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File 136528064887.jpg - (348.58KB , 678x862 , Miia my daling.jpg )
81939 No. 81939
With the latest chapter out I think it time to start:
ta da~
And if you dont fell like talking about this manga then this is just monster girl general I guess...
Or something...
Good to see Suu getting some CD doe.
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>> No. 81940
Also finally getting a related pic without a thumpnail problem was a pain...
No nurses for you.
>> No. 81941
EMG a shit, Centaur's Worries is better besides the shitty first chapter.
>> No. 81942
File 136528249993.png - (85.84KB , 246x277 , tumblr_me2pk6aYZY1rbp0ybo1_250.png )
Miia #1!
>> No. 81943
File 136528264762.png - (487.13KB , 1658x1137 , 1340317395517.png )
Second best girl is Missu Smithu
>> No. 81948
File 136528831187.png - (148.44KB , 874x698 , 1365276400462.png )
>> No. 81950
File 136529282668.png - (135.72KB , 1126x580 , 1365292622585.png )
>> No. 81953
File 136533886321.png?spoiler - (312.65KB , 599x488 , 1365293724889.png?spoiler )
>> No. 81954
> Day off
>In bed with balled up tissues

... I thought that was just a dude based visual trope... Huh!
>> No. 81973
File 136541961538.png - (56.78KB , 305x301 , probably not standing up.png )
Sure, I'm in. The look-but-don't-touch premise worked fine for Yuria 100 Shiki.
>> No. 81976
File 136542814650.jpg - (704.70KB , 1159x1688 , 1365275759573.jpg )
>> No. 81981
File 13654332505.png - (99.77KB , 600x263 , untitled-11.png )
>> No. 81982
File 136543362912.png - (81.49KB , 314x400 , 1365293758492.png )
>> No. 81991
File 136545196015.jpg?spoiler - (165.29KB , 754x1074 , Centaur's Worries 1.jpg?spoiler )
True and we can talk about that thank to my "or something..." loophole.
Hell how about them monster girl porngame!
Nah, this is still better.
>> No. 82002
Good old news everyone!
And two out of three good ones is not bad.
>> No. 82061
File 136570866490.jpg - (318.01KB , 800x600 , (708) g-shot.jpg )
I found this on nekomimichans mg board.
An AWESOME set if I say so myself.
Its on g-f-hentai of if you dont feel like d-loading it.
>> No. 82069
T4 there reaches a point by which your English is so bad we honestly can't understand you. Please, please try harder.

As for MG, I'm just waiting for MGQ part 3.
>> No. 82074
maybe she was watching romantic movies and getting all teary

Mia is the best girlwould have been better with just heri mean for fucks sake, threes a crowd but seven is just... ugh
>> No. 82089
Really, harem is overdone.
>> No. 82090
Get outta here, all we need is for Mr. Darling's well-meaning, hard-working, hey-maybe-there's-some-runoff-to-be-had-here dad to show up, and then they can go into space.
>> No. 82091
...Space Monster-girls?
>> No. 82119
Mermaid humor anyone?
Fertilize these?
Ahahaha. Not that good of a start but lets see where this goes.
>> No. 82218
File 136633641247.png - (2.69MB , 2876x1244 , 1365276236264.png )
>> No. 82278
Well now I gotta watch this. Considering how shit tier your tastes in, well everything, right down to spelling and grammar are, I straight up need to see what counts as "not that good" in your opinion.
>> No. 82295
File 136657387528.jpg - (239.92KB , 1000x753 , Miia in the morning.jpg )
Well that was because NOTHING FUCKING HAPPEND in that ep.
The next one is better. Mostly do to the cast getting bigger. In one case literally.
And hey, I like it more then Squvid Girl, but my HATE of that show come from not like to see a monster girl being bullyed.
Especially ones talking in puns!
But lets get back on track.
I hope we get to see more Monster Boys in EMG.
Ones that can make the love-polyhedron more intressting.
But they can wait intill after all or atless most of the girls show up.
Hope Arachne is next~

