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File 139410235941.jpg - (180.63KB , 1232x1156 , DSC07693cropE.jpg )
87509 No. 87509
Chuunibyou S2 is the most worthless, otaku-pandering piece of plot-deprived dreck. I'm enjoying it thoroughly.
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>> No. 87514
This is really great.

>> No. 87521
Right stuf is currently having a sale of at least 33% off on all Dark Horse titles, with another 10% off on top if you're a Got Anime member for about a total of ~40% off. I just splurged and bought the Berserk manga series in its entirety and some other stuff.
>> No. 87530
>I just splurged and bought the Berserk manga series in its entirety and some other stuff.

A decent move if you're prepared for the withdrawal.

I owned dead tree of the first four volumes, before I donated all my comics to the local library.
>> No. 87547
File 139425130284.jpg - (391.35KB , 860x1236 , img000030.jpg )
A sample.
>> No. 87548
I'd forgotten how amazing the Welcome to the NHK's soundtrack is. I've probably spent more time listening to its music than I did watching the show.

You've caught my attention. I've read what's there, wish there was more.
>> No. 87566
File 139433623778.jpg - (48.07KB , 642x437 , 1366952344354.jpg )
>Zvesda 9
Man I was not sure about this show, but I believed in Meteor, and boy is he delivering.
>> No. 87573
File 13943780386.jpg - (120.70KB , 856x808 , 1355764500596.jpg )

>Zvesda 9

It combined two of my favorite things; cute girls and shit getting real.

Best part was Grandma and Grandpa's fight
>> No. 87576
File 139438963788.jpg - (42.29KB , 640x640 , 84515cd0a72011e3873d0e8387906df5b_8.jpg )

Darker Than Black S3 or S0?
>> No. 87578

It better be a third season after the way they ended the second season. Jesus that was the most non-ending ending I've ever seen.
>> No. 87590
File 139443789880.png - (264.35KB , 826x1200 , img000019.png )
The adorkable readings are off the charts, captain!
Now to see it all come tumbling down in two chapters.
>> No. 87601
So if someone wants a surreal and kinda funny anime, check out Detroit Metal City. It's about a young guy from the country who loves pop (especially French) music but is the vocalist, writer, and guitarist for the top Metal band in Japan... which is the only music he can seem to write well, and he hates it.

The clash of cultures is fun.
>> No. 87602
File 139450182599.png - (402.67KB , 768x436 , Upala.png )
>Nobunagun 10
>República de Costa Rica
I always get pumped/act like a giggling girl every time I see any mention of my country. Extra points for accuracy.
>> No. 87607
File 139452453249.jpg - (515.41KB , 1280x3000 , mahou no main character.jpg )
>> No. 87608
File 139452644223.jpg - (11.46KB , 184x184 , 554238e21e988b00e5ead0e8ee7c443b5f09c120_full.jpg )
Oh you foolish girl you don't even realize

>> No. 87609
File 139453363273.jpg - (160.74KB , 800x1140 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4835331.jpg )
I think think ridiculously oblivious to context, unstoppable gayboi is the best thing in Seven Deadly Sins.
>> No. 87611
File 139454227965.jpg - (251.44KB , 854x480 , crowd.jpg )
Can you pick the main character of an anime out from a crowd?
>> No. 87644
What scares me is that those designs remind me of some hentai animes.
>> No. 87701
What in the actual fuck?
>> No. 87702
File 139491052676.jpg - (112.78KB , 1000x1000 , 1262625059381.jpg )
>live action
>> No. 87703
The tech of Last Exile confuses me: They can build giant spaceships that can be controlled by genetics, but broadcasting voice is beyond them? Even if the Exiles were built generations ago and their tech forgotten, with everything else they have I'm surprised that they still rely on signals and flares.
>> No. 87704
>Zvezda 10

>> No. 87705

The engines that power all airships are provided by and run/maintained by the Guild, who are the only ones with advanced technology left. The Guild also sets the rules of war, and violations thereof will result in engine forfeiture - as in, the engine just takes off and leaves the rest of the ship behind, to plummet to earth...unless the Guild just don't care, anyway.

Remember that episode after they declare war on the guild, when they have to simultaneously attack and take over all the engines or else they'll be withdrawn. The Silvana owes its independence to the fact that its engine is run by a defector from the Guild.

The guild actually can communicate via video link (and I believe can do so from engine to engine) but it doesn't suit them to provide that capability to the nations below.
>> No. 87706

Whoops, I just realized I slightly misread your post. Basically, the technology exists in the world, but it's in the care of the Guild, who are at best neglectful custodians, and at worst capricious tyrants (and even they've lost much of it). The people of Anatoray and Disith get what the Guild wants them to have, and no more.

It's strongly hinted that Prester is an artificial planet, and that the Guild were originally those charged with maintaining the systems that controlled the planet itself; the weather controller, etc. Thus, they held on to much of the old technology even as it was forgotten by the people living below. They used their technology to establish control over the peasants who lived below them, and rule them. However, in so doing, they became corrupt and began neglecting their duties to keep the planet running smoothly - resulting in Disith being plunged into an everlasting winter, causing them to invade Anatoray looking for refuge. Eventually, Anatoray would be consumed with heat.

