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File 136953044398.jpg - (21.62KB , 500x335 , tumblr_mn6hfmn1Xn1s54bxko1_500.jpg )
210034 No. 210034
Let's admit it, we've made a few retarded ass original characters when we were younger. But which one took the cake? Which creation was your Broly?

I think mine was a dude, based entirely around mutilation and self-harm. Total 90s hardcore grimdark asshole. Like, if he gets disarmed (ha) in a fight, he'd rip off one of this arms, "YOU WANT SOME O' THIS?!" and bash a dude's head in. Or disembowel himself so he can strangle someone with his entrails.

My favourite idea was this one point where he'd tear off his own head and lob it at someone, a la Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

I think his name was Fracture or something equally idiotic.

What about you guys? Who was your Broly?
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>> No. 210035
All my creations are solid gold, I have never created a terrible character.


...though there was at one point, many many many years ago, a desire in my heart to be like all the cool kids and have my own webcomic, or more specifically, a sprite comic.

It would be about this lad, totally not based on me or anything, who would accidentally get the powers of a god. The worshippers of said god would track my self-inset down in the normal world and try to get the power back but the struggle causes some sort of...dimensional rip, throwing our main character, his older sister, his best friend and a cute girl who is really only there to become his love interest through time and space, kicking off a dimension travelling sprite comic.

Would have basically been my totally not a self-insert going about being 'funny' and 'awesome' with godly powers while the other three stood in the background, love interest girl maybe getting a bit more attention along with getting kidnapped and stuff.

Man its a good thing I was too lazy to ever seriously get it going.

If instead of going "Total 90s hardcore grimdark asshole" and instead played his ability to go to pieces for absurdity it could actually be amusing....
>> No. 210037
That's kinda the problem, actually. A little while I did just that, making him more slapstick and jokey and nonchalant and stuff, and the first thing I hear every time I brought him up in my group:
>Dude, that's Deadpool.

...Upon closer inspection, it seems I misfired my opening photo. Dang.
>> No. 210038
Man... your group is a bunch of fucking casuals.

But really, Deadpool is hardly the only character in fiction to act ridiculous and be able to survive alot of injury.
>> No. 210039
Codename KND:

Number Zero (before the film was released, just when the show started). Insane, KND fanboy who kept trying to foist incredible dangerous and unstable weaponry on Sector V under the initially believed cover story that he was a higher-up in the organization. The Team suspected that he lived out in the basement of the treehouse whenever they managed to kick him out.

Mucha Lucha:

The Virus, based on a character I made in the site's wrestler creator. Exchange student who tries to take over the school by trapping everyone in video game-esque challenges that are rigged in his favor. Signature moves transformed him into shapes reminiscent of classic video game characters such as Donkey Kong and Pac Man. He eventually loses to the main trio when they stop trying to engage him and begin to attack the courses themselves, causing him to bumble and completely lose control as the levels were very much a part of him.
>> No. 210040
I had a character who looked sort of like me, but acted like some kind of crazy, snarky mad scientist and did stuff I'd never do in real life. I did have some people call her a self-insert, but considering she was second in command in her group, never had a real desire to usurp the leader, and spent most of her time with her boyfriend than anything else.

I had a catgirl OC that I specifically made to be a sidekick RP character who would follow my partner's lead, and specifically made her relatively weak, but still capable. She was fast, but not very strong, had a weak healing spell, and a weak wind spell. I left most of the mage stuff to other people in my group.

I think I was so terrified of people making fun of my characters that I didn't do much with mine, or went to great lengths to avoid Mary Sue cliches. Maybe they still sucked despite this. I don't know.
>> No. 210044
I'm pretty sure most of my oldest OC's were just boring, but the first character I every felt like I actually invested some time into (even though I never did anything with him) was a guy called Kadokazuo who was, in retrospect, kind of bad. His backstory was that he had a mechanical thing inside him that served as a portal-thing to a giant mechanical villain guy. The up side was that Kado was amazing with computers and was super fast for some reason (not like the Flash or anything, just capable of running like 40 mph). The downside was that he was always at risk of releasing city-sized machines out of his back that could destroy the world. Personality-wise he was a total wuss. Social awkwardness written by someone who doesn't know how to write social awkwardness.

What was the opening photo going to be?
>> No. 210049
File 136954535043.png - (192.24KB , 300x275 , SAILOR ORIGINAL.png )
>> No. 210055
When I was significantly smaller, I and my cousin decided to write our own stories with Tom & Jerry, and then compare and contrast to see who's is better. I invented a girlfriend for Tom, a brown cat who worn something close to a keikogi. I have no memories of her personality.

I may or may not have burned every single one of those stories, but I did get rid of them in some way. The world will never see my shame.
>> No. 210066
Okay I got one. There's only two OCs I've ever bothered to put don that didn't disappear eventually. The most recent one is a Sonic OC who was rejected to be Ultimate Lifeform. I've wrote and drew a 2 whole comics about him in high school.

