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Who likes to read scripts and plays in book form?

I started to then Waiting For Mother Courage killed it.

I fucking love reading the Ring Cycle.

Normaly not but I did enjoy The Glass Menagerie.


Mother Courage and her Children, that is. Stupid impressive Beckett.

You didn't like Mother Courage?
I loved it.

Come to think of it, how would I get around becoming a scriptwriter?


I would probably like it if I saw it in the theatre but without actually seeing or producing Brecht's exaggerated stage props and wacky hijinks, it's really really dull. Especially if you work on it for a few weeks.

There's one I really like but I can't remember the name. It took place shortly after the end of a coup d'etat in South America and it was about a wife who tortured and killed a man who came to her home for shelter. She recognized him as her captor during hte insurrection but whether it's really the same guy is thrown into doubt the whole time. Her husband's a politician and an idealist too so there was that "that shit ain't right" angle, too. Fffffffffffff what is it fffffffff.


I just remembered, it's Death and the Maiden.

George Romero's script for the original "Dawn of the Dead" is a very fun read. You might be able to find it on if that site is still around. I read it a few years ago and it was a lot like reading a novel. It is very descriptive and in reading it you can see just how much better the movie COULD have been (despite being great as it is).

i've also read it, and I concur with this.

I'm a huge movie buff, so I read a lot of scripts. currently my favorites are Lawrence Of Arabia, Casablanca, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Cinema Paradiso, Blade Runner, Batman (1989), In Bruges, Life Is Beautiful, Zombieland, District 9, Toys, Men In Black, Secondhand Lions, Hellboy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Jurassic Park, Alien, Aliens, The Terminal, Rob Roy, Lucky Number Slevin, Pulp Fiction, A Scanner Darkly, The Untouchables, Once Upon A Time In America...yeah, I need to read more foreign film scripts.

as for plays, I honestly haven't read that much besides the obvious work of Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, and a couple musicals...Phantom Of The Opera was one, I remember. any recommendations?

Used to read a few scripts back when i wanted to make my own CGI short. Didn't make me a writer but it gave an interesting insight into what a film was originally going to be.

Kill Bill stuck out the most for me. They cut off a lot of plots and changed a lot of details. The films were still good but i would have loved to see that scene of Bill doing a job just for the practice.

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