(It's also hinted that Delphine may have gone all Night of the Long Knives on House Hamilton, Alvis' family, in order to establish her family's dominance over the Guild. Given how batshit fucking nuts the Elaclaires are, this may have been the cause of the Guild losing the plot in terms of keeping shit running)

>> No. 87707
File 139494042773.gif - (292.31KB , 450x450 , 1371797551223.gif )
>> No. 87709
And yet still no Baccano 2.
>> No. 87717
File 139499676898.jpg - (104.31KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )
>> No. 87721
File 139500128930.jpg - (288.97KB , 642x927 , Wellthen.jpg )
Hmm. This may causes some problems later on.
>> No. 87722
File 139500518774.jpg - (158.16KB , 800x1205 , battle-angel-alita-last-order-4844749.jpg )
oh, shit, cool.
>> No. 87723
File 139500566629.png - (17.51KB , 379x214 , 1255902464154.png )
So Durararararara sequel? Is there enough material in the LNs for a full season?
>> No. 87727
Just got back from seeing The Wind Rises. It's easily the best thing Miyazaki, or Ghibli in general really, has done since Spirited Away. My only two complaints are that the bits with Jiro's wife, while necessary for the character Miyazaki builds for him, fall flat compared to the the rest of the film and that Miyazaki's style gets a bit too silly to fit with the film at times (mostly in terms of facial expressions and a few minor character designs), but it's a minor thing.

Admitting that I know next to nothing about Horikoshi the historical figure, I find the one in the film somewhat interesting, but I don't really think the movie's about the man himself so much as it is about Miyazaki's eternal fetish for flying itself and his interest in creators within their element. The latter I think is particularly significant in a couple points, namely in the way Jiro is shown working and in how the political element of the whole thing comes together. Some of the most painstakingly detailed moments in the film are scenes in which little is going on but a few guys gathered around a set of prints sketching and doing measurements.

Whenever the political element is brought up, rather than getting much into it (although unsurprisingly for the very historically liberal Miyazaki the disdain for fascism and war shines through), the characters dismiss it entirely. They are largely apolitical: the war and all else is a sideshow to them, all the film's notable engineers dismiss it, preferring to focus on the planes themselves. What's done with them once they are designed and produced is irrelevant to Jiro and co. Miyazaki himself, at least if I'm reading the conversation between Jiro and Caproni in one of the dream sequences correctly, seems to be of the opinion that these engineers have no relation to the war itself anyway, they are artists, it's the military who corrupts their artwork.

It's an interesting film, and a good deal more thought provoking than the stuff Miyazaki himself usually does. If the movie were shittier, I'd almost think this was Takahata's work, since while he inevitably fucks it up by technical means or by being a terrible person, he's usually the one who has historically aimed for the harder material while Miyazaki stayed in the considerably less controversial realms of "hey women are people too, wake the fuck up" and "pollution is bad."
>> No. 87745
File 139512017562.gif - (972.92KB , 312x213 , 1379958580053.gif )
]Baccanofags getting BLOWN OUTTA THE FUCKING WATER! Spice & Wolf fanatics whimper in corner. News at 11.
>> No. 87749
FOOL! It have only given us hope for our own neglected series! We live on!!
>> No. 87751
File 139520091031.gif - (2.70MB , 328x190 , 1395176997681.gif )
>> No. 87754
This is the dumbest shit and I love it!
>> No. 87763
I'm beginning to understand why my friend prefers the original FMA over Brotehrhood. That, and probably the fact he considers Father to be a boring final boss.
>> No. 87776

It's exactly like that, with EVERY SINGLE DRAMATIC MOMENT.

I don't really like Brotherhood until it gets to episode 15ish. That's when you get to the point where the first anime split off from the manga. After that point, I can't say I like the first FMA more because it's gone into it's own completely different story; there isn't anything to compare it to.

It's exactly like the new HunterxHunter. I'm enjoying the SHIT out of the Chimera Ant arc, but that's because the first anime never got that far, and the novelty of seeing that part of the manga animated is superseding the fact that the style/tone/music of the first anime was mostly superior to the new one.

(That said, I liked Father as the final boss a lot better than Dante. He was at least threatening; Dante was weaksauce; Eckhart was just... yeah. However, I'm 50/50 split on which versions of the homunculi I liked better. Lust was definitely better in the first anime, while Envy was definitely better in Brotherhood. Gluttony is a toss-up, and Greed was pretty much the same, though I preferred him getting killed by Edward instead of Bradley. Brotherhood's Bradley, of course, is superior, but that version of Sloth was a non-character — can't hold a candle to FREAKING TRISHA ELRIC. Finally, I don't know whether to prefer first anime Wrath or Brotherhood's Pride. Interesting how they're both the only homunculi redeemed in the end of their respective series; you could call it innocence of childhood if Pride wasn't literally centuries old, and Wrath should have been a GOD considering he spent like ten years hanging out with Truth...)
>> No. 87797
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan's ending sure was disappointing and maybe depressing if the last bit is all in his head so he can cope with it.
>> No. 87798
Yeah, I hated mood killings in Brotherhood. Too many action-packed fights had someone mention a term like "short" and Ed would go chibi and start ranting. Or just >>87763. I still like it, and it had the stronger ending of the two, but I prefer FMA over Brotherhood (though I agree with Mesias's friend about Father; everything else was tits, though.)
>> No. 87801
One series has Olivia.

