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So, uh, what do we think?

Does it live up to the hype?

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It's like Starcraft, only more so. Take that however you will, because not everyone seems to agree that's a good thing.

Kinda wish Zerg had better regeneration, though.
Heh, man. I pre-ordered this like three years ago. Good times.

I was interested until I heard it doesnt really add anything to the core gameplay. Starcraft is pretty outdated compared to contemporary RTS so really what is the point?

Ever had a Zergling vs. Zergling twenty minute no rush on Fastest_Map? My god, man.

Starcraft II Part 1-2010
Starcraft II Part 2-2012--?? (Game adaption of Queen of Blades novel plot most likely)
Starcraft II Part 3-2014?? Something dealing with the Protoss..somewhere maybe parallel.

>>until I heard
I played the Beta before my hard drive got too terminal for me to actually play it anymore. What I played was almost nothing like the original Starcraft outside pylons, zerglings, marines and zealots. Everything above first tier foot soldiers has been tweaked, changed around, added on to, removed and replaced, or expanded on.

I think the sources you heard that from had some pretty lofty expectations, because I don't know of any RTS games whose factions, units, upgrades and play style change so much to their very cores between sequels.

Now I won't go ahead and say it's worth $70.00 and an immediate pickup or anything. My younger brother whipped through the Terran campaign in two nights. There's also a very terminal flaw in the game code currently that breaks the bottleneck off of your nVidia graphics card if it's of certain models, so they'll actually melt or burn out after trying to process the BOOTIFUL BOOTIFUL loading screen...
However, it's worth picking up and playing and it is definitely a successor to the classic in all aspects relevant and possible for a successor to be.

Blizzard got awful greedy this time around and decided to charge players interested in the story modes three times to see the whole story. So. Enjoy the wait until 2011 for the Zerg story mode expansion, and the expensive price tag. But you can play on as any faction.

Well after playing the beta, watching the review, and comprehending all this new game brings us I can easily say I'll buy

>Only the Terran Campaign, the other 2 are coming out over the next 3 years

... The big patched with extras boxset they're bound to put out afterward for a way reduced price.

File: 128058539325.jpg-(31.67KB, 854x364, SarahKerrigan_SC2_CineShowdown1.jpg)

Course what is rumored now to be the plot line status of the Zerg Campaign doesn't make sense at this point in time

Now it occurs over the course of the gap between the first and second and comes from the QoB storyline as I think would be a good idea then it will work out otherwise...meh.

Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. Especially since I'm to turribel at RTS to ever play online.

File: 128059740391.jpg-(165.80KB, 810x1001, Nova_SCG_10.jpg)
Fuck Blizzard.

  Any good lets plays yet?
Best I found was this...
The other one was in germen.

heh I get nostalgic when I catch the Comp setting up for a old school rush. I mean its been years since I've had the Comp do that.


oh and corner map auxiliary bases..been sooooo long

Fuck Activision.

I want to hunt down and beat up the nerds at blizzard for the Supernova mission.

I see the last mission of Zeratul's mini-campaign as one of my best gaming moments.

Indeed, I know Blizzard is slow sometimes but not another two years slow for the next piece of a three part game

File: 128061952763.jpg-(78.64KB, 780x614, 1280510689332.jpg)


eh its blizzard they'll get around to giving you some more stuff sometime in the next six years of expansions and patches. I mean its great and all but

A.Not really knowing what the next part is going to be about until the time the first part is done...really? I bet they've all been jerking off in Hawaii like last time when they got Starcraft done early and were out for a year or so.
B.Taking two years for an expansion that really is just the next piece of a three part game. work for Activision now so..eventually you will be fired probably right about the time part 3 comes out so sorry in advance.

Haha, yeah, now that you mention it, I wonder if the people doing all the complaining aren't spending more time on multiplayer than single player. Because the levels in single player are awesome. Every one of them seems to use the engine to do a different, fun thing. And while I haven't finished it yet, none of those things have felt gimmicky to me yet, either--they all seem like perfectly natural things to be doing considering the situation.



