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File 135129004364.jpg - (7.76KB , 270x200 , 1351286822429.jpg )
195675 No. 195675
Anybody see this yet? Australia made a tranny superhero. Maybe they've been hanging around Japan too long.
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>> No. 195676
What I don't get is, he dresses like a chick or is it like Ranma 1/2 in which Ranma literally transforms into a female?
>> No. 195677
File 135129173393.png - (219.59KB , 516x398 , 1351288933463.png )
He always a dude. No change down there
>> No. 195678
So wait, I thought this was just a short from way back.
>> No. 195679
File 135129271387.jpg - (57.43KB , 800x1466 , 1351289633697.jpg )
It was. They picked it up for a series.
>> No. 195680
>> No. 195681
Yknow, just saw this.

And this might be "progressive" and all that or whatever.
...But it actually looks really lame.
>> No. 195684
yea it seemed interesting then they showed the rest of the powered types in the clip..they ran our of ideas after supercrossdressing it seems. I mean its not that far from Cybersix type stuff. I think there was a Malibu comics character with a similar predicament..other than Mantra.
>> No. 195687
File 135129569685.jpg - (27.76KB , 300x464 , 1075560-mightyman1_large.jpg )
Mighty Man has the inverse problem.
>> No. 195688
File 135129602934.jpg - (64.02KB , 747x561 , Cybersix___Lonely_Heart_by_pda1418.jpg )
Superior gender bending superhero is superior.
>> No. 195689
File 135129632969.png - (304.31KB , 550x895 , 1351226148269.png )
Probably shits and giggles. It seems ok. The animation could use some work.
>> No. 195690
>tranny superhero

Ridiculously misleading descriptions? On /co/?!?!? Well I never.

Guy becomes a superhero when he puts on his Aunt Agnes' magic ring. There's just one small (well, huge) problem- he turns into a FEMALE superhero named Shezow, much to the amusement of his (presumably) twin sister Kelly. To make matters worse, by putting on the ring he has chosen to be Shezow, and it cannot be removed. As Shezow, he saves his friend Jose from bullies, but Jose develops a crush on his female form. SheZow was created by Obie Scott Wade.
>> No. 195693
Its legacy will be nothing but shota trap porn.
>> No. 195694
File 135130207740.png - (119.59KB , 350x420 , 1351301250877.png )
Sorry, trap super hero.
Is that a bad thing?
>> No. 195698
Haha, oh Japan what will you think of next

...huh? It's not a japanese plot?!?
>> No. 195701
Here is the original short. Oh so many loaded lines.

SheZowvimeo thumb
>> No. 195703
I finally figured it out.
Its the slight dark bags under the eyes, makes the person look older and haggard and kinda trashy

That and fucking pink leopard print.
>> No. 195704
I'd be kinda bummed if the only reason why people are aware of my creation is because they need a quick jack. Unless I'm a porn star or something.
>> No. 195720
Take that consurvetives!
>> No. 195721
File 135132573483.jpg?nsfw - (61.99KB , 522x682 , tumblr_mcj3eq6P421rsgpi0o1_1280.jpg?nsfw )

>> No. 195729
*pffth* that nothing, there is a whole thread off it over in /cod/.
That where I learnd about it first.
>> No. 195731
>not even sure if serious...
>> No. 195734
File 135134707879.jpg - (23.54KB , 360x262 , bugs-bunny-dressed-as-girl.jpg )
I swear, they better do a Bugs Bunny joke on this show at least once.
>> No. 195739

Yeah. Seems like >>195721 was the half-finished picture and the /cod/ thread has the two final/finished versions.
>> No. 195751
So, is this out yet? or just the opening, teaser, short?
>> No. 195789
looks shitty
>> No. 195915
Wait this is made in Australia?

Au"we can't tell the difference between a real girl and Lisa Simpson, so we ban all lolicon in our country"stralia?

It all makes sense now... they're a BUNCH OF POOFS!!!
>> No. 195920
>everything is reason to whine about pedosecution
And you don't get why everyone else hates you.
>> No. 195923

Uhm... I made a funny line, and ripped Australia (which I'm not even from).

What's YOU'RE gripe?
>> No. 195928

Don't worry, this whole thing (allegedly) stems from the creator's fetish, so he may not mind.
>> No. 195931

Hmm, yes, implying a country is trying to ban lolicon truly is an insult to said nation.
>> No. 195933
If they extend the ban to SIMPSONS porn?

