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File: 12805487241.jpg-(73.53KB, 1280x800, Do_a_Barrel_Roll_by_Orioto.jpg)
88471 No.88471
Well to escape /v/'s shitty captcha shit I may as well post the topic here. Having Starfox topics on /v/ was hard enough as it is due to the lack of individuals willing to discuss mixed with the fast pace of the board. Add in the captcha nonsense and people are less likely to reply. So I come to this haven.

Anyways to begin, if the next Starfox game was on a console and had visuals like this, would you approve or disapprove? Given that railway shooters are very cinematic (just look at Stafox 64) I'd say hell yeah I approve!

Imagining the possibilities of the settings and environments to fly over with the arwing with such visual detail and I'd cream myself at the prospect.

So what do you think? Feel free to also bring in the idea of gameplay elements.

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just let the ace combat people play around with the sci fi setting

Um, right, so...don't get offended by this or anything, but...Are you 14 years old?
...Just a question, sage for offtopic.

What the hell?

Looks too drab and real to me. If there's one thing I do like about Starfox, it's the abundance of wacky color, and these visuals have none of that.

The OP seems very distinctly like a young teenager. Griping for an entire paragraph about captchas, mixed with griping about /v/'s tendency to go off-topic, both point to being new to the internet, meanwhile the over-explanatory nature of the post points to being younger than 16-ish and thinking that people wouldn't read between the lines.
And the "I'd say hell yeah I approve!" also says young-teen to me, though I'm not sure why.

I was just curious.

stop trying to pick up 14yrolds on internet anonymous

A bright cel-shaded Starfox would be great.

Well the captcha is a justified complaint as it affects all of 4chan. Being able to post a simple short reply now is tedious with the addition of that nonsense. Much more annoying is the idea of pulling off picture dumps.

I never complained about /v/ going off topic, but that it's hard to have a Starfox topic there cause there's not too many people to discuss it there, meaning lack of replies in general for such a topic.

The rest of your post is crap frankly. Over explaining is a flaw now? So long as it isn't too lengthy some detail is fine. It hooks people in more than just "post a picture of a game and say 'discuss'". The complaining of saying "Hell yeah!" is just petty and dumb.

So that said, getting back to Starfox, Nintendo has often expressed that Starfox can be more than just a railway shooter. This in turn is the train of thought behind games like Adventures, Assault, and to an extent Commands. While I appreciate their desire to expand on the series, unless they can indeed get it right these types of efforts come off as mediocre IMO.

This. They don't even seem to be in a rush to make a game like that themselves. Maybe there's just a hint of disrespect for it's Western origins? Japanese are weird like that.

From what I heard Nintendo didn't like the Donkey Kong Country games made by Rare because they created inhouse competition for Mario.

File: 128060561338.jpg-(102.09KB, 432x718, 4337578.jpg)
could be cool

Reminds me of SE CG sequences. Particularly the one from FFXIII with the cast first arriving on Gran Pulse.

File: 128062796117.png-(10.54KB, 452x379, pokederp.png)
Well who's fucking fault was that?

Word is that Miyamoto is the one who is rumored to dislike the Donkey Kong Country series. But this year during E3 it was stated by him that he never expressed dislike for the DKC series and that he likes it.

Still whatever the case may be, inhouse competition is a real issue big developers face so I do indeed believe that some of Nintendo's suits and top dogs don't like DKC.

What I've heard about Miyamoto and DKC doesn't even directly relate to the game. Rather, when he was in the process of creating Yoshi's Island, a request was made that he use pre-rendered CG for the graphics like in DKC, due to its popularity. Since he didn't like being put under that restriction, he created a game with the distinctly cartoonish graphics that we know today.

You can infer some dislike for Donkey Kong Country based on that, but really all it tells us is that he had some restrictions put on him that he rebelled against.

So how do y'all feel about Krystal?

File: 128149022066.jpg-(134.83KB, 800x564, IMG_01021.jpg)
I don't mind her, but replacing Peppy with her is a travesty.

Those that herpaderp about furries cite that she's annoying. HAVE YOU HEARD SLIPPY'S VOICE ACTOR IN ANY OF THE GAMES?

So and so is annoying is a cop out argument. In reality, what you mean is "I dislike the character for no good reason." Which, is absolutely fine. Just don't cite dishonest reasons.

