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File 138226343918.gif - (495.05KB , 500x375 , jckdsuF.gif )
385719 No. 385719
So, how did your fandom change you? Bonus points if you don't mention fetishes.

>in a show-related chat room
>is a relatively small fandom
>talking about life and shit
>one starts talking about aspergers
>three of five admit to having aspergers/autism, with the show or cartoons being an obsession

>about a month or two later discover im an aspie

also, fetishes.
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>> No. 385720
>how did your fandom change you

Furry helped me discover my bisexuality, but that’s pretty much it, really.
>> No. 385722
File 138227114779.jpg - (106.61KB , 663x665 , 1345020053123.jpg )
>Bonus points if you don't mention fetishes.
>also, fetishes.
>about a month or two later discover im an aspie
>> No. 385726
Uh... well, when I was a kid I was dead-set that I'd practice running every day until I was as fast as Sonic.

That lasted about a week. I can't think of anything more profound than that.
>> No. 385727
In more ways than I am likely contentiously aware of.
And I can't boil it down to one fandom or another. That's flatly impossible.
>> No. 385732
Never really joined fandoms, I joined communities. I like a wide array of things but I wouldn't sa that any one of them was hyper-defining. Not more so than my first community, which while it was attached to a fandom, it was very much about anything except the fandom.
>> No. 385741
Awwww~ That's adorable.
>> No. 385744
(Time to spice up this thread with a patented dose of "Wall O' Text".)

I wasn't a child prodigy when it came to writing. I wasn't born writing stories like Mozart was born writing music. When I was a little kid, I never even liked writing! It was one of my least favorite things to do in school, because it was always so rigorously controlled and and never got to really express any ideas I had. I was content to keep any fantasies or stories I devised (and there were many) inside my own head. As late as the 7th grade, I had never written more than a page or two outside of school because I had no desire to. What changed this was something so small it was almost inconsequential at the time, but like a butterfly flapping its wings and starting a hurricane, it grew to define my entire life.

In my very early teens (like pretty much everyone in the USA in the late 90's, I suppose), I got heavily into anime, particularly Dragonball Z. I met many people online who were into the same, some of which wrote and read a lot of fanfiction... and a lot of slash fanfiction. Because they were girls and that is just what 13-year-old girls DO, I'm convinced. I read some, too, and this helped me more fully understand my own sexuality. I became very close to another friend I met in this fashion, and in one hours-long conversation in the small hours of the morning, when I was 15, I was finally able to admit to myself that I was gay and that it WASN'T going to change.

(And reading slash fanfiction resulted in my finding out how much I like Trunks/Goten and then shotacon. I don't care about bonus points!)

But I digress. More importantly, however, I discovered something else inside myself — a talent I never knew. One day when I was chatting on a very dysfunctional Dragonball Z forum, something happened. It had been a running-joke for a while for some of us to derail topics with meaningless short runs of role-playing characters, given mostly as dialogue without description, because it was funny and we were silly and immature. At one point, I did one that ended up being very long and actually had a bit of a plot. To my surprise, everyone really liked it and begged me to finish it. So I wrote a couple more parts that wrapped up the events. I found, as I was going on, the structure started to change — almost by its own volition — into something more resembling a story instead of just a string of dialogue. While I had never been any sort of a writer, I was an avid reader so I knew how to do these sorts of things, subconsciously. Almost without realizing it, I had written my first fanfiction. (And it was utterly, horribly, embarrassingly terrible, but that's not the point.)

However, at the urging of these friends, I continued the "plot" (mostly self-insert characters of all of us going on random misadventures with our favorite characters along for the ride) into several more stories, each one going increasingly "off the rails" from its Dragonball Z genesis. I started focusing more on the original characters and situations that were only loosely related, and it wasn't very long before the stories were more "me" than anything from the source material. I longed to create something that was wholly original, and I was surprised to find that it was not difficult.

