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File 137611515619.jpg - (33.79KB , 500x342 , Mb4bd51099048ed26b6060f821e0fbabc[1].jpg )
382839 No. 382839
Seriously though, Eat your roommate.
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>> No. 382840
shut up bard
>> No. 382841
File 137611853927.jpg - (34.29KB , 375x375 , 1373173970978.jpg )
>having roommates
>> No. 382842
>that feel when having roomates after living on your own for so long
>> No. 382843
File 137612323746.gif - (571.32KB , 500x430 , neil_sanders_04.gif )
You know, there has been a lot of discussion about eating retarded roommates, and I think everyone here can see how fantastic this idea is. But there's one problem: no one is telling this guy how he should eat his roommate. People, eating roommates who don't deserve to live on this earth is a goddamn delicacy. You can't just go and tell a guy to just do it, there is a procedure to feasting on the flesh of the unworthy!

So, Anon, look- I know this may be uncharted territory for you, and that's okay, we all had our first time devouring the juicy flesh of those who do not deserve to live.

So I'm gonna give you some pointers here:
1. Before you even begin, think about this person. I mean, really think about this person. They probably have a family, people who love them and care for them. People who will miss them when they are dead and gone, the only remains their hollow bones, buried in your backyard. This person has a life.
This person got vinegar and oil mixed up.
Kill them.
Wipe their existence from this earth.
Become consumed in the thrill of death, in the power of taking one's life from another. They are weak, and you are strong.

2. Offer this pathetic shell of a human as a sacrifice for The Ones Who Wait Below.
I don't understand how everyone misses this one! You're gonna eat your roommate, that's is something that, really, you just have to do at this point. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get some brownie points with The Ancient Ones Who Will One Day Rise and Bring Madness and Doom to Our Frail World? No reason!

3. The murder!
There are a lot of ways to do this. Give it some thought, take your time, be creative!
I'd recommend getting a giant fryer and frying in oil for that artistic touch, and then telling this guy that the fryer is a giant hot-tub and he should really take a dip.
Now I know what you're thinking, "But how am I gonna get this turd into a fryer? There's no way he/she is gonna fall for that!"
They got vinegar and oil mixed up.
They will believe it.

But there are many way to kill someone, and it's probably better that you figure it out for yourself just how you want this pathetic sack of meat to die.

4. Eat that fucker.
I am not an expert on the matters of cooking a human being, but information into this subject is easy enough to find. There's no reason you shouldn't this waste of flesh taste amazing.

There are some other important matter that come up with eating your roommate, such a legal matters and the whole possibly making a binding pact with deities who will demand the flesh of innocents, but you seem like a smart fellow who doesn't mistake vinegar for oil. I'm sure you can handle yourself.
Remember: eating your roommate can only open the doors to new, wonderful things like eating your parents or that one dick who laughed when you stuttered while giving a presentation to your class or that jackass who called you a faggot while you were going for a walk.
You have the power.
>> No. 382846
File 137612511696.jpg - (70.40KB , 500x628 , 133623434992.jpg )
>people who like ferrous
>> No. 382847
Why does every city I go to keep having historically crazy weather or bad shit go down right as we lea e

Go to Britain in 2003, summer hottest ever recorded and the tarmac melts
Go to Louisiana, leave for Beaumont as Hurrican Katrina comes in, leave for home as Rita shows up
Live in Texas during massive localized drought
Move ro Arkansas as thr localized drought moves with me
Go drive to Missouri nearly get killed by giant Oklahoma tornado
Get to Missouri the route is washed out by floods and powerful River mud
Go to Shanghai now oh look at that hottest days in recorded history what a surprise

I swear I've got terrible weather superpowers
Maybe I should fight crime and my logo can be a little cloud blowing raspberries and flipping the bird
>> No. 382849
I realize eating her would solve quite a few problems. But here's the thing: I don't think she'd taste very good. She'd be incredibly tough and knowing her diet doesn't exactly make this an appetizing proposition. Also, I don't have enough space in the freezer for all the meat. I could probably eat for a week with just one leg while the rest would go off. And I don't like wasting food.
>> No. 382850
File 137612987070.png - (192.70KB , 500x278 , 1375253165802.png )
>not eating the brain and throwing everything else away
>> No. 382851
I'd rather not eat the brain of a lesbican. What if I catch the gays?
>> No. 382853
>mum drinks a bottle of wine every night
>that's unhealthy in its own right but now she's ill and on meds it's pretty not okay at all
>tactically ask for a drink of wine every night (1/3 of a bottle is still 1/3 less for her)
>works for a while
>she's started buying two bottles of wine a night

Touche, mum. Touche.
>> No. 382854
eat your mom??
>> No. 382855
Remember kids, take small bites when eating your friends
>> No. 382857
wait i thought you were supposed to wait until marriage to eat someone
>> No. 382859
If he got that much vinegar in the air while cooking, it might have soaked through him somehow and made him taste all vinegary.
>> No. 382860
File 13761485422.gif - (1.90MB , 300x251 , zombie apocalypse.gif )

2 glasses a day of red is good for the heart.

1 bottle of red a day will kill her liver.

2 bottles a day will make her daughter eat her.
>> No. 382861
File 137614899087.png - (65.46KB , 1365x665 , country suggestions.png )
>> No. 382862

inb4 eat her, i'm trying so hard to contain the creep.
>> No. 382863
it's too late. i've tricked them all.
>> No. 382864
latex paint , knee high boots, and a fur coat
>> No. 382865
Wait eat her as in the topic of this thread, or eat her in a lesbian fashion?
>> No. 382866
a ten gallon hat
>> No. 382867
I have a fur coat but it's too warm to wear it.

I'm wearing snake and bug themed jewellery 'cause we're both creepycute, I hope she likes it. uwu

Both, but this is just a friendship thing so neither. :(
>> No. 382869
File 13761701503.png - (107.38KB , 500x600 , 1340164993928.png )
>not in the confederations cup
>> No. 382870
All of a sudden I can't look at peaches without seeing breasts. Wish I knew why. There's really no commonality between the two besides general shape. It's becoming a bit of a problem.
>> No. 382871
File 137617214817.png - (63.98KB , 353x355 , the madness of boobs.png )
'cause the Madness of boobs.
>> No. 382872
File 137617224649.jpg?nsfw - (70.76KB , 669x1000 , peaches.jpg?nsfw )
hey anon
>> No. 382873
But peaches look like butts, not boobs.
>> No. 382874
now every time he looks at butts he'll see boobs
>> No. 382876
File 137617803944.jpg - (20.23KB , 341x401 , TeethandShepard.jpg )
I'm TeethandHunger, and this is my favorite Thread on this website station.
>> No. 382877
Have you been listening to the Steve Miller Band a lot lately?
>> No. 382882
What else are you going to eat?
>> No. 382884
we got turned away from the club for some reason so i brought her home and she ate my garlic bread and fell asleep

what did i do wrong???????????
>> No. 382885
I'm really glad a couple of my close bros decided that now would be a good time to start treating me like shit. Makes leaving forever Tuesday morning a whole lot easier.
>> No. 382887
>she ate my garlic bread
Is that some sort of euphemism?
>> No. 382888
Buy more garlic bread in the future.
>> No. 382889
File 137619670472.jpg - (71.21KB , 559x596 , 1374011971662.jpg )
You're asking US as you take pics of her while she sleeps??
>> No. 382890
Oops, missed that post. Sorry.
>> No. 382891
Awww so cute.
>> No. 382893
File 137620106726.jpg - (16.38KB , 308x298 , Teeth&Slowpoke.jpg )
Wait....she did whut?

oh...OH.....Tooth, sirosly?

Silliness aside, I kinda think you should delete the pic. For politeness sake for your friend.
On the other hand you know your friend better than us. We just don't her to get angry with you is all.
>> No. 382894

>> No. 382895
I see peaches and I think of Animal Crossing. Or of being hungry. Not boobs or butts. Sex is kind of a "meh" thing for me-- the only partners I've had either were asexual/abstinent, or screwed me over before we had sex. So it'd take a lot for me to be interested in it again, or to really want to lose my virginity right now.

TBH though the only things I intensely want right now don't exist, or seem really far-fetched.
>> No. 382896
get compliments from teacher at trapeze class
watch a wes anderson film with date
dine out and have decent conversation which led to talking about
mutual interest in bdsm and control play, compatible drug interests... etc
come home to get carlita danger pictures on my email from another familiar girl


didn't get attacked by kaiju.

fuck. yes.
>> No. 382897
2013 has been the worst year of my life

by far
>> No. 382898
You don't have to like or even be interested in sex to giggle when you see a butt.
>> No. 382899
Ermm, is there a Butz here? Seymour Butz?
Hey guys, I wanna Seymour Butz!
>> No. 382900
File 137620774928.gif - (1.79MB , 245x219 , absurdly offended.gif )
>thinking about paying >$150 for an office chair with a mesh bottom so that my swamp ass doesn't get so bad

I feel like all the issues in my life are trite and petty
>> No. 382901
This is true. I can definitely laugh at them.

I have been laughing at dicks and nipples all night because I went on YouTube and said, "I am American but I want to know what Red Dwarf is and why Brits love it" and then I accidentally clips of it and Twin Peaks for some reason all night and I need to watch the full shows now.
>> No. 382902
I really don't get all this Animal Crossing mess. It's running on real time, so you have to either fuck with the clocks to do the stuff you want or you play on its terms? It's like a raiding guild but you don't get any big fire demons to kill.

Unless I'm wrong about that and it does involve dungeon crawling to fight demons.
>> No. 382904
It is not the sort of game you play to "win" or to be the best at. It is a game where you socialize with little animal people and get furniture and slowly pay off loans. The whole point of the thing is slowing down to smell the roses--if you feel the need to "time travel" to get certain outcomes, you are probably taking the game way more seriously than it is intended to be taken.

It is basically supposed to be something you play for fifteen minutes a day, and if you miss a day it keeps going without you--but it's not like you missed anything too vital even so.
>> No. 382905
she knew about the photo (and found it funny) but i'll delete it anyway i guess.

that was a cool night.
>> No. 382906
also garlic bread was a terrible idea
>> No. 382907
File 137621902968.jpg - (76.01KB , 353x337 , 134477680618.jpg )
>i know its your money and all that but why do you need to waste it on something like building a dalek
>> No. 382908
No mom, I can't do a short animation for your friend's business. I'm an illustrator not an animator. They're entirely different things. Stop pestering.
>> No. 382912
File 137623381021.jpg - (615.96KB , 800x3018 , 1346755385338.jpg )
I time travel all the time. And reset. Resetti hates my guts.

But that's because I don't actually own the game and I rarely get to play it. In fact, it's only recently that I've started playing again. Weird coincidence.
>> No. 382913
"So far". You mean "so far".
>> No. 382914
>its only a terrible idea if you don't like garlic
>> No. 382915
I went to a Walk for Suicide Prevention.

At the end, all the participants were given butterflies that we released all at once, which symbolized hopefulness for the futre or something of that nature.

The butterflies were a bit disoriented from being in an enclosed space for a long time, and didn't fly very well. Also, the large number of butterflies in a single place attracted a large number of birds, which descended on our gathering and brutally devoured all the butterflies in front of us, who were in no shape to escape from their predators.

I'm feeling an interesting mixture of depression and amusement.
>> No. 382916
oh jeez...
>> No. 382917
I love garlic. It was a terrible idea because both of us had the rankest garlicky hangover burps ever when we woke up that lasted like all day.
>> No. 382919
File 137624836896.gif?nsfw - (159.44KB , 149x75 , 1376247450001.gif?nsfw )
Cure for garlic breath.

True story.

Bwahahahaha! Funniest thing I've heard all week!
>> No. 382921
>> No. 382926
Who was the namefag that just blathered on about her gross periods non-stop? Spider-Anon?
>> No. 382927
carry this story with you forever, its a perfect story.
>> No. 382928

Nothing promotes suicide like a living metaphor that as soon as you manage to crawl out of your cage of depression, some one bigger and stronger is going to come along and get you anyway.
>> No. 382929
o rite, I realized something today:
I don't even consider dating because the women I would be interested in would only be interested in the man I wish I was.
>> No. 382930
Jazz. She just lurks now and only posts when mentioned or after a long site downtime.
>> No. 382933
File 137626948959.jpg?nsfw - (163.86KB , 1497x1294 , 1376267507001.jpg?nsfw )
So team, which are you getting?
>> No. 382935
then why don't you work toward becoming a man you'd want to be and see if that's good enough to stir some interest?

>as if to say it were trivially easy to do so, i know, but you can't get to the goal unless you can commit to the path
>> No. 382936
Because lazydepression.
>> No. 382937
Black Widow and maybe the Thor.
>> No. 382938
by far
>> No. 382941
I do the same thing. “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” and all that jazz.

