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File 134092728743.gif - (68.75KB , 500x346 , tumblr_m6aeurVKPM1rvxgabo2_500[1].gif )
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Apparently people actually believe that they are trolls. Like this teenager for example: wonderful-twisted-insanity.tumblr.com
My faith in humanity is slipping.
>> No. 66742
they don't sincerely believe it, they are just feeding off that dumbass "identity" (in quotes because people don't seem to understand what that word means) fad on tumblr where people believe that if someone calls themself karkat then no one has the right to question it because Every Identity Is Valid. they are mostly roleplayers i think who just don't want to be seen out of character, since being karkat is way better than being who you actually are.

if they actually do believe it and are 100% serious in their heart of hearts, there is probably something much more wrong with them than just the trollkin bullshit. then again, being in an environment that teaches you a crazy thing and openly encourages behaviours relating to that thing while stamping out all criticisms can lead you, a sane person who is simply looking for acceptance into a group, to actually believe that crazy thing, even if you would have laughed at it had you been on the outside. it's how cults work. and why it's hard to distinguish the beliefs of an extremely devout religious person from someone who is just nuts.
>> No. 66743
I know a guy who literally never leaves character as Karkat, even types into the browser bar in capslock. Don't know if he runs a blog comparing snotty anonymous asks to the holocaust. It's actually kind of exhausting since he hasn't roleplayed in earnesty in months aside from the occasional half-hearted putdown where he actually intends to offend no-one.

Imvhotbqh this shit is really funny. It's either mentally ill people being enabled by giant carebears, or dorky kids needlessly willing themselves into a straight-jacket. Either way it's neither new to the internet, nor a situation where intervention is useful.
>> No. 66744
ok i know bile fascination at these terrible terrible preteens acting stupid is like the basic of homestuck giving these dedicated mental illness larpers attention is really the last thing we need to do. gawk from a distance, but lets not have a thread dedicated to this.
seriously the last thing they need is attention. i know its bad and embarassing but yyyyeaaah lets just

File 134043907669.png - (150.83KB , 637x817 , terkat.png )
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I stayed up to around 5 am to finish this. I'm happy of how it turned out.


/shameless self advert
>> No. 66611
File 134049117442.jpg - (7.30KB , 184x184 , chicago bread.jpg )
There's a cool little art thread over at >>57902, you could add it there

Adorable polar bear for non-hostility

File 133997638762.jpg - (119.46KB , 600x747 , Eyes_and_Feathers_Cherub_Wings_by_EmotionalCanniba.jpg )
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You knew this was coming.
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>> No. 66329
Is the official plural gonna be cherubs or cherubim

Cherubim sounds cooler
>> No. 66333
fastest fandom ever
>> No. 66353
Wikipedia says the official pluralization is cherubim.

File 133876274144.gif - (179.07KB , 650x450 , seriously he has no taste.gif )
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Old thread: >>65353

That's such a horrible desktop, Jake. Also, another Gnostic denizen?
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>> No. 66383
The Felt look different from the carpacians also, and it's not just their color. They are possibly a different race of beings altogether.

I guess next update will be a prelude to an "Enter" flash and the start of a new thread.
>> No. 66385
File 134005011145.gif - (66.35KB , 650x450 , 01107_1.gif )
This made me wonder about something: We've seen that humans, trolls and cherubim were recruited to play the game, level up, complete the task and all that jazz. There are probably shitload of races that play Sburb. We've also seen that carapaces can influence the game from both the inside and the outside. Given that carapaces are a created race for the war they are supposed to be only an internal part of the game, but we've seen how lenient Sburb is with requirements.

Do you think there are sessions played by carapaces? I think it's possible, but it demands a whole set of crazy circumstances for it to happen, like carapaces being sent to an universe devoid of sapient life and bringing the needed tech with them. Or maybe being part of a chain mixed with other species. Either way I don't see why Skaia would "refuse" them.
>> No. 66386
At one point it was mentioned that the carapaces are meant to repopulate your dead world and eventually prepare it for another session. So presumably there have been at least some sessions played by, like, the distant descendants of exiles and such. It's just that both Earth and Alternia were destroyed with their universes, so that never had a chance to happen.
Of course, if I recall, Karkat said that. Or maybe Terezi. Either way, it might have simply been a mistaken assumption.

