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File 134657067683.gif - (31.96KB , 650x450 , 04771.gif )
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last thread here: >>65129
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>> No. 72051
Lord English: Someone who is always already here
Gamzee: Cohort of English, and a clown.

How does the song go? "Send in the clowns. They're already here."

Hussie is a fucking genius if this turns out to be the case.
>> No. 73533
File 139046290169.png - (46.08KB , 500x95 , Caliborn would love Equius.png )
Caliborn would fucking love Equius
>> No. 73534
Now that I look at this, this is less of a theory and more of a statement. Ok so here's the theory part "Caliborn will somehow meet up with Arquiusprite and it will be awesome"

Muscles will be touched. Dirk will be there facepalming at both of them.

File 134648109989.png - (407.53KB , 1000x1087 , gold_meenah_statue_kilogramrose.png )
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can we get a meenah thing going up in here
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>> No. 73471
I just

I just want her to be in a quadrant with vriska, I don't care which
>> No. 73519
File 139012654973.png - (274.58KB , 1280x1847 , meenah_fruitegg.png )
This is seriously one of the smartest looking Meenah designs and there were a lot to begin with.
>> No. 73520
File 13901282902.png - (324.27KB , 440x564 , tumblr_mus6dvsBB21qk5tceo1_500.png )

File 138867468145.jpg - (204.11KB , 384x576 , 1369482924510.jpg )
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Can we have a Homestuck critique thread? No whining, no general trolling, just honest to goodness things we think would make the comic better or that would draw in more fans. (Not that our opinions matter to the arbitrary lord of MSPaint, but it's the thought that counts!)

Mine would be bodytypes. It was excusable when 100% of Homestuck was just sprites running around and being viewed from various angles. Sprites are sprites, and you don't mess with the formula for success.

But now, 50% or more of the comic is close-up "realistic" views of the characters, and it nags at me that they're all exactly the same. No variation in skeletal structure, facial structure, not even height. The only differences are palette swaps and cosmetic changes made to tell us who the hell we're looking at. Again, this was fine back in sprite-land, but we're in big boy territory now, with thousands of pages in the rear-view mirror. It's time to make everyone stop looking exactly the same. For Huss to continue to do so seems lazy and an insult to the characters.
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>> No. 73515
i think he finally realised that if he continued to update every day he would just be stacking on more and more shit and the story would never end, so he decided it would be better to just do a mega-update whenever it was ready

however the "story can't end because it goes on forever" thing might actually not have been a result of updating constantly, but his general work ethic, so that it continues on today in silence
>> No. 73516
He only had to spitball ideas and approve other people's writing for Namco High. He didn't do any writing or character designs or anything.
>> No. 73517
The biggest issues of the comic is the bloated-ness and the pacing. You have a bloated cast, a bloated plot amount threads that doesn't feel complete as some else also mentioned and a strange schizo pacing which could either be too slow for the story to get to the point or too fast where it feel rushed at times.

It seems like this comic could have just benefited more with just sticking to a much smaller cast(beta kids, the exiles, jack&co. and the 4 main trolls who were mostly introduced in Act 4 through their dialogue) and just developing them there with smaller scale and yet, more tightly written story.

File 135399941823.png - (50.64KB , 275x400 , 9edc52c7014936c560146fb53505b6e91973f5a8.png )
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Yo so can we show some love for all the non-godtier alternate outfits in here?
>> No. 70008
File 135399978687.png - (273.25KB , 917x879 , rose_jade_bitterassfamine.png )
My favorite Rose outfit and favorite Jade outfit, all in one picture :3c
>> No. 73472
File 138951683534.png - (173.59KB , 500x726 , darkleer tronlines.png )
I love the whole tronlines thing some of the ancestors got going on

File 138862835457.gif - (1.59MB , 320x240 , homestuck-troll-dance-o.gif )
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Can we just.
>> No. 73451
I need more information
>> No. 73467
The information is butts

File 136777093722.png?spoiler - (387.57KB , 705x1133 , human_vriska_by_junglebee09-d4mtx0c.png?spoiler )
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Hello, can I get some help? I lost track of this AU some time ago when I was really busy and could never find it again.
I'm looking for this post-game AU, where all the characters where just playtesting a super inmersive virtual reality game or something like that. I think it started with Karkat waking up in the lab...
It's just regular humans dealing with all the emotional scaring the game left them with if I'm not getting my memories all messed up

Thank you :3
>> No. 73458
Afraid I don't know it, sorry. Was it a fan comic or a fanfic?