>> No. 382942
None. They're all too big for my preferences.

I don't think I've really come across a single toy I was interested in, anyways. It's all about emotional context for me, and I'm far more perked up by a thing that is attached to a person with feelings and hands and a mouth and several years of knowing me already.
>> No. 382943
On the other end of the spectrum, I fell in love with a lamp once.
>> No. 382944
>> No. 382945
A vibrator is like a copy of Mario Kart: Unfulfilling and meaningless on it's own, but lots of fun with a close friend or two.
>> No. 382946
so you're saying i might still have fun if it connect over the internet?
>> No. 382947
Yeah, a little. You're still better off all coming over to your place and having beer and nachos.
>> No. 382948
Mario Kart is plenty fulfilling.
>> No. 382949

but I don't want anyone getting nachos on my dildos
>> No. 382950
So. Wait.
Are you telling me there IS such a thing as Dildo Parties?
>> No. 382951
Why was there ever a doubt there wasn't?
>> No. 382952
Well when I was younger my idea of sex was pretty much shaped by porn and then I just started getting to know more women and talking to them and they pretty much all told me n some way or another that its all exaggerated and overdone so I turned down my ideas by alot.
Kinda just reduced it to 'two people just rubbing themselves over eachother in a darkly lit room'.

So theyre real...?
>> No. 382953
That's only what people who've never played Mario Kart with a friend tell themselves.

Pretty much everything is real, it's just a question of what you really want.
>> No. 382955
>> No. 382956
Jazzgina Monologues
>> No. 382957
File 137628498275.jpg - (38.77KB , 1024x768 , vajazzle.jpg )
>> No. 382958
The question isn't "is it real?" Someone somewhere has done anything physically possible you can think of. The question is "is it a regular thing?" Like tupperware parties, but a different kind of plastic.
>> No. 382962

Kazaam reboot.

You're welcome.
>> No. 382964
Enh. I think I need one good or at least decent relationship before I try anything. For whatever reason, I don't have a massive libido unless I have someone specific to latch it onto.

Porn is another thing I never got around to actually watching. I always restricted it to .gifs and pictures in case my parents waltzed into my room uninvited or some shit.
>> No. 382965
Yknow I think thats adorable.

Like, I mean it. I think its just straight up nice of you to just be unconcerned with the shit I unwittingly think about practically day-in day-out.
Man, I just imagine you just oughtta be a pleasant person.
>> No. 382966
Awh. Thank you, fellow Anon. I try my best.

It's not as nice as it seems, honestly...I do have interest in sex, it's just that two of my exes cheated on me before I could sleep with them, and my parents were nosy, so I figured if this was what relationships were like, unless I ran into someone who proved me different, I wanted nothing to do with them. I still do hold onto that dream of having a spouse and cuddling after sex and having a quiet life together, I guess. I try to still be pleasant despite being kind of cynical.
>> No. 382970
>not watching porn

well tbh it's not really like you're missing anything
>> No. 382972
My experience playing Mario Kart with friends is that someone always finishes before/after everyone else and gets impatient, and I'm usually the only one who likes playing battle mode.
I'd say what I interpret this as meaning, but it's possibly funnier not to.
>> No. 382973
File 13763234759.jpg - (59.42KB , 750x500 , porn.jpg )
>Porn is another thing I never got around to actually watching
Oh god, an eye virgin.
>> No. 382976
I've seen .gifs and pictures, I just don't want to get caught listening to it.
>> No. 382977
I always watch porn without sound anyway. It's just awkward dirty talk or screaming and crying and either way a total boner killer.
>> No. 382984
Man I like to pretend that everything before a lady friend of mine and I was just peachy before things blew up months ago but then I remember the shit I posted here about how fucking tough it was being mutually in love with someone I couldn't be with and then I'm like oh.


Yeah that shit almost ruined me. Let's not pretend I was slowly dying inside. She was the best and worst thing that may have happened to me in years.

May we never meet again. As if.
>> No. 382985
That sucks man. I have similar problems.
Got into argument with ex over her cheating a few months ago and she left the apartment we were using together. Then she did something retarded: went to court, tried to get a restraining order. Judge told her to fuck off because you can't just have one of those for no reason.
So what did I do? Slept with her mother. She's hot and we're still dating, age difference only 12 years, there nothing wrong with it.

My solution is not for everyone probably, its important though to remember there are more and better fish in the sea. If you think back to all the girls you know, isn't there one thats better? Pursue her!
>> No. 382986
File 137634795173.jpg - (40.72KB , 545x381 , BRf3ygaCcAAeS-5[1].jpg )
Can we talk about how Ini is such an adorable little weeaboo dork
>> No. 382987
Already on it, but the wound is still fresh and keeps getting opened up.

Different girl now. Different kind of relationship. Both of us actually single. This should be just fine.

Sucks though. First girl and I really had something special. What do they say about war? Everyday we lose indispensable people. Life can be just like that. This too shall pass.
>> No. 382988
Also, holy shit. That's kinda hilarious and awesome.
>> No. 382989
File 137634913323.gif - (354.04KB , 180x135 , 1288771497664.gif )
>So what did I do?
>dat spoiler
>> No. 382990
File 13763499652.jpg - (23.63KB , 445x456 , brofiist.jpg )
>This too shall pass
Stay strong.
>> No. 382991
File 137635183617.jpg - (514.06KB , 849x866 , slowbroandhotbloodedness2.jpg )
>So what did I do?
>> No. 382992
i feel like i want to cut my hair but i've been actively growing it long in the last year or so (for my ex, mainly). i like it long but it's cute short and easier to manage but i think i suit it longer and also you can do more stuff with it but then again i look older and more mature with it shorter so i guess maybe that would be better if i'm looking for a job...i dunno.

on the other hand if i have any intention of get my ex back i will want to keep it long.
>> No. 382993
Yeah, I listen to it muted, too. The sound never improves the experience.

This is amazing. This thread has amazing stories.
>> No. 382994
Yeah well
I had an orgy, and like, beyonce was there. And like so was Kim Kardashian but she was sitting in the corner cuz I was screwing way hotter girls and their mothers too. They were super hot by the way, did I mention that? Okay, now time to recieve adulation from Anon!
>> No. 382995
File 137635859521.jpg - (20.25KB , 520x390 , jelly.jpg )
My man!

Did you just imply dating an older girl is somehow impossible? Go to a gym or something, if you're decent looking you'll get a bunch of numbers.

>not sure if jelly or virgin
>> No. 382998
Apparently smart women aren't getting preggo anymore. Goodbye humanity, it was nice knowing you!
>> No. 382999
Wow, do I only get two options?
>> No. 383000
Yes lol, you basically did this

>"so +4, i got some ice cream today"

>"ICE CREAM? yeah right and i got a blowjob from santa claus!"
>> No. 383001
If the dude won't get back with you over a hair cut, you want no business getting back in that relationship.

If he's worth dating, he can wait for it to grow back or you know, let you do what you want with your hair.
>> No. 383002
No, no, doc you don't understand.
He's from Spain.
>> No. 383003
Oh I'm not saying he wouldn't get back with me because of my hair, it's just he really likes me with long hair and would beg me not to cut it when we were together, so it would be an advantage I guess. Like wearing red if I were ever to see him again!

He's much more likely to not get back with me because I abruptly and coldly broke his heart for no apparent reason because I'm an emotionally stunted shitbird.
>> No. 383004
Is it possible to be cockwhipped?
>> No. 383005
At the time I was being considerate of something that didn't matter to me (I don't care much about my hair tbh) but mattered to him. I wouldn't call that "cockwhipped".
>> No. 383006
File 137636406072.gif - (492.89KB , 500x276 , Dildo_.gif )
>> No. 383007
You ever have one of those days where all the progress you've made comes tumbling down around you? It's a pretty neat feeling.
>> No. 383008
Yes i have actually
althought forgive me, but i will not concur on the 'neat' feeling.
>> No. 383009
Well, why not?
>> No. 383010
Because the neat feeling is in my case replaced for a large amount of hatred towards the world and plenty of self loathing.
Hope this answers your question
>> No. 383011
Good luck with that, I guess.
>> No. 383012
>I guess.
Yes, I appreciate that.
>> No. 383019
Reading this felt like watching the saddest sitcom on TV.

I'm 100% messing with you. You are being messed with. For jokes and shits.
>> No. 383021
what have you guys done with this perfectly cromulent thread?

i'll admit i almost ruined it but then some motherfucking guy wrote us some internet gold

massively honorable mention goes to butterfly guy. we had some good times.

it can be cathartic... or just astonishing to the point of humor. either of those two sound familiar or is this something else?
>> No. 383022
Yeah mostly it's just awkward sounds and goofy shit. Most of the time I watch it with the volume off because it's so rare that anyone says anything really hot in porn.

ah yes. Revenge through a relationship. The mark of a mature man.
>> No. 383023
im going to fuk ur mum m8
>> No. 383024
u cant catch her
she 2 quick
>> No. 383029
check mate, atheist.
>> No. 383030
File 137641616148.jpg - (29.51KB , 377x614 , flash1.jpg )
His dad was Flash.
>> No. 383031
she wanted to fuck my dad not run away
cause my dad aint no tiny limpdick
>> No. 383034
head size?
>> No. 383035
File 137641759862.png - (20.44KB , 681x511 , 1355108225772.png )
Dear bea,

Please delete the none rules sticky on /mspa/.
Thanks in advance.

>> No. 383039
Dear bea,

Please delete /mspa/.
Thanks in advance.

Dr. Goblin
>> No. 383040
Dear bea,

Please ignore those last two nerds. Thanks in advance.

>> No. 383041
Dear bea,

Don't you hate Mindwipe or something?. Thanks in advance.

Abdi LaRue
San Diego, CA
>> No. 383042
I managed to save my job because no one told me the schedule changed and getting in hours at odd times. Still suicidally depressed and won't be able to go to class this fall, but I have something and that's enough.

Probably a little bit of both. I enjoy it too much when plans come apart, even my own.
>> No. 383043
>enjoying when your own plans come undone
i do, too, so long as no one really gets hurt. what else is there to do? i think that's plenty healthy and quite admirable, actually.

welp. anyone who actually follows my tumblr too closely knows that one of my close friends goes by batgirl.
that's the same girl that i've been having issues with.
i'm finally letting go of that silly narrative. it's surprising how sad that is.
i thought i found myself a real true to life partner in crime for all the things that matter to me. but uhh.... that was overspeculation. i always do that.
it's fine. gotta say goodbye. dick grayson moves on to the next thing. i do that too unless there's still hope for something more. light's out. moving on. it's what i do, too.

>> No. 383045
u r weird

I'd probably fall into a devastating heap of self-vitriol if I actually had firm plans and they all completely fell apart.

Good thing I'm too lazydepressed to consider the future in the least. :> Can't even consider what I'll make for my next meal...
>> No. 383046
I have a safety net. I live in a large enough town and I'm not afraid to sleep outside during winters or eat from the garbage. So, being homeless really isn't so bad for me.
>> No. 383047
the safety net is exactly what you need to have the freedom to fail... and for that matter... the freedom to succeed.

you know... unless you're under the gun and you don't have much choice... which i suppose is option c.
>> No. 383048
>and won't be able to go to class this fall
Oh god I know what you mean
I mean god
Being still a fucking high school student when I'm 3 months from turning 20

thats just a fucking curse, man.
>> No. 383050
I have all the freedom I can take for myself.

Well, that sucks. How'd that happen?
>> No. 383051
Yo-ho-ho he took a bite of Gum-Gum.
>> No. 383052
I was at one private school and we didn't have enough money to pay nor re-credit my classes so I went to another less expensive private school but then we ran out of money to pay nor re-credit my classes and then I got enrolled to a really really shitty public school with surprisingly really cool and nice people but the worst everything else and I failed on purpose cos I spent more time freelancing art and doing a job I am currently sacked from.

>> No. 383054
Wow I didn't know we had private school sissies here.
>> No. 383055
>I have to be up by noon on one day of the week this semester because of unreasonably swanky teaching and supervising gigs

gosh no one understands how hard my life is
>> No. 383058
3rd world private schools aren't really like anywhere-else private schools.

They're really just the only place you can get an education in a place like this.
Do you really think its a coincidence third world places' biggest exports are manual labour?
>> No. 383059
Wait did you actually say "sissies"?
Do people still even really say that?
Am I part of your long list of flappers and kiddies and bad cats out there you you mean to share a stinky willy on? I'd say it's better if we get our caboodles down to the baseball park for some swell pitchin'. We might actually catch a ball hit by Babe Ruth!
>> No. 383061
The words you're using to mock his use of "sissies" don't make sense--they seem to imply that the term is dated, when really it's more like it's sort of a juvenile insult. Plus "sissy" still gets a lot use among adults when using it ironically, the same way a grown man might refer to his mother as his "mommy" when self-effacingly copping to his frequent contact with her.
>> No. 383062
Yeah dude, s why I said "still".

