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File 137857247075.png - (195.06KB , 754x1017 , 1283124514_furseiseki_agreattaskipaw.png )
384187 No. 384187
So, like, I forgot what I was doing, so… *paw*

Also: needs more bears.

( ó㉨ò)
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>> No. 384188
why does no-one ever send me photos of themselves shirtless and flexing

no ferro you don't count
you too barbie
>> No. 384189
neither do you, then. sheesh.
>> No. 384191
Like I said, I tried bodyweight shit and just couldn't get into it since, like most things, I was doing it alone in my room ;_; but post routine?
>> No. 384192
this isn't fair but i have some martial arts training that i switch in and out of when i get bored of calisthenics, but i've also been incorporating gymnastic stuff.

that means each day i choose something to focus on (upper body, core, legs, coordination) and move between yoga, calisthenics, and martial arts drills (with and without escrima sticks).

having goals like being able to flip around or punch at a certain rate really makes getting in shape actually feel like it matters.

when i get a set routine, i'll post it, but i'm too undisciplined to do anything but play it by ear each morning. i can feel what my body needs.
>> No. 384193

sent ;)
>> No. 384194
How many professionals do we have on this board?

Not fans or hobbyists; actual professionals in something?
>> No. 384195
File 137858481779.jpg - (316.34KB , 2400x1840 , 60856-yoplait-cosmo-3d-original.jpg )

That's what it tastes like.

It tastes like gay people things in semi-liquid form. It feels wrong to eat.
>> No. 384196

ive done some freelance stuff for real companies v0v
>> No. 384197
Owner's A/C is busted again, apparently. Fucking dammit. His horrible insulation means all the heat gathers up here on the second floor and all the cool air rushes out. :/
>> No. 384198
I work at a rather large tech company, though I'm more entry level, not a degreed specialist in anything.
>> No. 384199
Well, Dude Von Doom is a Nordic God. But he's not here so I guess that doesn't count.
>> No. 384200
>major crush on namefag
No stop she's not even on the same continent nothing will happen
>> No. 384201
nope. he's gone.

pre-professional still... i can't wait to get my PhD and be a useful piece of shit.
>> No. 384203
I'm officially a network engineer of some sort. I don't know if that counts as professional or not though.
>> No. 384204
i'm a professional waste of time and space

that's just mean
>> No. 384205

>i'm a professional waste of time and space

>> No. 384207

Maybe I'll show you guys what I look like half naked some day. But not today.

Also, I think my webcam's broken. It didn't work when I tried to take a picture of myself two weeks ago.
>> No. 384208
I'm a professional kebab maker.
>> No. 384209
I'm a professional liar.
>> No. 384210
ever since fucking new years my life has been on this god damn downward spiral and fuck fuck i hate everything fuck fuck fuck i hate everyone fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i want everyone to hate me fuck fuck fuck fuck i need some dark chocolate right now and my therapists number wait no it would be rude of me to fucking call right now but still aaaaa
>> No. 384211
why do i only come here to bitch after something shitty happens
>> No. 384212
they dont make showers hot enough for this
>> No. 384213
i need a picture of the girl i'm dating so i can show all my friends and say "That's the puppet master that cursed my dick."
>> No. 384214
That's just kind of what we all treat this place as, someplace we can go to spill our sorrows and some of our joys, anonymous or namefriend.

I read in a fiction book once that psychologists were actually trying to supplant a role that had previously been fulfilled by Priests. Not to demean people with real psychological issues or the folks that work at trying to help them get better, but essentially you can get a lot of mileage, emotionally, out of just spilling your guts to someone. In a public setting, this was more commonly fulfilled by telling your woes and "sins" to a Priest in a Confessional, with the Priest acting as a third-party that could give you advice from a relatively neutral perspective, or even act as a blind relay between various parties who were all part of their Parish.

I don't know if it's quite the same but the internet in general seems to fulfill that role for a lot of people now. Psychology has always had trouble being accepted as a "hard" science because so much of it is just speculation. Hopefully it will get more credibility if it starts incorporating brain scans and neurological definitions based on biological reality.

Until then, we have the bathroom wall of the internet.
>> No. 384215
File 137864424953.jpg - (86.32KB , 500x666 , tumblr_inline_msfcm2Xxnx1qz4rgp.jpg )
Holy Crap!
>> No. 384216
File 137864433668.jpg - (51.34KB , 500x533 , tumblr_inline_msfcmjq2oz1qz4rgp.jpg )
Julia Vins, way to go.
>> No. 384217
Yeah she's a super cutie, and hot damn that back.
Muscular backs are the best, I don't even know why.
>> No. 384218
File 137864563974.jpg - (61.25KB , 640x480 , nazi girl1.jpg )
Is that the nazi girl?
>> No. 384219
No, she's a Russian powerlifter with a face like a literal doll.
>> No. 384220
File 137864625457.jpg - (111.08KB , 485x618 , global warming4.jpg )
>Within a few years "children just aren't going to know what snow is." Snowfall will be "a very rare and exciting event." Dr. David Viner, senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, interviewed by UK Independent, March 20, 2000.

>"[By] 1995, the greenhouse effect will be desolating the heartlands of north America and Eurasia with horrific drought, causing crop failures and food riots... [By 1996] The Platte river of Nebraska would be dry, while a continent-wide black blizzard of prairie topsoil will stop traffic on interstates, strip paint from houses and shut down computers." Michael Oppenheimer, published in 1990.

>"Arctic specialist Bernt Balchen says a general warming trend over the North Pole is melting the polar ice cap and may produce an ice-free Arctic ocean by the year 2000."

Can we stop making crazy predictions for a second?
>> No. 384221
That doesn't sell.
>> No. 384222
File 137864987494.jpg - (82.10KB , 500x622 , tumblr_inline_msfcn0tp3M1qz4rgp.jpg )
So tough and cute at the same time.
>> No. 384223
I wish Freehaven would stop leaving messages on my page.
>> No. 384224
File 137865920150.png - (451.13KB , 329x589 , 1378432972255.png )
Turns out disagreeing with the Admin on a forum I've been on for years about feminism gets me banned. First time that's happened. Probably won't go back, the only thing that ever updated was the pony thread. It's a shame, really got to actually know people there.

Also my coworker who said I have no life for playing vidya and reading spends 400 a month on fantasy football. I can't stop laughing. You know how hard it is to find people who share my interests in construction? The most I know is the 50 year old Salvadoran guy who was happy I knew what Mazinger Z was. Cool guy.
>> No. 384225
are you anonex?
>> No. 384226
can of worms question but what was the topic and what were the arguments?
>> No. 384227
>feminism forum
Are you a guy? You probably deserve it.
>> No. 384228
File 137866366747.jpg - (162.92KB , 450x3835 , 1378135267257.jpg )
Someone brought up Quiet from MGS V. Tried to say that its offensive. I pointed out that there are female characters who where about as much in the series with zero complaints. I also pointed out the entire Raiden running around bare naked, as well as the fact that the male protagonists have at least one scene or more in undress. Then you get into the fact that Quiet's design isn't that outrageous in a series with giant Inuits, 100 year old snipers and cyborg ninjas. Plus the MGS series gave us strong female characters like Meryl (who really didn't get used as much as she should), Sniper Wolf, Olga and the Boss. I pointed all this out. The admin accused me of dismissing the point and I was using strawman arguments so much I should just put a ring on it. I told him that wasn't legal in my state and BAM.

Banned. I'll admit I'm not the most sensitive person but I find some of this social justice stuff silly when there are issues in real life that are much more in dire need of attention. A Japanese dude putting a woman in a swimsuit seems like a silly thing to have a priority about. Especially since the Japanese could care less.
>> No. 384229
i'm not touching this one again. this is a clusterfuck right here.
i'm going with coelasquid's interpretation which is simply to focus on that fact that it's a shit character design.
>> No. 384230
It was actually based around a webcomic. To be honest haven't really read the comic in years.

Ok I'll admit that much.
>> No. 384231
File 137866602786.jpg - (97.60KB , 773x657 , daft punk we rub a mexican monkey.jpg )
Like the legend of the phoenix
Our ends were beginnings
What keeps the planet spinning
The force from the beginning
The present has no rhythm
Your gift keeps on giving
What is this I'm feeling?
If you want to leave, I'm with it
If you want to leave, I'm with it
If you want to leave, I'm with it

We'll rub a mexican monkey
We'll rub a mexican monkey
We'll rub a mexican monkey
We'll rub a mexican monkey
We'll rub a mexican monkey

>Ok I'll admit that much.
can't stop laughing
>> No. 384232
File 137866945318.jpg - (66.86KB , 575x863 , quiet-mgs-v.jpg )
Considering her primary skills stem from being a silent sniper she's not really that outrageous, especially because as Dr. Nick pointed out she's far from alone in this kind of thing, Sniper Wolf left her tits hanging out while laying in the snow in sub zero temperatures for example.

But yes, a lot wrong with her design though I like the idea of octo-camo face paint, I saw one guy erroneously defending that she dressed that way because of the desert setting which doesn't make sense because in a desert exposed skin is burned skin.

So yeah, in my opinion nothing out of the way of Metal Gears treatment of women who while impractically sexy are usually written very well. The design could be way better, though the character really interests me as I'm curious about the reasons for her silence.
>> No. 384233
I'm actually wrong about Sniper Wolf though my point stands.
>> No. 384234
Her legs look so weird.
>> No. 384235

Why is grad school application stuff so confusing and exhausting :(
I finally got my list of (ten) schools I want to apply to for computer science, focusing on computer graphics and virtual reality and all that fun visualization/simulation stuff, and some days it feels like
"yeah this is doable"
and other days it's like
"god why would any of these schools ever take me, i really just want to go and do research and work on new problems forever so a PhD sounds good, but will any school ever take me as a PhD student with next to no real research experience, maybe I should just apply as a Master's student and get some experience first, but then the schools only rarely help MS students financially even for TA positions like seriously just let me teach I'd be good at it and would try really hard and I have teaching experience, but at almost all the schools it sounds like if an MS student gets anything it's just the dregs and I don't know if I can afford that, so I'll apply to a couple Canadian universities because I hear rumors that they are slightly kinder to Master's students, and maybe I'll try to hedge my bets and apply for some as MS and some as PhD, oh god do I need to mention that to my recommenders since they'll probably get a mention of what kind of program i'm doing when they get the email and they'll probably think I'm just an unconfident person feebly trying to game the system which I am and none of this makes sense, I just want to get into working on new stuff for humanity instead of working on gluing together yet another boring corporate enterprise middleware web app but i don't know if I'm good enough to play with the big boys or rich enough to play with the slightly-less big boys how do i move forward like at all"

Today's one of the second kind of days. :(
>> No. 384236
File 13786720231.gif - (1.92MB , 450x253 , 1378664176574.gif )
She had her breasts out during the first fight. So you're sort of right.

Because of the shredded mesh or funky anatomy?

Point is I don't think I'll bother with that forum again. Shame too. That day started off so nice with my berry captain crunch and green tea while watching Robocop. Then again I was kind of agitated finding out who I shared the forum with thanks to /co/.

...yeah. Warning you of the nuditity though. You see things.
>> No. 384238
The ammo belt, bikini and stockings all fall at different point and rather than the usual high heels that go with those she is wearing combat boots. It's a tonal, level disconnect.
>> No. 384239
Anatomy is fine but thrown off by three different levels of pants.
>> No. 384240
Ah. You're right. Honestly I think the mesh is a bit much. If it were pants it would have been about the same amount of clothing EVA wore.
>> No. 384242
Yeah I haven't had time to really look at it until now but the mesh leggins are a huge disconnect. It's not a great character design anyway but like you say, if it was more standard combat gear and she was just wearing a bra and ammo belts up top, at least there'd kind of be precedence in the MGS universe. Here it just looks bad, one way or the other.
>> No. 384243
Yeah combat pants would make it way better.
>> No. 384244

>> No. 384246
One leg is bent, but the heel is still on the floor.
In real life that pic positioning would make the left leg almost ten inches longer than the right.
>> No. 384248
File 137868140476.gif - (154.74KB , 500x418 , tumblr_mstx97Xif91qh1nbmo1_500.gif )
>> No. 384250
her hip/general pelvis area on that side looks weird as fuck too
>> No. 384252
I know, it's weird, I would expect some 3D image to be built on top of a rendering skeleton.

Instead it looks like babbys first art sketch.
>> No. 384259

>next to no experience

I'd advise against even trying to get into PhD programs unless you know a guy.

>Master's don't pay shit

A lot of Master's programs pay literally nothing (i.e., enjoy paying off student loans until you're 50), and the few that do pay/waive tuition are never going to pay very well (I made $2,000 during my first year as a Master's student, and even that was when I lived rent-free). PS: they gone make you work for it too, gurl.

Basically, it's hard getting those higher degrees. It never gets easier. Ever.

But the view is amazing.
>> No. 384260
Wow I use a lot of words and have my own opinion, how embarrassing.
>> No. 384263

if you ever remind me that /mspa/ exists again i will drive my foot so far up your ass you will spit toenails for a week
>> No. 384267
Never meet your heroes children.

They tend to be too human.
>> No. 384268
We didn't even do much. Just acted like any other fandom on this site.

Only more.
>> No. 384270
File 137869894278.jpg - (33.47KB , 386x384 , 1326688914506.jpg )
>Get an ask from someone thinking I'm really awesome and cute and stuff
>Adds me to skype
>Violently flirts, sends pics and nudes, the whole shebang.
>Even do a little ERP, we're shitty at it.
>Goes so far as to invite me for a bootycall
>She's not even that far away, Western Ontario
>Won't be legal until November
>What do
>> No. 384271
You can wait.
>> No. 384272
>What do

Not her, give her a full 18 count before you try anything.
>> No. 384273
I fully intend on waiting for her birthday, but she keeps telling me sixteen is the age of consent in Canada.
...That should have been oh dear, not what do.
>> No. 384274
File 137869967715.jpg - (50.19KB , 576x386 , strongfemalecharacters.jpg )
My biggest problem (besides the fact that it's a plain old fuck ugly outfit) is that it looks like a goddamn parody design.
>> No. 384276
Looks like it is 16, but if you go there (I assume you live in the states?) the FBI can still getcha because you crossed state borders to have sex with a "minor".

Sex can wait, masturbate.
>> No. 384279
File 137870146179.png - (67.62KB , 517x398 , quiet.png )
It is, Kojima himself has said that it's deliberately provocative and that she's supposed to be the antithesis of characters you see dressed like that in video games.
>> No. 384280
This man needs a blog. Twitters is not for long diatribes.
>> No. 384283
File 137870201671.png - (18.73KB , 1024x608 , NUH.png )
Saskatchewan, actually.

