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File 128588741266.gif - (93.17KB , 650x450 , ps665.gif )
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Can we get a Problem Sleuth thread going in here
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>> No. 61689
File 132938272434.png - (189.46KB , 1100x508 , select_player_by_selanpike-d4hffpi.png )
>> No. 63214
File 133191085258.png - (696.07KB , 1280x1455 , tumblr_lzjeqfww0n1qeecs6.png )
>> No. 64849
File 133538918920.png - (37.93KB , 714x508 , Ace_Dick babies crossover Pickle_Inspector Problem.png )

File 131006958941.png - (10.51KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lf6g6mz8BP1qfbtsto1_500.png )
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Show me your genderbends! Looking mainly for Vriska stuff but it can really be anything.
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>> No. 64006
File 133349092685.png - (227.89KB , 583x900 , Karkat_Vantas rule63 shipping Terezi_Pyrope.png )
>> No. 64037
File 133362506120.png - (383.12KB , 600x750 , tumblr_m1vdhutuaU1qf17ga.png )
>> No. 64790
File 133524484547.png - (484.93KB , 771x1061 , jess_english_by_maraphy.png )

File 133523258510.png - (1.27MB , 900x618 , it__s_a_showdown_by_kitkaloid-d4mviv1.png )
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Good villains kill heroes; badass villains kill their story's author.
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>> No. 64774
File 133523712274.png - (495.11KB , 600x1200 , 1320284880208.png )
>> No. 64775


>> No. 64776

I meant pesterlogs or the like.

Hell, even Doc Scratch descends to the level of IM logs in his villainy.

File 133457165933.png - (35.15KB , 650x450 , gamzee.png )
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Previously on HSG: >>63478

Nice to hear some Ruins (with Strings!) make it into a flash. And then there's this douchebag, who stole Aradia's timeboxes. That bastard!
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>> No. 64690

Oh, I got this one. For the long explanation, see:


If you're one of those "tl;dr" guys, then long story short is I think Her Imperial Condescension has been on B2 Earth for quite some time to help set up her eventual hostile take over. After all, from the Medium she can arrive on Earth at any point in history. When you're as close to immortal as normal organic beings can be, why not give yourself all the time in the world to soften the populace before bringing in your flagship and an army of drones? Pretty sure that's all that came in on Jane's meteor.
>> No. 64693
As someone who only reads this comic months apart I developed a appeciation for the autistic freakouts the fanbase has.

Its like watching a bipolar person haveing an argument with a mirror.

Ludicrously funny and very sad.
>> No. 65141
File 133628184247.jpg - (402.57KB , 639x1546 , homosuxexplained.jpg )
I couldn't help but notice how The Baroness takeover reminded me of a video game I lasted played. JUST SAYING. The game is "Strider" for you slow twits.

File 132566082756.gif - (421.18KB , 470x467 , tumblr_lx6pz9tMmh1qhncn1o1_500.gif )
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Baby I don't wanna lose that loving feeling~

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>> No. 64658
File 133497924657.jpg - (198.12KB , 605x547 , tumblr_m2t1jnSYum1qkndx7o1_1280.jpg )
this pairing produces the cutest pictures
>> No. 64707
File 133513637910.jpg - (306.82KB , 768x1024 , tumblr_lpfr5ipVc01qbgc92o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 65890
Bump test

File 13121770651.jpg - (72.11KB , 500x698 , tumblr_lp8hesgZbg1qeljgoo1_500_png.jpg )
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thats the last of my pictures from ota and heralds the birth of a new thread
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>> No. 64302
If we can't see the top of your head asking us to judge your hair for its John-ness is a little pointless?
>> No. 64358

i couldn't get a good picture with my phone
i'll try again later
>> No. 64368
The purple lipstick looks considerably better than the black did.
That's almost universally true as far as lipstick goes, dunno why more people don't use purple. v0v

File 133435113185.png - (106.89KB , 876x577 , 99eb74821e3afca71bafc2666c11df47.png )
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i havent forgotten you
and even if i get the grumps and suck at modding and basically am king butthole of the butts
its been a lovely 3 years
thanks for sticking around you lot
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>> No. 64218
d'aw look how excited she is
she's . . . painfully excited
like - not quite to the point of going cross-eyed from focusing so hard, but apparently really goddamn invested in something here
>> No. 64221
but excited enough to shit herself on that immaculately fine pillow?
>> No. 64270
"awww yeah gonna wreck some houses"

File 131639183722.png - (118.85KB , 500x438 , sw.png )
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This is a thread where we love the harder-to-cosplay characters of Homestuck! No humans, trolls, dersites or prospitarians unless they are accompanied by a fully paying non-humanoid!
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>> No. 64131
File 133433099279.png - (561.04KB , 569x707 , casey_by_linda_n-d4vp5o8.png )
>> No. 64200
File 13344528022.jpg - (1.66MB , 1200x900 , tumblr_m2hey7ADsq1qeynkjo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 64201
File 133445402317.png - (194.10KB , 500x500 , 1334032614310.png )
it's d'awww time

File 13323865304.gif - (119.59KB , 650x450 , my new OC.gif )
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Last thread: >>62956

So John's pretty most of the remaining ships in the harbor by pointing out the simple truth of the situation. Prepare for incoming fan-rage.
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>> No. 64195
The realself's gotta die. There has to be something to finally make each distinctly separate. Could go places with the idea if this were the case. Much better than the personality disorder one.
>> No. 64212
Man, I hope all the Land-of introductions are like this.

