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File 136710971283.jpg - (13.21KB , 191x263 , images.jpg )
82467 No. 82467
No OPM thread yet, /jam/? I am ashamed of you.
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>> No. 82468
File 136711061721.jpg - (93.66KB , 500x313 , tumblr_mkpqweTMVE1rydg2xo1_500.jpg )
I have shamed my Cyborg husbando
>> No. 82491
Man I had a whole bunch of images for this series, but they are all on my other harddrive..
>> No. 82545
It's on my to-do list. I'm more interested in how this started; some guy made a webcomic with crappy if endearing art and it gained popularity to the point where it was picked up to be serialised, is that right?
>> No. 82546

I'd also heard that apparently, they found it because Yusuke Murata happened across the comic, read it, and basically said "I must draw this" and that's how it got serialized, but I'm honestly not entirely sure.
>> No. 82547
As far as I can tell:
1. It was a crappily drawn but smartly written webcomic by ONE that got popular (I'd post the link but the last time I tried I got a 1 hour ban because the domain is blacklisted for god knows why)
2. Murata Yusuke was a fan, contacted ONE over twitter proposing his remake (which is pretty much a panel for panel re-draw barring the animatic-type action scenes, which are all Murata)
3. ONE agreed, and the remake is now being serialized online by Shonen Jump.
>> No. 82553
File 136747342282.gif - (1.55MB , 440x320 , e66253b77379c92527e254c294e244c71362610434_full.gif )
Not quite. ONE and Yusuke Murata became bro's and apparently Murata was all "I want to use my insane artistic talent to draw this" so he went to an editor and pimpslapped him into letting him do whatever he wants together with ONE,
>> No. 82555
File 136747397820.gif - (1.63MB , 557x400 , oW4ru.gif )
>> No. 82556
Damm it there's another gif but its already posted.

>> No. 82559
File 136748414997.jpg - (609.12KB , 2477x1744 , murata_yuusuke_JUMP.jpg )
Oh hey, I have a bigger version of that. Not sure it's the best resolution, but at least you can see everybody.

So, how did Murata come across the original comic?
>> No. 82560
So did the webcomic end already?

>So, how did Murata come across the original comic?

Probably how everyone comes across webcomics: word of mouth. Or rather internet post.
>> No. 82562
It's still going, supposedly it's on something big.
>> No. 82563
The webcomic is on chapter 89. ONE has two other series he's doing, though (Mob Psycho 100 and Makai no Ossan) so the update schedule on the webcomic has slowed to every couple of months (the last one was in February.)

I have no idea what the plan is when Murata catches up on the chapters. Presumably it'll keep its weekly schedule. Maybe ONE will switch to just writing?
>> No. 82565
>9 pages this time.


>100 pages next time.

>> No. 82566

>100 pages
What? Where did you hear that? Doesn't mention it in the chapter.
>> No. 82568

Murata's twitter.
>> No. 82687
File 136809054522.jpg - (215.13KB , 800x840 , 1351126802809.jpg )
>> No. 82701
File 136813078561.jpg - (188.28KB , 870x654 , zombieman.jpg )
>> No. 82717
Yeah this series is pretty fucking rad.
>> No. 82723
File 13681671438.png - (520.23KB , 800x840 , meow_neuron_crossover.png )
>> No. 82832
Is that 100 page chapter out yet?
>> No. 82834
Actually... yes! It just came out, CHECK IT

>> No. 82835
53 pages in one week?

Murata Yusuke, possible a robot??
>> No. 82836
How did the world survive before One Punch Man when all the heroes are so utterly useless, only villains are strong.
>> No. 82837
We didn't see all of the S class heroes yet. And the psycho loli seems pretty strong.
>> No. 82838
They raise to the occasion, ya'know, how he got his powers in the first place.
>> No. 82879

That's the most expression I've ever seen on Ryoma's face.
>> No. 83101
File 136993180259.png - (1.06MB , 600x834 , 1369929078249.png )
>> No. 83107
File 136998821919.jpg - (92.33KB , 356x512 , 007[1].jpg )
Oh no, it's "back then" Keroro!
>> No. 83108
File 136999498341.jpg - (368.98KB , 860x1236 , img000014.jpg )
He kinda looked scarier when he was more human-looking. Probably the uncanny valley at work.
>> No. 83118
File 13700350362.jpg - (207.85KB , 858x756 , 1286559455715.jpg )
Sorry for being a little off-topic but after scanning through the 4chan /tg/ archives I could totally see the "three hundred and sixty degrees of punch" superhero Ball of Arm's Man as a character in the One Punch Man series.