I'm having tons of fun right now. But I wish they would fix Battlenet 2.0 since games still lag with people dropping all the damn time for no particular reason. Also while finding custom games are easy the inability to name the game something specific like for example "Dota -ap" is just annoying. It prevents map makers from making variations and options to their own maps since people wont know what they're getting into.

Single player was fun but the story sorta annoyed me.

also Dr Narud is Duran

It's nice because you don't have people naming their games Asfgsfsgerw with a map that you don't know what it is, but it makes it annoying trying to hook up with your friends, and honestly this is Blizzards way of stamping out non-published maps.

It says I've only completed 25/26 missions, but I've done them all.

Am I missing something here?


Secret mission during media blitz. Take down a floating station and it drops documents that access a mission called "piercing the void" or something

File: 128072774367.jpg-(1.66MB, 3754x1600, 17321785.jpg)
I wish Starcraft 2 was about Tychus Findlay punching people in the face and smoking inside his space suit. That's the game I want to play.

If anybody wants to be a friendly practice partner that would be cool. I could use one since my overall strategy sorta sucks. I'm better at doing "clever" junk every once and a while but I always forget to do something like fully saturate a new expansion or upgrade my troops or build more unit production facilities.

So if you want to friend me my name is my name in the post

There's this one song from this game that I can't find anywhere. It's one of the songs that plays pretty often during the missions. It goes sort of like:

deeeee dedeledeedadadow


Something like that. Anyone recognize it?

Uhhhh, maybe try looking in the map editor. If you can import custom sounds I'm sure theres a way to export sounds. I remember I could do that with Warcraft 3

File: 128100376737.jpg-(308.52KB, 529x529, FFFFFFFF.jpg)
>All In
>Lose at 96.9%


Oh god this fucking mission!

What difficulty are you on? I'm having great difficulties setting up a proper defense.


Just Normal. I'm doing alright and then Kerirgan puts her boots on and totally reams one side of my defenses, without fail. Followed almost always by some Nydus worms. Jesus fucking christ, this bitch is deadly.

File: 128101757684.png-(53.70KB, 442x439, slowbabby.png)
the multiplayer's single scenario has provided over 10 years of televised spectator sport and entire libraries of in-depth strategy discussion, bios on professional players, gigabytes of replays, an endlessly evolving metagame

the singleplayer scenarios will hold for one or two playthroughs before you get bored

take out air units in the preceding mission
build planetary fortresses and have them pump out scvs to repair themselves
make a swarm of siege tanks with both armory upgrades, put them behind there
have a squad of banshees hotkeyed and use them to kill nydus worms

if you bought the cybercats, make a pack of them and use them to gangbang kerrigan. they do shitloads of damage, like 50 DPS each when triple upgraded

Never underestimate the staying power of the joining of boredom and human perseverance.

See: Left 4 Dead.

Kill the worms in the mission beforehand. Upgrade vikings for splash damage.

Spam vikings and bunkers with a ton of siege tanks. Fully upgraded tank mercs will do 200 direct damage. Dont place them directly behind your bunkers because kerrigan will just kill them. Place them a good distance away and keep several SCVs behind the bunkers for repairing.

When they drop crap into your base i had the Battle Cruiser merc on patrol to kill any zerglings. Also the self healing buildings greatly helped.

Also spam missile turrets. Terran have GREAT anti-air with the splash vikings.

I beat it on hard with no difficulty whatsoever. I'll try brutal to see what its like

You forgot custom games which kept War3 and even SC1 around for AAAAAAGES afterwords. Custom maps from War3 ended up getting remade into actual commercial releases like Heroes of Newerth and every tower defense ever made ever

I just won my first online game of Starcraft ever!

Whittled down the enemy forces as they attacked me, and then eventually boxed him into his own bases with photon cannons and a continuous stream of stalkers being ported in to defend them.Once I got 6 void rays, I sent them in with the stalkers to finish him off.