And why does this keep happening?
>> No. 384285
You heard me.
>> No. 384287
Oh. Well, she won't be 17 forever, better get on that shit. (Unless the Canada has some similar FBI bullshit involved.)

As for the error, it's because God hates you. And Anonex isn't around to fix anything.
>> No. 384291

>> No. 384329
>> No. 384333
I just had to deal with cell phones being banned from our jobsite.
>> No. 384334
a couple weeks ago, i accidentally destroyed a french press that i got as a gift from an ex by dropping a large and now cracked beer mug that i got as a souvenir from a night where i was hanging out with a former mutual crush/love.

the symbolism is palpable.
>> No. 384335
File 13787495758.jpg - (33.24KB , 640x456 , 1376733265784.jpg )
I just had to deal with cell phones being banned from our latest jobsite. The reason?

Members of our crew taking selfies of themselves on a government installation to post on Instagram. Jesus Christ.
>> No. 384336
a couple weeks ago, i accidentally destroyed a french press that i got as a gift from an ex by dropping a large and now cracked beer mug that i got as a souvenir from a night where i was hanging out with a former mutual crush/love.

the symbolism is palpable.
>> No. 384338
File 137875312871.gif - (1.59MB , 300x162 , http%3A%2F%2F25_media_tumblr_com%2F514c55ecbda9106.gif )
> lunch break.
> get in car, start driving to bank to reset locked debit card.
> Take a small shortcut through one of the big parks where the geese loiter.
> see a couple of them fighting while eaiting for the light to change. Think nothing of it.
> go halfway down the block before an infuriated mass of brown and black hits the side if the car, the other one zooming past my windshield as i screech to a halt.
> mfw and mfn.
>> No. 384339
Finally got the forms for the fraud on my account and faxed them in. There's a process yet, but I have "provisional credit" for the charges while that's happening. Now I can afford an oil change...

Still looking for a local bank, though; I'm done banking by mail, not at the risk of this happening again.
>> No. 384345
File 137875995530.jpg - (123.67KB , 620x342 , 465458-screenshot785.jpg )
>spend last week researching a legal question for an attorney
>hand in results in a nicely typed and organized memo.
>"Oh, this is for the wrong state"
>"It's okay, just see what you can find before I leave in an hour."
>FULL PANIC MODO tear through library at office and online searching pouring through at least two cases per minute desperately searching for relevant cases
>manage to find a gem of an opinion that references other cases on the support its position 30 minutes in
>type up what I can as quickly as I can and submit it to attorney with 20 minutes to spare
>hands shaking, eyes blurring, feel like vomiting.

is this what adrenaline is like i hate it
>> No. 384350
Can you see a fly's wings flapping super slowly?
>> No. 384354
>Twitters is not for people whose thought processes involve more than 140 characters.
>> No. 384355
Sir, I've been trying to explain to the lady here that I'm an accountant.
I'm an account service representative... I'm an account manager.
And I'm sure that if you call my boss, Janice,
she'd fill you in on whatever has gone wrong.
You can contact her by email or... She'll put you straight.
Shoot the wings off the flies.
I don't know what that means.
Shoot the wings off the flies.
I really think you have me mixed up with somebody else.
On three.
Either you shoot, or I do.
I can't even see them!
>> No. 384359
considering signing up for some dating sites or something. i don't know. i don't really have any other way to meet people.
>> No. 384363
File 137876839265.jpg - (18.24KB , 500x333 , internet6.jpg )
Ugh, dating sites are the worst, you'd have better luck standing on a street corner and shouting your phone number.

In the first few months you will get 500 responses from foreigners asking to cam (Turkey for some reason) and a random mishmash of people who lie about their pics, who have insane exes or who are insane themselves.

Think about it, in your city, how many people are likely to use the same dating site? How many are straight women or gay men? How many are nucking futs?
>> No. 384364
Oh christ, I bloody hope no-one in Irvine uses the dating sites I'd use. I wouldn't bang anyone in this godawful town with a drum.
>> No. 384365
I met the girl I'm dating on a site. She's only maybe the 5th girl I'd met from one and she's rad. Slightly neurotic and weird but so am I.

However, having made an experimental girl profile to see what that would be like as someone of the opposite gender, I've become more acquainted with the toolbox that is the male online dating pool. Prepare to sift through garbage messages. No idea what dating one would be like. I imagine a dice roll that's not in your favor.
>> No. 384367
File 13787693295.jpg - (92.13KB , 525x1383 , Bird Song.jpg )
Yeah a woman needs a supercomputer to sift through all the garbage messages just to get to the few dozen good ones.

Now I understand how birds feel, and why so many animals have complicated as fuck mating rituals to weed out the retards.
>> No. 384369
it's so funny. as a guy, i strive to write genuine and thoughtful messages. the only ones i'd even remotely consider while sifting through the ones i received were the genuine ones that were easy to read, slightly vulnerable/honest, acknowledged the stuff in the profile, and not at all presumptive about who i was or what we'd do.

which makes me uncertain if i'm only "choosing" messages based on what i'd write to girls or if i'm writing to girls what i think i'd like to read. i don't know. but i get dates occasionally, so something must be going properly.

whoa. got off point for a bit. the point is that a lot of guys write essentially (or literally) copy and paste messages which take up so much inbox space. does that shit ever work? it's so obvious that it's boilerplate. who would ever fall for that?
>> No. 384371
Hey, how long does it take for symptoms of tetanus to kick in?
>> No. 384377
it depends on the site of infection. you begin experiencing symptoms once it hits your central nervous system. if you have not received a tetanus vaccine in the last ten years and you have just received a deep puncture wound from stepping on a dirty nail outdoors, you should probably go to the doctor's to get another shot of the vaccine.

you probably don't have tetanus. if you stepped on a tack or something that has probably never been outside your house, that will not be long enough or covered in the bacteria that cause tetanus to give you the disease. just go to the doctor if your jaw muscles start to feel weird, but if vaccinations are free where you live, you should probably get vaccinated again anyway if you're over the 10 year mark (you probably got it in school once when you were 7). better safe than sorry.
>> No. 384378
Uh, I just got a 1 month ban for this post, no appeal. Sorry for banevade, but what the hell?
>You have been banned from posting on /baw/ for the following reason: Trolling
>> No. 384381
Can't find a ban for the IP associated with that post. Probably just the site fucking up. Sorry.
>> No. 384382
that's my post, not yours. i don't know what your post was but it wasn't informative about tetanus, i know that much.
>> No. 384383
I fell on a nail. It didn't puncture, but it gave me a good scratch. Left calf.
>> No. 384385
you should be fine if you've thoroughly disinfected the wound. tetanus is associated with rusty nails because rust is a sign that it's been exposed to the elements (and thus possibly the bacteria that cause tetanus) and puncture wounds as much harder to clean than cuts are. getting injured on a rusty thing doesn't equal tetanus because rust doesn't cause tetanus. also, it's pretty rare in north america.

if you get spasms in your jaw a week or two after the fact then i might be wrong and you do in fact have tetanus. if you're scared that you got it then go to the doctor. the doctor will give you the vaccine as a countermeasure and you won't get lockjaw and seize up anymore. plus you will be immune to tetanus for about a decade afterwards, so even if you were scared for nothing now, if you do step on a rusty nail later that was covered in C. tetani, you won't need to go on +4 to ask how long it will take until you die.
>> No. 384390
anonymous confessions can hurt real bad wrong in the chest area.
nice reminder that kindness is a very important skill...
>> No. 384391
That's what I mostly hated about dating sites. File out tons of forms to get artificially matched up against other people who hit the same pre-defined options you were presented with. And that still didn't really matter as talking to girls is what really got you into any kind of relationship to begin with. And like half the girls I talked to, in th time I talked to them they ended up dropping off the site, not because of me but ostensibly because of the never-ending douchebag parade.
>> No. 384399

C'mon guys, I know the 504 errors are annoying, but learn2password so you can delete annoying duplicate posts.
>> No. 384409
>met MTF through 'mtf dating' thread on /lgbt/
>small talk, interesting
>sort of not sure when to ask her about all the trans stuff/ask for pics
We're stuck on talking video games and history, halp
>> No. 384410
>met MTF through 'mtf dating' thread on /lgbt/
>small talk, interesting
>sort of not sure when to ask her about all the trans stuff/ask for pics
We're stuck on talking video games and history, halp
>> No. 384411
I got stupid lucky that I got in with someone before she quit okcupid. I met with her once and got her phone number just in time. When she dropped off I thought it was because of me but then I thought about it and called her up after about two weeks of radio silence. Turns out she was embarrassed that she was quiet for so long and was worried I'd be upset that she didn't contact me.

If it weren't for persistence and some luck, she would have been another dating casualty to the unending waves of douchebags and lazy fucks.
>> No. 384412
no fuck it too lazy i did that shit back in the day but now i'm like let's get a new sym faster and not have it be my fault exactly
>> No. 384417
Uh if you don't live in the same city pics may be as far as you're going to get at first. I'd offer to reciprocate/put shoe on head for her as well
>> No. 384420
this is one of the best of these that we've ever found.
>> No. 384430
>mild acquaintance who was present at the site of 9-11 and lost her sister in it during a day trip to nyc
>diagnosed with ptsd, has attacks when she gets to thinking about it
>expresses that she won't be on facebook or tumblr because she's sick of seeing THE PHOTOS every single year
>called an "unpatriotic whore" by someone who was 3 years old when it happened and was personally completely unaffected by it

fuck everything, yknow?
>> No. 384431
I can understand not caring about the event, but calling someone an unpatriotic whore is just being a dipship. Screw them.
>> No. 384432
It sounds like it's not that she doesn't care about the event, it's that she can't stand seeing the photos because they trigger her PTSD. So not only is the kid in question a dipshit for giving a shit about "unpatriotism" or whatever, but he's a dipshit because he's entirely missed the point of why she's avoiding the stuff in the first place.
>> No. 384433
I worded that badly, I did not mean to imply that she did not care about the event, and I realise why she really chooses to avoid the posts.

>...he's a dipshit because he's entirely missed the point of why she's avoiding the stuff in the first place.
Exactly, but also (and less related), I don't even understand how 9/11 is even related to patriotism anyway. It's a time for mourning of course, but patriotism? I just don't get it.
>> No. 384434
>I don't even understand how 9/11 is even related to patriotism anyway.
Because being a True American is about being a Victim and wallowing in self-pity, apparently.
>> No. 384435
File 137889130237.jpg - (27.14KB , 336x480 , stop-asking-questions2.jpg )
>I don't even understand how 9/11 is even related to patriotism anyway. It's a time for mourning of course, but patriotism? I just don't get it.

It's just one of those words small-minded, flag-waving MURRICANS love to spout without even knowing what the hell they're talking about.
>> No. 384441
>I don't even understand how 9/11 is even related to patriotism anyway.
Because Americans are bad at learning from and cleaning up after tragedy. Instead of just mourning our dead, cleaning up the wreckage and rebuilding, and putting in reasonable safeguards to mitigate the possibility of this in the future, our apparent inability to cope threw us into two long and costly (both human and $) wars, rapidly expanded the power of the federal government (the executive branch in particular), and trashed our Constitution all in the (failed) goal of safety.

So people take 9/11 and cling to it as though it was some sort of sign from God that we're doing things right because people hate us enough to fly planes into our buildings and shun those that don't piss Patriotism.

As an American, America depresses me. I've never been outside the continental U.S., but it's my understanding that the idea of "American Exceptionalism" is, itself, exceptional; that average people in Australia or Brazil or China don't go around wearing flag pins or believing that, outside of their own problems, they're #1.

And of course I just read a post on Facebook where someone was called a monster in a coffee shop because they weren't wearing a flag pin...
>> No. 384444
yay I get to do a university study where I read comic books!

fun times ahead
>> No. 384446
Confirmed half Latina but no idea what the other half is, apparently something European. Ugh I'm the worst friend.
>> No. 384447
ilu captain raptor, even if you delete perfectly good posts about 9/11 bullshit on your dash
>> No. 384452
>I don't even understand how 9/11 is even related to patriotism anyway.

There are a ton of complex social/political reasons regarding why people think this way, and it has a lot to do with why it happened in the time it did.

But that's complicated and I don't want to drag politics out of the politics thread, so I'll just say that America has always been super fucking retarded about patriotism and leave it at that.

>As an American, America depresses me.

Man do I know that feeling.
>> No. 384454
File 137894885996.gif - (0.97MB , 246x226 , tassel-twirlers-8.gif )
Don't you EVER dare tell me exotic dancing be it on a pole or a stage or whatever have you is anything short of fucking flawless.
>> No. 384465
I'm so fucking nervous and anxious and afraid and I don't want to go, but I have to. Fuck this shit.
>> No. 384466
>go to concert
>local opening band had better stage presence than headliner that I came for the concert for

>listen to their music on youtube
>they sound a ton better live than recorded
>> No. 384468
>And of course I just read a post on Facebook where someone was called a monster in a coffee shop because they weren't wearing a flag pin...

I hate flag pins almost more than any other type of flag-worship in this country. You might as well be wearing a pin that says "I am a complete and total tool that easily caves in to social and political pressure." I wish more politicians would refuse to wear them. In fact, I can't think of any that don't anymore.

Depends on who's doing it. You forgot your NSFW tag, BTW, though I guess you can't really tell from the thumbnail.
>> No. 384473
File 137899870440.png - (80.36KB , 231x243 , Pantyisnotamused.png )
>sick of dealing with every little dumb opinionated claim everyone wants to make about everything when they so rarely get how or why any of the technology in our society works

My folks have a friend who's a super-duper tree-hugging hippy who just hates cellphones because she thinks having a tiny radio transmitter near her ear will cause cancer (or a loss of interest in people around her. Generally when she starts talking about this shit).

"You realize that even if you are not talking on a cell phone, all they really do is rely on radio transmissions from radio towers that are positioned strategically all around the city? And that we've been bathing in radio waves for AM/FM radios that are even bigger than cell towers, ever since the 1950s?"

Puts her hands over her ears and violently shakes her head, telling me not to tell her exactly what's going on.

