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File 139438587468.jpg - (275.15KB , 1400x900 , cnu3dCA.jpg )
87575 No. 87575
Three episodes to go!
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>> No. 87581
It's too exhausting to complain about the same thing appearing in EVERY episode. That's why hate watching communities only pop up for things that continue to find new ways of being bad rather than being the same sort of bad each week.
>> No. 87582
So instead you complain about your own complaints? That really takes whining to a whole new level.
>> No. 87584
Wait, what, did you look at what it was replying to? This is just observing.
>> No. 87591
File 139444243532.jpg - (6.51KB , 299x168 , AntiSpiral.jpg )
This show is leaving me confused in many different regards.

The first two episodes did nothing for me and I stopped watching like 5 mins into episode 3 and never picked it back up.

I've been pondering if I should pick this shit up again but ... here's the thing.

On one hand: everything I've seen/heard of/absorbed through osmosis about this show? Has just made me go "Wow this sounds TERRIBLE. I am glad I abandoned this shit"

But on the other hand: People keep talking about it and apparently like it enough and I haven't SEEN any of this shit so maybe I'm in the wrong for making these assumptions and it's actually much better than I think?

But on the OTHER other hand: Every time I see people talking about this show the nicest thing I hear people can say is "It's alright despite the bad stuff" and nothing about how the bad stuff works or makes the series more effective. All I see are people talking about the side characters and either dancing around the main issues or making funny gifs.

On the other other OTHER hand: Maybe that's just because the negative minority is just loud and painting the series more bad than it is?

But on the other other other hand, still another and another and another hand: I saw the clip of Satsuki and her mom and well...

I kinda see where the people who dropped the series at that point are coming from. There's a number of ways to frame a scene of sexual abuse in such a way that presents it as being what it is. Either emphasizing the trauma of the matter or presenting the whole thing as objectively as possible and thus slapping you in the face with the reality of the situation. I THINK the latter is what they might've hopefully (I hope I hope I HOP) they were going for but because it's animation that kind of thing doesn't work too well especially taken in context of the rest of the series. It gives us blatant silly fan-service and tells us not to take it so seriously and that nudity is alright but then it throws in sexual abuse and suddenly it wants us to think about it and suddenly we're not sure how to take it.

Also I read that the nudity in the series was about the moral that one should love their own body... and while I'd be lying if I said I couldn't see how one could construe that from the plot. I am of the opinion that such a moral is A BIT UNDERMINED when most if not all of your characters are flawlessly skinned kawaii anime schoolgirls or hunky bishonens with ripped pecks and 6 packs.

BUT I'll admit I'm still mostly ignorant to the series so I suppose I'm kinda stuck. Do I ignore these initial feelings of apprehension I have and plow through the series in a mad dash to form an opinion on it, even if I just get more angry and disappointed? Or do I just let it go and wait for Jojo Part 3 or something to come along and take my mind off this?
>> No. 87592

Here, I'll just say it: the show is good, even if it's treading on dangerous ground a lot of the time. If you watch the gifs of Ragyou feeling up Satsuki without context it would be easy to associate it with the fanservice that runs through the rest of the show, but in context it's clearly not. Fanservice in Kill la Kill is a joke; from Senketsu's incredibly stripperrific combat mode to Mikisugi's glowing gun penis, it's a rowdy parody of anime sexualization. It's funny, and it's supposed to be funny.

Ragyou feeling her daughter up is not funny. It's very clearly part of an ongoing power play between them, and is intended to shame her and keep her under control. It is Ragyou reminding Satsuki that she belongs to her completely and there is nothing she can't do to her.

Visually it may resemble simple titillation and pornography - and, okay, much like Japanese nerds jerked it to Ayanami Rei despite Gainax's attempts to render her the anti-waifu, the overtones will certainly be lost on a portion of its audience - it isn't just that and it serves a purpose outside of titillation.

But really, if you're that on the fence about it, just watch a few more episodes. If it's not for you it's not for you, but the first two episodes are some of the series' weakest.
>> No. 87593

>Ragyou feeling her daughter up is not funny.

I never thought it was or was framed to be.

It WAS however framed in an incredibly creepy and perverted manner that was winking at the audience and telling them 'yea you like this don't you'. It doesn't matter what Satsuki's mom is as a character or if it's something that makes sense for her to do.

My issue isn't with the characterization but rather how the series treats or frames the subject. It's going to rather dark territory here that's in a cultural context far more real and authentic than the Anti Spiral waxing on about how evolution is going to destroy the universe or Lord Genome making animal people to control and subjugate humanity. It's something that would require a real and delicate touch in order to successfully transition from it's funny playful winking nature into something that is really and truthfully vile and reprehensible at a basic human level.

I saw the clip on youtube. I listened to the music that played. The voice clips they used. The way it was drawn and animated. I don't think the show framed it well at all. And framing is an important part of constructing ANY series or movie. How you PRESENT an argument or a character or a topic or a discussion or a theme is as important as the theme itself. So yes I do recognize everything people have said about the scene, I understand the context of Satsuki's mom and her relationship. I acknowledge it's a power play she has going on. I recognize the anime might even want us to think it's sick and wrong.

I DO NOT however think the anime had the artistic or writing chops to translate that 100%. Even if they did something as simple as HINTING to sexual abuse rather than blatantly shoving it in our face, or having the style become slightly more twisted, disturbing and distorted during the scene it would've helped make that point more apparent. But as is? It's just making itself look skeevy, and worse: it's making itself seem insincere about the whole thing.

My opinion on matters like this is: if you're REALLY GOING TO GO THERE make sure you know EXACTLY what you're doing and know just when to stop and to hold off on that. Even if you can justify WHY this is there, you still need to recognize that it needs to be pulled off well... and I don't think it pulled it off well. Having your series go from silly sexual adventures into straight on 'I Spit on your Grave' territory is going to not be easy no matter what and I don't think KlK was the anime that needed to go there.

