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File 135139655966.jpg - (36.93KB , 360x247 , j-jonah.jpg )
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There you go again, Parker! Going off-topic and getting the thread locked! Try to stay focused here!

Kanaya thread
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>> No. 73050
File 138066002623.png - (241.99KB , 500x463 , tumblr_inline_mpa1raQlB01qz4rgp.png )
>> No. 73051
File 138066004875.png - (217.92KB , 500x548 , tumblr_inline_mpa1rrIOky1qz4rgp.png )
>> No. 73052
File 138066008712.png - (190.71KB , 500x503 , tumblr_inline_mpa1s3irHK1qz4rgp.png )

File 138049930763.png - (5.78KB , 323x293 , Me.png )
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Why do people go on MSPARP to hate on Homestucks? Like,why??? There isn't a need for it!!!
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>> No. 73033
same reason other people roleplay as trolls in youtube comments
>> No. 73035
> Like,why??? There isn't a need for it!!!
My sentiments re: this thread
>> No. 73041
Interesting photo you have there.
Did you steal it?

File 137178414692.gif - (8.03KB , 650x450 , 06307.gif )
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So i guess this started updating awhile ago but the thread was autosaging and i didn't know so i got caught up and hey lets talk about homestuck
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>> No. 72962
because of Becs prototyping making her loyal to jade i think
>> No. 72965
Oh, alright that makes sense. Gotta say I'm glad to see them make it to the battlefield finally. I wonder if Jack will finally be recruited as a good guy.
>> No. 73001
Just because his relevance as the big baddie has waned doesn't necessarily mean John and Rose are going to buddy up with the dogcarapaceman who killed Mom and Dad

File 134001031934.jpg - (135.59KB , 573x479 , tumblr_ly06otzp5i1qa3e2do3_1280 - Copy.jpg )
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Speculative biology is fun! You get to ignore the human body and make up the anatomy rules as you go.
And while I've seen tons and tons of beautiful troll fanart, only a small fraction of the artists have taken their artistic liscence and run with it.
So I'd like to see all the inhuman troll designs! Whether they've got digiitigrade feet, tails, or armour plating; cute or scary or gross; let the theories roll!!

Pic by skepticarcher
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>> No. 73310
File 138613990031.png - (943.94KB , 1280x1684 , tumblr_mlxwjarmO61qjssw2o1_1280.png )
>> No. 73457
>> No. 73518
nice articles

File 133948325332.jpg - (75.22KB , 500x392 , jane_tubbsen.jpg )
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previously on >>47522

A crime is afoot! Surely this gumshoe will get to the sole of the matter.
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>> No. 72420
somemoby here R-E-EL angry bout sharkasm 38)
>> No. 72461
File 137340159425.jpg - (708.89KB , 1200x770 , 1372886932723.jpg )
Nah meng, it's cool.
>> No. 72525
does anyone know how to make the gamzee hood from his God tier

File 136581841248.gif - (26.77KB , 650x450 , Calliope's_Juju_Chest.gif )
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ok 4chan! it's time for the mystery box! first clUe it's something green. ^U^
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>> No. 72412
Of course it's not weed. She's made out of weed, so smoking it would make her a cannabis cannibal.
>> No. 72458
I'm pretty sure it was weed.
>> No. 73262
This thread is so poorly executed.

File 136411128131.gif - (13.52KB , 650x450 , 06033.gif )
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New thread because come on guys i mean really
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>> No. 72374
No, the first time they met was back on LOMAX. But this is the first time we've seen them meet.
>> No. 72375
But it's a dialogue AND a monologue, so there's no reason NOT to call it a dialoglog.
>> No. 72393
We saw Jade fight Jack alongside Dave in the header in the Doc Scratch pages and also kiss him to revive him

File 132324678529.jpg - (193.73KB , 600x1483 , karkat_ fondly regard fan creation.jpg )
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Because I simply can't let one of my all-time favorite threads die. The good, the bad, it all goes here.