Or, he could be an ESL? Perhaps English isn't his first language.


Cool enough on her own, but should never have left Dinosaur Planet. Has no goddamn business piloting an Arwing. Psychic powers turned into a really stupid Plot ex Machina in Command and Assault.

File: 128149773415.jpg-(128.41KB, 600x727, 1028329.jpg)

>Or, he could be an ESL? Perhaps English isn't his first language.
But he speaks English pretty darn well, so if everything was flawless except the overexplanatory-ness, one wouldn't assume that everything else was the problem.

But I'm just being defensive cause I didn't consider that. My apologies to the OP, whether he's 14 or not.

That's a sweet fanart of Star Wolf. Also I hate Leon's new gurgle style voice. I prefer his old smooth one.

I could admit that Peppy is old and could do with retirement from field combat to look over the Great Fox.

The problem with Krystal is that her only role is to be Fox's Cock Slave. Essentially she's like Starfire from Teen Titans, Rinoa from FF8, Rose from Metal Gear Solid 2. Frankly such characters are just fucking annoying as the only thing they got to their name is their whining about their relationship with the main characters and have no independence or separate traits attached.

If Krystal wasn't defined by being a love interest I'd be fine with her. Though I could do without Panther constantly going "Oh my a star is not as beautiful as Krystal! Oh my a super nova pales in comparison to Krystal's eyes! Not the explosion of a thousand suns compares to Krystal's fur!" That shit is annoying. It overglorifies an already shakey character and makes Panther, a new one, easily very annoying.

To be fair, Krystal isn't from Dinosaur Planet. I find it amusing that she dresses like some kind of tribal character and though she supposedly has a ship to pilot we never see it. It gives the impression she's a native from Dinosaur Planet rather than an advanced alien that lands on Dinosaur Planet like the Cornerian characters.

File: 128155220076.jpg-(223.06KB, 690x768, Krystal_in_Dinosaur_Planet[1].jpg)
Fun fact about the Krystal issue. Many people think that it's because of her that "furries came to the series."

That's such bullshit and pure denial. The furries were always there, but back in the SNES days internet wasn't that common. End result is such people were more obscure compared to nowadays.

Man, are you sure that's not just what you're seeing? I mean, yeah, she and Fox are attracted to each other, but I think you are being a little hard on "girls who have a thing for a teammate." in general.

I mean, couldn't you just have Krystal be the spooky/superstitious pilot as a balance to Slippy's "SCIENCE!" bit? Hanging psychic doohickeys from the controls, using sketchy alternate stuff that sometimes works, trying to get the team to check out whatever ancient ruins they're flying past...

I hate such characters because that's their entire purpose. They got nothing outstanding that defines them. And you can't tell me that characters like Starfire (Robin you're mean for wanting to do your job instead of fuck me in Tokyo!), Rinoa (I am a robot, scanning, target Squall found must ignore the cast exists outside of using a few of them to help my chances of bagging that stalion), Rose (Oh Jack you shouldn't be scared of sleeping in the bed with me and I'm pregannnnnnrtttt) aren't annoying.

I hate to say it, but princess Peach is better simply because at this point its a joke to have peach be the damsel Mario rescues and there's no melodrama attached with her compared to any of these and Krystal included. Hell even Kairi from Kingdom Hearts fame doesn't have such melodrama when her love interest went into the arms of another man.


I meant Dinosaur Planet the game, not Dinosaur Planet the planet.


Starfire does have character outside of that.

On the other hand, Rinoa and Rose ruined their games so yeah.

Name away because in Teen Titans all Starfire ever did was be defined by her obsession with Robin. Her culture as an alien served as a bunch of unfunny "in my planet" flat worthless jokes. Her dedication to Robin was so strong that in the episode where he left to train with that old woman master they show her fall into a depression so harsh she may as well kill herself since she can't live without him.

For that matter she's also on record called Robin "MY Robin" as if he exclusively belongs to her as if some object.

Face it, Starfire is a bland uninspired one dimensional cheerleader for Robin who hungers for his cock. That's all she'll be ever be remembered for.

I think you're projecting some of your emotions onto Krystal who is still relatively new compared to Starfire instead of providing a connection they share as a character type. Not to mention you seem to only site shit from the Teen Titans cartoon instead of examples from the comics or Starfire anywhere outside of that show. Calm down man.