In only about ten years since then, I've gone from having written one horrible fanfiction to having written one complete original novel and with several more in the works. On my "good days", I feel as if I am going to make a legitimate career out of writing. If nothing else, I feel as if I writing is my best talent and the most important part of my life. It's pretty dramatic considering it came from some silly little thing on an inconsequential Dragonball Z forum.

That forum has since been lost to the shifting sands of the internet; all those friends have gone by now; I watch many, many more animes that are more interesting and more mature than DBZ, now. But the writing... the writing still remains.

In late 2005, my life was at one of its lowest points. At least until this current year, I feel it was the closest I ever came to suicide. I had graduated high school, and unfortunately, my friends were all overachieving nerds who went on to distant colleges and universities. Worse yet, the relationship with my first real boyfriend, which had lasted almost a year, had come to a crushing halt over the summer when I found out he cheated on me (and, what hurt the most, he was nonchalant about doing so). My first semester of college was a disaster; none of the counselors were any help, so I took all the wrong classes. I took a refresher course of pre-calculus (which I loathed and was terrible at, and should have been taking statistics for my major), an introductory philosophy class (which was so soul-searingly boring that I stopped even attending after a couple weeks), and inorganic chemistry... (which, considering I was going into either nursing or microbiology, should have been ORGANIC chemistry). Needless to say, I was failing or nearly failing all of them.

I was despondent and broken. I felt as if the world had nothing more to provide me so I may as well leave it altogether. So one night, September the 10th of 2005 to be precise, I did something I basically never do. I prayed to God to, "Give me a reason to live. Anything at all. Just something interesting." I didn't expect anything, of course; I never believed in any deities.

So I went to the TV, bored, and started flipping through the channels. By total chance (or divine intervention...?) I caught a midnight re-airing of the first episode of the dub of Naruto. Uninterested, but with nothing better to do, I watched. Somehow, the story of a boy with no friends, misunderstood by the world and crying for love and attention, struck a chord within me. That first episode was all it took to make me obsessed and to break my fugue.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Naruto saved my life... but it did do something. If I'm still reading/watching it to this day, even though it's gotten rather terrible recently, it's partially to give my gratitude.

This single action almost seemed to open up a set of floodgates. It was as if I suddenly became aware that there might be OTHER animes that I might like besides Dragonball Z. I started watching the dubs of FullMetal Alchemist and Neon Genesis Evangelion, and a few others. Through these, those old online friends I'd met several years before had much more to talk about and obsess over and develop obscure, ridiculous (but fun) stories about. Everything got better.

A few months later, I started working on my first completely-original story. It's still waiting in the wings, sitting on a back-burner in my mind and with a full plot synopsis and character analysis on my computer; I'll be writing it into a complete novel in probably a few more years. That all-encompassing project I mentioned in the other thread crystallized almost completely off of the deep mythology I developed for this one story. The reason it exists and the reason I'm here to talk about it is likely because of those animes and those people. Since then, a few times when I've been feeling down and hurt, having a terrible few months, I have an odd tendency to suddenly discover wonderful new animes and new friends that help me get back on my feet.

I owe a great deal of who I am and what I plan to do for the rest of my life to that little Dragonball Z forum and the people I met there, and that tiny story that grew and grew and grew. I owe my life to Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and many others since then, and to the fans with which I have discussed them. I would be a radically different person were it not for those, for better for or worse, and I might not even be alive.

Did fandoms change my life? No. In many ways, they are my life.
>> No. 385749
Let's see. Furries taught me a lot about what I want out of life, oddly enough. Just as people, listening to them talk amongst themselves and how they talked about fictional characters and how it affected them.

I guess 4chan is as much a fandom as it is a community. They taught me that anything can be funny if you look at it right. Which actually had a big affect on me. Anything can be anything with the right perspective. Learned a lot about empathy and understanding from 4chan.
>> No. 385750
>Anything can be anything with the right perspective.
I think it was 4chan that actually helped me to do dissociative analysis. I'm not great at it, but there's real value in looking at issues (especially complex ones) when you take out any stake you may have in that fight. Sometimes the proper/ideal solution puts you at a disadvantage vs. your current situation, but in the end works out well for you; this is hard to see if you're so focused on what you will lose or what will change for you.

