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File 132003059834.jpg - (47.90KB , 445x600 , superman_alex_ross_01-445x600.jpg )
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Man of steel
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>> No. 69205
Mage of Mech.
>> No. 69206
Well if we go by canon titles, her thing's techno sorcery as a play on necromancy and increasing chaos right?

Witch of Doom. (Lowering something's doom to bring it to life, and increasing something's doom to cause chaos)
>> No. 69750

File 134967451427.png - (23.12KB , 649x450 , psyche.png )
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It wasn't supposed to have sound. Stop asking.
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>> No. 69673
I mean post scratch Dirk.
>> No. 69682
Well, they had a pretty complex relationship. Dave idolized Bro, but he was also a bit afraid of him, I guess, due to his freaky hobbies and general weirdness. During their session Dave went through this whole character arc of self-loathing and stepping out of Bro's shadow and establishing himself as his own person, and grieved for a bit after finding his body... but while Rose accepted most of her Mom's faults and came to see their relationship in a new light, Dave never got to properly sort out his issues with Bro. And then, out of literally nowhere, a younger version of his Bro appears in a dream bubble, takes his sleeping kid Mom and disappears.

I actually thought he'd take it a bit worse than he did.
>> No. 69697
Ok I see what you mean.
Now I'm curious as to how he'll react when they meet.

File 133688556374.png - (214.11KB , 490x5005 , vriska_spades_aradia_doodleanon.png )
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Blackrom needs love too. Kismesissitude is a part of this balanced breakfast!

old thread >>59492
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>> No. 69611
Because John is cute, Nepeta is cute, and together they're youexpectedsomethingotherthan cute.
>> No. 69612
hussie already shot that ship down
>> No. 69615
but I want to believe ;_;

File 134899288583.jpg - (77.54KB , 432x554 , 65183.jpg )
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introducing the new friend
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>> No. 69462
I uh

I've seen some shit, but not shit like that.
>> No. 69468
Are you saying Shrek is a bad father?
>> No. 69470
You know very well what I'm asking. Enough with the coy shtick.

File 13512069733.jpg - (155.29KB , 786x1017 , scourge_sisters_by_life_writer-d4l7xk5.jpg )
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My heart is a weapon of war
My mind is my weapon of choice
An eye for an eye,
An arm for an arm,
A soul for a soul.
We die in our dreams,
We play to the death,
We fight for control.

Nope, the 8est that you can hope for is revenge
Attempted t8keover,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 69339
Anonymous, yeah I'm sorry ^.^; I'm still kinda figuring this out. I just write a lot of these and figure it'd be pretty cool to hear 'em on Tindeck one day maybe. I got rid of the other post, I'm putting all my songs in this thread. Thank you for the heads up though ^.^''
>> No. 69340
ThEy hAd lIgHtS InSiDe tHeIr eYeS
ThEy hAd lIgHtS InSiDe tHeIr eYeS
D--> Did you see the flying arrow?
D--> Did you hear the slamming door?
ThEy mOvEd fOrWaRd i lOsT My MiNd
ThEy mOvEd fOrWaRd aNd mY HeArT DiEd
:33< purr-lease tell me what they looked like
:33< did they seem a-fur-aid of you?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 69341
dear i wr0te y0u a s0ng
despite the fact y0u did me wr0ng.
and dear i feel like ive been replaced since i left
but im n0t t00 upset

y0u tell me that y0u l0ve me
then y0u g0 and kill me
n0w y0ure with feferi baby
im l0vesick
n0w I cant eat
i cant sleep
cant d0 much 0f anything at all
cause im dead and in l0ve with y0u S0l

dear i wr0te y0u this s0ng
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 131656575550.png - (262.08KB , 420x700 , longlivethequeen.png )
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Can we get a Jack Noir thread going, please?
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>> No. 66781
File 134104458293.jpg - (228.29KB , 720x960 , noir attacks.jpg )
>> No. 66788
File 13410807815.jpg - (141.42KB , 548x537 , tumblr_lqvohxKLbo1qa1ofq.jpg )
That's amazing! And sort of terrifying.
>> No. 68989
File 134933758149.png - (601.37KB , 1280x970 , hat e.png )

File 134698579917.gif - (40.45KB , 650x450 , 05261.gif )
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Oh god a regular update

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>> No. 69035
are we sageing
>> No. 69038
I wonder what other voice actors will Hussie's $ 2.5 million lure in.
>> No. 69042
Fan VAs and these unofficial pro VAs voicing Homestuck is cool, but I don't want them anywhere near the game or Homestuck proper. VAs have their annoying ways of projecting their opinions onto the characters they voice.