>> No. 87594

And what I'm saying is that in the context of the series, it was a jarring shift because of it's unfunnyness. In a series so saturated with tongue-in-cheek sexuality, here comes a scene played completely straight. Think back to the reactions to it when it first aired; some people thought it was offensive, some people were jerking off, but mostly the reaction was one of confusion; they didn't know what to make of it. And that is the clearest sign of the break with normalcy you're looking for.

Really though, watch it or don't.
>> No. 87595
The fanservice in KLK isn't a parody of anything, it's just fanservice. A lot of it is played for laughs but that doesn't make it some grand breakdown of fanservice like some like to portray it as (nevermind that whole business about "it's all about accepting your body!" which is 100% pure horseshit), it just makes it yet another raunchy anime comedy (and not exactly a great one but that's besides the point), which is not exactly new territory for the director that brought us "sniper lady who spends whole show in bikini" and "Hi I'm Panty, I like to have sex with men!"

As far as Ragyo goes, yeah that's also fanservice. I'm not going to say you can't go there, especially with your villain, because that's a pretty god damn good way to make the audience hate your villain! But there is a way to do it without spending half the time with the camera lovingly lingering on Satsuki's ass/o-face.

If all of that is the sort of thing that turns you off a series, then you should honestly not bother with KLK. I keep watching because I do honestly love Imaishi's talent as an actual artist (I have complaints about KLK's style in places but it manages to look pretty great most of the time despite having no budget), it does manage to have its great moments of comedy/action, and because I really like Gamagori. But if by episode, say, 7, you aren't enjoying yourself? You aren't going to.
>> No. 87596

You say that like a Panty & Stocking wasn't a parody. An affectionate one, to be sure, but it most definitely was. Most good parodies are similarly affectionate.
>> No. 87597
Biggest gripe I've got is the compression. But things are keeping pace that its a small gripe at this point, hope it ends well enough.
>> No. 87599
You can indulge in something and still be a parody of it at the same time. Yeah it's fanservice, but it's done with a wink. I don't think it's enough to to avoid feeling a little gross or misogynistic, but they definitely are mining the T&A more for laughs than actual wankbait at least part of the time.
>> No. 87610
File 139454065658.jpg - (1.26MB , 3264x2448 , 29 - lSCDE9M.jpg )
Thing is that "here is a shot of Ryuko's butt" isn't a parody, it's just straight up going for it. There are jokes about the nudity and sexuality stuff but they come almost entirely from Aikuro and Gamagori.

But hey, obviously none of it bothers me enough to stop watching the show, I just think the show'd be better if it didn't have that stuff (or at least handled it differently), particularly all that shit with Ragyo.
>> No. 87612
You liking the show more != the show being better.
>> No. 87613
>Thing is that "here is a shot of Ryuko's butt" isn't a parody, it's just straight up going for it.
Sometimes going for something so blatantly is in and of itself a source of humor. c.f. all of the fanservce in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Yes, it's honest-to-goodness fanservice. But it's also so goddamned gratuitous that it's obvious it's supposed to be making you laugh.
>> No. 87614
But is that what they're doing here? Saying it can be done doesn't mean that's the case with this show. Personally, I don't get that vibe from KLK. It feels like a show with gratuitous amounts of fanservice that found a way to write that fanservice into the plot. Just because they give a reason to include a lot of fanservice doesn't mean they're trying to parody the fact that other shows don't. That's not how parody works.

Because there's an absolute measure for what makes a show good or bad that goes beyond what individuals or groups of people think of it.
>> No. 87618

I absolutely think that's what they're doing here. The fanservice in Kill la Kill is so absurd, the outfits so ridiculous, and so much attention drawn to their ridiculousness, that I can't see it any other way. Maybe for the first few episodes it was somewhat ambiguous, but after the tone was clearly set, all doubt was erased.

Plus, I mean, these guys aren't Jim Fucking Balent. They like their fanservice but something like Senketsu or Junketsu are not their style. Yoko might have worn a bikini top and short shorts, but those are actual pieces of clothing people wear. Panty & Stocking was a raunchy sex comedy, but their outfits in and out of angel form were functional - if sexualized - clothing.

Senketsu and Junketsu are on a whole different level. I mean you only have to glance at them casually to tell that they would fall right off unless taped down. For fuck's sake, they're smaller than the underwear their owners wear under them, you can't tell me that they weren't designed to be deliberately ridiculous.
>> No. 87619
File 139457978240.jpg - (246.05KB , 620x646 , index_main.jpg )
In other Studio Trigger news:

>> No. 87620
Con season is a-startin'. Can't wait to see reams-upon-reams of ladies dressed up in the sexy KLK costume of their choice.
>> No. 87621
Over-the-top does not equate to parody. Your argument is based on some pretty big assumptions about what they would do based solely on what they have done in the past. There's no basis for the notion that the limit of what they would do in the name of fanservice is set in stone. The excessive fanservice in KLK could be just that: excessive fanservice.
>> No. 87622
This argument is going in circles, so let's make it easy:

I find the "fanservice" in KLK more amusing than arousing. Other people agree. The way it is presented leads me to believe that this is intentional, but whether it is or not is irrelevant--this is 2014, we're well past post-modernism and "death of the author." Intent is irrelevant. Only the result matters.

Incidentally, I've never made the point that it's parody even though I think it's supposed to be comedic, because I'm not sure that word really applies here. "Farce" is probably a better word for what I think of the fanservice in KLK as.
>> No. 87623
All I want to see is at least one Takarada handing out printed-out zeni and chocolate coins.
>> No. 87625
That would be excellent.

I wonder how long until the first DTR cosplay, where the legs sticking out the back are fake (and, ideally, inflatable or collapsible in some way) and the wearer actually walking. Dunno how they'd do the ostrich bend, though.