Yes. Yes, it is.
>> No. 195936
Didn't Australia put a ban on pornography featuring small-breasted women, regardless of age, figuring that it would lead to pedophilia?
>> No. 195939
Australia also hates video games
>> No. 195940
Well, Mr. Sageanon, it looks like you're losing a fight you started.
>> No. 195944
Yo, I'm the first guy who saged. I wasn't starting any fights, I was stating the obvious.
So far I suppose there's mostly pedosecuted anon samefagging here (which proves my point), but y'all can carry it away however you like.
>> No. 195962
I just realized Pircilla Queen of the Desert came from that country. It all makes sense now.
>> No. 195963
File 135159896788.jpg - (45.02KB , 800x570 , tumblr_mcnff46wS81r6zr2io1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 195964
File 135159966016.jpg - (84.56KB , 1600x971 , 1351471824229.jpg )
>> No. 195965
File 135159973130.jpg - (71.18KB , 1600x971 , 1351471862219.jpg )
>> No. 195966
File 135159976881.jpg - (78.77KB , 1600x971 , 1351471938987.jpg )
>> No. 195967
File 135159980278.jpg - (79.04KB , 1600x971 , 1351472009821.jpg )
>> No. 195968
File 135159992979.png - (479.53KB , 1600x971 , 1351472154022.png )
>> No. 195969
File 135160003589.jpg - (80.40KB , 1600x971 , 1351472268266.jpg )
>> No. 195970
File 135160016546.jpg - (79.83KB , 1600x971 , 1351472399328.jpg )
>> No. 195971
File 135160020550.jpg - (74.36KB , 1600x971 , 1351472505771.jpg )
>> No. 195972
File 135160056245.jpg - (67.11KB , 1155x700 , 1351565940608.jpg )
>> No. 195973
File 135160061315.jpg - (69.09KB , 1155x700 , 1351565974718.jpg )
>> No. 195974
File 135160067086.jpg - (498.13KB , 1155x700 , 1351566035944.jpg )
>> No. 195975
File 135160075858.jpg - (33.03KB , 800x486 , 1351460427550.jpg )
>> No. 196074
Oh boy, here we go!
>> No. 196082
I'm kind of curious if that episode in which the Fairly Odd Parents featured gender/sexual reversal got them as angry. Or if anyone imagined Bugs Bunny's crossdressing for the sake of disguise was in the same spectrum as transexual 'blackface.'

I'm not sure this show is the breakout topic starter to put transexuality in the mainstream, like they hoped it'd be.
>> No. 196084
Bugs cross-dressing was to be funny no matter how much he seems to do it. As bad as "cross dressing is only a joke" was to certain people, old school looney toons wasn't entirely as misogynistic as this show seems to be about guy having super girl powers. If anything its strangely somehow worse.
>> No. 196088
So from the synopsis Yamino linked, it looks like it doesn't have shit to do with fetishes, it's just a comedy about a dude that ends up stuck in girl's clothes and powers?

Sounds funnier than expected. Imokaywiththis.jpg
>> No. 196089
Bugs crossdressing isn't even comparable to this. The way Looney Tunes did it, it was just an over the top exaggerated stereotype done for laughs. It's the same as that episode where he dresses/acts like a black slave during the Civil War. It was a "learn to laugh at ourselves" kind of thing.

Here, it's misogyny stereotype for the sake of stereotype, not to mention he dresses like a skank and it's not exactly transsexual when he doesn't even have boobs.
>> No. 196090
...so when a male character is emasculated its still mysoginistic? Get your head out of your ass. If anything this show is entirely insulting to males since last time I checked no one has a problem with tomboy females like Toph from Avatar. Mind you Toph doesn't exactly have testosterone roids and a masculine voice like Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Bros or over exaggerated like that.

This show goes the extra mile just to make the main guy look bad. Its similar to Johny Test. Johny's the lead and is the guinea pig of his twin sister's experiments. Oh well at least we know this show won't last. It just looks too shitty to be watchable even to the average kid. Its like a Cramp Twins or Squirrel Boy or Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi type of show.
>> No. 196092

>If anything this show is entirely insulting to males
>a boy accidentally being forced to be a girl

I don't think you are very clear on what the word misogyny means, but thanks for giving us a perfect example of it.
>> No. 196094
>Here, it's misogyny
i don't think you know what that word means
>stereotype for the sake of stereotype
yeah, so? Bugs wasn't exactly your modern average joe crossdresser either. Both are done for laughs, nothing more
>not to mention he dresses like a skank
hurr durr, i don't know what 70's fashion is
protip: it's a parody of those
>> No. 196095
Honestly, I can't stand the thick black inks around the eyes to the point where I doubt I could watch more than a few seconds of this. The rest of the art style is pretty offputting, but the eyes raise it to "automatically reach for the remote and turn it off" levels.
>> No. 196103
Except SheZow is a bit too feminine stereotyped to smell like roses. Super slap, laser lipstick and sonic screeching? Really? She can't just have super strength, excellent combat ability, wear more shades of pink items then humanly possible and have an outrageously cliche dress style?