This is why I hate Americans.
>> No. 384474
>This is why I hate Americans.

wow you sound great at parties and seem to be a fun person to be around
>> No. 384476
Generally I'm the funniest guy at the party. So yeah. I am. Well spotted.
>> No. 384477
i think we can all agree that it's not what country a person is from or how old the person is.
we hate stupid people and stupid ignorant ideas.

unless anyone has anymore fun or personal stories about idiocy dealing with patriotism, i'd like to move on before this turns into another /pol/
>> No. 384478
>i think we can all agree that it's not what country a person is from or how old the person is.

Yes, please this. It gets so annoying seeing people say, "Hurr hurr Americans are so stupid." when 90% of the people saying this are probably American. So everyone is so stupid, but you, you are just the final bastion of intelligence and rational thought, huh? And this isn't even touching on the whole "I'm using my anecdotal evidence to pass judgement on a large group of people"

It's intellectually lazy and makes you look like an ass in the end (I made a funny). Take everything in life on a case by case basis. When you start making generalizations like that, you're just admitting that you don't feel like taking five seconds to think about the situation.
>> No. 384481
Hey freeglass! What would you like for christmas?

Me? Oh I'd love some mental stability!

Hahahah. No dice! Here, have some socks instead.

But they're not even comfortable. They aren't elastic at the arches like I like em to be.
>> No. 384482
Hello. I live in Boulder, CO. I am here to announce that we have become the new sunken city of Atlantis! Our best hope now is that fracking residue will quickly turn us into mermaids.
>> No. 384483
So my father is suing my mom because she kept going to the child support folks and looking for his payments that he stopped paying over 10 years ago and according to him even though he owes 10 years in arrears he shouldn't have to pay anymore because I graduated. We both laughed our asses off.

I talked my mom into letting me go to court with her. This'll be the first time I've seen him in almost 18 years. Every few years I would think he was dead until we got a letter from the IRS or something saying "we found him, we'll try to get you your money once he's out of prison/the hospital, but he's a deadbeat sack of shit so don't hold your breath".

Needless to say I hope his dick has rotted off and he looks like a leper with every STD under the sun.
>> No. 384484
That's pretty rough buddy. My dad's been doing some of the same, it pisses me the fuck off. He hasn't paid a single penny in child support since I was about five which meant my mum had to work back to back shifts (illegally) for years just to make ends meet - she literally missed out on raising me and my sis because my dad is a greedy lazy drunken jackass. He then sold our family home to his girlfriend's son for roughly a seventh of the price without telling us for years because that house was supposed to be my inheritance and he didn't want us to get any money. He constantly refuses to sign any divorce papers even though they've been separated for about 15 years, but he won't help out with anything such as contacting the university funding association to confirm he doesn't live with us and doesn't pay anything towards funding our education (and my mum can't afford the lawyer's fees to forcefully divorce him). After all that he still has the gall to pester me and my sister to come and visit him, and if we ever do he spends the entire time blubbering about how we never visit and how he feels like he's lost his daughters and abloo bloo bloo why don't we never make the effort to stay in touch. Fuck deadbeat dads. Fuck your dad and my dad, man. I hope you and your mum smash him in court.
>> No. 384485
You hear that men of plus4? Don't become deadbeat dads.

Tooth and I will fuck you up and together raise your kids to be strong and vicious patriarchy-fucking lesbian warlords.

Even the boys.

Especially the boys.
>> No. 384487
one day when i'm rich and dying of some terminal illness that displays no seriously debilitating symptoms until death
i am just gonna fly all over beating up people who deserve it
i will make my "i'll fight them" threats into reality
i will fight them

also +1 for the "my dad is shitty and refuses to help out" party
he meant well when i was a kid, adopted me, had my name changed, never wanted me to know my real dad bailed on me
but then he bailed on me too?
i can't hate him completely, he's got some brain problems, but he's still pretty shitty, can't deny that just cause he was cool when i was tiny
>> No. 384488
My dad's pretty cool! He is a bit of a slob though. He's out of town this week and the house is so much cleaner now.
>> No. 384489
Yo put my uncle on that list. Maybe someday you'll meet my mom and she can tell you all about his dickery because I sure as fuck can't without making a post big enough for its own scrollbar and I also don't really want to.

To give you an idea of how shitty he's been my whole life: he drives a motorcycle and drinks a lot and as a result the sound of a motorcycle behind me on the sidewalk or outside my house and the smell of beer coming form a grown man trigger panic attacks for me.
>> No. 384492
Here, have ALL the feels:

>> No. 384493
File 137906708798.png - (375.89KB , 720x480 , a_good_dad.png )
Asshole dads deserve to burn, I'm cheering Slowpoke on here >>384487

My own dad is probably the most important family member in my life, so I can't relate in that area, but my second stepdad (though he doesn't even deserve that title) is a complete bastard that has put our family through hell and continues to do so to this day. Unfortunately, the family still needs his money (the only thing he's good for) so I'd settle for him just getting beaten severely or have an injury that would pain him for the rest of his sorry life.
>> No. 384495
Just got ridiculous news about a friend of a friend. So, she's been dating this marine for two years now. They were really serious. Turns out he was married the whole time: had two cell phones, two email addresses, you name it. They dated for TWO FUCKING YEARS before anyone found out. Not only that, she found out from his wife that this isn't even the first time he's done this. Holy fucking shit.

Does that make anyone else paranoid? Like, I know that logically only a minority of dudes must be so relentlessly shitty, but...they dated for two years. He kept that secret for so fucking long.
>> No. 384496
>Does that make anyone else paranoid?

No. Start thinking with numbers. Most people probably don't do that. Besides, being paranoid about this will only kill you in the end.
>> No. 384500
>she found out from his wife that this isn't even the first time he's done this

And she hasn't divorced his ass yet?
>> No. 384501
File 137909257537.gif?nsfw - (665.67KB , 400x240 , tumblr_mov2obhFCi1qmvy8zo2_400.gif?nsfw )
No need for NSFW tag since it's got no nudity in it anyway.

This on the other hand is an early body study for artists.
>> No. 384503
If she's married to a marine, then either
A) she's getting that sweet, sweet steady paycheck and hoping that he'll die in action so she gets a big payout, or
B) She's scared to leave the fucker

Incidentally, infidelity is against the USCMC, so he could be court martialed for that shit. (Likely why she doesn't turn him in.)
>> No. 384504
oh THAT's how you get away with it for that long
no, but really, you're allowed to feel how you feel about that, but it'd be really unfortunate if you extrapolate that out to other men.

cheaters are cheaters and will often find a way to get what they want. i've seen it a good dozen times in a dozen different ways. i can't guarantee anything about people who happen to be committed and clever liars, but they really are few and far between. i said a dozen. i've seen well more than a dozen relationships.

hell... more likely than not you're going to have much more common mistakes to deal with like falling out of fancy with each other or... what to do when relationships actually go right.
>> No. 384506
in other related news
when it rains it pours
and i've come to the conclusion that it happens more when i start getting with a girl because people can tell i don't cheat so it becomes high time to confess that they've wanted me and my dick grayson.
grow a pair of ovaries and tell me before when i'm actually available, goddammit.
>> No. 384507
Hey man I wanted your dick grayson before that little hussy ever signaled you to her bat cave. Clearly a threesome is the only solution to these troubles. Scratch that, it's the solution to all troubles. Except maybe >>384495, guys like that just need a swift kick in the nuts.
>> No. 384508
man i dont think i've ever been this comfortable in my own body before
>> No. 384510
>Start thinking with numbers.
I mean...most snakes aren't venomous, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go around petting them. Even if something is statistically unlikely doesn't mean I can't worry about it. I'm just horrified that someone would do that and get away with it for so long.
>> No. 384511
File 137909822515.gif - (1.03MB , 320x189 , price-is-right-winner-gif.gif )

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 384512
Coincidentally, I got one yesterday!
>> No. 384513
File 137909991748.gif - (680.30KB , 400x266 , tumblr_mss8zl2h0x1stxoy0o1_400.gif )
>> No. 384514
>> No. 384515
What is the job?
>> No. 384516

I get to watch people's kids color disney printouts in a tiny room and brainwash them while the parents buy groceries.
>> No. 384519
For every deadbeat dad story, there's one of a mother not letting a decent father see his kids & draining him via alimony and child support (which is not being used on the children).

Asshole parents are a two-sided coin.
>> No. 384520
everybody loves dick but none of you may have dick
>> No. 384521

>> No. 384522
BLAG, I suddenly feel like crap like I should go out and be social but the energy is not there and I feel frustrated about it.
>> No. 384523
i still don't have you pinned
are you an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert

because if you're an extrovert (generally speaking) going out will make you feel good rather than make you more tired.

don't do the thing if the thing don't do the thing for you
>> No. 384524
The problem I have is more a physical tiredness. I mean going out would be.. fuck it I'm going out
>> No. 384525
fuck it im going out

and fuck bad gate way errors
>> No. 384526
when you're an expert at dealing with depression and bad times, how do you learn to deal with happy and good?

i wanchur dick grayson btw
>> No. 384528
HA, winning at laser tag is exactly what I needed!
>> No. 384532
Bwahahaha, unless you lose it in mutual awkwardness at 14 you're screwed for life. It's funny because that was probably how the dude stayed a virgin, everyone that found out simply told him no.
>> No. 384533

Well, I'm fucked six ways from Sunday, then.


ʢ •ᴥ•ʡ
>> No. 384534
File 137916777538.png - (185.21KB , 400x300 , 1327785074929.png )
>> No. 384535
File 137917212065.jpg - (31.66KB , 499x367 , max.jpg )
I've begun to go bald early, and somehow become more awkward. Over the past year I've noticed an increase in irritability and flatulence. I've realized I'm starting to turn into my weird, awkward, goofy, annoying dad.
In the process of coming to terms with this.
>> No. 384536
or rather not fucked
>> No. 384537
guys does anyone have that old picture of the white buisness-looking guy at a computer with like laser beams shooting everywhere and his tie his flapping out behind him
i want it but i can't find it
>> No. 384538
Well, at the very least now I know not to say anything if I'm about to get laid.

It does make me wonder if I should actually lie about it though. I mean, I really don't like the idea of lying about it but if I have to for anyone to give me a chance in the first place then I don't have too many options.
>> No. 384539
That's your call, I suppose. I'm personally against lying about it, and the comments indicate that many disagree with how that situation was handled. But what do I know?
>> No. 384540
That's your call, I suppose. I'm personally against lying about it, and the comments indicate that many disagree with how that situation was handled. But what do I know?
>> No. 384541
I would really want to know, more to boost my own ego than anything else but also to go in to the situation with some more understanding (it would be better for both of us if I didn't just tick you off as a bad lay). Her "hurr durr your first time needs to be with the love of your life" response was utter horseshit though, it's tremendously condescending and preachy (and, to be frank, as unhealthy as the whole bizarre social concept behind virginity in general).

That being said, even though it seems unfair there actually is plenty of reasons for people to be a little wary of partners who have held on to their virginity (willingly or unwillingly) for an unusually long time. Many of them are just regular folks who either want to wait, never got round to it or simply weren't interested. Just as many (that I have encountered) are weirdos with all sorts of issues going on it would be better just to avoid...
>> No. 384542
Ignore your inherent paranoia. Don't jump around. Planning might be good, but your goals should shift from survival to stability.
>> No. 384543
by letting them be. By learning to accept them? IDK eventually you just take happiness where you can find it to stop being miserable.
>> No. 384544
As someone who has lied about it

I wouldn't lie about it, but I would wait to say anything until you're just about ready for busy time. And even then, in the heat of the moment, it may not even really be worth mentioning. Great pillow topic convo though.
>> No. 384545
right so whichever anon wanted to do the threesome with me, the girl i'm dating is potentially down with such things but i'm still getting to see what the limits are on that venture
>> No. 384548
I am so fucking boring.
>> No. 384549
File 137920027971.gif - (0.98MB , 360x359 , 1205573354202.gif )
Saw this on /r9k/ and that thread blew UP. I'll no doubt be seeing the same damn article referred to for months now. The article writer did handle that badly, though. Really sorry for that guy.

>> No. 384550
You know, oddly enough that isn't the specific one I'm looking for. I didn't realise there was more than one. Thanks anyway!
>> No. 384551
Oh I know what you want tooth. I know what you want.

Google Maxell commercial, it's famous.

It's gotta suck being rejected after coming so close. Or rather not coming, as is the case.
>> No. 384552

Why are you on /r9k/? I'm genuinely curious because that place is a cesspool. Even by 4chan standards.
>> No. 384553
Girl Cyber Bullied, Hospitaliz…youtube thumb
Reminder for the last time, don't do stupid things in public. Camera phones exist and are fucking everywhere, especially at a concert. Also don't falsely accuse people of rape after you do stupid things in public, because people will think you're a stupid slut and an evil bitch.
>> No. 384554
File 137921394814.jpg - (44.11KB , 441x386 , fish1.jpg )
>I refuse to take medication or go for treatment. My disorder/illness/disease/cancer is part of my identity. I'm perfect and don't need to be 'fixed' and I don't understand why my family can't accept me for who I am.

There's slashes because there are multiple people who think like this. Today was maybe the tenth time I've encountered one since I ditched a crazy friend and they all have different shit going on from eating disorders to cutting to actually having cancer that is actively and visibly killing them. What the fuck is going on. Has this always been a thing?
>> No. 384555
Kinda. For some people, change and/or introspection is scarier than death and/or a lifetime of psychological torment.

For a lot of them, part of that fear comes from the same place procrastination comes from--what if I actually do this and succeed at doing it, but it still doesn't fix me? If that happens, it'll mean that what's wrong with me is about me, not about X CONDITION. Better to not try, and convince yourself that it was your own decision to fail, than to actually try and have to admit that any failure that came about was because of your own failings. At least in the minds of a lot of people.

Obviously rationally this is bullshit. But the funny thing is that even knowing that way of thinking is bullshit doesn't necessarily make it easy to break out of it.
>> No. 384556
You know nothing, Anon Snow. It was definitely a computer with laser beams, very similar to what Venkman posted. It doesn't actually matter now, the moment's passed but it's still going to bug me.

I refused treatment/therapy for my SPD because I think although it's sometimes problematic, I actually feel mostly good like this and I like who I am (although as far as I know there aren't really any particularly effective treatments anyway). I guess it basically depends on the person and how they feel about the situation, if they genuinely believe they are better off or at least happy with the illness/condition/whatever, even if it frustrates the heck out of their loved ones. I don't really know where the line of intervention should be drawn with these things...
>> No. 384557
Jesus Christ this is a terrifying explanation, so thank you for explaining it better than my mind ever could have.