>> No. 82358
So does this count as MG too?
Dont think so but...
>> No. 82360
So the next girl is a spider-lady apparently?
>> No. 82399
File 136693323298.jpg - (269.54KB , 700x998 , 1366920247269.jpg )
>> No. 82409
File 136698178468.gif - (1.49MB , 200x150 , 1359829444275.gif )
>> No. 82588
File 136769378891.png - (326.49KB , 1105x1600 , 001 YES.png )
>> No. 82601
File 136776645891.jpg?spoiler - (633.84KB , 1296x1898 , Papi's a hen.jpg?spoiler )
Wait what was that about tv?
>> No. 82605
That explains the leg shadows in the skirt/shorts.
>> No. 82652
>We've sold 300,000 copies!
>> No. 82655
. . .Oh my god, it literally says that, doesn't it.
>> No. 82691
Its said that last chapter.
>> No. 83121
Geeze Miia is loooooooooooooooooooooooooong
>> No. 83205
File 137042222773.png - (215.07KB , 1099x1600 , 002 man I hate ads.png )
More world building.
>> No. 83206
Oh man. I wonder if Japan realizes that in the English-speaking world, making France be populated by literal frogs is hilarious?
>> No. 83210
>did not read the chapter -lol
>> No. 83301
File 137071902221.jpg - (610.53KB , 1332x1950 , Enter Rachnera Arachnera.jpg )
Spider-bitch, Spider-bitch, Look out, here comes Spider-bitch~!

And whats that ad they are talking about again?
>> No. 83304
Its getting kind of stupid
>> No. 83305
It always was. It's just that it's been going on for long enough, that you can start to tell the author couldn't write his way out of a shoebox.
>> No. 83321
Meh, I have read worse harem.
Atlest he(?) is good at ecchi and character interaction.
But with all of the dumb rules this world has he should not try to be serious.
>> No. 83322
the top half of that spider is banging

bottom half i dont think i could deal with in real life unless it was like metal or something
>> No. 83323
I find the spidergirl rather unlikeable and her whole 'depressing sympathetic backstory' way too contrived.

I'm... kinda thinking of dropping the series. I mean how many more new girls are they going to cram into his house and the main harem plot? He'd gonna need to move to a mansion if they throw anymore of these bigass monstergirls in.
>> No. 83334
File 13708557084.jpg - (752.06KB , 1243x1820 , A centaur girl appears.jpg )
Eh, I think this here is still the low point of the manga.
And I could not find a clip of this on youtube so I had to settle for this:
>Marge: I'm here to share my moral outrage. But this time it's not about that giant inflatable "Dos Equis" bottle. It's about a certain house in our town.
>Moe: Yeah, well what's wrong with this house? Is it the plumbing?
>Marge: No. It's a house of ill fame. A house of loose ethics.
>Kent Brockman: Is there a building code violation? A drainage issue? A surveying error?
>Marge: The house is perfectly fine!
>Chief Wiggum: Well, then quit bad-mouthing the house!
>Otto: Yeah, leave the house alone!

Joking aside, I hope it goes full on Burrow.
>> No. 84018
Man I love this comic.
So fucking cute.
>> No. 84325
Damn that was fast.
>> No. 84364

