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File 137379534957.jpg - (472.41KB , 800x721 , Rage_Mage.jpg )
381517 No. 381517
I feel like we could use a new rage thread.
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>> No. 381525
People so uneducated that they seem like trolls, until you realize they just aren't putting 2 and 2 together like most people would.
>> No. 381535
File 13738158509.jpg - (83.54KB , 591x1281 , Wolfgang Mittermeyer reads NTR.jpg )
You ever get so mad that your brain resets and you stop being mad? That was me this week.
>> No. 381537
It's been a while since I've gotten truly mad. I see humanity as a lost cause, so the best emotion I can muster in response to any particular event is severe depression.
>> No. 381538
tell us about it, release your fury
>> No. 381539
File 137381852083.jpg - (13.63KB , 336x229 , 133725235879.jpg )
Most of the stuff I get mad about is too tumblr social justicey for anyone here to take it seriously, but there is one thing in particular besides that that gets me right in a twist: horse racing. Specifically, people who don't know anything about horse racing but insist on talking about it. You know the type. They saw Seabiscuit once and they think they know how the industry works.

>the horses should all be set free into the wild west so they can live with the mustangs
>remember the good old days when there weren't any drugs in racing
>I feel like I'm the only one who remembers Secretariat
>they kept Barbaro alive so they could harvest his sperm I know because PETA told me

"Oh, but they just don't know." BULLSHIT. EVERYONE CAN USE GOOGLE.
>> No. 381540
File 137381900535.gif - (467.16KB , 200x150 , RAGE_ATOM.gif )
>Grown Ups 2 beating Pacific Rim at the box office
>> No. 381541
File 137382012175.gif - (338.38KB , 450x306 , Cry_Lemongrab.gif )

what is even the point of anything anymore
>> No. 381542
I think I accidentally replaced my anger with crippling sadness.
I'm not sure if that's a good thing.
>> No. 381543
File 137382100374.gif - (1.51MB , 400x225 , iOJIiYNss8Hyo.gif )
>> No. 381544
Stages of grief.
>> No. 381545
No, not about any particular thing, just in general.
Whenever I would get angry, for the most part, I get terribly sad instead and just lie down until I'm mentally exhausted enough to fall asleep.
I occasionally do still get angry but usually it's the sad+sleep thing.
>> No. 381548
>pacific rim is pretty bad though
It's like power rangers with more money to throw at production.
>> No. 381551
File 137382781828.jpg - (66.66KB , 639x664 , Disgust_Squidgirl.jpg )
>pacific rim is pretty bad though

Would you honestly say it deserves to perform worse than Grown Ups 2?
>> No. 381552
Well... no. Pacific rim is mid tier and may get a hardcore following. Grown Ups 2 is ass tier.
>> No. 381567
File 137383093650.jpg - (120.87KB , 530x771 , today is a terrible day.jpg )
>> No. 381569
Firing warning shots in the air endangers half the city, and she didn't fire in self defense.

But here's a case of a black man shooting a hispanic in self defense and getting away with it. But this trial is getting no public attention because it's not hyped enough...

>> No. 381572
It doesn't have to be one specific thing, or even having to go through every stage. Everyone experiences it a bit differently.
>> No. 381573

Don't talk if you don't know.

>> No. 381575
Actually that's rough as shit, I apologize, but it upsets me greatly.
>> No. 381576
Its ok, emotions are running high atm. I get her husband was a shit human being, but he wasnt beating her at the time of the shots. Thats kind of how self defense works in law.

Read how the guy in the link I posted did get self defense.
>> No. 381580
File 137383786652.png - (266.60KB , 499x358 , tumblr_m792bhNFO31qhw4wvo1_500.png )

The Trayvon Martin case got attention because Stand-Your-Ground laws were a huge issue at the time and a reporter made a fried chicken joke while interviewing Trayvon's mother. It isn't something the media pulled out of a hat.

