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File 136890987427.jpg - (63.13KB , 363x410 , 160283_v1.jpg )
378032 No. 378032
Hey guys, how's it hanging?

We're having a most beautiful springtime. I almost broke my foot. Everything is going really swell, when I really look at it.
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>> No. 378034
File 136891010335.jpg - (96.49KB , 625x408 , 1092513-R2-E286.jpg )
Anyways, I think I want to leave this place for good. I have real people to talk about my problems with. I have a life off the internet to focus on. So it goes, and so go I.


>> No. 378037
G'bye, Comrade.
>> No. 378039
>Everything is going really swell, when I really look at it.

>I have a life off the internet to focus on.
Um... so do we. This is like a hobby, a distraction, it isn't our life...

Man you must have been really lonely.
>> No. 378040
past time when I should've been gone as well. Have a nice life.
>> No. 378043
File 136891536666.gif - (1.85MB , 384x216 , v7N6xik.gif )
I don't care.

[spoler]As long as you post funny Facebook status updates.[/spoiler]
>> No. 378049
>I almost broke my foot.
How come it's always the off-hand comments that grab my attention?
Oh well.
Have a good life, comrade. Keep yourself safe.
>> No. 378050

Glad things are going well comrade. I hope we'll be able to meet someday, as central valley pluschanners. Bon journee.
>> No. 378060
File 136892759587.jpg?nsfw - (58.29KB , 417x532 , p57RD.jpg?nsfw )
I need a Summer job what do?
>> No. 378061
Not photoshop.
>> No. 378065
File 13689328263.png - (6.86KB , 191x234 , 127334859551.png )
No, comrade, don't go, I will miss you. ;_;

There's not very much activity here to begin with anyway, we can't afford to lose more people.
>> No. 378072
Awh. Well that sucks. The place is already lacking in cool people and I'm not helping matters...

...we can talk on facebook i guess
>> No. 378076
Farewell, and good luck!
I'll see you on fblandthing!
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