I could see where certain people would be better off with or without treatment, like with your thing or with people whose idk aggressive personalities keep them from self harming (I think I knew someone like that once)

but I mean when this one girl goes "stop telling me to change who I am" when her friend tells her to get help because she's ingested nothing but gatorade and half a can of peaches in six weeks and is almost six feet but less than 100lb/45kg and all her hair is falling out that's where I start to get pissed/worried.
>> No. 384558
It's also part of the larger human trend to try and put some sort of order/pattern to your problems.

Shaping this as a personal identity issue is just new because it's the latest system for categorizing our lives. It makes no sense, but what these people are doing is taking something that makes no sense like getting cancer and making it make sense for them.
>> No. 384559

>For a lot of them, part of that fear comes from the same place procrastination comes from--what if I actually do this and succeed at doing it, but it still doesn't fix me? If that happens, it'll mean that what's wrong with me is about me, not about X CONDITION. Better to not try, and convince yourself that it was your own decision to fail, than to actually try and have to admit that any failure that came about was because of your own failings. At least in the minds of a lot of people.

I know this all too well. Yargh.

( ©㉨©)
>> No. 384560
>move to college
>get mad acne within the first two weeks
>never had it before

>> No. 384561
Technically, it's bacteria, not hormones or diet or any of that other shit. Normally it goes away on its' own but medicating it helps.
>> No. 384562
There are a lot of things that get identified as acne that aren't technically, and those can be any of the things you described. Hormones, diet, genetics, bacteria and even washing your face too much or with the wrong material can cause "acne" for some people. The important thing is to figure out what is causing yours, and treat it that way, rather than to take any "catch-all" advice. A dermatologist might be a good start--for starters, they can prescribe you an antibiotic like doxycyclene (which I was on for a while) and if that works, you can be pretty well certain it's bacterial.

Personally, what finally worked for me was to stop using soap on my face, and just scrub vigorously with a coarse brush to exfoliate my skin when bathing instead.
>> No. 384563
I'm going to see my fiancée in Texas, but the problem is I'm broke, and I live in New England. Anyways I was thinking of using something like CouchSurfer to get around. Any travel advice/ suggestions for me?
>> No. 384564
i know the exact fucking one you want but i cant find it anywhere
>> No. 384565
uuuuh why are you traveling to see your fiance when you're broke?

Prepare to smell funny and spend most of your days begging for change for big macs while traveling.
>> No. 384566
Just search "fuuuuck gif" on google images.
>> No. 384567
File 137923423848.jpg - (26.93KB , 347x375 , weerere.jpg )
fun ideas for a saturday night:
slam your head against the wall until you lose consciousness.
kill a spider. hate yourself.
walk around the house emptying every open can sitting around.
try to paint a lightbulb. it doesnt work how you want it to. paint is dripping on your face.
take a few vicodin. mix it with whatever you want.
keep slamming your head until you fall asleep.
realize you are never going to be able to artistically express anything at all.
try to transfer your consciousness into a spider's. it doesn't lessen the guilt of killing them.
>> No. 384568

>realize you are never going to be able to artistically express anything at all.

Pfft. You're not trying hard enough.

Then again, neither am I.

>> No. 384569
File 137923512821.jpg - (84.20KB , 638x1374 , C2L93.jpg )
Green text story and general life experiences threads, which can very entertaining & great reads. I often find myself lost in them...even some of the "feels" threads. Especially if they already have 200+ posts.

The rest I avoid since they're just a whole bunch of nonsensical whining. They almost always slip into the good thread, but just seeing them is a good reminder at how NOT to act, online & IRL. Good way to keep grounded, too. A lot of the posts there reminds me of how pathetic I must've sounded online when I used to complain about being a virgin & not having a girlfriend.

>random pic
>> No. 384577
Is it any of these?

>> No. 384578
YES, thank you dear sweet anon. It was the second one.
>> No. 384579
File 137925679836.jpg - (25.18KB , 210x310 , 1270690451967.jpg )
Happy to be of service.
>> No. 384580
Dammit, Tuesday, get here already. I just want to play GTAV.
>> No. 384582

>> No. 384583
How do people sleep through their alarm clocks going off?
I guess it's kind of a pet peeve of mine because I'm a light sleeper. If someone has to get up before I do, or if I have a day off and want to sleep in, I'm sometimes awoken by an alarm clock that continues blaring for hours because someone in the dorm next to me or a roommate or a family member has the ability to ignore it and go back to sleep.
Or they'll repeatedly put it on snooze every time it goes off so it continues to go off at regular intervals.
I like white noise to help me get to sleep, but I think I'm going to start wearing earplugs when I go to bed.
>> No. 384584
How do people sleep through their alarm clocks going off?
I guess it's kind of a pet peeve of mine because I'm a light sleeper. If someone has to get up before I do, or if I have a day off and want to sleep in, I'm sometimes awoken by an alarm clock that continues blaring for hours because someone in the dorm next to me or a roommate or a family member has the ability to ignore it and go back to sleep.
Or they'll repeatedly put it on snooze every time it goes off so it continues to go off at regular intervals.
I like white noise to help me get to sleep, but I think I'm going to start wearing earplugs when I go to bed.
>> No. 384585
I just hit the alarm clock in my sleep, when it goes off. It's muscle memory after a time, so it stops being effective, if you're a deep sleeper. Which is why I hide my alarm clock in a different place in my room every night before going to bed.
>> No. 384586
What le fuck.

>L.V. Anderson is a Slate assistant editor
LV Anderson is an idiot who needs to gather some tact and common sense before posting articles.
>> No. 384588
You DID click on it, right? Since it's an animated gif.
>> No. 384590
>get drunk friday
>decide to go to a tranny club
>stand around awkwardly with a drink in my hand for half an hour
>strike up a conversation with some guy who gives me the lay of the land, he eases my nerves by telling me that the trannies are just there to feel like women, and would be overjoyed if I came up and talked to one.
>turns out his advice wasn't needed, I bump into some ok-looking Asian crossdresser from Australia and she starts talking to me, asking what my name is, etc
>we decided to leave together, try to find a nearby hotel, all of them are pretty expensive and all the rooms are booked (thank dog)
>grab a taxi, take it back to her friend's flat block which is conveniently close to where I live, she claims it's cool if we had sex on the steps (I pay £30 for the taxi)
>she unbuttons my jeans and starts sucking my benis (no protection), it's never been more flaccid
>she continues sucking, still flaccid
>blame it on nerves
>she pulls up her skirt to reveal and small circumcised benis, pulling my head forwards to suck it
>I suck it for maybe 10 seconds (again unprotected). Nowhere near as hot as I'd thought it be
>I stand up and she starts french kissing me. Maybe she was just a bad kisser, but it was pretty gross, and I don't get the appeal of french kissing in general
>she tells me she can book a room in a cheap hotel tomorrow (Sunday), I agree and give her my phone number, she enters her friend's apartment and I leave
>> No. 384591
next day
>receive a text she's booked a cheap hotel for 5pm, I agree to meet her
>prepare by buying some wine, condoms and lube, meet her at the hotel
>we both lie down on the bed and she takes a picture of the two of us on her phone
>she tries to get me hard again but I remain limp as a noodle, I suck her benis for about 20 seconds
>oh shit, she has a picture of me on her phone
>get her to pose for me while I figure out how to delete my picture
>oh dog there are pictures of him (cant see as her anymore) without the female getup. all chance of boner destroyed
>he insinuates that I'm going to stay there all night
>I make up an excuse of being schedule to play football with my m8s at 7pm, he asks me when I'll be returning, and not knowing what to say, I blurt out 10:30pm.
>go out of room
>think about shit
>hear her crying inside
feels bad

at least left the whine there, it was expensive
>> No. 384592
File 137927427333.jpg - (436.24KB , 950x1200 , 01159862_interactive_a.jpg )
My mom thinks this shirt is gonna get me raped.

Not because I bought a men's medium and shoved it over my double-dees, but because the back isn't completely opaque and if the light hits it just right you can kind of see my gigantic black sports bra with it's inch-wide straps and its SIX hooks sitting comfortably over the folds of my back-fat

slut shaming bullshit aside, i do not understand mother logic at all and hope i never have kids if for no other reason than procreating seems to make everyone in my family have long-term lapses in common sense

on a side note, if a fat butch girl in a battle bra and a buzz lightyear shirt turns a guy on, we'd probably have a hell of a time in the friend zone
>> No. 384593
>if a fat butch girl in a battle bra and a buzz lightyear shirt turns a guy on

Get the costume wings to continue the look & I'll think about it.
>> No. 384594

Ew, nerd.
>> No. 384596
Did she actually really say that?

Like what?
>> No. 384597
File 137928130733.jpg - (23.07KB , 400x300 , 0011a6d2_medium.jpg )
Someone doesn't want to go to infinity & beyond.

>tryhard wannabe officer of Star Command
>mfw can't even pop out wings action
>Do you even fall with style?
>probably actually a Zurg pleb
>> No. 384600
You should walk around with a laser pointer and fight crime.
>> No. 384601
Recently took a Women's Studies course. I'd always been an equal rights person and I was eager to see what it had to offer.
I was met with a lot of hostility from both the women who taught as well as the students. They made a lot of offensive remarks towards men in particular I recall remarks about Asian males being faulted for being undesirable and "ill-equipped" and when I'd try to (very) respectfully disagree with something, I'd be accused of condoning rape and violence against women, and things of that nature.

I was startled because while I'm aware these more radical viewpoints exist, I wasn't expecting them to be taught in a "professional" or "scholarly" environment. Am I just out of touch with feminism? Does my school just suck?
Is this kind of hostile/unwelcome environment common in gender studies classes, or did I just luck out and get a weird one?

I'm sorry--the last thing I want is to start some kind of shitstorm. I still respect women, as I always have, and I still support the feminist movement, but I just found the experience a bit upsetting
>> No. 384603
I feel like I've responded to this exact same post before but

No, your class/professor totally did suck. Every gender studies class I've taken took both male and female viewpoints into perspective.
>> No. 384604
that sounds like a terrible class. my experiences have been most akin to
wherein the teacher moderated opinions without putting any down and tried to explain the reasoning or fault behind them while keeping gender discussions focused on both academic inquiries and personal experiences of women as opposed to gender in general.

umm... your teacher was unprofessional and a hater and your class was full of people looking for an outlet for that. that class was not appropriate.

internet forums maybe. ew.
>> No. 384605
my helmet just arrived

i am now one step closer to being a road toll statistic :D
>> No. 384606
my helmet just arrived

i am now one step closer to being a road toll statistic :D
>> No. 384608
I got this too, had to drop the class late and lose the credit because that shit was just ruining my entire university experience. It might have actually turned me slightly gay and/or afraid of women.

Where did you guys go? Was it some insanely famous posh place?
>> No. 384609

Neither of them, but I went to a state school and never got any of that.
>> No. 384610
I have to the quality of state school colleges is really quite lacking in general. I went to a college and they tried to reteach me the fucking sandwich essay.
>> No. 384611

Sounds like more of an issue with grade school to me, if they have to do that.
>> No. 384613
I don't really feel like that's valid. I got taught the sandwich essay in 5th grade. The fact that that class even existed to me was a little insulting. If your grade schools are that bad, then you shouldn't be drawing people into your for-pay institution and then trying to teach them the shit they should've learned way back when.

What was more amazing to me was the guy next to me for whom that essay was a completely new concept. If you don't know how to do at least a sandwich essay coming out of high school, you shouldn't be applying to college, you should be applying for an apprenticeship or at a 2-year work school. But sadly this is apparently the case in certain American states and, I know the education system is in the shitter but that's fucking mind-blowing.
>> No. 384614
File 137930583178.gif - (0.97MB , 350x191 , tumblr_inline_mg76rhyXBM1qkfrdd.gif )
>tumblr's feminism and antifeminism tags have apparently declared war on each other.
>Feminism loaded with astronaut turd copypasta.
>Antifeminism filled with velociraptors and hotel penguin videos.
>> No. 384615
Education only for the educated. You heard it here first folks.
>> No. 384616
I've never heard of a "sandwich essay" before. Is it just another name for the three-point essay?
>> No. 384617
UC Berkeley. I was an engineering physics major but i dabbled in the dark arts of social justice related subject matter
>> No. 384629
What in the fuck is a 'sandwich essay'? Is that like the five-paragraph essay they taught us in high school, ie a completely useless formulaic essay that you will and should never write when not specifically required?

Look, different schools and different teachers teach different things, and not all of them do a good job teaching you to express yourself clearly and eloquently in essay form. In my brother's first-year English course, he honestly had some fellow students whose grade twelve professors had had them do fucking shoebox dioramas instead of essays. Everyone else, professor included, was flabbergasted, and that's obviously an extreme example, but. You can't just assume these things.
>> No. 384630
Not what I said. Let me clarify. The point is that if they missed all of that shit at the free schools then they shouldn't be going to university because they will fail. They will fail and go into enormous debt.

Look, if you don't even know the "3 point essay" by 20, which is the only essay they ever teach you, you are not going to do well in college, my friend. And the thing is, college is really only valuable in adding advanced concepts on top of the ones you already know. It'd be like going to an Art College after spending your time never doing any Art. You might succeed if you are really motivated. But it's hard to be motivated when you barely grasp the underlying concepts, let alone the high level ones. You will have significantly more difficulty tackling any sort of STEM field, which seems to be where the most valuable degrees reside. In a real world setting devoid of safety nets, you shouldn't be thinking about trying to tackle those concepts if you're not fairly well versed in them. A short term degree in a technical field with consistent hands-on learning would be better for a person considering getting stable employment.

The point is is at that when the knowledge is charged for, I don't actually want to waste my time or money with a class of that caliber. That shouldn't be something you have to teach people who have gone through a public school system. And I understand that not everyone gets the same education but if you can't write a basic essay before you get to college, you might need to rethink college because they have an unquenchable lust for essays (even though a lot of the professors hate them). People shouldn't be denied an education but they also shouldn't be sold one they aren't prepared to undertake. Not if the point of college is to successfully educate on advanced concepts. Perhaps that's a limit viewpoint but I would question why a college needs to step into the role of a public school. Everyone I encountered in that class seemed to be raised american, and most people in the class got the concept, except for one white guy who had never been forced to think about anything in his life. But it was such a superfluous class; if you're old enough to attend college and you don't know how to write long form and make connected points, you are going to have profound difficulties, and a single class on the most basic form of an essay won't really solve that.
>> No. 384631
>Despite not knowing the "sandwich essay", all of you seem to know it

If you can't write longform by the time you hit college you are going to have profound difficulties. Technical schools tend to focus on a single highly technical subject but give you enough hands on with it to really get it. It's good for making you skilled enough to get a well paying job. From there, by all means, pay for yourself to learn the sandwich essay.
>> No. 384632
Although an essay is one of the most common methods of course evaluation in university, your ability to write one is not actually a very good measure of your preparedness for the academy, because it is a thoroughly abstracted method of displaying your knowledge.