But seriously though, what the fuck, right?
>> No. 383064
i woke up at 5:30 this week to drive two and a half hours to caltech to give a co-presentation to 20 professors with my boss and then drove back 9 hours later in traffic
and i wake up at 7:00 or earlier and can't go back to sleep without waking up later at 11:00 so i just end up going to work instead of losing four more hours.

but i'm still sad for you somehow poor baby
>> No. 383065
>> No. 383066





i like mindwipe ;~;
>> No. 383067
File 137646685637.gif - (1.75MB , 240x240 , 1373996085842.gif )
even as a child I never wanted anything to do with this fucking life thing but GODDAMN IF THEY DON'T KEEP PULLING ME BACK IN
>> No. 383070
Yeah, I really wonder why people are so adamant about me living. Guilt-tripping me into staying alive, even though I all I do when I stay alive is make them worry and suffer.
>> No. 383071
It's not so much the living as the fact that living necessitates dealing with the endless shitstorm that is life. I am happy as fuck with games but these motherfuckers want me to get jobs and pay bills and shit and it's like "up until now, everything was fine".
>> No. 383072
I feel like that. I feel like I'm not good at anything, and I don't know how to become good at it, and part of me is kind of jealous of people for whom things seem to become easy, or for whom opportunities are just handed to, even if they don't think it really is easy for them. Nothing is easy for me, and hard work never seems to pay off in any area. I just feel like a waste of space.
>> No. 383077
Don't get your panties in a bunch, it's a joke. If I was trying to actually insult you I'd say something hurtful.
>> No. 383080
Reminds me of the more accurate title of that one manga. "It's Your Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular."
No one becomes great at anything without busting their ass, you just don't want to bust your ass for anything. And you bitch about the people who do, which doesn't just make you lazy(lazy is fine, everyone is lazy to some extent), it makes you entitled.
Sometimes it seems like people don't bust their ass to get great, but it's because it's something they love doing. Doesn't mean they aren't fucking working for it.
>> No. 383083
That's not even remotely what's going on here.

There are a ton of things I feel passionate about, but none of them I have any skill in, and I work really hard and just never get anywhere. I'm not asking anyone to help me out, aside from encouragement and maybe advice.
>> No. 383085
File 137649386281.png - (7.11KB , 256x221 , shock_Mindwipe.png )
>i like mindwipe ;~;
>> No. 383086
File 137649559029.png - (244.69KB , 500x311 , tumblr_lq38ksgdTN1qah4rlo2_500.png )
>trafalgar square right now

take heed, england. this is what will happen to your entire country when we get independence.
>> No. 383087
File 137649891241.jpg - (41.15KB , 460x670 , 1372575477406.jpg )

>don't get your panties in a bunch
>> No. 383088
File 137649892836.jpg - (21.04KB , 268x218 , uhhh_kongoubanchou.jpg )
>expecting a potential client to come to my office at 11:00
>Get everything ready to discuss their case at 10:30
>its now 11:46

at least I've managed to read some interesting things in the Deadly Premonition tag.
>> No. 383089
File 137649918010.png - (456.37KB , 1000x760 , IT WAS A JOKE.png )
>Don't get your panties in a bunch, it's a joke.

I've wanted an excuse to use this since rewatching TNG
>> No. 383090

I'm not even fucking phazed just
who even says sissy.
>> No. 383091
People who aren't trying to get you mad. Don't your friends tease you a bit?
>> No. 383093
My friends, yeah.
>> No. 383095
what kind of pussy says sissy
>> No. 383096
Related: I said "I drank a little alcohol" and my friend responded "who even /says/ that". I had no idea it was an antiquated expression.
>> No. 383098
What kind of cocksmith says pussy.

Oh fuck you buddy!
>> No. 383101
Then my advice to you is to keep going. The only way you develop the skills necessary to be great at what you're doing is to keep going after normal, sane people would give up or at least become satisfied.

Here is the requisite formula:

(Ambition + Self-Loathing) / Time = Genius
>> No. 383102
If you specifically want advice from people on this board (which I suppose isn't something you strictly actually ask for), I wouldn't mind giving some, but would like some specifics as to what you want to do so it isn't a bunch of nonsense self-help dribble.
>> No. 383103
How do I get better at drawing cute stuff? I feel all I can do reasonably well are wrinkly/scarred old men or monsters. I wanna draw cute and sexy stuff, but it always looks hideous and ends up smack-dab in the uncanny valley.
>> No. 383104
Mostly, just keep drawing even if it sucks. But look up "Appeal." I hate to bring John K into this because I disagree with so much of what he stands for, but he has a pretty good understanding of Appeal, so if you can find his blog posts on Appeal, read them. Just take the things he says with a grain of salt.

The key point is that you want to reduce the number of lines used, and you often want to go for baby-like proportions--big eyes, small face, features bunched together vertically, and baby fat. A larger head-to-body ratio can be helpful, too. Even on things that are cute but not actually babies and/or young. Err on the side of under-defining features.

Generally, the more realistic the style you're working in, the harder cute is going to be to capture. If you go for something approaching realism, try using shading to define facial features instead of lines (and light shading, at that).
>> No. 383105
File 137651524538.gif - (119.75KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mr1asgk1dk1qhy6c9o1_500.gif )

The best advice I can give is to simplify things like eyes, noses, mouths, hair. Remember you don't have to actually draw a realistic representation of an eye or a mouth, just an icon that people will perceive as an eye or mouth. Things like Pusheen are a great example of this. You get that its a cat, despite it having almost the minimal amount of line work.

Also I've found making things more "rounded" and less angular artwork is what people find cute.
>> No. 383106
Mostly, just keep drawing even if it sucks. But look up "Appeal." I hate to bring John K into this because I disagree with so much of what he stands for, but he has a pretty good understanding of Appeal, so if you can find his blog posts on Appeal, read them. Just take the things he says with a grain of salt.

The key point is that you want to reduce the number of lines used, and you often want to go for baby-like proportions--big eyes, small face, features bunched together vertically, and baby fat. A larger head-to-body ratio can be helpful, too. Even on things that are cute but not actually babies and/or young. Err on the side of under-defining features.

Generally, the more realistic the style you're working in, the harder cute is going to be to capture. If you go for something approaching realism, try using shading to define facial features instead of lines (and light shading, at that).

For sexy stuff, there's a blog called BabeLab that has some good thoughts. As with any other "tutorial" source, take everything you learn from it and weigh it against what you've already learned in your art studies, but it at least breaks things down in a pretty academic way.
>> No. 383109
i'm only just now realizing how cool it is that complete strangers talk to me and want to get to know me (and mutually so) because of a stupid tumblr account.

they're no longer complete strangers, I suppose. really lovely people.

it's the same feeling i got when i realized that i could be friends with you guys... except there's no Anonymous in the same these boards have them.

some days i really am profoundly glad to be posting on the net with people like you all.

i'm gay for you, spider-man
>> No. 383110
File 137654238693.png - (169.11KB , 310x222 , spidey13.png )
>> No. 383111
File 137654630730.png - (280.83KB , 500x335 , Spidey_Jagger.png )
I'm Spider-Man for you, Dick.
>> No. 383113
im mysterio
>> No. 383115
I could ask you the inverse. How do I draw monsters and creepy things? Whenever I hand my artwork off to others to critique, all I usually get back is "cute", even if it's a picture not meant to be cute at all.
>> No. 383116
Modern day and age you won't shock someone with a drawing unless you go all out.
>> No. 383117
while we're all asking for advice, how does one deal with setting the emotional mood in writing? eg the story i'm writing at the moment, the base tone is one of tension or unrest - they're on the lam and could be discovered at any moment basically - but there are occasional scenes of levity, or romance, or anger. however i feel like when these come up, it's kind of an emotional whiplash? it's like "hmm i'm tired and worried and then BAM I SHOVE YOU ANGRILY AGAINST A WALL BECAUSE FUCK YOU FROM NOWHERE" or "gee i'm uncertain about the future of my friends WHOOPS I TRIPPED AND STUCK MY TONGUE DOWN YOUR THROAT". it's kind of hard to explain because i don't know any writing terminology but how do i...smooth out those emotional transitions? does that even make sense?
>> No. 383119
Can you give us a few paragraphs example?
>> No. 383120
File 137658711319.png - (101.01KB , 586x448 , 4xXmJFB.png )
Slowing down for a minute before helps. Tension becomes meaningless without a break anyway.
>> No. 383121
I'm not going to post any of it here, but if anyway Dragon Age fan was really keen on reading over some big gay fanfiction, they'd be more than welcome to have a look. It's only about 10000 words so far.

Okay, I'll try and work with that. Thanks.
>> No. 383123
>Saved my schooling as well.
>> No. 383125

>> No. 383126
I dunno about necessarily creepy, but you can make things seem old and ugly by the reverse process of making them cute: Go for anatomical correctness, or at least focus on putting things on a realistic skeleton, and emphasize details that show weathering, age and damage. Put complexities in the form that make different parts of the body stand out from each other more.
>> No. 383127

Also, on humans draw things that are intentionally not-quite-right, and on animals, draw things that are too human. Give animals giant human teeth or photorealistic human eyes in place of their bestial eyes, but keep everything else the same.

Basically, to maximize creepiness you just want things to be WRONG. Not wrong in the form of "this guy doesn't know what the shit he's doing" and more wrong in the sense that "what the fuck is that thing?!"
>> No. 383128
This video kind of covers the points you made. It's fairly interesting if you've not already seen it.

Why Are Things Creepy?youtube thumb
>> No. 383132
Yeah, that seems like a good way to describe it. Go for ambiguity. Something that is scary for obvious reasons, like a big monster with giant fangs and claws and horns everywhere, isn't really all that troubling because, as the old joke goes "At least it isn't even BIGGER." Something that's troubling for reasons you can't quite put your finger on makes your brain do backflips because it's not sure how to react to it.
>> No. 383133
Even if I did nothing with my money except pay my regular bills for the remainder of the month, I would come out $30 in the hole. No food, no gas, nothing, and still -$30.

Fuck me and my college debt.
>> No. 383134
File 137664127265.jpg - (241.52KB , 782x1126 , dead_hand_by_johnnycago-d3etgdu.jpg )
>do backflips because it's not sure how to react to it.

Oh, I've been there.
>> No. 383135
File 137664482778.jpg?spoiler - (365.75KB , 1150x1785 , The_Dead_Hand.jpg?spoiler )
Meh, that one's not so bad. Why don't you play with this guy for a while?
>> No. 383136
aaaaaaaaaI didnt want to be an asshole

I was having a really really hard time in life

we used to be cooooool

>> No. 383140
File 137666361868.jpg?spoiler - (235.71KB , 949x584 , 1258060877304.jpg?spoiler )
I find neither of those to be particularly creepy. However, this pic here gets to me. So really, it all seems to be somewhat subjective, as well.
>> No. 383141
Yesterday was costarrican Mother's Day and it was ok. Invited my mom and my brother to eat at our favorite pizza place, and we all enjoyed it.

Also, "confessions" groups/tumblrs are still awful, and the jump from LJ to tumblr have made them ever worse than ever.
Not that I read them, but a considerable bunch of people that I follow tend to reblog them and the occasional "discussion" surrounding some of those.
>> No. 383142
File 137669275042.jpg - (52.52KB , 200x313 , the end is nigh.jpg )
I'm at a point in my life where I'm happy and everything is going well but at the same time I feel like at any second something will go wrong
>> No. 383143
I'd already seen the "Why Are Things Creepy" video, but it's a good 'un. Wrinkles are something I already do, it bothered the hell out of me when someone drew older people looking like young people with very faint lines on their face. I can't quite get photorealistic yet, but my anatomy is getting better.

I do have a weird concept of "creepy", though. I don't find kids creepy (9 times out of 10). I don't find spiders or snakes creepy. I don't believe in cryptozoology, so I don't find that whole subject matter creepy. Body horror and mind rape fuck me up, though.

Thanks. I'm sorry I got grumpy earlier. I've already gotten past a couple of things people have told me they can't believe I survived, I've just gotta keep pushing on.
>> No. 383144
I don't know if it's too late to offer advice on this, but consider going for the tease rather than the payoff. Like having characters in that situation outright making out obviously takes away from the tension that's building. But if you like have them stuck in close quarters, all up in one another's personal space by necessity, and quickly looking away when they notice they're staring or something....or even just have them flirting.