I also don't think the media did anything to exacerbate the controversy in a way that the condemnation of Martin and the defense of Zimmerman did. Regardless of the trial's outcome, you'd never see a dead kid get gunned down by a stranger and then shit on by everyone after unless he was black. "You know he smoked weed, right? You know he flipped off the camera in a Facebook picture, right? 17 years old doesn't sound like a kid to me..."

To make the standard social justice comparison, this was like having a woman get raped, and then having the majority of America, not just a random cop or an internet troll, but the majority of America, say that she had it coming for being promiscuous. It's fucking insane.

The worst part though, the WORST part, was that after creating this huge fucking mess for everyone, their response to it was "Look out, the negroes are going to riot!", "This would have never been a huge deal if Zimmerman was black", "The media is the reason racism exists!" and other "we're the victims in all of this, not the oppressed minority or the murdered kid." type comments. "You're complaining about this because you have a victim complex. By the way, the media is conspiring against white people by creating fake controversy to make you darkies chimp out." WHERE THE FUCK IS THE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE HUMANS ARE SUPPOSED TO COME EQUIPPED WITH?
>> No. 381585
According to these things, he was threatening her and, having been beaten before, it's not like she didn't have reason to believe it could happen, in front of her children no less. She fired a shot, but it didn't end up injuring anyone. She was sentenced to 20 years for something that COULD have happened and now her kids are left with a man who abused their mother.
>> No. 381587
I actually agree with Moe completely on this
>> No. 381588
>To make the standard social justice comparison, this was like having a woman get raped, and then having the majority of America, not just a random cop or an internet troll, but the majority of America, say that she had it coming for being promiscuous. It's fucking insane.

It's funny because they did make comments eerily similar to "well, if you don't want to get raped, don't dress like a slut! You're asking for it!"

>Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera claimed that Martin's "gangsta style clothing" was "as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman was".[295][296] Rivera was quoted saying, "I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies."
>> No. 381589
He also said the Jurors would kill Martin faster than Zimmerman did.
>> No. 381590
>don't think the media did anything to exacerbate the controversy in a way
>> No. 381592
Mastery of the English language includes knowing when to stop reading. In this specific instance, your understanding would be enhanced if you continued reading until the period and not stopping mid-sentence.
>> No. 381598
Apply lolwhat to that entire paragraph. Hell the entire post.
>> No. 381603

Well then it's safe to ignore your comments! Don't expect people to take you seriously when you're dismissive in such a manner.
>> No. 381608
I'm pretty sure a comment of just "lolwhat" is generally not made with the expectation that it be given serious thought anyway.
>> No. 381623
Sometimes Im a bit of a /pol/tard myself to be honest. And I'm kinda ashamed of it, but I can't help it. Mostly when it comes to accusations of anti-semitism. I guess it mostly comes from being German. Criticizing Israel's treatment of Palestine? I'm an anti-semite. Critizing shechita as archaic and inhumane practice that should be abandoned? Anti-semite. I don't believe in a Zionist conspiracy like some fucking retard and I do think that religious freedom is incredibly important. However, your religious beliefs shouldn't make you excempt from any criticism whatsoever regarding your enacting of it.
>> No. 381624
File 137388589496.png - (178.51KB , 512x376 , Fuckingtheworst.png )

I...am seething at this.
>> No. 381625
It's best if you don't get hung up on such obvious baiting.
>> No. 381628
Are you still there Slowpoke?
>> No. 381633
It's not meant to provoke a response even. IDK why you even bothered to respond.

>hung up

Also the legislature is ostensibly to stop "coat hanger back alley abortions" and require clinics to have certified doctors, so it kind of makes sense for them to post that. It's a bit insensitive but it's in line with what everyones been saying since this bill first got conceived.
>> No. 381637
>It's not meant to provoke a response even.