File 131846009053.gif - (135.26KB , 650x650 , 00066_2.gif )
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I caught up with Homestuck recently and quickly discovered that attempting to discuss it on regular /co/ is an exercise in futility. As a newcomer to the fandom I've got a bunch of stupid questions.

Has Hussie explained the outlandish passive-aggressive relationship the kids have with their guardians?

Clone babies, what the fuck was up with that? What was the relevance?

What are some popular fan theories on how it will all end? I'm expecting some NGE-tier stuff myself.

Your favourite characters? I usually find Karkat, Terezi and Dave the most entertaining.

Any other nonsense I should know about?
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>> No. 65956
Alright, but how exactly does a Witch of Space work? A Sylph? A Prince, a Seer? It still doesn't tell us anything about the powers of the aspect itself, since both Kanaya (Sylph, passive class) and Jade (Witch, probably active class) were the only ones subject to transformation.
>> No. 65957
If the space hero = becoming their idealised form is true I wonder what UU's is (other than the above theory).
>> No. 65958
Maybe she becomes all the other players.

File 133722113413.png - (93.28KB , 649x451 , fyeah dd.png )
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Last thread >>64696

DD >>>>>>>> Jack
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>> No. 65858
An ego trip, maybe? Jake kept going on about what the condesce did, msybe he kept going, but it just didn't show up in the log out if mercy. I would be a little impressed if my post-scratch version was so (from the perspective of a stab-happy see-witch) awesome that a person attacks me based on what the post-scratch version did. Im not entirely sure if she knows that jake is sort of clueless on how the whole thing works. Also does Terezi have a dirk-mind-splinter now, too?
>> No. 65860
maybe dirk is projected in whenever someone thinks about him
so when jake was examining dirk's existence during his dream bubble, dirk's heart powers projected a little of the real dirk into the figment, and that's what's keeping holo-dirk around
>> No. 65861
Get on it, researchers!

File 133808965927.jpg - (55.63KB , 438x509 , gentleman horse.jpg )
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Which may receive neither, but, here goes.

Would it be fair to say that many gather most of their enjoyment from the Homestuck story of MSPA not from the comic ITSELF, but rather instead from the characters FROM said comic and what both the individual and community can do/enjoy together with them?
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>> No. 65685
The way I'm understanding OP's question isn't really in a 'characters vs plot' kind of way. You know those youtube videos that feature Homestuck characters doing stuff over some voice track or soundclip, but the Homestuck characters featured are often really out of character or only barely relate to what is in the video? That is what I'm thinking of.

And yeah, there are a number of people like that. The appeal of Homestuck characters for them generally seems to be using really basic cliches. To them Dave doesn't have any characterization other than 'cool kid,' for example. The appeal of the characters for them isn't what is in the characters themselves, but in what little comics or animations they can use the characters for. This is partly why there are so many Homestuck fan-things that have everyone acting really out of character, the creator doesn't really know those characters beyond their most basic element (cool kid, blind girl, stoner clown, etc.).

So yeah, I'd say there are definitely a number of 'fans' who are like that. Otherwise I don't think there'd be as many ooc fanworks.
>> No. 65686
But in most fanworks the characters are usually distilled into simple flanderizations and/or OOC.
>> No. 65689
Which isn't all that egregious when it aligns with your own take on the characters. I don't think anyone goes through the story taking the characters purely at face value with no extrapolations whatsoever, certainly nobody I've known who's read through it. Of all the ridiculous OOC sketches and youtubes and audio skits, a few of them probably made you smile, and they couldn't have managed that without a springboard for their own creativity. Being exposed to occasionally awful headcanons is the price of accessing that creativity.

File 133617952865.png - (702B , 60x56 , tom.png )
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And I have an important question you guys, and no Idea where else to turn. For the walk-arounds, in addition to the talking images that we see, there is also the small simplified animation for when the character is actually walking around. My question is this: WHY CAN I NOT FIND somebody who has made copies of these in .gif form for out side use? It seems like an obvious thing for somebody in the fandom to have made, but I cannot find any at all and I have been looking for a couple of months now. Does anybody know where these could be found?
The image mostly unrelated, sorry.
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>> No. 65314
File 133697226761.gif - (2.62KB , 72x102 , 03694.gif )
Here's Dave, it's from the part where he's looking at Bro's body.
Don't know about Jade.
>> No. 65328
File 133704388167.gif - (2.48KB , 59x93 , Rose_walk.gif )
Right! I had totally forgotten about the ones that show up in just panels, not flashes. Here's Rose from here:
>> No. 65329
File 13370439358.gif - (3.11KB , 55x80 , turtle.gif )
aaaaaaand a turtle from the same page, because I couldn't not.