Basically, use sexual tension to INCREASE the plot tension, rather than to provide any sort of relief. Give the reader blue balls both narratively and sexually. If romance/sexuality is a key feature of a story, an actual kiss and/or other sexual activity should be the payoff for a lot of work from the characters' perspectives. Unless the central conflict of the romance arc is in, like, falling out of love. Or keeping the passion burning after the honeymoon period is over. But most romance/sex arcs are about NEW romances/affairs, and plots centered around new romances / affairs should definitely be as much about mounting tension as the rest of the plot should.
>> No. 383145
File 137670315119.gif - (146.09KB , 300x167 , pKnV7.gif )
>everything is going well but at the same time I feel like at any second something will go wrong
>I feel like at any second something will go wrong
Have you ever considered a career in aviation?
>> No. 383146
File 137670650288.jpg - (120.03KB , 750x971 , 1376705777582.jpg )
>> No. 383147
It's never too late for advice, I'll take any I can get. I know it's just dumb fanfiction that I'll post on AO3 and then forget about but I want it to be the best I can come up with, yknow?

The subject of the romance is somewhat complicated, because romance IS the sort of central theme in the whole thing, it's built on three very different types of love that are going on and they're all pre-established/on-going. Or well, it is in the main one I'm writing. The other one is a fluffy easy-going story that's full of ~blooming romance~. Sometimes you need to just write something cute and goofy now and again if you've been writing too much srs business, feel me?
>> No. 383148
ninja wtf
>> No. 383149
This is why I write erotic fanfic. This is why I write at all.
>> No. 383150

I was disappointed to find out this isn't an actual book.

If anyone knows an actual book that reads like this, please let me know. There are birthday gifts to give soon.
>> No. 383151
Is this what you get off to? Wow horrible.
>> No. 383152
i never thought this would come back into my life
>> No. 383153
thank u obama
>> No. 383154
Now all that's left is for someone to make ten sequels, movies of said book and sequels, then market it to sexually frustrated tweens and 40-year-olds.
>> No. 383157
File 137679505137.jpg - (211.40KB , 1024x1536 , original[1].jpg )
>that feel when you will never date an incredibly attractive woman
>that feel when you will never date an incredibly attractive woman who cosplays in your interests
All of my QQ.
>> No. 383159
Develop your swag. Ladies can't resist swag.
>> No. 383160
>bedroom skills
>fashion sense/appearance
>financial status
Perfect any two of these and you can have 10/10 women in whatever costumes you want.
>> No. 383161
I can see where bedroom skills would help you make a woman who's already with you want to stay with you, but I don't see where they would help you attract her in the first place. Because how would she know?
>> No. 383162
>no experience
>fatty, no fashion sense, haven't bought clothes in like four years
>massive debt
Whelp, might as well just die.
>> No. 383163
Word of mouth bro, girls talk.

Fix fatness, find a gay friend to dress you, get experience.

Everyone is, even Bill Gates. Someone 100% without debt is hard to find.
>> No. 383164
Oh? $128,353.06.

Give or take.
>> No. 383165
Just found out that slenderman porn exists. And it's kind of sexy.

>> No. 383166
Wifi on planes.
Didn't know that was a thing.

Greetings from the Pacific Ocean.
>> No. 383167
File 137681316319.jpg?nsfw - (74.06KB , 640x640 , Slenderman_fight_to_the_finish.jpg?nsfw )

I mostly keep it around for the lulz, though some of it is kind of hot. But while I don't mind the porn, the "Slenderman is my goth bishie husbando~" fandom crap needs to stop, srsly.
>> No. 383169
Ha! I wish. At least then I'd have a place where I could own a cat and maybe bring a gal home to.

No, the vast majority of that is college debt. So I have nothing tangible to show for it.
>> No. 383170
You are wearing your failings like a security blanket. You are making up excuses why you shouldn't try because it's more comfortable to wallow in self-loathing/self-pity than to try and run the risk of failure. Even though failure doesn't actually even hurt or take very long. It's a mild inconvenience at worst.

People who look worse and have more debt/less money than you are currently happily involved in relationships. Yes, they're more experienced, but many of them are in their first relationship, and would've had the same level of experience as you if they had not taken the chance--they didn't have any more experience than you when they did.

This is true for everyone, pretty much. Look at it this way: you're not as ugly as Rick Ocasek (as no one is), and he was married three times. Or look at the guy who plays the most recent Doctor on Doctor Who, Matt Smith--he's one of the weirdest looking dudes on TV, and yet fangirls go crazy over him because they like his personality. One can overcome any failing as long as they have other traits that make them fun or fulfilling to be around.
>> No. 383171
>Even though failure doesn't actually even hurt or take very long. It's a mild inconvenience at worst.

What kind of rose-colored world do you live in? The wrong kind of failure can be devastating. I get that you're trying to be helpful, but I hate speeches like that. They tend to minimize or trivialize the negative experiences in a person's life.
>> No. 383172
>You are making up excuses why you shouldn't try because it's more comfortable to wallow in self-loathing/self-pity than to try and run the risk of failure.
Aye. But that self-loathing will never go away. I could get rid of my debt, shed the pounds, clean myself up, and I'd still be someone who couldn't socialize on any personal level, depressed, and emotionally distant. That's a turn off to any woman, and I would never try imposing such a person on anyone at all.

But that's even more depressing to think about than normal, so I focus on the external, simple factors as way of explanation instead.

>you're not as ugly as Rick Ocasek (as no one is), and he was married three times.
>Ric Ocasek (born Richard T. Otcasek; March 23, 1949) is an American musician and music producer. He is best known as lead vocalist (along with Benjamin Orr) and rhythm guitarist for the rock band, The Cars.
>The Cars
>married three times.
Gee, I wonder why.
>> No. 383173
moose I'm going to be honest last time you posted a picture I thought you were cute as hell.

Everyone has problems, it's part of being human. You shouldn't count yourself out from ever finding someone just because of those. It's not like you're a crazed serial killer or anything
>> No. 383175
>college debt
lol I have 18k of that left.
>> No. 383176
File 137683668460.jpg - (84.01KB , 550x413 , no seriously what the fuck.jpg )
>mostly student debt

how does your country even exist if that's what happens to people who want an education
>> No. 383177

It motivates the young people to work themselves to the bone to pay back said debts, particularly seeing as how they can't be removed by declaring bankruptcy.

Furthermore, they feel pressure to seek the higher education and debt because without it, unless they have special circumstances or are extraordinarily talented, they'll be stuck earning a minimum wage job that isn't very rewarding to work and doesn't make enough to support the basic necessities.

I mean, if we didn't motivate them that way, they'd probably just waste away their life having fun or trying to "find themselves" or bullshit like that.
>> No. 383179
If you plan it right the debt is negligible. The problem is that no one instructs kids how to plan it before they get in, and the banks just give them loans without giving them strategies on debt reduction.

How to end up with <5k of student debt after diploma:
1. Get bachelors/masters close to home (parents), like within public transport range.
2. Do apprenticeship or coop, if you're lucky it can cover you 90%.
3. Have a part time job, it covers some of tuition and food.
4. DO NOT spend money aside from food, transport, books and tuition.
5. DO NOT eat out, drink out, spend money with friends, buy expensive clothes, get cable/video games, own a car or pay rent on a place.
6. Constantly apply for grants to orgs, govt, business, and family. I sent hundreds of applications and got two grants worth 200 dollars each. It's not much but it helps.
7. Pick a major and stick with it, do 12 hour a day classes, do summer school as well. Your goal is to get a diploma in the shortest period of time. You can get bachelors in 3 years and masters in another one if you push the time.
8. If you plan on quitting after bachelors, it's not worth it. Bachelors diploma won't get you a job that can get rid of your debt.

How to end up with 200k of student debt after diploma:
1. Get degree in another state/province (tooth, this is equivalent of you going to school in Germany or France). Or worse, get a degree in a college town, where everything is overpriced to take advantage of students.
2. Use da plastikkkk for everyfing.
3. Fuck jobs, party allatime.
4. DO spend money aside from food, transport, books and tuition.
5. DO eat out, drink out, spend money with friends, buy expensive clothes, get cable/video games, own a car or pay rent on a place.
6. Fuck debt reduction.
7. Change major every year, stay in school for 7+ years.
8. Don't get masters or PhD.

Don't feel bad if you fucked up on a few of these, I did too and ended up with 25k debt.
>> No. 383180
Wow, that sounds like 4 years of "why didn't I just kill myself". Uni over here is so different, you're expected and encouraged to move out and go crazy in your first year. Your bursary + loan is (usually) enough to live on so you don't HAVE to work either. You can usually swap your course freely for the first three years too. Fourth year is pure hell, though. I dicked around for two years on full bursary + loan and I think I have like four, maybe five thousand in debt? I don't have to pay it until I'm earning over a certain amount, and then you pay it in proportion to your wages.

Also I could study anywhere in the world and it wouldn't cost me extra, the government pays for the tuition of any Scottish student (up to a reasonable amount - they wouldn't pay for me to study somewhere like America because the fees are pants-on-head retarded). To be honest it would probably have been cheaper for me to study in Germany, the rent is way low over there.

Crazy, crazy time America. Crazy.
>> No. 383181
Thank you.

>It's not like you're a crazed serial killer or anything
But this is the internet! I could be anything! Even a moose!

I like to think I'm an outlier. There are a few things that led to this:
1) I went to a pretty expensive college; in fact, it was the second-most expensive per schooling week (we had a weird schedule.)
2) I had almost no scholarships. I did shit for extra-curricular in high school and didn't even bother looking for more than a day.
3) During my school terms I paid for everything using funds from student loans.
4) As part of 2, I'd over-apply for funds to cover said expenses. Books, room, food, gas, entertainment. Never got denied once for a loan.

Most people don't do all four of these things. I think.

The thought, at the time, was that with a full Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science I would graduate, quickly get a decent paying job (upwards of $50k/yr), and pay it off after 5-10 years. I didn't anticipate having a mid-life crisis of sorts in 2006 (when my depression began in earnest), taking an extra year and a half to graduate (I just couldn't handle a full course load, mainly because I goofed off far too much, so it took more time as I took reduced loads), and managed to graduate into the Great Recession (thanks, Obama). Not that the plan would have been smart in the first place, and hitting that crisis wall (when I was considering dropping out entirely) didn't cause me to reduce my loan amounts.

Additionally, at this point, between the intern work at my college, my Army enlistment (with honorable-if-early discharge), and my professional experience (only one company, but except for my time in the Army I've been with them since soon after I graduated) I could likely get a much higher paying job (make about $30k now after taxes) but the lack of self-confidence tells me that I wouldn't make it at other companies, my workplace is extremely laid back, I have minimal oversight. So while my financial woes hang heavily, they don't do so to the point of forcing me to a breaking point and actually seeking higher employment.

Soviet America is an insane mixture of people and priorities.
>> No. 383182
File 137684529243.png - (69.96KB , 1328x842 , Capture.png )
>the government pays
Actually you pay.

Private income tax in Britain is 18% higher than in the United States, so assuming you get a job and enter the middle class bracket 40k pounds/60k dollars in just 10 years you'll have paid 108 thousand dollars more than the average American [(60000*.39)-(60000*.21)]*10.
If you factor in the debt you have to repay, it probably bumps it close to that guys debt value (128k), am I right? What's your debt?

Basically if you have 50 working years that's $540k more taxes an average Brit pays... Which considering your HDI is really not worth it. Actually I wonder where all that extra money goes? Gold plating toilets in Buckingham palace?
>> No. 383183
Yes, yes, I know where the money comes from. Taxes are the price of civilisation, my friend. I'd rather pay more tax in my lifetime if it meant more people could go to university rather than basically ruin my life in one sitting. I've came from below the poverty line, I probably wouldn't even have graduated highschool in America nevermind make it to college.
>> No. 383184
USA does have public high school, community college and various scholarships if you're poor.
It's only the universities and more expensive colleges you have to pay for. Even then the cost is the same as in UK, the only difference is in USA you control your own debt and in UK the government is your middleman.
Also it's a very poor middleman, judging by inefficiency.
>> No. 383185
>Private income tax in Britain is 18% higher than in the United States
Yes. And for that they get cheap/"free" university education and "free" health care (and the BBC, though not everyone has to pay that tax).

I would hop that wagon in a second here in the states. My insurance costs are 6% of my take-home pay (12% if you exclude employer reimbursement) and my monthly student loan payment is 37%. For now. In a year or two it will jump to 60%, and at that point I will have to look for another, higher-paying job.