The other series does not have Olivia.

This is not a real contest people.
>> No. 87805
BABYMETAL - ギミチョコ!…youtube thumb

J-pop/Trash Mash?
>> No. 87808
File 139558802684.jpg - (200.91KB , 869x1288 , pnisekoi115_019_rhs.jpg )
>> No. 87809

Battle Angel Alita last order has ended. I am crying bitch tears from that storytelling.
>> No. 87811
Isn't it April that it finishes?
>> No. 87812
File 139560174322.jpg - (116.61KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mt1yccp2V61sitk6io1_500.jpg )
Speaking of April.

Berserk to Resume in Young Animal #08 (11/04/14)

that'll be 1 year, 3 months and 14 days since the series went on hiatus on Dec. 28, 2012.

67 weeks.
>> No. 87814

129 was the last chapter for last order. Also. After reading the last few chapters, I suggest going back and rereading the last 2 chapters of the original Battle Angel Alita.

My mind has been blown.
>> No. 87815
Well i guess they are calling the last part something else then because her mars battle is coming.
>> No. 87816
The mars battle is going to be an entire new "saga" from the looks of it. It has a different name and will be a differnt series. Like LO was new.
>> No. 87817
Oh, fucking sweet.
>> No. 87818

Holy shit, has it really been that long? Hopefully it stays off hiatus for more than a few months this time.
>> No. 87820

My best guess is that the whole of Last Order was how he originally wanted to end Battle Angel Alita before he suddenly took ill and shortened it.
>> No. 87823
Last Order run semi-parallel with the original run, so yes. I'd say you are right.
>> No. 87827
zveda what are you doing! This shit is getting real to fast. TO FAST I SAY!
>> No. 87829
Zvesda is like the third series of late to go full NANOMACHINES SON, and that's a positive fucking trend if I do say so myself.
>> No. 87847
File 13958445353.png - (672.59KB , 1224x1800 , Berserk_v20_p176.png )
Oh man, that doesn't look good.
>> No. 87849

You are correct. It most definitely is not good.
>> No. 87856
It's bad yep.
>> No. 87866
Ohh, unfittingly fitting music for Berserk?

Don't mind if I do!

>> No. 87867
File 139591994886.png - (1.63MB , 2525x1800 , Berserk-v27-p206-p207.png )
>> No. 87892
File 139597524320.jpg - (2.77MB , 2968x4275 , Berserk_v33_p227.jpg )
>> No. 87894
Are they still on the boat to Namek?
>> No. 87895

It's going to get more awesome. Trust me.
>> No. 87898

Yep. Man, it's fucking weird to think about how long they've been en route to Elfheim, isn't it? Puck suggests going to Elfheim in chapter 181, which was volumized in bolume 22 in December 2001. Meaning, with the delay between serial publication and collection in the volume, they've been going to Elfheim since before 9/11
>> No. 87953



>> No. 87967
Hate me all you want, but this is technically from Japan, and is technically news:
>> No. 87969

The entire first episode of Yuru Yuri converted into MIDI
>> No. 87978
File 139608075513.jpg - (85.19KB , 1280x720 , 1396065605385.jpg )
>dat last episode of Sakura Trick

Haruka and Yuu's discussion of "love" and how it applies to them summed up the series nicely.
>> No. 87979
B-but why?
>> No. 87984
That's it. That's the overarching plot.
>> No. 87989
File 139614156629.jpg - (29.74KB , 601x695 , 1340947913121.jpg )
>that feel at the end of a season

What're their names, /jam/?

Golden Wake Nagi la Zvezda Spoon for me.
>> No. 88004
File 139620186976.jpg - (140.03KB , 728x1044 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4871433.jpg )
Oh shit, that explains a lot.
>> No. 88014
File 139626895713.jpg - (119.89KB , 904x1024 , 1396265453679.jpg )
Nisekoi BDs are already sold out in Japan. This shit is going to be running for the next 10+ years. It would be crazy to kill such a cash cow. Anyone want to bet on the number of keys we'll have in that time?
>> No. 88017
I remember reading an /a/ thread saying it sales so far were disappointing. Was that just pre-order numbers?
>> No. 88018
>Was that just pre-order numbers?
It usually is, yeah.
>> No. 88023

>> No. 88024
File 139632819185.png - (593.28KB , 1000x750 , 1396327722601[1].png )
Internet April Fools is great.
>> No. 88025
Now that is just mean
>> No. 88026
File 139633184986.gif - (2.16MB , 300x240 , 1383793749609.gif )
嘘物語 PV (Usomonogatari)youtube thumb