No, one course in how to write them is not likely to be sufficient to correct a truly remedial student in the art of essaying. That's why schools have other resources available, writing workshops and tutorials and tutors and etc, etc. Many first and second year classes will also contain within them a very basic primer as well, just to be sure. But the course you're talking about is there not to turn everybody into an incredible essayist, but to ensure that everybody is familiar with the basic standards and requirements, to make sure everyone's on the same page. If you're already pretty decent at writing, quit your bitching and enjoy your average-boosting easy A.
>> No. 384633
Essays are so dumb
Instead of writing essays
We should write haikus.
>> No. 384635
File 137933525154.gif - (1.33KB , 28x55 , 2013-09-16__2x-Remastered-Sprite__Gadget.gif )

I’ll stick with making pixel art.


And now, onwards to Notepad++ to do some writing~

ʢ •ᴥ•ʡ
>> No. 384636
>The point is that if they missed all of that shit at the free schools then they shouldn't be going to university because they will fail. They will fail and go into enormous debt.

That isn't necessarily true for a number of reasons. Some people are just abysmally bad at some subjects. I knew a guy in high school who couldn't write for shit but could do calculus in his head.
>> No. 384638
File 137933985827.png - (392.91KB , 720x480 , ep35-900.png )
Not half bad, Anon
So I approve of this post
School would be more fun
>> No. 384639
Structured essay, when they basically give you blanks to fill in.

Thesis in x amount of sentences
Body 1
Body 2
Body 3
Body etc

IDK I barely remember this shit, either way it's a crap method to teach writing. It actually makes talented writers sound bad, if you told Stephen King to do it he would look like an idiot.

Exceptions to the rule. Universities require you to get a good primary education to be successful.

Some universities (like the aforementioned shitty womens studies/essay writing ones) are useless regardless of what education you have, but that's another story.
>> No. 384641
File 137934069877.png - (541.57KB , 720x480 , ep35-996.png )
Stupid formatting
Why do you always do that
With posts of this size?
>> No. 384643
>Universities require you to get a good primary education to be successful.

And people who are shitty writers but good mathematicians haven't gotten a good primary education? You need to stop thinking with this binary. There are too many different factors of intelligence for you to make statements like that. There's no reason someone who excels in areas that aren't communication shouldn't be going to college. That's why colleges teach a bazillion different subjects. People are good at/have interests in different things.
>> No. 384644
There's some sort of massive terrorist crisis in DC, city is on lockdown.
>> No. 384646
Make your posts haiku.
That way it looks like it should,
whatever you do?
>> No. 384648
Well Mr. Helpful, the reason is, because my summer job ended before I could get enough for a proper trip. And since then, my money's gone to rent.
>> No. 384649
It was a shooting at the Naval Yard.
>> No. 384650
File 137936149528.jpg - (170.58KB , 500x635 , tumblr_mt8bt5WX0u1rr4zq1o1_500.jpg )
Eerily accurate to my general situation.

(Source is http://boggletheowl.tumblr.com/)
>> No. 384653
my joke blog is way more popular than the my main blog, but i really can't take that personally because i actually want to be friends with the followers of my main blog and the blog where i make fun of cute animals attracts normal people.

this is what one of my favorite books calls the beginning of "turning the flywheel".
flywheels, as you may know, are large, heavy, massive, but low friction wheels. not zero friction but you'll see. as you get started pushing the damned thing, you get almost no return on rotation for your efforts. it just barely start to break being still. eventually it starts to move a little more so for the same effort you get a little more spin than when you started. the thing has momentum. you keep going, not stopping and letting it slow down due to the bit of resistance the thing has. then... after a little while... you may not even notice... the thing is spinning so fast you don't even know how you got it that way. you're moving. you're blazing.

everyone is a flywheel, and often the people who are the hardest to get started are the ones with the most strength, the most momentum, the most durability.

and don't you dare fucking respond to this post, freehaven because i don't want any bullshit thanks or excuses. i just want you to spend your energy on spinning that damned wheel.
>> No. 384656
>Friend finally receives birthday packy
>Immediate skypecall.
>Fiddles with package, opens it
>Ha, you wrapped the gift in daily dose
Thought you'd like it.
>Ok, Old Dutch barbeque and...crunchys? What are those?
They're like cheetos but Canadian and taste like a pu-
>Holy shit, nacho cheese?! Awesome!
>Moment of pause eating Smarties
>Ok, now let's open this up. Thirteen, big or small?
Uh, big, I'm thinking.
>Deathly silence on groupcall as friend opens present
>[someone else]What what is it? Thirteen what did you do?!
>[Other guy] HOLY SHIT
>sounds of frantic paper ripping
...So you like it?
>Friend implodes from the purpliness.
>> No. 384660



ʢ •ᴥ•ʡ ~ (ó㉨ò )
>> No. 384661
File 137940215945.png - (123.29KB , 320x240 , 2333337-nightwing.png )
>> No. 384662

But…but bears.

ʢ ;ᴥ;ʡ
>> No. 384670
Bears are for SQUARES.
>> No. 384677
Cis-Fire v2youtube thumb

>> No. 384679

At least he's got a sense of humor about it.
>> No. 384680
this got me chuckling
>> No. 384681
There is this kid in my program with very obvious, unmanaged Asperger's, and he just will not stop interrupting our classes to a point where one professor has yet to make it all the way through a prepared class. Plus he has some personal hygiene issues and is rank as hell. It's gotten so bad that this one dude I sat next to this morning looked about ready to strangle him.

I don't understand how a dude can have it that bad and gotten to this point in his life without someone pulling him over and being like "dude, stop being a shithead." I guess at this point it's the professor's responsibility to tell him to cut it out. vOv
>> No. 384683
Also adding that the interruptions are typical gunner bullshit with the icing of not getting/respecting social cues.
>> No. 384684
>I don't understand how a dude can have it that bad and gotten to this point in his life without someone pulling him over and being like "dude, stop being a shithead." I guess at this point it's the professor's responsibility to tell him to cut it out.
Why not try to sit him down yourself? There's no guarantee that he'll listen to you, but it's worth a shot. The best way to do something this is phrasing it as you want to help him help himself improve himself, since you don't want to be this kid's babysitter, and if you approach him with "you're causing all sorts of problems" he'll likely go on the defensive. If you can get a few fellow classmates with you on this, it will be easier (only two or three, you don't want to overwhelm him.)

Or, if it's that bad, just have a class intervention. It doesn't sound like you're making much headway as it is, so taking a class session to address him might prove far more productive (though, again, he could be easily overwhelmed.)

Worse case, complain to the administration that he's a constant disruption in class (try to record his antics before hand) and they might boot him. It won't be doing the kid any favors, but if you've tried talking to him and it doesn't take hold at least you don't have to deal with him anymore.
>> No. 384686
it's the afternoon and i've been drinking.
i wrote some stuff but realized it's essentially the same advice as moose just gave so basically listen to moose. that kid is a loose soggy poop cannon and needs to be put in his place even if he won't know he deserves it.

as someone who's hyper-sensitive to social expectations (and thus so incredibly ready to break them at the right times), people like that drive me up the wall. i don't even want to talk about some of the shit i put up with at work because 1) it's probably worse for me than it is for anyone else here since i'm so sensitive to it 2) it's really not worth mulling over since more often than not people in my lab including myself find a way to educate these people or remove them from our little commune.

even people who lack obvious empathy and the ability to read social cues can be incredibly compassionate and concerned so long as they know. that's how so many diagnosed sociopaths get by in concert with society. they may not be able to empathize, but they can still find a way to care with logical motivations to do so and show it in a way that other people would understand. (note: sociopath does not always have a negative connotation in my mind. that would be like saying someone who doesn't feel physical pain must be some kind of monster. they can still act ethically and mean it.)
>> No. 384687

my nerd boyfriend made me watch the 1979 film ("it's trippy, you'll like it") so I started watching the series and

>> No. 384689

I watched all of the TOS recently, and now I'm going through all of TNG/DS9. 'S great stuff to draw to, I'm glad CBS made it all available online. Hope you enjoy the ride!
>> No. 384690
you can lead a horse to water but if you try to lead my roommate to women he'll find a way to scare them off.

i cannot wingman for this sort of human. i even verified my skills by getting a mom and daughter combo to flirt and dance on two of my less attractive acquaintances. how the fuck is my roommate so good at giving off "i'm so awkward please give me a quick and painless death" vibes?

i mean fuck! i keep saying this. i only have enough game for one and a half people at best. i can't do this on my own. it's frustrating! you want my help, you gotta figure out how to not look like a goddamned pariah. it's like i'm trying to smuggle a clown out of a circus who refuses to take off the makeup. i'm sorry, i can't do that jim. i'm not a goddamned magician.


okay. sorry. it's just that he's a really really really good catch but he finds a way to blow it every time. if he could skip the courting phase of a relationship, he'd be married with kids by now.

it's so painful.


voyager is like star trek trying to be an action adventure show. if you try it out, i hope you like it. it's my personal favorite over TNG's shakespearean efforts and DS9's perpetual serious business tone.
>> No. 384693
When you get to The Next Generation, force yourself through the first two seasons. It gets far better after those.
>> No. 384694
yeah, my man gave the rundown on the future seasons. But MY OH MY, I LOVE IT

Picture this. Two people. One in a hospital bed, the other cuddling the first. They are holding each other's hands. Their voices are laden with emotion and passion. They stare into each other's eyes and agree that this is something the machines and robots will never understand.

Are they in love? Is my boyfriend being an Aspie as usual? Or is it just Star Trek???

>> No. 384696
Thanks for the advice. I definitely don't want to talk to him one-on-one, since a) I am pretty socially awkward myself and b) dude is like at least three of me and kind of scary.
>> No. 384697
File 137948013389.jpg - (39.88KB , 640x488 , 65399_640.jpg )

>implying Season 2 didn't have the best TNG doctor

She was too sassy for TNG. Plus Season 2 had the best space courtroom drama with Data having to prove he's a sentient being. It does have Weasley Crusher though, which is... well, really awful, no matter how you slice it.
>> No. 384700
The weird thing about this is that it's, well, not the hugest problem, but it seems to be a pervasive issue, especially with young men. It's not just the lack of swag, it's the ability to withdraw into a kind of misery world that somehow isolates the world they see.

We have this huge culture of "just be yourself", but yourself without any kind of social interaction, or very limited social interaction is almost unbearable. Virginity itself is not bad, but there are certain reservations I have about people who have never been in a relationship, or who are trying to wait for marriage. Sex and Love are complicated and on some level it's impossible to really talk about them unless you have some of your own experience. Of course, that means getting freaky with someone and getting to that emotional and mental point where you not only like yourself, but somebody else likes you enough to want to fuck you. That's like 95% of it.

I mean, am I the only one who thinks this is kind of a recent phenomena? I knew that people were shut off from culture and that it was hugely problematic before the internet, but now they've allowed themselves to be kind of shut in these isolated realms of the mind online. And it does really weird things to their self-confidence and their worldview.
>> No. 384703
File 137949169744.gif - (620.75KB , 440x247 , Let me put on my mad face.gif )
What'd you just say about bears you little punk!
>> No. 384705

I can attest to having lived this phenomena first-hand. I've also read a number of articles/columns/whatever that have blamed the Internet for a so-called "prolonged adolescence" where people (not just men, though obviously they get called on it more than most) use the distractions offered by the Internet as an escape from the real world and all that it entails (socialization, responsibility, and so on).

Those articles/columns/whatever have a bit of a point, as far as my experiences go: I’ve found myself preferring the interaction of the Internet to actual social interaction with other people. Then again, I never had too many friends when I was a kid, my larger socialization experiences kinda ended when I dropped out of high school, and I have plenty of fears about socializing anyway (mostly due to my looks [chiefly my Southern-hick-stereotype teeth], my emotional issues, and my lack of quality socializing as a teen/young adult).

For some people, socializing comes easy. For people such as myself, it's like the comic in >>384650 puts it: it feels like breaking rocks just to do the basic, entry-level bullshit. The Internet makes socializing (or the illusion thereof) easier for people such as me, so I understand the allure of staying indoors to do nothing but browse 4chan all day and such. (I’ve done it a few times myself in the past.)
>> No. 384710
Guys, social anxiety and Asperger's are two different things. This kid is loud as hell and constantly makes himself the center of attention.

Not disagreeing that a big part of his problem is probably a lack of socialization or that he might have anxiety on top of the 'sperg. I wonder if he was homeschooled?
>> No. 384711
i bet his parents were thinking "just get this fucker to college and we'll be rid of him."

i've been noticing more and more that being a parent can be tough in great part because of expectations of what you would expect and hope your kid to be like as opposed to learning to appreciate, teach, and love the kid you have.

that's just my guess, though. still. if you think he's not dangerous, talk to him.

as for my roommate with the miles of baggage and social anxiety, he doesn't even use the internet that much. what he does do is work work work work work and rock climb. if anyone thinks i'm in shape, you should see him. he actually has the physique of someone who fights crime and trains for it everyday. so much tone and muscle all from actually using it, not from trying to shape it.

sweet guy. genuine. generous. thoughtful. just really terrible at putting himself forward or putting himself first. he's not the typical shut in and can talk to most people so long as it's not a matter of receiving romance. he can even flirt when he knows he doesn't stand a change with a girl. he's not great at it, but he's also not so bad that it couldn't work.

it's a hang up. not a case of internet induced arrested development.

*cue theme*
>> No. 384713
Talkin to my mom(an RN, she wouldn't be my prescribing doctor but she does know her stuff) about finally getting some brain drugs since the ladyfriend admitted that it was really stressful on her for me to be upset so often. If it were just me, I'd probably stay miserable, but it isn't fair to put her through that just because I'm afraid of medication.
>mom suggests a medication that she really thinks would work for me
>look it up
>treats all kinds of brain problems, sounds like a fuckin miracle drug
>get to side effects
>a common side-effect in SSRIs is sexual dysfunction, which may include (blah blah all kinds of bad stuff). while this usually disappears when taken off of SSRIs, in some cases it can be permanent
>can solve brain problems at the cost of potentially never wanting anything to do with sex again
>also it might not even solve my brain problems
ah jeez.

ah jeez
>> No. 384715

I'm on antidepressants and I still masturbate from time to time. I still have an interest in the opposite sex, but I'm just not as horny. It's also hard to tell because my libido has been steadily going down (before I started taking medicine) due to me having more to do with my time, I think.