OR, if someone is fit and also handicap, they could probably make something (still with fake legs out the back) that would roll around.
>> No. 87629
The concept sounds interesting, but the art isn't giving me much hope.
>> No. 87651
File 139469364429.jpg - (398.88KB , 1280x815 , thurrender_to_thethe_truths__by_michaelmayne-d79tx.jpg )
>> No. 87652
I get everyone else but who is Elmer Fudd supposed to be? He could've been Mako's dad or something.
>> No. 87656
Does it count as incest if the artist made the doujin before we knew Satsuki and Ryuuko were sisters?
>> No. 87658
According to the artist, just a random NUDISTO BEACHU member.
>> No. 87659

But that just improves it.
>> No. 87660
I feel like they missed out on a Marvin the Martian joke.
>> No. 87661
This all works disturbingly well.
>> No. 87663
but then you imagine granma rapping bugs and Daffy and it's suddely SO WRONG
>> No. 87664
File 139475242213.gif - (931.69KB , 300x155 , 1393641168012.gif )
Holy shit this fucking episode is fucking amazing. I pity the fools that don't know german/italian/spanish and have to wait for daiz.
>> No. 87666
From the artist's Q&A regarding this picture:

>Are we to imply that Granny…?
>Imply what you will. I've been dead on the inside since I drew her as Ragyo.


>> No. 87669
Should have picked Queen of Mars since she has a creepy psychotic relationship with Daffy anyway
>> No. 87670
So we got our Venom reference, our Iron Man reference, our Juggernaut reference, and our Wolverine reference. And now I guess this is the Doc Oc reference?
>> No. 87671
File 13947640389.gif - (602.45KB , 320x213 , its-happening-ron-paul-gif.gif )
>> No. 87672
File 139476423392.gif - (282.57KB , 480x270 , sploosh.gif )
This episiode! I literally cannot stop cumming!
>> No. 87680
So in the chances we get a Dub, who gets to be who.
>> No. 87681
File 139478932010.png - (248.17KB , 840x730 , thisisheaven.png )
>> No. 87682
File 139479067660.jpg - (49.33KB , 407x385 , 1394789580419.jpg )
>> No. 87683
I was kind of disappointed they just switched her from threat to angry sore loser bitch. That's one cliché I expected trigger would avoided.
>> No. 87684
File 139480213054.jpg - (183.35KB , 1104x1224 , 1394786368092.jpg )
Nui is awful, she is long overdue for death.
>> No. 87685
Nui's got some pretty great ragefaces.
>> No. 87687
This was a pretty awesome episode, but then >>87671 happened and I completely lost it.
>> No. 87688
It's not satisfying when something threatening just become angry and stupid a minute before losing and dying. It's like Bleach and sternritter, They fall at their lowest instead of highest, It's not memorable or anything, it just serves to suck the protag's dick and artificially make it cool like in a bad Political cartoon.
>> No. 87689
This isn't before though? It's after, she becomes angry and loses control because she's no longer the peak who can do whatever the fuck she wants. She got humiliated and mauled by somebody that's supposed to be her plaything. It's exactly what she did to Ishiin, only this time Ryuuko's strong enough to survive the tantrum.
>> No. 87691

That's not the problem with the Sternritter. The problem with the Sternritter is that with almost no exceptions, every time one is defeated, he goes LET ME SHOW YOU MY TRUE POWER and then narratively we have to start all over again. Every fucking fight goes the same: Person A is getting their ass kicked, Person B intervenes and defeats the Sternritter, but then they go all Super Sternritter and person B gets punked, so now Person C has to step in.

It's boring as hell and it's just fucking dumb. It doesn't help that holy shit, there's so many of them so unlike in previous arcs, we can't even gauge how long we're going to be stuck in Pointless Side Fight Purgatory by how many of the enemy are dead.

But the problem isn't that they get pissed off when they go Super Sternritter. The problem is that Super Sternritter is fucking boring.
>> No. 87692
File 139483433556.jpg - (100.88KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_n2euueAzcp1tubau5o2_1280.jpg )
i just

i fukken love Satsuki and the Elite Four so much guys you don't even know
>> No. 87693
Who doesn't love Satsuki. Great if at the end she just goes to treating Ryuko like the kid sister that was always there. Love that was part of her motivation being vengeance for the sister that was never even named.
>> No. 87697
Satsuki is still too "better than you" at the moment with ryuko imo. They need to break the ice more, Probably with ryuko yelling at her calling her "oneeeeeechaaaan" at some point, or maybe some comedic humiliation in front of everybody where she start to get mad then they burst in laughter together.
>> No. 87699
Ryuko being a cocky ass after defeating the big bad and Satsuki cracks her in the head with her sword pommel telling her that isn't proper behavior for her sister. Everyone is silent then Ryuko just rubs her head and smiles.
>> No. 87700
"Better than you?" Did you miss the scene where she bowed to Ryuko and asked for her help? And then sat down and had a picnic with Mako? I think she's about as humble as she's going to get right now.
>> No. 87711
>Did you miss the scene where she bowed to Ryuko and asked for her help?

That's my issue actually. While her bonding with mako seemed fine, she's still extremelly formal toward ryuko. you don't bow down to your siblings. They both still have some way to go before being "officially" sisters. Probably gonna get better as the fight goes, I have no doubt about that.
>> No. 87712
Umm, I think that's just her personality, she's just really, really formal.
>> No. 87713
I'm guessing most of her upbringing was in the hands of Soroi, which is why she's so formal.
>> No. 87714
File 139499187085.png - (3.11MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-03-16-13h38m48s244.png )
Awww he has Mako Croquettes
>> No. 87716
File 139499518121.png - (1.42MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-03-16-14h26m56s231.png )
Awww, hugs.
>> No. 87718
File 139499700725.gif - (1.12MB , 999x727 , 1394281106524.gif )
/a/ drawfags are the best!
>> No. 87719
File 13949991697.jpg - (2.64MB , 1476x1693 , 1394996117483.jpg )
And hugs you shall receive.
>> No. 87720
Ryuko is getting there, she just has a hard time with getting the familial love thing being a boarding school tough for most her life. I'd like to see their stuff pan out like I want Karai to in the current turtles. They don't change much but they become closer as family.
>> No. 87724
File 139501891944.jpg - (70.88KB , 500x613 , Failaddon.jpg )

