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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 136357809579.jpg - (39.21KB , 576x432 , 1356957480337.jpg )
375147 No. 375147
What kind of website is this, amway?
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>> No. 375150
my 3 favorite things: gay porn, dolphins, and lemon pie
>> No. 375152
We trade recipes for human flesh.

Also, holy shit dave!
>> No. 375164
Direct me to the lemon piss.

Back to your sewing circle, Mary-Ann Racetraitor.
>> No. 375170
remember that time an ancient namefag came to plus4chan and there was no one to say hi?

sup dave. long time no see.
>> No. 375180
Holy shit Dave, Sup?
>> No. 375181
>Mary-Ann Racetraitor.
I'm honestly not sure if this is dave being dave or if you're actually referring to some past event.
>> No. 375187
I was sleeping.

Don't you start.

In all likelihood, the answer to your ponderance is "neither."
>> No. 375188
File 136363273427.gif - (846.01KB , 500x211 , tumblr_inline_mjl4c8PG7Z1qiown8.gif )
>Dave isn't dead in a ditch somewhere.
>> No. 375189
Oh yeah? And where the fuck were you when I needed you?
>> No. 375191

Moe is in all of our hearts.
>> No. 375192
That means literally nothing, because I once actually needed to ask him a question, and tried to do so, but the thread got deleted before I could get through AND NOW I'VE FORGOTTEN IT.
>> No. 375195
This is the kind of website where people remember who daves bleeding cunt is.
>> No. 375198
File 136366582311.jpg - (78.32KB , 1024x576 , Clerks-2-jay-and-silent-bob-1746394-1024-576.jpg )
but who the fuck is Dave's Bleeding Cunt?
>> No. 375201
That's literally the worst idea for a website, ever. I could go to wtfux.org if I wanted to be remembered by other people!

wanna get a drink some time?
>> No. 375203
d'aww it's like i'm actually back on 4chan pre-Xenon vs Moot years this is so sweet.
>> No. 375208
C: Vague Memories
>> No. 375210
ya same. i can barely remember much from back then besides the usual meme spams and occasionally helpful anon who would do photoshop or programming work for another.

o. and i took on a name/trip since then, but i refuse to use it here since i don't plan on staying. times have chaaaaaaaaanged. war has chaaaaaaaanged. no one thrust vectors anymore. no one.

i'm okay with that.

do you still go back to 4chan?
>> No. 375220
>helpful anon who would do photoshop
That was probably me. Yes, but anonymously. I want nothing (generally) to do with people who might recognize me. TODAY AND YESTERDAY AND WHATEVER TOMORROW this is an EXPERIMENT in SOCIAL INTERACTIONS.

If I had access to my more prominent PC, I'd post some ancient /b/ memes JUST FOR YOU, my good compatriot.
>> No. 375228
oh dave i've been through so many /b/ folders and computers that i don't even know if i could find all those old images without google searching for owl day relatedWHERE IS SARAH CONNOR
>> No. 375229
>dave's bleeding cunt
>say waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
>> No. 375230
okay fuck it i'm back as long as this thread is alive.
this is me.
i'm old. old as balls.
>> No. 375234
File 136376160352.jpg - (30.42KB , 260x276 , Brian-Blessed.jpg )
>Dave is alive
This is truly the end of days.
>> No. 375245
>Somebody, anybody remembers WHERE IS SARAH CONNOR
That's like remembering AAAIIIIRRRR

Apologies old one, your name does not seem familiar to me. Well met, all the same!

Ragnarok has begun!
But lets go to the carnival first.
>> No. 375254
I picked up the name long after I left /b/ and toward the end of my stay in /co/. I was just a casual Anon with no internet skills except for the occasional work on MSPaint... for which I have many images I am ashamed to claim ownership. Most of them involve Tom from Tom and Jerry.

Also, this place used to be the shining gem of the image boards. The one place where I'd go where everybody knows my name and they're always glad I'm drunk. Actually that's a lie. Everyone was an asshole but at least they were funny about it.

Drawfags, /co/mrades, and all kinds of strays came here to escape the repetition of the post-and-gone 4chan pace (oh god i remember when i could refresh /b/ and still see the same threads). I don't really know what this is anymore. I try to stay away from it. It's cursed and contains potassium benzoate.
>> No. 375255
I'd love to see the Tom images. Also,
>(oh god i remember when i could refresh /b/ and still see the same threads)

NIGGA! I remember when you could post something on /b/, go to sleep, get your 8 hours, wake up and it would be on page 8ish or 9ish. Oh yeah, that's a hard fucking time to convey to people.

