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385082 No. 385082
Have there been any cases where a cartoon show's animators have produced porn of the show? Like, while the rest of the staff aren't looking, the animators create what they call 'show promotional material' because the writers don't know what it really means?

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>> No. 385083
The dude who drew Archie comics drew a shitload of porn including some of Betty and Veronica
But I don't know if he helped animate any of the shows so idk if he counts.
Also this probably belongs in /co/.
>> No. 385096
comsidering the sheer cost and number of people reauired for a single minute of full animation.... no it hasn't. At best one person make something in its free time and that's it.
>> No. 385101
File 138064026852.jpg?spoiler - (65.70KB , 666x525 , Rule34_RescueRangers_RRStudioFunOriginal.jpg?spoiler )
I’d cut my dick off if you could prove it never happened — especially at Disney. You’ve seen the women they draw. Do you think any of the animators/illustrators there don’t draw some 34 of them on the side for kicks?

Which reminds me: someone sent me this image years ago and gave me the impression that someone at Disney did it around the time of the show’s initial run. Given how close to on-model the characters look and the sketchy look of the pic, I can believe it.

And the animators don’t just draw porn, either. You’ve had to have seen that Rugrats storyboard where Stu cusses like a sailor.
>> No. 385102
>I’d cut my dick off if you could prove it never happened

Let's do this, plus4
>> No. 385106

…I phrased that poorly, didn’t I?
>> No. 385107
There's a huge difference between individuals using their professional skills to make porn pics, and the collective amount of work and money to make a few minutes of animated anything.
>> No. 385108
The question wasn't necessarily whether animators produced *animated* porn, though I suppose it's not unreasonable to think it was.
>> No. 385109
File 138066520677.jpg - (83.15KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
Yes, sorry for not clarifying properly. That would be almost certainly not made unless someone did a 4 frame gif or something.
>> No. 385110

Yeah, animated porn's a whole other thing, and I don't think even pro animators could do that without getting caught unless they did it at home or whatever.
>> No. 385111
Just looked up the storyboard
>Allegedly, other animators were displeased with Ressel's additions to the plot,

I mean, it was a nice, relatively clean plot but then he just hogs it and makes it an illegal sex scene. Of course they think he's a fucktard.
>> No. 385124
I heard this is from an animator, yes.

Also, there's that one story about a Mickey porn cartoon they made for Disney's birthday. He watched it, had a good laugh and then fired the SHIT out of people, if I recall.
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