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File 134753620443.jpg - (197.51KB , 432x562 , tumblr_m7zrc3Qu1L1ql2603o1_500.jpg )
366231 No. 366231
ITT: Childhood toys you can remember.
Bonus points if you still have them.
Sex toys don't count.
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>> No. 366235
Belongs in /co/, which is for toys as well.
>> No. 366244
Had that
>> No. 366293
File 134762436286.jpg - (336.73KB , 421x640 , 7494432788_bf879d1161_z.jpg )
Remember when those LCD handheld games were actually considered worth buying? And I mean from actual retailers, not some sketchy dude sat next to a shopping precinct.
>> No. 366297

I actually had this thing. I played the hell out of it.
>> No. 366299
File 134764615276.png - (109.02KB , 200x452 , brick game.png )
One like this, except it had different branding and there were only three games; Tetris, Snake and what was pretty much a block edition of Space Invaders.

It was the best.
>> No. 366307
I had a Pizza Hut kids' meal toy from when I was a kid from The Real Ghostbusters. It was a cube with a picture of Slimer inside, on a train or subway car. If you turned the cube, Slimer vanished. I was really young at the time, and it freaked me the hell out. I cannot for the life of me find a picture of this thing online.

I did, however, find one of the Flipper hand puppet I had (also from Pizza Hut). I think they stopped doing toys around the time of Phantom Menace, because one of the last toys I remember getting from them was a Jar Jar squirt toy.
>> No. 366319
File 134767222134.jpg - (72.02KB , 600x454 , 2804541_1_l.jpg )
>> No. 366321
Communist brainwashing machine
>> No. 366470
I still have about 50 ninja turtle figures at my mom's house.
>> No. 366521
File 134797406676.jpg - (73.36KB , 1024x768 , Krang3.jpg )
Bonus points if you have Krang... and ninja Shredder!
>> No. 366522
File 134797420281.gif - (82.12KB , 504x394 , shredder.gif )
>> No. 366532
Of course I do, they were some of the early ones, I had all the early ones. For at least 5 years all I asked for birthday and Christmas was TMNT and gameboy games.
>> No. 377763
File 136853433718.jpg - (67.00KB , 508x345 , MMPR_toys_10_big.jpg )
All the images in this thread are gone. D:

Thought I'd revive it with this. I had/have so many Power Ranger toys.
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