Anyway this is anecdotal as hell and shouldn't really factor into your decision as much as a discussion with a doctor would, especially considering we're probably not even on the same drugs. I'm just letting you know that I haven't become "asexual" after taking drugs.
>> No. 384722
File 13795394238.jpg - (149.19KB , 530x530 , The_doctor_2371[1].jpg )
>implying there's a better Doctor than this one

Personally, I've decided that I don't want to deal with the societal pressures/requirements of most personal interaction (be them real or assumed). My computer and psuedoanonymity don't make me anxious or make me worried about fucking up a first impression because, on populated boards/forums like +4 (or to a far larger extent, the motherboard) I'll go unnoticed for some time and/or have the ability to remove stupid things I say (assuming I can realize and respond fast enough and GATEWAY ERROR).

On the internet I don't have to worry about screwing up my words, saying the wrong thing when meeting someone, someone being hurt because I seem distant or disinterested in meeting them (which is not true, but I don't like any sort of involvement, emotional or otherwise, unless I know someone is going to be sticking around), someone catching my eyes lingering on their breasts ("Uh, shit, yeah, I was. Would it help if I said you had a great rack?"), not catching social cues, etc. Not that I have money to do anything.

So, yeah, I just stay home and go on the internet because I don't have to go through a bunch of bullshit only to get rejected.
>> No. 384724
Wow, you're very goal oriented.
>> No. 384727
oof... i'm sorry man. i try everything i can to only use medications temporarily and ones that don't have permanent side-effects other than helping fix my thinkings, but i know not everyone has that luxury.

there's a reason i self-medicate. i've used marijuana, ketamine (small therapeutic doses) for PTSD related stuff, acid for opening up and relaxing my mental processes, salvia for exploring what raw paranoia feels like and being able to separate that from my other thought processes, and of course alcohol which i try to avoid as a crutch since numbing my thoughts and lowering my inhibitions comes at a high cost both physically and mentally. alcohol may be the hardest of those drugs in my opinion.
>> No. 384728
Yeah, I'm...also not a fan of medication. I skipped out on taking painkillers after one of my surgeries just because I don't like taking meds.
The doctor I'll be seeing may not prescribe that type of brain meds, may not prescribe anything and just tell me I don't have brain problems and I'm just a nancypants who needs to suck it up.
Or maybe that's subconsciously wishful thinking because medicine that fucks with your brain chemistry is hella scary to me. But I need to get fixed somehow. My emotional problems don't just affect me.

Also I have...hang-ups about drugs/alcohol. Just a personal thing. I'm pro-legalization and shit it just makes me uncomfortable idk.
>> No. 384729
File 137954867157.jpg - (131.45KB , 600x450 , Hugh-Jackman-Hairy-Chest-600x450.jpg )
i just realized that this thread needs more pictures of big burly strong hairy men.
hairier than this at least.
post more bears.
>> No. 384730
File 137954933161.png - (88.18KB , 462x506 , Jyu_1_0_02.png )
Splitting the difference.
>> No. 384736
Beast husbando.
>> No. 384738
See, I was like this too until I realized basically everything I ever say is fucked up and wrong somehow so, y'know, might as well blow peoples' faces off to start with then go downhilll from there.

I've spent years in my room sitting in front of a computer achieving as damn little as possible. I totally get the introvert thing, I totally get knowing people you'd rather not know, I totally get that the world is evil and horrible despite everyone being basically good. I totally get wanting to be away from everyone and interacting only through the most abstract means because ultimately I can abandon those threads if I really need to without injuring myself, physically or emotionally.

But if you never get the fuck out there, none of this is worth a damn.
>> No. 384740
for hating myself so much, i am surprisingly self-centered

actually maybe that's not a contradiction

but yeah dang wow
>> No. 384758
if you start experiencing unwanted side effects then you can change your meds. you seem to be of the mindset that once you're on a drug, you are on this road for the long haul and the dosage & drug you get when you are first prescribed is the one that is best at fixing the problem. you probably know somewhere in your mind that that isn't true, but still, that's not really what your posts are saying. the truth is that mental disorders are very complex and there are legions of drugs out there because a drug that works well for one person will give another suicidal thoughts. doctors prescribe what they THINK will be good based on your symptoms, but it's not always a match at first.

if you think you ought to try medication, do it. keep a journal so that you have a written record of your experiences with the drug--how it's affecting your mood and your body. and if you don't like what it's doing? tell the doctor who prescribed you the meds. test them until you get something that works for you.

p.s. those are potential side effects. it doesn't mean you certainly will experience them. no one i know who is on SSRIs has what you're worried about.
>> No. 384759
no i'm fully and actively aware that i can gets my meds changed if i don't like them
the scary thing was that it could be permanent
permanent side effects are scary shit
and yeah i know it's just a chance but
permanent genital anesthesia
permanent ejaculatory anhedonia

like dang man
>> No. 384763
Yknow, having participated in as much sport as I did as a kid.... I'm kinda surprised I turned out how I have.
>> No. 384765
this is vague. do you want to talk more about this or was that sort of just something you wanted to get off your chest.
>> No. 384766
>quit feeling so depressed, you're rich
Well fucking gee I didn't know money COULD buy happiness
>> No. 384767
How rich we talkin', anon?
>> No. 384768
>> No. 384769
can confirm that even if i was rich i'd still feel like ass atm
hahahaha i meant at the moment but if i put it right after ass it reads like ass to mouth. fucking amazing.
i'll put whoever said that on my List Of Dumb Nerds To Beat Up When I'm Dying
>> No. 384770
Money can't buy happiness, but...
Being rich means I have no debt hanging over my head, that I can get a place of my own instead of living in some guy's spare bedroom.
I can afford therapy and doctor's visits and a colonoscopy.
I can get a trainer and a personal chef.
I can go to Disneyland every day until I'm bored of it.

It doesn't guarantee happiness, but money would get me a large step closer to it.

Sorry that it can't seem to help you out similarly, anon. :(
>> No. 384771
Studies show that until you make $70,000 a year, money does buy happiness.
>> No. 384772
Yes. $70K or $75K or something is seen as a threshold, where above it there are no unfulfilled needs.

Sadly I'm some quite some distance from that number. :(
>> No. 384773
I just got broken up with.
1 year, 1 month, and 4 days.
I deserve it.

I'm in love with her. I know it's stupid and everyone says it, but I can't imagine feeling this way for anyone ever again.

This is probably the second worst I've ever felt, after the first time I really contemplated eternity.

I don't even know what to say. What to do.
>> No. 384774
File 137965301162.png - (486.13KB , 572x540 , 1365815770630.png )
>I don't even know...what to do

beat off to her pictures?
>> No. 384775
Oh sure I can get all these escapes, but when I have all that it just makes the sheer absurdity of being miserable all the more noticeable. Everything just feels dry and grey, stuff I usually like barely interests me. I go home to a big fancy and decidedly empty house and sit in a gigantic empty bed contemplating my own position and how hard I'd worked for this, but then just end up feeling hollow as hell. Not like, 'ooh my life is so shallow I work for a soulless corportation' like some liberal trash, I mean just it has lost any spark or drive and I keep thinking about being this or that other thing. I know they're not really my dream unrealized, just what ifs I'd likely be feeling what-if about other things too.

I don't even know why I'm sad, and that just makes it worse.
>> No. 384777
Oh Slowpoke. :( My feels for you.

One day you will find the Shellder to create your Slowbro.
> If Shellder is knocked off, Slowbro will return to its unevolved form.

>Slowbro has lost the capability to feel pain due to Shellder's poison. However, it apparently becomes inspired when Shellder bites down
...ohmigod Slowbro is a euphemism for marriage, isn't it?

Have you tried therapy? Not just one person, you might have to find the right one. Or, if you're financially set and can last more than a few months jobless, you could always go "midlife crisis": quit your job and go on a pilgrimage to somewhere. Like Disneyland.
>> No. 384779
Only in the current economy though, and that's USD I believe. Most low income Americans exist in about the 18-30k realm. An extra 40k a year would certainly make my debt go away. But it would also hike the price on everything, especially the expensive stuff.

I tend to treat myself, have a mope, some bad food, some extra long masturbation sessions. Pain like that can be great at first, but it does fade with time, and you will find yourself more prepared for the next time.
>> No. 384781
I dunno.
I just... think. How usually kids with my upbringing usually have a different outcome, I guess.

Like, I did so much physical activity and was so good as most of that stuff (I was always really shitty at football, then again I was a defender and the game kinda hinges on defenders fucking up every once in a while or something) and hell, even going into high school I kept up rugby...
And not just sport, yknow? I did fucking everything cos I fucking COULD and wanted to. I don't really think I had all sorts of pressuring expectations on me.

Like. I think I would've ended up differently? Or at least not as a repressed manic mood-swinging clinically depressed artsy type.
Least thats not how anyone else with my kind of background ended up.

..I dunno. I mean alot of shit has happened, I guess? Like, there's stuff that's directly influenced how shitty I'm doing now? So I guess I shouldn't blame upbringing or whatever...
I don't know.

...Also, speaking of rugby.
Turns out my first high school now has a fucking rugby programme.
God, had that been there when I was there I would've gotten a fucking scholarship and we wouldn't have paid so fucking much and we wouldn't be doing as god damn shit as we are now aaaaauugh

Jesus fuck so much has happened these last few months and I want to get so much off my chest and shit I don't fucking know
I don't fucking know AAAUUGUHH
>> No. 384782
>I deserve it
you cut that thinking out right now. this whole notion of "deserving" and "should be" only makes things worse since they box you in. false sense of control. maybe you need that right now, but don't hold onto it too tight.

if you don't know what i mean now... that's fine. but you will... and hopefully these words will get you out of that ditch faster.
>> No. 384783
Go get drunk you colossal tosspot. How the fuck do you even get rich without wanting to spend it on shit? Jesus H. Christ, if you're rich, figure out how to make your dreams come true. Figure out who you need to pay, or employ, to do what you want to do.

Yeah you ain't got no Liberal Problem, you got a Conservative Problem. "I'm fucking loaded and I can't figure out how to make friends or interact with people".

Wanna know why you're sad? You have no interaction with people. You have no prospects. We like to sit here and wank off about oh how terrible the world is and how great it is that we're all Introverts and how we never need anyone and oh god why am I so alone.

It's like guess what? Going out and getting shitfaced may not solve your problems, but for most of us, it makes us forget them. It makes us have fun. It introduces us to people. It ups our ability to find dick, pussy, weed, whatever the fuck gives you that small, persistent erection in the back of your mind. It lets you find people. And once you've found people, those little hobbies of your seem less dull and shitty, and more like a somewhat needed reprieve.

The key to everything in life is balance. And you, my friend, are horribly unbalanced at the moment.
>> No. 384784
finding meaning and purpose in your life won't suddenly make you happy, but it will make you find the opportunities that might.

being aimless is the fastest way to succumb to one's weaknesses. that's why i'm always moving.

i give up too much to someone, and i start to die inside. i stop fighting, i stop feeling real. i stop going out to meet and work with others, i stop feeling like a human being.
>> No. 384785
I mean I was kind of a huge selfish emotionally unstable fuckup(see >>384740 and the beginning of >>384713) without fully realizing it. I deserved to be broken up with and she deserved better than to be burdened by me.
I'm not sure what you mean by it being a false sense of control, explain further?

Also, thanks Moose and Anon. It's...mostly on good terms. I mean, she made it clear that at least a large part of it was me being a huge selfish emotionally-unstable fuckup(not quite as harshly-put as that), but
We still love each other as people, as friends, it's just that the love is kind of onesided now.

I feel so ambivalent, it's really weird.
On the one hand, um, we've both acknowledged for some time that the relationship was kind of unhealthy, and we've tried to fix the issues, but
at some point we forgot how to be at ease around each other, almost. We stopped being natural. It wasn't forced, but it wasn't effortless. We stopped being Slowpoke and Ladyfriend, the besties, and pretty much exclusively became Slowpoke, Ladyfriend's bf, and Ladyfriend, Slowpoke's gf, if that makes sense.
So I feel like this is good for us. It removes the tension and pressure from our relationship and will hopefully let us remember how to be at ease with each other, how to be bros.

On the other hand, I'm in love with her, and it hurts so, so bad to know that it's pretty much conclusively over. I want to blame myself for not seeking help with my emotional/mental problems sooner(I mentioned wanting to get help here a few months back, but chickened out), but I know that was only part of it.
We were good. Just not good enough.
>> No. 384786
give me some money and enjoy watching me enjoy it
>> No. 384787
>being aimless is the fastest way to succumb to one's weaknesses.

I can attest to this.
This is a good observation, mang.
I've been meaning to say, you're good people.
>> No. 384790
File 137968455746.gif - (369.85KB , 100x100 , 325689_zps926d1e92.gif )
Still playing that cookie clicker game.

Now I seen the type of gameplay the upcoming dungeons will have in it.

>> No. 384791

GIB MONEY Share the wealth? I admit, I'd have a lot of "selfish" things I'd want to spend money on if I was ever rich, but I'd also give to a lot of family, friends, and charities. Nothing puts your life into perspective by seeing how worse off others are though that can also lead to depression so any chance to help out someone else and alleviate some of their misery is a good one.
>> No. 384792

>being aimless is the fastest way to succumb to one's weaknesses. that's why i'm always moving.

Quoted that on Twitter and I'll probably mark it down in my commonplace "book" later. Thank you for this, FF.
>> No. 384795
The guy who does it is pretty funny, too:
>Anonymous asked: So you've been getting into the habit of drawing french girls eh?