A lot of the pilots from Starfox were hollow originally; it took time for the team to be anything outside of the old guy, the fearless leader, the annoying one and the asshole. Krystal might be harder to do these days what with how quickly fandoms germinate but I don’t think the character is irridemable or forever ruined, you just need her and a game to be planned and executed well.

Yeah, because Starfire totally didn't have whole episodes devoted to her own relationships with other characters and backstory.

Not to mention the comics, which admittedly are pretty different.

Krystal is so badly executed I wonder if retconning her is a better idea. She obviously has no outstanding piloting skills to be a meaningful member of the team. She doesn't acknowledge the other team members as Assault showed. And in commands she was a flip flopping soap opera traitor.

One of the worst scenes had to be when Amanda (Slippy's freak pink frog girlfriend) forced Fox to apologize to Krystal for booting her off the team when her mediocre skills could have gotten her killed. That was painful. And frankly I feel characters like Amanda and Peppy's daughter are only there to overglorify Krystal and act as her apologists and supporters. So they're not welcomed additions if you ask me.

So many shitty characters have been added to this series since Adventures that its beginning to turn into the Sonic Friends effect. The only one that doesn't piss me off is Slippy's father in Assault who served a role without overtaking the game. Simple and clean.

Starfox has a lot of issues to fix up before the series can be redeemed. They range from gameplay to story. And Krystal needs to be dealt with.

Yeah, Slippy's father is great because he's actually mentioned in the Star Fox 64 player's guide.
That name and job even.

File: 128165843958.jpg-(34.23KB, 300x375, 92189-otaku-renamonfan-albums-imagenes-5683-imagen.jpg)
I can fap to her.

Krystal has bothered me since SFA, simply because she's just so badly handled.
I mean, she went from being the full-blown protagonist in her own unrelated game, to WHOOPS STARFOX TIME HOPE YOU LIKE DISTRESS AND TRIBAL BIKINIS
And she's been hamhandedly shoved into the rest of the series as Fox's "will they or won't they" love interest for the sake of painful "oh probably you two will get married" scenes ever since.
I understand they wanted to have a heroine on the team, and that's great, but good god, don't make her character revolve around whiny romantic tension. I mean, fuck, wasn't she supposed to be looking into why her home planet exploded or something?

That's irrelevant at this point. Even Krystal herself doesn't seem to care about her origins anymore ever since she fell in love with Fox.

Dropped plot element is dropped.


Well, let's be fair, here. Command's writing was so unbelievably bad that it's not even worth considering it canon.

Like how if you take a certain path, you randomly wind up creating Monkey Hitler 2.0.

She was apparently the only fox on a planet full of dinosaurs. Finding out that you and your species weren't tied down to one planet may have made things less important. Not that this wasn’t written as such which is the problem at hand. When Nintendo people don’t care for a franchise it can show in how fast it deteriorates.

File: 128166496164.gif-(5.07KB, 64x64, Miyu.gif)
>I understand they wanted to have a heroine on the team...

They did. In fact, they had two of them. Or rather, they would have if Nintendo hasn't dicked with everything.

She wasn't the only fox in a planet of dinosaurs, she was traveling through space and heard a distress signal which led her to the planet as the intro of Adventures stated.

File: 128166589517.gif-(7.44KB, 64x64, Fay.gif)
Hadn't dicked, I mean.

At any rate, Krystal doesn't mesh well into the Starfox universe, especially not as a pilot.

But at the least looks hotter than Fay.

Yeah, I'll be blunt, I love Miyu and Faye's designs.
Too bad Nintendo never released Star Fox 2 :V

File: 128167014252.jpg-(19.57KB, 300x300, Miyu_Art[1].jpg)
Wish they'd try to re-introduce her. I mean Starfox 2 is where the Starwolf team actually debuted. They got carried over into the 64 remake and the rest is history.

Who is to say that Miyu and Fay can't undergo a similar process. Frankly I'll take them over characters like Peppy's daughter and Slippy's girlfriend.

I also want Kat to return as well.

Maybe as mercs you have to pay to extend your team or something. It'd be nice if you could handle the financial side of the Star Fox business and have to earn money from better mission results or following certain paths for upgrades and team extensions...or just shove money into Falco's face to shut him up.