File 133512871240.gif - (12.46KB , 650x450 , 04845.gif )
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Old thread is autosaging >>64226

Shit son, this whole thing just got a lot more interesting.
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>> No. 65332
New thread, anyone?
>> No. 65335
Let's do it with the first page of the next update.
Dramatic, but not as super spoilery as the last page of the update is likely to be.

Actually, even then we're not in danger of falling off page 1 for a while. Meh, we'll see.
Someone will hopefully use good judgement.
>> No. 65351
And with a big update, I guess NOW is the time to make a new thread?

File 131335298056.png - (1.01MB , 1200x1800 , with_a_little_luck_by_paperbird-d3is2yn.png )
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8ecause we still miss the 8est character of them all.

>>41782 Old thread
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>> No. 64459
Congratulations, you receive a gold star in detecting the painfully obvious.
>> No. 64462
That's an amazing metaphor. Did you get that from somewhere?
(trying to actually contribute but it keeps timing out :\)
>> No. 64468
Nope, that one was purely a product of my fatigued and angry brain.

File 131951900329.jpg - (735.98KB , 749x1042 , _tmp.jpg )
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It finally happened.

Bye bye you crazy flower.
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>> No. 65172
/mspa/ didn't exist when robojade died dude
>> No. 65174
+/co/ did.

I don't remember us caring though.
>> No. 65175
We did care, because it was [S] Descend and we all thought it was the coolest thing we'd ever seen. I think a few of us were sad for Jade because we thought she was permadead when her dreamself died? But there were cooler and more important parts of that flash to talk about. And the robot itself exploding was just met with a "oh yeah so it finally kicked the bucket, huh. Been waiting to find out why."

File 130515713523.png - (566.30KB , 900x928 , siblings_by_ruttunaama-d3fyn9c.png )
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>>23258 in autosage.
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>> No. 63450
File 133230774532.png - (448.84KB , 600x859 , _tmp.png )
Immortality's got a bad rap. Sure, people worry about infinite time leading to infinite boredom, but I figure there's more stuff to see and do than a person can actually remember. Sooner or later you end up back where you started and think you're someplace new.
>> No. 63452
File 133230868491.png - (121.00KB , 469x600 , _tmp.png )
>> No. 65170
File 133644551444.png - (722.91KB , 500x4122 , 45145.png )

File 133153311894.jpg - (799.48KB , 889x887 , tumblr_ltv7g4gBsf1qjk6q2o1_1280.jpg )
63060 No. 63060 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
A place to post any Terezi images you think are cool

-Previous thread-
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>> No. 64586
File 133483454846.png - (2.79MB , 1550x1600 , just1c3_by_hanna_cepeda-d4wobm0.png )
>> No. 64590
File 133484737738.png - (388.94KB , 900x600 , 43767.png )
>> No. 65046
File 133591042639.png - (467.53KB , 900x900 , rezis_by_fraymotif.png )

File 132828903734.jpg - (136.33KB , 900x841 , jake__start_flirting_by_mifinlow-d4gs7ex.jpg )
61236 No. 61236 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Old thread: >>56307

Anyway, you know what kid we haven't seen in a while? Yeah, that's right, only the most adventuresome, greenest guy to ever live on Hellmurder Island in either this universe or the Alpha. Have a small dump.
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>> No. 64944
well it is his computer...
>> No. 64960
fanart is serious shit don't you dare undermine it's severity
the helmet CLEARLY augments reality much like a scouter would from dbz
i doubt he would just leave the equipment lying on the ground during a beatdown that relentless
>> No. 64966
eh not really
all the kids seemed to just used there shit as hands free talking devices

File 131282226347.gif - (19.71KB , 600x450 , story622.gif )
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I hope I can post this here, prequel was started on the mspa forums and the story follows a lot like problem sleuth.

I'm hoping for for another nightmare sequence.
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>> No. 67246
File 134246039629.gif - (4.82KB , 600x450 , story1131.gif )
We really should talk about Prequel more. Let's.
>> No. 67279
How come this thread won't bump?

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