They have russian hobo slaves in 2?

File: 128109807417.jpg-(67.68KB, 616x600, Stalker_SC2_Cncpt1.jpg)
I didn't know Russian hobos looked like giant alien tripods.

Yes I got the joke don't worry.

Life in the zone does strange things to a man...

Alt titles
Starcraft II: Tides of vengeance (just about everyone is doing what they are in the name of revenge.)

Approaching the end again and I'm still getting this really annoyed feeling. I think that no matter how good an RTS is that it still feels like I'm in a really small box looking out at the rest of the world. I mean I got "choices" but really what are they I get to talk to people but I still don't feel like I know them or really connect with them.

The script could have used another couple of passes by an editor. It's not BAD (mostly) just...sloppy.


its been...since '95 that RTS has hit the big time and they still feel small as fucking all good night. 26 missions woop..nice but Christ on a cracker were most those maps small or maybe it was just the camera. Lotta stuff just climbs in my head and his feels... wrong or out of place..woop QoS is supposed to be a menace but I spend most the game shitting around with the Dominion barely accomplishing jack shit!!!! cuts off and we go on a bug hunt okay...the little mini campaign kinda explained fuck why anything happening on a larger scale but I still feel lost. If this RTS followed his further actions through the next to in countering Armageddon or whatever then I could have something..but now we are going on to other characters in other time frames leaving this to be..something. This really needed something more for it to really stick with me.




Maps had no real feeling of size or depth to them (again might just be that damn camera). Either he should have had two campaigns (unite and then bug hunting) or they should have just worked the storyline better since I've got no feelings for anyone at the moment having not played the first game again in about 8 years. Bad guys all seemed to lack the charisma or menace to actually make me give a damn. Just a lot of things that while little in scope keep it from forming into a memorable experience for myself.


OK, that's more coherent. Still not sure what it has to do with my comment that the script could have used some more massaging, though.

I gotta agree with you there. Although the campaign was entertaining it lacked the personality the original had. It also didn't flow very well. Blizzard made it seem as though selecting missions and completeing them meant leaving others out. Like save the colony or get more money doing something else? If you chose one the other one wont be available since they cant just sit around for days waiting for you to finish whatever you were doing first.

Also it wasn't written as well. It all fit (sorta) but it wasn't spectacular or amazing as I've come to expect from Blizzard games.

That said I have to say the engine and pathfinding for units is absolutely amazing. I've played sooooo many RTS games where large numbers of units simply cant move with other units like the first Dawn of War or Command and Conquer 3 where your units just smush on top of eachother to fit through a small space.

Seeing 50 zerglings just flow past a small 1x1 square from a misplaced supply depot never gets old. Its like the units are covered in butter and just slide around all day.


They seem to have made a thing about the Doctor and the Old Buddy being some moral compasses for him. But really the only moral choice here is just about what resource you'll collect with little impact otherwise. No real choices really unless anyone knows otherwise.

File: 128120209889.jpg-(24.67KB, 276x276, i-dont-think-so.jpg)

>Moral Compass

If by 'moral' you mean 'hookers, booze, and violence', sure.


Well the Devil and Angel thing with Tychus (Devil) and the Doctor (Angel) But...WTF? As it really made no sense what so ever.

I got a free copy because a friend of mine bought it, and his computer wasn't manly enough to run it.

I have to say, I was not impressed. This is coming from someone who was looking forward to this game.
It felt like the exact same game, with different graphics. Sure slightly new units. And the old ones were tweaked, but nothing made it feel new.


I like story in my games and the deeper the better and this I just didn't feel a connection. Hey there is this new guy.....and he doesn't really do much Hey command units..that rarely ever step outside the ship. The missions that actually let me feel something were few and far between "Hey we just overcame a massive block in our war with the Dominion..lets go fight bugs now instead of pressing the advantage that everyone has been so damn eager for and chomping at the bit at for half the game. I just blasted through some tough hell places and it still doesn't feel like anything actually happens. Blizzard, you always been top notch at building the world but for fucks sake get someone else to write and implement your scripts. I mean its just like some novels I've read the world is there its just the storyteller fucking sucks. Best Comparison to Novel would be Lord of the Isles the setting checks out but the characters lack any sort of driving passion or reason for me to give a shit about what they are doing.. it just happens and they just go along with it because that is what says needs to be done on their damned Character Card.