Ah, excellent, a bride worthy of Abaddon appears!
>> No. 87733
File 139507136938.jpg - (3.84MB , 5184x3456 , colossus-wolverine-fastball-special-heroclix.jpg )
Given the amount of Marvel references we've already seen in this show, I want to see Gamagori/Mako pull out the fast ball special so hard you don't even know!
>> No. 87735
File 139508213068.jpg - (70.10KB , 864x960 , tumblr_n2auphaLq71qj03k1o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87744
>> No. 87757
File 139528635560.jpg - (103.73KB , 500x500 , tumblr_n26m4fm4bN1qlec60o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 87765
action packed episode with relevant Mako. Really just there to set up the finale, though.
>> No. 87772

>> No. 87774
>> No. 87775
File 139538049993.jpg - (29.47KB , 400x400 , icame.jpg )
>those Ultimate Three Star Uniforms
>> No. 87777
File 13953829057.png - (88.25KB , 700x680 , 1395379223243.png )
I hope everybody remembered to stay for the credits and after credits.
>> No. 87778
File 139538415217.jpg - (63.88KB , 1280x720 , 1395376651263.jpg )
>Inumuta Graphics
>> No. 87780
I really loved everyone contributing to the final fight. Excellent, excellent stuff.
>> No. 87781
I love how the uniforms have gotten increasingly streamlined and Kamui-inspired. Shows they put some thought into the progression of Iori's designs.
>> No. 87782
Wonder if the Starch Bullet will come back into play, I don't think they ever fired the thing.
>> No. 87783
File 13954198589.gif - (2.53MB , 480x270 , 1395381087003.gif )
Agreed, I just wish the guys' costumes exposed a bit of ass or something to sort of even the playing field a bit.

Also this was a really cute moment.
>> No. 87784
Maybe not, this show is pretty badly written
>> No. 87785
I'm pretty sure the ship missiles that got shot down were those.
>> No. 87786
File 139542146599.jpg - (34.78KB , 680x382 , kill-11-25-tsumugu-life-fiber-bullet.jpg )
Did you even read the post before you replied? Or watch the show?
>> No. 87787
Tsumugu has been getting fucked over pretty much constantly for awhile now.

He's turned into such a pointless character, he might as well not exist.
>> No. 87788
Final Hero of the show his starch bullet stun locks Ragyou just long enough for the sisters to do a double cut finisher, though he dies from finishing off Nui.
>> No. 87789
Seriously. He's not even good for comic relief like Aikuro is. He's basically the series Renji, plus with the fun but admittedly careless writing job they never explained why he could hear Senketsu in episode 5.
>> No. 87790
File 139543868274.jpg - (136.38KB , 1280x720 , 708663-kill_la_kill___09___large_23.jpg )
Speaking of Aikuro alongside Tsumugu it has to be mentioned that Nudist Beach's DTR's have been pretty worthless too.
Heh, remember how Aikuro gave off the impression of a potential badass before all the reveals? If he had intervened when it seemed he would have before then he'd have just gotten pasted.
>> No. 87791
I argue that the show is highly compressed and ends with a lot of threads flipping about.
>> No. 87792
File 139545400127.png - (109.17KB , 499x281 , 943134dd94f97fac0d82fe8681e16b7c.png )
for a story about fabric, kill la kill is pretty weakly woven, isn't it
>> No. 87793
Eh I see it more as moving too fast to be a finely made garment, something I fear for LoK as well.
>> No. 87795
I've apparently lost my 4chan folder and all reaction faces, so I have no way to properly express how absolutely hype I was during that episode.
>> No. 87800
File 139554342947.jpg - (403.05KB , 1920x1080 , 1395543049583.jpg )
Did Ragyo play the same games with her 'niece' that she did with her daughters?
>> No. 87806

I saw that as just her cutting loose after having to be all polite and respectful around the old bitch for so long, but I won't discount the possibility. What a horrible woman.
>> No. 87807
Oh I'm waiting for at least one of those teacups to break.

That was Ms.Satsuki second favorite cup
>> No. 87821
I don't think so. but I could see her do that in front of her with satsuki, as some sort of twisted ntr shit.
>> No. 87822
There's no fucking way this doesn't end with X-Strike.

>> No. 87825
Did they ever explain why Bakuzan is able to cut Life Fibers or is it just something it does? There's way too much in this show that's not super important but I wish they would follow up on at least in the supplemental material.
>> No. 87826
File 139568281080.png - (963.85KB , 1278x718 , Clipboard01.png )

Literally last episode.
>> No. 87828
>> No. 87842
>Hearing the rap portion of Before My Body is Dry for the first time

Oh...oh my. That really is quite bad.
>> No. 87843
File 139581385973.png - (1.60MB , 999x768 , 1395795080533.png )
>> No. 87844
File 139582813268.jpg - (1.57MB , 1280x2280 , 1395824058523.jpg )
If Ryuko's gonna steal moves from Jojo I guess Joseph makes a lot of sense. He likes to pick fights and his clothes are sometimes this close to being like kamuis.
>> No. 87858
None of the rap in the OST is good, though.
>> No. 87868
And That's That, I guess.
>> No. 87869
It's over. end was good but might have lacked of a final "wtf" twist to make it really memorable. closed ending too, so no season 2 ever. Not sure what OAV could cover. Either a prequel, or a retell maybe.
>> No. 87870
Probably for the best its tied off.
>> No. 87872
So the earlier end credit sequence was a look to her life after the final battle?
>> No. 87873
File 139595859925.jpg - (138.02KB , 1280x720 , 1392234246351.jpg )
>dat Ganmengoori
>> No. 87874
This was a bad show.
>> No. 87877
Ehh, I can see some rough spots but not too bad for a early work from a rather new company. Not perfect but okay I guess.
>> No. 87878

You have bad opinions.
>> No. 87879
File 13959634959.jpg - (7.61KB , 378x214 , Izanami_in_P4A.jpg )
Surely I'm not the only one who thinks Final Ragyo looks a hell of a lot like Izanami am I?
>> No. 87880
What else do you call a show where the writing and animation were both bad?
>> No. 87886
Well I was pretty happy with everything, especially Satsuki's "new normal" which was super cute.
>> No. 87887
What else do you call an opinion that only knows one adjective?
>> No. 87888
Thats stupid, using a different word that means bad isn't an important factor.
Thats an illogical retort.
>> No. 87889
File 139597484736.jpg - (85.90KB , 1280x720 , 1395965118064.jpg )
Why does she have her hand on her sister's vagina?
>> No. 87890
In this series, does that question even require an answer?
>> No. 87891
Gamagori was so based this episode.
>> No. 87893
"those aren't pillows"
>> No. 87896
Well they did say they took that relationship and ran with it.
>> No. 87897
Wasn't that comment just a joke though?
>> No. 87900
Well the show is fan service, he had Mako face food a when they were all eating croquettes.
>> No. 87901
So like what happened to Rei in the end and what was the deal with her having those weird paper powers?
>> No. 87902
Best anime.