No monster girls in it yet, but I sense monster girls shall appear.
>> No. 84440

Vampires count as monster girls, right?
>> No. 84445
Not really... but I have to say, that first chapter was alot better than I was expecting. Kinda like Yankee-Kun no Megane Chan, but with more genuine heartstring-pulling to it.
>> No. 84483
File 137690051633.jpg - (300.99KB , 1456x1115 , h029.jpg )
At first I would have said no but then~
But why do I want this to go into Let the right one in territory?
>> No. 84484
File 137690107210.jpg - (595.95KB , 1421x2080 , ELsXjV5.jpg )
Also fucking ninja update!
And as I predicted, with her shitty backstory out of the way she is aloud to be fun.
>> No. 84485
File 137690170624.jpg - (624.26KB , 1368x2002 , Gym master Kobolt.jpg )
And hi awesome gym owner monster!
Just hope she is off the love interest table.
It pretty full as it is.
>> No. 84488
File 137691628999.jpg - (17.00KB , 236x313 , Kobold.jpg )
The Japanese and the Western Kobolds differ.
>> No. 84489
File 13769163833.jpg - (117.62KB , 619x787 , kobold dude.jpg )
In stuff like D&D Kobolds are a monster race of little reptile people who are proficient in working together with their tribe in setting traps and such
>> No. 84491
File 13769268556.gif - (33.88KB , 246x339 , Gengen01.gif )
First thing I think of when I see "kobold" is the cute little critters from Suikoden.
>> No. 84493
Same here, they were my introduction to the term.
>> No. 84494
File 137693614039.jpg - (38.63KB , 745x316 , kobolds.jpg )
Actually, D&D is the only piece of "literature" that depicts Kobolds as reptile people. And even they only did it from 3rd Edition onwards, to make them more destinct from other humanoid races like Goblins and Gnolls.
>> No. 84496
Where else do Kobolds show up in the west outside of the likes of D&D?
>> No. 84497
File 137694128849.jpg - (72.19KB , 312x445 , 226.jpg )
Nowadays? In a lot of fantasy stuff, actually. Too much to make a list. And as a German I can assure you, many Germans are more familiar with the term Kobold than with fantasy races like Lamia and Gnolls. They're part of our folklore. Which is why I got slightly mad at the (only very recent) D&D version being considered the "Western Kobold". You could call it the American Kobold, maybe. And even that's spotty.
>> No. 84498
Neil Gaiman's American Gods featured a Kobold straight from German folklore. He....definitely was not a D&D Kobold.
>> No. 84603
>> No. 84612
Lets try that again!
>> No. 84836
So guesses on who sent the note?
I hope for the childhood promise cliche.
So that it can be thrown under a bus in a funny way.
>> No. 84848
File 137944090610.jpg - (973.26KB , 1067x800 , MY GOD tumblr_mr3fwjgT9I1qfw0l7o2_1280.jpg )
Or its that neckless chick.
Your ingenuity never seize to amaze me.

>pic found on fuckyeahmonstergirls.tumblr.com
>> No. 84927
Man, centaur girls always seem neat until I remember that the endgame is basically fucking a horse.
>> No. 84928
Man, centaur girls always seem neat until I remember that the endgame is basically fucking a horse.
>> No. 84930
>> No. 84953
This chaper was the worst in that you think it will go the way you really want then is like NOPE!
And more then ones no less!
>> No. 85068
I actually was hoping that dragonewt was a guy, but this is a monster girl comic.
>> No. 85649
I am more worred about the mermaid falling for him for real, making her just another harem girl.
But good news was had http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/10/30-1/monster-girls-rule-new-york-times-manga-best-seller-list
>> No. 85651
The story was best when it was just the guy and the snake monster girl, now they just keep throwing in more and more new girls for the hype and retreading horribly tired harem stories.
>> No. 85652
>finally read manga
>It's pretty darned cute and fun
>See thread in /jam/
>nothing but endless bitching about it being a harem comedy

Oh well.

But I did find this series to be pretty enjoyable light reading, with good art and fun characters. Miss Smith, Mia, and Cerea is probably my favorite so far.
>> No. 85653
How far into it are you
>> No. 85657

I read all of it in one sitting, so up to Chapter 20.
>> No. 85665
File 13849139998.png - (229.76KB , 1033x1500 , 000 Dinosaur-san NOT.png )
I think my personal issue is with the original one pages premise.
Seeing a familly of look-a-likes having individual romances with different girls was fun, sexy, bigger in scope and full of feel good.
Now it feels like it going for the lowest common denominator with a harem dance I have seen before. (Like in Rosario Vampire)
It takes some of the fun out of it when you have a feeling it could be something more intressting.