Spess battles sim with simple controls. Why can't we have this already?

File: 128172014775.jpg-(97.37KB, 800x800, star-fox-2-20040819011845350[1].jpg)
To improve the story the series needs more non-animal races in Lylat. Adventures is a good example that shows how much the plot thickens when other species are involved. Assault tried to do something similar with Apparoids but they ended up being just mysterious alien monsters rather than a different civilization.

I wish they made a game with a human empire invading Lylat, I'd love to kick their ass as StarFox. With a decent writer the story would have potential.

Krystal should become heavy weapons girl.

>>Animal people versus evil human empire
Oh I bet that will make some of the fandom ecstatic.

If you want more StarFox, buy the DS game!
Its not bad. I have it.

Have you seen James Cameron's Avatar? Because what you described is exactly what you want. Honestly I am tired of the whole "humans are all monster scum and need to punished" cliche. It got real bad in Avatar to the point I wonder if James Cameron is a misanthrope as the Na'Vis were so annoyingly "perfect" I couldn't stand them.

Another example of this trope being put into effect is in District 9. The main character was a human douche who lost his humanity and experienced the same discrimination that the Prangs did.

Prawns. And District 9 has an excuse in that it was basically Apartheid (which really happened) with Aliens. The Prawns were flawed as hell, and there were some decent enough humans out there.

Totally right about Avatar though. The Na'vi were shallow Blue Elves.


Only do this if you are willing to tolerate some of the worst writing in video game history.

File: 128173364163.jpg-(145.66KB, 852x712, Tali[1].jpg)
I wouldn't mind seeing humans in Starfox provided they do it right. Don't know about the general opinion, but Star Wars and Mass Effect as far as I see it had human characters interacting with multiple alien races. So if done right I'm all for it.

But I don't like the idea of grabbing humans and just turning them into "Lolz we're evil bwa ha ha ha!" type cut and dry black and white villains.

I don't think anyone gives a crap about the fandom and what they like.

File: 128173524833.png-(2.73MB, 1680x1050, OFDR 2010-08-05 15-03-20-12.png)
Honestly, how's this for an idea:

The Lylat System has plunged into conflict. A militia loyal to Andross has begun a coup de tat in the system. The Cornerian Military, after the defeat of the Aparoids and previously Andross, suffers the fatal flaw of hubris and finds the militia to be more than fanatics with a few weapons and craft.

The militia is well funded and well equipped, so once again the Cornerian military hires out air and spaceborne mercenaries. So, of course the StarFox team is at the top of the list.

All characters are back and this includes:
Flying 4 Ar wing formations, you choose who goes up with you (each with different skills), what kind of Ar Wing they fly, and what kind of load out they take up with them.

The over all campaign would be at first familiar to Starfox 64, but you soon find out you aren't limited to a path and you can deploy to engagements as you like. Selecting a planet will bring up a number of missions and battlefields to enter.

I would give the over all control scheme a bit more freedom, with fully functional Roll-Pitch-Yaw axis'. Adjustable speed, but no stalling. Again, game for kids so we still need to make it accessible. Plus Ar Wings seem to be VTOL's at any rate.

To make sure there's still a cohesive story, I'd have a point system integrate. This isn't visible to the player, so it's not something you would want to play towards (just grinding points, that is). Every few missions or so, you unlock a cutscene that tells the status of the war, and it's set to the back drop of the current planet and team selected.

One other idea would be instead of forcing the player to choose Starfox, you create-a-character and fly your own team for a while, which could include
And eventually could lead you to joining the Starfox or Starwolf

>I wish they made a game with a human empire invading Lylat, I'd love to kick their ass as StarFox. With a decent writer the story would have potential.
Aslong as I could do this to little furries on the ground, I'd be sold, too.

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. District 9 was a superior movie to Avatar as we didn't get hit over the head with this LOL HUMENS R BAD bullshit like we did in Avatar.

Avatar was stupid.

Not just a militia to Andross. The entire Lylat system's government has withered under the strain of perpetual conflicts from threats like Andross that eventually collapsed the economy what with continually relying on mercenaries like StarFox to defend their many worlds. In this weakened state the militia saw the perfect chance to strike, dividing Lylat into a multisided Civil War. What little funds or resources the fractured pieces of the Cornerian military could use as a form of payment aren’t going to be freely exchanged in the beginning of the conflict as panic sweeps over the new territories and multiple clients arise from rogue planets and politicians looking to save themselves to old enemies looking for something to gain in the turmoil.

