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File 135177216868.jpg - (113.05KB , 692x1153 , Cronus -- Bard of Hope.jpg )
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God tier thread; where we only post pictures of various homestuck characters in got tier outfits.
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>> No. 70000
Gamzee and Tavros create the best pair of Godtiers.
Boners and butts.
Nuff said.
>> No. 70023
File 135403332535.png - (388.69KB , 408x455 , whatisthis.png )
>Boners and butts.
>> No. 73673
File 140117358671.png - (1.21MB , 1189x1050 , equius god tier.png )

File 135397606224.jpg - (20.75KB , 240x358 , Seer of Void.jpg )
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What is the worst Class/Aspect combo?
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>> No. 70362
What about a Prince of Blood.
If they end up going with the "destroys relationships/unity" rather than the "destroys via relationships/unity", well, have a nice session.
>> No. 70365
File 135468352259.jpg - (436.60KB , 1920x1080 , Handsome Jack.jpg )
You know, the same combo was brought up in the character title thread for this bastard. For both reasons.
>> No. 73672
Heir of Void

File 138068993620.jpg - (338.05KB , 1000x1610 , vriska_meenah_thatcolourfulworld.jpg )
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About time we had a new one of these.
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>> No. 73524
File 139021132341.png - (172.71KB , 500x483 , I SHIP IT.png )
>> No. 73573
File 139261757685.png - (813.50KB , 901x668 , Equius aradia maid.png )
This ship is best when Aradia is a drunken asshole kissmesis
>> No. 73670
File 140117325473.png - (555.14KB , 570x860 , strongmadkiss.png )
I don't know why I like it but I do

File 130816180581.png - (41.85KB , 314x314 , sburb.png )
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Old Thread:

Heroes of Breath get a special ability called "The Breath of Life" that revives the dead. Not a dreamself or a God Tier resurrection, but it actually brings the dead body that the living player kisses back to life. It's not a passive ability, though, so if a Hero of Breath just kisses a dead/dying teammate without turning on their magically Breath powers, it'll result in a normal dreamself resurrection.
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>> No. 73579
Not all underlings get all prototypes. But even if they did, in one of the walkaround flashes you can fight a Uranium imp. It teleports and is really tough, but it's killable.

My take is that either they have a limit on how much they can call on his powers, or they're just not as experienced at using his powers as Bec himself is.

Or in video game terms, it could be that they essentially got the OP First Guardian Job Class, but they're still only Level 1 monsters. Jack Noir on the other hand is an endgame boss given that same job class.
>> No. 73610
if the Lord of Time is "Already Here" would the Muse of Space be "Everywhere"? It would mean that the Alt timeline Caliope that beat her brother was Paradox Space itself. and in turn mean that LE is STILL just trying to kill his sister (operating under the assumption that Caliborn is LE)
>> No. 73669
So..who thinks the troll race will go extinct?

File 130897494675.png - (490.45KB , 1104x1981 , 1308974272404.png )
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>>16591 is autosaging.
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>> No. 73586
i dont have my glasses on. is gamzee eating his pants...
>> No. 73587
He's starting to eat sopor slime while waiting for his dad who won't come back
>> No. 73668
File 140117291597.png - (948.00KB , 1280x1039 , Darkleer signless.png )

File 135403993861.png - (212.44KB , 500x520 , dave.png )
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i just want to be happy again ok
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>> No. 73570
File 139157257826.png - (145.67KB , 283x700 , proper gentletrolls duel.png )
>> No. 73634
>can't read the shitty signature to go find more comics by this person

Fuck what's the point of a urlsignature then
>> No. 73667
File 140117283956.png - (689.11KB , 500x3205 , Ancestors spongebob2.png )

File 138611961768.gif - (141.47KB , 500x400 , equius strong toss.gif )
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I order you to post pictures of the b100b100d
Either partaking in normal upper-class affairs
Or perhaps taking part in more 100d activities, like a feelings jam
I need a towel
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>> No. 73637
File 140022366815.png - (328.49KB , 668x800 , equius rumblespheres.png )
>> No. 73638
File 140022371333.jpg - (546.11KB , 866x1920 , equius pesterlog.jpg )
>> No. 73666
File 140117272425.png - (103.18KB , 500x541 , equius and butler.png )

File 131825652180.png - (9.80KB , 400x400 , daveeyes.png )
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good fun for everyone
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>> No. 66635
i'm not sure you know what a privilege is
they're interpersonal, not intrapersonal

also most fictionkin aren't crazy, they're just roleplayers who forgot to step back and remember they're not special
>> No. 66636
in my experience they seem more like kids in shitty situations and who have absolutely terrible coping skills (since they've never been taught better) who retreat into fandoms and try to live there. it's a mentally unhealthy habit, and if you read the blogs you see descriptions of thought patterns that are perfectly synced with symptoms of mental disorders, yet they insist they're perfectly sane.

there's nothing wrong with laughing at some of the more absurd situations when they don't seem so dire, but out and out contempt for these people is just destructive
>> No. 66653
I remember this phenomena. It's best to just smile and nod.

File 13003839688.jpg - (16.12KB , 480x360 , barkley.jpg )
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>>152 was beginning to autosage. I think, to start things off, Arisen Anew: http://youtube.com/watch?v=htNSJ8GTHGI. 2:44. Is that the My Little Pony theme???
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>> No. 68894
File 134896082868.png - (1.06MB , 1083x826 , preview10.png )
not entirely sure if anyone still gives a damn about these, but im gonna keep trucking on regardless. fan music parts 15 +16, now with album art



all the music:

all the art:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 68896
Hey, I like what you're doing please don't give it up ;_;
>> No. 69550
File 135217028763.jpg - (129.65KB , 448x473 , bro_fun_allowed.jpg )

File 133588408982.gif - (197.89KB , 640x400 , avacute.gif )
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DID U KNOW: Superego is a really good forum adventure that had its first anniversary today and you should read it.