So an extra 18% in taxes, and in return I can actually afford to get preventative care, maybe even get therapy, not worry about going to the doctor's over something that I'm wary of, and not spend a good chunk of my money on student loan bills each month.

Also the police over there don't seem to be utter power-hungry twats, from what I understand. (Though their government is more full-force nanny/surveillance state than we are over here.)
>> No. 383186
You can't talk about "education the UK" because it's a devolved issue and handled far differently in each country eg in England the average price for a year's tuition is £2000+ more than Scotland, and they are expected to pay for it themselves at the time via loans, etc. Courses, funding, loans, etc are all different and it's kind of a mess. I don't know enough about the English system to really compare, other than the Tories fucking with a raise in tuition fees.

Also the 18% high income tax pays for a whole lot more than just the NHS and education. In Scotland it will not just pay for my degree and my vaccines or whatever else I need, it pays for a carer for my mother when she's too old to look after herself, it pays for my grandma's dentures and my glasses and my neighbor's prescriptions, and a whole bunch of other things. Also VAT goes towards a lot of that to. I think it's worth it.
>> No. 383187
>for that they get cheap/"free" university education and "free" health care
It's not free dude, it's not even cheaper, prices are about the same.

USA just assumes you are responsible and capable of managing your own finances. From what I've read here >>383181 it sounds like you really don't know how to do that, in which case I 100% agree with your plans to move to UK, you need the government to be your nanny.

>Also the police over there don't seem to be utter power-hungry twats
lol where the hell did you get that idea?
>> No. 383188
i don't mind financially incentivizing good things. we already subsidize terrible or necessary shit like corn, cattle, gas, and letting food rot to keep prices from fluctuating. most backwards fucking shit ever, but okay.

why not be more upfront and make it clear that education really is an investment in our country's future by making it far more affordable and even have a stipend!

well... i know the arguments against that. people in america simultaneously see college education as both a way to move up in society, a necessary standard (the new high school diploma), and a place where people can go to party, waste money, and get a "useless degree".


oh god. and now i'm back to thinking and talking about not just policy but in reshaping the opinions of the under-interested and ignorant masses.

we're fucked guys. we had a good run. thanks obama.
>> No. 383189
File 137685070658.gif - (1.99MB , 350x257 , obama thanks3.gif )
>thanks obama.
>> No. 383190

Seriously though, that is like post-med school levels of student debt. I'm not sure what the story is but you kind of have to work at it to get it that high.
>> No. 383191
You're missing a key point here though--income tax doesn't affect your credit rating, doesn't accrue interest, and only applies if you are making money. You don't get out of school and have trouble finding a job and still have to start paying your income tax.

When I got out of school, I had $10,000 in debt. But I'll probably pay more than $20,000 before I've paid it off. My first job getting out of school, my student loans were costing me 36% of my paycheck, which is, you'll note, twice what I would've been paying in extra Income Tax if the Income Tax was 18% higher. Which means I was living with my parents a lot longer, put off things like buying homes and cars and generally participating in the economy so I could focus on getting out of debt. Which puts me way behind people of previous generations at my age in terms of individuating as a person, developing net worth, taking risks that allow me to attain a better career / better lot in life, and contributing to the economy and infrastructure by paying more taxes making more frequent use of disposable income, to put it in terms of things that help you.

I'm doing better now, ten years later. But that was mostly luck. I would be more than willing to accept an 18% increase in taxes (which would, incidentally, double what I'm currently paying to pay back my student loans) if it had meant that I would've been able to get my career and finances in order six years earlier because of how much less I would've been paying when I first got out.
>> No. 383192
>8. If you plan on quitting after bachelors, it's not worth it. Bachelors diploma won't get you a job that can get rid of your debt.

There is no fucking way you had less than $5000 of student loan debt if you paid for United States post-grad classes with student loans.
>> No. 383193
I'm talking about dating failure, i.e. rejection by potential dates. It is extremely rare that you are going to get a devastating rejection--most women don't want to hurt your feelings when they turn you down, and the ones who do are often people you wouldn't want to go out with anyway. So yes, I stand by my statement that failure in that case is little more than an inconvenience most of the time.
>> No. 383194
File 137686482469.jpg - (54.44KB , 500x384 , simpsonslemon.jpg )
graduating without debt
with a worthless degree
>> No. 383195
File 137686502759.jpg - (115.74KB , 500x667 , 1376552509509.jpg )
>graduating having earned money
>because I applied for scholarships
>because I worked 3 jobs
>because I only partied a little
>because all that other shit I told you guys about since 2007 I'm pretty sure none of you did

This is with three degrees btw
>> No. 383196
>being able to get three jobs
>when most people can't even get hired for one in the current economy
>guys, why don't you just do what I did
>> No. 383197
how's the social life treating you
>> No. 383198
If it weren't for that last comment I'd be impressed.
>> No. 383199
>Sweetheart and I have both been crazy busy
>Didn't really get a chance to talk much
>A week ago today we start talking again
>On Monday night, we IM via Skype, but somehow start having a fight
>By Tuesday night, we are pissed off at each other
>Don't talk on Wednesday at all
>On Thursday night we're bringing up old shit we thought we'd squashed
>Friday morning I ask via the email we're communicating by if we can go back to being friends, since I don't want to be in the partnership anymore
>By the time I get back home from work on Friday, Sweetheart says that would be a good idea
>Called Mom, let her know about the break up, and that I was bizarrely okay with it...thought it was just me being numb to the whole incident because it had just happened
>Friday night with friends, had a great time out having sushi & sake
>Spent Saturday test-driving cars, running errands & getting a haircut
>Saturday night, got a bit drunk and watched movies on Amazon Prime
>Spent today cleaning the house and taking care of business

Going over my feelings today, and you know, for being in a partnership for slightly less than 2 years, I am wondering why I'm not more upset about this happening over the course of the week. The only things I can think of are the positives of not being together as a partner with Sweetheart (er, ex-SH now, I guess). Shouldn't I be more upset about this? All I can think of right now is how I'm super happy I don't have to put up with weird personal quirks or drama with ex-SH's friends/coworkers, and that all the money I saved up for the anniversary present can now go towards the down-payment of the newer car I want.

I don't know whether I should feel relieved that things can go back to being simple again, or worried that maybe, just maybe, I'm a horrible person for feeling this good about breaking up with somebody and going back to being friends.
>> No. 383200
Hey it could be worse, I know people with 90k of student debt because they partied all the time and dropped out before completing their philosophy major, at least you aren't any worse off. What did you finish?

>if you paid for United States post-grad classes with student loans.
The "if" is the key word, you're supposed to get a job and grants so you avoid paying for everything with your loan. Read down to what you're not supposed to do, #2 in the list.

If you aren't making money and are homeless you can apply for bankruptcy, credit companies can't repo your kidneys and they can't make money on a bum, they will renegotiate a loan if it's that bad a situation. As for credit score, well that's the price of a bad decision, and it's easily fixable if you know what you're doing.

Income tax is for life dude, student loan terms are usually around 10 years max. That 18% increase in taxes means you pay ten times as much as your student loan in the loan repayment period (decade), continue paying that amount for the rest of your life (~40 years), plus you will still have a loan to repay besides the taxes. If you think paying orders of magnitude more is better... well at least we know you're not an economy major.

>my student loans were costing me 36% of my paycheck
What the flying fuck, are you complaining about being given an opportunity to pay less?

>When I got out of school, I had $10,000 in debt. But I'll probably pay more than $20,000 before I've paid it off.
That's only possible if: Your monthly payment is below $100 (which is retarded), or if your interest is above 10% (which is also retarded). And even if you pay 20k at the end (you can't) it's still a hair under the 108k of extra taxes you'd pay in a system with 18% more income tax.

Some more obvious tips:
1. Make sure the bank keeps your student loan term at 10 years or less. Banks that extend it to 20, 30 or 40 years are trying to rip you off. That being said, for a 10k debt your monthlies should be around $110, for a 20k debt it should be around $250 and so on. If you find yourself paying your below that amount you are getting screwed hard. Although some people here seem to like paying 10 times more for the same thing, so who gives a fuck.
2. Look up the loan restructuring options before you get a loan, they're right in the pamphlet and an hour of reading now can prevent decades of headache later. Every single legit bank has the option of bankruptcy in case you are insolvent. They must by law, and because it's practical.
3. Believe in yourself, you don't need a third party to take control of your life, that kind of surrender of personal responsibility is for cults and children. You are stronger than all your doubts put together, and if failure comes knocking on your door stand up and face it knowing that it came from you, and anything you created you can unmake.
>> No. 383201
Think of your student loan as a Troll game boss.

This game boss is weak with low damage but has 10000 points of health. And as an added troubling issue his gimmick is health regeneration at 700 points per hit.

In this fight DPS doesn't matter, if you do a constant DPS of 500 with your lvl 3 dagger, he's going to be able to tank it out because he regens more than that each time you hit him.

You heed high alpha, like your Dragonbone Sword boosted to lvl 10 by the Ring of Reclaiming, which does a high alpha of 5000 but has low DPS at 300 per second. Even so every hit about 4300 damage will be slipped past his regen rate and soon enough he'll be gone.

The higher damage you do, the more punishment you can push past his regeneration, and with a high enough alpha his regen of 700 per hit won't matter.
>> No. 383202
File 137688051057.gif - (1.82MB , 720x405 , 1375471111046.gif )

A "bad economy" isn't a sound reason for not getting a job. That's a boogie-man argument used by people who don't emphasize their skills and knowledge during the application process. That's an argument used by people with a generic CV that isn't tailored for the position they're applying for and cover letters that don't stand out. That's an argument for people who get letters of recommendation from their uncles and high school teachers during their third year in college instead of from reputable professors who they impressed with their performance in their classes. That's an argument for people who couldn't be arsed to make professional relationships because they were too "busy" with "other things" to "prepare for their own futures."

Don't be one of those people, anon. Put the fucking comic book down and get dat ass moving.


Quite good. By having little free time, I inadvertently forced myself to only socialize with people who shared similar professional interests. I hung out with people from my research labs. I went drinking on Fridays with other interns at the graphic design place I worked at. I played vidya with a group of classmates I kept having the same high-level electives with. Fun fact: two of those jobs I talked about came from these pools of people, not random nerds who post on an anonymous internet forum.

I mean, you guys are cool (sometimes [ok rarely]) but you can't do shit to get me access to the people and places I actually want to go in my life.


So walking out of a university with three degrees (on said university's bill) in the same amount of time it took most other people to get one is less impressive? That's not what the PhD's who asked me to come to their program even though I didn't apply to them thought. Gee, anon, let me know what I could have done better.
>> No. 383203
Back in Houston and it feels so g- Oh hey we're talking about debt?

Well, I had some, but seeing as my parents are very rich and shit, they paid it all off with the leftover of their bonus (they'd spent most on the new Acuras and that trip in Greece with the new boat, but they had enough left over, and sort of did it behind my back or I'd have stopped them.)

I have to pay for this last semester, but 10k's better than 100k. And Dad said he'd pay that too if I get full As so... woohoo.
>> No. 383204
You seem to think I am asking for help now. I'm not. I am saying that if I had had the assistance that the people in other countries get when I was just starting out, I would be much better off now, and the additional Income Tax strain wouldn't even be an issue because I would be making more money than I am now, having established a career.

You are trying to give advice like you're some sort of grown up who's got his shit sorted out talking to a child, and that's not what's happening here. You are a person who favors small short-term gains over large long-term gains, gains which help both the community and you more than you would've gotten from the short-term gains. But because it feeds into this cult of self-sufficiency you've bought into, you feel like it is better that you and the rest of the world are in a worst situation than you would be if you would act with more community-mindedness.

The situation is this: I am doing great now. If I were like you, I would take this as a sign that everyone else can go fuck themselves. But I don't think that way, because I recognize that when other people do better, it benefits me more than when only I am doing well--the economy is better, the creative output of society is better, and violent crime is lower (because those who are doing well financially tend to commit more white-collar crimes than violent ones), and because I remember where I came from. I was in a bad situation, which I have come out of. If I had had government assistance during that time, I would most likely be contributing to society much more than I am now. As it is, I am only able to serve my own interests, rather than the interests of the community.

In other words: fucking pay for college for kids so one of them will cure cancer before I get it.
>> No. 383205
Reminder to self to ban Spreeses from this discussion when I get home.
>> No. 383206
One day I'll be a responsible adult and care about pointless things like money. Or maybe I'll die. Either way, I guess.
>> No. 383210
i actually pity you the way i pity a pampered toy dog who thinks that being let out in the backyard is the same as going outside.

i hope your mom carries you around in her purse so that you can be the shit in someone's vast and bottomless useless sack.

oh. glad to see you being a functional human being. i hope you continue to bring your talents to somewhere far more useful than plus4chan.
>> No. 383211
File 137688406826.jpg - (39.65KB , 662x593 , 136797891590.jpg )
>large long-term gains
I don't call paying more than I have to a gain.