It also makes it easier to focus on facts/studies for finding a conclusion and use less pathos.
>> No. 385751
>I owe my life to Naruto

oh my god planet
>> No. 385752
Uhh... I... err... I...
Started and escaped clubs in high school. I got involved in /co/ and met people IRL that I love dearly.
I got closer to friends I already had. Got into sneak previews for shows.


Nothing bad or clinical. I avoid anyone who's too obsessive about anything. It gets creepy or difficult to relate and I just want to roll over and die. The only exception that I've let myself have is Pacific Rim, but even then, my enthusiasm was partially a joke. Very aware that PR is a personally beloved film that strikes many chords with people but is NOT the greatest thing since milk shakes.

I found out that I'm an original anime character. Do not steal.

I'm in the milk shake fandom. Also Nightwing fandom I suppose? Everyone there enjoys objectifying the male body. Can't complain.
>> No. 385759
File 13824188889.jpg - (139.34KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mpqgrmlm7D1rzo8rso1_500.jpg )
i really like star trek it changed me into a nerd
>> No. 385760
>I think it was 4chan that actually helped me to do dissociative analysis.
Honestly, same. And that actually really helped me grow out of my "WataMote" stage.
>> No. 385761
As an aside, hearing someone say this or "that's cute" (especially from a woman to a guy) IRL is really REALLY patronizing. Regardless if their intention behind it is pure (it usually isn't).
>> No. 385768
File 138244023672.jpg - (117.85KB , 435x338 , Gary_Oak_thinks_that's_hysterical.jpg )
>changed my life


at least they're good for something?

I think it depends more on the person and the tone.
>> No. 385770
When I was a Freshman in high school, I got really obsessively into Tekken 3.

That turned into like 10 years of martial arts training and a few summer jobs.
>> No. 385771
File 138245132069.jpg - (390.43KB , 768x768 , Jun_Kazama_Artwork.jpg )
>TFW I used to be a huge Tekken fan
>then Tekken 4 came along and ruined everything and the series hasn't been the same since

>> No. 385775
File 138250350378.gif - (822.15KB , 480x360 , 1373503992746.gif )
>life saved by fictional character claiming to be a ninja while wearing bright orange and screaming "believe it" at the top of his lungs

This explains so much, Jack
>> No. 385785
I'll second this, though there was more attention to the game it was based around at first, at least. It was more that I ended up joining a particular part of the community that ended up drifting off.
>> No. 385789
>TFW you kind of lost interest around 5 because you could just play Baek IRL.
>> No. 385794
okay let me see...
i wouldn't have started doing martial arts were it not for:
power rangers
fighting video games

i would not have started doing gymnastics and trapeze were it not for:

i would not have done pursued science so early were it not for:
bill nye

so... i'm erring more on the side that shows changed the course of my life but the fandoms not so much.


and naruto saved my life etc
>> No. 385808
Like the thing I'm a fan of, or the fandom itself? Because I can think of a lot of things I'm a fan of that have influenced how I approach my own art and writing, but I'm sort of drawing a blank on how the fandoms have affected me for the most part.
>> No. 385810
>I owe my life to Naruto

This is what future generations will remember us for. These are the words that will be uttered in mystified tones, our dead bones resting in unending slumber amongst the worms.
They will look to the post that contains these stupefying words and say, "I'm not reading all of that."
>> No. 385838
File 138280103481.png - (252.33KB , 500x375 , tumblr_muzinicFUr1saanu3o1_500.png )
I cry way easier since I've gotten into the suites.