File: 128130316176.jpg-(98.49KB, 800x500, sc2_research.jpg)
Alright guys, the time has come for me to make Brutal difficulty my bitch.

However, I'm at a loss as far as research/tech goes. What would you guys recommend?

Zerg tree: Skip the Perdition turret. The Predator is not good at all (neither is the shuttle ship, but it's a little better). I think regenerating vehicles/ships is better than the alternative. The last two buildings at the top are both so-so - I picked the disruptor that slows them because it works passively.

Protoss: Select "Weapon upgrades boosts fire rate". Science vessel is better than the Raven. Beyond that I am as torn as you are.

Zerg Tree:
-Shrike Turret
-Regenerative Biosteel
-Psi Disruptor

-Ultra capacitor
-Automated refineries
-Science Vessel
-Tech Reactor

How the fuck do you counter void rays as Zerg?


Mutas and Hydras. Not letting VRs amass is also good since that makes Corruptors viable (Corruption makes Hydras and Mutas deadly).

Add some extra queens and make sure everything is covered in creep. Tech as fast as you can to hydras and mutas.

Remember 1 void ray can kill 1 queen. You must keep a queen advantage and use the abilities like transfusion to your advantage.

With your extra queens you can spread even more creep and use the queens with transfuse on your army as you attack and defend and stuff.

Also you can transfuse buildings

The problem is me and my friend like to have macro matches. Ten minute no rush, no scout. He's Protoss, I'm Zerg. He always macro's Void Rays. I've macro'd the three you suggest already, and nothing.

Make a bajillion mutas and hydras.

Void rays are not meant to handle masses of units.

I dont see how you can mess that up

So, let's say your opponent is massing Hydralisks, and you're protoss. What's the best counter? I went with Stalkers and they got the job done, but I don't know if that was just because he was a dumbass who was overly in love with his static D or what.

Interesting ideas about how the 2nd part will come together from /co/. Primary being that Kerrigan will be RPG rebuilding her stats but the question is where and how. I'd think it would be interesting for her to be part of the Hyperion crew while we embark on the Zerg missions since this is all building to an endgame where all forces are going to have to be a united front.

File: 128139571476.gif-(16.33KB, 650x450, OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.gif)
>attempting "Engine of Destruction" on Brutal

Yeah, stalkers. Also throw in an observer too when you get a robotics facility, in case they decide to burrow.

Always convert your gateways into warp gates too. It significantly reduced the cool down for all units, and has the added bonus of being able to place your units anywhere in your pylons area of influence.


>Always convert your gateways into warp gates too.

Haha yeah. My standard strategy is to go four Gateways -> Warp Gates, and build a Pylon somewhere near their base - not right beside it, but close enough to be useful as a staging area.

I just lost a match and it was so much fun I didn't even care!

My mistake was switching to Pheonixes to try and counter Void Rays. Turns out Pheonixes get chewed up really hard by Void Rays! I should have stuck with Stalkers like my first impulse was. Oh well.

I out-resourced him like crazy, but lost because I got nervous and jumped tracks into Pheonixes instead of keeping the pressure up with Stalkers.

Normally massed Hydras will completely obliterate stalkers. Hydras have vastly superior DPS, smaller so they can fit more units into the firing area, and are cheaper so he can pump out tons of them rather quickly

I did, and I still lost.


Yeah, that's the feeling I got. I'd have probably been blown if he wasn't a moron who tossed thousands of minerals into dozens of Spike crawlers.

What do you suggest then? Charge zealots? Templar? Archons?

I want to see a replay of what you're doing because there is no way you can lose unless you're doing something horribly wrong.