Also if the government route of dealing with student debt is not nearly as efficient as you think. Take the government of Canada for example, they lend from banks for low interest (1-2%) and then lend to the student for higher interest (3-4%), pocketing the difference. At the same time there are banks that offer student loans at 3%. Sorry if that doesn't fit everyone's definition of an improvement.

>I would be much better off now
Your own personal experience doesn't apply to everyone. My own loan was 20k and I'm paying it off quite easily while developing my career, in fact my loan is kind of what pushed me into the job market.
No I wouldn't want to pay half a million dollars more in taxes over my lifetime just so I have a perceived "head start", I'd rather buy a house with that money so my kids can inherit something other than a bloated tax system.

>this cult of self-sufficiency you've bought into
This sentence gave me a brain aneurysm.
>> No. 383212
remember that time you lost your shit on skype and scared the bejeezus out of luke and me because you told your dad you were doing great in school (which was a lie because you didn't do shit that whole semester) and all you had to do was pass a class that had an open book test but you lost the fucking book the day of the test and you were WAILING AT HOW UNFAIR EVERYTHING WAS.

that's not even procrastination and anxiety levels of bullshit. that much i can understand. you just think everything that you get should be handed to you on a silver platter.

you're broken in ways that waste the resources that people who will never have the opportunities you've been given would risk their life and happiness to attain. i hope you appreciate that.
>> No. 383213
and that you have the gall to brag about how someone else is cleaning up after your mess in front of people who have been slaving away to make sure they don't suffer later and people who are trapped in debt so steep it puts them in context anxiety and depression?

i don't blow up that often on this site. not like this. but you gotta get some perspective. you're waving cake in front of starving people and telling stories about how it was too hard to make it to the kitchen to get real food.

there's no excuse for that.
>> No. 383214
tl;dr welcome back, spreeses.
>> No. 383215
File 137688844882.jpg - (285.53KB , 720x654 , pleaseninjadonthurtem.jpg )
>> No. 383216
Jesus Christmas people, chill the fuck out. Spreeses didn't mean anything by it.
>> No. 383217
you're right. it's a privilege to be able to talk openly like this with all walks of life on this board.

i'll show myself out.
>> No. 383218
>So walking out of a university with three degrees (on said university's bill) in the same amount of time it took most other people to get one is less impressive? That's not what the PhD's who asked me to come to their program even though I didn't apply to them thought. Gee, anon, let me know what I could have done better.
I'm pretty sure he meant it's less impressive because the way you said it made it clear you're a smug douche who is telling us these things to impress us. Which means you're inherently less impressive.

If even you don't think it's impressive enough to stop giving a shit about whether or not other people are impressed by it--why should we?
>> No. 383221
in case filling out surveys wasn't already a poor enough measure of personality and compatibility

the ex that i dated for three years (two of them somewhat miserable) scored a staggering 89% compatibility with me.

and much like exes past, we look great on paper.

anyway, i only found this out because okstupid tracks visitors and even alerts you when someone with high compatibility starts looking at your profile. she chased the rabbit down the rabbit hole and looked at mine. no harm no foul i suppose. just more evidence that people are not good at evaluating themselves or other people for that matter.
>> No. 383222
I would just take that as evidence that compatibility alone is not enough to guarantee that you'll be happy with someone.
>> No. 383223
that may also be quite true, but i saw her profile and i do believe she very very much misrepresented herself unknowingly.

for example, she thinks she's not aggressive and that she doesn't like to start fights.

>> No. 383224
arguably the biggest issue with these dating sites is that in filling out the forms it is representing what you think of yourself, not who you are.
>> No. 383225
Why is it that all the girls you ever see in all these wet t-shirt and girls gone wild videos are white?
>> No. 383226
I can't find the article but it's basically because their dads are rich.

They're the only ones who are well off enough, financially, to be taking those kinds of college trips and potentially doing dumb shit like flashing your tits for t-shirts and hats. Everybody else goes to college to get an education, or arguably to make connections, both professional and personal. In either case, many people lack the funds and the means, and since they were likely more focused on studies and trying to actually do their work and elevate themselves out of poverty or a shitty situation, spending money is generally not an option, let alone getting tit-flash levels of drunk at a bar in where the fuck ever. Everybody else is trying to get by.
>> No. 383227

would you like to guess where the booby money went?
>> No. 383228

Behold the best tumblr
>> No. 383229
Speaking about money, I was thinking of when I was younger. People generally had more video games than we did, or went to Cancun every year, or went to Disney World/Land several times in one year, and I think at least one person I knew had a boat. I had none of these things, but people used to call me spoilt because I'd get a game for $20 that was several years old, and I'd feel so guilty that I now hate getting things or going shopping. I don't want to be thought of as some rich jerk who floats through life without having to try.
>> No. 383230
You know that ain't true.
>> No. 383231
>arguably the biggest issue with these dating sites is that in filling out the forms it is representing what you think of yourself, not who you are.

We need some kind of website that has a pic of people on it and the only source of information is people who know them commenting on what they're like anonymously.

Yeah sure like half the posts will be enemies of said people being dicks, but if you take that in stride there's no way you'll be disappointed after the first date!

Both are equally arousing.
>> No. 383232
lol anyone else watching Olympics? Even besides the side bets, the drama surrounding the Snowden-Russia-LGBT situation is hilarious.
Like recently Sweden purchased a female runner from Ethiopia (Abeba Aregawi) and surprise, surprise: she's against gay marriage. It's causing a huge stir because all other Swedish athletes are making a pro-LGBT stand.

Another reason why politics has no place in sport.
>> No. 383233
>Yeah sure like half the posts will be enemies of said people being dicks, but if you take that in stride there's no way you'll be disappointed after the first date!

there won't be those types of comments if you're actually a catch
>> No. 383234
You don't need a dating site if you're actually a catch.
>> No. 383235
File 137693120162.jpg - (305.01KB , 1280x800 , tumblr_mohx63OC5L1r9943oo1_1280.jpg )
I just like this picture.
>> No. 383236
File 137693274835.jpg - (315.40KB , 900x674 , 1233697308177.jpg )
There's something deeply profound and beautiful about abandoned human structures.
>> No. 383237
File 137693393857.jpg - (236.89KB , 970x546 , tumblr_mre3lc0PUR1qd9pk0o1_1280.jpg )
Because there is a story there and it's always simple but never seems that way till you find it.
>> No. 383238
File 137693525855.jpg - (66.64KB , 570x418 , i dunno lol.jpg )
>looking for work and desperate to get out of this god-forsaken boring town
>sudden random phone call from cousin who i haven't spoken to me in months
>"hey tooth i heard you were looking for work well they're looking for bilingual tour guides in the languages you speak for schoolkids at the fucking beautiful local cathedral and it pays good money for flexible hours also you can stay with me and i won't charge you rent also we'll have a lot of fun and you'll have all the drugs and cool friends you could ever want."
>but she sometimes fuckin crazy with a 2 year old crazy baby and we haven't spoken in months because she got rump rumbled on facebook over me joking about wanting a starbucks or something

...Decisions, decisions...
>> No. 383239
Take the plunge. Opportunity is never perfect, but if you don't take it you'll be left behind.
>> No. 383240
dating sites are still options for people who are catches because some of us really don't like the options immediately available to us and we'd like to meet more people instead of settling for scumbags and babies
>> No. 383241
just go for it
>> No. 383242
eh, you still need to filter the riff-raff, and you can't necessarily do that irl. I don't think America is mature enough for a "rate my friends on a Would I Wouldn't I scale" dating website. The penis envy alone in this nation is off the fucking charts. I can just hear these motherfuckers bitching now.
>> No. 383243

You're bilingual? Also it's either that or prostitution so go for it.
>> No. 383244
The bird at the very end just crushed my heart.
>> No. 383245
Alright, I'll have a look at it. Hopefully she's not just full of hot air.

Trilingual, actually. Well, barely. I wasted the last two years of my life doing half a masters in Applied Languages and Translation. I would be one of those headset wearing conference translating motherfuckers at the EU if I'd stuck at it (and didn't suck at it).
>> No. 383246
I think the difference between you and I (so far as I can tell, and I apologize if I'm misunderstanding you) is that you are more concerned with complete independence, both in taking care of yourself and not having to take care of others, especially when they may not be trying to work for themselves. (Not that you're cold-hearted, but you may not see required payments into a large system as being useful.)

Myself, even if it would cost me more in the long run (and I haven't done the math, so wouldn't dispute that), I have no problem with the higher tax rate if it means that others get the help they need. I would directly benefit by going to the doctor if I feel I need to (instead of staying home because I can't afford it and hoping that whatever the issue is is not serious/permanent,) seeking therapy for my depression (which, again, I can't afford), and not having enormous debt over my head (though not debt free, some of that is from Credit Cards); but I also benefit indirectly, because a healthy and educated public is to my benefit. I'll be less likely to catch something, those that are mentally impaired (and, especially, potentially dangerous) with no support circle can be kept off the streets; better educated people are less likely to vote in nincompoops, maintain their homes which could affect mine, and more.

But, further out than that, we need steps like this to obtain the Jobless Economy. It's not that there will be no jobs at all, but between further and further automation (which started with assembly lines, but will eventually work down to fast food joints, unmanned garbage trucks, stores installing massive 3D printers and printing items on demand instead of small, simple items being shipped around and stocked) most jobs will become obsolete. Unless the population suddenly shrinks to meet this, we'll potentially have unemployment of 50% or more. If we have changed to a society more than willing to help each other out in many different capacities, it will lead to huge trouble. You can't have 50% of the population be marketers, middle-managers, and professional members of the arts.

I can see this happening in my lifetime, but even if it doesn't it's something we need to work towards.

As an aside, I see healthcare as being a necessary service, like police and fire, and so should be a part of the government. No matter what the companies say, public health insurance is 100% about profits. In addition, healthcare can't work with any kind of capitalist system. "Hi, my leg is ripped off, I have it here, how much is it to reattach? HOW MUCH?! Nevermind, I'll call the other hospital across town and see if they're any better..." A Single Payer system will make the whole thing work far more efficiently and cheaply (per person) than anything we have now.

(Though I agree that the system you described in Canada sounds a bit silly and isn't really an improvement.)
>> No. 383247

Critique plz

Okay I love you buh-bye
>> No. 383248
File 137697017940.jpg - (163.51KB , 640x480 , HNI_0049_MPO.jpg )
I'm currently near Chicago, IL.
So here are some sunflowers.
>> No. 383249
Man I wish I could live near Chicago, IL.
>> No. 383250
That's it. I'm done with this hugbox community.
>> No. 383251
I hope you had fun. Have a good live Mr. Nix.
>> No. 383252
Fine, I don't want to live near Chicago, IL.
>> No. 383253
who the fuck are you?
>> No. 383254
I'm never quite sure what to say with anything. I deal with this fine in real life by showing with action, but it makes communication over the internet difficult.
>> No. 383255
I have always had more trouble in reality because I've spent more of my time on here than out there. And there really isn't a limit to what you can say here. For example, I am a Huge-Dicked Sonuvabitch who Fucks like a God and Shits like a Racehorse. And as 100% true as that is, it doesn't fucking matter because who the fuck am I? People just love to argue.

Curiously there is a level of discussion that receives questionable looks both online and off. Any discussion into major aspects of crime or illegal activities, even as an intellectual pursuit, are eventually frowned upon because the theory might grow too close to practice.
>> No. 383258
See you in two weeks!
>> No. 383262
The camel is often called "The Ship of the Desert".
>> No. 383265
The sheep is often called "the mistress of new zealand"
>> No. 383269
This. I was never flirted with until I dated another girl for the first time. As soon as I told my friends "I'm dating a girl," I got a lot of pity from people who thought I had been burned by a guy, or I was afraid of penises, or from people who thought they needed to "redeem men" for me, and that I wasn't in a "real relationship", or the whole "I liked you first, but I never really talked to you, and how dare you, I deserve you more."

These were people who upfront told me "I need to be validated by a relationship," and "I need someone with a vagina and breasts who will pay attention to me." Why would I date you for reasons like that? If you don't need to date me specifically, but any woman will do, then look for someone else. Someone who isn't already in a monogamous relationship.
>> No. 383270
File 137702242652.jpg - (114.54KB , 1000x800 , haha neck.jpg )
>> No. 383272
That's not curious at all. There are boundaries in place for a reason. I'm just happy you're there to break them down.
>> No. 383273
> I got a lot of pity from people
Where do you even find people like that? Get better friends.
>> No. 383274
People who are perfectly nice and friendly until you mention you're pansexual, and then they become either really nasty about it, or at least really naive and unintentionally insensitive. There sadly still are people who think a gay person has just been burned by the opposite sex, or has no luck with them, or "don't get" how they work.