I just empathize with things way easier now that I'm not trying to dismiss certain things or people because I don't want to hear what it has to say.
>> No. 385842
I love Janelle so much, I love her music so much, but I couldn't get into the suites at all. I hate myself for it every day.
>> No. 385859

You know, I guess I never really looked at it like that. I guess owing your life to a TV show really IS a lot more stupid than owing it to say, a deity or friends or love or chocolate... or something. Naruto kinda sucks these days, anyway.

Put that way, I don't have any reason to be alive, whatsoever. It wasn't until I had all you nice, well-adjusted people laugh at me that I was able to realize just how empty and pointless my life really is. You have my gratitude for opening my eyes.

Now, if you excuse me, I have an appointment with a stiff drink and a sharp blade. If there is a Hell, perhaps we shall meet again, there. But it won't be here.
>> No. 385860
>nice, well-adjusted people

you lost me
>> No. 385863
look. i don't take suicide ideation as a joke unless i'm entirely certain that the person isn't serious about it. a lot of us have been down that road before, and we can laugh at it once we've passed it, but before then it's anything but funny.

even when it is a joke, i'm always watching out to make sure that person isn't actually seriously considering it over something as petty as this. i've talked about this before on this very board more than once, about how i'm not interested in talking someone out of the philosophical merits of ending one's life. depending on one's circumstances and beliefs, it can be a very sane choice, but based on where you're coming from and what you're reacting to, i'm not sure you're thinking about death or life in a manner that does you or your value as a person any justice.

i would never go so far as to say a shounen series gave me back my life, but i would say they have certainly inspired me to fight harder. it's what they do. they can be very optimistic and positive, even if they are coming from very unrealistic places. i've heard people say they owe "doctor who" their lives because it taught them that they are worth something and that they don't have to be alone. that's what they needed to know.

i don't understand you. i'm not you. i don't know you. but you're so concerned with the value other people place on your life. that concerns me because not a single person on this website has any say over your worth as a human being. we may be shocked at where you draw your inspiration because of what those shows mean to us and where they fit in our lives, but we really don't know where they fit for you and what they speak to. i'm not even going to touch what you think other people live for. that doesn't matter. i'm not pleading with you to keep living. my care extends only so far as my respect for you as a living, thinking, breathing human being. but here's where we stand, jack.

you come here acting superior to society, to other posters, and then explain your basis for your beliefs... and to me it seems clear that you're rebelling against the status quo and are still in the process of finding a place for yourself in or outside of society. that's fine. hell, that's more than admirable. that's living. but we scoff because we hold it in each of us to know another person by having walked similar paths. we recognize each others' pain. yours is clear as day. but you are not better than anyone else. nor worse.

you want to know what someone like naruto would say? he'd probably say that's a coward's way out. you stopped believing in your own path. you gave up on the one person who matters most and you've forsaken everyone who's ever been worth a damn to you in the process. you want to end it? fine, but don't blame it on the people who put you down for taking your own way. if your way is that weak that you can't even keep true to it in front of a bunch of strangers who don't matter, you find a new way. and if you don't want to do that? you want to give up on someone irreplaceable? on someone who could change the world? who could at least change yours? then get out of my sight. there's nothing left to say.

people here fight not because a TV show taught them how. they fight because somewhere inside them is their own story and they want to see it to the end. that's the truth. it's yours, too, if you want it.

and.... dammit man seek some help. we're a bunch of douchebags on a 4chan derivative. you're talking about the caretaking of a human soul. the cognitive dissonance here is astronomical. our words are worthless. you're not.
>> No. 385868
>I guess owing your life to a TV show really IS a lot more stupid than owing it to say, a deity or friends or love or chocolate... or something.

Nah man, it's not that, it's

>Naruto kinda sucks these days

But hey, opinions. If that's what keeps you going, so what?

>Now, if you excuse me, I have an appointment with a stiff drink and a sharp blade. If there is a Hell, perhaps we shall meet again, there. But it won't be here.