Homestuck: a sequel to Myst
>> No. 64283
What, the FUU___________________________________________________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!___________!!!!!!!!!____________!!!!!!!!!_________!!!!!!!!!!!!w,ksyohw,ksoghip,

File 131957848781.jpg - (202.37KB , 700x700 , we_walkies_by_021-d3raoqd.jpg )
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>> No. 64104
File 133419295556.png - (255.91KB , 573x765 , wv_pen_o4.png )
>> No. 64105
File 133419311023.png - (142.15KB , 400x267 , exiles_captchalogue_o1.png )
>> No. 64106
File 133419324119.png - (101.42KB , 500x363 , exiles_pleg_o1.png )

File 133333087298.gif - (200.66KB , 352x401 , 1304550328068.gif )
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Good night sweet prince.
the best character of Homestuck died today.
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>> No. 63964
Or Barty Anderson.
>> No. 63968
File 133342622868.png - (24.55KB , 953x331 , _tmp.png )
>> No. 63974
That can't be canon Vriska is thinner than the whale

File 131700155641.jpg - (217.34KB , 1280x1024 , MacMSPANotifier.jpg )
51256 No. 51256 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Creator of the MSPANotifier here.

Do any of you Homestuck fans care if I continue to work on a Mac/Linux version or add more features to the MSPANotifier? I know I've said it's a long time coming, but it's really close to a release now.

I've been told that there is a Homestuck hiatus, making the notifier virtually useless. I'm just trying to figure out if there's a point in continuing this thing or if I should just move on and prefect some other projects I've also been working on.

Link to Mac/Linux trial beta: http://www.mediafire.com/?i11wa2vh248qsil
GTK# runtimes:
Windows: http://download.mono-project.com/gtk-sharp/gtk-sharp-2.12.10.win32.msi
Mac: http://download.mono-project.com/archive/2.10.5/macos-10-x86/0/MonoFramework-MRE-2.10.5_0.macos10.xa
Linux: Select your version here: http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html

Feel free to give this a test run to see if you like it. Right now it will just Fake Check, and it can run a timer of macros at 1 second each.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 62123
lmao r u serious

all im saying is that having to run terminal, throw in a bunch of commands and keep it open just to have the updater program run is ridic. ima just keep usin the old mspacheck
>> No. 62586
File 13305938337.gif - (3.33KB , 200x170 , uu01d.gif )
>> No. 63967
well shit, I'm not good with computer.
I installed the windows version correctly, but how do I change the image that pops up? When I try to find the folder that is supposed to be in Programs (x86) it isn't there.

File 133321210361.gif - (492.89KB , 500x276 , qnD7p.gif )
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He'll surely reopen his ask box at some point. Maybe this time we can be prepared, and agree on some good questions to ask when the occasion arises.

Pic not related [spoiler]....probably.[/spoiler]

Here, I'll start: Where the hell is your magic mecha mansion? Is it Earth? The Humanimal planet? Your own Sburb world?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 63836
For the mansion I think it is just one of those things where there is no real answer, and any answer he gives will just be disappointing (unless the answer is that he lives in the flaming horse vs. football player picture).

I really want to know this one though, please spam it.

I think player class might inform Prospit/Derse allegiance in the same way that gender informs player class--some people will always be on one or the other due to their aspect (Heart may always be Derse for example, and Breath always Prospit), while some flip flop between moons depending on the class (like Light). It might be neat to hear him talk about the mechanics of it.
>> No. 63837
I think that Grandpa Harley was in touch with his nephew until he was brought into the incipisphere. I think a better question to ask is:

Is self-insert Hussie the one who won that trip to Mars on post-scratch Earth?
>> No. 63838
I think this is one of those things, like kind abstratus or prototypes, that's determined by the mythos of the individual player, with Space players being the exception to the rule (insofar as Space players have several constants that most aspects don't).

File 133248251887.png - (29.31KB , 552x232 , tumblr_m1aae4absK1qbp5ero1_1280.png )
63548 No. 63548 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
oh shit guys! The pimp... is in the CRIB!

I tried finding it myself on twitter but it wasn't there. Did he delete it or is it somewhere else?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 63557
Damn shame, really. Could actually be a sign of things to come. Might be enough to get his attention.
Still, whodunit? Who's the shopmaster?
>> No. 63597
Hell for a minute there I was imagining what it would be like if it was real...
>> No. 63614
my sister was thinking that if this were real, we'd be converting Nic Cage and Liv Taylor next

File 133231105588.png - (54.24KB , 1124x889 , _tmp.png )
63454 No. 63454 hide quickreply [Reply]
Old Thread: >>57902
>> No. 63458
Dude, uh, just letting you know, the old Art Dump thread is nowhere near autosage. Around here that's 300 posts.

I propose we just let this sink until the old one is full and then raise this one up again. Like a submarine.
>> No. 63459
Maybe the mods could delete it?
>> No. 63462

...boy do I feel dumb.

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