I look forward to Trigger's next show.
>> No. 87903
>The Life Fiber stole everyone's nipples!
To be honest, I'm disappointed. The pacing felt pretty bad; everything was so rushed from the first second. It could have been split into 2-3 good episodes without even Dragonbrawling it out. I get that they were probably trying to twist a lot of cliches (like what happened to Gamagoori), and maybe the pace itself was supposed to be parody of some sort, but the final moments were incredibly cliche with no hint of irony or parody. The action was good, the animation was far better than normal (they probably saved their entire budget for this), got our usual amount of fanservice, but it sucked for closure.

I enjoyed the series, and it's gonna make great porn, but that poor ending leaves a sour taste. I'd still recommend it, but not as part of a "must see" list.

Anyone know the plot of the OVA?

>closed ending too
Nah. Ragyo said there were other life fibers out there, spreading through the galaxy, and that they might find Earth yet again. It's not a big setup, and they don't do anything more than state that outright, but it does leave open some possibility. Maybe an alien species becomes symbiotic with the life fiber instead of it turning their planet into a cocoon, maybe we do a future jump and space-faring humanity works to eliminate them all, etc. But I think our chances of seeing a second season or sequel series is about as good as TTGL getting one.

Because Trigger wants to see just as much porn come out of this as I do. And this episode gives yuri fans more than enough to just declare anything they damn well please. Especially that ending catch...
>> No. 87904
Nipples are in the blue ray.
>> No. 87905
Heh love it just as coy as the Mystery Inc ending, you can take it was you wish I guess.
>> No. 87906
I love this show, despite it's flaws. It's probably my favorite show in the last, like, 5 years (Jojo doesn't count cause it's an adaptation of something I've been reading for like a decade or more).

But did anyone even get killed? Ever? Even that guy from episode 1 kept showing up.
>> No. 87907
Well ones does. Loving the stuff of family and that Ryuko and Satsuki seem to be bonding more at the end probably at Mako's pushing in part. Though that look of loss from Ryuko at the end, dem feels.
>> No. 87908
I can't believe I didn't realize until now that Inumuta's new costume is Slutty Spiderman. I always just assumed Adam Jensen or Harry Ord.
>> No. 87909
I wonder if they're ever going to release the choral version with the extra voices of Don't Lose Your Way from the end of episode 23.
>> No. 87910
Gamagpri is so great. It's amazing how he started and ended the series the same way: laughing raucously while in a freefall.

Too bad his crush is super gay, cuz he deserved a happy ending too.
>> No. 87911

Aw man I can't even spell his name right. Best boy deserves better
>> No. 87912
He may still overall Mako still comes off as a quirky little sister than someone really attracted to her with most her talk seemed to go with boosting self esteem of Ryuko. But who can say, Trigger may comment on it later, who says they cannot share?
>> No. 87913
Who knows, she def likes him on some level and the ending purposely keeps it open. Maybe she'll eventually go for it after he asks her out.
>> No. 87914
Yea Satsuki's crew is still keeping close though she likely told them to stay out of site while she's spending time with her sister since they were sneaking about.
>> No. 87915
I dunno, Mako's feelings for Ryuko don't really seem like genuine romantic love. That sort of schoolgirl friendcrush is pretty common in anime but rarely amount to anything serious.
>> No. 87916
Yea which is a bit refreshing actually since most anime its just a lusty friend. Mako really cared and thought of her as family.
>> No. 87917
File 139601664520.jpg - (89.42KB , 488x516 , 1347027141315.jpg )
I really hate to be "that guy" but you guys are being pretty wack right now. Mako has never once been shown to be physically or romantically attracted to any male. She has been shown to be at least physically attracted to a female, and asked one out on a date that she imagines will include kissing. It's pretty clear cut.

You can't make someone straight just out of force of will.
>> No. 87919
Well that is fine but as far as her relationship with Ryuko is more close friend/sisterly love than romantic love.
>> No. 87922
Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Early on, it was hinted several times that Mako may be attracted to Ryuko, with her getting nosebleeds and such. All the same, it's been so long since any of that was brought up that it felt like we had moved passed that. Nothing Mako has ever done implies that she's in love with Ryuko, and I quite liked how steadfast their friendship had become. That's why, when Mako asked Ryuko out on a date, it felt like it came out of left field.

On to the subject of Gamagori. It was never confirmed until maybe that shot from the credits that he had any intentions of pursuing any relationship at all with Mako, but it was built up something fierce. This was everyone's darling ship and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't okay with it. He was always my favorite of the Elite Four and I love the idea of the stern man and the airhead girl getting together. And then, out of nowhere, Mako asks Ryuko out on a date in the last episode? I dunno man... it just doesn't seem fair. Is this how shippers feel all the time?
>> No. 87923
Who knows with the way she was with family it really feels more like this was a social date rather than a romantic one since they spend the time hanging out with Satsuki. Now it had been Satsuki doing her thing and then encountering them on theirs, then it would match. Eh different cultures and concepts.
>> No. 87924
File 139602045448.gif - (0.98MB , 350x207 , tumblr_inline_n34v9pV3XY1rmymsc[1].gif )
Clever edit is clever.

I think Mako just got (happily) used to seeing Ryuuko naked or half-so, and it became a non-issue.
>> No. 87925
This argument is so fuckin weird. Like, in any other series you got two girls existing in close proximity and everyone's shouting GOD JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY but here you get like legit girl/girl smooches and everyones like haha nono it's just a phase.


