420
Are you being deliberately obtuse?
That has nothing to do with the issue at hand, that King Radical is a bad guy doing bad things, and Old has seemingly no reason to still be helping him carry out his goals any further.
It doesn't matter if crazy stuff happens in this world on a fairly regular basis, that has nothing to do with the fact Radical is the direct cause of all the current death and destruction.
>> No. 217424
>That has nothing to do with the issue at hand

I'm saying the discussion issue at hand is stupid. Or at least that part of it is. Whatever else can be said about Radical, him turning Cumberland into a giant robot is just one more thing they have to put up with. They put up with this kind of shit all the time.
It's a place so weird a giant blue ox will show up out of nowhere just because a kid mutated into a Paul Bunyan because he/she was chopping wood.
>> No. 217425
"putting up with things" beyond your control has no bearing on the person who is actually intentionally causing the incident being in the wrong... why is this beyond your comprehension.
>> No. 217426
My point is that Dr. Radical turning the city into a robot is something that endangers the lives of people living there... only if you start applying rules of logic that the comic hasn't consistently adhered to. Yeah, people could get stuck in gears and shit, it's irresponsible, but this isn't the sort of book written realistically enough for that to sort of thing to be a serious possibility. Someone the Doc yells at for wasting his time with diabetes could leave their disease untreated and die from it. Someone the Doc randomly attacks in another case of mistaken identity could end up dead. He's killed security guards that were just doing their job and were in his way. His parents, hired killers, might have killed good people at some point... Archabald is a weenie and terrible mayor, but didn't deserve to die at Mitzi's hand. Did the Doc ever do anything about those vampires with the babies? These are not the things to get hung up on. It's not a serious enough book to think about that kind of unseen consequence. Radical turning the city into a robot is not a big deal, not in a book where McNinja can summon kaiju to try and treat someone's vision problems. Radical using it to attack the military? That's something you can point to as bad.
>> No. 217447
File 138138426492.jpg - (235.29KB , 792x1152 , 2013-10-09-26p55.jpg )
A penny for your thoughts Old.
>> No. 217449
File 138138881815.jpg - (246.38KB , 792x1152 , 2013-04-15-25p102.jpg )
>My point is that Dr. Radical turning the city into a robot is something that endangers the lives of people living there... only if you start applying rules of logic that the comic hasn't consistently adhered to.
Actually, it seems to be the reverse situation. You're forgetting that the majority of people aren't supercool in Cumberland. They get hurt. Sometimes people die in Dr McNinja. And Radical's doing this to EVERYBODY he doesn't approve of, which isn't just the worst people in the world but rather everybody he doesn't think is cool enough. There are bad extreme things that don't get picked up on of course, but that doesn't mean Radical doing extreme bad things isn't pretty evil.
>> No. 217454
>Actually, it seems to be the reverse situation.

No, it's not. Look at the page you posted. Is that man dying? Being crushed by gears? No, he's having toilet water fall on him because the room is now tilted. And everyone's having a variation on that, apparently. It's silly, it's a crappy thing to do to people, but it's really no worse than things McNinja has done to strangers. Even Dr. McNinja himself was feeling a bit sheepish after the city turned into a robot and revealed the rough outline of his plan. It wsn't until Radical started fighting the military that he went "Okay, see? That's what I'm talking about". I'm not saying Radical's not a bad guy, but let's not start acting like this is suddenly a super-serious book where something like "turning the city into a giant robot" has realistic consequences like people dying during the assembly. Doc's world doesn't take "Rule of Cool" as far as it goes on Radical's world, but generally speaking unless there's a deliberate attempt to harm someone, the book treats it as okay. Turning Cumberland into the Radicalbot was a perfectly acceptable way to spend the afternoon by this book's standards.
>> No. 217870
File 138245172222.jpg - (294.18KB , 792x1152 , 2013-10-21-26p59.jpg )
>I'd play as Oddjob. I had no honor. I'll admit it.