Bugs just cross dressed to fool whatever enemy he pulled the gag on, this is an entire mini show based on a guy dressing up as apparently what was an ACTUAL FEMALE SUPERHERO of their little world all the while crying about being a sissy girl. It's gone past a joke and is bordering on the line of insulting depending on how "girly" SheZow could turn out to be.
>> No. 196113
Okay, so..
Is this crossdressing to fit a superheroine legacy, or is it kind of like if the Power of Shazam went to a young girl?
>> No. 196120
bit of both. The powers come from his Aunts Ring of Power and the transformation is a Shazam type thing.
>> No. 196122
File 135170652995.jpg - (203.47KB , 426x750 , WorstHeroineEVER.jpg )
Except SheZow is a bit too feminine stereotyped to smell like roses. Super slap, laser lipstick and sonic screeching? Really? She can't just have super strength, excellent combat ability, wear more shades of pink items then humanly possible and have an outrageously cliche dress style?

No. That's the whole POINT. It's his old Aunt's power set. He didn't get the powers of a fairly modern superheroine, he got the "oh dude wtf did those writers ever even MEET a woman?" powerset superheroines used to get saddled with.

Pic related.
>> No. 196123
It feels like you're giving this show more credit than it deserves.
>> No. 196124
Shame that the satirical angle wont get much play. Because viewing it with the Silver Age heroines in mind it makes it pretty funny.
>> No. 196125
File 135170763183.jpg - (74.35KB , 610x366 , robin-wankery.jpg )
what I'm getting at is does the legacy of powers get rid of the equipment downstairs, or is it as simple as a costume change.
>> No. 196126

He doesn't turn into a girl, he just becomes a trap.
>> No. 196128
>the equipment downstairs

immature as it is I can't keep a straight face with descriptions like this
>> No. 196129
It's 2012 son, you don't need to keep a straight anything.
>> No. 196130
I'm 99.99% certain that the costume/powerset of SheZow is intentionally based on crappy old heroines and laughably out-of-date fashions.

I have NO faith in their ability to make fun of those things or address them in an intelligent way.
>> No. 196227
yes, we purposefully made the costume old school because SheZow WAS Guy's aunt but now he has the powers.
>> No. 196239
Creepy Fetish: the show?
>> No. 196240
Might be one of the only ones Totally spies didn't hit..though I didn't see the episodes with their younger brothers so I could be wrong.
>> No. 196250
Love the look of this show, already made a fap-fic.

Great stuff Obie!
>> No. 196251

You are the showrunner? For real? I have mixed feelings about this show, dude. I really hope it's good, and that you guys are smart enough to not let it turn into "Shota Trap: the cartoon"... that easily.

By the way, when does it air?
>> No. 196264
So you're going to have him address it past laughing or being laughed at about it right? Like trying to modernize her and have really weird group of nerds - including his sister - coming to him to harp at him for giving 40s Wonder Woman pants and a jacket?
>> No. 196292
Well, I'm willing to give this a chance. I hope it'll keep fresh and amusing, perhaps unconventional (well, as much as a cross-dressing superhero can be).
>> No. 196295
I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that this show is much more innocent than people are making it out to be. And that appears to be a point of contention.
>> No. 196297
Really, it's just Bosom Buddies with some superhero jokes attached. It's nothing fetishistic or progressive, just some dumb comedy.
>> No. 196300

uhhhh... my point? I never even hinted the fetish thing. I'm just saying... last amusing that I saw from Australia (or... was it the UK) was The Secret Show (when it DID air on American airwaves)... I'm not expecting it as a follow-up, or whatever... just something that's entertaining without being, to quote Sander Cohen "Derivative... boring... obvious."
>> No. 200819
First episode's been uploaded onto MF & YT:

SheZow Happens - Coldfingeryoutube thumb
>> No. 200856
They turned the friend into a part of the inner circle instead of having him crush on SheZow. All those She puns. Villains are pretty decent and I do like the Jonah Jameson Cop dad. Overall a bit better than most the Flash shows out there.
>> No. 200860
File 135556784892.png - (555.03KB , 720x405 , Coldfinger.png )
>> No. 200904
surprisingly not as bad as it could have been. It's a nice pun rollercoaster.
I would have prefered 22 minutes long episodes, though. that 2*10 minute format force things to go way too fast.
>> No. 200928
Round 2!!
>> No. 200936
File 13556356979.jpg - (39.15KB , 500x281 , FIGHT.jpg )
>> No. 201030
Professor Oak, What the **** happened to you?
>> No. 201031
You...must be new here.
>> No. 202161
This cartoon will most likely appeal to trans-gender people.
>> No. 202164
Show has a good feel to itself, overall its very El Tigre in its sense of superhero in what Guy has to do in order to maintain his powers and the stature that is SheZow as an icon beyond his own personal desires. Sure its chock full of horrifying puns but its got some depth that is surprising.
>> No. 202166
File 135768001313.png - (791.54KB , 860x648 , SheZow Pilot Episode.png )
I wonder when this is actually going to air? Just seen the Pilot Episode and the characters have changed alot. Although the old designs were a little scary, so i think the change is a good thing.

You should check out the pilot episode:
Shezow Pilotyoutube thumb
>> No. 202169
File 135768312491.png - (510.19KB , 720x404 , vlcsnap-2013-01-08-17h26m14s122.png )
they've aired a few of them already at least in Australia and some Aussie /co/mrade has been posting them on regular /co/
>> No. 202171
I like the characters' faces in the pilot better. They're less polished-looking, but the style is also a lot cuter? The way they move is really weird though, and the new SheZow design does a much better job at looking like a tacky 70s nightmare.
>> No. 202178
>70's fashion nightmare
Not familiar with the show but I thought that was the point? The characters a boy and thus has no clue about how fashion works
>> No. 202180
Partly but its more the suit was his aunts so its very Silver Age both in look and gadgets. Leopard print is apparently a family tradition though.
>> No. 202181
Tackiness is the point, that is why I said it was a part of the new design that I liked better. The pilot episode's costume is too subdued and princessy for a 70s female superhero. The leopard print and white platform boots are a huge improvement.
>> No. 209713
File 136886468037.png - (116.21KB , 1152x688 , 1368838171387.png )
Gotta love show origins.
>> No. 209720
he clearly avoided to mention that this pun made him feel funny in his pants and lead to years of fap stories in his teenage mind, obcessing to the point he had to make the show thrice
>> No. 209794
File 136908995996.png - (25.42KB , 984x138 , 1369089427692.png )
Things are looking interesting for Shezow.
>> No. 210257

>Article is titled: "New Kid's Cartoon On The Way Featuring SHE-ZOW; The Transgender Superhero"
>Transgender Superhero
>Also, all those comments.

Oh wow.
>> No. 210262
Only a handful of things actually mention Margret and that she was skeptical about the show till she watched it and gave the okay for it. Best of all that google search still brings Shads SFW? Bikini pic up as first image even on safe search.
>> No. 210270
So, I'm not following the author's Twitter and haven't watched yet, but is it me or the CBM article is looking WAY too deep into it?
>> No. 210273
Its more they aren't even paying attention to it and just hearing what some other uninformed person is saying about it. Which is a lot of sites that suddenly started paying attention to the show. In better news Hub is apparently doing first episode freebee and Guy has a new VA.
>> No. 210274
This show was made to attract a very stupid and obsessive tumblr crowd.
>> No. 210276
Are the people reporting on this really that uninformed, or are they intentionally muddying things to stir up more controversy via vitriolic comments like those? Probably a bit of both. The Hub has already replied to numerous people on their Facebook page, pointing out that article (and probably others) got the facts wrong.

He's a boy in drag: that's it. He doesn't change gender when the costume goes on. They're not trying to press any strong messages with the show either, at least not much more heavy than 'walk a mile in another person's shoes', and the whole thing is basically played for laughs. The Hub even pointed out (via a reply to one of many outraged dipshits posting on the Facebook page) that there's a long history or cross-dressing in comedy, citing Milton Berle and, of course, Bugs Bunny.

Actually, the fact that it's a comedy, and not portraying things in a serious, 'progressive' light has gotten some people on the other extreme annoyed, namely those same obsessive Tumblr types you mention.