The oldest was the product of me or my brother (I don't remember) having some kind of project in elementary school. We decided to write a comic, with him as illustrator and written by me. At this time we were big fans of both Yugioh and Kingdom Hearts at the same time, so logically we decided to mix those two together. Giving birth to...

"The Adventures of Yami Sora: The Beast Summoner."

The premise is a amalgam of Yugi and Sora who has a keyblade that he uses to summon Yugioh cards who fights a group of evil ninjas lead by a Skull-headed big bad named Skeletor (I think I did that unconsciously). He was pretty OP because most of the time he would just spam trap and magic cards and summoned Blu-eyes Ultimate Dragon and Exodia. He never used the keyblade as a blade and he never once got hit.

We got a perfect score from the teacher. My mom had bought a blank hardback book for us to use and loved it so much she made sure to keep it to this day. It's basically the reason why people constantly say me and my brother should collaborate on an original comic for but he procrastinates and constantly changes what he wants to be in it simply because it's cool.
>> No. 210097

(Medabio) Name: Enchansator

Medafighter: Pron

Type: Pmp Strong

Medal: Muscle

Special Attack: Steroid Ray
>> No. 210193
Uhm... Let's see.
The first story I wrote as a kid had a little kid and an unicorn hunt down giant spiders and kill them.
>> No. 210203
Sounds like that would fit nicely with today's so-ironically-ridiculous-it's-awesome internet culture.
>> No. 210208
File 136978221444.png - (834.14KB , 565x850 , deathsHead2Original.png )
Death's Head two/ Scorpion from Mortal Kombat inspired Cyborg multidemensional warrior, his melted face with large brain lobed skull caused his head from a front view to resemble a slice of bread.

Hence his name was Toast, I'll be in the shame car.
>> No. 210414
I once thought of a school based Scott Pilgrim esque idea where people get powers based on what sort of social groups they fit into. And the school was semi-sentient, who worked in tandem with the Principal to create a learning environment. Depending on the school and principal the school could either be a hellhole/prison or awesome.

The annoying popular clique was clashing with the new principal and attempted a take over of the school; even got to capture the principal and stole her rule books. School went into emergency lockdown mode and shut itself off from the outside world, trapping the students inside. The Queen Bee then tried to take over everything else in the school, turning people into poser minions.

Are you man enough to save your school /co/?
The bad guys were going to be stereotypical jocks and the Queen bee and her minions. And when you defeated the Queen Bee's minions they'd dissolve into pink nail polish.
>> No. 210422
Sounds like a decent idea for a fighting game/beat em up.
>> No. 210424
Macgyver Batman in a helmet with a scanner. He had a tool for everything, and if he didn't he'd make a tool for it out of whatever was laying around. He was also mostly defined by accomplishing goals and ignoring collateral damage.
>> No. 210489
I just thought people might find it offensive.
>> No. 210493
So Kamen Riders One thru V3 specifically V3. Good taste
>> No. 210513
My first characters were always dragons.
>> No. 210518
File 137020103990.jpg - (258.39KB , 720x4312 , 130518121520.jpg )
>> No. 210575
What the heck?
>> No. 210623
I... I don't even know. I love this.
>> No. 210624
Is all of Kamen Rider this silly? Because if so, I should actually start watching it.
>> No. 210625
From what I understand, it's both intentionally and unintentionally so.
>> No. 210626
>> No. 210701
Is Kamen Rider = Power Rangers?
Or are they two separate things?
>> No. 210702
Two separate things. Power Rangers (sentai) are teams of heroes, while Kamen Rider is generally a solitary bug-themed vigilante. They're similar, but not the same.
>> No. 210704
File 137046559384.jpg - (146.03KB , 900x1080 , kamen_rider_amazon_by_seanlon.jpg )
My favorite is Amazon!

"You made a child cry? Unforgivable! DIE!"

>> No. 210705
One cool thing i like to mention about Kamen Raiders is that for the most part they were generic bad guy henchmen who after receiving cybernetic upgrades like all the other henchmen decided to say FUCK YOU to Evil Corp and beat everyone's ass with motorcycle and martial arts skill.

>> No. 210754
Why can't we have a thread for good Ocs?
>> No. 210790
That would be a short thread or a long thread full people shitting on OCs other people think are good, which are rare.
>> No. 210821
isn't that basically what /coc/ is for?
>> No. 210825
File 137071715850.png - (4.07MB , 2500x1071 , Mantis in japan.png )
What about Orignal Universes? Like say Blade Under Mask here.
Because thats what I am more about.
And yes, you should watch Kamen Rider and then post about it in /jam/.
>> No. 210827
I thought that was for only /co/ characters. Like Conrad or that awesome ladybug chick; the people they always talk about in OC threads.
>> No. 210832
>awesome ladybug chick
Cartoon Boing Sound Effectyoutube thumb
TEll Me more please!
>> No. 210834
>turns out is was not a "bug girl"
Whistle Slide Down Sound Effectyoutube thumb
Aw well.
>> No. 210958
Does anyone here watch Doctor Who?