Silly Hastings, everyone would play as Oddjob. To hell with honor.
>> No. 217871
File 138245182791.png - (771.73KB , 1125x1650 , 2013-10-21-page7.png )
Also, Poppy, you're the cutest.:3
>> No. 217900
Glad people post pages here, to remind, to expose people to new things, to get people talking... but I hope you remember to visit the webpages of the comics you like. With adblock off. And maybe once in a while click on an ad if you're interested in something. Because that's how the people that make webcomics make their living.
>> No. 217910
Sorry, I have an unholy vendetta against advertising and marketing in general. My ablock is permanently off.
>> No. 217915
*permanently on
excuse me.
>> No. 217916
>Sorry, I have an unholy vendetta against the artists who entertain me for free making money in general

>> No. 217917
You don't need to click the advertisements. :/ Most artists try to minimize the prescence of their ads as best they can, and often the ads are for other webcomics (Project Wonderful, Hiveworks, etc.). When you see ads they aren't there for the artist to make loads of cash off them, they are just there to keep the site up and running so the artist does not have to pay for you to keep reading their comic for free.

You aren't making a statement to anybody by keeping adblock on when you read webcomics that you enjoy. You are just being a dickhead. Good job.
>> No. 217918
> With adblock off.
Nope. Ads the net over are incredibly annoying and I will not make a special exception for webcomics. If I find a comic worthwhile I will try to buy swag or donate to them, which is far more money than they would make off me through ads even over years of reading (especially if they have an RSS feed that includes the comic in-feed, which not all do.) I've donated $20 to Errant Story and purchased the first two volumes; I also pledged $60 to the Double K Kickstarter. I'd like to get something from Lackadaisy Cats or Minus (if they even sell prints for that anymore), but money has been rather tight these last few years so I haven't been able to contribute as much as I'd like. :(

However, many webcomics use lesser-known ad providers (like Project Wonderful) that are far less likely to host super-annoying ads or potentially malicious ones, or host their own, and I don't have those blocked by default at home (I do at work, but I use a super-anal block list here.)

(I also want to see the ad-funded net die a horrible death, with sites being either a labor of love, using minor advertising as an offset for costs, or a labor of subscriptions, which will take care of a ton of sites that serve no purpose except re-posting the content from other sites and throwing ads around it, like FunnyJunk.)
>> No. 217919
>(I also want to see the ad-funded net die a horrible death, with sites being either a labor of love, using minor advertising as an offset for costs, or a labor of subscriptions, which will take care of a ton of sites that serve no purpose except re-posting the content from other sites and throwing ads around it, like FunnyJunk.
Almost every time anyone has attempted to put up a paywall for content LIKE that--pretty much any type of entertainment or news, for example--those sites have lost a huge portion of their readership and a big chunk of their income. It is completely unrealistic for webcomics to make money behind a paywall. You cannot build up a readership with a webcomic that requires a subscription, and convincing an internet audience that has been getting something for free to start paying for it later is like herding cats.

It sounds to me like you just consider your own comfort to be more important than making sure the people who make you comfortable get some sort of compensation for it.

It's really easy to talk about "Labors of Love" when the people laboring are people other than yourself.
>> No. 217924
>those sites have lost a huge portion of their readership
Yes, there is usually less interest in something that is free vs. something that costs money.

>and a big chunk of their income.
But if they were already getting massive bucks, even with the proliferation of ad blocking software, why bother with a paywall? See my prior statement, which I hope is also a fairly obvious one to everyone. And, despite this, there are still plenty of sites using pay walls, especially porn sites whose content is often freely distributed through torrents.

Furthermore, enjoy this counterpoint: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_York_Times#Web_presence
>In January, 2013, the Times' public editor Margaret Sullivan announced that for the first time in its history, the paper generated more revenue through subscriptions than through advertising

>It is completely unrealistic for webcomics to make money behind a paywall.
So don't put up one. There was a third option I forgot to mention: Swag. There are more than a few stores that will put any-freaking-design on any-freaking-thing and you get a cut from each item sold (not huge, but it's so easy to do in the beginning that it's not a cost center.) If you're big enough you can handle your own ordering and distributing to get an even bigger cut. Syndication. Compile your strips into books and sell those. (I've never heard anyone complaining about libraries making the funny pages available for free.)

>It sounds to me like you just consider your own comfort to be more important than making sure the people who make you comfortable get some sort of compensation for it.
I consider my own comfort to be more important than the time taken to track down which ad is making undesired noise, is keeping the page from loading because the page is waiting for the ad server to respond, or cleaning up after whatever virus found and exploited a new attack vector through advertising (and since this is almost always flash, it's why I have Flash disabled unless I explicitly enable it for a particular instance.) If I can compensate them, I will. If they have ads that are unobtrusive (I think I've whitelisted Google text ads at home) or from a smaller network and are properly placed, I will... not even give them a first look because I will skim right past them, but they'll still get the impressions (which are worth a fraction of a cent, if anything.)