Well excuse me for responding to something on a discussion board.
>> No. 381639
File 13739009732.gif - (1.79MB , 400x225 , i like what i see.gif )
I still exist for the moment, yes.
>> No. 381647
Good to know and glad you're still around.
Also, are you still mad at me?
>> No. 381686
I wasn't mad at you to begin with, I just thought it was incredibly silly to suggest nerfing the only semi-useful tactic of the most underpowered class in the game.
>> No. 381687
Except when I ambush people I regularly get a MINIMUM of 5-6 kills before they get me.

Maybe you're just a shit player?
>> No. 381690
When I played TF2, I played competitively. I was pretty darn good.
Maybe you just play with shitty ones.
>> No. 381712
Say that to me on a TF2 game server not online see what happens.
>> No. 381716
File 137393856717.jpg - (11.98KB , 153x200 , LeVar_Burton.jpg )
>TF2 game servers
>Not online

Pick one.
>> No. 381721
You mean a LAN game?
Like good ol' fashioned CS?

I disagree on that, since Pyros are anything but underpowered.
But let's just leave it at that.
>> No. 381737
im so andry alla da time

like when in traffic, and i try to be chill say you cool man, you got this, de cars dey go as slow as they wan and then i go boom! honk honk goose, motherfuckers! and i wan to explode everywher!!! yees i get so angry in the cars
>> No. 381937
Every time T4 posts I want to set him on fire. I don't care if english is not his native tongue, he's been posting on this fucking site for over four years. That is more than long enough to learn proper sentence structure!
>> No. 382005
You know what, fuck you, America. You seem to jizz yourself over the British baby coming, reality TV, and Paula Deen, but don't give two fucks about secret spying programs, human rights issues, banks fucking us over, government colluding with corporate interest, voting shenanigans or any of about a million other things wrong with our own government. (Unless it's about suppressing individuals' sexuality or even just stuff that consenting adults do only to/with themselves, and then suddenly there are a bunch of "solutions" for that.)

You deserve the oligopoly ans serfdom you are enabling. My deepest hope now is for a full-blown nuclear war the planet over, and in another 10,000 years someone can give this "humanity" thing another go.
>> No. 382007

>in another 10,000 years someone can give this "humanity" thing another go

...Gendou, is that you?
>> No. 382008
>My deepest hope now is for a full-blown nuclear war the planet over, and in another 10,000 years someone can give this "humanity" thing another go.

I'd like to think this is hyperbole.
>> No. 382015
I'd push the button myself, had I the opportunity. (But even though I don't, perhaps someday elect an idiot that will launch our arsenal for other reasons, so I'll wait.)

Humanity is in need of a good, hearty plague, IMO, but worldwide healthcare is quite good and would contain any outbreak fairly quickly. At worst, the majority of a third-world country might die (perhaps two), but international blockades would keep it from spreading. Any part of the infection that got to first-world areas would get a few hundred thousand, if that, before being contained.

One of the reasons America is in the quandary it's currently in is because we haven't fought a land war in over a century, and when we did it wasn't with any kind of modern tech we deal with now. Europe got the shit bombed out of them; while they have their own problems, they at least appear to understand the nature of community and helping each other out because they had to dig out of the war together.

America? Pearl Harbor is the closest thing we've had. So many people around me just seem incapable of understanding the plight of others, even if it was once their plight, or paying attention to serious issues and holding others accountable.

Fuck the whole thing, I'm going to die someday anyway, and there's no point in trying to improve a country that thinks itself the bee's knees. I'll just get fat(ter) and play video games and try my best not to die on my knees when the day comes.
>> No. 382030
File 13745274281.png - (224.53KB , 373x327 , edgy.png )

>I'd push the button myself, had I the opportunity.
>Humanity is in need of a good, hearty plague, IMO

See image. I can actually say this and mean it, even if you are just venting.