GODDAMNIT SHAFT! This best not be an April Fool's. I neeed more gatari.
>> No. 88028
File 139637666530.gif - (1.82MB , 700x393 , fuVcxi.gif )
Meanwhile, on the Adult Swim forums...
>> No. 88037
DWA OPyoutube thumb
>> No. 88040
This new show has me oddly entranced
>> No. 88041
Doesn't it. I was kinda whu, okay. And then I saw the girl with Wasp and that was just adorable. And with Loki as the main villain and Spider-man being Spidey possibly. I'll give it a go. Better than Ultimate Spider-man.
>> No. 88045
File 139649587582.png - (275.85KB , 640x550 , 56-2 MLPrelated.png )
>> No. 88047
File 139649903488.png - (929.71KB , 1280x720 , 1396492621972.png )
Featuring everyone's favorite immortal agent.
>> No. 88049
File 139650132469.png - (200.65KB , 870x1236 , pUo9iiQ.png )
>> No. 88050
File 139651106922.gif - (2.54MB , 488x272 , 1396502987245.gif )
>> No. 88052

Ep 1 untranslated
>> No. 88054
File 139651503236.jpg - (152.66KB , 1920x1080 , 1395336529154.jpg )

While I wouldn't call it teh best of the winter season (Seitokai Yakuindomo takes it for me), it was definitely one of the best.
>> No. 88056
File 139652647673.jpg - (574.77KB , 1120x836 , is kill.jpg )
This one's getting pretty compelling, I like it.
>> No. 88057
I love same VA references.

Oh, son of Coul.
>> No. 88058
Think any group will sub it?
>> No. 88062

Wasn't this also by the same guy who said that he quit Cowboy Bebop after 6 episodes because it was "the most boring shit"?
>> No. 88063
File 139661885118.jpg?spoiler - (248.94KB , 1590x1152 , 30.jpg?spoiler )
Claymore 149's ending was...just...whoa. It's a fight I wasn't expecting, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. If there was someone in the series you'd want to mess with less than Priscilla, it's her. Especially when she wasn't fucking around and holding back.
>> No. 88066

I genuinely don't understand how anyone can maintain interest in Claymore. It was always pretty boring but at this point...they've been standing in the same field having the same fight for how long now? Jesus Christ.
>> No. 88093
So, TWGOK is very clearly ending in the next handful of chapters, if that. In an incredibly convoluted way and apparently on somewhat of a bittersweet note. I'm sure it would have had more emotional impact if it hadn't come completely out of left-field and didn't make me wonder if I had understood completely.
>> No. 88096
File 13968405939.png - (296.55KB , 805x492 , meow and tomoko.png )
Which one of them is more /a/ incarnate?
>> No. 88099
Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kamen…youtube thumb
Well this was a fun rump.
Also was that the DAMN YOU DECADE guy with the monkey?
Because thats awesome.
>> No. 88106
Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii/The World is Still Beautiful is sweet as all hell so far. I had low expectations but it's so goddamn cute. I hope it stays this good.
>> No. 88109
Dandy is too universal. Will vote for the other one.
>> No. 88115
That wasn't the question.
>> No. 88116
He meant those individual characters, not the shows they're from.
>> No. 88121
Meow is too cute, so definitely Tomoko.
>> No. 88131
Lucy Rose - Shiveryoutube thumb

Mushi-shi's S2 OP is relaxing as hell but also depressing if you listen to the lyrics and watch it's music video.
>> No. 88133
Which just makes it the perfect fit, doesn't it?
>> No. 88134
File 13970265977.jpg - (106.45KB , 1600x1133 , 1388888854659.jpg )
Yes. Yes it does.
>> No. 88155
File 139715683547.jpg - (145.33KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Ping Pong the Animation - 01 [720p].jpg )
Ping Pong is alright so far, but I feel they could've gone a lot more extreme with squashing and stretching in the animation. Matsumoto's style is incredible at conveying motion and I feel they haven't properly translated it and it feels a tad stiff. Though honestly, it's probably a budget issue and I'm just asking for too much. I still enjoyed the first episode a lot.
>> No. 88158
Doraemon at the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Gamesvimeo thumb
>> No. 88163
File 139722715418.gif - (1.96MB , 400x225 , 1397225226848.gif )
The rectal sores over TWGOK on /a/ are so goddamn delicious right now.
>> No. 88164
I stopped reading that when Keima went back in time and became a little kid.

What happened that pissed everyone off?
>> No. 88165
The winner was announced.
>> No. 88171
Ohhh shit. So is the manga actually ending pretty soon then?