If they want to put their content online without any kind of barrier, then I can look at it. I have no agreement with them that says I will look at or even download any ads they also have on their site, especially if those ads are from third parties. Should I cover my ears every time I walk by a venue with a live band since I haven't paid the cover charge to get in?

>It's really easy to talk about "Labors of Love" when the people laboring are people other than yourself.
While I've no webcomic, I do have shared hosting to the tune of $120/year. For a while it was used to host the forums for a website that had died but still had a small community (which has sadly since fallen apart.) Never had advertising on it, never asked for money, never sold anything. 100% paid out of pocket. Now I use it to host my own sites and my mom's small business website. I don't see a dime from it.

Right now I'm working on a nice Pokémon checklist that anyone can use to easily track which Pokémon they have over which games (Gen 3 forward.) You can print it out or use cookies to maintain the list online. It's going to go up with no advertising; if it gets popular I'll probably throw up an ad to help offset costs (especially if I incur any extra from popularity, but I'm not expecting that at all.) But it will be a simple banner ad, at the top, and if someone uses adblock IDGAF. I'm making this primarily for me to use (I have at least one version each gen since 3, and I want to catch as many as possible and import into Black to get as complete a dex in Black as possible, then sell off my games) and making it a bit more pleasant so others might find from it, as well.

tl;dr: They have no onus to put their content online without restriction, I have no onus to download ads to my computer when viewing said content. Sage for going offtopic.
>> No. 217926
>Off topic

No, it's really not. This is the webcomic general. The ways that webcomic creators keep food on the table through their work is absolutely on-topic. As are the ways some webcomic "enthusiasts" prevent the creators from putting food on their table.
>> No. 217927
>Sorry, I have an unholy vendetta against the artists who entertain me for free making money in general
I like them, but I will not fund them in that way. I purchase their books. I sometimes donate. But I will not turn my adblocker back on. Period.
>> No. 217930
File 138258617882.jpg - (571.45KB , 1312x1282 , ads.jpg )
I religiously turn off my adblocker for webcomics. It's just the nondickish thing to do for artists, and I gotta raise my eyebrow in amazement at the claims that they significantly harm the reading experience. Looking at a sampling of comics I checked out today... yeah, not a problem.
>> No. 217931
In half of these you can't even see the fucking ads on your screen unless you scroll down to see them or the comment section (and why the fuck would you want to read or contribute to a webcomic comment section I have no clue).
>> No. 217933
I'm a blocker, but even I know that's nonsense.
>> No. 217939
File 138259090682.jpg - (1.12MB , 1546x2000 , more ads.jpg )
Uh... he's talking about screencaps.

Screencaps like these.
>> No. 217942
File 138259268621.jpg - (301.28KB , 792x1152 , 2013-10-23-26p60.jpg )
So it looks like King Radical's thing is gonna affect totally normal people too, and he's totally an asshole after all.
>> No. 217946
Thanks, yeah... everyone sort of twigged onto that already. Its pretty much just the one guy with his fingers in his ears and accusing everyone of twisting the issue with dishonest arguments when they noticed Radical was a supervillain and his plan was going to be harmful to the people of the city.
>> No. 217951
File 138259508396.png - (152.66KB , 770x1090 , 20131024.png )
>> No. 217953
> As are the ways some webcomic "enthusiasts" prevent the creators from putting food on their table.
So if I were to go to the library and check out a book by any artist at all, read it for a bit, enjoy it, then return it, I'm just a leech?

Or, more relevantly, if a guy was selling art on the street and I stopped to look at a few pieces of interest but didn't buy anything, am I just a leech then?

> I gotta raise my eyebrow in amazement at the claims that they significantly harm the reading experience.
Never had one that did. But I'm not going out of my way to customize my adblocker to whitelist every webcomic I read (in part because I read half of them in my RSS reader, so there's nothing to block anyway) or whoever serves their ads. Primarily because the time it takes me to read their comics is far less than the time it would take to get that all set up properly.

In addition, from the shot of >>217930 it looks like most of those are something like Project Wonderful, which I don't have blocked at all (seeing as how +4 uses them.)

Actually, I don't even know why I'm arguing over this.
>> No. 217954
File 138259648063.png - (15.89KB , 250x253 , adblock.png )
> Primarily because the time it takes me to read their comics is far less than the time it would take to get that all set up properly.