Templar or Collossus. Either one works great vs massed infantry.

This also works vs Terran infantry. But be careful because a Collossus NEEDS his range upgrade before attacking and its still a large target that can be relatively easy to kill despite its large amount of hp. Also get the mana upgrade for Templars so they can use psystorm instantly after being built or warped in.

So if an expansion is under attack and you should have a pylon there you can warp in a high templar and throw out a psystorm to severely punish anyone attacking it.

Also remember to prevent the creep from spreading since hydralisks are pretty slow without it and extremely fast with it


I'll probably go for Colossus if it happens again. I'm complete shit at using Templar and other attack-free casters.



OH!...I'm Fireflying....weeeee. Really hope they keep up the western theme somehow and don't switch to something else for each part.


I can't see it being appropriate for the Protoss campaign.


Guess it depends on how its told and how the Zerg bit travels. I could see this working through a possibly Native American esque type of thing..but then what are the Zerg? I know we've got separate cultures but they are now inhabiting a pseudo Civil War/Western setting...AH! Zergs are slaves maybe....hmmmm?



I can see the western theme being kept for the Zerg campaign because Kerrigan will presumably be travelling with Raynor in her quest to retake control of the Swarm.

And here I was worried that blizzard were gonna make the soundtrack generic-epic-orchestrated. This is wonderfull!
Brb, finding soundtrack torrent.


It's on iTunes.

You know. If you want to pay for it.

I'll consider it once I gain the ability to pay for things online. I think Blizzards economy will be holding up until then.

You can export all the music files using the map editor


Maybe Third will shift into some Unified Front Alliance deal or something I don't know and really its all just speculation till we get more information next year before its release in 2012

Sounds like some Blue Man Group in there.

Just spent the past couple of days of play learning how to properly rush.

Using photon rushes as Protoss, classing zergling rush as Zerg, and the interesting barracks rush as Terran.

So far the photon cannon rush as Protoss has treated me best.

Oh my god I just played an unbelievable match. It was an hour and seventeen minutes long, me as Protoss and him as Terran. After a bunch of initial back-and-forth, I wiped his main, and he retreated to an island expansion (I had no air at this point). He just sat at the island, sending out flights of vikings and banshees to harass me, but I had him trapped: he would run out of money eventually.

He did manage to sneak out an expansion without me noticing, and started rolling in Marines, Marauders and Medivacs (which I repelled, but not without losing my gold expansion twice). After the second wave I started getting suspicious - no way could be bankroll all this on one base. I poked some observers around, and lo and behold there it was. I ran a pair of carriers up with Stalker support, and took it out, and that was it. When I saw that GG I literally whooped with excitement, I can't remember the last time I felt that awesome.

God, I want this game so bad.

I'm so afraid though of purchasing it, and then finding out my laptop can't play it.

Have you tried this?

The requirements for the game is about the same for Mass Effect 2 in my experience. Right now I'm holding off playing multiplayer battles because a big one in singleplayer causes my computer to chug up.

For some reason, nothing happens when I try to use that site. I turned off my pop up blocker and everything, but it just sits there.

>Same as Mass Effect 2
WHAT. Are Real Time Strategy games not just isometric maps with little figures running around on them anymore or something?

Dude, really? They're all 3D now. You can't always do full rotations though. Starcraft 2 has that same angle but you can rotate about 45° both sides.

The most recent one I've played is Age of Mythology, I'm out of touch.

Well okay there's the Battalion Wars games, but they don't really count.

Are you using Firefox? Try using IETab or Internet Explorer. Firefox gives it issues.

According to this, my laptop can run Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Fallout 3, and Mass Effect.

...Where the hell did I find this thing?

File: 128248122696.jpg-(118.66KB, 1280x720, elegant and excellent.jpg)
>watching dimaga absolutely melt huge formations of marines with fungal growth and banelings

Fuuuuck I love watching ProCraft.

File: 128248625812.png-(69.64KB, 595x196, eh.png)

>The finals

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