File 134634501720.png - (59.11KB , 300x200 , screencap.png )
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I'll just leave this here. http://tinyurl.com/99fsvsy

Also, the link to my tumblr post for those that want to reblog it.
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>> No. 68575
Any Vriska/fish troll pairing = fish88

(think about it for a second)
>> No. 68632
I thought about it for a second, and it makes the most sense if it's Meenah in particular. Because fish Hitler.
>> No. 68899
Daverezi is fucking awful.

How about following the pun(ish) theme that most of them have.
Like... Time Trial? or something.

File 134876667664.jpg - (115.69KB , 500x375 , DEAD ALL ALONG.jpg )
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Get on with the silliness.
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>> No. 68859

It's likely a much more phsyically symbolic aspect. Remember part of John's planet healing quest was to blow out all the gunk that had built up in the LOWAS pipe system, which played a major part in the consort's lives and mythology. It might relate to a sense of >flow, and bringing the right person/item to the right place/person.
>> No. 68864
But representations of living people are all translucent and only one person can see them, like with Jake's mind-Dirk?
>> No. 68979
whoops guys lets fill up the other thread first bf we make a new one

File 130599079093.png - (27.00KB , 650x450 , All-the-kool-kidssss.png )
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Because the last one is auto-saging, I had no idea there were that many trolls. So uh... Posting the coolest trolls I think.
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>> No. 68849
Is there a generator or something?

I was personally thinking of making a fantroll with neon yellow blood (that'd be what...? lowish-midlevel on the hemoscale?), six nubby little horns, telekinesis and heterochromia (probably orange and blue eyes) I was thinking of giving him a giant snapping turtle turtle for a lusus and probably having his hive be built on the turtle's back. His hive can serve as the perch for a second troll's luss and him and the other troll would probably have to help the giant-snapping-turtle-lusus navigate the enormous mangrove swamp they live in.
>> No. 68957
>> No. 69670
So I've been going on http://msparp.com/ lately because that's the magic place people can go to escape all their troubles and it's a good place to flesh out my fantroll Lampra, the insomniac burglar with self-esteem issues. I just had this run-in with an Equius roleplayer that went pretty well, especially after he brought in a friend to roleplay as Nepeta. They kind of went off the rails at the end, but it was still pretty fun.


File 134689797736.gif - (31.28KB , 409x448 , tumblr_lvpnh9tJ4i1qgz3yto2_500.gif )
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Hello, friends and possible helpers. I'm the Mage of Mind and I come bearing a little project from 4chan's traditional games board. Not so much chased away as we felt it time to relocate for the bulk of our work while still occasionally keeping up interest on /tg/.

Long story short, this is a game about playing Sburb with your friends. You make a kid, get a title, enter the medium, and do all that fun stuff. And by fun stuff, I mean weird puzzle shit and things possibly going wrong on a cosmic scale while you try to beat the game and make a new universe afterwards.

Here's our current resources:
Thread 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20531265/
Thread 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20582843/
The All Important guide to shit we've got going on: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DmCgDyQP5563Mc_jm-EEfyR09in2bebPUYoCuMmQdKs/edit?pli=1

We started with a pretty narrative system and now we're slowly adding the crunchy bits. Last thread was a heavy focus on combat and Fraymotifs.