Shipping: not even once
>> No. 87926
File 139602149952.png - (363.83KB , 534x422 , 1396007865555.png )
This is what I got out of it. As far as the kissing and hand holding during Mako's "hallelujah", well, it's Mako. Honestly I think Trigger left it this way so that you can really interpret it however you want. You want this to be a romantic date between Ryuuko and Mako, there's enough there to make you happy. You want to interpret this as a friends thing because you like Mako/Gamagoori, well then pic related has you covered too. Hell, you want Gamagoori/Satsuki, then fuck it, maybe that's who he's waiting for.

Of course there's always the OVA to wait for which could flash forward a few years and show Mako and Ryuuko happily married with life-fiber science babies, so who's to say.
>> No. 87927
This could have been one of those situations where "date" had a better translation, but I think the kiss combined with other antics in the past places it squarely in the "romance" category and makes it the right one. However, with Mako, it might be some advanced form of puppy love instead of full-out desire (and certainly not lust.)
>> No. 87928
Still its more Mako being silly and kid sister than actually serious romantics. Whatever its a silly discussion to be really into for a show based on fan service.
>> No. 87929
If it's a romantic date, why's Satsuki with them?
>> No. 87931
If it's not a romantic date why did Mako kiss Ryuko in front of everyone when he asked her out? On her fantasy date Ryuko is wearing a (dude's!) school uniform and is all lovey-dovey. During The Kiss she's wearing Senketsu and is completely shocked. It happened for real during the halleluiah.
>> No. 87932
File 139602381521.png?spoiler - (312.76KB , 500x375 , The scars are forever.png?spoiler )

>Is this how shippers feel all the time?

Yes. Yes it is.
>> No. 87933

The difference between that and this is that this is nothing really happening after a few cute scenes, while THAT is bullshit after years of buildup. Literal and in-show years.
>> No. 87934
Did she really kiss her? That whole bit just felt more like her standard crazy excerpts, its not like she grabbed her arm as she was about to leave and kissed her saying "hey, lets go on a date when you get back" it was her same goofy childishness. Not Discounting there might be something there and that is driven home in the later release but that whole thing just felt more like the usual tension breaking childlike behavior to give Ryuko something she could look forward to.
>> No. 87935
>> No. 87936
File 139602637242.jpg - (95.86KB , 1280x800 , wxX0Qev.jpg )
You realize Mako's Hallejuah's are just literal representations of what she's saying right? People associate kissing with dates so when she says "DAATO" they drew that because that's what people think about dates in the first place.

Do you think Mako's also a Xenomorph just because she mentioned alien life?
>> No. 87939
File 139602893429.jpg - (1.24MB , 3964x1832 , image.jpg )
I kind of want this to be true because of how dark it makes the happy ending in retrospect.
>> No. 87940
In English the word 'date', although generally associated with romance, does have a bit of ambiguity to it. Strictly speaking it just means an arranged social event, although when used without modifiers it generally means a romantic one.

In Japanese, the word デート, pronounced 'deito', borrowed from the English word date, has no such ambiguity. I can't find a single instance of it being used non-romantically.

デート is the word Mako uses. Additionally, although Mako's 'hallelujah' sequences are literal reenactments of what she's saying, rather than necessarily meaningful in themselves, when she gives Ryuuko a peck all she's saying is しよう, meaning 'let's do _____' (being the volitional form of する, the verb 'to do'). That that gets run through the Mako filter as a kiss pretty strongly suggests what she has in mind, I'd say.

People arguing it's non-romantic are reaching hard enough to dislocate something.
>> No. 87942
Also, this whole conversation is giving me flashbacks. To another time, another fandom...

>> No. 87943
And with that its because some still want Annie to be final destination, eh regardless what is meant by what it'll get asked by and the creators will give an answer at some point or be added onto the later release.
>> No. 87944
Eh likely due to the show compression Mako's feelings really are kinda hard to pin down (romantic,friendship,familial) not really having the time to see it grow from one thing to another , that and her personality gets in the way of seeing that kinda serous emotion as clear as it would be in other situations since its so childlike.
>> No. 87945
What am I looking at here?
>> No. 87947
Ok, this is my last post on the subject because we really are talking about this way too much now. I honestly don't care wither way, the only reason I'm saying that it's not as clear cut as that is because it's Mako. If it was literally any other character this was happening with, I'd agree that yes, ok, they're a thing now. Cool, whatever. The problem is that this is Mako and Mako is insane. Everything she does, especially in Hallelujah mode, is a completely over the top looney tunes exaggeration of the point she's trying to make. Hence the reason it doesn't come across nearly as definitive to some as it does others.

Then there's the whole end sequence in which they're not doing anything more "date" like than what two non romantic female friends would be doing while hanging out together. I'm pretty sure that ambiguity was also intentional on Triggers part so as that fans will fill up message boards arguing about this silly shit.

...wait, dammit!
>> No. 87948
yea, twas all bait and we are falling for it. Good one Trigger. Now make another damn show.
>> No. 87949
The best part of this entire episode was that Trigger didn't Gainax up the ending. Senketsu dies, yes, but it's touching and doesn't feel like a meaningless asspull to force some drama. In fact it might actually be the strongest writing in the show, symbolizing Ryuko both growing up and putting her violent past behind her, giving her closure for her father's murder, and also symbolizing her father passing on in peace. All at once!

Unlike SOME OTHER SHOW where it's just needlessly kicking down SOMEONE who's done nothing wrong and SOMEONE who deserves a better life and end.
>> No. 87950
>Unlike SOME OTHER SHOW where it's just needlessly kicking down SOMEONE who's done nothing wrong and SOMEONE who deserves a better life and end.
What are we talking about here? Hamtaro?

Also, use spoilers when talking about events next time.
>> No. 87952

Check the OP
>> No. 87954
Who are you talking about?
>> No. 87955
File 139603585368.png - (258.01KB , 500x304 , YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.png )
>Good one Trigger. Now make another damn show.