Who won?
>> No. 88172
I really wanted it to be either Chihiro or Haqua. but Chihiro was definitely my favorite choice.
>> No. 88173
Literally next chapter is, to quote the blurb, "the ending not even god knows." Chihiro got his real confession.
>> No. 88175
>Chihiro got his real confession.
YEESSSSSSS. Now I have to pick it up again so I can see how they managed it.
>> No. 88176
Okay. I really hate being that guy but. Can someone explain to me what the hell's been going on with regards to Elsie the past few chapters of TWGOK? I feel like I missed or forgot about some sort of major plot point, because I can't make heads or tails of anything.
>> No. 88177
It pretty much came out of nowhere. Basically Elsie is Hell's ultimate super weapon and kept getting summoned for wars until Dokuro Skull reincarnated her into the form of a small girl to hide her. Having grown attached to Keima, she was able to ignore the bad guy's attempts to summon her and instead used her power to retcon both her weapon and demon forms out of existence and became Keima's twin sister.

It's possible there was foreshadowing for this stuff but I don't think so. But the ending she gets out of it is pretty cute I guess?
>> No. 88178
Next chapter is the last one
>> No. 88181

That's...huh. I'd actually totally forgotten about the whole superweapon thing, this arc's gone so far afield. Okay then, I guess.
>> No. 88183
File 139729199250.png - (550.45KB , 700x668 , IWxPf.png )
Oh, Yoshida.
>> No. 88184
File 139729756286.png - (205.43KB , 906x1300 , newkeyincoming.png )
Fucking Bullshit!youtube thumb
I can't take this anymore.
>> No. 88193
Can't be, on account of that very page you posted. The lock-and-key girl was ten years ago, six or seven years doesn't fit the time scale. Later in the chapter he says again that he was in about 2nd grade when this girl left, which corroborates it. Also, he recognized her first thing, so he'd definitely remember if she was the one.

I wouldn't be surprised if she knows something, though.
>> No. 88200
File 139739746726.jpg - (81.21KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Mushishi S2 - 02 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
>two happy endings in a row
Mushishi has changed.
>> No. 88201
>Childhood friend

At least you can cross her out of winning.
>> No. 88202
They're all childhood friends, though. That's the entire plot. Author was apparently so mad about childhood friend always losing, that he made every girl childhood friend.
>> No. 88203
In case y'all missed it: Toonami will bookend with Titans starting in May.

(That means it'll start with Attack on Titan and finish with Sym-Bionic Titan. Yes Toonami finally got Attack on Titan. Now everyone can shut up about it.)
>> No. 88204
File 139741098910.png - (1.47MB , 1280x720 , 1397296472479.png )
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is pretty cute and funny too.

Also, based Namori delivering end title card.
>> No. 88205
File 139741804845.jpg - (78.63KB , 640x480 , 1268086392317.jpg )
It was inevitable. I'm just glad that Toonami is getting recent anime. This might make me watch the dub.
>> No. 88214
File 139747952766.jpg - (35.87KB , 1280x720 , 1396847496046.jpg )
Japanese High School Musical is still a lot of fun in its second season.
>> No. 88218
I watched some more new anime.

>Hitsugi no Chaika
Coffin girl is already irritating, my friend tried to justify it with "well she doesn't know the language!" but I'm 85% sure it's just to make her look cuter. Might watch the second episode but probably not. Main character and sister are so uninteresting imo.

>Nanana's Buried Treasure
Was okay. I hated some of the stupid jokes though ("hurr getting my shoulder dislocated is worth it to touch a ghost boob!" was really annoying). Intro Indiana Jones-style scene was neat and silly, I was really hoping the whole show would be more like that. I'll definitely watch ep 2 to see if it gets better, Nanana is cute enough.

Anyone else watch these?
>> No. 88221
カードキャプターさく…youtube thumb
>> No. 88223
It's an impressive effort and he deserves to be applauded for his craftsmanship, but I still think it looked a lot better the old way.
>> No. 88224
File 139756172232.jpg - (155.35KB , 781x1200 , hellbaby_v01_016.jpg )
>Anime faces in 3d

>> No. 88226
File 139759350722.png - (156.79KB , 383x466 , 1397233926346.png )
>Webm thread on /a/
>Those Kiss X Sis and To Love Ru posts

Not even trying to be subtle anymore, Japan.

>> No. 88227
File 139760632868.jpg - (72.14KB , 728x400 , varying degrees of want.jpg )
>those Kiss x Sis posts
>> No. 88229
File 139764518956.jpg - (224.84KB , 800x1161 , toriko-4907801.jpg )
Know what's awesome? 274 chapters of constant stupid hax power ups in Toriko and THE SECOND they leave the human world they are still almost completely massacred by shit we know is a fraction of the power of what's out there.
>> No. 88230
That seems like the exact opposite of awesome to me.
>> No. 88231
And that about sums up Food Piece.
>> No. 88232
Well that's a shame.