Wishing that people die, people you don't even know, people whose sins and accomplishments you aren't even aware of, just so humanity can "learn a lesson" is incredibly silly. Especially when there are other ways to go about this.
>> No. 382032
Eh. I'd just nuke Japan.
>> No. 382037
>learn a lesson
Nope. That's not the goal here. The goal isn't to "teach humanity a lesson"; humanity has already shown that it is incapable of learning from the past. A plague or a nuke doesn't teach a lesson (well, a nuke might). The goal is to basically create a clean slate and hope the next set, borne of those hardy/smart enough to survive whatever dwindles our numbers, does a better job than we did.

If those groups or individuals that need to "learn a lesson" survive such an ordeal, then the event itself is worthless; they won't learn, they'll simply grab what power they can to assure they survive and continue passing down their warmongering, greedy, self-centered ways.
>> No. 382038
>humanity has already shown that it is incapable of learning from the past.

But clearly you have it all figured out? Are you not part of humanity? Let's pretend that I agree with what you're saying for a moment. You "get it" and surely that means someone else in the world also "gets it". Whatever you're thinking, there is literally at least one other person in the world thinking it. What would widespread death do to help any of this? Why not just attempt to fix what we have now? You know, maybe instead of destroying everything and hoping that the future fixes it by chance, you can do something in your own power to fix something. Fuck all this defeatist bullshit. People aren't going to change just because you think they should. It takes work, and it's not something that's going to be attained easily. Washing away the world we have now isn't going to guarantee anything. If you feel you have some noteworthy message, why don't you spread it instead of sitting on the internet and talking about how you'd "push the button".

Also, as an aside (and something irrelevant, but whatever), I find it hilarious that you'd suggest anything like this, because you aren't religious in the least, yet you want some sort of disaster to befall humanity so that they can start over clean. Now where have I heard that before?
>> No. 382040
>But clearly you have it all figured out?
Heavens, no. If I did, would I be posting on plus4chan while I should be writing financial report SQL code?

>Are you not part of humanity?
Yes, and I would die with the rest. Even if whatever happens doesn't consume all of humanity, I have neither the interest nor ability to be one of the survivors.

>What would widespread death do to help any of this?
Such devastation would force the remnants to focus on themselves. Hopefully, once whatever kills everyone has passed into the annals of oral legend (well, I suppose it would be written down since paper and writing are well established now, but likely would still be as unknown after thousands of years as many BC civilizations are to us now,) society will hopefully take a better path early on (only 1 or 2 thousand years) and prosper for it. And, if not, if we've nuked/plagued ourselves once we'll do it again.

>Why not just attempt to fix what we have now?
I don't believe it can be. Nothing short of Superman appearing or the President becoming a cackling villain will uproot the power structures now firmly entrenched in place and wake people up.

Just as an example, Eisenhower was apparently a relatively popular President (http://www.ropercenter.uconn.edu/CFIDE/roper/presidential/webroot/presidential_rating_detail.cfm?allRate=True&presidentName=Eisenhower, lowest was just under 50% and that only happened briefly, twice) and warned us about the Military-Industrial Complex, something he was extremely aware of, as he left office (http://coursesa.matrix.msu.edu/~hst306/documents/indust.html) but boy-howdy did no one listen.

>you can do something in your own power to fix something.
I have no power.
>> No. 382041
Moose are you saying that you hate the warmongering people that rule with an iron fist, not accepting any but their own

and then saying you would literally kill all of humanity if possible because you don't like the system that's in play???
>> No. 382042
>you hate the warmongering people that rule with an iron fist
Oh ho, were that the only issue. No, I hate the cowering people (myself included) that don't stand up to those warmongering (it's not just warmongering, but also those that are exploitative in general, but I'll stick with this word for now) in any capacity, those that happily go along with it for their own personal gain, be it minor or major, and those that refuse to acknowledge the situation and are happily ignorant to just watch their picture box, all in addition to the warmongers.