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>> No. 72296
aaahh...I just checked up on this thread in a long while. I thought it died. thank you, anon! life's been busy for me and it's been hard for me to update due to various stress factors, but thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I want to get to the end of chapter 3, then I'll take an extended hiatus to gather my bearings and have a break.
>> No. 72344
Hey Jovian, keep up the good work, man. Don't stress to much and burn out. Burning out is the number 1 leading cause of a web comic's death. Take it slow and easy. I've enjoyed it so far and I don't mind waiting.

Hope everything in your life turns well.
>> No. 73214
Are there any other good stories like this going on?

File 135452632377.gif - (23.53KB , 217x380 , tumblr_ln5rx1qs6D1qcpw0vo1_250.gif )
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For some reason Persona-stuck pics got really popular on /r/hometsuck
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>> No. 71823
Love it.

Love everything about it.
>> No. 71829
In retrospect Dirk would have made a more appropriate tin man, but still that is fantastic.
>> No. 71831
File 136401061235.png - (90.51KB , 500x314 , 1306173094086.png )
Fantastic, ain't they? I think they are also kinda old pics, but I had just got around to saving them.

File 132598489147.png - (31.29KB , 1920x1080 , 1299341743755.png )
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How about we get a wallpaper thread going on here?

I'll post what I have
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>> No. 73311
File 138614766422.png - (829.85KB , 1680x1050 , 1314743893483.png )
Soooo much thread necromancy.
>> No. 73312
File 138614780881.jpg - (449.30KB , 1920x1080 , 1297381167181.jpg )
So little time.
>> No. 73580
Can anyone repost that one ?

File 134968635216.jpg - (423.51KB , 850x850 , 1343300000656.jpg )
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Okay our last thread is autosaging, imme a moment and I'll link it.

In the mean time, Mage of Mind has basically pointed out that our system, being put together by 3 people, has 3 sets of game mechanics that work on their own, but the core game is a complete clusterfuck.

To that end he's redesigning the core of the game system to work better, part of what he's added is "Spin Points"

Spin points are gained by succeeding your rolls by a certain amount and can be used to get phatter lewt, easier successes or other stuff.

Thoughts on the matter my fellow RPG Builders?

I like it personally.

Also I think adding in a 5th stat, Title, and tying it into your Mythos abilities sounds like an excellent idea, we could just totally dispense with echeladder rank stuff and tie abilities into that stat and fluff it as a ratio of a person's attunment with their mythological game role.
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>> No. 70849
That's a poor argument. SBURB wasn't released at all in Alternia. Sollux engineered it himself from junk he found in a ruin or whatever and only the twelve of them had access to it.
>> No. 70851
Also, the genesis frog apparently holds more universes than the "main ones", instead holding all potential iterations of it. So there could be other alternate earths with other people who get into the game. MAYBE EVEN THE ONE YOU'RE IN NOW.
>> No. 73572
Well, as long as this thread's already necro'ed...

...personally, I think Fate Core can effectively recreate SBURB with fairly minimal hacking. Give players an extra, free aspect in the form of their Mythological Role or you can just let it replace their High Concept (which they may or may not know from the start, depending whether you're assigning them yourself or they get to choose them). I prefer making it an extra, free aspect. Give them a unique Aspect and maybe a Class skill that they can use to perform things related to their Class or their Aspect (you could possibly combine these two into just a Role skill, if you like). No strict lists of things that classes or aspects can do--let the player make the case for why what they're doing is related to their class or their aspect, and then the GM can agree or disagree as a judgement call. This fits the nature of Homestuck better anyway--Classes and Aspects are as much about the narrative role as they are about the video game-style abilities, if not MORE about the narrative role, so even if they want to say something like "Since I'm defending a friend, I can use my Class skill in place of my Strife for defense!"

Fetch Modii would just be aspects that can be compelled when it would be funny or dramatic to do so, and ignored when they wouldn't be either, that way they don't slow down playtime with unnecessary skill checks or bookkeeping. They could even self-compel if they like and the GM agrees that it's sufficiently problematic to justify the Fate Point.

You could probably pretty safely just combine "Shoot" and "Fight" into a single "Strife" skill since the kind abstratus system would mean that most players would only have access to one, or at least a limited number of weapons anyway. You could even let players attempt to use weapons they don't have allocated, and just say they can't add their Strife skill to unallocated weapons, nor store the weapons in their Strife Decks or something.

With Alchemy there are several options for how to do it, but the easiest way would probably just be to give items Aspects when you pick
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 134247268055.jpg - (143.88KB , 550x445 , tumblr_m6xa6hG9F01qj51l4o1 by tubbsen.jpg )
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New fan art general.

Previous thread: >>57902
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>> No. 73500
Can I get a source? This is adorable.
>> No. 73510
>> No. 73544

File 132579768666.png - (14.91KB , 505x437 , slowbro.png )
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Last thread >>48678

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>> No. 72526
the slowest poke
>> No. 73063
it took me a really long time to notice that team charge was called team charge because it has a ram and a bull in it
>> No. 73068
File 138067639954.jpg - (108.31KB , 875x652 , eh.jpg )
... Well crap.

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