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File 138320950525.gif - (2.85MB , 330x224 , whyyy.gif )
385986 No. 385986
>doing NoFap
>Goal: 90 days
>still have 24 to go
>and I thought Australian internet was slow

>/pco/ exists
>and boobs are being posted there every day
>and... and a fair portion of those are cat boobs
help me

I know two of you here do this shit. Let's talk about something.
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>> No. 385997
I've thought about doing NoFapvember, but I don't think I've the willpower. Longest I've gone without fapping is five weeks, and that's because I was in Basic Training and too exhausted to even think about an erection. Outside of that I've been able to go about five days; found it far easier to go a week without surfing the internet.

Also it's basically the only "high" I have access to.
>> No. 386002
I remember I couldn't get past two weeks for a whole year (about six attempts)
You need motivation and reward if you want to attempt this. Like 'no /baw/ until day 9.'
>> No. 386003

Is the internet conspiring to turn us all into pathetic motherfuckers or something?
>> No. 386005
I just learned what this is. Just send them a fapfic.
And I'm pretty sure Movember (no shave) is for charity. Except some people do it anyway. That wrecks it.
>> No. 386010
Humans are horny mostly due to being able to reproduce all year around, as opposed to 'mating seasons'. Once you understand that, keeping your dick under control will not be that hard.
>> No. 386012
Irrelevant for men, as being horny regardless of time of year/whatever is generally true for all species whose sex drive is regulated by testosterone. The only reason that humans have no mating seasons and other testosterone-based males have to put up with them is that the female libido is also tied to testosterone in humans, rather than estrogen as it is with species that undergo mating seasons. Otherwise female humans would only be horny when they're ovulating.
>> No. 386013
I once went without for a year to see if I could.
Went 3 or 4 times in a row without stopping once I was done.
I also fairly recently went 2 weeks with no fapping but as much porn as I wanted, then another 2 weeks with as much fapping as I wanted but no porn, just to make sure I wasn't too dependent on either.
>> No. 386014
i could try this year but having a girlfriend who is almost always up for it kinda defeats the purpose
>> No. 386016
I don't think sex breaks nofap.

Also, nofap is usually done under the auspices of trying to improve your self-confidence/motivation through the idea that constant fapping drains this, and often an end goal is meeting someone of the attractive sex. So, by having a girlfriend who likes to do it, NoFap doesn't serve a purpose for you.
>> No. 386017

NoFap is also seen as an attempt to break away from porn/NSFW material.

I’mma try to do NoFap November this year, and thankfully, I have a HOSTS file editor to help with blocking all the porn sites I typically go to in a given fap session.
>> No. 386021
File 138328129267.jpg - (89.45KB , 640x708 , image.jpg )
Yes, porn addiction is a bitch. While it isn't the reason I started, it has helped with resensitising myself to human girls again. See the post in the fetish thread
Also, changing the hosts file or using other blockers is a good idea.

To answer auto moose whatever dude, it depends on your rules; 'hard mode' is no sex or other sexual interaction.
>> No. 386022
Not sure if that contradicts, or compliments. Chicken or egg.
>> No. 386024
PS: Au Tony? Autony? I don't know, but you're still a cool guy.
>> No. 386042
SHIT. I forgot it was November today and already lost. Mulligan?
>> No. 386043
So, uh, what's the point in depriving yourselves of masturbation again? Genuine question.
>> No. 386046
There is no one reason. Some people do it for the challenge, some people do it because they are porn/masturbation addicts, or are having problems from masturbating too much (like ED). Some people also believe it has benefits with people's interaction skills, and helps people feel more energetic, but that stuff is not proven science so don't rely on it. The subreddit /r/NoFap has information in the sidebar.
>> No. 386049
I still don't have enough facial hair for that one.

I... I should give this a try...

I have no idea of what is this.
>> No. 386050

NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month

Basically, you try to write a novel (50,000 words or so) during November. It ain't gotta be good, it's just gotta be (at least) that long. A fair number of people who participate in NaNoWriMo see November as the ‘first draft’ month as December as the editing month.
>> No. 386051
For like a decade I kept thinking to myself "hey, I should do this, I have plenty of ideas."

Now IDGAF. Probably for the best, the world has more than enough grimdark Pokemon fan fiction.
>> No. 386082

Can we also make it National Novel Publishing Month for the late Candlejack?

You know, just to be a dick about it?


I jerk off at least once a week, so yeah, that's a joke. Plus I've tried it before for like two weeks and it doesn't do anything for me. I just start perving on guys a lot more than usual, and guys don't really like that I guess. I also hear how guys do that, and when they start fapping again, they have three or four awesome orgasms in a row because they're so pent up. My body doesn't do that. It just figures: hey, you aren't using it so I'll just SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING. My first orgasms after I start up again are positively lousy and everything is weird and awkward. I guess it's not like riding a bike or whatever.
>> No. 386084
Did CandleJack actually die, or are we still running with that Naruto joke?
>> No. 386085
>> No. 386105
Four days. Surprisingly, I'm finding that I'm very bored. I guess I spent a lot of free time fapping.