What? It literally takes a fraction of a second to block or unblock ads on a specific website. There's nothing to set up.
>> No. 217955
Oh yeah. Eh, if I remember, then.
>> No. 217960

>So if I were to go to the library and check out a book by any artist at all, read it for a bit, enjoy it, then return it, I'm just a leech?

Technically, yeah. Since they're run by the government you're basically accepting government handouts you filthy disgusting socialist. #Obamabooks
>> No. 217961


"But, GUYS, we don't know that Mr. Andrews isn't totally a bad dude! I mean, we only JUST saw him! Give King Radical the benefit of a doubt that also ignores that people are being totally tossed around a giant robot filled with malicious ghosts!"/strawman
>> No. 217966
File 138263704659.jpg - (22.03KB , 222x227 , this sucka.jpg )
>So if I were to go to the library and check out a book by any artist at all, read it for a bit, enjoy it, then return it, I'm just a leech?

The library buys books. If you went to the library every, say, Monday Wednesday and Friday to read one page of a book, you'd be a bit of a twit for not just buying it. But, I mean, we're not talking about a library, or about having to physically buy a book. Clicking this sucker isn't a big deal, and it helps the artists keep money in their pockets, enabling them to produce better work. There's other things you can do, sure, but if you're saying you're too low on funds to be buying a comic's print copies and merchandise (or if they just don't have that stuff) then you should probably make sure try to read the comics on the creator's own site, and with the adblock off.

Radical's very clearly the "bad guy" in this, and it's nuts to say otherwise. But I'd say it's also wrong to go too far in the other direction. The title of the chapter is "All the King's Dirtbikes and All the King's Men," which I'd say skews things more toward this being about Radical failing than McNinja winning. Chris has put some effort into portraying Radical as a guy that's incredibly lonely on an alien world, whose memories of his own world keep fading more and more, and who wants to save his people. Obviously he's still an asswipe with little regard for the lives of people in McNinja's world, but I do think Chris is trying to make him at least somewhat sympathetic. Your millage may vary.
>> No. 217977
please turn off adblock on webcomics you like :( please, as a webcomic creator i am begging you.
project wonderful ads are very small and nonintrutrusive and im lucky if a make 10 cents a week off of several hours of work. my comic right now is a labor of love.
its really super shitty to not support something you like that someone works hard to deliver to you, especially when the support takes literally no effort/money on your part
>> No. 217983
File 138266776489.jpg - (392.09KB , 770x1155 , 131021.jpg )
good boat, best vessel
forever missed
>> No. 217999
The art's gotten a little worse in Dr mcninja lately, static characters between different panels who speak with their mouths closed, poorly drawn characters like especially Hortense on one of the recent pages.
>> No. 218000
File 138273362798.png - (661.40KB , 771x1160 , 2013-10-25-chapter-4-page-48.png )
This guys...
>> No. 218001
File 13827337769.jpg - (281.28KB , 792x1152 , 2013-10-25-26p61.jpg )
Also, that's totally not rad "dude".
>> No. 218002
I haven't really noticed, though >>218001 does make your point. The art has always seemed to cycle in quality for me, especially when it comes to the face and speaking, but I'm only interested in the story so I never care much.
>> No. 218006
>The spirit of America is literally a spirit.
I can't
>> No. 218007
File 138274327588.jpg - (305.10KB , 792x1152 , 2013-07-17-26p25.jpg )
>we don't know that Mr. Andrews isn't totally a bad dude!

Well he is a murderer. Maybe.

Where the fuck did that skull come from?
>> No. 218008
Werid ass antic store?
They do exist.
Bet it came with the snake of thats the case.
>> No. 218009
See, I completely misunderstood that scene the first time. I thought Mr. Andews was saying that with no meals on wheels he had died, was really a ghost, and was haunting the place trying to guilt-trip Chuck.
>> No. 218133
File 138296782277.png - (82.57KB , 252x454 , DETEEENTIOOOON.png )
Daily reminder that if you're not reading Paranatural, you proabably should.
>> No. 218134
File 138297843729.png - (2.06MB , 600x898 , hellcity033.png )

>> No. 218156
File 138301044770.png - (1.13MB , 1920x1200 , 2013-10-28-halloween.png )
I really like Poppy's costume. :3
>> No. 218162
That is the correct costume.
It is the costume that is correct.
>> No. 218176
File 138306394191.png - (132.64KB , 770x1090 , 20131028.png )
>> No. 218184
I find it scary. And I seen some scary shit in my time.

Also, my current wallpaper.
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