Furthermore, I know what +4chan is. I was only pretending to be dumb.
(I was a moderator here until people found out I was a moderator here, many years ago now)
Also, we sagin' now!

>> No. 375259
Dog you modded?
I keep finding out you people know people who know people who know people.

4chan celebrities everywhere goddamn i guess i was late to the p4c bus

(if i find those pictures of tom sneaking behind things or things peaking from behind pillars, i'll post 'em for you amigo.)
>> No. 375261
this is an embarrassing history lesson

ilu dave
>> No. 375264
There were a lot of different mods when we first started, many just stopped showing up and were replaced over time. Aside from me, I think there's only two others left from the original group (Bard and uh.....Bea?)

I totes forgot about dave being a mod.
>> No. 375282
like i said earlier
plus4chan is made of butts
>> No. 375286
I think I have pictures of your feet somewhere.
>> No. 375298
no one peeps like dave's cunt
no one skeeves like dave's cunt
no one saves lots of pics and then creeps like dave's cunt
he's especially good at his understating
oh what a troll that dave's cunt
>> No. 375419
I wonder if I was a troll. I wonder if I am a troll.
>> No. 375481
you're really not, tho
>> No. 375491
holy christ dave
>> No. 375514
File 136431570285.png - (143.34KB , 290x290 , 1356677257008.png )
Hey there.
>> No. 375518
i didn't even know i missed you until i saw you again
hey babe hey
>> No. 375556
>All of the old /co/ people

I miss old /co/
>> No. 375560
I'm not an old /co/ person. I was on old /co/, but I was pretty much entirely a lurker, and I'm still debating on whether or not to namefag. But I like pretty much all you guys.
>> No. 375571
File 136447813743.gif - (1.14MB , 250x167 , 1356281257301.gif )
Take it from me, never name or trip. It ruins everything. ALSO, the climate is totally wrong for it, now. Here or on 4chan.

This GIF may or may not be a metaphor. You be the judge.
>> No. 375572

Here is fine.

4chan, on the other hand, is made up of "ANON IS LEGION" newfriends.
>> No. 375574
No, I specifically meant that there isn't a lot of elbow room. To be a tripfag you have to be an egomaniac, and that's hard to do when there are so many egomaniacs running around. If you think you can be a star, then try it out!

Then you have the problem of repeating patterns. I stopped tripping because I couldn't handle familiarity. So many people that I knew/were aware of. Everywhere I went. I couldn't say/do anything without thinking "gosh, I sure hope nobody I know sees this," and I couldn't force that thought away with the mantra "I DON'T CARE WHAT THESE ASSHOLES THINK," which was how I forced myself to hit submit for nearly two years.

I'm off-and-on tripping right now, on 4changle, because I want to feel like a person again*, which I've been suppressing for a while. I don't like the way it "feels," however.

*Also, some of the trips I was morally opposed to have dropped out of the game/been replaced.
>> No. 377032
i found my /b/ folder from 2005 (computer died in 2004) to 2009.

prepare yourself for the ultimate thrill ride, cockfaggots.

(when i get home that is)
>> No. 377033
I don't remember you, but I missed you nonetheless. You stink of old and turmeric.
>> No. 377061
File 136746014090.jpg - (20.75KB , 800x450 , Amway.jpg )

Really, nobody else is going to touch that? Well, Amway is thatta way, man!

>TFW I'm not enough of an oldfag to remember this guy and he seems like a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything. ;_;
>> No. 377268
File 136772672376.jpg - (32.71KB , 565x600 , if i see that damn squirrel poorly shopped.jpg )
>> No. 377269
File 136772675646.jpg - (51.27KB , 565x600 , if i see that fucking ring.jpg )
>> No. 377270
File 136772680188.jpg - (63.70KB , 565x600 , if i see that damn pyramid head___.jpg )
i've got way too many of these
i can't even remember which i made
>> No. 377271
File 136772683061.jpg - (86.27KB , 567x602 , if i see that damn uhhh ok.jpg )
>> No. 377272
File 136772686857.jpg - (29.07KB , 565x600 , ifiseethatdamncat.jpg )
a few more
>> No. 377273
File 136772691776.jpg - (50.14KB , 565x600 , ifiseethat.jpg )
original content
doon hawts teal
>> No. 377274
File 136772699994.gif - (259.66KB , 320x240 , kekekekeke.gif )
this thread is the only harbl worth mentioning on this site. everything else is far to serious.
>> No. 377281
File 13677339594.jpg - (19.68KB , 320x240 , yaranaika xenon.jpg )
ah. i remember this. xenon was requesting things to draw.
i asked him to do this one.
>> No. 377282
File 136773497543.jpg - (15.59KB , 180x200 , get ready for the ultimate thrill ride.jpg )
i've been meaning to find a better version of this image. if google can help me do it after i upload it here, i will share with the whole class.
>> No. 377299
its a circlejerk
>> No. 377303
File 136776760013.gif - (386.35KB , 448x280 , this thread.gif )
you're really perceptive.
>> No. 377366
is that from a seanbaby article?
>> No. 377433
you are wise and ancient for a baby.
i'm so glad we are frandz.
>> No. 377680