StarFox wanting to help or not needs funds and munitions to fight this struggle.

File: 128173836321.jpg-(30.55KB, 500x401, darth-vader.jpg)
The biggest pit with that (and probably mine as well) is keeping it simple. This isn't a Tom Clancy novel, we should keep it simple for a younger audience. That's why I devised two clear cut sides, to at least begin with. Otherwise, you risk developing the same flaws that Star Wars Ep. 1 had. To further prevent that, we need a villain to lead the opfor militia.

The villain *cannot* be like Furry Vegeta Wolf O'Donnell in that he eventually becomes chummy. Wolf has some redeeming qualities, he seems to recognize a greater threat when there is one and will put aside differences to cope with it.

We need a villain that you can despise. We need someone who is sadistic and vile. A villain who is unsympathetic to the average citizen and cares only for consolidating his power and greed. He's not just trying to carve out his own nation, he wants to take over everything and rule over with an iron fist.

File: 12817420327.png-(266.33KB, 1646x1437, Battle_Map.png)
Arwingpedia, you never seem to draw the line where fact ends and conjecture begins.

File: 128174666526.png-(28.11KB, 622x828, conspiracyfox.png)
>implying Corneria isn't flat and Solar doesn't orbit around it.

Andross was just a pawn placed by the Cornerian Junta to create a Hannibal ad Portas for the people to be scared of. StarFox ISN'T the team of private contractors that helped bring the fight to Andross, they're the most elite of the Cornerian Air and Space Force assembled into a single unit answering only to General Pepper, the ruler of the Cornerian Junta. By operating outside of the obligations of military service and conduct expectations, they can commit horrible atrocities that, even if discovered, would leave no remarkable public outcry against Pepper's regime. And what of Starwolf? Yet another private para-military group of thugs under the thumb of General Pepper!

Yeah, I had to draw for this one. I'm calling him Charles the Conspiracy Fox

File: 128183759952.jpg-(92.16KB, 1024x768, prayingkrystal8ur[1].jpg)
Considering that she's the only character designed for such purposes, not a surprise.

File: 128184015875.jpg-(79.23KB, 643x600, 816611.jpg)

Could I get a source?


File: 128191489397.jpg-(18.64KB, 304x400, z144814227.jpg)
Old Starwolf was sweet.

File: 128191632595.jpg-(12.12KB, 300x356, 255231-leon_powalski1_large[1].jpg)
Indeed. I kinda miss the old Star Wolf. I don't like Panther since he acts like a bloody traitor. If Krystal gave him a blowjob he'd shoot down Wolf and Leon no questions asked.

The new Wolf and Leon lack good voices ESPECIALLY Leon. While Pigma wasn't a favorite his greedy personality was fun to watch.

The only old Star Wolf member I never liked was Andrew since he felt out of place. If he's Andross' blood relative why is he working for a mercenary force who is neutral and serves the highest bidder which easily could have been Cornia's military? Plus I hate everything he is. He's basically a mini Andross and no more. A reminder that won't go away even though Andross is dead. So to me he serves little purpose.

But Wolf is now Engineer!


Wolf's voice actor for Brawl also does the role of TF2's Engineer.

Incidentally, Soldier is voiced by the man who did SF64's Wolf.

I like to think that Andrew just bullied his way onto the team to feel big. That's all he seems to do really...

I see. And talk about a sense of coincidence.

File: 128192708431.jpg-(172.92KB, 816x671, Commission___Krystal_Bathing_by_telofax[1].jpg)
I'm not complaining. There's no real art of Kat or Miyu. Screw Fay, the rabbit, and the pink frog. So you just take what you can get.

File: 128192764737.jpg-(267.15KB, 583x900, c989f1458a9b9b2ae4c71b9c18b862c3[1].jpg)
I know that Deviant Art is know, but sometimes I love what they can end up producing.

Here's the sauce:


Fuck it, here.

  Know what would really be cool? This is something that I think almost every single flying game/flight shooter could benefit from: A more atmospheric cockpit.