>> No. 87956
File 139603616435.jpg?spoiler - (193.06KB , 1366x768 , It's the croquettes.jpg?spoiler )
Alright, we need to address a bigger concern. Like the economic stress caused by a massive global skyrocket in birthrate nine months after this happened. All of humanity, in public and naked, combined with the emotional rush of just having survived the clothesocalypse... What I'm trying to say is that there was probably a whole lotta fucking going on. I'm pretty sure at least a few people accidentally lost their virginity just by winding up in the catch Ryuuko pile.
>> No. 87957

Simon and Nia
>> No. 87958

I genuinely can't believe you people still exist.
>> No. 87959
Heh they add a Nursery to the academy Mako's family take to running an infant Clinic and Ryuko gets dragged into playing nursemaid to the tikes. All storm and bluster till one calls her "mama" then she softens and strengthens her resolve to give these kids the care she didn't have. Next gen of the line a whole coddle of adopted kids. Happy middle aged Ryuko surrounded by the storm that is her family.
>> No. 87960
The way you post all those run-ons and whatnot I can't tell if you're T4 under a different name or not.
>> No. 87961

Nia's death WASN'T kicking someone already down. It was to show that she and Simon had to accept that spiral power couldn't be used to solve all of their problems.

The whole point of the Anti-Spiral fight was to show that his brand of tyranny and oppression was wrong, and to preserve the peace of the universe Simon would accept full responsibility of his and humanity's power. Simon uncovered the same truth Lord Genome and the Anti Spirals themselves did. But rather than creating an oppressive regime he decided to let humanity regulate itself and put faith in them.

If he had used spiral power to save Nia or whatever then that'd have sent a different message entirely. Implying that he didn't CARE about the consequences of his actions and would use his powers for selfish reasons universe be damned. If Simon saved Nia then people would be rallying against the idea of Simon basically dooming everyone just so he could get some poontang.

And YES! This does go against the 'do the impossible' attitude of the first half of the series. Because the series CHANGED. The series EVOLVED. The series recognized where old values and ideals had to be abandoned to make way for new ideas. Evolution isn't always a progressive series of events where one part is objectively stronger than the other, it's about how one is better suited and adapted for certain environments. Simon recognized that he was a spiral warrior, and his power and strength was only valuable in certain situations.

It's why he didn't like his office job and was only happy when he was fighting in a mech. Because he was apart of an old regime and class that didn't need to exist anymore. Simon is a warrior and a hero, but you don't need warriors or heroes in times of peace.

I dunno I guess these are my own personal thoughts on the series. But I honestly felt like Nia's death was a legitimate ending for Simon. One that wasn't a HAPPY or even maybe a DESERVED end but one that was called for in the narrative leading up to the events. Gurren Lagann is a complicated show and not always told masterfully but I recognize and respect when it does something I can follow.

>> No. 87962
Agreed. Also, the entire point of the story was about each generation supplanting and improving upon the work of the previous. The death (or in Simon's case, self-imposed exile) of the Mega Heroes was part of this symbolism--Kamina dies and passes the torch to Simon. Nia dies, and Simon retires, passing the torch to Gimmy and Darry. Because it was a happy ending (albeit a bittersweet one), we can probably assume pretty safely that both Gimmy and Darry would grow up to be better than Simon and Nia.

Yeah, it sucks that Nia died young and Simon didn't get to spend that much time with her before it was time for them to pass on the baton, but that happened because they peaked early--they accomplished their Big Accomplishments in their youth. Meaning the ending of the show hit while they were still young, and thus when Nia had to die for the sake of the symbolism, she was still young.

I suppose you could've gotten away with giving them like a year before Time Caught Up With Her, but it would've muted the impact of their decision, and made it less an example of heroism on their parts to accept their fates, because they DID have that time together. That final bit was supposed to be the sacrifice that both characters were making--Nia in fading away, and Simon in allowing her to do so, rather than put the universe at risk for the sake of their own selfish motivations. And make no mistake, even though Simon would be doing it for Nia rather than for himself, it WOULD be selfish of him to endanger the universe for her, and both of them knew it. We generally see stories like this where the willingness to make the selfish decision is considered virtuous, but in this case they went against the grain to say something different: sometimes the most heroic thing you can do is surrender.

>> No. 87964
File 139605094530.jpg - (218.05KB , 1024x576 , savedanime.jpg )
>> No. 87965
File 13960530793.jpg - (109.76KB , 310x400 , 1392604218573.jpg )
Surprised I'm not as bummed out about Senketsu dying and all as I thought I would, as much as I adored the little guy. Guess it was too predictable.
>> No. 87966
And this is like the third time he's been shredded. Granted, this time it's apparently permanent.
>> No. 87968
File 139606558037.png - (297.18KB , 600x480 , 1396025023375.png )
>> No. 87970
Heh Life Fibers caused humans to evolved without nipples to keep people from chafing. Oh that would have been a fun way to play featureless chests.
>> No. 87982
Can't be T4. everything was spelled correctly.
>> No. 87985
I did kinda assume it was more of an outing when she started talking about dresses and accessorizing.
>> No. 87987
A date is just an outing with someone you want to kiss.
>> No. 87988
I want Ryuko in her Civies with the Sword Case Figma.

And I just thought of a way to do a second series. Large Scale Development of Artificial Life Fibers. Shit be getting Revengeance up in here which leads to a space mission to recover the remains of Senketsu.

Next a project to reweave him also getting all Mass Effect do a whole reweaving process and then we are off into space to stop the invasion of the other reap..er life fiber being things. So it would start Revengeance and then space mission recovery rebuild then leads into Mass Effect Space battle action to end the life fiber menace for the galaxy.
>> No. 87990
Guys did you know sometimes anime teases multiple pairings and then ends ambiguously in order to maximize on amount of people to sell merch too HMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Anyway, the finale. I actually liked it a lot, though admittedly mostly because it hit pretty much everything on my final boss checklist:
[xxx]Boss is taken down through music based powerup using the OP/major insert song
[x]All powers are combined for last fight
[x]Everyone major pitches in directly

I think literally the only one it didn't hit was "hero and villain are left naked and powerless and resort to beating the SHIT out of each other with their bare hands," which in this case would have ideally happened on the moon.