Many days I wish I was happily ignorant/stupid. The end result would be the same for me, but at least in the meantime I wouldn't be so depressed. Maybe I'd even have sex...
>> No. 382045
Fuck off Truman.
>> No. 382046
I'm just saying.
Imagine how many fuckers' heads will finally pop out of their asses if we cut off their 'hawaii mango and annie moo" supply.
>> No. 382047

Yes and in the process, you kill a bunch of innocent Japanese people who don't produce/care about anime. If I knew you weren't joking, I'd put you up there with Moose in terms of being silly right now.

Speaking of which, I'll properly respond to your last few posts later, as I'm having trouble putting my 3DS down at the moment.
>> No. 382048
Even if taking out Japan caused every Otaku to become a "model" citizen, there would be a negligible result; you'd get far larger response by bombing major sports stadiums and Hollywood.

> I'd put you up there with Moose in terms of being silly right now.
But we've dwelt on my impotent and over-the-top rage too long now. So, in conclusion: fuck everything, everywhere, forever. I cede the remainder of my time.
>> No. 382050
>But we've dwelt on my impotent and over-the-top rage too long now.

Well poop.

Back to SMTIV, I guess. What a fitting game series for me to be playing during this conversation.
>> No. 382228
I used to get really upset over dumb things (and also things that were important, but that others didn't think were important). And it's frustrating, because sometimes +4 is a good place to vent and get support, and sometimes it's "you can't vent, you are the cancer killing this site". So I just don't really vent at all anymore. Sometimes it actually feels better not to, because nobody can judge your thoughts, and you don't have to go back and delete it later when you're no longer mad.
>> No. 382456
File 13753724228.png - (52.93KB , 500x309 , 6a01127947363b28a4015433b0082d970c.png )
"They'll do anything for the unborn. But, once you're born, you're on your own."
>> No. 382514
File 13754493712.jpg?spoiler - (54.36KB , 625x640 , do you get it.jpg?spoiler )
engaging rage mage
>> No. 382576
america, civilization, and culture put me into a blind rage on a daily basis. I try to isolate myself from a lot, but then I go to the grocery store and see snippets of it and I can't even begin to fucking understand people in general. Just standing in line at the grocery store looking at magazine covers makes me angry. I mean, there are people living in America that actually give a fuck about the Royal Engshit Cambridge baby? Everyone on the tabloid covers could die tomorrow and absolutely none of their worshipper's lives would be affected. Why do people pay attention to this? What is a Bachelorette? When will all of these punch-faced British teenage singers have a quarter-life crisis when they realizes that their entire career is based on their sex appeal to prepubescent girls? How do any of these people find meaning in their lives?

Every four years, we cast votes because we think it's going to change something without realizing it's all a scam, it's never going to change, and we like it better this way anyways. The anarchists can talk about revolution all they want - it is never going to happen. The dung ball of civilization has been rolling for thousands of years, and we'll be damned if anyone tries to take our shitmountain away from us.

Anyways, I'm going to a Vietnamese pool hall to eat wonton soup now. Goodnight, plus4
>> No. 382584
>> No. 382598

If you ever want to see the absolute worst of the worst of humanity, become an insurance salesperson.

I spent a mere six months doing that, and during that time my opinion of the worth of humanity managed to get even lower than what 25 years of burning hatred had already made it. Somehow, there was plenty of ugliness in people that I still wasn't aware of.

I saw it all: the stupidity, the denial, the refusal to plan for the future, the ignorance of reality, family members stealing from and undermining each other, vitriol and malice lobbed at complete strangers, healthy people with upturned noses, dying people hoping for an impossible miracle, broken homes, broken people, broken families, broken lives, people so rich all they do is brag about it, people so poor they can't afford bananas, people who made one bad move or trusted the wrong person only to lose their entire retirement savings or livelihood. 99% of the time I saw only negative emotions; happiness was a rarity. Always complaining about something.

The worst had to have been one client, who was kind to me, listened, complimented me all the time, and made the right choice for a policy to protect her and her husband's future; only when things went a little slow in the approval process, she became a mean little bitch who threatened to cancel the policy... just to spite me.