HA HA, That's awesome.
>> No. 88236

If you're gonna follow one weekly series you could do significantly worse. There, that's my review.
>> No. 88256
File 139779826888.png - (317.46KB , 1768x1300 , img000019.png )
Like this for example.
Told you so.
>> No. 88260
I don't even hate this character, my interest just plummeted in this series as soon as she was introduced for some reason.
>> No. 88262
File 139783226463.png - (1.45MB , 895x1300 , 1379000361549.png )

I think these last two chapters haven't been very good, which is a shame given they were introducing the last major character. However, given just how fantastic Ruri's chapters were just recently, I think it's a bit of an overreaction to write the manga off completely after a mere misstep.
>> No. 88263
File 139784556563.png?spoiler - (404.52KB , 832x1200 , img000021.png?spoiler )
It's over. And the tears on /a/ continue. People haven't been this divided in a while. It's delicious. Also, best girl definitely won.
>> No. 88264
Best girl definitely won. From the start she's never been the girl Keima could play like a game.

I've never had my favorite pick for the protagonist definitively win before, be they guy or girl. This is kind of exciting.
>> No. 88268
I wonder if he planned to have her win from the start, or if he was caught off guard by fan reaction to her and went for it? I mean the setup of "She liked him BEFORE her conquest" is exactly the sort of "OF COURSE she's going to win" that WOULD be there if she was planned from the start, but especially in a harem series, it's hardly definitive.
>> No. 88269
File 139786583436.jpg?spoiler - (2.48MB , 3848x3984 , 1397853962500[1].jpg?spoiler )
Yeah she was not my favorite but I kind of knew Yui was never going to win and this fits so whatever.
>> No. 88273
She was always my favorite and I can't stop chuckling at this picture.
>> No. 88274
>or if he was caught off guard by fan reaction to her
You mean the non-existant one? Japan doesn't give a shit about anyone but Kanon and I doubt Wakaki browses Western imageboards.
>> No. 88277
File 139795032310.jpg - (11.69KB , 425x608 , 1365630378451.jpg )
I finished TWOGK just now and I gotta say I'm the least mad.


>but I kind of knew Yui was never going

That's because she's our new protagonist.

But really, Yui was my favorite too, but Chihiro was the best fit for Keima and his development.
>> No. 88278
Whatever happened with the Inuyasha second gig.
Did Ian Richard Cox dub it.
>> No. 88279
I actually think it was actually dubbed a year or two ago and everyone but Kagome and Sesshomaru had the same voice actors (pretty sure the later is because David Kaye doesn't live in Vancouver anymore).
>> No. 88280
I don't keep track of Japanese fan reactions, but barring information to the contrary I assume theirs are the same as ours. But I do recognize that especially with romantic options, Japanese fans often differ with American fans--like with Evangelion, apparently Asuka was way more popular than Rei in America, and vice versa in Japan.
>> No. 88291
Way behind and still haven't finished the series yet, but I like Eureka AO because it continues the idea of Eureka and Renton going on with life and eventually having a kid. You don't get a lot of series where the sequel talks about continuation of such things. (Of course, their kid is central to the story, so it has to be included, but Eurenton is one of the few pairings I really enjoyed so I like knowing that it played out.)
>> No. 88292
Ah so neither of them got killed in the end, surprising.
>> No. 88304
Dear god of animus,

Please let all of Beck be as good as the first two episodes.

>> No. 88306
You mean Eureka 7? As I said, I haven't finished AO yet; but, no, neither of them died in E7. They finally talk to the Scub Corral, and it agrees to leave or something, and then they go into space. But after the credits they float back to Earth. Actually, I don't remember the ending very well; it was satisfying but the series had far more powerful moments.
>> No. 88313
File 139818542611.png - (119.55KB , 900x950 , tomoyo389.png )
There's been an anouncement that we'll get an announcement that there'll be three new pages of Hunter X Hunter. Get excite you guys.
>> No. 88332
Why does that seem to be Sakura and Tomoyo?
>> No. 88334
They are. It's Dan Kim's black comedy Tomoyo fancomic.
>> No. 88343
File 139845775923.png - (48.24KB , 145x145 , 1303268962164.png )
>> No. 88346
File 139846452232.jpg?spoiler - (157.37KB , 1920x1080 , Wasn't this thing destroyed.jpg?spoiler )
AO has a couple things that seem like attempts to tie it in with the first series, but they're red herrings.
>> No. 88386
File 139880388348.jpg?spoiler - (264.13KB , 890x1271 , 21.jpg?spoiler )
Stop, stop Claymore! I can only get so erect!
>> No. 88389
Did you just start it? Because AO is directly tied to the first series. And I just finished it and the end is really sad. :(
>> No. 88390
It is directly tied, but what was TheEnd doing there to begin with?

Did this series vindicate Dewey in the end?
>> No. 88391
Speaking of AO, that second-to-last episode left me with a question:
If the Truth of Timeline 2 was an Archetype, how did Naru "awaken" and get her Nirvash?

TBH, I don't even remember that scene. Which episode was it?