Sure he'd likely get attacked by a bunch of c-listers thinking he was a mysterious being but he'd bro-fist with Saitama.

Heh... imagine if the rolling portal to the arm dimension fused with the ultimate one punch-KO hero....
>> No. 83119
I agree he looked more menacing when he was more humanoid. But I assume he gets one-shot by Saitama in the webcomic so he needed a power-up because Sonic was actually doing well against him.
>> No. 83126
I was just making a Sgt Frog joke.
>> No. 83142
File 137011765313.jpg - (381.98KB , 2048x1536 , 1369931862135.jpg )
>> No. 83325
File 137078724923.png - (253.14KB , 669x500 , tumblr_mhohz0GqO11rxnxflo1_1280.png )
>> No. 83406
File 137126437793.jpg?spoiler - (174.88KB , 1200x863 , onepunch-man-4232221.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 83407
File 137126440864.jpg?spoiler - (250.63KB , 1200x863 , onepunch-man-4232231.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 83411
Man he's just going to be jobbed like he was a human Z-fighter anyway, Who cares?

It might have worked better when the art was so primitive but now its just tiresome to watch,
he might be a handsome cyborg but he's not like he's arrogant about his rank or his superpowers, with the new art making the story seem more 'serious' and such watching him be bitched in every fight or emergency {the only exception being him defeating a cyborg-ape off-panel) so he lacks any credibility is pretty dull, situations like this generate no interest because you know how its gonna turn out.
>> No. 83412
File 137130381295.jpg?spoiler - (235.78KB , 728x1116 , topm_025_015.jpg?spoiler )
>because you know how its gonna turn out

I sure do
>> No. 83413
And against the hornet girl he walked in like a pimp and ripped off her legs, but how did that end up for him?
>> No. 83420

That's hot as hell I'm not gonna lie.
>> No. 83423
im on chapter 10 and this is pretty good
>> No. 83761
File 137302673950.jpg - (191.64KB , 800x1150 , onepunch-man-4273981.jpg )
Okay if you are gonna job a character having it be that he did damage, probably could have won and got distracted resulting in getting fucked is a good way to do it.
>> No. 83768
Did you actually expect anything else? There was no way he was going to win.
>> No. 83769
Okay so I tried to read this but the final page didn't load. Did we see what the fish man king spit did to Robo-Job?
>> No. 83774
No but I'd say his body will melt and he'll be a head by the time OPM gets there

Yeah but they did it better than I expected.
>> No. 83800
File 137314468463.jpg - (178.02KB , 800x1131 , CXFB65X.jpg )
>> No. 83801

The good news is there's a lot of Titans.

So the war would take... about a hundred thousand punches to win?
>> No. 83802
He only needs to punch Monkey Trouble to win the war.
>> No. 84033
File 137426004679.jpg - (159.06KB , 800x1150 , onepunch-man-4305933.jpg )
>> No. 84034
File 137426014118.jpg - (135.55KB , 800x1150 , onepunch-man-4305935.jpg )
This is so perfect because he knows exactly what he's doing and what his chances are.
>> No. 84035
File 137426040063.jpg - (226.24KB , 1200x863 , onepunch-man-4305953.jpg )
>> No. 84036
Really goes to show that, while most of the heroes are all talk, there's plenty of them that still have their heart in the right place.
>> No. 84037
This is the most intense chapter OPM's had pretty much ever. CHRIST what happens to Genos first is BRUTAL.
>> No. 84038
>The last page.

NOW YOU FUCKED UPyoutube thumb
>> No. 84039
>Last page
[hype intensifies]
>> No. 84042
I know, right?! so much badass on all levels!
>> No. 84272
New chapter.

I love you One Punch Man, you're the dumbest.
>> No. 84273
I love how it's honestly kinda sad, like he really wanted it this time, like so badly.
>> No. 84275
I actually got the opposite. This was the first time he really wanted to beat the snot out of a guy and didn't care if he was a challenge or not. His punch isn't even a real attempt, he just half-jabs to show exactly how much of a fucking nobody this sea king that beat the shit out of people he liked is.
>> No. 84276
It is my fondest dream that this thing get an "anime" that is actually just a bunch of manga GIF strung together, and then given music and VA.

i love you opm, never change
>> No. 84689
>> No. 84736
heartstrings were pulled by his actions in the last chapter to save the face of all the heroes involved...