Because I invented a River Song, way back when Christopher Eccleston was still the doctor.

My character's name was Elanor and she was born in the time stream and was then taken away from the doctor by her mother (who was the doctors companion) rather than by some cult.
Via the massive cluster fuck that is time travel and regeneration she would meet the doctor over and over at mismatched points in their personal timelines. She would in her timeline first meet him at the lowest most point of her life (her life before meeting the doctor was basically a living hell ) and fall in love with him while he showed her all the beauty and good of the universe. Then he would accidentally (as the result of one of those 'I thought you were dead' plot devices) abandon her.
After that as her timeline progresses she would realize that due to the massive cluster fuck of time travel, the doctor had been the one to destroy her life to begin with and that he was continuing to do so. She would decide that he would have to die to pay for his crimes against her and the rest of creation.
She would travel through time and space as the doctor did, being a hero and saving worlds but in the greater story arc she was a villain suffering from fits of violent insanity whenever she was confronted with the doctor or his companions.
Since she was capable of regeneration, and had done it so many times, the doctor himself would only realize who she was near the very end of both their timelines, and the realization that he -had- in fact slowly systematically destroyed her (who had been his companion and friend once) would destroy him.

Now, seeing the similarities to River Song, I feel like a bad person. I feel like I ruined Doctor Who.
>> No. 211042
I remember some of the roleplaying things I wanted to start that were based off of other shows.

Like one was based off of Xiaolin Showdown. Only a couple years in the future where the main cast was busy doing other things, letting the Player Characters do the grunt work and collect the Wu. Kimiko and Raimundo were busy setting up new temples, no one had heard from Clay for a couple years and Omi was busy chasing Chase Young. Jack Spicer had gotten Panda Bubba's business after his retirement, and was kind of neutral. Wuya was busy doing wizard stuff, find an apprentice or something.

So the new elemental four were to go around collecting things. Their teacher was going to be some old monk who specialized mostly in spells, and the evil dude was essentially Lo Pan. Creepy old dude who drained others of their vitality and life to prevent himself from dying. Ran a martial arts studio, sent his students after the wu. Those who failed were eaten. Eventually he finds three perfect students and they become the main henchmen.

He didn't have the powers of Wuya or Dojo so he couldn't tell what shengong wu activated, only where one was. He really wanted the Heart of Jong, one that would constantly feed him energy and he'd be all powerful. However, after a time bonded with it he'd turn into sand. It produced too much.
>> No. 214716
I had a tendency to create the male leads modelled somewhat after myself in basic appearance details slightly even after I got over my horrible OC's and blatant SI's phase.

Like when I would first put together their rough concept they would often tend to by human guys, with white skin and dark hair.
I've moved away from that, not starting with the same 'default' image in my head when coming up with a concept.
>> No. 215010
None of my terrible OCs made it out of my head, but they frolicked with abandon.

I got pissed of by Sailor Moon as a child because I thought the senshi were stupid and mean, so I invented Sailor Earth. She wore a black bodysuit and had red hair with a ponytail and emerald green eyes, and she would drop in and kick their asses. Especially Tuxedo Mask, because he was totally lame.

Probably the most OP of my OCs were these transmutations of my dragons into pokemon and/or digimon. Of course their trainer would defeat MewTwo with these powerful, beautiful pokemon in an epic battle.

I'm pretty sure there were a few Gundam Wing characters... oh, man, the RP boards...

Good times.
>> No. 215011
Back when Extreme Dinosaurs was on I came up with an OC at like seven. A Spinosaurus bounty hunter who had a wrist blaster that was charged by a hook up connected to his sail, giving his blaster solar power.
>> No. 215014

But that's fucking awesome.
>> No. 215100
Seconding. It makes no sense, but fuck it, rule of cool.
>> No. 215102
I'd heard about Spinosuarus using its sail to gather heat. Apparently my first idea at seven wondered if a sentient one could use that thermal/solar power to charge and fire lasers.
>> No. 215144
I remember when I was a kid I wrote a story about a kid with green hair an a unicorn fighting spiders.
>> No. 217816
That DOES make more sense than a man fucking a giant fish
>> No. 218216
Its interesting that it impossible for there to be a 'Sailor Earth' because Tuxedo Mask whats-his-name fills that niche and has the...magic Earth crystal or whatever it was in him.
>> No. 218373
I'm imagining some counterpart to Luna in another solar system saying "We don't have any sailor warriors to defend us- None of our crystal bearers are girls!"
>> No. 218376
Yeah, but Tuxedo Mask got SOME power, so it's not like they would be completely defenseless, even if they wouldn't have a full-fledged force of Sailor Senshi to protect them.
>> No. 218392
Yeah in the manga he actually has a finishing move
>> No. 218627
File 138382815610.jpg - (265.29KB , 800x826 , 1383828070396.jpg )
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