One last thing, we're not out to imitate Homestuck to the letter, just the game inside it. Homestuck is its own session, and this game allows people to play their own session of Sburb in the beta. Your session exists independently, is what I'm getting at.
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>> No. 73716
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>> No. 73717
The Xbox 360 console itself is accessible within a number of unique solutions to ensure your specifications might be glad instantly. The arcade variation contains all you should receive the games commenced with five arcade online games included there absolutely no method of obtaining bored. Having a 256Mb memory device and wi-fi controller included you've got all you must check out the field of Xbox 360.
>> No. 73718
Even though lots of people may scientists are involved relating to the long-term impression over the teenage thoughts, stating that Ritalin could hinder standard mind progress. This is exactly why some scientists are beginning to test out Consideration deficit hyperactivity disorder and seafood oil reports.

File 134843486283.png - (19.13KB , 278x250 , Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 10_43_32 PM.png )
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Does anyone know where/how to view the beta release of the update without the donation?
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>> No. 68662

Yes. Many people do, in fact, including some of us here.
>> No. 68663
Over here Friend.
>> No. 68669
File 13484500399.png - (142.88KB , 359x418 , 36b12d9c4fd633c1420bf73d0c7fb7a1.png )

File 134662056876.gif - (53.95KB , 500x500 , 1308018107427.gif )
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Only the weirdest shit will do
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>> No. 67901
File 134662096372.png - (10.70KB , 400x282 , 1277860070612.png )
>> No. 67902
File 134662177426.png - (92.36KB , 500x281 , 1292195710646.png )
I wanted to post an image that was corrupted: It was a screenshot of a guy going into long, uncomfortable and creepily sexual details about how he imagined all the characters' body shapes to be. THe only details I can really remember offhand was that he said he thought Terezi was an inch taller than Karkat, Tavros had a big dick and that Terezi had a big butt from not FLARPing.

Anyone remember this?
>> No. 68172
File 134711758430.png - (1.03MB , 1366x768 , waffle5.png )

>Terezi had a big butt from not FLARPing.


File 134129932319.gif - (5.77KB , 450x359 , tumblr_m6jnp6h44e1ra9p78o1_r1_500.gif )
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...by swapping credit cards. Debit card, in Andrew's case, which means Ryan has access to literally all of his money. Should be fun.

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>> No. 67727
In real life, Hussie is all of the above.

Could he be.... TWO CANADIANS?
>> No. 67867
File 134651957998.png - (121.98KB , 1280x1024 , malware warning.png )
thingshussiebought is working just fine for me, but is anyone else getting this kind of warning when visiting thingsnorthbought? Seems an odd thing to occur.
>> No. 67872
File 134653558397.gif - (54.90KB , 240x240 , fdgdfh.gif )
it's probably getting triggered by one of the tacky weed gifs

File 134249964345.gif - (19.77KB , 650x450 , Homestuck-Things-33-mistymaydawngos-place-29886257.gif )
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What would you say is Homestuck's biggest flaw?
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>> No. 67866

Give it time.

Personally I feel the meta aspect of MSPA is really tainted by Homestuck's runaway popularity and Huss can't really get over that, so in his attempts to appeal to the fanbase he screws up the fun, very basic story.

Dialogue is also an issue. THe characters are very fun but listening to them wax prolific over hundreds of pages while sitting at computers is a very, very poor pacing choice.

Oh, and the "quirks" are fucking stupid and a horribly conceived idea. I have no idea why Huss is still sticking with them even in the A1 trolls. That shit is flat-out idiotic and makes the comic painful to read.
>> No. 67870
The thing that pisses me off most is lack of proper foreshadowing. You have many plot threads that end up being red herrings and going nowhere, which is okay by itself, but then you have stuff like Rose and Dave going god tier which just seems like something Hussie pulled out of his ass. "Oh I guess there was another very specific way to go god tier that we never even alluded to before and will never come up again."
>> No. 67871
>"Oh I guess there was another very specific way to go god tier that we never even alluded to before and will never come up again."
You mean the same way Aradia hit god tier in [S] Wake, like a thousand pages before Cascade? The way that Doc Scratch explicitly alluded to but Rose neglected to investigate?

It's not so much a lack of foreshadowing as just a shitload of information to sift through. There's tons of foreshadowing. Keeping all of it in your head is what's actually hard.

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