I love this series to death, but goddamn how it's organized on mangafox. I understand there's sidestory prequal chapters, but can't be listed in release order, instead of having to randomly go through every few weeks just to see if there's a title I don't quite recognize, or a fraction of a chapter that wasn't there before?
>> No. 84737
Ohh, oh Saitama, that is Peter Parker tier playing the villain to be the true hero.
>> No. 84751

Well there's your problem.
>> No. 84753

Well there's your problem.
>> No. 84862
>> No. 84869
And Licenseless Rider just cemented his position as number one husbando
>> No. 84870
And Licenseless Rider just cemented his position as number one husbando
>> No. 84871
And Licenseless Rider just cemented his position as number one husbando
>> No. 84972
File 138078524536.jpg - (285.46KB , 860x1236 , img000014.jpg )
I'd have more to say about this neat introduction to the S-Class, but my train leaves in 30 minutes, so...
>> No. 85552
I broke and just binged the original One comics. OH MY GOD THE ART IS THE WORST BUT YOU DON'T CARE BECAUSE IT'S THE HYPEST SHIT EVER.

Murata will spend 1000 years redrawing and perfecting each and every punch. It will be amazing.
>> No. 85553
File 138415153277.jpg - (41.90KB , 478x368 , 1381400528840.jpg )
At this rate it'll take 1000 years just to FINISH THIS FUCKING ARC
>> No. 85587

Are they translated anywhere?
>> No. 85615
Sure. Just do a search for "Onepunch-Man ONE".
All of the published ONE chapters are translated.
>> No. 85692
File 138502680418.gif - (493.11KB , 490x273 , being yukko is suffering.gif )
>Boon drops scanlating it because Shonen Jump Alpha
>can't get Shonen Jump Alpha because not American
>can't acquire it anywhere else in my country either
>nobody else is picking it up
Fuck this world. Fuck it so hard.
>> No. 85700
File 138507323055.jpg - (93.32KB , 704x480 , 1375978996836.jpg )
It can't be helped.
>> No. 85710
Murata 38 is out.
>> No. 85828
Man, Sky King got it hard...
>> No. 85829
File 138636473626.jpg - (127.55KB , 800x1150 , onepunch-man-4616587.jpg )
>> No. 85830
File 138636493090.jpg?spoiler - (206.50KB , 800x1150 , onepunch-man-4616603.jpg?spoiler )
I hope this guy isn't dead, I like'em.
>> No. 85838
yea, I didn't get that part... was he another monster, or was he a superhero?
>> No. 85839
Superhero who had monster-like qualities.
>> No. 85840
He was another monster. We had the Earth King and the Sea King already, he was supposed to complete the triumvirate and then got jobbed.
>> No. 85841
File 138644447872.png - (142.90KB , 440x368 , Sea_King_True_Form.png )
He was another monster. We had the Earth King and the Sea King already. He was supposed to complete the triumvirate and then got jobbed.
>> No. 85842
Uh dude, he was clearly another monster king, why the hell would you think he was a super hero?

Plus superheroes don't seem to die even when they go up against evil monsters who should be able to kill the with a fingerflick, they just get really big booboo's
>> No. 85843
Ahh, my mistake.
>> No. 85867
File 138664723596.jpg - (352.58KB , 728x1136 , image.jpg )
In his dream, Saitama envisioned the underground kings arrival.
>> No. 85868
Then the real one showed up, and was summarily Mario stomped.
>> No. 85869
File 138664744460.jpg - (335.41KB , 728x1116 , image.jpg )
>> No. 85879
>working on this instead of Berserk
>> No. 85880
Did you... post in the wrong thread?
>> No. 85886
The weird thing is, they actually posted in the right thread before deleting it and making this.
>> No. 85905
They probably deleted the wrong one.

That said, the idea that this has always actually been Miura's project is glorious.
>> No. 85961
File 138711095394.jpg - (52.09KB , 612x751 , 1387099171730.jpg )
Would this series be better if it was the adventures of the One Punch Woman and Gena?
>> No. 85963
I think It'd be pretty much the same, aside from naked Saitama jokes.
>> No. 85967
File 13871312556.jpg?spoiler - (59.69KB , 612x751 , 1387114052717.jpg?spoiler )
What, are you saying bald chicks aren't your cup of tea?
>> No. 85968
File 138713359498.jpg - (98.23KB , 414x560 , tumblr_m86gylsDSG1r8nb6go1_500.jpg )
Oh my no, s'actually a favorite of mine, just saying that censoring penis is easier than breasts.
>> No. 86043
File 138781229272.jpg - (319.24KB , 1456x1096 , f005-006.jpg )
fuck. yes.
>> No. 86044
File 138781245658.png - (258.17KB , 960x480 , tumblr_mf2akzJSLG1rxnxflo1_1280.png )
>> No. 86051
>> No. 86058
Honestly I'm surprised Sonic looks any different.
>> No. 86064
Yeah. My first impression when I started the series was he was supposed to be secretly a crossdressing girl. Dude has him some womanly hips.