nice dubs bro
>> No. 377684
that's just how comrade and i roll
>> No. 377695
my boye
>> No. 377698
File 136843069262.jpg - (68.20KB , 640x569 , super freakin car.jpg )
everyday is repost day.
>> No. 377709
File 136845035730.jpg - (45.71KB , 500x500 , iron man medicine.jpg )
classic /co/
does anyone know who made this?
>> No. 377806
File 136860153970.jpg - (62.33KB , 238x230 , stickit.jpg )
>> No. 377807
File 136860168632.jpg - (14.04KB , 320x240 , EMAGENCY.jpg )
you're welcome.
>> No. 377904

>> No. 377906
Just re-read this thread and saw >>375286
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah post em

sup bro
>> No. 377922
I am nowhere near my computer and, as such, cannot post your feet; I am in California, living (staying?) with my girlfriend, while some kindly, old family-style persons watch my bed, computer and clothes. Which are all probably fine. Everything is fine.

I assure you that was entirely intentional.
>> No. 377923

please don't. men feet make me weirdly uncomfortable. i'd rather watch babies being born.
>> No. 377931
dave where is the nicky comic
>> No. 377939
I paid for the pages. Coelasquid drew some or all of them. Or two. Maybe more It's been a while.

Anyway, life got in the way, and whereas I have no life, Squid did and it prevented her from holding up her end, and I don't begrudge her that. I'm not, obviously, a people-person, so when someone sends me an email that says, paraphrasingly: "We're probably done; nothing is going to come of this," and I'm out some amount of money, but it's not enough to really bother me.. All I can do is shrug and say "oh well!"

I'll tell you this much: You will get nowhere asking me. Ask The Dude Von Doom or Coelasquid--- Only don't bother her, it was never her war to fight. She was just bought and sold like a pencil with legs and teeth, in this transaction of comic book love.

The next few replies, I hope, will devolve into my spilling the beans on literally everything Nicky-related because the book is never happening. I can spoil THE WHOLE ending.
>> No. 377942

thats a shame. are you guys still cool?
>> No. 377950
File 136882658249.png - (69.20KB , 205x369 , 1368822685760.png )
Oh yeah, no, we're fine. For like 8 months we did nothing but swap ideas for stories and characters and flesh them out. Had a whole legendarium or whatever that is. That sort of thing. We had this whole arc planned, and were starting on the second arc, but it was really sort of a rough outline. And we were fine.

When it came time to have the stuff drawn, the momentum slowed down. Then it kept slowing down. We don't talk, like regularly (because I am a luddite and won't get social media anything) but if I send him an email, he sends me on right back.

I had a conversation with him about whoever that was, some artist, apparently drawing a comic of /co/creations, and that was when he was like "this probably isn't happening," and it doesn't bother me so much. I'm actually in California, a tit's shit from where he lives. Maybe an hour and a half by car? If I wanted to, I could go see him again, see what's up, try and have a friendly face-to-face, and I have no doubt he would welcome me and feed me. There isn't a hint of animosity, but all the creative shit we did, to have it fizzle has left a bad taste in my mouth. Not to either of them, but just generally. I'm easy to sour, I guess, and though I know he's there and is an email or phone call away, I don't feel like I need to pound his door down or anything. It's just how it be, it do.

So as usual, the best way to describe my feelings now and for the foreseeable future is "just kinda sad apathy and depression." OH NO.
>> No. 378147
Dave...is it really you...?
>> No. 378161
Yes, but don't tell anybody.

Also, different trip for a different time.
>> No. 378188

I promise not to tell.

I still fear the parking lot, after all.
>> No. 378302
this is the best post in this thread
>> No. 379661
File 137087410260.png - (241.06KB , 1474x1138 , speedlines.png )
by way of >>377950

Oh great, just when I resign myself to never seeing/thinking about this, again...
>> No. 381901
File 137423552311.jpg - (359.14KB , 923x1036 , 1368828708768.jpg )
Can you teach a hammer to love nails?

This is vitally important to my current mental stake.
>> No. 385312
Also a cry for help:
I haven't seen Dasheer online since February. I'm worried IRL.
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