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File 135908259026.gif - (58.67KB , 650x300 , fuck everything.gif )
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So it seems the Lollipop Guild here have set up Zillyweapons for all the beta kids, though they are one rifle short. Could the weapons be the key to stomping LE rather than Trickster Mode itself?
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>> No. 71845
Two Rings to Rule them all.

Or at least make them invisible and bring someone back from the dead.
>> No. 71846
who wants to bet one of those rings gets destroyed
>> No. 71847
Literally laughed when I realized where Vriska was going. Nicely done, Andrew. You've managed to screw everyone over again.

File 134723011183.jpg - (147.75KB , 500x500 , midnightcrew.jpg )
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old thread >>1757

jack and the queen:
Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jac…youtube thumb
>> No. 71654
Dang it, Condy.

The Comas -=- "The Last Transmission"youtube thumb

File 135759799458.jpg - (135.76KB , 700x561 , wizardy_herbert_illustration.jpg )
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So, who else has gotten a chance to look at Hussie's old unfinished novel about majyyks?

I gotta say, there's some DAMN weird stuff in that thing. The version we saw Roxy writing in the comic isn't actually all that different from the tone of the actual novel. Although nothing that happens in the Roxy version of wizardy herbert ever happened in the original.
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>> No. 71322
Okay seriously just what.
>> No. 71348
File 135885231873.png - (19.42KB , 286x286 , herbert-cover.png )

Whoa, that's me! I didn't think the WH audiobook was in terribly great demand so I've been working on other projects instead. I also just got a whole bunch of fun books to read (including Whistles!) that are taking priority over Herbert at the moment so I haven't read any further than the parts I voiced.
>> No. 71601
The ending of Part 2 is beautiful

File 134732897840.png - (660.06KB , 600x888 , Katiafanart.png )
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Any love for Prequel here?

If not; now's a great time to start. Certainly one of the better MSPaint comics out there in my opinion:
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>> No. 71388
Oh of course, Vaermina is causing the nightmares.
>> No. 71469
Fuck you all. I've never seen Prequel before, and I had to spend my whole afternoon archive diving. Fuck you for getting me hooked on something so awesome.
>> No. 71551
Things bode poorly for Sworddog.

File 135757797551.png - (16.89KB , 542x245 , ___.png )
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>> No. 71361
That's a damn shame. I wrote some very rough outlines for a SBaHJ scene I was thinking about sending them a while back.
>> No. 71367
i was reading through this tumblr and thought that this was that. i got scared when it said it allowed 13 year old actors
>> No. 71372
The best part is, Homestuck cosplay porn wasn't really a thing until Hussie dared the fandom that nobody would have the balls to do it.

File 135746688082.gif - (414.38KB , 650x450 , 05694_2.gif )
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>> No. 71366
Nothing better to do, probably. Or maybe he is full trickster and ironically pretends not to be. We'll have to see if he turns back to normal only to start talking in rainbow text.
>> No. 71378
>My question is: will the tricksters die on quest beds?

Since their planets id them as the nobles, and the beta kids as gods, probably not and the plan to go god tier was a fakeout?

File 135291859129.jpg - (270.58KB , 1111x1920 , Jane Crocker.jpg )
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>not having a Jane Crocker thread
get it together /mspa/
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>> No. 70011
because that's aranea's job.
>> No. 70015
Wait a second. Aranea has red mary janes, basically ruby slippers.

Aranea is troll Dorothy Gale and the dream bubbles of Meenahquest are all an elaborate dream scheme.

>> No. 71043
File 135770617034.png - (1.30MB , 500x3000 , 29a648b2def418ffc8c6e779f90caaec.png )

File 135435671317.jpg - (105.35KB , 650x650 , image.jpg )
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3833 < many happy r33fturns!!!
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>> No. 70975
i love you condesce
>> No. 70977
Oh my god YES

Best trollcestor
>> No. 70978
its like
every time she does or says something i think its awesome
because lets face it thats fact who doesnt love the condesce
but then i remember shes thousands of years old and personally killed millions and gleefully ruled over a horrible society that travelled the stars in the search for stuff to slaughter
and then i squee a little bit inside

File 135658847714.png - (161.07KB , 800x600 , Waterwhat_zpse6f90f0e.png )
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Still the best fanadventure

File 13550839478.png - (200.01KB , 500x500 , kiddiestuck woo woo.png )
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please don't mind us
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>> No. 70885
as long as you dumblrs don't start harping about your demifluidpanpsychosogender pronouns and bawling about not being called xim I don't give a shit
>> No. 70889
they're just organising a christmas event for an art blog thing

shut the fuck up
>> No. 70890
god shut up

File 135357642053.png - (83.79KB , 650x561 , Tavros Nitram.png )
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I'm just trying to spread my poll.. Who is the best homestuck character: http://goo.gl/0JdD0
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>> No. 70453
But she's so happy and judgmental.
>> No. 70454
Vriska lost one of those 8s ::::(

I'm surprised that while there's enormous love for WV, there's none for PM.
>> No. 70868
To expand on my previous answer, here are my favorite characters in diminishing order of specificity.