I mean, to be honest, I have had a lot of shitty run-ins with dudes, but I've also had a lot of shitty run-ins with women. I just choose to believe certain individuals suck, not men and/or women as a whole.
>> No. 383275
File 137702793784.gif - (0.96MB , 500x270 , tumblr_m9lvi8iofV1qa010co1_500.gif )
>Had a driver's test today
>Find out first thing I start the test that I can't use my car because the emergency brake doesn't work
>All this time, I didn't think to check that the emergency brake did in fact work.
>Next available test is September 19th
>Have to carpool with my mother to college every day at eight for classes that don't start until two.
>> No. 383276
It's just 6 hours of napping outside. You'll be fine. Set a cellphone alarm.
>> No. 383277
Oh lol, that's because pansexual is a very recently made up niche term, they probably don't know what you mean.

You can't honestly blame people for not knowing about a term most sexologists in the world haven't heard of yet. Even omnisexual, a synonym that's far older and more accepted than pansexual, will still fly over the heads of 99 out of 100 people.

Just tell them "I'm open to anything" and people will understand you plus you won't get weird stares.
>> No. 383278
Does anyone here have any links to some decent fighting references for drawing, particularly sword and staff fighting?

I just tell people I'm bisexual to avoid the blank looks or eye-rolls. That comes with it's own problems (it's 2013 and basically no-one takes bisexuals seriously yet) but it's a bit easier.
>> No. 383281
Since I'm not looking these terms up at work: What, if any, is the difference between bisexual, omnisexual, and pansexual?
>> No. 383283
Pretty sure there's something of that vein in there.

Pansexuals date transgender and intersex people.
Bisexuals might say "I'll date men and women, but only men and women that are whatever they were born as."
>> No. 383285
*also date

I was honestly shocked recently that there was even a difference-- being pan, I figured that a bi person wouldn't have an issue dating someone transgender or intersex.
>> No. 383287

Most bi people would probably be cool with it, for what I've seen. If pansexual was more wildly used/known, I think a considerable number of bi folk would identify as pan instead.
>> No. 383289
awww yis doin muh taxes, time for free money from the government
>your employer paid only the bare minimum tax
>you earned more than some bloody threshold
>therefore it is you that will be giving the money

i swear to god the first thing im going to do if i ever get such power is burn this fucking company to the ground. not just smiths. doritos. lays. fritos. mountain dew. every fucking subsidiary, all of fucking pepsico. the only thin i hate more than this fucking company is every cunt who walks straight into a permanant position WHILE I'VE BEEN SLAVING MY FUCKING ASS OFF AS A FUCKING LOWEST OF THE LOW FUCKING CASUAL FOR TWO WHOLE FUCKING YEARS AND THEY JUST GET THE JOB THAT THE FAINT FUCKING HOPE OF GETTING IS THE ONLY FUCKING REASON I'VE WASTED TWO WHOLE THIS FUCKING CARDBOARD AND POTATO FILLED HELL HOLE

i cant even remember how i started this post but fuck it reply away
>> No. 383290
The three are interchangeable synonyms, although poorly educated people sometimes read differences into them. Like recently someone came up to me and said pansexuals are also pro-animal sex and pedophilia, which isn't even near the definition.

>Pansexuals date transgender and intersex people.
So do bisexuals, there is no real difference. However when people who like any sex refuse lumberjacks in skirts, badly made up drag queens or cheap plastic surgery jobs, people call us bisexual for some reason. I will date transgenders if I'm attracted to them, people still say I'm bisexual because I'm not instantly attracted to all transgenders. Apparently it's bad manners to have standards.

#1 pet peeve is transgenders that put zero effort into their appearance and expect you to like them.
>> No. 383292
I can't recall if you live in the states; if you don't, the following will be 100% useless to you.

When you joined wherever you work, you probably filled out a W-4. A major part of this asked about exemptions. The more exemptions you claim, the less taxes are pulled from your pay. But you still owe those taxes; at the end of the year, you might be able to claim deductions to lower what you owe, but you won't know for sure until then. (Your company/employer pays other taxes, separate from what is taken out of your check.)

If this is an issue for you (and it seems it is), then look at the tax records you received, which should contain the exemptions you claim somewhere. Most single, childless people can claim 1 exemption, at most, but it's a good idea to claim 0 exemptions. This will make it far more likely that you get a refund at the end of the year or, at worst, pay nothing extra.

This is for a simple employer-employee relationship, though; contractors and other sorts have more complicated rules they have to go by, so depending your job YMMV. If it is more complex, it will be worth it to sit down for an hour or so with a tax professional (not H&R Block, haha) to go over how to best keep from owing the government at the end of the year.
>> No. 383293
>internet "native cultures"
bitch you cracker as hell if you think you should call xilmapopoca and other stuff "my gods/beliefs"
>> No. 383294
Nobody, regardless of sexuality, is attracted to 100% of the population of [insert whatever they're attracted to here]. I don't see how that's any different.
>> No. 383297

my partner reckons she can get to 0 if not some kind of refund and she's a fucking wizrd when it comes to numbers so we'll see how it is next week.

either way im probably going to get payroll to up my tax contribution to the max so i can enjoy a huge payout next year
>> No. 383298
Finally figured out my real problem with trying to create (write, pixel art, etc.): I don’t have anything to say. I lack a ‘voice’ of my own.
>> No. 383299
My deepest condolences for your inevitable and horrible death.

Maybe do free, simple commissions and be someone else's voice? Perhaps you can find a voice that jives well with you, and you make a partnership of one part idea and one part execution.
>> No. 383300

Eh, I’d love to take a commission, but I lack a way of accepting payments. (It’s hard to get paid over the Internets when you don’t have a bank account, and it’s nigh impossible to get a bank account without money to begin with. Paradoxical, ain’t it?)
>> No. 383301
There's still journalism, where a lack of imagination is considered a good thing.
>> No. 383302
>I lack a way of accepting payments
>free, simple commissions
The point is that you post requests for ideas, take one or two on a loose basis, and you potentially get motivation in exchange for a short story/simple image for someone else.

We could use more of that here in American Journalism.
>> No. 383303

I’ve done a free pixel piece or two before. Still have one or two sprites I wanna do for other people, but I can’t seem to get the initial outlining and shit down. Just need more practice and less procrastination.
>> No. 383306
Journalism was at one point considered the way to learn to write. Douglas Adams and Warren Ellis have both made note of it, I think--I know Douglas Adams got his start as a reporter, but I'm not sure about Ellis. He might've been writing about how it affected Hunter S. Thompson, in reference to Spider Jerusalem or something.

I think Adams had an essay about it in Salmon of Doubt, where he mostly talked about how it forced you to develop a voice, and to learn to work under pressure, and how to find subjects to write about even when you didn't have anything about it.

Or possibly this was stuff Neil Gaiman wrote in his biography of Adams. It was a long time ago that I read it, so I can't recall for sure.
>> No. 383307

I read a similar sentiment elsewhere. I swear one of the names you mentioned came up. Might’ve been Thompson.
>> No. 383309
File 137704584423.jpg - (2.95MB , 3128x4676 , fox news.jpg )
Imagination? I didn't think American journalism could get more yellow.
>> No. 383310
No, I mean our journalism needs more of a lack of imagination.
>> No. 383311
oh lol
>> No. 383314
Something about that statement strikes me as misguided.
>> No. 383315
File 137704842911.jpg - (16.80KB , 320x231 , frank-costanza-meets-the-fusilli-jerry.jpg )
fuck my period especially without birth control controlling my hormones

I'm emotional and nervous over nothing at the moment and that's really pissing me off

I haven't felt this angsty in years
>> No. 383316

Here, I'll help with that.


Now you don't have to feel angsty. You can feel paranoid instead. :D
>> No. 383317
i miss my friends and i don't know if they ever miss me
>> No. 383318
Same anon here. It's funny because earlier I was talking to a friend on Steam and all I could think about was what an outsider reading it would think since we have creepy sounding conversations and then I got super paranoid that someone else was reading it

I'm seriously fucked up right now
>> No. 383319

You’re not the only one.

>> No. 383321
You should use a higher quality optics. I suggest Posp 6 by 42 D, they have no imperfections and provide a clear picture while fitting natively on a cheap SKS or more accurate SVD.
>> No. 383323
What is going on with hospital billing/can they garnish your paycheck?

This hospital I went to is known for having a charity program, treating homeless people, etc and they still are charging me double my monthly income (this is AFTER I sent in my application for financial assistance and laid out my money status for them.) I told them there I couldn't pay that amount, was denied a payment plan because I have bad credit (and what the flipping fuck is that reasoning), and now collection agencies are calling me. I'm ignoring it for now, my credit is already fucked. I had an emergency. The cast that was supposed to stay on for six weeks fell off in four days because it was so shitty. I've already called all the right numbers and said all the right things and no one wants to fucking help with this situation because in the end, I'm just another number for a collection agency to plug in their database. Fucking American healthcare, my god.
>> No. 383327
Nevermind that ASMR thing turned out to be really awkwardly porny.
>> No. 383328
Yeah, that's pretty much how it works. If you get sick and you don't have insurance, you're fucked.

Funny thing is this: even though people go on and on about how important it is not to have socialized medicine, the taxpayer is actually still paying for situations like yours--and more than we would be if we just went with socialized medicine. So what I'm saying is, the current health care system we have doesn't only cost YOU more money for this operation you're getting, it costs the rest of us more money, too.

But as long as we're fighting godless communism, I guess it's better than everyone being healthier and richer or something.
>> No. 383332
I'm bi, that's what I identify as because I only heard of "pansexual" and "omnisexual" when I discovered the interwebs. I used to hesitate on the subject of transpeople, but nowadays I'm over that. Flirt with errybody errywhere, but just for fun.
>> No. 383334
File 137708927840.jpg - (167.42KB , 720x1116 , america france.jpg )
>But as long as we're fighting godless communism, I guess it's better than everyone being healthier and richer or something.
Damn straight.

Give me liberty, or give me death!
>> No. 383342
These pork roulades with cottage cheese filling are a bitch to cook. Never again.
>> No. 383344
my moms in trouble and my brother is such a piece of shit that as soon as i suggest him kicking in 50-100 bucks to help her out , he stops texting and emailing me back. im so fucking angry right now i can barely breathe. he makes twice as much as me and im offering to pay the bulk of this shit and he still has the nerve to basically ignore me.
>> No. 383345
>> No. 383346
actually its more like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder
>> No. 383351
turn your brother into biodiesel
>> No. 383355
Vroom vrooom
>> No. 383361
Animal Crossing is neat. And I've made enough to pay back my medical bills. The only thing left is for something to go wrong.
>> No. 383374
I read that as Vin Diesel originally.
>> No. 383379
that's a much better plan in the end
>> No. 383382
I want as a DVD bonus feature on one of the Riddick movies to be a video of Vin playing D&D. Apparently he's an avid player, and he played it with Judi Dench once. She DM's for her kids.
>> No. 383384
> Judi Dench
What the fucking fuck?
>> No. 383385
>Please list 4 work related references that aren't supervisors
>that aren't supervisors
>aren't supervisors

Great. Aside from the fact that I don't even have contact information for a few of my coworkers, I just wasted all that time filling out the application when I have to ask some coworkers if they'd be cool vouching for me. And since it's a half hour until midnight, that's going to have to wait until tomorrow, at the very least.

I hate job applications so much. It feels even worse when you want to get so much done in one day and I get to a point like this. That's wasted time. Fuck, I could have at least been doing something I like.

And before you ask, this one did not give me an option to save.
>> No. 383386
Dungeon Master. She sets up dungeon plots for her grandkids.
>> No. 383388
Why would they want to talk anyone else who isn't a supervisor?
>> No. 383392
I know what it is, brainiac, I'm expressing surprise that she is one.
>> No. 383396
>I have to ask some coworkers if they'd be cool vouching for me
You're supposed to ask before you list references?
>> No. 383397
>I have to ask some friends and family if they'd be cool with pretending to be my bosses from a bunch of jobs I've never worked at.
>> No. 383398
Many companies, especially the larger ones, forbid active supervisors/bosses from giving references for anyone beneath them. Mainly to protect themselves from lawsuits, because the supervisor is seen in acting in an official capacity. If someone does put them down, all they can do is forward the caller to HR, who will give them the years and positions the person worked there, nothing more. So a lot of companies have that requirement just to avoid the whole thing.