>French girls, understandably, don’t say “draw me like one of your french girls”.
>They just go : “hon hon oui oui moustache du fromage”

>Anonymous asked: hey who is your favourite pokemon

>brock, he’s hella
>> No. 384797
how do i aim?
>> No. 384800
It's too late to aim. You already shot your load. Time to throw the gun down.
>> No. 384804
"deserve" implies that there's a punishment involved or that you weren't "good enough". that's not a healthy way to think of relationships. you simply weren't on the same page anymore. saying you deserve it makes it seem like "if only i did this things would be okay" when really it's both much simpler (things weren't working out anymore since either you changed or the relationship evolved somewhere that wasn't healthy) or much more complicated (lord knows why you don't connect the same way). controlling your narrative of it is what i mean by control. it's not up to you to force her into a relationship. it takes two people to make that decision and she chose to not carry your weight. it's not a burden so long as she wants it and clearly this isn't sensible for either of you at this time.

if that's not clear i can explain it in a different way that might make more sense, but what i'm getting at is that there's no good or bad person... no burden... just is it good for both of you or not? is it worth it or not? deserve doesn't factor into questions like that.

by finding something you want and going after it or finding something you want to change and finding a way to change it.

the path will transform and so will your aim, but the point is that you get smarter and better at it, choosing something that feels real that you believe in or come to believe in. AND BE SPECIFIC. that's hugely important. having a vague notion is not enough to do anything.
>> No. 384807
mm, i wasn't thinking of it as a punishment, or in the sense that i wasn't good enough(i was at first on account of being an emotional trainwreck, but not when i wrote the longer post), just
i dunno. maybe you're right. now that i've calmed down i wouldn't quite describe it that way(although i do feel as if a lot of our problems were my fault), and i can't exactly defend my phrasing there, but i don't feel like it was totally wrong either
i guess the way that's phrased implies a reward/punishment dichotomy which is obviously a bad way to look at most things but i don't think that's how i was thinking of it, more just
i made mistakes, and these are the consequences, and they're fitting for my actions? if that makes sense.

SHRUGS I dunno. I feel a lot better about it today. I don't know why. It still hurts of course, but it's like, the initial shock wore off and now I'm not seeing it as a totally bad thing?
Like I said, I think it will be good for us as a (platonic) pair, and also good for me and good for her individually, but at the same time I can't help but hope that later on, after we both get our shit together we'll end up together (romantically) again. I don't know if that's an unhealthy mindset, but I can't help it one way or the other.
>> No. 384813
File 137972967649.gif - (0.97MB , 480x270 , tomoko.gif )
>broken laptop hinge so doing school work with a crooked screen propped up by a screwdriver
>$40 in bank
>no pay until October
>which is all going to car insurance
>need gas for school
>need minutes for phone
>credit card payment due the 12th
>not sure if i can even pay
>it's only $18

>still somehow really happy and optimistic anyway

living the high life
>> No. 384816
I have two options. Wax poetic for however long I can keep it on the nature of my problems, or vent in small posts that take up space and tell nobody anything. I'll decide in the morning.
>> No. 384829
The only girl I ever had a date with is now doing porn. I just don't know what to feel.
>> No. 384831
File 137976202240.png - (1.06MB , 1258x821 , cookie2.png )
There's a story for the grandkids.
Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.
it's not actually that high of a score, but better than all my friends'.
>> No. 384836
You feel like sharing.
>> No. 384841
I am going to be an uncle for a second monster. Uncle 2: Be An Even More Terrible Uncle Boogaloo.
>> No. 384842
you ever had so much sex for so long that you lost interest in sex for like days after?
i'm going to guess that the answer for everyone is no
>> No. 384844
Well then you've never been at a gay meth orgy.
>> No. 384846
teach me
>> No. 384855
I had 50 times that number of cookies before I reset.
>> No. 384858
File 137981710951.jpg - (78.76KB , 734x404 , GLORIOUS.jpg )
Romantic drunk texts are the best
>> No. 384859
You had 100 quadrillion cookies baked?
No chet?
>> No. 384881
too many tender moments with the wrong people, my god

on the bright side, I've actually cut back on drinking quite a bit... it suddenly just isn't that fun for me? I'll still have a few beers or a bit of wine, but I've suddenly and completely lost interest in getting trashed.
>> No. 384882
Living my life feels like moving through endless molasses with no ground underneath it. I just slog through tired and aimlessly, hardly making any progress, but if I stop doing anything I'll fall into a bottomless abyss. There is no joy to be had. Just weariness. I wish I could end it, but I couldn't possibly be so cruel to my parents. Instead I just whine impotently on the internet about how it's everyone else's fault I'm a lazy asshole, who can't find any motivation for anything but videogames.
>> No. 384883
You missed the depression thread by like a foot.
>> No. 384887
File 137990290032.jpg - (30.83KB , 656x487 , 1379901058004.jpg )
>ferrous relationships advice
>> No. 384890
Being in your 30s isn't that bad if you take care of yourself or atleast try to
>> No. 384894
approaching your 30s is a VERY important time to learn this lesson and how to compensate for when you don't have the same... privileges of being youthful and nearly indestructible
>> No. 384900
Its also the exact age footballers stop looking like sweaty, tarded babies.
Coincidentally, also the time when they start getting injured alot.

Coincidentally, I'm just trying to get a few depressing thoughts out of my head just now. Why do I have depressing thoughts yet I'm still somewhat upbeat.
>> No. 384908
File 137996974964.jpg - (62.15KB , 500x750 , tumblr_ms4nnilUcL1st6qvho4_r1_500.jpg )
>> No. 384909
File 137997932076.gif - (969.79KB , 245x167 , 50ccs of kittens STAT.gif )
i made some friends and one of them is really cool and i want her to like me and pay me a lot of attention
also i got a job
and 36 new tumblr followers in like a week
i'm ok?
>> No. 384911
I'm starting to think about considering taking some time to update my resume. Just in case I ever dream of contemplating of thinking about looking for a job where I have a larger impact and far larger salary.
>> No. 384914
Hey guys, could I ask for some help in finding a creepypasta?

I've gone through my usual routes, and since chanarchive's still vegetative, I'm at my wits end.

Gimme a hand?
>> No. 384915
Hey, good for the job thing, I'm hoping. What is it?
>> No. 384917
My granddad got a kawaii Australian girlfriend.

I am so happy for him. :3
>> No. 384918
If it gained any traction it should have popped up on one of the various creepypasta sites - .com, wiki, tumblr, subreddit, KYM. Maybe it's too fresh or too old?
>> No. 384919
you did the thing where you ask for help without elaborating on your problem at all
as someone who has worked in solving peoples' problems online there is nothing more infuriating than someone going "hey can i get help?" and leaving it at that
holy SHIT just ask what you need the answer to don't make me answer questions before you ever ask the question you need an answer to i will FIGHT you

i know about some creepypasta, mostly just older ones though, whacha need
>> No. 384924
Just a customer adviser at Argos.
>> No. 384929
Sorry, I didn't realize such a thing was a problem. I also didn't realize the post went through; it took fifteen minutes for me to get a 503 error.

I'm trying to find this creepypasta where this small island close to italy was recently declared an archaeological boon, with the roman ruins uncovered thus far incredibly advanced for their age, giant buildings and water stuff and the like. Problem was, they've only uncovered what looked like a port. The main city was in the caldera of the volcano the island grew from. The ash that buried that port is all that remained of Atlantis.

I could also use some help finding a screencap concerning a trap and a very confused cat.
>> No. 384931
do you ever surprise yourself with like how much of a gross and terrible person you can potentially be i mean like one of my new good friends is the gf of my favourite artist and earlier i was like man i would steal her in a heartbeat like i would totally actively pursue her and then i was like dang yo what's up with that i mean first of all thats shitty in general but this is someone whom i respect and admire and also they have a lot of self esteem and mental health problems and her gf is like her shining light and just....gross, self

then i kind of realised the way i've been talking to her already probably wasn't with 100% pure intentions ahhhhhhhh no c'mon
>> No. 384936
So the new roommate (been about a month now, I think?) has his girlfriend over many nights. She's quite the moaner.

I think I actually heard him tell her to keep it down; be it to not disturb me or so I won't hear at all, I don't know, but I certainly don't mind the noise. Gives me some new fap fuel...

Also continuously reminds me how alone I am. Eh, masturbate 8 times a day and call it even.
>> No. 384937
I feel again like I have no one to talk to, so here I am, rambling about drugs and depression

So I've been self medicating with pot since December of last year, and I'm too broke to continue for the time being because of all the money I blew while Coelasquid was staying with me and attending Red's wedding (travelling is expensive as hell). I kind of want to see if this is just coming down off medication symptoms, or just the symptoms of my myriad mental health problems manifesting again after stopping, but I also kind of want this shit to stop so I can get back to feeling okay for once in my fucking life.

I've lost ~20 pounds since May from an anxiety induced inability to eat. The smell of food makes me feel nauseas, the thought of eating makes my stomach turn and all food turns into gag inducing sludge in my mouth. I still feel hungry, but I often can't tell if it's hunger or just an upset stomach and avoid eating all together, even if it's unbelievably distracting to feel like you're constantly on the verge of throwing up. The only way I could eat for months was if I smoked. So I smoked. Constantly. It wasn't even fun at this point, it was medicine, and it also makes me sleepy as hell and dulls me out in a lot of ways, but that is still preferable to what I feel like when I'm not smoking: anxious, exhausted from my increased inability to sleep, moody and volatile, my head hurts, my body hurts, I feel hopeless and more depressed than usual (I'm on anti-depressants), but this is also serving as a kick in the but to start taking my issues more seriously. I'm kind of tired of numbing myself in order to function in day to day life. I'm definitely tired of feeling the way I feel unmedicated. Also, I don't start having an anxiety attack in the middle of cutting tomatoes after having a small disagreement with my mother when I have weed.

I needed to vent and all my friends are asleep. God knows when or if I'll manage to sleep tonight.

Dammit I have a party with Matt Fraction to attend tomorrow I do not need this right now.
>> No. 384938
the things I would do to my roommate, if only she would ask nicely. I'm sure she never will though. Which is alright. Most of my life has been struggling to tell whether someone really likes me or not, especially if someone likes me like that or not. But we already live together so that would just end in tears. It's not unusual to be interested in someone but a lot of the time you have to scale that interest back in your mind. I've had quite a few housewives show me not a little bit of interest, of which it's supremely hard to tell the difference between, "I'm starved for attention and friends" and "fuck me while my husband isn't at home". Frankly, I suspect deep down it's actually a bit of both. Interest is not innately a bad thing, in fact it can be a pretty good pick-me-up if the person is feeling a little down or unloved. Other times it's the exact opposite of what they need to hear. The trick though, is to not let your interest or or manners impose upon the decisions made by others. A little flirting is fine, if unwelcome sometimes, but sometimes your life and the lives of others have constraints that if you ignore them, you trash the friendship, because you failed to respect their decisions. We're all a little terrible sometimes, especially when we're horny. A little flirtation isn't so bad as long as you recognize boundaries. Certainly my own ability to be horrible has surprised me at times.
>> No. 384939
welp. ...
glad i'm not your roommate i guess.
>> No. 384940
I lost 15 pounds from not eating d/t depression/anxiety last month.

If the problem is for you as it is for me (ie: sleeping = endlessly thinking about everything and starting at the walls, pacing endlessly), then physically exhausting yourself was my only option (hoho can't smoke in the military, hoho pill/addiction problems. I started working out until I was too physically exhausted to move, and pass out, if only for a few hours.

My waking hours have been pretty shit unless I've had something[working myself to death on nonengaging paperwork] to focus on, but I've been trying to focus more on what I'd like to feel like, the golden times when I didn't have anxiety or depression, just that sheer satisfaction/nirvana feeling that only comes around in a moment.

I guess the question to ask is how would you like to feel, not just without anxiety/depression/dependence, etc, but the perfect version of your state. If you can remember those moments, think about them. I can't say it's helped me drastically, or changed anything, honestly, but it gives you a vanishing point to look at, and sometimes that's something worth having.
>> No. 384943
>implying people have never fantasized about you
>> No. 384949
oh! no. don't get me wrong. i actually expect that some people out there fantasize about me. sometimes i hope that i inspire that sort of thing when i'm playing too loudly with someone. people are allowed to enjoy that without feeling guilty.

there's just something creepy about the way moose phrased it. like it's objectifying and commodifying someone else's pleasure.... but i guess that's allowed, too? i dunno. i can't put my finger on it, but it reminds me of the difference between fantasizing about a person and going around and finding objects and clothes of that person to use as "inspiration." it's likely i'm overthinking this, so take this with a grain of salt.

i wish both of you nothing but the best. i like that advice a lot, pabs. this may be more of a leap of faith, but when i was having incredible anxiety and bouts of depression, i used a similar technique but i allowed myself to believe that those moments of peace and clarity were still in my future, that my actions would get me to them, and that i'd find a way to do it even if i didn't have it now. that took a lot of work to build up the confidence in that kind of thinking (which meant a lot of disappointment when it didn't continually pan out), but that's the light at the end of the tunnel that got me out of my personal gutter.

i can't say it'll work the same for either of you. everyone's got different reasons for the same symptoms, but it's worth it to keep trying to find a way out.
>> No. 384950
File 138013012258.gif - (923B , 16x16 , Untitled.gif )
Aw yis got my pixel on this morning and did this in an hour (hey it takes a while to get the details right).

Hooray for new blag favicon~

And now, onwards to a day of writing~
>> No. 384953
Test to see if posting works yet.
>> No. 384955
Well, that was annoying. Looks like we had a 90% failure rate for a few hours, and then a 100% failure rate when updating the threads with new posts.

(This is also a test post.)
>> No. 384957
I haven't changed that much since I was 8. I don't think I've had to.
>> No. 384962
You're still roughly 4 feet tall with a high voice?
>> No. 384980
Why is going outside so hard for me?
>> No. 384981
Is the door locked?
>> No. 384982
have you tried the window?
>> No. 384986
Are you sure outside is actually real?
>> No. 384987
There is a sufficient amount of atmospheric oxygen where you live, right?
>> No. 384990
the most important journey is the journey within.
have you received jesus as your savior?
>> No. 384999
My mom offered to buy me an 'escort'.

She knows I've never had a girlfriend and that I am kissless. She thinks this will give me more confidence.

I told her I'd think about it.

Still not sure if I want to have my first time with a prostitu-I mean escort. But it would be nice to finally get laid.
>> No. 385000
If it's not someone you actually care about, it's not really worth it.
>> No. 385001
just buy a tenga, dude
sex without feelings behind it is just a really nice orgasm (probably, i am mostly a virgin, i guess i can't really say) and there are cheaper ways to achieve really nice orgasms than prostitutes
people put so much importance on the concept of virginity, damn
>> No. 385002
Getting a lot better at recognizing faces. Whoop whoop.