Dave: Imbibe apple drinkyoutube thumb
PonPonPon Equius and Nepeta.youtube thumb
Please Don't Taste The Artyoutube thumb
[Homestuck] Karkat: Lamentyoutube thumb
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>> No. 71893
Homestuck Animation WIP: Extended Versionyoutube thumb
>> No. 71894
And while we're at it, let's bring this up.
Mambostuck (Homestuck Animation)youtube thumb
>> No. 72335
pro as heck guide to homestuckyoutube thumb

File 136600478163.gif - (223.70KB , 500x345 , tumblr_ml88yaedCj1qhcj5zo1_500.gif )
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Welcome to our quick descent into madness.

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>> No. 72264
An update you silly creature.
I crave story progression. I simply thought I was over it, that I wasn't into it that much anymore, but I was wrong.
>> No. 72266
File 136844844853.png - (27.05KB , 454x488 , tumblr_mli0ycSWRy1r3bmh9o1_500.png )
>> No. 72330
never realize how much you miss the fandom when there's no upd-

>checks out HSG


File 136899874377.png - (5.69KB , 400x100 , strife.png )
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Anyone else playing this?


It seems to still be in beta but there are lots of sessions going on. Just started yesterday myself and it's fun strifing and trying to figure out alchemizing so far.
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>> No. 72298
So far, rolespects only determine your base power bonus and access to unique roletech attacks if you're high enough on your echeladder. I'm not sure what Hope has access to.
>> No. 72301
If by "overwhelmingly" you mean "exclusively" then yeah, I agree.
I think I'll wait until it's actually fleshed out a bit before playing
>> No. 72303
Needs a bit of kernelsprite based handholding, "Your first task should be to set your inventory by going here in the menu, ect..."

File 135981910697.jpg - (604.48KB , 1024x600 , 129333489452.jpg )
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IIT, we kick out the jamz.

Post your favorite Homestuck music. No judging, just your favorite tune from the mythos and why it's your favorite.


Mine is [S] WV: Ascend. That shit gives me chills errytime. I think it captures the sort of grand scope of SBURB that both amazes and disturbs me.

>dat time lapse
>dat animation
>dem guardians being BAMFs and not the absurd jokers we thought they were until that point

So much dope.
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>> No. 71568
Get Upyoutube thumb
One of my most favorites never yet used in a flash. Makes you really feel like you can pick yourself back up after some shit went down.
>> No. 72274
Pipeorgankindyoutube thumb
actually i just love showtime in general.
>> No. 72276
Sburban Jungle will probably always be THE homestuck theme song for me.

My favourite flash is still 5x deadly showdown or whatever
This one

Something about it is just so entertaining

File 136863851331.gif - (189.29KB , 720x529 , ps1678.gif )
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Could we perhaps have a Problem Sleuth thread, since I've only just gotten around to taking care of it (yeah, yeah, I know) and loved it more than I've loved anything else for quite some time? In particular, I'm looking to have some quality fanart posted here, there isn't terribly much of it on MSPAbooru.
>> No. 72271
Glad you enjoyed it!
Looks like the old thread's still around. Here you go.

File 136597969885.jpg - (95.17KB , 350x372 , wthuss.jpg )
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File 131217018695.png - (53.50KB , 584x953 , samuraistuck_terezi_by_myotishi-d3k8mvc.png )
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A place for good pictures from AU's and crossovers that are basically something with "stuck" added to the end. (This is from "samuraistuck" btw)
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>> No. 56792

No it actually was a God Tier Jade.

And yeah, there were pretty slim pickings. Kinda why I was asking for suggestions.
>> No. 56800
Although if you compare character roles, shouldn't their positions be swapped?
>> No. 71915
I love it!

File 135966406166.png - (242.51KB , 500x635 , tumblr_mhf0juSuL91r68xoro1_500.png )
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Well then...
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>> No. 71470
Symbols, candy corn, Betty Crocker, and a happy Yaldabaoth sun face. Yup that's definitely something.
>> No. 71471

From the original card:
>Everybody's talking about astrology, so find out the birth month and day for each child and give horoscopes as favors. Ask a friend to dress as a gypsy and tell fortunes. Serve a bowlful of [bold]rainbow colored cream ball "planets"[/bold] with your sunshiny Zodiac Cake.
>> No. 71809
That looks delicious.
I'm going to make the fuck out of this.
All glory to the batter witch.

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