Frankly, the fact that it's making people at opposite ends of the spectrum perturbed makes me think the show will be good, because if it's pissing off that many stupid people, it must be doing something right.
>> No. 210292
Guy is now Double D, heh oh the layers.
>> No. 210335
Is there going to be a livestream? I'm looking forward to watching the shitstorm as /pol/ /lgbt/ /co/ tumblr, and who knows what other groups of people pour into the channel to scope out (or rewatch) the first episode.
>> No. 210352
Welp that is a few more "news" sources to add to the checklist this is getting lubricious but fun
>> No. 210356

skip to the second half of the article past the internet kerfuffle where we get some stuff on Obie Scott Wade and how he wants to pursue Shezow if it can get more seasons.
>> No. 210360
But they're still going to either watch it or claim to do so while complaining about it all over the internet. That isn't to say SheZow couldn't absolutely suck as a comedy, but that stupidity is more resilient than you think regardless of if the show can actually be funny outside of a quirky concept.
>> No. 210409

Hub reviews including another Shezow that makes me wonder did they even watch the episodes or just skim.
>> No. 210522

I like that at least some are talking to Wade. Unsure as to the point of revealing the identity as when that bit of character tension is dissolved then so goes most of the show.
>> No. 210543
I don't agree with that at all. If you think about what Obie is actually doing with SheZow, it's actually a very intelligent deconstruction of something some don't recognize or talk about in our society, and that's the security and sanctuary afforded to female gender exclusive characteristics, bases of power and legacy. Remember when you were a child, and perhaps your cousin or your little sister wanted to play with your Transformers? "No" you said. In trade, she offered one of her Barbies and a pink convertible. "Hell no!" you said. You didn't want her toys, because they were both boring, girly, and the trade was completely unequal. Boys didn't play with girl things. It didn't feel right, your friends would make fun of you, and your parents would wonder if you might grow up to become Buffalo Bill. Plus, who the fuck trades Grimlock for Barbie anyhow? She trades up, you trade down. Yuck. Maybe if the shit she played with was less "girly" and sappy and made so inaccessible to males with any dignity..

Think. How many protagonists do you know that their male sex plays an important part of their empowerment? Just being male does not count. There could just as easily be a daughter of krypton (quite a few, in fact), a female laboratory victim that becomes a hero, or someone worthy of a legacy, as conventional wisdom holds that your sex does not prevent you from being a hero. And yet, perhaps by oversight, we still do a mental backflip when we say male exclusivity is a myth and make it taboo, while we reserve a spot, lay out the pink tablecloth and sparkle it with glitter for designated female roles. We designate a special place for heroines who aren't just female supers, but super females. We give them their own category and niche, and part of their specialness comes from being dimorphically female, not just heroic. A state that cannot be challenged, because in order to be part of this exclusive club, you must be female. Men are typically denied this exclusivity for their sex, and male exclusivity is seen as a convention to destroy and replace with something egalitarian. Women are given a choice between something practical, or something gender dimorphic. Men have more to lose by trying to make something female into something gender inclusive than women do by wearing pants and saying they're for both sexes.

SheZow as a concept punches this disparity in the face. It's one of the few tangible examples of plucking something from the "exclusively female" pedestal, and if plans for season 2 or 3 are to be believed, wiping off the glitter and making it their own. It shows in society, things that before were considered untouchable on the basis of sex and gender are not untouchable at all just because that sex and gender happen to be female. And to boot, Guy isn't mentally challenged, an innocent or androgynous child beneath the philosophical concept of gender, or swishy and homosexual. He's heteronormative male and stuck in a supposedly female legacy, giving no ability to make this an exception from respectably applying to regular joes. If the conclusion to this is that SheZow's legacy changes to incorporate the male gender into its future, and is allowed to operate without the pretense of femininity, I can think of no better conclusion.
>> No. 210546
I traded crappy GI Joe knockoffs for name-brand She Ra and MLP stuff...
>> No. 210551
File 137023976858.png?nsfw - (68.49KB , 350x343 , Naruto_man_bikini_8066.png?nsfw )
His name is Guy?
Well now I can't unsee~
>> No. 210552

the fuck

Can't people really have fun anymore? Is everything a multi level deeeep political pamphlet to them now or something?
>> No. 210555
File 137024232659.jpg - (905.48KB , 1280x960 , 1229278745450.jpg )
>implying analysis isn't fun
>implying people can't both analyze something and also enjoy it viscerally