Still keeping up with my porn feeds so I'll have plenty of content for when I finally break. (And as a test of mettle, which so far I've passed...)
>> No. 386106
File 138363210045.gif - (1.82MB , 320x240 , 1375684726244.gif )
good luck.
>> No. 386108
Found someone IRL talking to his friend about being a Fapstronaut. Turns out he and some bros are doing No Fap November together. Incentive is back with a record +20 points.
>> No. 386110
This is what I've found with previous NoFap sessions. I don't pack my life with enoughstuff that keeps me from masturbating. I just reach a point where it's like "eh fuck it why not".

I have noticed myself getting really irritable when I don't fap as well. As in, more likely to blow up at someone over tiny shit. I'm kind of aware of my temper so I just go back to fapping to get a tension release, but I'm not sure if that's because of the fapping or if it's just my unresolved issues welling up in the wake of not "self-medicating" it.
>> No. 386115
File 138370185149.gif - (10.24KB , 646x812 , feel_with_it.gif )
I quit masturbating last year. Feels good, man.
>> No. 386118
Well, I lost. Not big surprise.

But what an exquisite losing it was. Still my record in many, many years, I should try spacing it out to see if I can build that up repeatedly...
>> No. 386119
Any insight into doing that? Sharable wisdom? Or is it just a choice and you have to make it?
>> No. 386121
Day five, and I haven't fell.
I think this may work after all, but I can't just get cocky now.
>> No. 386122
It'll start kicking in hard about 10 days in.
By day 15 or 20 everything is porn
>> No. 386126
NoFap doesn't really hold any interest for me. I usually only masturbate to get rid of boners, and I've not become so corrupted by weird porn that normal stuff can't turn me on.
NoShave is going well since I haven't shaved for months anyway.
>> No. 386128
File 138376410710.jpg - (83.08KB , 960x532 , image.jpg )
Oh god, the memories...
>last time I relapsed on 16 days
>all over the bed, my shirt and my iPod

You... you what? Why are you here? Ugh, I'm scared I am so fucking jealous right now.
>> No. 386129

That's another problem for me. Not fapping makes me get into WEIRDER porn, not more normal stuff. When I get super horny is when all my bizzare fetishes start coming out, as I start getting seriously, desperately turned on by the tiniest things. Like guy's foreheads, and guys in overalls, and nearly every single male character of every single media I'm consuming. Except it takes only around 5 days, not 15. Then I start humping at pillows and things and start getting turned on by large dogs, and I figure I better knock this shit off before I get in serious trouble.
>> No. 386131
...if you're a girl, go on
>> No. 386138
plus4chan, please don't
>> No. 386139
I'm with Pablo. Go on no matter what.
>> No. 386149

Sorry to disappoint, but I haz penis.
>> No. 386153
>> No. 386213
I'm getting pretty much the opposite. While I am making an effort to avoid porn and similar, I'm only getting turned on like every 20 days, and it's not even that much. My libido just stopped after Day 1.

I know I have it easy but it just feels bad. This doesn't normally happen to me.
>> No. 386216

its a choice. for me it was to try to salvage my sanity
>> No. 386221
That's funny, I (not the person you replied to) figured cutting back on weird erotica could help me focus on making even weirder non-erotica, hence why I tried looking for surreal stuff on Safebooru as mentioned in the smiles thread. Also, it's something else I can look at when I'm bored and unfocused/unsure what else to do.
>> No. 386224
Did it for a week, was seriously contemplating rape near the end. Finally blew my wad and had to fucking cup my hands so it didn't spill everywhere.

How the fuck do people last a WHOLE MONTH!?
>> No. 386232
We'll see how things go.
>> No. 386235
File 13840333833.jpg - (214.00KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )
Depending on your situation (everyone and every attempt is different), you will usually encounter a drop or a flatline (your libido gets mouthfucked and you have to actually try to get horny). It usually happens 2nd-4th week from what I've heard but I got one from Day 1.

You gotta get incentive and motivation. Pic related; it's an extract from my notes.
>> No. 386237
I've found that boredom and/or procrastination tend to be a bigger problem for me than libido.
>> No. 386624
Day 21, and I haven't fell yet.
around the 14th and 15th day felt a bit of an urge, but I've managed to keep going.
I'm optimistic about this.
>> No. 386687
Broke 90.

It just feels like another day, but I'm kind of happy.
Keep going 'til December, guys!
>> No. 386692
90 minutes? A new record!
>> No. 386693
File 138538244466.png - (92.55KB , 171x278 , 1373229721335.png )
>> No. 386700
Almost got to 120 last night eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
>> No. 386824
>> No. 386853
If I go too long without cumming it hurts when I eventually do have an orgasm.

Like, the texture of my sperm stops being a goopy liquid, it becomes more like jello. It's a soft solid, but definitely a solid and not a liquid, and it hurts coming out of my penis. At least it doesn't come out as one big thing, more like a pile of jello crumbs.

I don't know what this means or if I should see a doctor for it. I just make sure to fap at least once a week so it doesn't happen. I usually go at it more than once a week anyway so I guess I just don't see this as a problem.
>> No. 386887
It means you need to drink more water. Like a lot more.
>> No. 386939
uh, hydrate, you disgusting person
>> No. 386983
Got about eight days under my belt this time around (last was about a 2 months back at 20 days) now due to my drive going down to about nonexistent. Its like I just couldn't be bothered.
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