If you're not joking, you're way too sensitive. Listen to grayson/whateverthehellhisnameisrightnow. >>385863
>> No. 385879
File 138290794024.gif - (470.93KB , 415x340 , 1373592789076.gif )
said. We're mostly just giving you shit because Naruto

I feel like your reaction highlights the other issue here though, and that's that you're a little too serious about these things and you tend to let your emotions really kind of run your game. It's important to balance emotion with sense, and it's important to be able to recognize and deal with these kind of responses. All the things we said here were polite and intended as humorous, meaning that a claim like that wouldn't fly on 4chan proper and you probably wouldn't get responses as relatively nice as these.

It's important to be able to laugh at yourself and to understand the flaws in the things you like, and to be realistic about these things. "brb killing self" is not a rational response to the claim that Naruto just isn't very good. Yeah, it may have been what you needed to hear at that point and time. Gurren Lagaan actually helped me to convince myself to stop really beating myself up over a lot of things I had done that I couldn't undo, only go forward without repeating those mistakes instead of dwelling on them and letting them rule me. But if someone were to say to me that TTGL was kind of shallow without a really deep backstory or much more plot action than shit getting punched/blown up, well that's all true. And I think most people here will agree, being fans of things without really dealing with the fandom, that hardcore fanaticism really isn't worth it. We like these shows, we like these characters, we like these stories and this art and dozes of other reasons, but you don't need to tie your self-worth to an Intellectual Property. We like these things because of how they can open our eyes to new and different experiences, even anime.

But just because something that gave you personal clarity is objectively bad to a lot of other people is not a reason to kill yourself, nor is it a reason to align yourself body and soul with a franchise. And it's definitely not a reason to kill yourself when people have some good-natured jibs because of that.
>> No. 385883

>you don't need to tie your self-worth to an Intellectual Property

THIS. This this this this this this this.
>> No. 385891
at leas t the thing that changed your life wasnt homestuck

>> No. 385892
Jesus calm down. I'd ask but I don't care. I've run out of my ability to listen but clearly there's a story here. Write a story about it or something. Christ even your quiet is noisy.
>> No. 385897
>> No. 385901
File 138294561345.png - (5.86KB , 250x250 , 1295031634590.png )
Thats' a funny way of spelling ____MLP____
>> No. 385903
File 138294680053.png - (495.98KB , 499x635 , tfwttfit.png )
>that image

What the ever-loving fuck?

>mods reporting and banning other mods

I don't know whether to run away or get the popcorn.
>> No. 385904
File 138294802961.gif - (2.77MB , 350x197 , 1371167615143.gif )
>> No. 385906
File 138294928095.gif?nsfw - (0.97MB , 500x376 , 1341879365644.gif?nsfw )

is even weirder when you're sleep-deprived. Or no, maybe it's always this way.
>> No. 385914
major league polo doesn't have a very big following but maybe that's the point
and what's the deal with grown men and horses anyway?
>> No. 385935
File 138302641695.jpg - (102.58KB , 640x667 , image.jpg )
How many do you think aren't in it for the porn? Like a percentage?

Because I understand them even less than the scary ones.
>> No. 385948
More than you'd think. The retards with no self-control are just too fucking loud.
>> No. 385960
That might actually be the best example in this thread of "being a fan =/= being in the Fandom". The show itself doesn't seem objectionable at all for children's fare. It's generally the loud fans that make the record stop.
>> No. 385962

I think as soon as you're a fan of something, you're in the fandom.

There's no rule in the book that says all parts of the fandom are alike. Trying to separate yourself on those grounds just seems silly. The idea here is to acknowledge that people are individuals and that no group of people ever represents the ENTIRE fandom.
>> No. 385965
See, I always took "fandom" to mean "fan community." I wouldn't think being a fan would necessarily make you a member of the fan community.
>> No. 385972
Yeah. I'm a fan of Digimon, but I don't interact with the fandom at all. (Used to, many, many years ago.)
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