Absolutely. Not only is it a courtesy thing ("Hey man, can I put you down?" "Yeah" "Cool, don't be surprised if someone calls over the next month or two"), but it also gives you a chance to better gauge how someone would respond to such a call; if you've worked with someone but don't know them well personally, they might give you a bad reference, especially if they're called out of the blue.

Or, if it's a really old co-worker, they might not remember you right away when someone calls if you don't touch base first, which is also a negative against you.

Finally, you can make sure you have up-to-date contact info for them. Nothing worse than having a reference that has "This number is no longer in service" when someone calls it.
>> No. 383399
I know all my references on a personal level, so I don't really have the risk of running into any of those problems.
I've really never considered it though, cause if I ever got a call and they were like "What's up Mr. Poke, we're [x] and would like you to give a reference on Mandy" I wouldn't even begin to give a fuck that she didn't ask first, I'd just give them my recommendation.
Maybe that's kind of rude of me.
>> No. 383400
File 137719295489.png - (38.59KB , 545x377 , Capture.png )
>> No. 383402
Goddamn, drawing porn is so hard.
>> No. 383405

>> No. 383406
File 137720739475.jpg - (69.20KB , 366x440 , oh really3.jpg )
if its soft youre doing it wrong
>> No. 383407
Soft is easy. But drawing people fucking, blowing and fisting each other from an angle that still makes you see everything without looking unnatural is really, really fucking hard. It's a tour de force of anatomy. And I haven't done life drawings in over two years, so I'm appropiately rusty. It's disheartening.
>> No. 383409
>still makes you see everything
hiding some things is nice, that's why we invented lingerie.
>> No. 383410
That's very nice and romantic of you to think that way. But hiding things is not really the point of hardcore pornography.
>> No. 383412
It is of good hardcore pornography. One of the best ways to tell an amateur pornographer from a skilled one is that the amateur always tries to show everything at once and their finished art suffers for it.

This is also why comics can be useful rather than single drawings--you can see more when you can do multiple panels.
>> No. 383415
OK I recently had a kind of thought provoking discussion about a sensitive subject, so I'm gonna ask you guys.

If you skip out on paying a prostitute, is it rape, theft, fraud or breach of contract?

If a pimp sleeps with a prostitute, is it rape, embezzling or kickbacks?

>> No. 383416
(This is all ignoring the local illegality of prostitution in the first place.) Neither case would be rape; the prostitute (supposedly) willingly had sex. It would only be rape if the prostitute didn't consent, was coerced into the act, or had impaired decision-making (drugged/drunk).

For the first, it's the same thing as what happens when you hire a gardener, he does his work, and you don't pay him after the fact. I think that if you never intended to pay the person in the first place it would be fraud, but if you just refused to pay them after the fact (perhaps for unsatisfactory work) then it's breach of contract. Theft doesn't work because you don't deprive someone of a possession (if you agree to pay after the service, the money isn't theirs yet). If the reverse happens, where you pay someone and they don't do the promised work, then it could also include theft since they're depriving you of money you already have.

In the second case, it can't be kickbacks because those are from an outside party. If the prostitute was a contractor and, in exchange for taking her on and promoting her more than the other prostitutes, she gave you a cut of her take then it could be kickbacks. Embezzlement is a specific form of theft, where the theft is from one's own company. If she's on the clock and the "pimp" (or manager/agent, in a civilized world) had sex with her during that time he might be depriving the company of potential income, but this act alone isn't illegal as it's just incompetence/poor management.

It would be embezzlement if she passed on payment and, instead of recording it properly, the manager took it for himself.

Now, if he was going to pay her for the act and then didn't, it would be the same as a client who didn't pay up for the first example.

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, yadda yadda.
>> No. 383417
I'd charge them both with all crimes. Simple solution.
>> No. 383418
if the consent of the sexual contact is conditional and those conditions are not met (eg 'we can have sex but only if you wear a condom' and the guy take it off halfway through), then consent is withdrawn and it's sexual assault...or something like that. there was a recent case along those lines in the news not long ago, i don't really car enough to look it up. i think it depends where you're from, really.
>> No. 383419
"There is no such thing as a plea of innocence in my court. A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time. Guilty."

~ Inquisitor Lord, Fyodor Karamazov
>> No. 383420
If prostitution were decriminalized, I would suggest specific laws be written to define situations like the former scenario. I would say that it was at the very least sexual assault/rape for the reasons >>383418 gave AND breach of contract--not sure if fraud really enters into it unless they forge their signature on the contract or something.

For the second case, of the pimp sleeping with the prostitute, it would depend on the situation. If her career was threatened if she didn't sleep with him, it'd be exactly the same as if a manager at Denny's threatened to fire a waitress that didn't sleep with him. And obviously if he just talked her into it, there'd be no crime, as long as she was okay with it. And of course if he paid her, it'd just be a standard business transaction.

The question comes interesting when it comes to the Pimp giving her a bigger cut of the profits for agreeing to sleep with him--obviously in any other business, this would be considered sexual harassment and verboten. But in a sex-for-hire business, it is essentially just giving her an extra assignment of work she already agrees to do for "overtime" pay, so to speak.
>> No. 383421
> i think it depends where you're from, really
Indeed. This looks like a good run down for some countries: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-19333439

And are you referring to Julian Assange? One of the two women that filed claims against him included consent with a condom, but said he later had sex with her without one. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/24/how-is-rape-defined-around-the-world_n_1823272.html half way down the page.)
>> No. 383422
Prostitution is legal/decriminalised in more or less every civilised country in the world, go find what the laws say for them,

Nah, it was a husband and wife. I think they had a shitload of kids and she didn't want any more and then pressed charges when he refused to wear a condom/took it off or something like that. idk, it doesn't matter much.
>> No. 383423
So you're saying if you can put conditions on saying yes to sex (condom/money/favors etc) then that applies to this hypothetical scenario as well?

I guess in that case it would be some kind of consent issue.
>> No. 383424
Yeah, but pimping is legal in most of those countries, is it? My understanding was that pimps were the guys in charge of street walkers, and even in countries where prostitution was legal, street walking wasn't.
>> No. 383425
> I would suggest specific laws be written to define situations like the former scenario.
Ehhhhhhhh if that's what it takes to decriminalize prostitution, so be it. But I think that's going overboard.

Prostitutes, deliverymen/mailmen, and NFL players have one thing in common: They primarily use their body. NFL players use it to move a ball and/or smash into each other, mailmen use it to sort, parse, and carry mail, and prostitutes use it for sex. It's this last thing that seems to send everyone a-twitter (or to Twitter.) Especially when done in conjunction with a condom and/or birth control, this is just another physical act but the majority of (American) society treats it as some special act, evangelical or not, when the only big difference is the amount pleasure you get from it. (Yes, there's that whole baby thing involved, but that's only possible in the specific case of sperm in vagina; not all sex acts end with this, and with birth control the chance of babby drops dramatically, so I don't consider it part of the issue.) From an anthropological stand-point, this was probably done by early human societies as a way to stop over-population or, perhaps, health problems from women getting pregnant at older ages. With the birth control we have these days, this is moot.

At least in America, we already have laws to handle any situation. If the prostitute doesn't consent to the act, then it's rape. Otherwise, it falls under the same laws that apply to any other service person that goes unpaid, such as the gardener I mentioned earlier. Creating special, unnecessary laws regarding prostitution just makes things more complicated and would keep the whole industry under a darker cloud than it would already be.

Or, look at it from a different angle: If the gardener doesn't get paid, does the one who commissioned the work get charged with slavery? Either that person gets charged with slavery and the person who fails to pay a prostitute gets charged with rape (at least until they pay up, and then the charges magically vanish,) or neither gets charged with either.

In any case, the moral of the story is to get the payment up front.
>> No. 383426
>Sex not sacred
Don't be silly. That's like eating or shitting not being sacred. But I guess that's a digression.

It's useful to have precedent, and the court system would probably pick at least one. Personally, I consider the first a breach of contract, and the second is rape if she felt coerced into it and otherwise just sexual harassment in the work place. Then again, I've never met a pimp that didn't advocate coercion.
>> No. 383428
>That's like eating or shitting not being sacred. But I guess that's a digression.
Please do so, because I have no idea what you mean by this.
>> No. 383430
oh son of a goddamn fucking bitch i think i've been misrepresenting/misinterpreting data for the last four months.
it's not the end of the world but fucking shit fucks. goddammit balls crap butts.

not happy.

not happy at all.
>> No. 383432
Obviously it's rape regardless, but I meant that defining the type of civil offense it is would benefit from having some specific laws to define what would otherwise be a gray area. Defining whether prostitutes are contractors, for example, and therefore whether failure to pay would be breach of contract or what. A lot of businesses have unique laws dedicated to the civil side of things.
>> No. 383435
Fucker keep a clean journal!

Repeat this x10:
This is my journal. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My journal is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My journal, without me, is useless. Without my journal, I am useless. I must write only truth in my journal. I must write more correctly than my rivals who are trying to take my grants. I must outdo them before they beat me. And I will...

My journal and I know that what counts in this battle is not the words we write, the results of our calculations, nor the hypotheses we make. We know that it is the experiment that counts. And we will analyze...

My journal is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its margins, its accessories, its pens and its paper. I will keep my journal clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. And we will...

Before God, I swear this creed. My journal and I are the defenders of my university. We are the masters of plebs. We are the saviors of life.

So be it, until victory is science and there is no pleb, but peace!
>> No. 383437
good news everyone (you)
i did look at my old presentations and lab notebooks and i had a brain fart this week that made me think that my shit was retarded and i was sciencing like a fag.

i'm in the clear, bra but i can't help but feel like you're onto something.

i will pour my lifeblood into my lab notebook from here on lest i bleed out on the lab floor.
>> No. 383438

Seriously though, if anyone knows of anything like this holla
>> No. 383440
File 137725042296.jpg - (272.12KB , 1500x805 , Comic_Con_2011_25838.jpg )
Again on a spree of looking up vastly superior artists and feeling inadequate in every single possible way.
>> No. 383441
>i was sciencing like a fag

But fag science is the best science.

There will always be someone better than you. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to the you of the past and the you of now, then ask yourself how you can improve.
>> No. 383443
i hear that. there's this amazing artist on tumblr i follow and i adore her art (even if 90% of it is of a character I don't even especially like) and she's 17 and self-taught and sometimes i just browse her art-tag and alternate between swooning and getting angry at myself because if i had worked hard enough when i was younger i could be that good now (maybe). feels bad, man. however it has motivated me to try properly drawing again for the first time since i went to university. maybe i could be that good in 100 years.
>> No. 383444
Welp, I'm back home now.
Back to the daily grinding of teeth over shit I've should have done months ago.
>> No. 383445
>There will always be someone better than you.
Unless you're bruce lee.
>> No. 383448
I got some bad news for you...
>> No. 383449
something i always loved about bruce was that he was perpetually afraid of running into the one kind of person who he knew could beat him -

a younger, healthier, more naturally gifted version of himself.

but no one is another version of bruce lee. he tried to depict a version of this nemesis in the game of death with kareem, where the only way he could win was by taking advantage of a weakness that was outside of the typical rules of engagement. it wasn't cheating, but it wasn't fighting fair, and that's the point. real fights are life or death.
>> No. 383451
>going to wedding for super religious friend
>halfway across the country (south to north)
>was invited for an all weekend
fooling around, alcohol, and tv-show watching weekend with girl i'm dating because her roommate is gone.
we're not exclusive yet so... uhh...
this wedding better be in-fucking-credible or i will fly back down saturday night to break that girl in half.
>> No. 383453
Uhh... do something before you leave? Or bring her with.
>> No. 383457
so she took a look at it and it turns out the automatic prefill put my income in TWICE. once as my income and once as a fucking fringe benefit

also apparently i could claim a volunteer disability carers benefit but its not going to be worth it for just this year
>> No. 383463
i would have payed for her plane ticket if i she could have been able to come to the wedding (limited guests) and i don't know her well enough to leave her with my brother and his gf.

also we're both too busy to meet. i'm dying. i'm died.
>> No. 383467
So does that mean you get a refund (or at least pay nothing) now?
>> No. 383468
yeah not much but its something
>> No. 383470
Give her something to remember you by. A kiss, a poem, a present, a hickey, an ear... Bitches love ears.

But seriously, is this girl so starved for it she's going to drop you like a hot potato if you're gone for 2 days? If the answer to that question is yes, please give me her number and I'll take care of her while you're gone, scouts honor.
>> No. 383472
Better than owing monies to the government.
>> No. 383473
no you misunderstand.
i'm the one who's starved. famished. ravenous. I AM A MAN. I HAVE NEEDS.
>> No. 383478
It's a wedding, man. Do one of the bridesmaids.
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