File 133226645921.gif - (884.45KB , 500x345 , tumblr_m1407tcfDD1r00l6w.gif )
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Previous thread: >>48464
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>> No. 72621
Ron Paul is pretty adorable. And I guess one could make the argument that he has Asperger's.
>> No. 72935
File 137955375286.gif - (102.11KB , 500x278 , tumblr_mrmpybI1uU1qhcj5zo1_500.gif )
>> No. 73456
saving this

File 138459830591.png - (16.19KB , 170x220 , 170px-9stitch.png )
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Stitch approaches you and removes his pants, reveal a cock you are intresed in. what will you do?
>> No. 73241
where is the cock though. is it on his face, does he have a dick nose? i slap him in his dick nose. he is a liar like pinocchio.
>> No. 73246
Let him know that while it is sensible to get treatment from someone other than himself for such ailments, I have no expertise in the matter. Then back away until he is no longer in sight.
>> No. 73455
Is the cock still in the pants? Did he just hand me a pair of pants with a cock sewed to them?

File 135406523883.gif - (73.10KB , 650x450 , 05507_2.gif )
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is jack noir marking sevens on his wall because he's waiting for act 7???
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>> No. 73272
Each line is a day, they're in groups of seven like that to count weeks. Each full crossed group is a week.
>> No. 73273
Why on earth would you bump up a year old thread for that.
>> No. 73454
File 138949542818.jpg - (104.46KB , 553x842 , jack noir.jpg )
Who knows why jack does anything

File 137419593479.jpg - (240.54KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mq5nwiRg2Z1r1h1o2o1_1280.jpg )
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Soooo... Hussie has been hired to do a Namco highschool dating sim game

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>> No. 73366
Congratulations on the release of your game Hussie.

Now lets get back to Homestuck.
>> No. 73367
It was also advertised that the player character was completely gender neutral but Dave refers to them as male in his route. (:
>> No. 73409
That's because Davebird is privileged cis scum

File 137918169685.gif - (539.75KB , 461x750 , tumblr_mb72j7WRxD1r3q30ho1_500.gif )
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May you be free in the next life.
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>> No. 73189
File 138181864376.png - (294.86KB , 760x1000 , 1372123117_mutisija_jade.png )
>> No. 73235
File 138461492921.png - (16.75KB , 511x632 , Day One - Jade Harley.png )
Yes I drew the picture i'm contributing. :3
>> No. 73408
File 138788472764.png - (10.67KB , 412x329 , Adoptable 7.png )
Pony!Jade says bye!!!

Yes,I drew this.

File 138719236223.gif - (14.25KB , 500x346 , tumblr_mux2np7XiH1ssfo12o8_500.gif )
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>On MSPARP RPing as Pimpeta/Nepimpta
>Waiting to connect
>Finally connects to a Karkat
>They're a Horny!Karkat
>They say gog
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>> No. 73351
You've been through so much. :'(
>> No. 73352
Is that a fucking pun.
>> No. 73354
No, it's pretty tame.

File 138478627773.jpg - (27.23KB , 640x480 , Picture0040.jpg )
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Okay 4chan+! time for the mystery drawing!

First clue is...Something pink!
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>> No. 73256
baby mice
>> No. 73258
File 138500923914.jpg - (342.10KB , 600x600 , 135051776362.jpg )
Princess Bubblegum as Jade or Roxy?
>> No. 73331
File 13865910278.png - (82.68KB , 1500x1100 , DEG.png )
(Scanned and drawn over b/c I lost the paper)
(Also sorry for the bad art)

File 137973311796.gif - (108.81KB , 650x450 , 06605.gif )
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Because we need a new thread, and it's really her story now.
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>> No. 73228
File 138388817445.jpg - (257.57KB , 800x604 , February-preview.jpg )
I am in love with this years Calendar
>> No. 73229
Roxy's hips are out of control.
>> No. 73239
Awesome drawing aside, I'm more bothered by the lack of fuschia painted on Condy's nails.

File 138045634113.png - (33.86KB , 442x380 , wow.png )
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Okay,give me Homestuck related things to draw. I'll draw them.
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>> No. 73031
best homestuck fanart i've ever seen
well done
>> No. 73038
Fefeta shitstomping Aranea.

>> No. 73060
For a brief moment I had my hopes up

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