Overall I maintain its Imaishi's weakest series, but for all its flaws it hold to the Golden Rule: start strong, end strong. And it does end strong, in fact this is the second best end Imaishi's done, the only one that was better was Panty Stocking.

I enjoyed it, I'd probably recommend it to people if I saw they liked his other stuff/similar series.
>> No. 87992
Well yea probably equal groups want Gramako and others are looking for Ryako, why not make suggestive statues and and maximize profit, keep that Dosh incoming.
>> No. 87993
File 139614500439.jpg - (64.62KB , 600x178 , venture-bros-ignore-me1.jpg )
-Rei is back, has set up shop in America, and seemingly posses the powers of Ragyo. She has 3 generals, because Four Symbols, and somehow Nui is getting revived.

-Shit goes monster of the week as their new covers start making people go monster!Ryuko.

-Ryuko and the gang go to America and makes a bunch of new friends buy having big dumb over the top fights with them.

-By chance, Gamagoori meets a possible brother/sister/whatever and ends up going on a road trip with Mako to meet dad.

-Takarda becomes a main character.

-Senketsu's pieces are either in orbit, have surfaced, or are in the villain's possession, and Ryuko can sense the pieces.
>> No. 87994
Eh its possible, I could see a kickapoo in the future for KLK Volume 2:Fashionistas Furies. Or if this thing proves crazy popular on the back end. But yea a Fear and Loathing style road trip with Mako, yep that is further breaking the boarders of reality.
>> No. 87995
>> No. 87996
Kickstarter maybe they could pull enough money for a another season.
>> No. 88003
Kickstarter is a terrible idea for any project that is above a million dollars. And a full anime season is probably something like 24 * 300 000$ at the very least (high quality stuff is easily one million per episode after all).
They can finance an OAV with it, but not a season of anything that will not look like crap.
>> No. 88005
Annnnd it just hit me that the transmitter was a penis and the cocoon a zygote.
>> No. 88006
Also, someone needs to make a picture of everyone enjoying a tea party with Soroi.
>> No. 88007

Ryuko being agog at being "home" in the mansion proper, awww that would be something.
>> No. 88008
Actually, I imagine that with REVOCS done for, Japan takes it and sells it off to cover rebuilding costs, leaving Satsuki with very little. She moves in with Ryuuko and Mako's family, who have set up a larger, but still back-alley, clinic in Osaka using seed money from Takarada funneled through the Beach Restructuring Conglomerate.

Soroi, of course, moves in with them and still serves Satsuki.
>> No. 88009
That works too wonder what would happen to the whole structure she'd built for students at the school, better uniforms and better life thing? It looked it might have just dissolved since she herself was just in a sundress at the end when she was out with Ryuko and Mako.
>> No. 88010
The school and entire city around it completely disappeared. If the ED is any indication, it looks like they sunk it.
>> No. 88011
Yea that seems like it would be the end solution to keep anyone from trying to make Artificial Life Fibers keeping all that tech and research out of the wrong hands. Course that would also mean that it just makes it likely they'll go to Ryuko's old Mansion and find the basement cleaned out and work from his notes and records.
>> No. 88015
File 139627344068.jpg - (131.74KB , 1200x674 , 1396272748776.jpg )
I'm posting this picture because of a single cosplay in it. I'll let you guess which one.
>> No. 88016
>That Gama

>> No. 88019

I think I see some Hammers in Two Star Mako's jacket. Damn then Gams on Gama
>> No. 88022
That has to be a body suit. Or something. Because otherwise, holy shit.
>> No. 88034
What if 4Kids dubbed KILL LA K…youtube thumb
>> No. 88036
That was awesome, would buy swedish subs and show it to dude for the lolz.
I am glad I was right about thinking that it would end in space and with everyone in nude.
>> No. 88055
File 139652343864.gif - (690.94KB , 320x240 , tumblr_n1funzHKZJ1qd2az6o3_400.gif )
>> No. 88087
File 139675226514.jpg - (96.15KB , 721x960 , 1148792_10152332884679100_7618092358697769141_n[1].jpg )
>> No. 88088
I wonder if they're ever going to follow up on Rei. She was cute and hat a pretty neat design and powers, but they never even followed up on what happened to her corpse/whatever.
>> No. 88089
I'm pretty sure that she popped out of Ragyo when Ragyo was sliced up in the same way that people popped out of COVERS when they were destroyed or used the cannon thing, so she's probably very much alive.

As for the paper powers, she's probably related to the gals from Read or Die.

Also, there's some good material in freaky tantric mind sex when Rei and Nui merge with Ragyo.
>> No. 88090
Awww now I'm seeing some continuation where they encounter a person is wearing the bandana part of Senketsu over their face stitched up looking bloodshot and gnarly.
Ryuko cries out and runs for him only to have the person wearing Senketsu grab her by the throat and Senketsu growl not to follow before tossing her into a corner and running away.
>> No. 88095

Is this accurate?
>> No. 88137
File 139705136326.jpg - (875.37KB , 528x2309 , 1397050916364.jpg )
Polite sage, because there's not really anything to discuss, but this is just too cute to not be posted.
>> No. 88470
OST2 out motherfuckers!
Dat track 5.
>> No. 88479
File 139950965867.jpg - (45.92KB , 641x567 , and it was glorious.jpg )
>Track 8
>Dat guitar
>> No. 88480
File 139951219393.jpg - (95.57KB , 400x489 , 1381458067843.jpg )

>Instrumental Until My Body is Dry and Till I die
>> No. 88481
Anyone have a link?
>> No. 88482

I'm pretty sure everyone that's listening to it right now has a link, yeah.
>> No. 88484
MP3 ddl:
>> No. 88486
I dunno what this is. Probly flac

>> No. 88488
>> No. 88501
awwww, they are too adorable. Need OVA I want sister stuff. Both getting stubborn about doing stuff for each other and Mako playing ref to keep the family together.
>> No. 88504
File 139961281869.gif - (242.63KB , 500x281 , MAKO LOOP.gif )
Kiss La Kissyoutube thumb

Stick it in.

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