>> No. 88392
Episode 20.
>> No. 88395
File 139899131245.png - (282.69KB , 1355x1535 , for tiki.png )
This is for Sneaky Tiki.
>> No. 88396
Let's hope Diaz never find either JoJo or this out, /co/.
>> No. 88397

Who are they talking about here?
>> No. 88398
Aaron Diaz, writer and artist of Dresden Codak, a webcomic that began with silly and bizarre situations, scientific/philosophical jokes, but it ended devolving into a transhumanist manifesto and an unnecessary convoluted plot, starting with the infamous arc of Hob. He got worse on that when he joined the tumblr and got influenced by it's "social justice" side. He is also infamous for his fan writing redesigns of comic books and videogames like JLA, X-men and Zelda.
He's still a good artist, but ti's a shame he went that way.
>> No. 88399

Oh, right. The only Diaz I could think of was Jackie, but none of that seemed like her (ans also the Diaz in question is clearly male)
>> No. 88400
Honestly unlike what you can say for a lot of people tumblr didn't influence his personality at all. He's always had his head up his own ass.
>> No. 88401
Oh. Probably just a cameo/fan nod, it appeared and went away in the same breath.

Though I am disappointed that we learned absolutely nothing about what happened to the rest of the Gekko crew or Anemone and Dominic. It would have been nice if Renton's involvement lasted more than two episodes.
>> No. 88410
File 13991233615.jpg - (100.42KB , 500x375 , 10725069445_297f32ce2c.jpg )

Whoa. I remember making this thread.

Reminds me of Japan stalking the Saki threads on /a/.
>> No. 88415
>Nanana's "twist"

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I feel like it came out of nowhere.

But I really like master detective and her trap meido
>> No. 88416
There were hints, but I wouldn't have caught on them either, if /a/ hadn't pointed them out. That said, MC just went from really likable to complete asshole and I'm not sure I like it.
>> No. 88417
Wait, since when they care about us?
Excluding westaboos, they generally disregard anything not japanase.
>> No. 88426
File 139935540429.png - (52.58KB , 282x290 , 1388239674794.png )

Forgot how great this thread was. I don't think any doujin could ever top this.
>> No. 88429
File 139939383350.jpg - (194.50KB , 869x1251 , iyryr_ch081_010.jpg )
Damn, this chapter was adorable.
>> No. 88441
So I was watching monster and reading some Attack on Titan and wow. Japanese people are racist as fuck I know this isn't news I just didn't realize how subtle it was. . Neither of them needed a japanese character. That the Japanese protagonist is the best character at whatever or people won't read it is weird.
>> No. 88442
Japan still has rampant xenophobia. All sorts of reading out there about it.
>> No. 88443
I know but that you can't tell a story without a single non-japanese person there has got to be restricting.
>> No. 88444
Even Lupin the 3rd is half-Japanese. They just stick it somewhere in the lineage if they have to, but with most series either taking place in Japan or fantasy Japan it's not really an issue for them.
>> No. 88445
File 13994476794.gif - (2.82MB , 608x342 , hype ship.gif )
>Persona 4: The Golden Animation
>Space Dandy Season 2

I'm hyped for July.
>> No. 88449
Actually, this question set me wondering about examples of anime without any ethnically Japanese protagonists? The one example that comes to mind is Cowboy Bebop. I've never seen Baccano, but am I right in guessing there are no Japanese in that show either?
>> No. 88451
The parts of Jojo that take place entirely outside Japan (1,2,5,and 7).
>> No. 88456
5 is pretty bad, he lets his asspulls get away from him repeatedly in that part.

And Araki was actually pressured after part 2 by his editor to introduce a Japanese Protagonist, thats why Jotaro was a jap.
>> No. 88460
According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Baccano!_characters, Baccano has a Japanese character, who in the anime gets limited if any screen time because he's not part of the whole train thing.
>> No. 88461
Are you saying it's racist because it has a Japanese lead, or is there more to this?

If it's the former, than U.S. isn't really different with all out white superheroes.
>> No. 88463

Technically, every single Jojo from Part 3 and on is some sort of ethnic mutt, but I can't think of a single one that wasn't part Japanese.

Jotaro - Quarter-British, Quarter-Italian, Half-Japanese.
Josuke - Half-British, Half-Japanese
Giorno - Not 100% sure, here. His biological father is Johnathan Jostar, but he was apparently living as a Japanese kid before awaking his stand so he's likely got a Japanese mom, so even the entirely-born-and-raised-Italian kid with a British dad doesn't escape this.
Jolyne - Half of everything Jotaro is, but her mom is presumably from America, so it could be anything (including just Japanese again.)


Michiko to Hatchin? Sorta? There's also El Cazador de la Bruja, which as far as I can tell takes place entirely in Mexico/the Southern US, and none of the characters have Japanese surnames. Fullmetal Alchemist for sure. There are Asian people in it, but they're pretty obviously based off China, not Japan.

I don't hold it 100% against them, because they're gonna make media that appeals to them, I just kinda wonder sometimes.

God help you if you're Chinese, though. Then all you have to look forward to are characters like Fan Fan and his entire family in Rosario + Vampire, or the recently introduced teacher in Nisekoi, where they kinda constantly hammer it into your skull that these people aren't Japanese (hair buns everywhere.)

And I can't think of a single Korean outside of Sun Ken Rock.
>> No. 88468
>the Japanese protagonist is the best character at whatever
It's true that there's a white version of this too (the whole mighty whitey plot) but that gets called out as tasteless too.