Humans are ugly. Nothing but ugliness wrapped in a paper-thin facade of civilized nonsense, filled with lies and hate.
>> No. 382604
Keep in mind that you were the main representative for a business whose entire business model is:
1.) Bet on whether or not someone will experience an emergency each month
2.) Try not to pay when they do

Expecting people who you were helping your bosses to cheat out of money to be nice and honest to you all the time was sort of unrealistic to start with. Don't get me wrong, I get that you weren't the person responsible for coming up with the business model and/or deciding whether or not those people were going to get fucked by your company, but when you take a job as the face of evil, you can't be surprised when a few people throw holy water on you.
>> No. 382618
Insurance companies keep bugging me to be a salesman for them because my resume has been up on a few job websites and they apparently have no idea what the term "virtual machine" means or what a tech resume looks like.

"we were reading your resume and you are qualified to be an insurance salesman!"
"If you were actually reading my resume you'd know I'm overqualified to be an insurance salesman and should actually be fixing your back-end computer systems. But, reading is hard."

Almost as bad as the indian guys who send me job offers every six months and never respond back. At least those jobs are actual techie and repairman jobs.
>> No. 382627

That has nothing to do with your resume, or qualifications, or experience, or really anything other than you breathing. You're not overqualified to be a salesperson unless you've already shown an ability to excel at it so much you should be the manager. Since you've probably never done it, your qualification is zero.

Sales in general has a ridiculous turnover; in the company I worked for, average recruitment saw 50% of people leave within a month, 75% of people leave within three months, and 95% leave within six months. And that's just those actually hired! About 5-10 new people were hired per month, from about 100-200 who attended first interviews. There were about 100 people in the local branch when I left, and less than twenty had more seniority than I (only there six months).

Added to this is the fact that absolutely nothing can determine whether or not you'll actually be any good at sales until you try. So most companies have a model of calling basically everyone and anyone to interviews, hiring as many as they can cram into the office each time, and throwing them at the proverbial wall to see if they stick. Most fall right off, some cling on barely for a short period, a couple per year stick good.
>> No. 382637
I know that it has nothing to do with me but that makes it all the more annoying. They're contacting me over something that has absolutely no application to my skillset. In addition, I already know the rate of turnover for these positions is fantastic and worthless. Why would you have that high a turnover if there is any kind of stability to that job? No really, I understand hiring like phone agents but sales agents have also seemed like there was absolutely no point. It's America, if you need Insurance there are multiple sharks just tripping over themselves to throw shit in front of you.

It's like, why waste my time and yours and make me think ill of certain insurance companies anyway?
>> No. 382688
people who think you'll never get a job no matter how much experience or schooling you have

who have faith in your siblings but not you

and yet you've never done anything to disappoint them, it's just that nothing you do ever impresses them, if they said they want [x] they'll raise the bar again and say it's still not enough

fuck you dad
>> No. 382691
Eat him and use his bones to make a totem of some sort.
>> No. 382702
Part of me wishes I could, but I've always been the kind of person who wanted to impress their parents. I don't have another...parental unit-type thing to ask for advice, but as unhelpful and un-encouraging as mine are, I know I won't get another set of biological parents, and people have chewed me out because I have any issue at all with them.

I think he favors my sister because she went into a similar career as him, but with all the bitching he's done about his job throughout my lifetime, I figured he was trying to encourage me to do something else.
>> No. 385548
File 13817377682.gif - (769.62KB , 216x144 , douchebag.gif )
There was a rage here before. It's gone now. >>382228 sums it up pretty good. But I feel the need to vent again because this is just getting stupid. Why do I only have the current choice between living with one asshole with a personal grudge against me (simply for existing, basically) and another asshole that's been causing problems for the family for 15+ years now? There's really no way to stand up to either of these assholes, and even avoiding them isn't a guarantee that conflict can be avoided. And no, I can't go anywhere else right now, not permanently. But this is driving me nuts and I'm sick of it.
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