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File 136882567555.png - (306.80KB , 500x500 , fragezeichen-mädchen.png )
377944 No. 377944
u know when u really need to poop, but instead clench ur butt and hold the poop there for a while?

how does it make u feel?
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>> No. 377949
Like the universe revolves around my asshole.
>> No. 377951
File 136882754916.jpg - (64.99KB , 500x500 , 1366997395323.jpg )
My the inside of my sphincter has a tactile sensory prowess, comparable to that of my lips.

Why did I stop seeing milk crates as I got older? Like, in general?
>> No. 377953
File 136882846032.png - (11.10KB , 400x384 , teethandhungerbl.png )
I don't poop. Ever.

Because as got older you stopped believing in milk creates. If you don't believe in milk creates you can't see them. Everyone knows that.
>> No. 377959
I only ever saw milk crates in school cafeterias.
>> No. 377961
I wait sometimes because I'll have stomach cramps that feel like I'm about to poop or getting my period, but it's really just a false alarm due to anxiety.
>> No. 378000
Freud would like a word with you.

>> No. 378009
When I was a toddler, my dad had them everywhere. Used them for everything.

I remember riding in one, on the front of a three-wheeler.
>> No. 378021
Plastic bags contain less plastic yet can carry the same amount of milk. And no one in the first world uses bottles or boxes anymore.
>> No. 378029
>barbarian from Canada detected.
>> No. 378086
Like I should really see a doctor.

They realized people were keeping everything but milk in them, and so they just became crates.
>> No. 378088
>>Canadians ship milk in exponentially larger plastic bags
>>Milk transport trucks ferrying bags as large as some cars, undulating and glistening in the sun like white gold
>> No. 378091
"A milk truck careened off the highway overpass this morning, eh. Loaded fer bare with bags upon bags o'dairy gold, the giant bag full of smaller bags of milk broke an' thousands of milkbags went rollin' down the road, splattering an' trippin' pedestrians. What a mess, eh.
We went to a local fer a comment. Here e'is."

>"Oh, darn! It was like, a milkocolypse, eh! It jus' went everywhare an' my son, he started cryin'. I said, 'my boi, don't cry over spilled milk, eh? Come this summer, the one day of spring'll make it soak up all into the plants, an' then two days of summer'll have beautiful flawers!"
>> No. 378094
It feels like there's something in my bum. If I sit on a chair really hard it kind of feels like I'm going to cum too.
But this is only when I hold in hard poops, diarrhea is just uncomfortable and always makes you scared that you're going to shart all over the place.
>> No. 378116
If that makes you feel like you're going to cum, maybe you should try anal stimulation.
>> No. 378137
im not a faggot its just a weird feeling
>> No. 378164
File 136910116483.gif - (2.66MB , 350x262 , 1361140066676.gif )
>implying liking anal stimulation makes you a faggot
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