Favorite character: Karkat
Favorite kid: Roxy
Favorite pre-scratch kid: Rose
Favorite pre-scratch troll: Meenah
Favorite exile: WV
Favorite villain: Her Imperious Condescension
Favorite sprite: Jaspersprite
Favorite Jack: Spades Slick

File 135447629380.png - (46.07KB , 1280x1280 , 1354469571691.png )
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Stat your fantrolls MSPA!
I wonder if there is one for fan kids? But then again why would anyone make a fankid?
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>> No. 70670
File 135527471132.png - (108.81KB , 1563x760 , NICKSMALLEY.png )
did someone say fankids
watch out professional motherfuckers comin through
>> No. 70671
File 13552747734.png - (31.86KB , 859x653 , pbbbb.png )
did someone say kids ha ha not me
>> No. 70723
Uhm... what am I looking at here?

File 135440497853.gif - (9.15KB , 650x450 , Death and Return of Superman.gif )
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What ARE the rules for reincarnation in the Homestuck universe?

Death seems to have gotten a bit of a short stick, and has quite clearly lost a bit of their bite. But is there a pattern or limitation to who can/can't come back, and why they can/can't?

A bit curious if anyone a bit more educated in the web comic could flesh out any hard established or at least inferred rules about how it's working so far in Hussie's universe.
>> No. 70207
Hard to say, really. I mean, the most powerful form of resurrection we've got available is probably prototyping. Now when Becsprite got prototyped with Jade's dead dreamself, she could remember being in the dream bubbles, and Tavros and Vriska woke up there when their shared sprite underwent spontaneous fission. So that part sounds like the essence or soul of a dead person is stored in the bubbles and can be brought back.
But then there's the strange fact that in all the dream bubbles we've seen, we have not seen one person who was not a SBURB player. This points more in the direction of non-players not going there when they die. And yet, John's Nanna could be revived from her ashes just fine.

Meaning that I, for one, have no idea what happens if you prototype the body of a dead person whose ghost was killed again in the bubbles.

Aside from prototypings, players still have a couple ways to cheat death, of course. They can use their dream- or realself as an extra life and they can go God Tier in one of two ways, either by having a living dreamself and a dead realself on a questbed, or by having their dream- (or last remaining?) self die on a quest slab, with possible additional prerequisites.
Once they are God Tier, they basically get really hard to kill, reviving from anything that would kill them unless their death is a) heroic, b) just, c) by having a universe collapsed on top of them or possibly d) broken on a game mechanical level (i.e. having the clock that symbolizes the revival process destroyed).

Aaaand then there's Kanaya. Who is basically a vampire. Most likely related to her blood color, although Doc Scratch might have had a little something to do with it as well. Probably nothing too important, though, since Porrim did the same thing, pre-Scratch.
>> No. 70250
Now that I think about it, we don't know who the First Guardian of A1 Alternia was do we? I wonder if that will ever come up.

File 135270914534.png - (28.98KB , 712x492 , aaaaAAAAHHHHH.png )
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*fandom explodes*
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>> No. 70180
>since at least half of her is practiced at it.
Uh, Fef was in a relationship, and Nepeta is a rogue of heart plus she did all those shipping walls, so yeah. I think they could both help

Question is now, who is Equius paired up with?
>> No. 70181
He's by himself. Without his moirail he is probably more unstable.
>> No. 70183
we need a new thread
stupid lack of good op pics

File 135293748412.png - (566.48KB , 1600x1200 , Wales_Map_Europe.png )
69714 No. 69714 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What time is it now? It's IMAGINATION TIM---E!!!
Let's imagine if Homestuck chars were living on Earth? Where do they live?
Let me tell you about my vision of... beta-trolls.
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>> No. 69981
... I'm pretty sure the entire story (including the setting and all the characters) is from Britain.
>> No. 69996
I wanted to put Terezi in Western Massacheusette solely because of the 413 area code
>> No. 70057
>WAST SMOOGGLE problem with Eyjafjallajökull

my sides

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