I was thinking more Guy Shishioh from GGG.
>> No. 210561
it's not analysis if it's baseless and just used to push your agenda.
>> No. 210562
File 137024697251.png?spoiler - (532.69KB , 952x534 , might_guy_phallic_tutu.png?spoiler )
Huh, I dont remember him crossdressing...
But I do remember Mecha-Guy!
What were we talking about again?
>> No. 210563
>> No. 210565
He's being silly, been seeing those articles about the whole "tranny" bit maybe. Far too many of those BTW, don't know if they are confused or just attempting to be PC. Really hope Gail Simone keeps out as this thing approaches air date. I really don't want the water muddied any further.
>> No. 210803
>One million moms at it again

Remember when they make Kevin Keller sell like hotcakes?
>> No. 210811
I didn't want my sister to play with my toys because she destroyed everything she touched, including her barbies. Also, I never bothered with shitty plastic figurines as soon as I got my hands on a Gameboy.

Where's the over-reaching gender politics analysis in that?
>> No. 210813
None, but you were probably a little fatty as a child.
>> No. 210819
I wonder how many people realize how relatively new the pink = girl, blue = boy thing is.
>> No. 210820
Vastly, vastly smaller than the number of people that complain about everything for girls being pink, and probably about the same as the number of people that remember that all infants used to wear fairly similar dresses until the boys were large enough to be fitted for trousers.
>> No. 210829
You're missing the point if you just think they're complaining about pink. And who cares what pink was shorthand for in 1890? That's not what it is now. Men also used to wear skirts, and in some cultures still do, but that doesn't stop hoards of idiots railing against a show where a guy wears a pink skirt and fights crime. I rather like girly things (being a girl and all), but it's sure telling that Society In General doesn't--especially when, god forbid, it's on a male character--when there's THIS much backlash about a dumb kid's show.

I kind of think that Shezow wouldn't be getting as much hate if he turned into an actual girl like in Ranma 1/2, instead of just being a crossdressing boy. That's kind of a problem...
>> No. 210837
> That's not what it is now.

this is a shitty circular argument you are bulding there. Pink isn't regulated on a legal level, and tons of men wear it to some extent and have long hair, in the same way women wear blue and get short haircuts.
>> No. 210838
File 137073622546.png - (115.97KB , 300x157 , girl toys boy toys.png )
We're not talking about adults or even teens. The whole argument is about kids and expected gender roles.
>> No. 210841
So I caught an episode of this today. I feel like it's fairly tame, to be honest. The lesson I'm getting from this is "girls can like comic books, and guys can like pink, and that's totally okay". Which is something we already get from shows on The Hub (the "Lesson Zero" episode of MLP:FiM comes to mind, with Big Mac becoming fond of the Smartypants doll).

I think it'd be interesting to one day have a transgender or gay superhero marketed towards kids, but I don't think Guy is either. I do like how he seems to be comfortable in the SheZow persona, and his best friend and sister don't make fun of him for it. But hey, if someone told me I could have superpowers, but at the expense of having to wear a tacky outfit, or having to crossdress, I'd probably take it, too.

Also, "Laser lipstick" is one of the better Brand X names for "lightsaber". Heck of a lot better than "beam sword".
>> No. 210891

Shezow isn't gay. Guy gets a love interest/girlfriend later on in the series. I don't know if her name has been revealed, but Obie or someone else working on the show leaked a picture of her.
>> No. 210911
I know. I was saying I know people think he is, but he's not. I kind of wish he was, if only because I want there to be a show for kids that is one long fuck you to Conservatives, but we're not there yet.

Again, I think people are way blowing this show out of proportion, and that it doesn't resemble remotely what they think it represents.
>> No. 211011
File 137109599486.png - (778.57KB , 733x1068 , 1371061904507.png )
And another swing and miss not knowing the satirical nature of his power set while trampling ground others have already dismissed long ago.
>> No. 211012
I bet most kids don't even give a shit about this.

All this drama reminds me of how parents freaked out over stuff like Pokemon, Goosebumps, and D&D in spite of us turning out no more "corrupted" than they where. Nothing about a simple entertainment series is going to radically alter a child's outlook unless they have no other surrounding input, AKA a family that can talk with each other.
>> No. 211035
File 137116526174.png - (8.11KB , 296x49 , Capture.png )
>> No. 218692
File 13839521069.jpg - (819.07KB , 2200x1700 , 1383911141559.jpg )
Shemazing things are afoot.
>> No. 218700
SheZow is not a tranny. Guy doesn't want to be a girl. Learn the difference.
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