Then he got whacked in the dick and that solved those questions.
>> No. 86067
>> No. 86077
I honestly had no idea, thinking it was a woman for a while before wondering. it wasn't sure until was stripped completely nude by the sea king
>> No. 86203
File 138871105722.jpg - (682.30KB , 1720x1236 , 09-10.jpg )
The monster is probably fine but hey this guy did something cool.
>> No. 86213
You guys really should check out the ONE comic if you haven't. Murata will NEVER catch up.
>> No. 86248
Hell no, half the joy is from Murata's orgasmic art and insane manga animation
>> No. 86249
Honestly, once you get deep into One's version you don't even notice the art anymore, it's really good (which is why Murata is even doing this in the first place).
>> No. 86251
Honestly? No, after awhile the story is nothing that amusing, the joke gets played out.
>> No. 86255
Which is why Saito is absent for huge parts of the Garoh arc.
>> No. 86272
But that just becomes standard shounen.

Its like DBZ, none of the side-characters can do anything to defeat the big enemy so they piss about until Goku arrives to save the day.
>> No. 86308
File 138896695432.jpg - (96.36KB , 474x788 , opms_christmas_by_katachan-d6yw1rd.jpg )
Happy Holidays
>> No. 87249
File 139268219286.jpg - (306.16KB , 784x1145 , redux.jpg )
But I'm too lazy to bring them up side by side.
>> No. 87268

Are you joking? This latest arc was pretty hilarious with the added bit of King Trying not to shit his pants and pretend he could do anything and everyone overestimating his power and motivations as a sharp contrast to Saitama's schtick and Saitama treating Garou like he was essentially just an angry little kid/kind of sad man-child, which he totally was.
>> No. 87274
Personally I see OPM as sort of an outlandish parody on DBZesq manga.

Far too often we the audience are aware that Luffy or Goku will always win out and beat the bad guy in a straight fight, so half the time the author's job of keeping tension is just making sure the hero is inconvenienced some way so that the lesser side characters can run the risk of getting killed in place of the hero. And this always happened in DBZ and (to a lesser extent) One Piece.

OPM just takes that general plot arc and takes it to its most ridiculous and logical conclusion. We know Goku will beat Frieza so why don't we just cut the bullshit and have Goku kill Frieza in one panel? The focus of the story then becomes around how other people react to and think of Goku and the resulting comedy.

It's hilarious (to me anyway) to see the top 10 A ranked heroes all gathered in one spot, watch as each page gives them a cool design and name and makes you think there's some elaborate background there and that this is a full and rich world full of unique fighting characters who all have their strong points... and then it shows us Saitama in his ridiculous gag-manga style and you remember that he alone could probably destroy everyone there without so much as a thought.

OPM is the strange and demented tale of a gag manga character wandering into a legitimate Shonen Battle manga and the humor comes from how everyone reacts to his gag manga power.
>> No. 87275
File 139283198715.png - (548.08KB , 860x1744 , OPM Child-Like Smile.png )
Also, still among my favorite moments in OPM. In fact, pretty much any time Saitama has a conversation with the guy he's about to be is pretty great.
>> No. 87463
File 139367491672.jpg - (268.74KB , 860x1236 , img000013.jpg )
I love it so much when Murata works in ONE's original drawings.
>> No. 88499
File 139959214261.png - (277.63KB , 860x1236 , img000029.png )
This is the feeling reading Superman is SUPPOSED to give you.
>> No. 88511
Baldy needs a name for people to chant.
>> No. 88512
File 139970198232.png - (239.61KB , 860x1236 , 022.png )
>> No. 88514
Where are these pages from?
>> No. 88515

The new extra chapter.
>> No. 88516
Yes I guessed that much, what I meant was where can I read it, I can't find it on any of the sites I frequent.
>> No. 88517
for my love of this series, goddamn are the sites awful at indicating an update

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