Dont help that Centaur no Nayami/A Centaur's Life is just simply better.
>> No. 85666
How does that humanoid body support that massive long snake neck and head?
>> No. 85674
File 138495754447.jpg - (0.97MB , 1920x3865 , 1384941324249.jpg )
Did someone say sexy Centaur? (Those with weak constitutions might wish to ignore this thread screencap)
>> No. 85681
File 13849838598.png - (261.45KB , 1033x1500 , 005 will break.png )
Not well when a child can break it.
>> No. 85682
File 138498420671.jpg - (14.66KB , 300x300 , 2dd.jpg )
>> No. 85683
File 138498548014.png - (370.14KB , 498x722 , long lasting trauma.png )
>> No. 85684
File 138498648263.gif - (1.03MB , 248x193 , 1382708903394.gif )
>> No. 85696
File 138504826216.jpg - (110.55KB , 640x480 , Typical_MLP_Fan.jpg )

I realized I have the perfect macro for this situation.
>> No. 85699
Implying that really woman dont have accidents in bedroom~
And you have already lost agenst the horse fuckers because of THIS!
Clicks beware, you are in for a scare~
Even I think its a bit much.
The dragoness is fine doe, because thats fantasy and not near anything real.
Feels real nice too~
They could use a bug pussy as well.
Wait what the fuck are we talking!
>> No. 85712
That Macro really is perfect.
>> No. 85793

A cyclops that works as a nurse at a school? Hell yeah!
>> No. 85794
Hell yeah indeed.
Also Centaur no update: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Centaur-no-Nayami/Ch-038-Read-Online?id=180857
>> No. 85833
So Alice and Luca's Bogus Journey Part 3 is now fully patched and I've been playing that. It's mostly pretty enjoyable, but I do have two comments, a compliment and a complaint.

The compliment is that aside of Bayonetta and I guess El Shaddai, this is the only game where angels are presented as the properly horrifying nightmare beasts most of them are supposed to be.

The complaint is that DAMN IT TOROTORO STOP FORCING ME TO WATCH SCENES WITH DARK KURISU'S CREATIONS. The deal is that you can show the monster, but I don't have to see what you make it DO unless I lose to it. YOU'VE BROKEN THAT DEAL.
>> No. 85847
Well atlest someone in Japan watched Pacific rim.
*hint hint*
Also in b4 the "just draw porn damit" meme.
Because DAAAMN!
>> No. 85848
Yeah it might as well go be all-out porn now by this point, its not like the writing is anything worth bothering with
>> No. 85852
Finished Monster Girl Quest 3 last night. Monster Girls have never been my thing for the most part (I ctrl through any porn the game forces you to see), but I actually do enjoy the writing and characters in this series.

It's a good, fun JRPG that I can never, ever admit I've played. Like, I'd sooner talk about Sengoku Rance in real life.
>> No. 85878
Now that all 3 parts are out, I finally played Monster Girl Quest.

Why is this game so GOOD? Like this is honestly the best JRPG I've played in quite awhile.
Granbera>Tamamao>Harpy Queen>The rest as of my arrival at the Colosseum
>> No. 86418
Oh HO HO new Everyday Monster Girl chapter at last
>> No. 86818
>> No. 86921
File 139160128698.png - (161.63KB , 976x1400 , 000.png )
Wow this manga is what I wanted Everyday monster girl to be.
Thanks for sharing!
>> No. 86922
No problem, it's fucking radical.
>> No. 88373
File 139872206726.jpg - (223.22KB , 1102x1600 , 1956877_825617934133341_8738359373575882005_o.jpg )
Looking for chapter 24 english translation
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