Hey, you forgot Johnny. Unless you were wrapping him up in Jonathan, but that doesn't really seem fair.
>> No. 88474
Finally got around to watching PMMM: The Rebellion.

Now I'm sad and confused. Homura goddammit why do you have to be a little biblical-allegorical bitch about everything
>> No. 88478

But when you think about it, isn't everyone much happier? Everyone but her, I mean.
>> No. 88483
Another chinese character of note was Tao Ren, from Shaman King.
>> No. 88487
Thank goodness Japanese people just ignore Koreans rather than sticking them in their media. The way some Japanese people treat them, we'd be seeing some Shylock-equivalent bullshit right there.
>> No. 88490
I just wish all anime could have the ethnic variance and cross-cultural of the 1994 classic, G Gundam.
>> No. 88491
File 139956482559.jpg - (157.62KB , 895x798 , 1375299172042.jpg )
Hei probably counts, since his sister is named Xing and so.
>> No. 88492
Chinese Electric Batman
>> No. 88506
that's pretty lame

>Getting to that part in monster where Johan is literally prettier than the female love interest for Carl.
Come on Monster. Why are you doing this?
>> No. 88510
File 139967259715.jpg - (22.33KB , 221x201 , rxn (284).jpg )
>decide to watch Ping Pong
>it's Evangelion
>> No. 88518
Is that your only frame of reference for literally everything?
>> No. 88519
File 139997961881.jpg - (116.56KB , 800x450 , 194656161465.jpg )

No. There was a time on this board where a post like >>88510 would prompt lively discussion, but it looks like there are just jerkasaurus buttheadtrons like you and me left so here lemme hold your hand through this conversation a bit.
>> No. 88520
File 139997968860.jpg - (266.34KB , 1556x480 , 1.jpg )
So there’s this young boy in the cusp of adulthood…
>> No. 88521
File 139997973630.jpg - (218.41KB , 1556x480 , 2.jpg )
…who has worked hard to keep a quiet, uneventful, solitary life…
>> No. 88522
File 13999797864.jpg - (377.89KB , 1556x480 , 3.jpg )
…until an ever-present but painfully absent authority figure suddenly calls upon him to serve a higher purpose.
>> No. 88523
File 139997983512.jpg - (274.43KB , 1556x480 , 4.jpg )
The boy begins his journey by reciting a mantra to himself…
>> No. 88524
File 13999798808.jpg - (300.63KB , 1556x480 , 5.jpg )
…and with his aloof and misunderstood compatriot…
>> No. 88525
File 139997993425.jpg - (362.87KB , 1556x480 , 6.jpg )
…whose emotional and motivational shortcomings leave them fundamentally incomplete as a person and incompetent with basic principles…
>> No. 88526
File 139998000236.jpg - (393.35KB , 1556x480 , 7.jpg )
…but is nonetheless is an important element of stability and simultaneously an agent of change for the boy.
>> No. 88527
File 139998004939.jpg - (312.01KB , 1556x480 , 8.jpg )
The two spend most of their time dedicated to monotonous training and everything seems fine until…
>> No. 88528
File 139998009751.jpg - (259.11KB , 1556x480 , 9.jpg )
…a foreigner garbed in red shows up…
>> No. 88529
File 139998014649.jpg - (362.33KB , 1556x480 , 10.jpg )
…that violently changes the boy and his compatriot’s environment…
>> No. 88530
File 139998019558.jpg - (383.16KB , 1556x480 , 11.jpg )
…and resents their new position…
>> No. 88531
File 139998024577.jpg - (304.50KB , 1556x480 , 12.jpg )
…in comparison to previous achievements…
>> No. 88532
File 139998029989.jpg - (293.57KB , 1556x480 , 13.jpg )
…and especially their new repatriation.
>> No. 88533
File 139998034719.jpg - (279.67KB , 1556x480 , 14.jpg )
The boy is pushed by the past of his teacher…
>> No. 88534
File 13999803997.jpg - (368.69KB , 1556x480 , 15.jpg )
…and the boy pushes back with his own morals and senses of right and wrong…
>> No. 88535
File 139998044530.jpg - (243.20KB , 1556x480 , 16.jpg )
…until a fearsome outsider begins a siege…
>> No. 88536
File 139998048860.jpg - (252.55KB , 1556x480 , 17.jpg )
…that ultimately destroys his compatriot…
>> No. 88537
File 139998054190.jpg - (196.03KB , 1556x480 , 18.jpg )
…forces the boy to change his own sense of reality…
>> No. 88538
File 139998059494.jpg - (376.01KB , 1556x480 , 19.jpg )
…and reveals what the boy is truly capable of.
>> No. 88539
Also, both have criminally enjoyable openings.

>> No. 88540
So... should I be expecting Ping Pong to end in Human Instrumentality?

Joking aside, I wouldn't mind a "End of Ping Pong" edit/amv/picture/thing. I can see it now: Smiles and Kong sitting on the beach with a giant Peco head staring up into heaven.
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