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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 134185951618.png - (52.61KB , 712x491 , i dont give a fuck if this is spoilerz.png )
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Yeah, I have no idea either.
Kn g8 f6
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File 130100089445.gif - (14.80KB , 400x332 , 129987628080.gif )
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can we have a bloodswap thread

less "hey guys rate my AU guys look" and more "check out dese silly edits"
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>> No. 67722
I still can't tell if this is supposed to be a parody or not.
>> No. 67723

>> No. 67724
File 134594992784.png - (4.13KB , 195x241 , karkleshd.png )

shit, i forgot to post an image.

File 13307298736.png - (34.04KB , 1267x680 , 5f27c709079b9865795d761f1b29f13470bacd94.png )
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>> No. 67704
Because their urge to voice how smug they are outweighed their realization of the grand irony behind their actions.
>> No. 67712
>going to die just like every other MSPA-related board that's ever existed.

This place isnt new dude, it's been around for a couple of years...
>> No. 67713

File 133623469896.png - (120.50KB , 609x738 , 7oL7W.png )
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old thread:

Let's theorizing, love!
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>> No. 67685
>I dunno. "In thrall" seems to be a big part of the Maid archetype, and that gets glossed over if you couch it as a creator class.
You just blew my mind. What are the odds we'll see Jane unable to kill herself to be with her loved ones?
>> No. 69788
File 135312808193.png - (104.86KB , 720x791 , tumblr_m95qpxB4ij1r20bzvo1_1280.png )
>> No. 69789

File 134251672410.jpg - (16.21KB , 250x318 , 250px-Illu_breast_anatomy.jpg )
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Female trolls don't even give birth, much less interact with their progeny.
What are they hiding within the sacks of flesh on their chest?
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>> No. 67625
so nepeta spends a lot of time playing her boobs then
>> No. 67626
Thanks guys. This was a nice talk we had.
>> No. 67628
I'm really glad I unhid this thread so I could read this. A+ post

everyone else still gets Fs though

File 134354127191.gif - (371.16KB , 1365x993 , hs.gif )
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Hi, i made a update gif however when I see if it is transparent it still has grey behind it even though I set the file to be transparent, so if anyone can help with this, thanks also if there is a thread for this kind of stuff, sorry I'm lazy and didn't check, I randomly found this site
>> No. 67506
iirc the update notifier recognises #d6daf0 as transparent, so you will have to make the background that colour to get it to appear correctly instead of making it... actually transparent...

i don't know why it is this way but i'm assuming it's so people without graphics programs capable of making transparent images can still make their own.
>> No. 67507
It's actually so HSG reaction images can be used in the notifier
>> No. 67508

File 13400865799.gif - (57.55KB , 650x450 , 05095.gif )
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Welp, old thread is saging. Let's do this.
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>> No. 67459



>> No. 67460
>> No. 67471
this is an old thread
switch to the superior one instead

File 134314970529.png - (137.22KB , 500x472 , tumblr_m0uafuzqva1rqsds3o1_500.png )
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>> No. 67422

Agreed, but use sage for threads that shouldn't be on the top of the front page
>> No. 67424
don't split threads that don't need splitting

it pollutes the board, taking space from other threads
>> No. 67437
god no

File 134250256341.gif - (26.70KB , 496x343 , 496px-04990[1].gif )
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Old thread >>65129

Speculate about EoA6-3 and other things, yes.
>> No. 67259
Wow, old one isn't even in its grave yet.
>> No. 67294
Are you kidding, the old one isn't even on the page anymore.

File 134226604842.png - (122.21KB , 867x652 , 7046c2c0bdb8ff107a42e869b2bc3278.png )
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no you're terrible
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>> No. 67213
File 134229103175.jpg - (6.21KB , 140x214 , a master is out.jpg )
you're both gaylords
>> No. 67215
Hiatuses tend to bring out the worst in us.
>> No. 67216
Q: Why do we fall?
A: Batman.

File 131847613052.jpg - (30.27KB , 460x280 , 20090119062337700.jpg )
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What part of this aren't you getting, Parker? You post pictures of Kanaya, I pay you money. Is that too complicated for you?
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>> No. 67158
Being embarrassed for anything about this scenario is still kinda sad, b-ro.
>> No. 67159
You're kidding, right? There are boards here on +4 that have threads since '10. This is a small board, and we try to keep most of our discussion in either the HSG or the art/cosplay threads.

Now get out and stop being a douche
>> No. 67198
youre all horrible

File 131432883846.jpg - (32.68KB , 465x465 , tumblr_lqf6xb6MVV1r27nygo1_1314168964_cover_png.jpg )
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alpha /co/ started a project to bide their time with during the hiatus.

It is the story of the personifications of the 4 biggest Homestuck fanbases (HSG threads on /co/, Tumblr, MSPAF, and DA) playing a game of Sburb together.
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>> No. 67175
File 134219701621.gif - (23.78KB , 276x200 , pixel_land_of_dodge_and_burn.gif )
>> No. 67183
Honestly, i don't give half a shit if it's an accurate portrayal of the sites. It's supposed to be funny, right? That said, i don't get how I'm seeing so much of hsg wielding dildos
>> No. 67200
this thread is r. bad too

File 132394879044.jpg - (1.96MB , 2033x1150 , homestuck__cascade_by_rhapsodii_kun-d4eipzd.jpg )
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Old Thread: >>49481

This is where you put things when you can't find another thread to put them in. How boring.

Yep, just like the bargain bin at the department store, they throw all the marked down crap in here because no one bought it when it was on the shelf where it was supposed to be.

See? You get things like art from the Uncanny Valley.

Hope this isn't TOO creepy to have as the thread header.
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>> No. 66982
File 134181327260.png - (684.97KB , 638x913 , dualscar.png )
stop whining and post pictures
>> No. 66992
>> No. 71266
>>58051 Where'd you find that?

File 134168308758.png - (19.79KB , 500x300 , I Ask The Hard Questions.png )
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What Is The Difference Between The Moderator Of This Board And A Very Ornery Grizzly Bear
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>> No. 66974
>Same Auspistic
>> No. 66975
Kanaya, go back to being a side character. Your time in the spotlight is over and trying to extend its welcome makes you look tacky instead of austere and fashionable.
>> No. 66976
We All Appreciate Your Jokes Kanaya

File 132368511682.png - (13.25KB , 650x450 , just_kidding_by_leila_zero-d3fmwnn.png )
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We can have a Ruby Quest crossover Thread?
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>> No. 66861
It developed independently of MSPA, and was created before homestuck was. They both derive their format from old-school text adventures.
>> No. 66862
It developed independently of MSPA, and was created before homestuck was. They both derive their format from old-school text adventures.
>> No. 66866
File 134151072915.jpg - (47.52KB , 560x560 , 1658269579-1.jpg )
Did you seriously necro a thread from 7 months ago just to shitpost?

pls go

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