Still relatively shit at it, though.
>> No. 385003
the only chance for this to be a good idea is the the escort is almost like a companion from firefly and builds a really good rapport with you. like something that could be meaningful, if only briefly.

you'll know if it's authentic. anyway, i don't think it's the best idea but i've sorta wished for the same for my report. he's gotten a bit more friendly with women than you, but not by much.
>> No. 385004
I've heard a tenga is a also a good idea for virgins because if you use your hand you can get in the habit of doing a "death grip" that a real vagina can't manage, and it can make it sex more awkward once it does happen.
>> No. 385005
>people put so much importance on the concept of virginity, damn

It's not really about "boohoo I'm a virgin" and more about me wanting to know what the experience of having sex is like. I'm sick of imagining it, I want to know.

I've never heard of these tenga things before.
>google it
>it's a sex toy
Oh, okay.

>In 2008, comic artist Butcha U drew a picture depicting the masturbators as fictional girls (a form of moe anthropomorphism). Tenga Co., Ltd. gave permission to make this concept into a commercial project; and in 2010, the concept was expanded into an electronic comic series titled Tengirls, published by Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc. The story features a team of girls resembling the Tenga products, who fight against crimes and disasters that occur in a near-future city.

This is the best hero origin story I've ever heard.
>> No. 385052
Technically, escorts aren't prostitutes, and you are legally bared from touching them when you hire them out for the evening.

Untechnically, most men who regularly engage the services of escorts have a lot of disposable income and not a lot of traits that would normally attract women to them. An escort is technically on your dime until the time's up, unless you want to pay more. That doesn't mean that they'll do everything you say. They are still reasoning people with rational thoughts, and legality issues standing between you and them. How far they'll let a client go is up to them.

That said, if your mom is considering hiring one for you, I wonder what your particular malfunction is? I mean, it's not everyday someone's mom goes "look, I will pay girls to be near you".
>> No. 385053
>Completed the fuck huge -My Kingdom- template
I'm inordinately proud and a bit sad.
>> No. 385056
It might not just be the death grip. There's questions about what the proliferation of porn has done to the male psyche over the last 20 or so years. Smut and human sexual relations have been around for a long time, but never has sexuality been in the public consciousness like this, and porn has never been available like this to so many users. What that means for society is still the subject of debate.
>> No. 385057
What sort of program can I get to cycle desktop backgrounds?
>> No. 385060
Windows. Or OSX. Linux can probably do it, too.
>> No. 385063
File 138055272231.png - (32.86KB , 122x127 , 1249888697856.png )
>as a final step of registering your e-mail, please give us an e-mail address we can send your password to in case you forget it
>> No. 385067
i need to take my own advice: if you wish ill will toward someone else, first check what's wrong within yourself.

>> No. 385069
File 138058649998.png - (85.96KB , 259x230 , pig.png )
>> No. 385071
It's a standard feature in windows 7. I believe there may be some specific programs to do it for XP. If you need it for Vista, you need to either kill yourself or upgrade. OSX should probably have that feature by default as well (not sure), and every screenchanger I've used on Linux has been kind of a piece of crap, though they are out there.
>> No. 385072
File 138059345660.gif - (1.27MB , 300x243 , whats going on in this thread.gif )
>tfw my grandma gave her computer to uncle's stepson to fix
>tfw he installed Vista
>> No. 385074
File 138059381556.png - (445.55KB , 637x479 , fosters-edwtf.png )
>he installed Vista
>that GIF is 1.27MB
>> No. 385076
Honestly you could probably just write a Bash script using symbolic links on a Cron schedule to do it in Linux, without needing any sort of app at all. Assuming it's not a built-in feature in one of the desktop GUIs.
>> No. 385077
File 138059464612.jpg - (63.08KB , 960x671 , 1348365794406.jpg )
Y'know what's funny is that some people still defend Vista, usually home users who have never had to do any real heavy lifting, computing-wise. They've never had their machine break on them, so they don't see what the fuss is.

And the fuss is that often when Vista broke, there was no explicable reason. In some cases it was the hardware, but in some cases it just blew a gasket or something nearly inexplicable.
>> No. 385079
>It's a standard feature in windows 7
Good. That's coming in Thursday. I'll just bide my time then.
>> No. 385080
Also, don't tell Tiki you're shitting on Vista.
>> No. 385084
Most of the Vista hate is leftover, obsolete complaints about its shitty launch period when none of the drivers or programs worked and the UAC was in "Maximum obnoxiousness mode." Honestly at this point it's not that different from Windows XP or Windows 7 in terms of stability, though it's a little worse at resource management than either.
>> No. 385086
Did they ever do anything about the "system32 folder will randomly corrupt itself for no goddamn reason" error?
>> No. 385088
Yeah, the trick is to stop going to porn sites with Flash enabled.
>> No. 385092
No I'm serious that's a real error and the distinction between going to porn sites with flash enabled and going to not-porn sites with flash enabled is arbitrary, and presented even on computers with no flash.

That's the thing about Vista; when it works, no problem. When it doesn't they still don't know what the fuck happened.

fyi you are more likely to get viruses from legit sites or chain emails than you are by surfing porn sites. Porn sites being labeled as attack sites means that their revenue stream dries up. Discretion is more important to youporn than say, facebook.
>> No. 385098
Not sure I understand the logic that porn sites that have malware will see their revenue streams dry up, but legit sites that have malware won't?
>> No. 385103
Not sure how correct it it, but I'm guessing >>385092 means if a non-porn site gets malware, they can blame it on hackers or a bad advertiser and generally people accept that, but a legit porn site risks being mistaken for a hastily thrown together credit card scam/spyware site that happens to use porn to lure people in. For instance, Deviantart had problems with malicious ads for a while and people put up with it, and while there is some porn in there, albeit limited in some ways to skirt around rules, the same problem with Hentaifoundry, Paheal, or especially porn sites with live actors instead of drawn smut would send people running. Also, why are you phrasing things in a way that implies porn sites are inherently illegitimate?
>> No. 385104
*not sure how correct I am
>> No. 385113
File 138066795266.gif - (1.07MB , 320x180 , Db4bt61.gif )
>Sonic confirmed for Smash Bros
>Mighty No. 9 about to hit 4 million in pledges
>Valve trademarks Half-Life 3
>4chan's birthday
>Government shutdown

Jesus christ what's going on?
>> No. 385115
Man, I got, like
no internet at home.
Shit suuuucks.

I keep thinking of short little comments and stupid little insights and long-ass apologies to people I owe them to and keep thinking I'm gonna get on it all once I get access to internet but I just go 'eh' and laze around.

I'm through being depressing on here. I feel this place's got enough with Slowpoke doin' it, anyway. And my own personal buffer, too. Can't forget that.

at least you have super networking powe--no srsly get better dood.
>> No. 385116
>>Government shutdown
Oh, and about this. Man, I hope this leads to some form of the US dividing or something, cos I mean, damn.
I saw a fuckin' documentary about the history of the US and how they got so much of their land and shit? Yeah, well I mean
fuck any society built on fucking Imperialism. And not just the US, yknow. Just fuck 'em all. And sure, there's no real country with a chaste history or whatever, but man, the stuff there and the sort of de-humanization on all fuckin' non-white ethnicities was just upsetting.
Like, fucking white supremacist shit going on.
>> No. 385117
Disregarding a metric fucktonne of what you posted, but I'm fairly sure the 'merrican oblasts states are a little bit on the economic, culturally and/or politically entrenched side to separate again.
>> No. 385125
This is essentially correct. Porn sites run off Ad Revenue and subscription payments, and often their advertisements are self-referential, trying to get you to subscribe to one porn "network" or another, like Brazzers, or Naughty America.

Facebook, Deviantart, and the like though, have to directly engage 3rd party advertisers for profit. As such, sometimes they look a little less closely at what is getting cross-linked in the sidebars of their sites. Sites like these also have a higher standard userbase, meaning more potential targets for automated attacks, though given the role that companies like Google are trying to play in locking down International Virus Threats and hacking attempts, users have to worry a little less about those now, and more about spam email attacks. And of course, there are some malicious porn sites out there, but they really don't catch as much honey as slipping malicious ads into a community site or pulling some social engineering through email. You have to stumble over them, rather than load them in the regular course of your day.
>> No. 385127
Wait, wasn't Mexico built on imperialism too? I mean for all there are plenty of brown people down there, you don't see many Aztecs or Mayans running around Tijuana.
>> No. 385128
All of the modern Americas was built on imperialism. As were the aztecs, and most other civilizations in the world. We just have better record keeping and a more pronounced presence.
>> No. 385129
File 138068407250.jpg - (578.79KB , 1840x3264 , 2013-09-16 13_53_09.jpg )
If you think anything is creepier than tiajuana wax museum Obama, you are wrong
>> No. 385130
the last thing i wanted after having ~9 hours of sleep in the past two days and spending twice that long in the same courthouse as a lady desperately trying to allow a child-molester to have unsupervised access to my niece
and only being halfway done with being in that courthouse with her
is to be lectured for insulting her.
i called her a bitch and i kind of regret it but like, i only regret saying it? i still think it and do not feel bad for it. but i probably shouldn't have said it.
>> No. 385132
Cave their skulls in with a brick.
>> No. 385134
>a lady desperately trying to allow a child-molester to have unsupervised access to my niece
In what way would this ever be considered okay?
Who the hell would even want that and more importantly why?
>> No. 385137
I can guess but I don't really want to step on toes
>> No. 385139
I'd like to quit work.

I don't mean find another job somewhere else, I don't mean change professions or go back to school, but just quit. That's it, period, the end, fin. Only reason I continue working is debt. And it's not even just having debt, it's that my mom is a co-signer on some of that debt. If I could pay that debt off I'd stop caring about the rest. Or anything.

But I don't. Part of the reason being that shared debt, but a larger part being fear of the unknown. "Whimsical traveling hobo" has a nice ring to it, but there's guarantee that's where I'd end up.

However, I'm pretty sure I'm deteriorating psychologically. The main indicators are a complete lack of interest in anything (I get occasional spurts here and there, but no driving force/goal) and my speech tripping up. I used to be a fairly eloquent speaker with a decent vocabulary, but now I have to correct myself at least once for every two or three sentences, or just stop mid-sentence because I've suddenly forgotten the word I wanted to use next. (This may actually be related to the use of nasal steroids back in Basic Training, though I've no proof of such.) So I'm hoping that one day I lose the capability to understand the unknown, and on that day I can release myself from all this.
>> No. 385140
Let's start a traveling hobo band.
>> No. 385141
I don't know how to play any instrument. :(
>> No. 385143
File 13807519954.png - (105.15KB , 245x300 , 1368245111219.png )
>sent in resume
>currently not looking but have job opening next month
>will keep resume

I feel absolutely neutral on this.
>> No. 385146
She's an attorney, defending my sister's ex-husband, who molested his daughter.
This isn't even a case that will end in criminal charges, it's just about making sure he doesn't get visitation.
A good suggestion, but I don't think I'll take it.
>> No. 385147
>If a mental/emotional disorder is the same as a physical ailment, then I should be able to live with my depression and anxiety and not get treatment the same way a fat person doesn't have to go to the gym if they're comfortable in their body. If I feel best when I'm allowed to try to kill myself every now and then, then that's my decision and my life and my identity and no one has the right to make me change.
>flood of agreements and support

i swear to god i'm going to set my generation on fire
>> No. 385149
Is this a thing tumblr people actually believe?

The fuck.
>> No. 385151
i hope to fuck it's ONLY tumblr people
>> No. 385152
File 138077265059.jpg - (18.68KB , 450x338 , suicide1.jpg )
Please excuse a vent.

My Mother has become a manipulative bitch queen that feeds on guilt and shame with no intention of observing her own faults. As unfortunately common as that seems to be.
She set up a house rule, everyone needs to put their dishes in the washer when we're done. Simple and reasonable request right?

Well, one night I forgot to put my bowl away. She gets on me about how disappointing it is to come home to a clean kitchen. As if she worked any more than I did. As if my other contributions, all the other times when I've done everything right where pointless against this act. This all coming after the fact that I've had to recover my parents dirty dishes several times already. Whatever, that's fine, I'll deal with it.

Then, two weeks pass. I notice the sink is filled and the machine is empty. Again. It seems they're not as committed to their rules unless they apply to me. I mention the sink's full to them in a joking manner. She asks me to fill it while she's splayed on the couch, wine in hand watching whatever cheap sitcom trash they have on local cable. I smirk and say she should do it as she's not up to anything.

She saw it as an attack, like she seem to see everything I say that isn't a glowing example of goodie goodie perfect son bullshit I've been guilted into doing throughout my childhood. Goes on this tangent about how I need to help out my father who was working on his feet for two days, while he's just asking that I take care of my own dishes and he can take care of the rest. She goes on about giving me a roof and food and carpooling (Though it's not exactly my fault their cars broke down and my brother had to borrow my own for the snowy roads of north Texas while he finishes college.)

I silently do the remaining dishes and move up stairs. Then she pages me to throw more crap like "how dare I be happy to get out of not helping the family." Not letting me say a word. Waiting till I just gave up.

If I call out her bullshit even a little, she gets extremely defensive. Asking why everyone's attacking her, telling us how unfair it is that she has to be the bad guy. Even tearing up a bit for cheap sympathy. Well I'm out of it. She took it all away and all that's left is bitterness.

Nine times out of ten she's perfectly nice and kind, but as soon as you step out of like it's time to go on the guilt trip. She's an emotional leech and my respect for her is very quickly eroding. She's always encouraged me to go for big things, and make requests, but as soon as I move out of bounds she uses those acts of charity as leverage against me. Fine. I have been, the PERFECT son for you in the past God damn 23 years. Obedient, a good listener, charitable, well behaved, softly spoken, I have avoided all manner of drugs and alcohol. God almighty forbid I make a simple mistake. If you don't want to respect me, I'll hold no respect for you. I don't care that you're trying to look like the perfect mother with the perfect family to one up your own shitty childhood, but you fail to realize that you're basically as manipulative as your own mom.

I want to leave and finally live a life of my own, but I have no means to do so All my money goes into rent, my car, and student loans. So I'm essentially trapped in a gilded cage of sorts. But the walls are spiked.
>> No. 385156
Didn't know who it was exactly, I thought it was the husband, but I didn't want to concoct some wild story and have it offend someone.
>> No. 385157
Grain of salt, but, sometimes it helps to push back, define your own space. Not get violent, but, a little angry, with a solid list of grievances, and just to let 'em have it, full blast.

I know that doesn't really work against people like that but the thing is, if you never blow up, if you never get angry, if you never let them know that there is something horribly wrong with how they're treating you, they just keep treating you like that. They just keep walking on you. You have to make space for yourself to exist otherwise you'll be miserable.
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