If you're a super flight nerd like I, you sometimes choose to fly from the cockpit view. The problem with this is of course it's more restrictive than the chase and since you can't look about the game world as you could if you were in the cockpit. That's fine, IMO, as I'm trading off that for more immersion. But, then you realize this: It's a pretty static kind of view. Sure, gauges do spin and the attitude indicator tells you that you're rolling. But, that's it. I wanna see some serious head bob from turbulence and hits. I wanna hear labored breathing into the O2 Mask mic. For games that want more action and to be more cinematic, this would probably go a very long way. When I pitch my nose up hard, have the view settle down lower into the cockpit, as if I'm being pushed in by the G's. Gimme some radio chatter, too. Not just Slippy begging me to clear his six, not just Nagase telling me how much she hates war, but I wanna hear some vectors being fed to other pilots. I don't care if it's silly and wrong, kids would love that. I would have at that age.

And, if you went with more open ended approach like I set out earlier, you could be ambushed on entry into a planet's atmosphere. So, you're shooting down drones while your Ar Wing is blazing red on descent.

That would be sweet.

Hate to say it, but Krystal is kinda hot in that pic. Probably because her muzzle isn't sticking out and she looks to have a more normal face.

I'd chalk it up to the fact that the creators gave her a very human like body. I'm not a psychologist or a behavior specialist, but I'd suspect your subconscious is recognizing her as a human given her figure.

File: 128199140948.jpg-(165.80KB, 800x1020, Tiny_Kong____Canopy_Groove_by_cjl1217[1].jpg)
Not a surprise, it's Rare. The WB/Disney of gaming that served up a lot of hot non-human women.

Seriously, the big boobed plant from Conker, Beri, Krystal, Tiny Kong, Honey Bee, etc.

At the end of the day, if its hot then fap. It's perfectly normal to respond to a sexy image of the human female figure.

File: 128200356294.jpg-(7.02KB, 218x251, 124508557029.jpg)
>Tiny Kong

File: 128200468959.jpg-(20.88KB, 282x315, tinykong[1].jpg)
That's not really a perverted sexifying Tiny, that's how Rare designed her for the DS version of Diddy Kong Racing.

you put tiny on there but not candy?

File: 12820270894.jpg-(136.46KB, 806x1060, Dixie_Kong____Jungle_Love_by_cjl1217[1].jpg)
Don't know if you've noticed, but Candy Kong is kinda ugly. She was at her best probably in the N64 game, but the rest of the time, nah. Also, what little good art there is, is usually for Dixie or Tiny.

DK in general gets a lot of badly drawn fanart.

File: 128202731464.jpg-(193.72KB, 865x631, 294774%20-%20Dixie_Kong%20Donkey_Kong%20Nintendo%2.jpg)
And this is about as far as it goes for good art of Dixie and Tiny.


Wow, those are some poorly drawn monkey boobs.

Just big for the sake of being big. But when art is scarce you take what you can get.

File: 128206615688.jpg-(134.21KB, 638x737, 1282066746831[1].jpg)
Human Dixie Kong. Yay or nay?

File: 12820662064.jpg-(178.24KB, 480x640, 1282065865051[1].jpg)
Not as good as the other one, but sharing.

File: 12820664977.jpg-(149.10KB, 522x948, 1282066971021[1].jpg)

>Starfox General
Take your monkey porn elsewhere good sir, we're in it for the foxes.

File: 128207857575.jpg-(23.82KB, 499x344, angryweasel.jpg)
>Monkeys, Monkeys everywhere

But that's human Dixie and there are no bare tits and such. As for foxes think we already covered all there is to Krystal.


No, just bad. Not Dixie's, but Tiny's? Bras just do not work that way.

Back to Star Fox, furfags.

File: 128212997042.png-(193.86KB, 900x938, 2010-08-16-263-Horseplay.png)

this, pretty much. I honestly wouldn't mind if SF643DS reboots the series and retcons Krystal. she's just...badly written and way too overdramatic, especially in Command.

I always thought a co-op Star Fox would be cool. There'd be different missions made specifically for co-op in mind, and each player would take a different path, join again for big fights, etc.

File: 128215548763.jpg-(45.86KB, 238x244, Fay.jpg)
>Screw Fay

I would like to..... differ.

I've always wondered what Dinosaur Planet would have been like if they left Starfox out of it, and how the Starfox franchise would be if they stuck to their old-style guns.


>I would like to..... yiffer.


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